Black Hole Sun; The Feminine Mysteries

“Black hole sun
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun
Won’t you come
Won’t you come”

– Soundgarden

A Truthscrambler video production, where we take a deep dive into:

Conspiracy ~ Esoterica ~ Occult ~ Qabalah ~ Tarot ~ Theosophy ~ Anthroposophy


Eleven from Stranger Things floating in the sensory deprivation tank. Daath is the 11th sefirah in Qabalah, and is the portal to the Black Sun/8th Sphere/lower astral realm (depicted quite well in the show as the “Upside Down.”) Eleven is playing the psychic High Priestess who can safely traverse the abyss in order to remote-view across time and space. Notice the subtle nod to Pizzagate on her makeshift eye-mask, and the Masonic checkerboard pattern.

Season 4 Finale

I also recommend Synchromiss’s esoteric decode of Stranger Things Season 4 HERE.

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The Eighth Sphere – Gigi Young

‘I have seen the dark universe yawning

Where the black planets roll without aim,

Where they roll in their horror unheeded,

Without knowledge, or lustre, or name.’

H. P. Lovecraft

Gigi Young is a psychic, spiritual scientist and researcher who goes very deep into many occult topics. I’ve only just discovered her youtube channel but her video presentation on the 8th sphere is perhaps the clearest expose on this challenging topic that I have come across. These are the core issues I’ve been trying to understand and explore on this blog for years now. A lot of this info you can find in Steiner or Burgoyne but she brings a modern perspective that is enlightening for our time.

Here are some key take-aways. As always, these views are evolving as new information comes to me, and must be viewed as such.

Earth Cycles or Rounds

Our Earth in her full cycle of evolution goes through seven embodiments, rounds, or “spheres”. We are in the fourth. These spheres should be understood as like fractal nested dolls, each with its own frequency, dimension, vibration, however you want to image it. In other words we must get away from the materialist Copernican view of the planets and the solar system, and look at this multi-dimensionally. Everything is Heaven, or Spirit, but as Earth gets denser and denser its sphere is actually moving further out from the core, from Source. As it grows it lowers vibration to achieve materiality, (our current fourth sphere) and then gradually raises its vibration with the 5th, 6th and 7th spheres, becoming ever finer, rarified etheric substance.

The 8th sphere mechanics are a little different, it’s the farthest from the core, so you can imagine that it is low vibration, but its not dense in the sense of being made of Earthly matter. It is currently invisible, its been called the lower astral 5D realm. It’s also been called Hell, Hades, Purgatory, etc. 

The 8th Sphere is hellish because its a holding sphere for all the evil souls, thought forms, egregores, demons, failed creations and deviations of evolution that do not align with the core, with God, with sublime Creation. These “divergents” eventually all get absorbed by the 8th sphere until the Earth finishes her 7 cycles. Then there is an End Times event where they are basically recycled back into Source and their eternal spirit (or Monad, as it’s called in Theosophy) has to “start from the beginning,” says Gigi Young.

But as you can see, there really is, in a sense, what the UFOlogy and many conspiracy theorists call a “soul recycling” system, but they fail to see that this 8th sphere functions for the good of the whole system; after all, you have to take out the trash, that’s part of life.

But it’s not a system set up by evil E.T.’s. That’s a psyop. The “evil E.T.’s” are actually demons, black magicians or former humans who sold their soul, and are themselves trapped in the 8th sphere. This is the Black Cube of Saturn that everyone is talking about, this is the abyss of Revelation, this is Lilith and Lucifer’s trap system, their alien A.I. Matrix.

Ahriman (Satan) has twisted the tale around to make them seem like all powerful Controllers, but really they are also bound by cosmic law. However they will play dirty at any opportunity. The dark occult Illuminati members, the pedophiles and murderers are in communication with the 8th sphere and know they are doomed not to cross the abyss, and seek to extend their life artificially through transhumanism, thus temporarily avoiding their karma. 

Can Man Lose His Soul?

Empty sheet, nothing left to deplete
The loop becomes complete
The void will swallow the melting stars
Suspended in emptiness
Torment turns to bliss
A stillborn genesis


Man is a being with body, soul and spirit, a tripartite being and only the spirit part of him is truly immortal, eternal, outside of time, one with God. But his body and soul are by no means guaranteed to him. These he has to earn. I imagine that if you lose your soul to the Black Cube recycling system you become a very simple germinal being again, a pure spirit but simple, like a baby. Your soul is your sense of self as a distinct being, it holds all your growth and development. Whatever does not align is absorbed by the demons in the 8th sphere. The Black Brotherhoods are channelling these demons and egregores to gain power here and to bring the 8th sphere closer and closer to Earth. This is actually in a sense inevitable as its preparing for a cosmic, fated event of the incarnation of Ahriman into a physical human body on Earth. This is what the Christians call the arrival of the Anti-Christ. This will happen when the 8th sphere overlaps with the Earth, when transhumanism and all these wicked games reach their peak. Then Ahriman will come and offer clairvoyance to everyone, through chips and drugs and technology, but it won’t be aligned with Source, and thus a distraction, leading to soul rot. Imagine having the internet beamed directly into your head. This is what we are facing and must reject. 

As sovereign beings we will always be given a choice – to reject the jabs, the mark of the beast hand chips, to reject transhumanism, although it will be at a great cost and sacrifice. But this is what will count when we face the 8th sphere, how strengthened we were in our resolve down here, to hold our ground. Because to truly save your soul you must cross the abyss, you must face all the demons and egregores and negative thought forms that you created – you must face them at death because the inside becomes outside, the soul unzips itself, inverts, your astral body becomes a whole world mirroring your darkest thoughts, character aspects, fears and nightmares. Each and everyone of us must get through that in the final Judgement Day, must face our demons and have enough inner force, love, velocity, spin, kundalini energy to banish the darkness through the light that one cultivated with the Christ impulse over many incarnations on Earth.

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Lilith Code 2

Part One Here

Lilith and Lucifer in Passengers


Paul (Ahriman), in Black Butterfly

Ever since decoding the film Black Butterfly I’ve been interested in the lens of Satan or Ahriman being the script writer down here for all the dark occult Hollyweird media, and it turns out the story he writes is all about Lucifer and Lilith. The two are in a sense one being, Lucifer who is collectively a host of androgynous angels can thus split into these two male and female beings. Ahriman as backward angel naturally is always, in code and allegory, writing about the other backward angelics, Lucifer and his force. 

With humanity caught in the middle.

Ahriman plays a trick on humanity…

…and tells them the story of the Forever Cube, and those who have not awakened their higher spiritual faculties will fall for it, not knowing that they have within them already an eternal aspect or nature.

So in his story Lucifer and Lilith trap humanity in their cube, their Matrix forever. Never any hope of getting out for all eternity. This is the sticking point that breeds fear, existential despair, and nihilism. But you learn in spiritual science that nothing is static like that. All is involution and evolution in pulsating waves or breaths or heartbeats of the one Father-Mother Godhead or Brahman. 

Even Ahriman must acknowledge the Son, Christ, of Father-Mother. The trinity is the inbreath of Father-Mother (Pralaya, the Great Sleep), the outbreath is the Son (activity, motion, differentiation, evolution).

Christ balances Lucifer and Ahriman 

Lucifer is the light-bearer, Christ is the light. So when man understands who Lucifer is, he is led to the true light of Christ, he is beared to it.

Lucifer initially gives humanity wisdom, Ahriman brings the natural sciences. Christ brings the heart, love-through-wisdom.

But with wisdom-without-love comes the ability for corruption. With wisdom we can reach individuality and independence but without love it leads to egoic tendencies, corruption and black magick, or magick done for personal power at the expense of others.

The problem with Lucifer is that he never developed love-through-wisdom. His is a cold wisdom, that was sufficient perhaps on the Old Moon, the previous Earthly embodiment, but not here. In the present Earth cycle humanity is to develop love-through-wisdom, by first developing an independent soul.

Only by becoming independent could the soul love another without egoic tendencies, (only loving yourself through the medium of the other person.) This is what Lucifer and his hosts never figured out and why they became delayed in evolution. They are above humans but below the gods. Stuck in limbo there, it is our job to redeem them and rescue them from Hell.

Perhaps they are telling us their story, when Ahriman’s Hollywood writes about the black goo injections and graphene DNA invasions and brain-chips and clones – the horror of technology (wisdom) gone astray through lack of love, gone the way of black magick .

Lilith and Lucifer played around with this stuff in their labs and tried for transhumanism. They tried all the tricks, reset their simulations and dreamscapes again and again.

And failed again and again because technology is not the answer. 3D is not the answer. 

So now they await for us to figure this out. Meanwhile they’ve cooked up many deviations and elaborations on this one message, the one myth, the one truth being conveyed in Ahriman’s Hollywood riddle, which is mostly rip-offs of stolen records of the Akasha channelled by psychics under duress. Plagiarized and then inverted.

The Christ impulse is love-through-wisdom. Mankind is to embody this by being tempted toward the Luciferic impulses of black magick and go through the muck to the other side, not letting it stick to you, to your soul, your astral and etheric bodies. There is a threshold point where if more than 50% of your soul is covered in muck it might not make it across the abyss, or the 8th sphere, into Heaven. But don’t worry, the soul and the spirit are distinct, and the spirit survives soul death. But it means the spirit has lost all its growth and has to start from scratch as an undifferentiated spiritual germ, a clean slate. This is not a game, this is very serious. Your soul contains everything that gives you a sense of self distinct from God.

So when the Christ Jesus bled from the hands on the cross at Golgotha this new type of selfless love became possible for us. A way across the abyss opened up for the first and last time, there will never be another event like it.

It took a Higher Being from the Upper Trinity such as the Christ making the sacrifice to come down here into a physical human body and suffer death as a human that this impulse flowed into mankind. This is how cosmic evolution works, the god dies and His body is distributed and eaten as nourishment for the souls, until the End Times event in which the god is born again into heaven, bearing with Him the souls that embodied His impulse.

The Soul After Death

Prior to the event on Golgotha, the realm of the dead Steiner calls Devachan, had been described by the Greeks as the Realm of the Shades, because it had gotten quite gloomy and dark. The soul after death felt separate from the everyone else. This was due to the increasing Luciferic and Ahrimanic influence. But when Christ died in the body of the man Jesus and resurrected in the etheric and astral worlds, Devachan the spirit world was lit up like a christmas tree and suddenly the deceased souls felt themselves connected to the heavenly worlds again.

Without this Christ event our souls really would have been doomed to matter and Ahriman’s grip, the story of Transhumanism and the Forever Cube. The Mystery of Golgotha was a one-off event in all of evolution of this Earth and our souls. It is not to be understood by the rational materialist mind as we are just in the initial stages of understanding it.

But everyone carries a subconscious remembrance of the true light of the Christ who rejuvenated the astral worlds with his sacrifice, woven into our astral  bodies, given each of us a unique relationship with him, and provides us the higher spiritual faculties to become independent souls equipped with love-through-wisdom, and to develop a true brotherhood of mankind.

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Do Animals Have Souls? – Rudolf Steiner

In my recent article We Are Not In A Soul Trap! I talked about how in the far future, but maybe not that far, there will be a great War of All Against All, and as a result of that, humanity will be split into two races, the Good Race and the Evil Race, and how the evil race will “fall into the abyss,” and I compared Steiner’s material with how YBD suggests that their souls will be “trapped with Lilith and Lucifer in their Black Cube.” Steiner discusses how they will become a separate line of evolution on the great Tree of Humanity, (in fact they are devolving to the animal kingdom and will look like stunted humans with hideous faces, as depicted in the Gasoline music video,

(see my presentation The Lilith Code, especially my video addendum notes). In this post we will see how the animal kingdom itself already represents older branches of segregation from the original spiritual germ, the Mother Substance of spiritual humanity. To put it more simply, we must turn Darwin’s theory of evolution upside down and say, humanity didn’t evolve from animals, but rather animals devolved from humans, all this taking place not in physicality but in a higher plane just before our descent to Earth.

This is of great importance from a moral perspective, understanding how the karma of the universe balances out the ‘backward’ or delayed or immature forces justly and with a greater wisdom than we can even comprehend. This post will also touch on the karmic consequences of eating animals and how we should treat our brethren in the animal kingdom.

The Separation of the Evil Race

From GA 104 – the Apocalypse of St. John. Lecture 4.

Rudolf Steiner:“In the course of thousands of years the external physiognomy changes and after the great War of All against All man will have quite a different form. To-day he is so formed that in a certain sense he can conceal the good and evil in his nature. The human physiognomy already betrays a good deal, it is true, and one who understands this will be able to read much from the features. But it is still possible to-day for a scoundrel to smile most graciously with the most innocent man and/or taken for an honest man; the reverse is also possible; the good impulses in the soul may remain unrecognized. It is possible for all that exists in the soul as cleverness and stupidity, as beauty and ugliness, to hide itself behind the general physiognomy possessed by this or that race. 

This will no longer be the case in the epoch following the great War of All against All. Upon the forehead and in the whole physiognomy it will be written whether the person is good or evil. He will show in his face what is contained in his inmost soul. What a man has developed within himself, whether he has exercised good or evil impulses, will be written on his forehead. After the great War of All against All there will be two kinds of human beings. Those who had previously tried to follow the call to the spiritual life, who cultivated the spiritualizing and ennobling of their inner spiritual life, will show this inward life on their faces and express it in their gestures and the movements of their hands. And those who have turned away from the spiritual life, represented by the community of Laodicea, who were lukewarm, neither warm nor cold, will pass into the following epoch as those who retard human evolution, who preserve the backward forces of evolution which have been left behind. They will show the evil passions, impulses and instincts hostile to the spiritual in an ugly, unintelligent, evil-looking countenance. In their gestures and hand-movements, in everything they do, they will present an outer image of the ugliness in their soul. Just as humanity has separated into races and communities, in the future it will divide into two great streams, the good and the evil. And what is in their souls will be outwardly manifest, they will no longer be able to hide it.

The Animals Separated Off First In Earthly Evolution

If we look back and see how humanity has hitherto developed on the earth, we shall find that this development of the future just described is quite in harmony with it. Let us look back to the origin of our earth after Saturn, Sun and Moon and a long interval had passed. The earth then emerged anew out of the cosmic darkness. At that time, in the first part of the earth development, there were no other creatures upon the earth besides man. He is the first-born. He was entirely spiritual, for embodiment consists in a densification. Let us imagine a body of water suspended in space which, through a certain process, partially crystallizes into ice, first a small part and then the same process continually repeated. And now let us imagine that the small pieces of ice which have crystallized fall from the body of water, so that they are now separated from the whole mass. Now, because each small piece of ice can only grow larger so long as it is in the whole body of water, when it has separated from this it remains at the same stage. Let us imagine a portion of the body of water separated in the form of very small pieces of ice; let us imagine that the freezing of the water continues and at the next stage more water assumes the form of small lumps of ice; these again fall out, and so on, till finally a very large part is crystallized out of the mass of water and takes the shape of ice. This last has taken the most out of the mother-substance of the water; it has been able to wait the longest before separating.

It is the same in evolution. The lowest animals were unable to wait, they left their spiritual mother-substance too early and hence have remained behind at an earlier stage of evolution. Thus the gradually ascending grades of lower beings represent backward stages in evolution. Man waited until the last; he was the last to leave his spiritual divine-mother-substance and descend as dense substance in fleshly form. The animals descended earlier and therefore remained at that stage. We shall see the reason for this later. At present we are interested in the fact that they descended and have remained at earlier stages of evolution. What, therefore, is an animal form? It is one which, had it remained united with the spirit from which it proceeded, would have developed up to our present humanity. But the animal forms have remained at a standstill; they have left the spiritual germ; they have separated themselves and are now degenerating. They represent a branch of the great tree of humanity. In ancient times man had the various animal natures within him, as it were, but then separated them off one after another as side branches. All the animals in their different forms represent nothing else than human passions which condensed too early. That which man still possesses spiritually in his astral body, the several animal forms represent physically. He kept this in the astral body until the latest period of earth existence, and hence he could progress the furthest.

Man still has something within him which must separate itself from the universal evolution as a descending branch, as the other animal forms have done. That which man has within him as tendency to good and evil, to cleverness and stupidity, to beauty and ugliness, represents the possibility of an upward progress or a remaining behind. Just as the animal form has developed out of progressing humanity, so will the race of evil with the horrible faces develop out of it as it progresses towards spirituality and reaches the later goal of humanity. In the future there will not only be the animal forms which are the incarnated images of human passions, but there will also be a race in which will live what man now hides within him as a portion of evil, which to-day he can still conceal but which later will be manifest. Let us make clear the chief thing that will appear by an illustration that may perhaps seem strange to you.

We must understand that this separation of the animal forms was actually necessary to man. Each animal form which separated in bygone times from the general stream signifies that man had then progressed a step further. Imagine that all the qualities distributed throughout the animal kingdom were in man. He has purified himself from them. Through this he was able to develop higher. If we take a muddy liquid and allow the gross matter in it to settle to the bottom, the finer part remains at the top. In the same way the grosser parts which man would have been unable to use for his present condition of development have been deposited in the animal forms. Through man having cast out of his line of development these animal forms — his elder brothers, as it were — he has reached his present height. Humanity has risen by throwing out the lower forms in order to purify itself and it will rise still higher by separating another kingdom of nature, the kingdom of the evil race. Thus mankind rises upward. Man owes every quality he now possesses to the circumstance that he has rejected a particular animal form. One who with spiritual vision looks upon the various animals knows exactly what we owe to them. We look upon the lion form and say, “If the lion did not exist in the outer world, man would not have had this or that quality; for through his having rejected it he has acquired this or the other quality.” This is the case too with all the other forms in the animal kingdom.”

The Group Souls of Animals

Steiner talks about how each species of animal has its own group soul, which belongs to a single Spirit Being that up until the descent to the present Earth stage was at the same level as the present humanity, and thus could have become the ‘I’ of a single human being as exists today. In other words, one human being today has the same spiritual “substance” if-you-will as the entire species of a given animal. But since this spirit left the Mother Substance too soon, their ‘I’ remains in the Spiritual sphere while its Group Soul becomes segregated, split into the many “individual” members of a given species that we see before us. Each animal has its own physical body, ether body and astral body, but shares its ‘I’ with all the other members of its species, collectively being the Group Soul of that species. Thus there is one ‘I’ or Spirit Entity behind the dog, one ‘I’ behind the cat, zebra, giraffe, and so on. All the way down to the fish level. Then, at the vertebrate/invertebrate distinction a line is drawn and the simpler creatures below that line like the insects are actually from the plant kingdom originally and evolving upwards. The fish and upwards are from the human kingdom and devolved downwards. Thus the animal kingdom is an amalgam coming from two opposite directions, from the neighboring kingdoms. 

Each animal is equipped up to the Soul Body or Astral Body, but lacks an Ego or ‘I’

Each dog shares this soul-link with other dogs, and if you could see into the super-sensible world you would see thin astral threads connecting all dogs to each other, all cats to each other, and so on. They are like fingers of the same hand, they are parts of a Whole that we don’t see because the Whole exists in a higher world. 

When I take my dog on a walk and he runs into another dog and the two get excited, I think about how I am witness to two astral forms of the same ‘I’ Spirit Entity reuniting; it’s really quite beautiful. The only comparison I can make – which still doesn’t do it justice – is like a schizophrenic mind becoming whole again, for a moment.

Now just because the animals represent stalled or backward facing stages of human evolution doesn’t mean they are lost or stuck in that static form. It also doesn’t mean that they are dumb or stupid. Each dog or cat has its own astral form that has a unique relationship to Gaia and each form reincarnates after death. Their rebirth process is more simple than ours. Animals are not concerned with death because of an intuitive “knowing” that death just means a transition between having an individual body to being one with the Group Soul. And this Group Soul, this supersensible ‘I’ spirit entity behind each species is actually quite clever and intelligent at this point, if even their many astral forms do not reveal it. Each astral form, each dog, cat, etc. is exactly what it needs to be to serve its Group  Soul. The fact that they cannot express this to us humans in words doesn’t make them dumb brutes, as it may seem to those stuck in Maya, illusion.

When the Earth itself sheds matter and takes on a more fine ethereal and astral form in the Jupiter stage of Earthly embodiment, the animal souls will follow the Earth and reunite with their ‘I’. Their paths of evolution will continue progressively, albeit in a different line than what would have taken place if they had originally progressed at the human level.

We owe a great deal to the animals; it is because of them that we can rise higher in our evolution, as Steiner described as the muddy water separating as the lower denser material settles at the bottom and the finer, lighter substances floating to the top.

On the Karma of Eating Animals 

I can’t remember which lecture I heard this from, but Steiner talked about how on the Jupiter stage, the next Earthly embodiment (the 5th of 7, we are currently in the 4th, the first 3 being Old Saturn, Old Sun, and Old Moon), the karma for eating animals will be dished out: humanity will be inflicted with intestinal parasites that will be the astral forms of the animals who we ate in past lives on Earth. Those who ate more meat and dairy will have more parasites. Those who became vegan will be somewhat less afflicted, and some of us may even be getting a headstart in earning off that karma by taking on these parasites now. The parasites, by stealing some of our food substance, by feeding off of us, will produce a feeling of comfort in the Group Soul of the corresponding animal, on Jupiter. This feeling of comfort in the cow or chicken or pig, for example, will be felt in them to the same degree as the comfort you felt by eating them. The scales of justice and karma will be meted out (pun intended) fairly in this way. There is a deep ring of cosmic harmony here. Vegans listen up, you don’t need to guilt trip meat eaters, just provide the information I’m presenting here in an objective way. Their karma will be worked out by the wisdom of the cosmos, automatically. A true and honest understanding of everything I am revealing here should lead one naturally to stop wanting to eat and exploit animals.

Meat may heal the body, but plants heal the soul

Some personal remarks on veganism, because the situation from a moral standpoint can be a bit more complex, even if the spiritual, karmic, future repercussions are quite beautiful in their simplicity. But on Earth in current physical bodies there are some people who are not yet ready to give up meat, and shouldn’t be bullied by certain militant vegans into doing so. I myself went through a digestive disorder similar to IBS for over a year, and I am very grateful that meat and eggs were easier to digest, because protein is broken down in the small intestine, while vegetables, fiber and carbs are broken down later in the large intestine and require a healthy microbiome to avoid IBS-like symptoms. This is why people with digestive disorders sometimes report vast improvements from Keto-like heavy protein diets. The animal protein is what worked to build my damaged gut back up, (along with probiotics and other protocols), because protein repairs cell wall damage, and builds new cells. There are people with various physical ailments that may need that extra animal protein and are thus not ready to go completely plant-based. These Keto/carnivore diets are not sustainable long term though as meat can have parasites and essentially creates a mucus and acidic environment in the gut. So if you are healthy, from a physical standpoint, there is no reason, moral or dietary, to not be moving to a more plant-based diet, especially if you seek the spiritual life. The path of ascension is more about doing less than taking new things on; it’s leaving behind denser substances, frequencies, practices, etc. When a suffering animal dies in fear it leaves behind a very dense negative vibration in the blood, which goes into the meat. Similarly, when a mother cow has her calf stripped away from her so that men can steal the milk that nature made for her calf, the milk contains these heavy vibrations of sorrow and anguish as well.

A hot air balloon ascends by removing the dead weight. So too one discovers that to awaken and raise one’s vibration, one must not take in dense, low frequency foods like meat and dairy to the body. Animal substances keep us fixated on the earth and material things. Plants, which gaze upward at the sun and the heavens, when taken in as nutrient raise one’s gaze also to heavenly, spiritual things.

Saving the Seed; Tithings

To ascend, right diet is perhaps the primary step. The next step is to refrain as much as possible from the external ejaculation (see The Lilith Code). As Santos Bonacci put it, “eating meat is ingesting death. Ejaculating is expelling life.” These two issues/lifestyles work in tandem, and giving them up is the sacrifice of the flesh, the tithings that Jesus talked about. To not ejaculate in that supreme moment before orgasm is one of the greatest sacrifices of the flesh you can make; it is saying to your spirit, “ok I give up this fleeting spasm of pleasure for something greater, more subtle, and sustainable long term.” A calm and stability is what is achieved, and more creative energy and libido. My research into this issue has led me to the surprising conclusion that ejaculation is the hidden cause behind why many relationships fail. Men who ejaculate alot with their partner will start to resent their partner subconsciously, because they are losing vitality as a result of this sexual interaction, and this subconscious awareness of loss will manifest consciously as bitterness or resentment towards their partner in other, unrelated areas, because they are unaware of the root cause. Women who are reading this and wish to save or improve their marriage/relationship should encourage their partner to abstain from ejaculation, to raise the chrism instead of squandering it.

Throw these practices out the air balloon, remove the dead weight. Do less, not more. Stop the mindless scrolling of Facebook and Twitter feeds, the endless distraction and vapid meme culture. Take breaks from the internet and walk barefoot in nature. Take off those silly masks. Read a book. Study spiritual science ala Steiner. Take your dreams seriously and keep a dream journal. Pray daily, especially before meals. It doesn’t have to be long, but it must be done from the humble position that ‘Man liveth not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’ Matthew 4:4.

Do less, stop shaking the cup, spilling the cup, or polluting the cup, and it will be filled with the Christ principle.

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The Lilith Code

A Truthscrambler documentary video.


Slavapre asks, in a comment: “Gabe, you mentioned in the video that YBD mixes truth and lies however I did not see you elaborate much on that.”

Gabe: “You’re right, I didn’t really get a chance to elaborate in that video what I believe is wrong with YBD’s view. With all truthers we have to take the good and leave the bad. My main gripe with him is that he does not acknowledge anything spiritual, and in fact equates Jesus and Mary with Lucifer and Lilith. In other words, with him, there is no light side of the occult, only the dark side. And the ironic thing is he goes by “Yashuah Ben David” the most holy of names; not a fitting name for him. He also conflates Satan (who is really better defined as ‘Ahriman’) with Lucifer. If you read my recent work on Steiner you know these are two distinct entities.

There is a real danger here for those who have no esoteric or spiritual training which is to reject the Christ, reject the bible and the tarot and these holy systems as simply more machinations of the devil. I don’t know if that is YBD’s aim or if he himself really believes these things.

He is also a stereotypical narcissist in that he believes he is one of only 10 authentic humans left on Earth. This reveals a large ego and messiah complex, hence his moniker.”

So be forewarned, there is much to learn from this guy but only with strong discernment of the places where he leads one away from spiritual science. The first 15 to 20 minutes of this video, including the tarot work, is my own material, to try and put Lilith in her proper context. The latter half is mostly a distillation of YBD’s decodes. Enjoy!

Video Correction:

The old man in the WeekNd music video ‘Gasoline’ is not his father as I assumed in the video, it is rather his future self. So the old man who is the aged Weeknd as an old man, dies, crashes his vehicle, and receives his KAR-ma, (car-ma) and karma’s a bitch, since he, as a young man sold his soul to become the Weeknd, he wasn’t thinking about the future but was only living for the weekend, so at death he pays the price, he goes to Hell (the abyss), goes to the reptilian demon sex orgy in the Saturn Cube. 

Now, we see this playing out in two time streams simultaneously, it’s brilliant how they did it. We see the young Weeknd in the process of selling his soul, he is at the celebrity sex orgy, the elite club that he bought a ticket for by signing a contract with the wicked music industry which is run by Lucifer and Lilith. 

The Weeknd gets scratched by the long fingernail of one of the women he was dancing with. That’s the jab. She grins wickedly as he recoils in pain and surprise. The false light flickers off and we see her demonic face for a split second. Right then the lyrics go,

I’m staring into the abyss
I’m looking at myself again

Her nails contained Lilith’s poison, the black goo mind control. Now he is totally in line with his superiors, with the Illuminati agenda. Now he goes and beats up the old man (his soul at death), the older version of himself, symbolizing the fact that the karmic repercussions of his, and all other sell-out celebrities and power-elite contracts with the devil are only felt years later when they die and face judgement day and get sent to Hell, they fall into the abyss as discussed in Revelation, to be with the hordes of Luciferic and Ahrimanic demons, the locusts with human faces.

So the video is an overlap of the day he sold his soul and the day he died decades later as the old man crashing his kar-ma.

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We Are Not In a Matrix or Soul Trap!

And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels warred against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels warred back. But they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. Revelation 12:7

Unseen Enemy

We are going through sharply polarizing times where, on the one hand the noose seems to be getting tighter around our necks, the suffering and despair, fear and confusion is rising, while on the other hand more and more people are waking up to the fact that there is a spiritual or hidden world behind which this world is somewhat of a projection or facade, a lower rending of that other, higher world.

Many are waking up to the fact that there is a shadow elite running false flags from 9/11 to Covid, from fake wars, fake actors, fake scripts, fake news, fake weather, fake food, fake medicine,etc. The list goes on. 

Some even go further and see that behind the shadow elite must be something somehow not human, something demonic,or alien or perhaps an artificial intelligence designed to suck human energy as batteries, like in The Matrix

In other words, we are under attack by something parasitic. This is the gist most can agree on. The particular details vary.

But the purpose of this post is to address something that happens at this stage in one’s awakening and truth journey. It’s an easy trap to get in, one I struggled with myself. But thanks to Theosophy and Steiner’s refinement of this system in his Anthroposophy, I feel like I finally understand what’s going on in terms of reconciling this evil that we see on the mainstage.

Lucifer and Ahriman – The Backward Angelics

For we are indeed under attack. But if we know our enemy we can see how they are in fact serving a holistic function sanctioned by God,and that in this understanding we can release them, (for they are within us). In so doing we redeem them. Humanity are the redeemers of Lucifer and Ahriman.

The shadow elite are taking orders from a spiritual source, from another world. Certain humans who “sell their souls” for power here, become channels for hordes of Luciferic or Ahrimanic demons. 

Lucifer and Ahriman are higher beings, angelics, that became delayed in their evolution in previous phases of the Life Wave. Ahriman and his legion got delayed on Old Sun. Then, in the next planetary cycle Lucifer and his coterie failed the necessary development on Old Moon.

In the angelic hierarchy of spiritual beings, of which humanity comprises near the very bottom (but can climb), when a part of a race at any level fails to develop, they necessarily have to linger on into the next cycle and become parasitic on the beings directly below them. In this way the lower beings can carry them on into the next cycle. All is motion in God’s kingdom. Nothing is static.

The West knows Ahriman by the name ‘Satan’ but I wouldn’t recommend using that word because it gets so often confused with Lucifer; the two are distinct beings and this is more clear with Steiner’s terminology. 

Steiner saw clairvoyantly into the spiritual worlds and brought back knowledge with a scientific mind for precision. Without his notes for navigation it is easy to fall for the trap that we are stuck in a Matrix. The soul trap. The fake New Age movement ran with this and imposed the skewed doctrine of the Saturn-cube matrix, where the soul gets seduced and  incarcerated, and then at death, looped and recycled back in again by reptilian alien or archon overlords.

Before we dismantle that notion, let’s learn how Lucifer and Ahriman have different modes of attack. Lucifer goes for the desire for self love and comfort at the expense of others, he is in the numb junkie that has become dead to the world, and he is also in the ascetic priest who denies the world, rejects the flesh and life “down here” for his skewed idea of Heaven. Lucifer wants to make humanity perfect automatons, where we couldn’t make any moral mistakes, at the expense of free will. He wants to set his “throne above the stars of God.” He rejects the mission of incarnation, of being immersed in the flesh.

Ahriman on the other hand, wants to make man totally imprisoned in flesh, and deny any connection or knowledge of higher worlds. He is in the atheist, and the materialist. The vaccine injection is totally Ahrimanic, it is an attempt to close off any interest in the soul. Steiner foresaw this with crystal clarity over a hundred years ago.

“I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are still very young.” – Rudolf Steiner (1917)

MRNA vaccines are his latest weapon but pornography, high speed internet, junk food, sugar and alcohol, football and beer, bread and circuses are all Ahrimanic diversions from the strait and narrow path of spirit.

School? Prison? Hostage Situation?

People say that this place cannot be sanctioned by God since there is so much suffering here and deceit here. Surely our souls are trapped in a matrix black cube of death. A prison.

Some say that this prison is more like a school, that we are here to grow, and only through suffering these experiences can we grow. And this gets a little closer to the truth.

In this link here Howdie Mickoski makes the claim that this cannot be a school because we lose our memories of past lives, and how would a child in school progress from one grade to the next if every summer they wiped his memory?

But this is why the term ‘school’ is insufficient as well, because in a school only the mind evolves, however we are in a system whereby we evolve new faculties and new spiritual organs. We are in a process of guided mutation and differentiation of our souls. Mickoski, like so many others lacks the spiritual insight to see the grander purpose.

The Black Brotherhood

It is a holy process, our covenant with God. But there is some risk involved. At a certain point the evolving soul must be given free will to either love God his Creator, or only love himself and reject God. This latter path leads naturally down to Hell and its demon inhabitants as defined earlier. At a certain point the sinner gets past a point of no return and is swept up by the hordes of Lucifer and Ahriman. He falls into the abyss, the Qlipothic realms, the Eighth sphere, and can only now steal energy from those of us still connected to Source.

Those who fall into the abyss will have a different line of evolution now from the rest of “Good Humanity.” Although even these lost souls may have a chance to repent, as hinted about in the Book of Revelation, where Satan is loosed from the pit for a time. If they don’t repent, their soul will be wiped clean and they will have to start again from the lowest rung of life, on upwards. But their Spiritual Atom or Monad can never be destroyed, no matter what.

(For more details on this see my more recent post on the Eighth Sphere.)

The average person today who is mired in materialism and ignorantly seduced by Ahriman’s wiles, but not truly wicked, is not currently in danger of this fate (yet). It will be the job of those spiritual leaders today who have accepted the Christ impulse into themselves to help bring the masses of traumatized humanity to Christ in further epochs. 

But for those currently who enjoy hurting others, who gleefully cut and stab into their victim for the power and sick pleasure gained, are already on the edge of the abyss, staring into the gaping maw of the two horned beast. Many have already fallen in and have become a Black Brother. The whole system of Black Magick and the Black Brotherhoods runs on these modes and methods, calling the user down into Hell in exchange for evil genius and power.

So we are not in a school, there are high stakes and potentials, and we are not in a prison, as we can exercise free will. We are exactly where we are supposed to be. 

We are evolving here along with the Earth and are wrapped up in Her development. We are not from other star systems, at least not in the materialist way all these fake New Agers claim, to be starseeds from Arcturus or the Pleiades, who have come as helpers or volunteer souls. From my research, we are all part of the same Life Wave that began with earth embodiments termed Old Saturn, then Old Sun, Old Moon and now Earth, the fourth planetary cycle.

(Update: I will concede that there may have been other Life Waves, other Solar cycles that we took part in on other “Suns” such as Sirius, etc. but this is not described or delineated properly by most New Ager starseed types. And by this logic, we are ALL starseeds!)

These “starseed” empathic sensitive types are most likely just souls that in past lives already advanced some of the latent psychic faculties that we all have within us.

Developing “I” Consciousness – Individuation

In earlier planetary embodiments there was not matter as we know it today, and our souls were simple, germinal and swept up  within immense cosmic forces. We felt the activity of the Higher Hierarchies of Beings running, coursing through us. Through them, we were.

Even on Earth, in ancient times such as Atlantis and Lemuria the soul was in more ethereal bodies and felt itself to be more a part of a group or tribal soul. Then in the times of the old testament the soul felt connected to his familial blood ties, that through his ancestors, “I Am.” This is why the ancient Hebrews put so much emphasis on the “seed of Abraham.”

We’ve gone through many past lives but it is only in the last few recent ones that the soul feels itself to be a fully individual “I” in his body. Now in his singular body and form he can say “I Am,” without other intermediaries. 

In order for this to occur however, the spiritual world that he used to see into clairvoyantly had to be temporarily closed off to him. The biblical metaphor for this state is the “wilderness.” He is on his own, left to his own faculties. He does not remember his past lives and has forgotten his deeper soul purpose.

I must stress that this had to occur. This is not a malevolent memory wipe from the evil Matrix architect, although the reader with discernment will see how these popular memes gate-keep or partially disclose real truths through veiled fable and modern Hollywood allegory.

The danger of getting your knowledge from these gatekeepers is that they present everything in an Ahrimanic way that conveys the spiritual matters in material ways. Mainstream Judeo-Christian religion for example claims to be spiritual but is in fact speaking empty words and phrases and live in very materialist mindsets. Lacking spiritual vision and imagination, they envisage Heaven as a physical place not too different from Earth where they can be with their families. They are taught this simple faith but discouraged from esoteric training designed to open your third eye to seeing into spiritual worlds and realities. This is “of the devil” to them.

They deny the doctrines of karma and reincarnation that when reinstated into religion will be the missing key that resolves all this pain, confusion and paranoia. 

We were supposed to forget. The mind was not wiped by a malevolent Demiurge. We are at a stage in our development called “being lost in the wilderness.”

“They wandered lost in the wilderness, alone and out of the way; they found no city to dwell in.  Hungry and thirsty, their soul fainted in them. Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them out of their distresses.” – Psalm 107

We must feel temporary separation in order to call upon the Lord out of our own free will. God does not want good little automatons. He wants well rounded souls that know good AND evil, but chose the good, through knowledge, that through love, converts to wisdom.

“Even as you appeared to Moses, because

I need you, you appear to me, not

Often, however. I live essentially

in darkness. You are perhaps training me to be

responsive to the slightest brightening.”

-Poet Louis Gluck 

A curious thing happens when one is lost at sea, lost in the wilderness; he has to become sensitive to the slightest brightening, little intuitive flashes of God’s contact, he must develop this higher faculty (these spiritual organs Steiner discusses are one and the same as the Indian chakra system). 

Someone who can see auras will be able to tell when someone has developed these higher faculties, their colored chakras are lit up like a budding flower and spinning.

This can only be done by eating the manna in the wilderness:

“Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness; as it is written, ‘He gave them bread from heaven to eat.’” – John 6:31

Ahriman will try to keep you in the wilderness and say, “see this is all there is, nothing matters and when you die there is just annihilation, so might as well embrace hedonism.” Lucifer will tell you, “see this sucks out here in the wilderness. The howling wastes of the desert. Nothing here for you. Lets return to Heaven now without seeking the development that could be had here.”

To navigate today’s world and the upcoming challenges of the future we need to be constantly on-guard against both these views, because they are both insidious and have already crept into many schools and streams of thought both scientific and religious.

Karma and Disease

The mRNA jabs are a clear signpost that we are heading into times of deep suffering for humanity. Let alone the deaths and injuries already seen, what is coming out is that these jabs are going to alter the genome of the female ovaries, and we may see a rise in cancers and birth defects in the upcoming generations. Once DNA is altered, there is no undoing it. Steiner prophesied a time in the future where mankind becomes more or less sterile, and our bodies break down more and more. In terms of the physical body we are already, in fact, past our prime. This is right on cosmic schedule – as now further development needs to happen on our etheric and astral bodies through our “I” consciousness. We are on the ascending arch now of the Life Wave and must slowly shed matter and etherealize our bodies to be able to follow the planet to higher frequency planes in the next planetary cycles.

Illness and diseases are tied to karma. Our Higher Self that we are not quite conscious of yet wills us to get certain diseases down here if it allows us to balance out sins in past lives or to develop spiritually in certain areas. When an organ fails, its spiritual counterpart is forced to strengthen. Just look at a blind person. Their other senses are heightened. This is how it is for all disease. We can infer then, when a pandemic (or mass poisoning via jabs) occurs that a large swath of humanity needed to clear a collective karma or develop new faculties and was simply not accomplishing this through any other “easier” way than pain. 

Pictures of the Apocalypse

We are entering a wave of illness and death the likes of which we haven’t seen since perhaps the ancient cataclysms of the past. There will be a great war of “all against all” which will, in the physical realm, destroy most of humanity. This was supposed to be way later in a future epoch but I can’t help but wonder if the Darkside is trying to step up this timeframe. As a result of this great war a small pocket of survivors will carry over into the last epoch and repopulate, much like Noah’s family did, all those years ago.

Have courage and resolve! Do not give in to fear and nihilism, we must remind ourselves that God will never forsake us, that our souls survived previous cataclysms of fire and water to incarnate again into the descendants of the survivors, and must do so again in the upcoming one. All he asks is for us to cry out to him, in our distress in the wilderness, to not lose faith even at our lowest, to not give in to the wave of materialism spiking the planet, to listen to that quiet inner voice, and he will prepare a place for us.

Christ says “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” -John 14:3

To conclude with two Gluck poems where she is the voice of God speaking to man, 

Retreating Light

You were always very young children,
always waiting for a story.
And I’d been through it all too many times;
I was tired of telling stories.
So I gave you the pencil and paper.
I gave you pens made of reeds
I had gathered myself, afternoons in the dense meadows.
I told you, write your own story.

After all those years of listening
I thought you’d know
what a story was.

All you could do was weep.
You wanted everything told to you
and nothing thought through yourselves.

Then I realized you couldn’t think
with any real boldness or passion;
you hadn’t had your own lives yet,
your own tragedies.
So I gave you lives, I gave you tragedies,
because apparently tools alone weren’t enough.

You will never know how deeply
it pleases me to see you sitting there
like independent beings,
to see you dreaming by the open window,
holding the pencils I gave you
until the summer morning disappears into writing.

Creation has brought you
great excitement, as I knew it would,
as it does in the beginning.
And I am free to do as I please now,
to attend to other things, in confidence
you have no need of me anymore.


…Don’t think of these things anymore.

Listen to my breathing, your own breathing

like the fireflies, each small breath

a flare in which the world appears.

I’ve sung to you long enough in the summer night.

I’ll win you over in the end; the world can’t give you

this sustained vision.

You must be taught to love me.

Human beings must be taught to love silence and darkness.

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The Two Jesus Children – Rudolf Steiner

Lucifer-Christ-Ahriman Encoded In 2017 Film, Black Butterfly

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Aeon of the Twins, Maat, Time Travel and Dog-Star Symbolism

A Truthscrambler Video Presentation

Occult Hollywood is hiding a repeating symbol-set in many popular movies involving time rituals leveraging the psychic abilities of certain programmed individuals, children mostly, and often sets of twins. This has tremendous implications for the pulse of humanity that is held in sway by the pop culture narratives put forth by these secret agencies who are practicing black magicians.

The following is a Truthscrambler documentary film intending to scratch the surface of an immense symbol-set scattered like secret glittering jewels throughout popular media. Once you know it, you can’t unknow it. Inspired by youtuber LXXXVIII Finis Temporis.

Part 2

Part 2 discusses the cloning centers, the astral realm, slaves being used to make all the pop music, how twins are used in the black projects, and we’ll look at some song lyrics and music videos from Sia, 21 Pilots and Ellie Goulding.

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The Occult as Unified Field

The bible, astrology, tarot, numerology, etymology, and sacred geometry form one cohesive unified field. So mainstream and literal-minded Christians who reject all of the above except the bible are only getting a fraction of the whole wisdom. And they are not even reading their bibles correctly, because in Job 38 the Lord says to Job,

31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

32 Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? Or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?

33 Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? Canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?”

The “Mazzaroth” are the Zodiac belt. God is saying to Job that if he doesn’t know his stars, his astrology, than he is ignorant, unworthy to have dominion over Earth.

You can’t pick and choose what passages of the bible are relevant to your interpretation.

Spiritual Unfoldment stage 5

Card 19 The Sun – Jesus the Son says, “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

Card 12The Suspended Man – Only by suspending the mind, through meditation, are the inner secrets revealed.

Card 5 – The Hierophant – The teacher points to his ear, suggesting that it is an inner hearing that must be cultivated, in order to have spiritual insight. Card 5 corresponds to the Hebrew letter Vav, which is the nail. A nail binds two things together. Card 12 is Mem, which is a glyph for water, and the letter Resh, on card 19 is a glyph for the human head. So spiritual insight (the waters above) can only manifest in the head or brain of man through silent meditation and inner listening, through temporary suspension of rational thought, a reversal (hanging upside down) of this epoch’s natural tendency towards materialism and surface level thinking and letting the mind wander, like a puppy off-leash. Through occult training the waters above bind to the fire of the spirit in the head and turn into steam and light, beaming out like the sun. Then the mind stops wandering and starts manifesting. What he manifests are his mental progeny, his little children.

The Hanged Man is one and the same as The Fool; they are both flipping the status quo. The Fool whistles cheerfully as he falls into the abyss, the Hanged Man hangs himself purposefully, it’s a yoga posture.

In Matthew 6:5 Jesus teaches how to pray with few words (meditation).

“And when you pray, you shall not be like the [a]hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

“Therefore do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him. In this manner, therefore, pray:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
10 Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.
13 And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.


If we wish to speak of the evil of this world, the black magicians and sorcerers, the pedo elites and so forth, then we must use the term “DARK Occult,” and not speak of the Occult in general. It is very important that we can agree on definitions if we wish to have a dialogue.

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Mandela Effects as Esoteric Riddles?

I had no idea just how prevalent these Mandela Effects or ME’s were becoming until I read this Buzzfeed article (which seems to be written in a way to try and debunk/gate-keep/lowball most of it). Much of the screenshots below come from that article. If we read it in between the lines, something is ramping up to a crescendo with our timeline, if even the MSM has to mention ME. It means enough people are talking about it. I don’t claim to know how or why ME’s are happening, whether it is time travel or a quantum merging of multiple timelines; I’ve speculated on these things perhaps almost too much already (relevant links posted at the end). In this post I seek to simply to build a pattern map of these ME changes and look for esoteric hidden meaning. To let the ME’s tell their own tale, what do we find?

This one bothers me because I read those books as a child and they never said BerenSTAIN…it was always BerenSTEIN, as all the -Stein surnames are supposed to be spelled.

Bearin’ Stain. The original timeline has been stained. 

The “OO” in “FRUIT” to become FROOT. An extra infinity symbol. Two timelines, two loops.

Lost an ‘F’ in ‘Stuf.’ Whoever is behind these ME’s couldn’t give an ‘F!’ If this is Satan’s (Ahriman’s) world, then at least he has a sense of humor! You have to try to laugh at these things because yes, it is scary, to think our memories are being tampered with, what could be a more serious affront? But remember, this sense world is just Maya, Ahriman can never tamper with our Innermost which returns to Heaven at the end of time in its shining, winged vesture; its transformed Spirit body.

That’s the target, the goal anyway. Now was it one loop or two around the bulls-eye? Either way it’s another extra loop. 

Down the rabbit hole

Unlike in FROOT Loops, here we lose an OO, an infinity symbol. “Tunes” makes no sense here since “Toons” is theoretically a shortened version of “car-toons.” “Tunes” imply music. Something looney is going on.

No extra Z, a letter shaped like a ‘two.’ Two to one again. The cheez-it shape is squaring the circle.

Speaking of circles, the monocle is lost, a lost loop. 

People remember a nose ring, a lost loop.

A cow is a Taurus like the Tar-get logo, that also lost a loop. In physics a torus field is donut shaped. Whoever is behind these ME’s is laughing at us. They’re cheezin’ it.

The astrological symbol of the sun is a circle with a dot, not unlike the Target bull’s eye. Here the sun logo in Raisin Bran loses his shades (shaped like infinity). A sun wouldn’t need shades anyway. Shades block the sun/Son and are thus Anti-Christ.

Another Christ figure. The sun/Son as Lucifer Luke Skywalker, walking across the sky each day. But Luke is the son/sun of Darth Vader. They removed the word “Luke” from the script though, removed the sun/Son.

Speaking of Luke Lucifer Lucy. And he definitely said that.

C3PO, gold like the sun, only now in our remixed reality he has a silver leg. Similar to the Freemasonic lifting of the one pant leg.

Silver is the moon and gold is the sun. Moon forces creeping in at the Achilles Heel. Also its C3PO’s calf, in one sense, being highlighted in silver. A calf is a baby cow. Cows and silver moons, (taurus/torus).

They removed Spiderman from the cover console to the old Nintendo game. Spiderman is a Christ solar hero-type. This one therefore seems Anti-Christ, leaving a void in the image.

They removed one of the “mirrors” and a mirror is a kind of loop, reflecting an image back on itself. Two loops to one.

Lost an ‘e’ in Febreze. The ‘e’ is in a loopy font. Also an upside down 6 for a hidden 666 when you combine all the e’s.

Curious George lost his tail. Lost a tale? A tail can curve back on itself. Steiner talks about how those who are spiritually awakening at this time are preparing to remember their lives in the next life, in other words working to start remembering and integrating past lives while in the physical. The sleeping masses will not remember in the next life, although they will at a later epoch, and they will be guided by those few now who are awakening. To not remember your past life is thus to “lose your tale,” although in the spiritual worlds in between death and a new birth, the Innermost self or Higher Ego remembers all its lifetimes, and works from that expanded awareness to help prepare the parameters of fate or karma in its next incarnation.

Removed “what if I told you;” removed a tale/tail. 

A benefic purpose of ME’s may be to wake people up to the Matrix-code nature of reality.  The holographic universe. That it can change or update and everyone’s brain receives the matrix updates except for a few anomalous woke people who remember the old versions. Ahriman (Mr. Smith) tries to relegate these folk to the fringe and label as conspira-noids and schizo-types. Although thankfully this seems like it is getting harder and harder to do.

The Ahrimanic forces are the vampire we are forced to interview, in order to grow spiritually, here in the wilderness of the physical world.

Here among the snakes. An extra ‘s’ in boots. An added snake/loop/ouroborus. 

No cornucopia in Fruit of the Loom. A loom spins a thread, a tale. This is Ahriman’s tale, like the tale Jack (Christ) pushes Paul (Ahriman) to write in Black Butterfly (BB). A cornucopia relates to Saturn the Corn God, who rules Capricorn. The so-called CGI rings of Saturn connects to the Bull God El, the Taurus Torus Donut. The laughing cow with the nose ring, the target logo bull’s eye with its rings….the snakes and loops of fr-OO-t; the apple that the serpent tempted Eve with, the fall into time, the fall through the bifurcation of the sexes, the loins, where we put our fig leaf or fruit-of-the-loom undergarments. The resultant interview with a vampire, which are the lower unrefined drives and lusts.


The ambiguous “may be” is replaced with an emphatic “are” affirmative. 

Pikachu’s tail (tale) was supposed to be dipped in black, which is the fall into flesh, as opposed to our original pure virginal state in the bosom of the Godhead, or Heaven prior to Earthly embodiment. The fall into the mirror universe, the funhouse where objects may be closer than they appear. Mirror mirror, who is the fairest of them all? They replaced “mirror” with “magic;” the ME’s are added magic, for good or ill, it’s hard to ascertain as yet. One should keep an open mind.

Speaking of two’s (you and my reflection), you know that reliable bible quote where Jesus says “where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

Well even that has changed to “where two or three:”

(Matthew 18:20).

The sinister implication is that in today’s materialistic age not even four can be gathered together in Christ’s name, only two or three. Two or more, as it was, can imply larger numbers.

Much of the code of this world transfers over to the new updates but some doesn’t for whatever reason, usually the really worn out retro-stuff – this is called “residue” as in timeline residue.

In the video below there is an abundance of residue for “two or more are gathered…”

Interesting that the new sleak (digital) stuff transfers over easily, but not the old (analogue).

Made Tony the Tiger’s nose blue, the nose turns blue when its cold, Ahrimanic forces have made people cold to the mysteries, to the spirit. The cold’s been creepin’ in at the Achilles heel – of the robot, because humanity’s following robots – Only two or three are gathered in His Name… The masses snort something else frosty, powdered cocaine, in the forms of the endless entertainment/entrainment, the Infinite Jest. Lost in the funhouse of lower ego and fast pleasures. They’re grrreat!

These people have lost the thread of their tale, their Innermost, lost the loom, the fruit of the matter, like Curious George’s missing tail, like the missing nose ring of the bull. They got too close to the objects in the side-view mirror. The ME’s may be showing us to step back and accept that reality is more malleable than we thought, and to trust that the true God has prepared for this, as ElijahThinks blog says, “The Good Shepard has gotten us this far…” These seemingly mundane little changes are forcing one to let go of their attachment to matter as they thought it was, which is really attachment to their memory of things, holding on to the past, instead of a more fluid go-with-the-flow. Accept the changes without fear; than the evil snake becomes the wise serpent that flows like water, that lifts up Moses in the desert, that awakens human souls otherwise fated to continue their slumber for another spin of the wheel, another loop in Maya, the laughing cow, like Shiva the Destroyer who dances outside CERN.

“We are HAPPY @ CERN!”

The papers on his desk represent stacks and stacks of memories being shuffled around.

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Not long after I posted this article, youtuber “Vat City” came out with a video discussing the mandela effects and the film 12 Monkeys. This Terry Gilliam film about time travel certainly dances around the topic of ME, and notice the tigers on Bruce Willis’ shirt in this pivotal scene:

I couldn’t help but be reminded of Tony the Tiger, Frosted Flakes, his nose going from black to blue…we also saw Curious George, a monkey, like 12 Monkeys.

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MK Ultra Culture: Film, TV, The Music Industry

We live in cities you’ll never see on-screen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things
Livin’ in ruins of a palace within my dreams
” – Lorde

“If you wish to acquire something of your own, you must learn to steal.” – Gurdjieff


To understand how we live in an MK Ultra mind control culture, one must become familiar with these four tenets:

  • Trauma based mind control to young children to engender multiple personality disorder and dissociation, that can then be programmed to be perfect sex slaves, spies or assassins. A basic primer on this entry level information can be on the CRIME page or by going to the “Ritual Abuse” tab in the Menu above.
  • Finding and tracking down children or adults gifted with psy abilities such as remote viewing, telepathy or telekinesis and harnessing these powers for their own ends. The blueprint script for this can be found in my breakdown of Stephen King’s The Institute.
  • The ability to manipulate the fabric of time. This may range from simply catching glimpses of probable futures through their remote-viewing victims, to something as mind boggling as actually resetting time, in small increments, to get redos when events don’t go their way. Donald Marshall says this is how they rig major sporting events and political moves, for one example. I retain a healthy skepticism here but am tracking the evidence nonetheless.
  • The celebrity cloning centers. Also some skepticism. But I think what whistleblower DM revealed carries a kernel of truth, even if he might have skewed it to suit some other agenda. Cloning pops up again and again and DM’s testimony in this regard continues to stay relevant, even if I don’t trust him. Will continue tracking.

With these four keys in mind, as we poke our heads into Netflix or other streaming sites, as we see the latest Blockbuster film, or listen to the latest platinum album, we see a panoply of MK Ultra. Of course the masses cast it off as fantasy and sci-fi, but the ideas are planted in the subconscious anyway, and accepted without notice. Not only accepted, but enjoyed. Under the guise of ENTERTAINMENT (entrainment) the masses are actually lulled to sleep, into a trance, and give over their loosh, their positive energy, to the Dark Side. The natural collective energy of mankind is funneled into the wrong reservoir; the Christ energy becomes Antichrist energy.  This is Black Magick.

We are all guilty of this, I know I’m no saint. It is very difficult to turn away from all of the pop media. I’ve enjoyed the work of certain authors, filmmakers or musicians that are most likely in the Illuminati.  

But steps need to be made to detox from all of it. There are real victims out there, we need to be empathizing with them, giving them our energy, instead of mindlessly funnelling it into Dark Knight Jokers like Loki:

The trailer for the show “Loki” reveals that it is all about ruptured timelines.

Owen Wilson continues, “But Loki picked up the tesseract and broke reality.”

We see multiple branching timeline potentials diverging from the linear timeline. Now we’re harder to control, too many variables. Like in the film Push the elite cabal have “watchers” who catch glimpses of the future, but the future can change and so their glimpses are only estimates, probabilities.

But let’s talk about Horse Girl, a new movie on Netflix that panders to conspiracy theory. We see all the themes, MK Ultra, time travel, aliens…

Horse Girl

Sarah is sort of drifting through life; a clerk at a crafts store, no close friends, mother died, never knew her father. History of mental illness in the family, we find later. Sarah sleepwalks, and does not remember it. Slowly her dream life starts to interfere with her waking life.

One night her roommates boyfriend gets up for a glass of water. He stumbles into Sarah sleepwalking. Notice the prominent butterfly poster. 

The implication is that there is possibly something conspiratorial and unnatural about her condition. Perhaps she is an MK Ultra MONARCH victim, programmed with an alter that hides behind amnesiac barriers.

In one sense this film is so blatantly pandering to conspiracists that it doesn’t require much decoding, but it leaves the key topic of MK Ultra unsaid, and instead implies that it is all shadowy aliens manipulating her and other human victims.

Trouble starts when Sarah gets a DNA Kit, as a birthday gift from a colleague at work. One of those kits you spit in and send in to the lab and they tell you about your ancestry. 

Her results never come back. 

She spits into her DNA sample vial while watching her favorite sci-fi show which happens to be an episode about clones:

Later she suspects that she is a clone of her grandma which is why the results of the ancestry test never come back.

She gets a lot of nosebleeds which reminds me of the character “Eleven” from Stranger Things, who was also an MK Ultra test subject, and could perform acts of telekinesis and remote viewing but it would always make her nose bleed.

In the film Freaks, the little mutantly gifted girl bleeds from the one eye.

So Sarah has missing time, finds strange marks on the wall, and one morning her car is across town from where she thought she parked it last, suggesting an active sleepwalking (and driving) life. But this is also reminiscent of people with alters that sporadically take control describe missing time.

She has this recurring dream, that she suspects is more than a dream, where she is lying in paralysis in some nondescript place, along with other victims:

Donald Marshall’s information seems relevant here, about consciousness transfer to a clone body during REM sleep. This he says is how the Illuminati meet up and perform their nightly rituals and games of depravity. 

“Cowards only come through when the hour’s late and everyone’s asleep mind you.” 21 Pilots sings.

In Arcane, League of Legends, which we will break down later, there is the opening song, “Playground.” She sings, “welcome to the playground,” which is the same coded metaphor as “Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games.” The cloning centers (where everyone’s real body is asleep mind you), are the playground, the jungle, the wastelands. In Arcane, its a tale of two cities, the undercity and topside.

Victims who are sent via REM sleep consciousness transfer to the deep underground military base (Undercity) are forced to participate in the rituals and depravity. Celebrities watch from the stands, and are variously involved, some actively love it, others are trapped and blackmailed into secrecy but want out. 

The lyrics to the song “Heathens” by 21 Pilots:

(DM’s description of the cloning center dirt arena or pit)

Often at first they are memory suppressed and when they awake in their real bodies don’t remember anything, but feel fatigued and symptoms of hangover, like they’ve been up all night drinking. This is why the celebrities inevitably grow gaunt and have psychotic breaks. They “sell their soul” to the Illuminati which is really buying a ticket to the cloning centers, the Illuminati “sells them a dream.” Popstar and Illuminati slave Bea Miller sings,

Welcome to the playground, follow me

Tell me your nightmares and fantasies

Sink into the wasteland underneath

Stay for the night, I’ll sell you a dream

The Undercity playground deep underground military base cloning center…
Bea miller with the triangle tattoo that researcher Cathy Fox showed to be an Illuminati Beta-kitten sex slave branding. Numerous other celebrities have this marking, see HERE.

But in Horse Girl, Sarah begins to become lucid in the dream. In physical life this manifests as her sleep walking escapades. But in the dream, she can slowly regain control of her paralysis. With great difficulty she turns her head from side to side, and sees other victims lying there, prone, in paralysis. They have not gained lucidity, they remain “memory suppressed.”

Q: do people have to rap battle Eminem to be signed to his label?

Eminem: “you have to rap battle me in your sleep. I’m awake, and you’re asleep and if you can beat me in your sleep, then you can be signed to “Shady.” (i.e. Shady records).

He’s awake meaning he is not memory suppressed at the cloning center. He is “lucid” in the dream.

Billie Eilish sings, “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?” 

Finally at the end Sarah claims that she is in fact her own grandma, that the aliens can move human victims to various points in the timeline. “I am my own grandma. She thought she was from the future. That’s why I look so much like her. It’s actually quite beautiful.”

There is clearly more to this film than what it appears to be, on the surface. I recommend checking it out.

Manipulating a victim into becoming their own time loop paradox by inserting them into their own past, connects to the very bizarre tv series Dark, also on Netflix, and which I wrote about HERE.

That character’s name is Noah. He has a time machine that opens portals every 33 years. 

Dark is the d(ark), Noah’s ark as the time loop for escaping linear time. Escaping the flood, water-as-time, attempting to escape judgement, death. The Black Brotherhoods lingering in Daath, in a time distortion that is layered or intersects with our timeline. The Daath Ship, or Death Ship:

Black Brotherhoods (B.B.) are Adrenochrome junkies. Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing is waking up from his adrenochrome trip in the shot above.


Arcane gives us an allegory for programming Multiple Personality Disorder into someone via trauma-based programming. It’s most effective when done to a child.

The orphan Powder, a street rat from the Underside is not even ten when she is abandoned by her older sister and picked up by criminal kingpin Silco.

Innocent Powder before she is transformed into Jinx:

Silco with one orange eye:

A number of years pass with Powder in the care of Silco. In the next episode the transformation is complete, she is Powder no more, but Jinx, a dangerous bomb-maker and assassin who has locked away her feelings other than the trauma-bond she carries with Silco. 

Jinx (Powder’s alter):

When her sister shows up and apologizes for leaving her that fateful day, we see her hallucinations play out as Jinx tries to maintain control over Powder, who she locked away. The initial trauma of abandonment proves as the anchor for the rest of the MK Ultra MONARCH programming. When that trauma is triggered or challenged, when it seeks integration, the programming starts to break down. This show does a good job visually showing that.

In addition, the comics in the same franchise feature time manipulation through the device found by the character Ekko. 

From Arcane: L.O.L. fanpage: “One night, on a solo trek into the rubble of a recently demolished laboratory, Ekko made an astonishing find: a shard of blue-green crystal that glittered with magical energy. Every child of Zaun (Undercity) heard tales of hextech, said to power weapons and heroes alike. Such a thing had the potential to change the world, and now he held a broken one. He scrambled to find more pieces, but the crunching footfalls of teched-up enforcers told him he wasn’t the only one looking. Ekko barely escaped, and returned to his home.

He experimented madly with the crystal. During one less-than-scientific attempt, the gem exploded into a vortex of shimmering dust, triggering eddies of temporal distortion. Ekko opened his eyes to see several splintered realities—and several “echo” versions of himself—staring back in sheer panic amid the fractured continua.

He’d really done it this time.

After some tense coordination between Ekko and his paradoxes, they managed to contain and repair the hole he had torn in the fabric of reality. Eventually, he harnessed the shattered crystal’s temporal powers into a device that would allow him to manipulate small increments of time… at least in theory.”

This is not unlike Doctor Strange and the time stone or Infinity stone.

Jon Bon Jovi sings, in a DirecTV commercial

Ekko figures out how to use the device to rewind time in short increments, of 20 to 30 seconds, so as to get a redo whenever something bad happens. In Dark, Noah informs us that two sides control time travel, the light and the dark. Aug Tellez talked about history thus being more of a zig-zag, with layer upon layer of takes and re-edits, the original long buried. Who knows how much of this is true.


In this Netflix thriller-drama series, Joe runs a book shop in New York. One day he meets and falls for Beck after a casual conversation in his store. He starts stalking her. He goes to great lengths to insinuate himself into her life and seems to be very good at what he does. He also, like the typical sociopath has no fear and is very good at talking himself out of sticky situations by stacking lie on top of lie. 

But how did he get this way? 

In the basement of the book shop is the cage.

It’s where they keep collectibles and rare books. There is a brief flashback scene where we see Joe as a teenager working as the apprentice to the original owner of the shop. The owner proves to be cruel, locking him in the cage when he is disappointed with Joe for not having read certain classic books. 

“Everything you need is in here” he says.

This traumatic memory might be why Joe grew up to be  a sociopath, stalker and eventually murderer. He kills those who get in his way of being with Beck. He claims its for her own good, legitimizing his actions, the way sociopaths do. 

There often is a traumatic event in early childhood that triggers sociopathy. MK Ultra simply exploits these brain changes that occur automatically when a child is traumatized. Now obviously most sociopaths are not MK Ultra victims, but since this is Netflix/Hollywood, we must examine these connections.

I mean, who locks a kid in a cage for not being well read? This is, generally speaking, not real life. But what is real is MK Ultra protocols that feature this very thing. Cages, isolation, claustrophobia; its all about putting the victim through so much trauma that it splits the mind, and a certain portion gets walled off behind amnesiac barriers, the part that contains the memory of the abuse it couldn’t make sense of. 

Like the old man, often the abusers act loving one minute and then cruel and evil the next, creating a shock effect, keeping the victim unstable, and codependent on the abuser, thinking its somehow their own fault. Just like Jinx and Silco in Arcane.

Locke and Key

I mentioned this show a couple years ago but its worth looking at again in this regard.

A family moves to an old mansion that houses magic keys. There is a witch living in the well, who tricks one of the kids into giving her one of the keys, telling him where he can find it. Later the older siblings attain some of the magic keys as well. One key is a teleporter. One allows you to walk into your own mind as if it was a 3d solid place. Other keys have other magic abilities. 

Don’t you see? Again and again it’s these dark vampiric types, the Black Brotherhoods and the Illuminati, trying to obtain magical abilities through the intermediary of special children. 

The key above is accessing the brainstem, top of the spine where it meets the head, along the path of the Kundalini serpent energy which shatters in the brainstem when a child is raped before the age of 5. Max Spiers says they call this the “Key of Solomon,” and it creates alters as well as unlocks psychic abilities.

In Maze Runner its the children who are being drained of vital fluids that become the anti-virus to their post-apocalyptic plague. Once stripped of all its different clothes and get-up, its many veneers, the same dark sad tale is being told again and again. This will continue until the masses wake up and collectively make moves to reject this. 

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