Santos Bonacci on Jesuits, Black Nobility Bloodlines and Flat Earth

Santos Bonacci is on another level of truth telling and yet seems to fly under the radar in the alternative media communities. Prepare for new insights on the controllers of this world, as well as on flat earth cosmology.

Interviewed by Mig Mag: “I heard that the Jesuits control the Vatican, or is it the other way round?”

Santos Bonacci: The Jesuits are the military arm of the Vatican, they are the men in black at the top of the pecking order, more powerful than the knights of Malta and the knights of Columbus. the Jesuits are at the top and who controls them are the papal bloodlines, these are the Italian black nobility families, the venetian black nobility, such as the Farnese, Orcini, Medici,  Pallavicini, Aldobrandini, and the list goes on.


The original Rothschild family is the Orcini. Orcini became the Rothschild’s, Rosenberg’s, the rocini, the Guelfs, the Windsor’s, the changing of names was to disguise the corporate structure.  The orcini family AKA the maxima family, originated from Egypt they are pharaonic, they have a very strong German branch, and that’s the Rosenberg’s, the Hapsburgs, they are the Guelfs, and of course queen Elizabeth is from the Guelfs, they were warring against the Ghibellines, which come from the Columna family. These two families were fighting for 100 years in Rome to be popes and have power. Eventually one of the popes caused them to intermarry and stop the bloodshed, and so these became the Ghibellines and the Guelfs – or the Orcini and the Columna. The Orcini went eastward, to India, China with the opium wars, and the Columna family went westward, so they are Columbus from Geneva who set sail, and they own pretty much all of North America. They become the Collins family, which is the most powerful family in North America, bar none.  And they are the Columbus family as well, they run the knights of Columbus, the district of Columbia, British Columbia, Columbia pictures and all the Collins holdings, big plantation holders in North America. Together with the Farnese family who control the Pentagon. The pentagon is in the shape of the Farnese palace in Rome which is a pentagon.


These families are the conquistador families, the Collins or Columbus family in north America are the most powerful, but they hold power with the Farnese’s which are also the Castro’s. So Fidel Castro, pretty much runs the pentagon and all the military Jesuit structure of North America. He also has a lot of power in South America as well. He is a Jesuit of course and the Farnese’s founded the Jesuits with the Borgia family, who are more powerful in South America. Together with the Pallavicini, they are also powerful in the bank of England own that, control a lot of North America as well through the English British empire and also run Islam, but together with the Borgia family they carved up the Americas.

Mig Mag:“There isn’t enough information on this out there. You hear them pointing at the Jews, and to the Rockefellers, and Rothschild, and George Soros, but these are just politicians and puppets.”

Santos: The Jewish connection is Jesuit, they are interrelated, inextricably connected. Because they are black, they are Saturnian, the Jews are Saturnian, and the Vatican is aligned with Jupiter, but it’s now taken over by the Jesuits which are Saturnian. So Jupiter and Saturn its every important to understand this component of control in the world. Now there is no such thing as a racial Jew. See the elites, they don’t subscribe to the religions that they have created for the general masses, the goy.

“But truthers often talk about the Jews in a general way being in control.”

Santos: Yeah they have been fed that information to feed them away from the true power structure. Ok so, I can tell you the names of all the families that control all the religions of the world. Islam is controlled by the Pallavicini, it’s in the name: Allah, Palla, “Vicini” means vicinity, So it all means “close to allah.” They are Persian in origin and control everything about Islam, there is not a thing that does not go past the Pope, which is Sergio Pallavicini, and his son. They pretty much run Islam, and the Aldebrandini family as well. So they pretend to be Muslims but they don’t care about Christianity, Islam, Judaism, at all, whatsoever.

Yeah we need better insights than what is put out by these alternative media half-truthers, or false prophets.  Christianity is run more by say the Orcini’s they run the Rosicrucians, rose is red, “Rothschild” means red shield and the Roman soldiers carried red shields…anything that has red in it in history goes back to this Roman pontifical family called Orcini, the Maxima family. They run Christianity and all its corporate structure. When you go deep you realize that the elite families control and use Judaism, Christianity, Islam and even the Hindu system, because the Jesuits were never kicked out of India. They have a strong Jewish connection, and they use the Jews because the Jewish people are very intelligent and good at implementing the orders of the military Jesuits and the control structure of imperial Rome. But the true Jews know that Rome is the fourth captivity. Egypt was first, then Babylon, then Persia and now its Rome. And when you look at all the 13 Italian imperial black nobility families which control all corporate structure in the world, you will find that they come from these ancient empires, they are Egyptian, Persian, Babylonian and Greek. There is a lot of Greek blood and also some British blood, Constantine, the Breakspiers, the Percy’s, these are all catholic families, the power structure in Great Britain, it’s not the Rothschild’s, it’s the Percy’s. The Rothschild’s put themselves there when the Cecil’s and Percy’s and Palvicini’s give them orders; they soil their nappies. Because these families have always owned the gold and power and the money, since time immemorial, at least 3000 years, and these families are demonic, there DNA is different to ours, and they come from the 7 subterranean planets, this is another truth you won’t get anywhere else because of all the half-truthing going on. Under our flat disc earth stationary plane, there are 7 more planes, and they have the name “Italy” in them. The first plane is called Attalla. And in Italian, “Italia”comes from Atlantis which is Attall- Ante. The word “Attalla” derives from the sunken Atlantis which is really referring to the sunken 7 discs, which are in Bhagavad gita, they are the 7 subterranean heavenly planets. Because there are 7 superior heavenly planets, the ones we know and can see with our eyes: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter Saturn, in that order. They are the 7 heavenly planets above us, but below us, in the Hebrew system which is Sheol, and in the Greek system it is Ades, we call it Hades, there are 7 more subterranean disc planes.

Bhagavad gita tells you that the controllers of this world come from under the earth. Many people who have escaped mind control will tell you that the controllers, the so called “aliens” with their flying machines and advanced technology are coming from what they call the hollow earth, or under the earth, and they come up from either the north pole or the south pole, what we call the poles anyway. And they are way more advanced than us because they destroyed our technology a few hundred years ago, in order to start it again, feed us the technology and use it to control us.

The 7 subterranean realms are Atalla, Vitalla, Talatalla, Sutalla, Mahatalla, I forget one of them and the last one is Putalla. And “puta” is the Spanish word for prostitute. In the Bhagavad gita, “putal” is another way of saying atalia, Italy, see Italy is the Atlantis that the Antlanteans use and rule the world through, through the Roman empire. So these bloodlines were seeded by these extra-terrestrials which are not from outer space, they are from our solar system, the same cosmic egg, it’s a cosmic egg universe that we live in and there are many of them, many millions of them. As for the people who haves discovered the truth of the stationary flat earth and are Christians who believe that this is the only one, god is limited he can make only one pace to live, well they are deluded, because the scriptures hint at many cosmos and many dimensions and worlds. This is just one of them. Yes it was created and we have a creator and its divine, and we are not hurdling through space with a big bang and evolution and all that nonsense. But it’s not the only one. Bhagavad gita even tells you that there are millions of these cosmic egg universes and we are just in one of them. And they are all structured the same way, and in the bible it refers to the cosmos as like a big tree, it’s the Yggdrasil of the Nordics, it’s the central pillar of the torus field of our cosmos.

hqdefault (6)Torus Tree_A_02DPdXlNBVoAYCb_yHeart-field9ba0d2acfb38d3123c4f411a1bfb9fb4

And it’s at the north pole. Its Mount Meru, or Mount Zion, it’s a mountain or tree or axis, whatever, but it’s there, and it’s the central them of all the scriptures, you see it’s where the Garden of Eden was, the tree of knowledge, the tree of good and evil etc.

Paradise is the earth, it’s the paradise plane, and when humans controlled it, and the true monarchies and human bloodlines, there was peace and balance on earth.  There was a golden age, a silver age, everything was perfect. But when the subterraneans came up, they destroyed that and infiltrated the beautiful Christian and Hindu and Jewish and Muslim traditions which are all the same teachings, they are no different, Krishna is Christ, they are the same philosophy using different words. They coopted these churches and taught an inverted Luciferian brand of this. They’ve been doing it forever. They dwell in the subterranean region of the cosmos because they have been cast down there. Some say they fell from heaven well yeah but it’s the same thing. It’s their choice to stay there because there is a lot of luxury down there, but there is also lot of suffering. But they love the luxury, the lust, the gluttony, and all of the goings on. They are the ones who taught humans to eat animals. To have a nonhuman diet. They taught humans agriculture and all of these bad pseudoscience’s. They are the ones who funded Copernicus with his new revolution called the revolution of the spinning earth, before that it was unheard they had the Ptolemaic system: the stationary geo-centric flat earth.


Even the names of these Jesuit clowns, from Copernicus to Einstein all their names tell you that the Jesuits set them up and are making a mockery of you. “Nicholas Coper-NIC-us.” Wells that’s Nick. Saint Nick is the devil. So he is a Jesuit, he’s a demon he was funded by the Farnese family, he dedicated his book to Pope Paul, a Farnese, who started the Jesuits with the Borgia family and started the funding of the Conquistador takeover of the Americas. And they are the ones who are the globalists and teach this demonic filth of the moving earth. Because they know they can confound people with this and make them stupid. And look around…

“Galileo Galilee” means to rotate and to turn. Because galilee, see when Jesus is on the circuit of galilee, it’s the sun on the circuit of the ecliptic, turning and revolving. So it’s the circuit of the zodiac, it means to turn. And Gal- means demon, like gargoyle. So he was a demon-who-turns, if he was even a real person because this is all fabricated history. Then you’ve got Isaac newton. Well “Isaac” means sacrifice. I-sacrifice. the angel stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac. “Newton” means new theory. So his name means a-new-theory-which-sacrifices-the-truth. See it’s all a joke, it’s not real history. OK? These are the games they play. “Einstein:” means one rock. One stone, well what’s that stone? It’s the third rock removed from the sun, which is a bullshit Jesuit teaching which doesn’t exist. So you got to look at the names of these goons the names are mocking you in your face.

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Donald Marshall Updates, Are Vrill the Nephilim from the Bible?

If you haven’t been following the Donald Marshall posts please read them before reading the following:

Donald Marshall might be compromised!


I took a closer look at the young Dave Mustain, singer of the band Megadeath. It is clearly him on this album cover, not Donald Marshall, as he claims. Why would he lie about this? It is because this is evidence he uses to prop up his claim as being the guy who wrote thousands of hit songs and movie ideas. Coming from him its like we are inundated, saturated in a Donald Marshall culture, and most of us don’t even know who he is!

Most people upon discovering this lie about the album cover would throw the baby out with the bathwater here and dismiss his whole testimony as fraudulent, someone looking for fame, adoration. However there seems to be enough corroborating evidence for cloning centers and even REM phase consciousness transfer, through celebrity tweets (B.O.B, Tila Tequila, Nicki Minaj) and song/music video hints and references, from movies like the Island, Avatar and Inception, anda few other lesser known cloning center victims coming forward with similar testimonies, that the situation with Marshall becomes quite complicated. How much is truth? How much is lies? And most importantly, what is the motive behind the lies, for uncovering this will reveal the deeper truths.

Is Even Donald A GateKeeper!?

We know that the Illuminati likes to tell us what they are doing via fiction (hints, references, allegories, coded messages) and via gatekeepers (people who give us some truth mixed with lies or misinformation). It could be that the only reason DM can speak openly about REM cloning, chipheads, droning and Vrill, is that he is being groomed to be the false prophet/messiah in the end times when all this comes out into the mainstream. My theory is that he can speak as long as it serves this hidden agenda/narrative. Really no Illuminati insider/whistleblower that makes a big splash can live unless someone high up in the chain wants them to live. We must, as researchers into this bizarre field, keep this in mind at all times.


                                   2016                                                                2012

Even more concerning to me is his most recent (2016) interview on Youtube. It raises some red flags. He looks different from his first interview in 2012, he sounds different, he is more annoying and goes on about useless things like not liking gays but being cool with lesbians. This is not the Donald I remembered. Others have felt the same, there are rumors that he has been killed and cloned, or droned by a Vrill lizard, and this new, rambling imposter DM is now being used to discredit his old material.

If Donald Marshall is still alive I pray for him, he is revealing to us much of what has been hidden, but is also lying about some things, most likely playing up his importance within the cloning center subculture as this jesus like figure that all the celebrities and politicians treat like dirt but still turn to for help and for advice on everything from song making to global affairs.

If Donald has been killed and replaced, than I pray for us all.

Connecting Marshall’s Testimony To Bible Prophecy

But even if he is compromised, if you look at his body of testimony as a whole, it ties in very well with biblical prophecy. For example these detestable Vrill creatures that can body-snatch humans could be the offspring of the fallen angels (nephilim) who not only sinned against man by mating with women but also “sinned against bird, wild beast, reptiles and fish (book of enoch 7:5).

What this is bible code for is that these fallen angels who, like God, know how to create new species, created certain “unholy” creatures (meaning not created by God nor with his stamp of approval). “For these small Vrill type 1‘s they are a lab engineered mixture of many species. One of the most important mixture of them is, they are part ribbon worm. Donald Marshall confirmed this when he said that they are aquatic. They are also part bird too, that is why they have hollow bones (Source).” They sinned against fish and bird and reptile by taking genes from each of them and splicing something new and frankensteinish, unnatural and not fitting with the balance of nature and ecology. One might even say that all parasitic lifeforms are Satan’s Spawn, they only take without giving back.

From bibliotecapleyades: “The Scriptures give strong indications that genetic monsters, the half-breed Nephalim will exist in the end times:


“God’s Word also forecasts that the mark of beast will be needed for buying & selling.” 


“One item conveyed by the Bible’s book of Revelation is that totally unexpected sudden change will characterize the end times. Christians need to be prepared for unusual big changes. So great will these changes be that the nations will be distressed, and men’s hearts will fail them for fear (LK 21:25-27). The Bible predicted that knowledge shall increase in the last days before Christ returns. (DN 12:4) But that knowledge will be used for evil –


– because the Bible also says that the world will be totally corrupt as in Noah’s time (MT 24:37)–which was a time of the genetic monsters, the half-bred Nephalim. It also says men and horses will be out of work. (ZEC 8:10) And it is believed that Nahum 2:3-4 must be describing automobiles, and that Isaiah 31:5, and 60:8 are describing and prophesying airships in the last day. The description of the “mark of the beast” is startlingly accurate in describing the microchip which is being inserted into people’s hands and foreheads.(SOURCE)

If microchips become your ID/bank account, then what is to stop them from remotely activating the chip to hack into the brain and control the mind. In the futuristic sci-fi Divergent movie, it’s a serum injected into the soldiers from the Dauntless faction:

These books and movies are, like the Hunger Games, marketed to teens, the next generation is being prepped for the New World Order via the predictive programming of total mind control. Whether a serum injection or microchip, the fate is the same – the State can remotely hack the human nervous system of any citizen. Robert Duncan was warning us of this in his book Project Soul Catcher.  They do it already with EMF pulses that can attune to any individual in a crowd. According to Donald Marshall people activated into REM clones can be similarly puppeteered, taken over, through MK Ultra, which has gone far beyond just creating trauma-based alters.

The false messiah in the end times will lead everyone into death or this type of mind hack bondage. Donald Marshall even says that the Illuminati want their false messiah to lead everyone into D.U.M.B.S to get systematically droned or eaten by Vrill or made into slaves. If he is droned himself, he will gladly play out his part in this plan.

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Was Chris Benoit Murdered by the Illuminati at the Cloning Center?

220px-Chris_Benoit_in_the_RingAccording to the lamestream media, in 2007 Chris Benoit the famous wrestler went crazy and murdered his whole family before offing himself. Various theories abound: he got hit in the head too many times, maybe it was drugs or steroids, or maybe it was mental illness, all the usual tagwords that get thrown around after a supposed lone wolf nutter goes on a killing spree. Well according to Donald Marshall, the expert whistleblower on all things cloning and Illuminati related, in reality Chris Benoit was a hero who stood up to them, the puppeteers, the dark NWO.

But even the mainstream media can’t uncover a motive. According to People magazine, “several of Benoit’s friends describe him as a devoted father and husband. Apparently at Nancy’s request, Benoit took a four-month leave from work last year to be with his wife while she recovered from surgery. “He wasn’t a monster,” says friend and former wrestler Dean Malenko.(SOURCE)

This is quite common now with these Illuminati false flag patsies and victims. The supposed killer is described by people who knew him as a normal decent human being. They are always baffled as to how they could have turned into a monster. According to Donald Marshall, Chris Benoit wasn’t a monster but yet another victim:

Donald Marshall: “The fear of eternal torture as a clone and their families killed inspires loyalty through fear, They’ve made examples of others every once in a while, Chris Benoit the wrestler for WWE was one such example, they messed him up badly, I’ll be writing more in-depth about what happened with him too, it was terrible…he was a really good person, wouldn’t be evil didn’t like them, called them names while there said he didn’t want to attend, they made an example of him, He’d also stolen the wife of a rich Satanic cloner with a lot of pull with the Illuminati, he got it bad…dead now, killed his wife, kid and himself, week before his best friend some woman died of aneurysm, Done by the Illuminuts just to bother him, the woman didn’t do anything, she was just a really good friend of his and they had her cloned and did the aneurysm thing to her… was terrible, they put nightmarish stuff on em. He was in the mental ward or his therapists saying he’s not crazy that queen Elizabeth tortures his soul in another dimension and there are demons there (Vrill) he got very religious not knowing he was a clone, thinking Elizabeth had caged his soul. Almost sounds like Tila Tequila’s story.  I’ll write his story sometime soon, He was one of Elizabeth’s favorite slaves there but he would disobey and insult and she made an example out of him, bad… like Bernie Mac but more prolonged and involving his immediate family and friends. So I’m going to clear Chris Benoit’s name cuz a bunch of people said he was crazy had too many hits to the head and steroids and pain killers, but it was cloning and Mk Ultra that messed him up. they did that and worse so many times everyone is scared to go against them. But with me you see, I don’t hang with my family cuz they’re in it, and I’m already dyin of heart probs (They said they’ve cut my lifespan in half with clone torture) and my friends (who know I’m truthful to a fault) are scared to hang with me now thinking they stand a chance to be cloned and messed up just for knowing me or knowing about cloning. I’d rather be dead than be down with them and what they do. They dropped the wheel on him as they say…. an occult term for utterly destroying someones life until they die.


Donald Marshall: “Watch that video… Illuminati paid and made… The Insane Clown Posse had a part in the death of Chris BenoitElizabeth systematically destroyed him… And the clowns helped as much as they could… The fat clown (Violent J I guess) hated Benoit with a passion cuz at the cloning center he was talking to Chris in front of all the celebrities, and conversation came around to the clown saying well, I’m a wrestler athlete like you… Chris Benoit worked very hard to get the body he had, and the wrestling techniques… Chris soured his face up and said “you’re not a wrestler”. Clown was embarrassed… Chris said “you’re a fat slob, your parents bought you into it, I had to work hard”. The clown cried… Chris wrestled him in the dirt of the cloning center a little bit… Made a fool of him, clown couldn’t do anything… After that he ran afoul of Elizabeth, and stole a cloners wife and had a kid with her… They destroyed him… The Chris Benoit song is all about how they dismantled him mentally… Chris thought it was 5th dimension… Didn’t know he was a clone… I will avenge Chris Benoit’s death.”

Now not only do they drop the wheel on these celebrities and victims, but then after their death the Illuminati makes Donald Marshall write “death songs” for them; its a way for them to gloat further. Donald writes these songs under threat of torture, not because he is a willing part of their sick cult. If you didn’t already know Donald has been forced to write thousands of songs for famous artists at the cloning center, and never gets credit or paid for any of them. If he refuses they torture him.

Lets examine the lyrics for clues hinting at the true story. Sure enough in the hook it says “I drop the wheel” an occult term for utterly destroying someone’s life until they die.

“Chris Benoit” by Insane Clown Posse

No longer steering, lost all control
Manipulation (Manipulation), it won’t let me go
The pain exploded (The pain exploded)
The pressure burst (The pressure burst)
I drop the wheel (I drop the wheel)
Heading for the worst x5

[Verse 1 – Violent J:]

Shit builds up, fills up
Too much goes over board
(What the fuck am I doing?)
Oh lord pressure stored exploded, unloaded
(What the fuck am I doing?)
I had to, it’s really too bad, too
(Went coocoo) gone mad dude
Grab at and stab fools
Who knew? Sad news
(What the fuck am I doing?)
I-I-I broke, it took some time
Slow poke
I finally gave way, went under deep
Don’t float
No longer steering choosing
On autopilot cruising
Haywire, crash, virus
Pull your tongue out with pliers, CHRIS BENOIT!!


[Verse 2: Shaggy 2 Dope]
Strobelight, let go, hold tight
Wake up to this, closed eyes
You did this, this you
(What the fuck am I doing?)
You got issues
What happened, shit I’m stepping
All bloody myself I’m slapping
One day, all the sudden, it, all became too much, wasn’t it?
Yes, finally released
(What the fuck am I doing?)
Unleash the beast
Eject my controller
(What the fuck am I doing?)
Took me over
I had to, it’s really too bad, too
Went coocoo, gone mad dude
Grab at and stab fools
Who knew, sad news, I’m CHRIS BENOIT!!

I can take you over, permanently
Because life is about pain
I’m the crippler, Chris Benoit!

A catastrophic demise…

Sure enough, its all about “losing control, “on autopilot” “eject my controller” (meaning the consciousness being REM transferred to a clone body at the cloning center), “I can take you over, permanently,” (meaning once you sell your soul or clone body, you can never take it back, it’s theirs now, you can be REM activated at their whim). Also notice in the video, the various characters go “limp noodle” when the man slams the hammer into the block; this is a reference to what happens to your clone body when you awaken from REM sleep, it drops to the floor unconscious.


They drove Chris Benoit mad by not telling him where he was being awoken. They tell him and many other REM cloning victims that they are in “another dimension” or onboard an ET craft…many of these abduction cases are probably cloning center experiences. There is nothing ET or magical or mystical about this. Its pure science and technology, albeit very advanced. It’s much harder for the victim to identify the perp later on if they go to the police. If you walk into a police station and say, “help! Queen Elizabeth has my soul trapped in another dimension with demons/aliens there, they take me when I’m sleeping and torture me and others there, you gotta do something!” This is tailor-made to make you look crazy. But this is precisely by design, to keep victims from speaking out.

Read more

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Movie “A Cabin in the Woods” Discloses The Dark Occult’s Season of Sacrifice

The Season Of Sacrifice (March 229th to May 1st) is a forty day period in which we usually see a rise in blood shed, in war maneuvers (we had the Syria gas attack and subsequent US bombing this year),  and in false flag events, whether real or hoaxed (staged). It stems from ancient beliefs and yet according to Mark Passio is still being carried out today, for similar reasons.

false flag attacks season of sacrificeMark: “The dark occultists have peculiar and particular belief systems that they follow very rigidly. they don’t deviate from their belief systems any more than any other religionists deviates. and one belief is the necessity to continue to sacrifice human beings to the sun and to the earth. this sounds like an ancient ridiculous belief, and it is, they belief that blood has to be shed and the energy that is in blood must be given to the earth and the sun, and if they don’t do this, something even worse, than human sacrifice will happen….They actually believe that these rituals have power and bring success. If you watch the movie “A Cabin In The Woods” this movie portrays this believe that sacrifice has to be made of young people, the reason is because there are huge demonic type beings that operate within the earth, and if we don’t sacrifice to them they will rise up and destroy us. and if you look at really who directs the entire process its the intelligence agencies. See I believe that the people who made this movie knew about the dark occult belief system of the season of sacrifice, and they wanted to dramatize it further into a hollywood production.(Source).”

But collating this data point with what Michael Tsarion showed with his research on John Dee and the Macrobes – that the elite are murdering innocent folk to these higher dimensional beings, in exchange for scientific knowledge on how to exit the Matrix, on how to build a wormhole through the dome, the barrier, the quarantine zone around our plane/planet.

Seems more likely to me this modern-day “Season of Sacrifice” is really about carrying out this sacrifice to the Macrobes than about elites fearing the Old Gods, if those even exist. The psyop being that they appease the Old/Ancient Ones so they don’t destroy all of humanity! Ha! As if they are suddenly humanitarians, these black nobility folk, these Illuminati types. We know the ritual sacrifice must be done under certain conditions and parameters to count, perhaps one of these parameters is this time period, between March and May.


Vigilant Citizen:The basic plot (of this movie) has been seen many times as it involves zombies running after teenagers that are so dumb and generic that you almost want them to die. But there is more to the story than hack and slash: It is about elite puppeteers overseeing a massive blood ritual using mind control and high tech monitoring. In the end, The Cabin in the Woods is a metaphor for our heavily controlled society that is under the control of dark, hidden forces.”

Vigilant Citizen also points out rule number one of any mega-ritual: always warn your victim ahead of time (predictive programming):

“Mega-rituals are often preceded by “clues” in mass media warning or preparing the victims (and the world) for what’s coming. If, after being warned, victims go on of their own free will, then the puppeteers are liberated from karmic responsibility.  During the movie, one technician says:

cabin19“They have to make the choice of their own free will. Otherwise, the system doesn’t work. Its like The Harbinger…this creepy old f*ck who is practically wearing a sign saying ‘You Will Die’. Why do we put him there? The System. They have to choose to ignore him. They have to choose what happens in the cellar. Yeah, we rig the system as much as we need to but, in the end, if they don’t transgress, they can’t be punished.”

The second aspect of the ritual involves 5 archetypical characters: the whore, she is corrupt and dies first.


Then the fool, played by the stoner conspiracy theorist, who, funny enough, is the first to figure out whats going on. They mention potheads as somehow being naturally immune to the subliminal brainwashing of the masses.


The athlete dies trying to fly through the barrier around the cabin and its immediate environs, (a Flat Earth reference?) on his motorcycle, which could also be a reference to Paul Walker’s death.

At each death, their stone urn with their symbolic etching gets filled with blood. This is being carried out by the technicians AKA intelligence agencies who watch, monitor, making sure that at each grisly death, they drop the blood into the stone urns, filling up the etched engravings with blood, happening inside the inner sanctum below. You can hear the rumbling of the Old Ones below, getting more excited with each death.







The scholar, is third to die, and finally the virgin, who ends up surviving, along with the Fool/Stoner (who they thought had died, and so filled his stone etching erroneously, angering the Old Ones.) The ritual sacrifice fails and the Ancient Ones are set loose on the world from where they dwell below.


Curtains, roll credits.

But again this is the psyop, the lie hidden in the predictive programming, priming us for their NWO; that they must do this blood sacrifice ritual once a year to appease the “old gods” to keep them at bay. This is what they are pushing in this movie, subliminally getting us to give our consent, prepping us for their future. But in truth it is to mostly to pay the Macrobes back for the information on how to escape the dome around the Earth! Because the elite, the Illuminati want desperately to get out of this Matrix, they are like escaped convicts looking for an exit before Karma catches up to them and their crimes against humanity are exposed.

The season of sacrifice being about appeasing the Gods of Crops and a bountiful harvest may have been the reason behind ritual killings and blood-letting in the ancient past, but I don’t buy it for a second that that’s why the Illuminati are doing it now. But this is what the movie is selling us as well as Mark Passio, who I suspect may be yet another gatekeeper of the truth, (giving us little nuggets of truth covered in lies of shit.)

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Donald Marshall On Thule, Vril Societies, Nazis, Saucers, and Antartica

download (34)This man may have the real scoop on things, a true insider and whistle-blower, unlike these other controlled, contrived CIA “whistle-blowers” who give you some truth mixed in with misinformation. He is selling no books, not going on speaking tours, just quietly writing his experiences in letters online and the occasional interview. There seems to be no hidden agenda or reason for him to be doing this, other than for speaking out against evil. Yes his information is bizarre and easy to reject at first glance, but the more you look into it, it is internally consistent, hasn’t changed much since he started speaking out in 2011, and most importantly answers many questions and puts many puzzle pieces together: 
Donald Marshall (from AstralLight’s Blog): “I’ve written this before but will say it again, The Germans Vril-society did not invent saucers, they back engineered them from Atlantean designs they found underground…
The Vrill and Thule society “clubs” had a couple Vrill lizards,.. kept em secret kept them as pets… damn things can talk most words… Hitler found out… went and learned about them, found out how they can take human hosts with the parasitic biological ability they have… he asked them about their origins and everything they knew… they told him Tibet… there were many of them in Tibet and they know things, where magic is…. Hitler immediately sent an expedition costing a billion dollars of todays money to Tibet to find more and this “magic”. his soldiers went to Tibet and talked to the monks that were keeping Vrill pets underground… and they asked them where magic was… they showed the lizard things a map, and the lizards pointed to Antarctica… they took a few lizards with them and flew to Antarctica. Where they found the opening to hollow Earth… miles and miles they went in… with soldiers and the Vrill scouting ahead clicking in their language of clicks and gurgles… they ran into more Vrill… who showed them into an underground Atlantean base,… abandoned… Atlantis was called Thule by Atlanteans… they found plans there for saucers… primitive junker saucers… they took the plans and other tech plans and left… I was told they blew the place up, but they didn’t it is still there… then they started back engineering saucers, Possibly got cloning technology there too… started cloning after WW2 … But the Americans British and Russians closed in before they could complete the projects… and the scientists making the saucers were brought to the U.S and set to work at area 51… the Russians didn’t know the Americans had this technology… during test flights the things flew erratically and there was a fear of them crashing into a town somewhere and the Russians finding out they were working on this tech so the americans added weird symbols on the thing just in case they were seen they could pass them off as “alien craft” and not a top secret US tech… they perfected saucers by adding the same kind of gyro’s in them that are on the personal segway scooters, they fly straight and controlled now… (I want one) and the U.S keeps them secret… they arent very useful, just for recon and fast travelling… not bullet proof and can’t fire ballistic weapons well… the recoil messes them up… A bunch of Nazi’s escaped persecution by hiding deep underground in hollow Earth,… forced to live with the disgusting Vrill… the lack of sunlight messed them up and they went rashy and crazier than they already were… they had kids… who grew up with Vrill, had nothing to do with the war… Vrill droned a few, ate a few… they’re all pretty crazy down there… anyway… the Germans stuck down there want me to speak for them to the world and request they be allowed to live on the surface,… the old nazi’s died and lived on via recorded consciousness on microchip,… in clones and in real bodies they bodysnatched… kinda like Vrill lizards do but with a microchip tech instead of cellular biological transfer from proboscis.. but the kids born had nothing to do with the war… and they want to be freed from having to live like a subterranean Troll… they will need to be re-educated somewhere and freed from exile. wow this is heavy stuff… there is more but I have to get on TV… I gotta get worldwide media attention mainstream. Vrill are mean to them down there and treat them like slaves, and some of them have been driven insane with fear, they will need massive therapy and understanding… and I’m gonna need the latest coolest saucer… just because… paintin flames on it n everything lol SO um yeah… world is on edge,… and is asking me to solve the problem and explain to the world… because if they try they will be killed by the Vrill… but almost all the religious sects in the world have been told about me and the 2000 songs movie ideas toy ideas cartoons and stuff I made as a clone at the cloning center my whole life and they say I’m new age Jesus and that I’m going to save the world from everything,…. and I am trying… therefore Vrill cannot kill me… as its written in prophecy that if I die in this fight that the Earth will be destroyed… however if I am “triumphant” in victory in this Earth will move on into a golden age of humanity… I don’t want to play Jesus be famous be rich, it means nothing to me… but I do want to solve the myriad of problems there are… and I will… the illuminati have gotten me to think up options for them over the past 32 years at the cloning center since age 5… been involved in political decisions and everything… they say I think outside the box and have come up with options to problems they never thought of whole teams of political analysts havent thought of… Vrill and drones want to take over everything,… and it’s up to me to tell the world and keep order and calm while drones are wiped out and Vrill eradicated…”
Let’s compare Don’s version with a mainstream (non-conspiracy/truther based) blog nymag:
d125a418d134357534d0266236001475--vril-societyIn 1871, under anonymous cover, the writer-politician Edward Bulwer-Lytton published the novella Vril: The Power of the Coming Race. Bulwer-Lytton is now most famous for coining the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” and the opening line “It was a dark and stormy night,” but Vril, too, has had a long afterlife. A conflation of Verne-esque hollow-Earth sci-fi, proto-occult theories, and Darwinism, it’s narrated by an American who stumbles on an underground race, descended from ancient Aryans, that’s harnessed a source of infinite power called Vril. Its possessors, the Vril-ya, have transcended war, envy, and even democracy to establish a classless utopia. But of course, they have a dark side; lacking the imperfections of humanity but also its empathy, they may one day destroy it.
The myth of Vril was quickly co-opted by the same Victorian mystics who inspired it, then passed down into the hands of nativist German cults. One of them, the Thule Society, backed Hitler and the Nazis. After the war, writers both pro- and anti-Hitler theorized that, the Führer’s impatience with occultists notwithstanding, something called the Vril Society had actually engineered his rise. In a 1960 book, two French authors asserted that the Nazis had sought to build UFOs powered by Vril. From there it wasn’t too much of a leap for others to suggest that, perhaps, Hitler had actually fled to Antartica, made contact with underground Aryans, and begun plotting a Vril-powered reconquest. A few influential Holocaust deniers celebrated the coming Fourth Reich, while more recent American writers have incorporated the theory into the right-wing, New World Order mainstream of conspiracy thought. In short: the Nazis and/or aliens are already here.(SOURCE)”

So the Thule and Vril Societies were inspired by Lytton’s book of fiction, on the coming of an ancient and highly intelligent but cold species of human called the Vril-ya. Could these be droned humans? Drones are indeed cold and un-empathic, but the “highly intelligent” part could be a psyop. Perhaps Lytton was an insider given the green-light to write this book as a propoganda piece. According to DM all drones, lizards, and even the Tall Vril Type 3’s are dumber than humans, smarter than dogs, and way smarter than your average surface reptile, but still not at our level. They are perpetually in flight or fight mode, in it to survive, their only “hobby” being depraved debauchery and evil. DM says that many of these serial killers and psychopaths we see on the news are simply drones. This is actually a reassuring thought, because it shows that humanity is good, just under attack by parasitic biology.

One of the main ways they herd the second farm of people waking up to conspiracy culture is by telling them that OK yes there are aliens, they are from the stars and highly advanced. Or if you can’t buy the alien theory they are a holdover race of highly evolved humans from Atlantean times, living undergound (Lytton). Either way they got you, you give your power away to them, because what can old Joe Shmoe do against highly advanced aliens with space travel and telekinesis and mind control? But if, as DM suggests, we are up against a small group of humans (old Satanic Black Nobility bloodlines) with some pet lizards that have this parasitic body-snatching thing, a gimmick which they use to control world politics by droning dissenters and people of power outside their influence, than it empowers us to fight back.

1861e9318dc67b4a54a35f03fca3a52enazi_vrilmaxresdefault (7)

Note: apparently the double V symbol is their symbol: the underground parasitic Vril lizards, they carve it on cave walls, a sign saying “lizards here!”

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 4.59.11 PM

You can see it at minute 2:07 in the music video of Insane Clown Posse‘s song “Chris Benoit” which according to DM was ghost-written by him under threat of torture at the cloning center and it hints at/discloses a lot of this. What ICP and the late Chris Benoit the wrestler have to do with all this is broken down here.

(Blog update 7/11/18) –

The Man Who Sold The World

Song Lyrics (David Bowie):

We passed upon the stair

We spoke of was and when

Although I wasn’t there

He said I was his friend

Which came as a surprise

I spoke into his eyes

I thought you died alone

A long long time ago

Oh no, not me

We never lost control

You’re face to face

With the man who sold the world

-David Bowie

This could be David Bowie or his character meeting Hitler in a deep underground base (below the stair) or perhaps one of the lower planes. Notice his surprise upon meeting him, “I thought you died long ago.” The mainstream media and history books tell his Hitler killed himself at the end of WW2 in the 40’s. What is he doing still alive in a military base? “We never lost control.” Hitler assures his acquaintance. This is the supposed 4th Reich or at least the Nazi faction of the Illuminati which took their advanced tech recovered from Atlantean ruins and sold out the rest of humanity to the ones who showed it to them, the parasitic Vrill, which are one of the offspring created by hybridizing animals and Nephilim DNA.

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Donald Marshall On The Real Reptilian Agenda: Vrils and Droning

Forget the Reptilians and Greys being from the Orion Nebula, Sirius, or Alpha Draconis, they are just Earth-based, terrestrial but subterranean troglodytes, of several distinct morphologies which we’ll get to in a moment. But first, if you are a budding Flat-earther such as myself and looking for a story about these “aliens” that fits a flat earth paradigm, then the one disclosed by whistleblower Donald Marshall does not conflict, because the parasitic predator plaguing humanity and behind the Illuminati are in fact purely terrestrial in origin.

If you aren’t familiar with Donald Marshall I suggest you read this post first.

Also, they do not shape-shift, as purported by Icke. They body-snatch, one way. So they take over a host and the host dies, and the old lizard body becomes an empty husk. The lizard in the human body is called a drone.


The lizard (Vril Type I pictured above) does this by protruding a wormlike bundle of nerves that contains its consciousness, which enters the victim through their eye socket to the brain. It then releases its parasitic cells and like a virus take over the body. You can see in the image above the person behind Dali has a bandage over his eyes.

Suddenly the medical symbol and the Eye of Horus take on a new meaning. In fact these things being revealed here will begin to pop up everywhere in mainstream culture, albeit in a disguised and hinted at fashion.

Were the ancient Egyptians trying to warn us of this droning process?


The Vril Type I and II are apparently controlled by the more humanoid form, (yet still of reptilian origin) the Vril Type III:

They wanted to be in a movie, so they are similar looking to the Kaminoans in Star Wars, but more ugly.

Donald Marshall – “I did not know this, I thought they (Vrill type 3) were gene-spliced things…They are the things the NWO/Illuminati were planning on using to usher people onto the saucers to “take them away” to Alderaan..They are the project bluebeam things… These are what they will use. They put them in the star wars movie “Attack of the clones” and they are identical… They wanted to be in a movie. They speak with a female soothing voice and they are empathic… Can make u feel one emotional extreme to the next…Their pineal glands are way more advanced than ours. Oh they also have spikes on the insides of the wrists that come out a foot, look like a feather quill with no fluff on it and it injects you with some kinda narcotic… A natural defence mechanism… Cave men have drawn them on walls. They were here even then… Behind the scenes. Oh they like eating human too. 7 feet tall and more… They’re the reason there is no more Atlantis. An empathic mind blast doesn’t feel nice…They got 3 fingers a thumb and claws.. And sharp teeth like a shark.

Neomorfo-Alien-Covenant-e1495392550991-620x350Its not good,… I’m freakin out a lil. They didnt build saucers, Atlanteans did, and primitive saucers too… With Gyro’s and all, the US military have improved upon the design… Vril Society helped back engineer them…They’re smarter than Vrill but still dumber than an average human… They were waiting to find new human friends to take up the technology that they couldn’t replicate themselves… So Hitler the idiot went and made friends with em… Got the tech plans and set his scientists to work… Then the americans took over. None underground are friendly…(SOURCE).”

It is key to note here that although they can body-snatch, that is their only gimmick so to speak. The idea that reptilians are highly advanced is a psyop that fits with the outer-space paradigm: they must be highly advanced to have traversed vast reaches of interstellar space. And yet if it is revealed that they are troglodytes, than we see that they are no smarter than orcs or goblins from Lord of the Rings. The one other gimmick they had was obtaining relics of the old high civilization of Atlantis. But these were human relics, saucers and such things, cloning technology even, according to Marshall, of purely human invention, albeit this long lost high civilization. And what brought it down, and humans back to the stone age? Many competing theories but perhaps it is due to these very parasitic beings, their body-snatching, and the misuse of cloning technology for sick and sadistic purposes (REM consciousness transfer AKA soul snatching). Again if you don’t know what I’m talking about read part one on Donald here. The Vril and cloning are closely linked in a way I don’t quite understand yet.

The idea of body-snatching is a popular idea in science fiction. For example, in the show by JJ Abrams “Fringe,” there is a crisis of body snatching shapeshifters from a parallel universe. Further analysis of them shows they are partly mechanical with AI parts. But could this really be a subtle disclosure of the Vril parasitism?

In the show they stick a wire in the victims mouth and take on their appearance that way, killing the victim in the process. This is adding a Hollywood glitter to it, but the basic premise of what Marshall is revealing is there.

Could the droning process be the reason for this scene in “The Island:

The Illuminati supervisor with his pyramid computer mouse, interrogates the protagonist, who voices his dissent to the programmed reality presented to him. For this he receives a high-tech MRI. The  tiny brain scanner bots enter through his optic nerve to his brain:


From wikipedia: “The Host is a romance novel by Stephenie Meyer about Earth, in a post apocalyptic time, being invaded by a parasitic alien race, known as “Souls”, and follows one Soul’s predicament when the consciousness of her human host refuses to co-operate with the takeover of her body.”

And might I remind you of this scene in Minority Report where they are removing his eyes for new ones to fool the scanners.

maxresdefault (6)If we accept Marshall’s testimony as true regarding the modus operandi of these lizards, than through that lens the symbolism from Hollywood starts to pop out more and more, this is the true meaning behind all the one-eye symbolism.

Notice the V for “Vril” below:


Roseanne Barr mentions droning in passing, remember most of these celebrities are too afraid to speak out and corroborate Marshall’s testimony, and yet for some reason Barr can speak out. Perhaps she has some kind of inner connections and protection we don’t know about. Remember Marshall’s protection is that he has written so many songs and movie ideas for them that they don’t want to kill him. He is a cash cow for the wicked music industry.  It’s funny that greed will do them in, the Illuminati, if this is real whistleblowing and real exposure for once instead of the controlled and contrived “second farm” disclosure coming from shepherds David Icke and Alex Jones. If not killing Donald Marshall is what finally gets the cloning centers shut down and the whole Vril operation exposed and dismantled, how fitting would that be?

After revealing a lot of truth about the psychopaths in charge on a TV interview, she says (at 2:41) , “I’ll probably get assassinated or droned when I’m out of here.”

I’m just scratching the surface here but I suggest you read his whole letter he initially put out to the public here:


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Eric Dubay – The Earth is A Flat Plane

According to writer and researcher Eric Dubay, the Earth is a flat plane, and the spinning ball model of the Earth is a NASA and Freemasonic deception, carried out as the key element in their mind control system. 

Paraphrased from an interview with The HigherSide Chats:

Eric Dubay: Our common sense perception of the earth: it is flat, as far as we can tell. It is motionless, as far as we can tell. And everything in the sky is revolving around us, as far as we can tell. If nobody told us otherwise we’d logically assume the earth was flat, motionless with everything revolving around us.

Now you can prove that this is the case as well, with the horizon when you rise up, no matter how high you go, on the top of mount Everest, or in a balloon, we’ve got independent camera footage from a balloon. The horizon remains flat all the way around and rises to the eye of the camera all the way up. Now of the earth were a ball, no matter how big, the horizon is said to be the curvature of the ball, and as you rose up the horizon would stay where it was, and you’d have to look down, if you were in a hot air balloon, you’d have to look farther and farther down as you went up. And the horizon would be below you. But as far as any independent camera has shown us, (meaning not NASA, or any Freemasonic space agency) the horizon stays totally flat and rises to the eye of the observer. So that’s one proof….

hqdefault (3)

hqdefault (4)Of course you can measure curvature if it actually existed. The only place that curvature exists is in NASA photos and videos and those can be proven to be CGI fakes, and the early ones were literally taken through a round window to make the earth appear round. It’s just photo trickery and brainwashing that’s got us all thinking that we’re on a ball spinning around the sun with a magical force called gravity, its pseudoscience. Real science has confirmed geocentricity and the flat earth for thousands of years. The flat earth was known to ancient cultures all around the world and it is actually a relatively recent phenomenon that people have been believing we’re on a spinning ball going around the sun. Pythagoras first came up with it about 2500 years ago. He is also sometimes considered the first Freemason. And it didn’t go anywhere much from there until 2000 years later, Copernicus picked it up, another Jesuit Freemason, and he really picked things up along with Kepler, and Galileo, Newton, and now Einstein, NASA and Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, they are all part of this Freemasonic club that is building a pseudoscientific worldview to indoctrinate the slave class so that we can be propagandized into doing anything.

This is basically the biggest thing you could possibly lie about. So the psychopaths who control society and are interested in world domination, the best way to brainwash the whole world, is to lie to the whole world about what the world is. What is the earth under your feet? What is in the sky overhead? Where did we come from? This lie has now evolved into the big bang, evolution, heliocentric spinning ball cosmology, when in reality we are not a cosmic accidental sneeze of nothingness turned everything, this is quite obviously intelligently designed. This thing we are experiencing here, this life, this universe.

11015211_10154005253418298_7210128955838251997_nAnother proof: the distance at which the light from lighthouses that can be seen from sea is just way too far for the earth to be a ball 25,000 miles in circumference. A great example is the Notre Dame Spire standing 403 feet from the foot of the tower, and so with the aid of a telescope ships can be seen on the horizon, and captains declare they can see the spire from an amazing 150 miles away. But if the earth were a ball however, the spire should be an entire mile, 5280 feet, below the horizon. So there are a lot of examples like this where the light should be below the horizon, you shouldn’t see it.

image1As well as the fact that canals, railroads, tunnels are never built with curvature in mind whatsoever. That’s not necessary, and if they were, then their plans would be off. In fact, I’ve got quotes in many book from railroad engineers saying how it’s hard enough for railroads to make curves horizontally, let alone if we were on a ball, and railroads would have to be curving up on a ball. Trains were made to be on a level, they just can’t operate that way.


THC:“Well where is the edge? Why aren’t people sailing off the edge?”

1024px-azimuthal_equidistant_projection_sw So in the flat earth model, the North pole is in the middle, and the earth is a disk shape and Antarctica is all the way around, holding the oceans in, so no matter where you are if you go south you will end up in Antarctica. But on the ball model it’s just a little ice continent underneath the ball. Yet in this model it’s all the way around you, holding the oceans in. As for whether there is an edge beyond this ice plateau, this wall that holds everything is 200 feet tall, and once you climb up it’s a plateau of snow that just goes on and on. And the public and myself is ignorant at the moment as to whether there is a barrier, a dome, at some point, or if it is an infinite flat plain and it’s just snow, ice and wind forever. So it’s a mystery as to how the snow actually terminates. These no man’s lands, the north pole and Antarctica, they don’t let us independently explore them. People trying to go without government pre-approval and only going to the places they want you to go, have actually been turned away at gun point, by military vessels, not allowing them to go in. They definitely don’t want us exploring the edges, they keep us in the middle.

THC: “So what about airplanes? People fly from north America to china, all around the globe, or the proposed globe. But this is easy to rectify with your model with the north pole in the center, when you fly, when you think about the rings in a bullseye, it makes it seem like you going around a ball but really you are just going in a circular pattern around a flat plain. If you look at the UN flag, this is the model you are proposing, and it even has an overlay like a bullseye pattern showing you how ships would fly around.”

Un-flag-squareThe UN flag is a flat earth map, and the bullseye over it, if you count the holes its 33, an important number in Freemasonry…so the Freemasons in NASA, in the UN, they are the ones doing this, and meanwhile they laugh about the flat earth, it’s got to be the most ridiculed position ever, and you’d got to think there is a reason for that. Why is the concept of being a flat earther” so ridiculed? There are videos of Obama making jokes about this in his speeches. These are not off the cuff remarks; these are written into his speeches. Why are they doing this? Why are they making sure that people know the flat earth is something to be ridiculed?

“I agree with you on that. I thought that was pretty hair-raising. Because typical people have to assumed that the model of the earth is so rock solid that the flat earth idea is so far past, that it isn’t even on the radar, it shouldn’t even be worth mentioning, considering conventional science. So it is rather odd that that is Obama’s go to…

OK well how about all the satellites orbiting the earth, for GPS systems, cell phones, military radar,  navigation equipment, how do we rectify that?”

Yeah, and they also say there is an International Space Station out there, and there is a Hubble telescope floating out there taking wonderful CGI photoshopped pictures that they send us back with their amazing four hundred mile internet space connection, and now it has gone to a million miles with the new Rosetta mission, the CGI photoshopped pictures from that are just wonderful and well worth the billions of dollars we are spending on them. So the illusion is that there is a space station and satellites just floating out there in infinite space. But you and I know that no matter how high you go, comes right back down. whatever goes up must come down. The illusion is that at some point if you go high enough, this gravity that they say exists, that pulls you back down to earth, suddenly you just pop out of it, and into the vacuum of space. now the vacuum of space cant exists because its connected to the non-vacuum of earth and all the other supposed planets they say exist. So a vacuum must be a closed system. but they claim space is a vacuum, but space is a n open system. so it is philosophically impossible.

The way that they fool us into thinking this is actually plausible is three-fold: first way they do it is in zero G planes, Boeing 747 that do parabolic maneuvers that have a free fall effect that happens for about a minute, where you can be floating in these planes. the second way is through wires harnesses and green screen, for the longer shots. the ISS uses that. The third way for the outside shots they do are in pools, underwater, and this can be confirmed by the fact that there are bubbles rising in some of their shots, and a lot of people on Youtube have dissected a lot of the ISS and other supposed space footage and the space bubbles coming out of their footage, one person wearing scuba gear was even found.

“What about say, all the pilots flying around, and no-one is catching on?”

Yeah and why don’t pilots catch on to the fact that if they wanted to maintain their altitude on a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference, they would have to constantly dip their nose downwards and descend over half a mile every minute. Otherwise they would find themselves higher than expected. You would end up flying out into outer space if you weren’t constantly dipping your nose down. And I’ve talked to pilots, and they never have to do that. But they are just as brainwashed as everyone else, they don’t think if it, or if they do, there is a ready-made answer which is that the atmosphere is being magically dragged along with the spinning ball earth, and it drags planes and everything else with it. They have explanations for everything.


“Yeah we’re told the earth is spinning a thousand miles per hour, which is awfully fast, but a helicopter cannot just hover in the air for twelve hours in St. Louis Missouri and end up in China. But then we are told that in this sphere it all moves relative to itself and you don’t notice those changes. I’m not a physicist and its hard to play devils advocate for their position, but say, if you are driving 90 miles an hour down the freeway, you can play catch with you neighbor and it feels like you are stationary. Or an ant on the dashboard, it doesn’t notice the effect of the vehicle moving at a fast speed. “

But once again it’s explaining away your common sense and your experience which is that you are not moving whatsoever. And so they say, ‘you are moving silly you are just moving at a such a constant velocity that you don’t notice is whatsoever.’ Now even if you are in the best Rolls Royce over the best tar, smoothly going, I close my eyes, I can tell I’m moving and that’s just going 90 miles, not a thousand. Even going up a few floors in an elevator, I can feel that, I have sort of a sensitive stomach…

Watch the full interview here:

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