J.R.R. Tolkien and The Flat Earth


Was Tolkien, author of the Lord of The Rings and The Silmarillion an insider into the occult and secret societies? It isn’t clear but there sure seem to be a lot of hints and parallels in his work to the flat earth and the book of Genesis and other occult themes.

Eric Dubay, with his “200 proofs” convinced me the earth is flat. Santos Bonacci then introduced the idea that not only do we live on a plane but there are planes beneath us, stacked like a pancake. Modeled after the 7 planets or what the ancients called the 7 heavenly bodies.

Printmaxresdefault (17)

You can see at the top, above the 7 layers sits the throne of God. The first layer is the Sun, then moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn. 7 heavenly bodies or wandering stars are also represented in levels below this surface level of Earth.

Now to travel up and down the planes can also be called going east or west, which are terms Tolkien used in his work. For example the elves,  the first born of God, go into the West, which is code for going to Mars, but not the planet Mars, but the underground equivalent.


Not much is known about these realms. But from the hollow earth myths we get the legends of Agartha, which seem to match Tolkien, where advanced humanoids (elves?) live in caverns deep below the earth.


According to Youtuber Flat Earth Paradise, Agartha fits into the flat earth scheme by being literally on the underside of our plane, flipped, and powered by the Black Sun in a perpetual twilight.

hqdefault (11)

maxresdefault (14)

This is the symbol of the Black Sun, which is important in occultism and esoterica and you may remember how the Nazi’s employed this symbol along with the swastika, which is also an ancient occult symbol.

download (36)

Another way to visualize our expanding cosmology now that we can dump the heliocentric model is the Norse and Hebrew systems.

According to Rosetta Delacroix, “In Norse mythology there is a Tree of Life. (The tree of life is also reflected in the Kabbalah). The tree consists of nine worlds; three worlds each within three realms. The realm directly above Earth is called Asgard (Heaven) and Earth is called Midgard. These are the only two realms with the base of “gard”. Gard means garden. So Asgard is the upper garden and Midgard is the MIDDLE garden or CENTER garden.”

yggdrasil (1)

“…the name for our home ~ Earth. Now if you scramble the letters around it spells Heart. This is NOT a coincidence. It is code telling us the significance of our home. Our home is the HEART of our world. Now where is the heart located in our body? In the center. So our Earth is in the Center. And we know this because we know that man is a microcosm to the macrocosm- our world. Put another way, As above, so below. As without, so within So we know the Earth is in the center. So the Sun can not possibly be in the center.(S0URCE)

The center chakra, the heart chakra is green, the middle color of the rainbow, and corresponds to earth.


And Tolkien’s Earth is called….MIDDLE Earth! He must have known…

Now according to Bonacci there are Hellish realms down there too, clearly where all the myths of Hell come from, Satan’s strongholds.

Bonacci“Paradise is the earth, it’s the paradise plane, and when humans controlled it, and the true monarchies and human bloodlines, there was peace and balance on earth.  There was a golden age, a silver age, everything was perfect. But when the subterraneans came up, they destroyed that and infiltrated the beautiful Christian and Hindu and Jewish and Muslim traditions which are all the same teachings, they are no different, Krishna is Christ, they are the same philosophy using different words. They coopted these churches and taught an inverted Luciferian brand of this. They’ve been doing it forever. They dwell in the subterranean region of the cosmos because they have been cast down there. Some say they fell from heaven well yeah but it’s the same thing. It’s their choice to stay there because there is a lot of luxury down there, but there is also lot of suffering. But they love the luxury, the lust, the gluttony, and all of the goings on….”

So whether this is the paradise plane that suffered an incursion from another plane, or whether paradise is in a plane above us, Asgard, and we are in Midgard, or the middle plane, is not clear. Funny, I’ve also heard this plane called the Hell plane, with Agartha underneath us as the paradise plane. So there are a few competing theories, yet they all share the same basic structure. Multiple flat planes of existence, either stacked on top of each other like Russian nested dolls, or else held together in by a central pillar or tree trunk or torus field of energy in the middle, what the Norse called the Tree of Yggdrasil, and what Jews call the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah.


Note the middle realm in green, like our Earth, like our heart chakra, in the center of our body, and HEART and EARTH are anagrams.

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Occult Clues and Subliminals in Pixar’s “Inside Out”

Flat Earth References

The writers of this movie knew about the flat earth.


This is the inside of Riley’s head, the place where thought, emotion, action and memory storage happens. You can see how they modeled it after the flat earth, with the dome (firmament) and stars in the dome, and in the center of the flat plane is Mount Meru, the tree of Yggdrasil, the sacred mountains of the holy scriptures.


Looks alot like:

Always with the central pillar, the axis of the torus field. Santos Bonacci says that all is torus fields, the world, the human body, the atoms that compose us too, are little torus fields. It’s a fractal, nested torus field universe we live in.

I believe the Pixar writers know what I’m talking about.

All the ancient cultures had this central pillar that led to heaven, inside a domed flat circular disc shaped world as their cosmology.

Cloning, Donald Marshall References

I also believe that this boy here is supposed to be Donald Marshall, “the best kept secret” in the wicked music industry along with REM duplication cloning of celebrities and pop icons:


In the movie this is a character in Riley’s subconscious, the stereotypical boy band teenage heartthrob. But what tipped me off was what he says. One of his only lines, his tagline is “I would DIE for Riley.”


Like, supposing to be romantic and what every teen girl dreams about. But research Donald Marshall and you know that his clone gets killed all the time, at the cloning centers where they torture him for songs, or used to anyway. Supposedly Kenny from southpark is Donald as well, and he dies in every episode.

This teen heartthrob also blurts out, “Im from Canada,” at one point. Seems random and out of place, but Donald Marshall too is from Canada. The cloning center he gets taken to is up in the Canadian wilderness somewhere. So that’s another hint that this character is Don.

But later in the movie really put the nail in the coffin. The emotion character Joy uses Donald’s clones to get back to headquarters or Mount Meru.

She starts by typing out how many clones she needs:


She taps 999 real fast on the numberpad, and in the occult world and in numerology 6 is 9. This has to do with the fact that the brain sees visual stimuli upside down and has to invert the image in the brain. Therefore 999 and 666 are equivalent. So this is saying that cloning is Satanic.

I need 666 clones of Donald Marshall (who the Illuminati try to groom as a Messiah figure).

She uses the clones stacked on top of each other to fling herself back to headquarters (the central pillar). Symbolic message: the savior (Don) is going to bring humanity back to Mount Meru, the center of creation.

Kind of like John 14:6

“And Jesus said unto him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.'”

Of course I don’t believe Donald to be a messiah or new age Jesus, and neither does he, but this is what many of the Illuminati believe and they are throwing their beliefs in our faces in movies such as this one, and elsewhere in pop culture.

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More Evidence Of Faked Moon Landings

Take a look at the body language of the following people:

maxresdefault (11)

“Astronauts” Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins 

Do these people look like the heroes returning from the most triumphant feat of man and science, a voyage to the moon and back? Or do they look like three uncomfortable people caught in a lie?

As they nervously fidget through the whole Apollo 11 press conference, they make a mistake at one point when asked about what the stars looked like from the moon.

Neil replies, “I don’t remember what stars we could see.”

Really? You’d think such a thing might be of astronomical importance. Or at least aesthetically pleasing. But sure enough, no stars in the images above either. According to researcher Bart Sibril, this was because it would have been too difficult to fake the exact positions of the stars from a lunar vantage point, so they didn’t even try.

Michael Collins, to try and smooth over the awkward moment says, “I don’t recall seeing any stars.” Forgetting that he wasn’t supposed to have been on the moon at all, but stayed behind in the lunar orbiter.


maxresdefault (12)

You can see Neil kind of grimace when Collins says this.

images (25)1iybmt

The Problem of The Van Allen Belt

van_allen_probes_discov_new_rad_belt_cal“(wikipedia) A Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetic field…
Implications for space travel:
…Beyond the belts, (astronauts would) face additional hazards from cosmic rays and solar particle events. A region between the inner and outer Van Allen belts lies at two to four Earth radii and is sometimes referred to as the “safe zone.”…Solar cells, integrated circuits, and sensors can be damaged by radiation.”[28] 

And yet in the 60’s before it was discovered, it miraculously didn’t affect the Apollo astronauts at all? No adverse affects?

hqdefault (9)

“Not on our mission,” says Alan Bean, Apollo 12 Astronaut. “It hadn’t been discovered yet.”

An astute observer notes “When asked about the Apollo missions years after, NASA told the world that they were able to go through the (Van Allen) belts with technology that they destroyed after the last moon mission. When asked if they can just build another one they responded “it takes a long time to figure these things out.” Billions of tax dollars went towards this and they destroyed it without keeping blueprints? 1st red flag. Also, when the freedom of information act was passed NASA was asked for the original tapes from the moon landing. They admitted that when they were budgeting money, they wanted to save some on magnetic film strips and they accidently taped over the greatest achievement of mankind…..the only copy. (2nd Red Flag). A space shuttle in the 90s was able to make it 500 miles BELOW the belts before they had radiation flashes in their vision, even with eyes closed. This shuttle was shielded as well. The Apollo missions were not. (3rd Red flag)(source)

Astronauts Gone Wild

Filmmaker Bart Sibrel get’s his hands on classified outtake footage of the Apollo moon landing hoax, an outtake that shows them clearly faking an image of the Earth from the ship capsule so it seems that Earth was much further away. Bart confronts these aging “astronauts,” some 40 years on, about this damning footage and asks them to swear on the bible that they really went to the moon.

From the description section of the 2002 video: “When Sibrel publicly exposed the astronaut’s criminal behavior, he was threatened with violence by one astronaut, physically assaulted by two other astronauts, and threatened to be assassinated by another astronaut . . . all on camera! . . . revealing that these men are not the honorable “heroes” that they appear to be, rather they are a bunch or angry and violent criminals, reacting bitterly for having their evil deeds exposed.

At time 8:58, when astronaut Buzz Aldrin was confronted with his guilt by Sibrel, who showed him the newly discovered unedited videotape of the fake photography from his mission on a nearby television monitor during an interview, Aldrin accidentally acknowledged the fraud on camera (thinking it was turned off) by declaring, “And this makes you a real famous person for having discovered all this! What an ego you must have to want to propel yourself like this.” (How could Sibrel become famous if his accusations had no evidence?) When Aldrin realized that he had made an admission of guilt, he threatened to sue Sibrel if the interview was shown publicly.

At 40:29 Sibrel offered astronaut Neil Armstrong $5000 cash to donate to his favorite charity, if he would only take a five seconds to swear on a Bible that he actually walked on the moon. Very nervously, and surprisingly, Armstrong refused to bless a charity with merely a formal declaration of what is supposed to be true.

At 13:40 astronaut Alan Bean accidentally acknowledged that he never left Earth orbit, by emphatically asserting that he did not travel through the Van Allen Radiation Belts, which are at 25,000 miles beyond Earth orbit. When his hypocrisy was pointed out to him, he made a feeble attempt to recover from his error though a series of more misspeakings.

At 48:32 “Peace Activist” astronaut Ed Mitchell violently assaulted Sibrel from behind for exposing his lies, though he just said that he never hits anyone. (He can’t go 5 seconds without lying.) Mitchell then threatened to get his gun and shoot him! Forgetting that the wireless microphone was still attached to himself after he closed the door and Sibrel left, the confidential audio revealed Mitchell and his son covertly discussing enlisting their friends at the CIA to have Sibrel assassinated.(SOURCE)

Click here for Jay Weidner’s research on how Stanley Kubrick probably was the one tapped to film the Apollo missions in a Hollywood studio.

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The Tv Show “V” Hints at Illuminati’s REM Cloning Subculture

Once you become familiar with Donald Marshall’s testimony, you will start to notice how the entertainment industry hints at it constantly. They never talk about it outright and bluntly like Donald does, because they are not allowed to. So they write these scripts that have two levels to them, an exoteric, surface level story for the “unwashed masses” and an esoteric story going on underneath, if you have the eyes to see it.

Let me give you those eyes, which Donald gave me: A major faction of the Illuminati operates out of these cloning centers which take up a whole floor within the DUMBS (deep underground military bases). The people in the cloning centers are in clone bodies after having their consciousness transported out of their normal real body, lying in bed in REM phase sleep. It started out as just politician power-broker types, a way to meet in secret, but they got bored and in the 60’s started cloning in celebrities. This is still happening, now all the big name celebrities are being brought to the cloning centers every night instead of having normal dreams. Unfortunately, many of these actors and pop stars are just glorified sex slaves every night at the cloning center. It’s ugly….

As if that’s not bad enough, there are also these dumb lizard species called Vrill which can body-snatch other organisms including humans. They are what the David Icke/Project Camelot Reptilian ET propaganda is covering up. They are NOT an advanced race from the stars, they are most likely a genetic splice made by humans, or else just bizarre Earth animals, a quirk of parasitic biology, not as smart as humans.

The TV show “V” really dances around these topics, and gets quite close to being blatantly obvious, but again, 99.9% of the world has probably never even heard of Donald Marshall or cloning or Vrill…so they feel confident enough to put it out there. In the show, the V, short for “Visitors,” are big humanoid lizards inhabiting human skin, NOT small troglodytes with a body snatching proboscis (Vrill type 1), so they are pandering to the Donald Icke second farm conspiricists. These half-truths reinforce the lie of “outer space” and “space travel” and “highly advanced aliens.” Reality: they are unintelligent (by human standards)  subterrenean reptiles. A lot of work by the intelligence agencies is going into this second farm psyop.

The show is about the arrival of aliens that at first look just like humans (think drones), and are pretending to be of peace. They even offer humans access to their miracle drugs and cures at these “Healing Centers” (which is a way to almost say “cloning centers.”)

Two layers to the plot operating simultaneously, the esoteric layer hidden in plain sight, know the code and it becomes impossible to debunk, because it’s literally everywhere.

This show is secretly about the Vrill body snatching crisis, about the fake alien invasion they are thinking about pulling of with Project Bluebeam, and it is also a way to throw in some fallen-angel  Genesis 6 references with an alien falling in love with a human woman and procreating. There is even an alien plot to insert microchips into the flu vaccines, so they are having fun with all the conspiracies. But the big things like cloning and Vrill are only hinted at in a coded, sideways fashion. For example calling the aliens the “V” which could be short for “Visitors”, but it also be short for “Vrill.”

See how they cleverly hint at the aneurysm part – the reason these celebs who want out but can’t talk, it is fear of death by aneurysm. If they have a clone of you they can shock it with enough electricity to make you have a brain aneurysm and die, because consciousness is linked. Loyalty through fear, the same tactic employed by Anna, the reptilian queen mother running the V’s invasion.


The threat is subtle. In six months (the time it takes to grow a duplicate clone) you will develop an aneurysm (if you don’t do what we say, in other words.) Anna says:IMG_0670IMG_0672

The movie “The Host” falls along similar sci-fi alien body snatching lines. “V” and “The Host” both have the same motive:

Donald Marshall – “That movie is going to try to condition people into thinking not all hosts of Vrill are bad, BUT they are. Nothing left of original humans consciousness… vrill totally dominates the brain. No comin back either. (The Host was) directed and produced by Vrill. To gauge public opinion on whether or not “good” hosts would be accepted in society or if people would want all alien hosts dead… People wanted all hosts dead…LOL!!! There are no ‘good’ hosts… They’re aliens, killed the human to inhabit the body and are a parasited host… Dead human then, 100% Vrill. Kill it kill it kill it.(source)

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Eric Dubay – Evolution Is A Masonic Lie Hiding Intelligent Design

Excerpts taken from Eric Dubay’s blog: http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/search/label/Evolution

Problems with Darwinian “Macro-evolution”

The Problem Of the Formation of Cells and Proteins

Evolutionary theory claims that life started with a cell that formed by chance.  According to this scenario, four billion years ago various lifeless chemical compounds underwent a reaction in the primordial atmosphere on the earth in which the effects of thunderbolts and atmospheric pressure led to the formation of the first living cell.  The first thing that must be said is that the claim that inanimate materials can come together to form life is an unscientific one that has not been verified by any experiment or observation.  Life is only generated from life.  Each living cell is formed by the replication of another cell.  No one in the world has ever succeeded in forming a living cell by bringing inanimate materials together, not even in the most advanced laboratories.  The theory of evolution faces no greater crisis than on the point of explaining the emergence of life.  The reason is that organic molecules are so complex that their formation cannot possibly be explained as being coincidental and it is manifestly impossible for an organic cell to have been formed by chance.”  -Harun Yahya, “The Evolution Deceit” (128-130)


Eric: How could all the inter-connected and compartmentalized components, the cell wall, the cell membrane, the mitochondria, proteins, DNA, RNA, ribosomes, lysosomes, cytoplasm, vacuoles, nucleus and other cell parts magically come together and create conscious intelligent life from unconscious dead matter?  Just making one average-sized protein molecule is already composed of 288 amino acids of 12 varying types which can be combined 10300 power different ways!  Of all those possibilities, only one forms the desired protein molecule and there are over 600 types of proteins combined in the smallest bacterias ever discovered.

Astronomer Fred Hoyle compared the odds that all the multi-faceted and multi-functional parts of a cell could coincidentally come together and create life analogous to “a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard and assembling a Boeing 747 from the materials therein!

“The likelihood of the spontaneous formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number with 40,000 zeros after it … It is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution.  The beginnings of life were not random; they must have been the product of purposeful intelligence.  From my earliest training as a scientist, I was very strongly brainwashed to believe that science cannot be consistent with any kind of deliberate creation.  That notion has had to be painfully shed.  At the moment, I can’t find any rational argument to knock down the view which argues for conversion to God.  We used to have an open mind; now we realize that the only logical answer to life is creation – and not accidental random shuffling.”  -Astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe

Dr. Leslie Orgel, an associate of Francis Crick, the discoverer of DNA wrote, “It is extremely improbable that proteins and nucleic acids, both of which are structurally complex, arose spontaneously in the same place at the same time.  Yet it also seems impossible to have one without the other.  And so, at first glance, one might have to conclude that life could never, in fact, have originated by chemical means.”  Or as Turkish Evolutionist Professor Ali Demirsoy stated “the probability of the coincidental formation of cythochrome-C, just one of the essential proteins for life, is as unlikely as the possibility of a monkey writing the history of humanity on a typewriter without making any mistakes … Some metaphysical powers beyond our definition must have acted in its formation.


“Let us suppose that millions of years ago a cell was formed which had acquired everything necessary for life, and that it duly ‘came to life.’  The theory of evolution again collapses at this point.  For even if this cell had existed for a while, it would eventually have died and after its death, nothing would have remained, and everything would have reverted to where it had started.  This is because this first living cell, lacking any genetic information, would not have been able to reproduce and start a new generation.  Life would have ended with its death.”  -Harun Yahya, “The Evolution Deceit” (170)

The Problem Of Specialized Organs


Eric: Many facets of nature are far too complex, specialized, and perfect to ever have arisen simply due to blind chance changes over time.  For example, the eye with its various parts and mechanisms all working together with the brain producing the sharpest, clearest 3-D color images imaginable.  Even the most advanced cameras and plasma screens ever produced by humans cannot provide an image as perfect in detail and clarity as our own eyes.  Charles Darwin, the originator of the theory of evolution himself admitted that “the thought of the eye made him cold all over!” as he knew what an impassable obstacle the eye presented for his theory.  And it is the same with ears and audio equipment.  For over a century many thousands of researchers, scientists and engineers have been working in factories across the world trying to produce sharper, clearer audio/video playing and recording devices, never coming close to the capabilities and perfection of the ear and eye.

The Problem Of Transitional Species

Charles Darwin, in his “Origin of Species,” the veritable Bible of atheist-materialists, stated that, “If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking most closely all of the species of the same group together must assuredly have existed … Consequently evidence of their former existence could be found only amongst fossil remains.”  Darwin himself knew no such “transitional forms” had been discovered and hoped that they would be found in the future.  He even admitted in his “Difficulties on Theory” chapter that these missing intermediate forms were the biggest stumbling-block for his theory.  He called it “the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.

0016Harun Yahya: “For instance, there should have lived in the past some half-fish/half-reptile creatures which had acquired some reptilian traits in addition to the fish traits they already had.  Or there should have existed some reptile/bird creatures, which had acquired some avian traits in addition to the reptilian traits, they already possessed.  Evolutionists refer to these imaginary creatures, which they believe to have lived in the past as, ‘transitional forms.’  If such animals had really existed, there would have been millions, even billions, of them.  More importantly, the remains of these creatures should be present in the fossil record.”

Eric: Darwin hoped that transitional forms of animal species gradually evolving into different species would eventually be discovered at some future time in the fossil record.  To this day, however, no such transitional forms have ever been found anywhere in the world.  Darwin’s observations regarding natural selection and adaptation were certainly correct.  So-called “micro-evolution” of various traits and characteristics within a species has been confirmed and widely exists, but “macro-evolution,” the supposed transformation from one species into a completely different species has never been observed, and no evidence of such evolution exists anywhere in the fossil record.  Colin Patterson, senior paleontologist for the British Museum of Natural History and an ardent evolutionist, even he admits that Darwinists must concede natural selection has never been observed to actually cause anything to evolve: “No one has ever produced a species by mechanisms of natural selection.”

Darwinists claim fish (creatures living only under water) turned into amphibians (creatures living on both land and water) and then amphibians evolved into reptiles (creatures living only on land).  Then they propose some reptiles evolved wings and became birds while other reptiles evolved and became mammals.  None of these transitional forms have ever been found, however, nor could they realistically exist either.  For example amphibian eggs develop only in water whereas amniotic eggs develop only on land, so some sort of gradual step-by-step evolution scenario is impossible since without perfect, complete eggs a species cannot survive.  Reptiles allegedly evolving into mammals is another example of evolutionist wishful-thinking.  Reptiles are cold-blooded, lay eggs, do not suckle their young, have one middle-ear bone, three mandible bones and bodies covered in scales, whereas mammals are warm-blooded, have live births, suckle their young, have three middle-ear bones, one mandible, and are covered in fur or hair – far too many distinct differences for “gradual evolution.”  Reptiles evolving wings is another sheer impossibility, as the structure of land-dwelling reptiles and air-dwelling birds are far too different.  Engin Korur, a Turkish evolutionist admits the problem wings present to Darwin’s theory, “The common trait of the eyes and the wings is that they can only function if they are fully developed.  In other words a half-way developed eye cannot see; a bird with half-formed wings cannot fly.  How these organs came into being has remained one of the mysteries of nature that needs to be enlightened.”

The Rise of Social Darwinism

Eric: Darwin’s theory is a concept that concerns not only biology, chemistry, astronomy and metaphysics, but actually formed the basis for new political outlooks as well. Within a very short time, this new progressive political attitude was redefined as “Social Darwinism,” and as many historians have suggested, Social Darwinism became the ideological basis of fascism, communism, and eugenics.  Darwin’s ideas of “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest” were central to the insane ideologies of many of the 20th century’s worst mass murderers including Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Marx, and Pol Pot.  Charles Darwin himself was a blatant racist who elucidated in his book “The Descent of Man” how blacks and aborigines, due to their inferiority to Caucasians would “be done away with by the civilized races in time.”

Eric: Freemasonic records state that Charles Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus Darwin was a philosopher, scientist and physician who advanced ideas on evolution back in the 18th century.  Before coming to Derby in 1788, Dr. Darwin had been made a Mason and also maintained close connections to the Jacobin Masons in France and Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati.  Sir Francis Darwin and Reginald Darwin, two of his sons, were also made Masons in Tyrian Lodge No. 253 at Derby.  Charles Darwin does not appear on the rolls of the Lodge but it is most likely that he, like his Grandfather, his Sons and his “Bulldog” T.H. Huxley, was a Mason.


T.H. Huxley, Darwin’s “Bulldog” doing a Masonic hand gesture

“Masons, thinking that Darwinism could serve their goals, played a great role in its dissemination among the masses
.  As soon as Darwin’s theory was published, a group of volunteer propagandists formed around it, the most famous of whom was Thomas Huxley who was called Darwin’s ‘bulldog.’  Huxley ‘whose ardent advocacy of Darwinism was the single factor most responsible for its rapid acceptance’ brought the world’s attention to the theory of evolution in the Debate at the Oxford University Museum in which he entered into on June 30th, 1860 with the bishop of Oxford, Samuel Wilberforce.  Huxley’s great dedication to spreading the idea of evolution, together with his establishment connections, is brought into further light according to the following fact: Huxley was a member of the Royal Society, one of England’s most prestigious scientific institutions and, like nearly all the other members of this institution, was a senior Mason.  Other members of the Royal Society lent Darwin significant support … In short, Darwin wasn’t acting alone; from the moment his theory was proposed, he received the support that came from the social classes and groups whose nucleus was made up of Masons.”  -Harun Yahya, “The Theory of Evolution Revisited”

An important example which proves the fact that Darwinism is one of the biggest deceptions of atheistic freemasonry is a resolution carried in a mason meeting. The 33rd degree Supreme Council of Mizraim Freemasonry at Paris, reveals in its minutes its promotion of evolution as science, while they themselves scoffed at the theory.  The minutes read as follows: ‘It is with this object in view [the scientific theory of evolution] that we are constantly by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories.  The intellectuals will puff themselves up with their knowledge and without any logical verification of them will put into effect all the information available from science, which our agentur specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want.  Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism.’  Atheistic freemasonry in the United States has picked up the resolution of Mizraim before long.  New Age magazine in its March 1922 issue stated that the kingdom of atheistic freemasonry will be established by evolution and the development of man himself.  As seen above, the false scientific image of evolution is a deception set in the 33rd degree atheist Masonic lodges.  Atheist masons openly admit that they will use the scientists and media which are under their control to present this deception as scientific, which even they find funny.”  -Harun Yahya, “The Fundamental Philosophy of Atheistic Freemasonry

Hoaxes and Frauds Used As “Evidence” of Evolution


Eric: One of the first frauds in the history of Darwinism, known as “recapitulation theory,” and heralded as undeniable “proof of evolution,” was an idea proposed and propagated by a racist eugenicist Professor named Ernst Haeckel in the late 19th century.  A contemporary and friend of Charles Darwin and Thomas “Bulldog” Huxley, Haeckel postulated that human (and other animal) embryos experience a miniature form of the entire evolutionary impulse during their development in the womb, displaying first characteristics of fish, then reptile, and lastly mammalian or human.  It has long been eliminated from scientific literature, but many people and popular sources still unknowingly quote and believe in Haeckel’s fraudulent work.  Several popular magazines and school textbooks as recently as the 1990s, over a century after being exposed, were still publishing Haeckel’s hoaxed pictures and recapitulation theory as science fact!

Searching for the missing link in Human Evolution

Eric: For the past 150 years, evolutionist scientists have been working diligently to propagandize the public into believing that modern humans are descended from ancient apes.  The final and most difficult theoretical leap for the theory of evolution is this supposed million-year transition from ape to human.  The utter impossibility of “evolving” abilities like bipedality, erect spinal columns, and complex linguistic skills has been debated since the theory was first presented, but such obstacles will never stop die-hard evolutionists set on discovering (or inventing!) a believable monkey-man transitional species.

The first of these convenient evolutionary “discoveries” was the “Neanderthal Man” found in the Neander Valley of Germany in 1856, just in time for the release of Darwin’s Origin of Species.  To this day, reconstructed drawings of hairy ape-like “Neanderthal” men are depicted in scholarly journals and school textbooks and claimed to be a missing evolutionary link.  The fact is, however, that all so-called Neanderthal remains have never been shown to be any more different from modern humans than an Asian from a Caucasian, or an Inuit from an Aborigine.  Also the skull size shows its brain was actually 13% larger than the average brain of modern man, making it impossible to be an intermediary between man and ape.  Even Time magazine in 1971 proclaimed the primitiveness of Neanderthal to be unwarranted, that he could walk the street today unrecognized.

neanderthal-skeletonProponents pushing Neanderthal Man as an authentic species nowadays is Reiner Protsch, a German professor who dated the fossils at 36,000 years old allowing them to fit perfectly in the evolutionist’s timeline.  In 2005, however, Protsch was forced to retire in disgrace by a panel of Frankfurt University heads who determined he had “fabricated data and plagiarized the work of his colleagues over the past 30 years.”  The once-renowned “carbon-dating expert” has presently been completely ostracized from the scientific community.  It has since been determined that all Neanderthal skeletal remains are no more than a few thousand years old, some only a few hundred!  They have also found modern human DNA in the bones, that their brain capacity was 13% larger than the modern average, their height 5’9” comparable to our average, and they had advanced tools, buried their dead and enjoyed art!

In 1891-92, the next ape-man “discovery” was found in Java, Indonesia by Eugene Dubois, who “coincidentally” happened to be a student and apprentice of evolutionist hoaxster Ernst Haeckel!  Dubois found a skullcap, a leg bone, a jaw fragment and three teeth, from which was reconstructed the ape-like “Java Man.”  Within 10 years of its discovery, Java Man was the main subject of over 80 evolution books and articles.  It was given the “scientific name,” of “Anthropopithecus erectus,” and later changed to “Pithecanthropus erectus” and finally “Homo erectus” undoubtedly for super-official pseudo-scientific reasons.

Java-Man-IIHe found a leg bone, a skullcap, a jaw fragment and three teeth.  And that’s what he concocted Java man from.  Interestingly enough some of the teeth were old and some young.  The bones belonged to ape, female and male.  It was an interesting conglomeration and the reason that people didn’t catch on to it is because the find of Dubois was kept from scholars for about 30 years.  He also withheld the discovery of modern human remains, which were found in the same stratum as Java man.  Of course, that would have ruined his claims that Java man was the ancestor of modern day humans.  Finally, enough pressure was placed on him that the actual bones were allowed to be examined and the discrepancies were found.  And eventually, enlightened America as well as the world found out that this was a hoax.  unfortunately hoaxes die hard. [Recently] Time Magazine ran a cover story entitled “How Man Became Man” and starts off ridiculing Christians and Creationists then goes on to present Java man as though it were fact.”  -Hank Hanegraaff, “The Face that Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution”

piltdown-hoax1Eric: In 1912 a doctor and paleo-anthropologist named Charles Dawson claimed to have found a jawbone and cranial fragment of an ape-man transitional form in a pit in Piltdown, England.  It was alleged to be 500,000 years old and was displayed as absolute proof of human evolution in museums across the world.  For the next 40 years, scores of “scientific” articles, artist reconstructions, and over 500 doctoral theses were written about “Piltdown man.”  Objections and criticisms were raised immediately by contemporaries like Arthur Keith but managed to be mitigated by Dawson until 1953 when tests proved conclusively that the Piltdown skull was actually human and only a few hundred years old, while the lower protruding jaw was from a recently deceased orangutan!

In 1927 Davidson Black declared he had discovered five crushed skulls and several teeth near Beijing belonging to an ancient ape-man species now widely known as “Peking Man.”  Somewhere between 1941-1945 all the original bones were mysteriously “lost,” however, leaving only a few plaster casts left to examine!  At the same site where this supposed “missing link” was found, there were also found the remains of 10 fully human skeletons who quarried nearby limestone, built fires and left behind a variety of tools.  Many scientists now believe the tools were used on the Peking Man rather than by them.  The back of the skulls were all bashed in and in that part of the world, monkey brains are a delicacy, so it is likely that Peking Man were actually Peking apes, and they were man’s meal, not man’s ancient ancestor.

In 1974 Donald Johansson discovered “Lucy” a three-foot tall supposedly three-million year-old “Australopithicine” in Ethiopia.  Widely publicized as our oldest direct human ancestor, Lucy made the usual rounds of scientific magazine journals and school textbooks.  Don Johansson modestly claimed that Lucy was “the most important find made by anyone in the history of the entire human race,” and the media heralded him a hero.  He was promoted from assistant professor to receiving his own Institute for Human Biology at Berkley.  During all this time he never allowed scientists to examine Lucy’s bones until 1982, eight years later.   Since then, and as more “Australopithecine” skeletons have been found and examined, however, many leading evolutionists agree that Lucy is simply an extinct type of ape, similar to modern pygmy chimpanzees and nothing more.  They may have walked slightly more upright than most apes, but were not bipedal or erect, could not talk, spent most time in trees, and walked on all fours.

155_sciencevieLord Solly Zuckerman and Professor Charles Oxnard did 15 years of research on Australopithecines along with a team of five specialists coming to the conclusion that all the various specimens of Australopithecus they examined were only an ordinary ape genus and definitely not bipedal.  The French Science and Life magazine ran the cover story in May 1999 “Goodbye Lucy” writing about how “Lucy” the most famous fossil of Australopithecus was not the root of the human race and needs to be removed from our supposed family tree.  However, even now in 2014 a movie named “Lucy” has just been released by Masonic “Universal Pictures” where the Lucy ape-woman fraud is still treated as scientific fact throughout the entire movie.


So, when seen for what they really are, all the supposed ape-men discoveries and reconstructions are nothing but frauds and fantasies.  Neanderthal Man was just an ordinary man, Java Man and Piltdown Man were composed of human and ape bones, Nebraska Man was actually a pig, Peking Man was actually a man’s meal, Lucy was just a monkey, Orce Man was a donkey, and Turkana Boy was just a boy!

blogger note: you may be still be wondering why go through so much trouble promoting evolution, its really part and parcel (along with the Globe Earth lie) to promote Atheism:


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Tila Tequila On Cloning Centers, Reptiles, Pedophilia, Body-Snatching

 A Transcript of Tila’s Testimony

Tila Tequila is a celebrity-turned-whistleblower who corroborates much of Donald Marshall’s testimony on clones and drones, as well as what many have spoken out about regarding child sex trafficking within this dark occult, Black Nobility cabal and their Freemasonic, Zionist and Nazi footsoldiers.

In 2012 she posted a long verbal rant on her Youtube channel. According to Donald Marshall she got in a lot of trouble with the cabal at the cloning center after this rant, for saying what she did, and hasn’t really mentioned cloning or reptiles since, at least not directly…he said they tortured her clone almost triggering her real body to die.

Partial Transcript by Charlie Tetebo

“00.00 – 1.10 min: You know what… since you f****** with my program darling Queen Elizabeth and the paedophilia ring and the cloning centres. That’s right darling the cloning centres. Parents listen to me right now, they are blocking me but that is quite alright. Because I have many, many other forces; I shall not say their names right now, but I have many big plans to expose all of you disgusting, sadistic f***s! Okay? That is all. I shall save that for another time. But, however, I shall REPEAT: that was just an introduction to the reptilian family, leading all the way back. They call themselves the “The Black Nobility”. Now that is just one part of it; alright?
1.11 – 2.47 min: The Black Nobility; the reptilian family; all the way back from ancient times; so which they think… they feel like they are the divine chosen ones… from whom may I ask? Definitely. Definitely not God. Our Creator of the world. Reptilians: they feed on blood; children; the paedophilia ring; recently busted. Oh! It has been going on for centuries. Parents listen to me carefully. I don’t care if I’m cutting out. I will continue this and I am not alone on this battle. Believe THAT! Believe THAT! I am not alone on this battle. I started out alone but I am marching on with MILLIONS; okay? So sit your old a** down okay. Because you are gonna roll over, but it doesn’t matter anyway because you are all ancestral f***s! Who interbreed… ancestral f*****g… and then… and then… Oh! Only going to talk about cloning those children and… oh! And all those many children’s parents listen to me carefully.”

And then later she hints at REM transfer:

“So pick one: you’re either one of us: the good guys or you’re part of the others. That is simple as that! Two choices: good guys; bad guys. In-between you’re dead because the bad guys are going to suck your soul out and do some sadistic stuff to you and watch, and make you watch while they [do] pretty sadistic stuff to your children as well. “

By saying “suck your soul out” she is implying the transfer of your consciousness to your REM driven clone.

A month later, in December of 2012 she tweeted this,

Mu0XnkykWUvcHl0RyuHkTila Tequila…..”Yea and not to mention this was just my dear diary blog of me talking to myself yet they classify that as ‘mean’ lol don’t even bother with those clowns . Notice how they NEVER EVER stay on topic ? but hey what do you expect from an empty vessel being hosted by the archons ? Have you seen that movie ‘THE HOST?’ . Well basically thats whats been happening .”

She is referencing hosting and body snatching. We know from Marshall that this is really about Vril lizards and their parasitic body snatching ability called droning. It is purely biological, not a spiritual possession, but throughout the ages spiritual or religious metaphors were used, such as demon, devil, succubus, to refer to Vrils and drones.

Now it is my opinion that these Vril, while being a biological species, are not created by God but are rather a result of genetic manipulation/hybridization from ancient times. An evil experiment that got let loose on the world, and they have been here, underground, ever since.

For many people the topic of Vril reptiles and their parasitic droning is the hardest part of DM’s testimony to accept. For one, it is horrifying, and two it seems highly unlikely.

Yet even in mainstream science we have discovered other instances of body snatching or “zombification” if you will, in nature. A good expose on this from educate-yourself.org:

“Humans, animals, insects & REPTILES can all become infected with a parasite. This is not a new concept and is widely known. Parasites ‘take over’ the thought process of the host (body) that it invades. An infected ant will be ‘driven’ to climb up on a blade of grass to purposely become eaten by grazing animals so that it can enter the stomach of sheep, cow, etc. and complete its life cycle. Sometimes the parasite can be transferred to a human that eats the newly infected animal, such as a pig. Pigs are very nasty creatures biologically and the bible FORBIDS any consumption of this meat or meat of any other ‘split hoofed’ animal. Sometimes humans can contract a parasite from an infected cat as well (Toxoplasma gondii). No matter how it gets contracted, once it enters the body it can in fact invade the brain. Parasites mimic their host yet the thought processes and further behaviors of infected persons alter significantly.
In the case of ‘Toxoplasma Gondii’ found in the stomachs of cats, the cats excrete the eggs and the eggs are eaten by smaller animals such as rats. The rats ingest the parasite and are ‘taken over’ to the point of losing their fear of cats and exposing themselves directly to a cat so that it can be ingested by and further infect that cat. Parasites instinctual nature is to ‘take over’ as much and as often as possible. There are various ways the parasites transfer from animals/bugs/reptiles to humans and once inside the human host, the natural process is to ‘take over’ the human thought process and control it. This is scientifically proven! Since humans are superior and there is nothing left to ‘take over’, the parasite is content to live in the human and the human becomes diseased. The parasite must feed and if it has infected the brain, then it begins to feed of the brain itself where the host begins to lose feelings like empathy & sympathy, they become sinister and self-driven. They eventually care for nothing but themselves and their self-preservation. They will hurt/destroy almost anyone/anything to get what they want/need. They become the most ruthless people on the planet.
See where this is going? Our world leaders fit this ‘psychopath’ description to a tee. Do you think all of our corrupt leaders, corporations, scientists, teachers, doctors, military, clergy, lawyers/judges, child welfare workers, police, etc. got infected by a cat scratch or could there be a different way they became infected? Since parasites are very common in lizards, I wonder if you could believe for even a fraction of a second that there may be truth to the fact that the illuminati’s best kept secret is Vril lizards. Could Vril lizards possibly transfer a parasite & ‘take over’ the elite characters on our planet and drive them to be the ‘evil’ that we just cannot understand in today’s world? I think so. If you’re not so sure, please keep reading.
When an uninfected rat senses a ‘predator’ cat nearby it becomes very frightened and aims to avoid the cat at all costs, as us ‘normal’ humans do when we sense an ‘evil’, ‘bad’, or ‘corrupt’ person. Yet when an infected rat senses the ‘predator’ cat it will present itself to the cat. This makes so much sense as far as I’m concerned. ‘WE’, the uninfected ‘rats’ naturally sense this same ‘fear’ when we are exposed to the ‘predator’ cat and we ‘run away’ from it, yet the infected ‘rats’ (psychopaths) among us do not fear the ‘predator’ qualities of the cat and instead desire & seek to become the same powerful ‘predator’. These people do not fear the bigger cats who could potentially ‘eat them’ and ‘desire’ to be as ‘powerful’ thereby giving up everything they are to become such. They don’t care about their former self…they now thrive for the power. Parasites and psychopaths often crave ‘evolving power’.
 Now that was a lot of cat & rat talk, but it is only being used as an example to highlight what parasites do by nature & what they are capable of once entering the brain after a transfer to its new host. Imagine if a certain parasite found in a certain ancient breed of lizard was indeed transferring to human beings & driving them to act with little regard for humanity such as we are seeing all around us today. Just imagine if that were possible.”

Vril Hints In the Media; The “V”


Be on the lookout for the upper case V, for Vril, usually paired with the Eye of Horus which is a droning symbol. Look closely at the image above. The squiggly line going into the eye is the proboscis of the lizard, and the thick straight line under the eye is the seepage that comes out as a result of the damage to the eye socket area. The bird on the left is a symbol of the lizard’s consciousness soaring to new heights with access to a human brain. And the snake on the right, well that should be obvious by now…but notice how it is wearing a crown which also has a proboscis of it’s own.

Read more at:


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Celebrity Cloning Glitches and Inconsistencies

Is it an MK Ultra Glitch or a Clone Glitch?

There is a phase in the research of conspiracies and truthing that one inevitably comes across MK Ultra Mind Control Programming. We know they employ it with celebrities, media talking heads, politicians, all star athletes, etc. But recently another layer to the conspiracy has revealed the even more secretive Human Cloning crisis we have on our hands. Now there are three types of clones to distinguish here.

  • Replication clones
  • Duplication clones (Robotoid)
  • Duplication clones (REM-phase driven)

See why there is a lot of confusion and misinformation around this issue? Let’s try to sort it out here:

Replication clones are grown from birth using a single cell taken from the original body. Replication clones, while identical to the donor cell’s body, are their own soul with their own personality that develops independently as they grow. This is being done but is not the main way the Illuminati employ cloning.

Duplication clones are grown in about 5 months in a tank, as fully formed adults, or grown to whatever age the donor was who gave their cell sample (willingly or unwillingly).  However, do not be fooled by the psyop movie “the Island;” these clones are in a perpetual coma unless activated by a real person through REM phase consciousness transfer, or else purely mechanically by an A.I. brain (Robotoid clones).


When a Duplication, Robotoid Clone (flesh and blood body, computer brain, soulless) is told to commit suicide, it will do so without hesitation, they have no instinct for self-preservation. They are physiologically alive, cut them and they bleed, but they have no independent soul, will or self-awareness. They run on advanced AI wetware computer programming. They can even download memories of the person and mimic their behavior. I believe that most of these celebrity glitches are coming from these type of soulless robotoids glitching out.

The third and apparently most common way (according to Donald Marshall and a few others) the Illuminati use clones these days is REM driven, duplication clones . The easiest way to visualize this is two bodies, but one soul or consciousness driving both. REM driven Duplication clones (unlike what they show in the Island) can only be conscious and moving around when a normal human is asleep in REM phase and transferred via mind hack technology into that body. Likewise the only way for the person to animate their clone is to be asleep. This is the type of cloning the Illuminati prefers to use because they don’t glitch out as often as robotoids.

Watch the third season of Black Mirror, or the movie “Avatar” to see how they hide this information in plain sight, hidden in fiction so it seems too far-fetched or silly to be taken seriously.

In the following video by researcher Jesse Spots, is a compilation of celebrity or media person glitches. Now that you know about the different weapons the Illuminati employs on the populace, form your own conclusion about the cause of these glitches. Of course some could be real people suffering from trauma based programming, but I am leaning towards these being cloning glitches.

You will notice that Dr Dre no longer has hand/arm tattoos! This is evidence of duplication cloning! There is the famous line in an Eminem song “Dr Dre is dead he is locked in my basement!” Disclosure?



What many people don’t understand is that even with clones, when they are grown like that in a vat, there are small mistakes in the protein coding that cause minute differences to appear between clones and their original. Eminem’s face has certainly changed, leading many to speculate that he, like Dre was killed and replaced by a clone, or else simply replaced by a look-alike (different person entirely that happens to look like the original).


Eminem in 2003: “There is only one of me so fuck you!”

Eminem in 2009: “There are two of me, and the first one is dead!”

Your Beloved Idol Is Probably Dead!

Eminem and Dre, the originals, were probably fed up with being controlled by the Illuminati and started speaking out, and became loose threads to tie off. Celebrities being replaced by clones is an epidemic not to be taken lightly, this is how they get things done, watch the tv show “Nikita,” it explains how a rogue division within the CIA is killing and replacing all the world leaders with their own stooges. If you like pop music, your beloved favorite singer or band is either compromised (sold-out insider or slave), or else dead, a hero that fought back and was killed and cloned. The saddest part is that we cannot even grieve properly for these people because we don’t know or can’t be sure that they are truly gone.

This is how they have taken real authentic music and warped it into a Satan worshipping mega-ritual. This is why they are all flashing the occult hand symbols and bombarding us with subversive symbolism. This is how they killed the cultural arts, anything real and authentic silenced, all the directors and screen writers who make it big have to follow their narrative, their agenda. Since my awakening I only watch Hollywood movies and take in pop culture to find the hidden disclosure, that is the only reason, not to find authentic art or creativity, both long dead in the  mainstream sector.

I strongly recommend reading the papers of Miles Mathis, who talks about the CIA side of this, how they have coopted the arts and literature from underneath us. He has a fascinating essay showing evidence that even the beloved Harry Potter series was probably ghost-written by a panel within the CIA, with JK Rowling being a front.

Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, anymore.

Pro sports? Even top athletes aren’t immune from this. Look at Shaq completely frozen for over a minute on live TV. Ask yourself, is this just the work of MK UItra?

Are Clones Used In False Flag Attacks?

holmes-1024x723Colorado Movie Massacre_Jam

In the Aurora shooting massacre of 2012, the Dark Knight/Joker Mega-Ritual to sell movie tickets, guns and fear to the populace, they not only bring in a dazed and bewildered “James Holmes” into the courtroom (similar to Sirhan Sirhan’s dazed demeanor after shooting Kennedy) but this Holmes is not even the same James Holmes shown to us prior to the shooting! More look-alikes or clones.

Jesse Spots has pointed out, and I have suspected this as well, that when we look into these false flag mass shooting or bombing events, we have to discern several things: first, was this real or staged? In other words were there real bodies killed, or was no-one even harmed (hoax, or fake media event). But now we have to add to this equation, that if there were real bodies shot or blown up, were they real genuine people, or were they duplication clones? Remember, people who are controlling an REM clone just wake up back in their original body if their REM clone dies. So it would be easy to fake a death this way.

Jesse talks more about this ““clones for fraud” theory here.

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