Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ Music Video: All About MK Ultra

russell-brand-katy-perry-divorced-devil-258x300According to the mainstream media, ““Wide Awake” is a song inspired by Katy’s divorce from Russell Brand, in which she reveals that now that it’s over she sees everything clearly (genius.com). This is simply false. People unversed in MK Ultra symbolism will not get the true meaning, but for those who are versed, well its simply obvious and blatant. Let’s take a look.

But first some background into what is happening with Katy Perry, because recently she broke down and cut off her hair and cried in a therapy session, talking about how her childhood self, “Katherine” is trying to get out. This is a common theme with MK Ultra stars, who begin to break down. They talk about how their true self is deep down, lost, hidden, asleep, or repressed. And while they can’t openly say why, it should be clear by now, their true personality was suppressed by their MK handlers, and an alter was created, the sweet innocent Katherine became the pop star Katy, and now after all the fame and glory she misses her old self. And its coming up in therapy. She even admitted to having suicidal thoughts about it.katy therapy

Notice how she dyed her hair blonde. Blonde hair is a sign of MK Ultra, a symbol of stardom and of being newly programmed.4-composite-kanye11

Kanye West is another star whose programming broke down recently. The mainstream media calls it “mental illness” but this is a lie, he is saying things that he took an oath not to reveal, when he sold his soul to the Satanic Music Industry. So they had to take him in for re-programming and look! When he comes out, his hair is dyed blonde! Also notice the dead eyes, the vacant look you get after a horrific torture session. It will probably be a while before he dares speak some truth again.

So now we are ready to look at this music video and glean the symbolism, which again, is so in your face and blatant it is surprising more people can’t see it.


The video starts with Katy finishing up a photo shoot in her bubblegum pink pop-star mode. This represents her being completely under, a good little Monarch slave. However she goes into her dressing room and takes off her pink wig and sort of stares vacantly into the mirror, her programming is glitching out a little.Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 2.44.30 PM

She touches the mirror and is transported to a fantasy realm that looks like a giant maze (similar to Maze Runner). This is symbolic of her going inside her subconscious, which is a dark, convoluted place where Monarch victims can get lost. This is intentional. A caterpillar crawls on one of the vines. A caterpillar symbolizes her lost self, before the transformation into a butterfly, a Monarch victim.wide-awake11


The lantern could be a reference to Lucifer the ‘light bearer,’ a nod to the Dark Luciferian Elite that utilize this form of mind control. She sees a red strawberry that seems out of place here, perhaps a biblical reference to the forbidden fruit. She seeks knowledge of herself, remember she desires to reconnect with her lost childhood self, the sweet innocence of the strawberry is Katherine but in her case it is also forbidden knowledge, knowledge of her true self, which her handlers forbid her to have.


Sure enough, after touching the fruit, her childhood self Katherine appears. Her true self which was taken from her as a child is still there, in the recesses of her subconscious, locked in a maze created by her handlers.


Together they enter a hall of mirrors. Mirrors are seen in many music videos and represent the shattered mind of an MK victim, their alters, their multiple personality disorders. In the mirrors she notices many Paparazzi filming her, (including one that looks like Freddy Kreuger??) Katy gets distracted by the cameramen, but the child, Katherine isn’t fooled. It is the child who tugs on her arm, saying, “c’mon we gotta go!” Sure enough danger lurks behind as the floor begins to crumble. This is very telling because Katy even said in the interview with the therapist that she gets so lost in the glamour and glitter of popstardom, that it is easy to forget about Katherine. So the paparazzi are there to help her forget her true self.


After the floor opens up she finds herself in a hospital type setting. So the floor crumbling around her was her programming breaking down, thanks to her child self who wants out, who wants to step into the light. Now what happens to MK celebrities whose programming breaks down? That’s right, they are taken in for re-programming. The public will be told they are going to “rehab” or getting “psychiatric help”, this is utter nonsense. Notice how sedated she is in that wheelchair, she has just come out of a horrific torture session and looks as vacant as Kanye West did…

But Katherine isn’t done fighting for her….. wideawake111

This is the most blatant scene right here. Who guards the doors within this “hospital”? Baphomet guards/doctors, a total nod to the Luciferian Elite who are running the show. Katherine is surprisingly strong, though, she is “wide awake” now, and stomps those guards out of existence.


Having defeated the demon guards, Katy and Katherine now find themselves in an Alice in Wonderland style setting, a garden full of hedges, flowers and butterflies. Indeed Alice in Wonderland imagery is used in Monarch programming, as well as the Wizard of Oz and other Disney movies. These movies are apparently are used as keys, triggers and code words to reinforce programming. So clearly we are not out of the woods yet, we are just in another realm of MK Ultra mind control. The hedgerow cat with the hypnotic eyes clearly reveals this. wideawake14

At the end of the video, Katherine leaves her on her bicycle, perhaps she has had enough, the programming is too much to get through, the layers upon layers. She gives Katy Perry a butterfly as a parting gift, which again seems to say she has given up, the Monarch Mind Control system is here to stay.


I’m wide awake
And now it’s clear to me
That everything you see
Ain’t always what it seems

I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long

                                                    I wish I knew then, what I know now
                                                    Wouldn’t dive in, wouldn’t bow down
Gravity hurts
You made it so sweet
‘Til I woke up on, on the concrete

Stardom is sweet and a dream for many, until you have outlived your usefulness, and they throw you out “on the concrete”, used and abused, a wreck, a broken soul, a shattered mind.

Special thanks to Vigilantcitizen for the screenshots. For another breakdown of this video go here:


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Whistleblower Ex C. I. A. Operative Laurel Aston

She Exposes MK Ultra, Satanic Hives and Child Trafficking Rings, being a victim herself of these forces.


Interviewed by Zakaos

Laurel: “…large numbers of people who do cross over from Mexico into the states are ‘disappeared’, as they cross the border to work, and they are just never seen or heard from again, or they go into these programs. Children are abducted, falsely documented and used as sex slaves, typically used in horrific medical and surgical experiments, and some, who are extremity strong and extraordinary survive and are used as child soldiers. I would venture to say as the gulf cartel is nothing more than a front for US naval intelligence and CIA and a large number of Mexican men in the gulf cartel have been subjected to heavy mind control through the US navy and CIA. the CIA runs the Gulf cartel, and a lot of the them are mind controlled, and they don’t even know. You don’t know, for the most part, when you’re under mind control. A lot of gang members and cartel members are heavily mind controlled and they are not aware of it. Of course with someone like myself who was actually held as a child in US military bases and facilities, of course  you knew that something was going on. They told me flat out, that I was an experiment  they were working on. But typically you don’t know. They make sure you don’t know. They control your mind, can erase your memory at will. Once your completely “under,” which is a huge process of rape, torture, sodomy, sleep deprivation, electric shock, drugging, but once the mind is shattered and you’re under, it’s like the flip of a switch, it’s a code its a code word, its a trigger, an electric shock and its gone (your memory).

What happened in South Padre?

It was a complete setup. Dr Duve is one the CIA’s most vicious and psychotic slave handlers. She has been involved in destroying my life and keeping me enslaved since infancy. When we got to south padre, I began having flashes of memory, I had been held their before as a kid, in prison there. South padre is clearly a Satanic hive. The people are strange, inbred, they all know each other. We both encountered strange people. The strange people from McCallister Oklahoma, another Satanic stronghold, where the pope, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Reagans, the most powerful people from the world, come to McCallister Oklahoma to attend their Satanic ritual. It’s a stronghold for the Illuminati. It was a well kept secret until I revealed it.

So these people that own the office supply in South Padre were from McCallister. They were strange, they asked a lot of questions, ‘so what brought you here?’ ‘most people that come here have family, or they know lot of people they have friends….’ ‘We don’t get a lot of strangers in these parts.’ It felt like a professional interrogation. I went home and told Zach these people are killers, and I know what goes on in McCallister. Pretty much everyone interrogated us. It was pretty clear to me other than the flashes I was having that I was in another Satanic Hive.

I tried to find a job, aside from the obvious problems of not being able to open a bank account or have a valid ID, the person that hired me was a Dr Susan Duve from the Duve Wellness Center. The bizarre events starts happening immediately once I started working there. everyone that came in was one of two things. a Satanist from south padre island or a mind controlled victim because south padre is not just Satanists it is  also human mind controlled slaves. old people would come in claiming to be born again christians, again Satanism falls along all lines, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, so I had these old people coming in for treatment, the energy was strange; I knew I was dealing with Satanists.

I met Karen Hall, about 60 years old she is a Satanist, working with Dr Duve. Her daughter who is a CIA operative Keanan, Keanan, moved to mexico. and is teaching gymnastics to little mexican children. Which is very disturbing because Karen Hall is very involved with child trafficking and human slavery.

I quickly met Dr Duve’s “so-called” daughter. Now Dr. Duve, she has never been legally married. She is a lesbian, and I’ve worked on her for back trouble shoulder trouble, migraine, she has the body of a childless woman. a tight taut stomach, no stretch marks, any doctor or nurse can tell. she has a “daughter” she was not little she was `16 years old, she is approx 5’7 obese 50 pounds overweight, Zach you saw her, she was a weird face,a  deformity.

“she’s an inbred.”

Yeah, she is, there are some pictures who calls herself Jordan Duve, online and she sort of looks normal, but any of the police officers, who followed us to south padre, foreign military intels that were following my case,  we were followed down there by a large number of people interested in busting these human traffickers. and I’m sure that enough people saw Jordan in person and can vouch for the fact that she is a very bizarre looking girl with a facial deformity. Her facial deformity fits one of 3 patterns of facial deformity that is often found among children bred among Satanic cults for use in a Satanic cult. I believe it has to do with the fact that these children were created through a violent horrific rape, typically of a child, underage female child, not only do they have to drug some of these girls to keep them complacent enough to extract a rape baby, but they also drug them with drugs that are meant o affect the fetus, the spawn. I call it a spawn because words are important , rape babies have no soul, they are, the very idea of them is part of the satanic formula, and an idea, they are created in violence sleaze hatred filth shame, and pain, of course God does not allow an innocent soul to come from heaven to come down into this filth, so they are soulless demonic beings, they are spawn, spawn of Satan.

They have a natural inclination towards filth and sleaze and evil. They eagerly embrace their role in these cults. They don’t like it when it blows back on them. So all these kids are subjected to rape and sodomy and group sex and orgies, and they don’t like it happening to them but they like abusing other kids. They are taught from a young age how to sexually humiliate molest and mind control other kids.  They are used for abducting other children. They are also used as goads, to make a CIA op on a mission make him seem like a normal guy with his little girl. They used me that way, to make ops look normal.

The children bred by these cults through rape typically have 3 patterns of facial deformity. Jordan’s deformity is, she has a sunken bizarre eye sockets and nose and temples are sunken in, and eyes are too close together. I saw this to a lesser degree on a number of kids.  Tiffany Atwood who went to the Beverly hills playhouse, which is a CIA training ground for assassins and operatives. They are given acting lessons so they can assume different roles different types of political backgrounds and education levels and pull it off. I met Tiffany there, I know she was an operative for the CIA, and she had this deformity to a lesser degree. She also looked normal in pictures but had a bizarre face in person.

So I meet Jordan Duve, when I was a teenager in Paris France, Jordan was my op name. Typically a kid being used by the CIA has an op name and it’s a code. It has to do with their level and who’s running you. When I was Laura I was with  Lawrence Dean O’brian. I was Lolo in Indonesia when I was being run by Lolo Sotoro. In Paris I was Jordan. Now this Jordan has platinum blonde hair naturally and green eyes. A carbon copy except the deformity, of my rapist, and handler Steven Binion. His job was to pose as my husband.  And his job was to keep me programmed and under control, he used violence, rape torture sodomy, he’s viscious, insane. He was a breeder and I think he bred 3 rape babies, with me. That I was made to believe I had escaped as a child and successfully receive a late-term abortion. Of course I have enough memory now to realize they had induced my labor, and Binion turned the rape babies over to US naval intel, CIA just as they said they would. One of the CIA bases that is huge in child trafficking, is 45 minutes away in Corpus Christie Padre Island. I was also held there for years, didn’t know if i would survive.

So I meet Jordan Duve, she had died her blonde hair red like mine. She was trying to act like she was 4 years old. She’s this huge obese girl, dressed like a hooker, in skin-tight clothing, appeared to have DD breast implants. I learned later they were stuffed push up bra. It was disturbing the way she was acting, a rotund girl speaking in a baby voice, she tried to convince me she was a sweet innocent thing. she had clearly been debriefed on me. She knew way too much about me and was trying too hard. She tried to make it seem like we had lots in common. I was constantly questioned by these Satanists and asked what I thought about Jordan. I tried to push her to the back of my mind ‘cus we had no money, and had to work and save money and figure out an escape plan. It was clear she was working for the CIA, that she was part of the cult. Noone is forcing her to dress like a hooker. As an op I know when I’m dealing with a mind controlled slave, a victim, or a soulless creation, through rape, who has no soul. And I know when I’m dealing with multi-generational Satanist. Jordan is the rape spawn of Steven Binion who is a multi-generational Satanist of German Nazi descent. she is the spitting image of him. there are pictures of Steven Binion online, but it looks like he’s had a bunch of plastic surgery. She was created through rape, it was planned, these Satanists who run the Illuminati sat around a table and said we’re gonna get Steven Binion to rape a little girl, I’m known to the world as Laurel Aston, but that’s just an op name. And this is what we’re gonna hope to get out of it. So the very idea of this thing was evil, and she is a multigenerational satanist who embraces her biological father’s cult.

“And we believe she is also a trained assassin and has been trained this way from birth.”  Yes, and I think she dresses like a hooker to use her body and sex as a weapon.

You can be assured, given this side of the rape spawns genealogy, and I have a good heart, you can bet they would put her with the  CIA ’s most viscous handler. This was discussed with the Imam Siraj Wahaj seven years ago. He told me that when it gets really crazy at the end when they know they are about to lose, their last resort is to throw that rape baby up in your face, hoping to make you snap, hoping you do something stupid and snap and they can swarm in with the national guard and a thousand cops and arrest you and move you on to Abu Ghraib.  The imam said when we find that rape baby she will be in a small town where the police, the judge, everyone in that small town will be a Freemason, a Satanist and part of it. A place in the mountains with one or two entrances and exits where they can control who comes and goes easy, or we’ll find her on an island somewhere….

Watch the full interview here:

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Demystifying the Occult – Mark Passio

Mark identified what he called the 4 main tenets of Satanism in his lecture on the dark occult that runs the world:

  1. Selfishness as the highest goal, and no bones are made about this, by their ranks and file members. The survival and comfort of the physical self is always more important than doing what is morally right. Live for yourself only. and care only about you and yours. If you must step on others to get it, so be it because this is a dog eat dog world. Me, me, me thinking. Do you think thats the ideology the vast majority of individuals in our society subscribe to such a world view? Absolutely. I call it mini-me satanism.
  2. Moral Relativism – there is no objective difference between right and wrong behavior, so human beings may arbitrarily “create” or “decide” right and wrong for themselves, based upon their own whims and preferences. See rights is not something that exists in nature. There is no inherent right or wrong in nature. we’ll decide what is right and wrong. That which we consider right for ourselves…. Since according to the inherent and objective laws of morality (natural law) the aggregate amount of morality present in the society is directly proportional to the amount of freedom in a society. thus true freedom can never exist in a society that accepts moral relativism. impossible, according to the laws of nature. And yet how many people in our society subscribe to moral relativism? That there is no objective right or wrong in nature, we get to make it up, and then grant that right to other people, and then the next day say no, that is no longer a right, and we’ll jail you for exhibiting that behavior. Our entire society is built upon moral relativism, it’s called the “laws of man”, and the vast majority of zombie walkers are adherents to it, they believe in the religion of satanism without even understanding what it is, or understanding that they are a member, by their beliefs.
  3. Social Darwinism – the extension of Darwinian macro-biological “evolution”, into human society. the proponents postulate the notion of the “survival of the fittest,”  where the most dominant will rule their social strata. Applied to the human domain it is the “natural order” and even desirable for human society to be ruled by the most dominating and vicious human beings. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that with a straight serious look on people’s faces, saying, “hey its just the natural order of things.” There is nothing natural about that folks, and there is no order in it. you’ll always end up in chaos. The second postulation of this theory is that it is such human’s genes which are the reason they acquired their positions of power, and maintained that position of power. Oh sure, it has nothing to do with the situation, societally, that they were perhaps born into, or the bloodlines they come from because they come from super rich ruling families, no its their “genes” that got them there. It has nothing to do with people’s belief in money, and that they will do any wretched behavior if given enough money, from their enslavers. no its their genes that got them there, you can see how much sense that makes. and yet, most people subscribe to this ideology in society as well.
  4. The fourth and final tenet takes the entire ideology to its final solution you might say: Eugenics or what I’m gonna start calling dis-genics. And Epi-eugenics, which I’m gonna start calling Epi-Dis-genics. Because there is nothing good about it, they’re not trying to create something good on the other side, they are degrading the human genome. The word “eugenics” is derived from the greek adjective meaning well-born or good stock. It is a social ideology advocating the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with traits and characteristics desired by its proponents. and reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization for those with undesirable traits and characteristics.  This tenet describes Satanism to its ultimate conclusion: since Man is God, and he gets to make up what Right and Wrong are, and since it is simply the “Natural Order” for the most ruthless of humans, whose genes are the fittest, to rule the rest of the human herd, then that “elite class” of human beings have every right to decide who gets to live and procreate and who must die. And this is what is going on in our society. But what’s even worse is epi-eugenics. They don’t need to force anything anymore. We are culling ourselves. We are giving birth to traits and characteristics for the next generation that are tailor bred for slavery. Its is the propagation of eugenics through mind control and “selective breeding” by the very population the eugenics strategy is targeting to destroy. One could call it “getting the herd to cull itself.” This gene culling strategy can be seen most readily in the rabid androgynation of gender in Western culture and the modern Neo-Feminist agenda and practices.

Watch the rest here:

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Harald Kautz Vella Spring 2017 Update

Harald is under tough times, from arrests for something he said, and possible arsons to his home. He admits he may have pissed off a few people by connecting the major religions to alien black goo. But he will stick to the truth wherever it takes him…

Miles Johnston: Can you go into why certain religious people may have been upset with what you said?

Harald: there’s one cornerstone in Mecca that is officially a meteorite that Mohammad found in the desert. And this is kind of a psychedelic thing in Mecca. This is what people are supposed to kiss and touch and they say they are flooded with feelings and energy when they come close to this rock. And I cannot tell from a distance whether this is earth type black goo or alien type black goo. All I know is that the Muslims themselves call it a meteorite so it must be alien type.

Miles: can you explain the difference between earth type black goo and this alien type?

Harald: black goo is the substance carrying planetary consciousness. So basically this is where the instincts are sitting for all the species on this planet. It’s sort of a liquid brain flowing throughout all the laylines of the planetary system, having the function of a mirror consciousness to the biosphere. And the reason we have duality on this planet is because about 20,000 years ago somebody brought in an artificial type of black goo that carries a secondary collective consciousness. something similar to the planetary consciousness in terms of substance but with a different programming inside. and this is kind of a reptilian type cold-hearted violent, we call this evil. and this is causing duality because every single human on the planet can relate either to the earth type black goo or the alien type black goo. and if he relates to the alien type black goo his instincts kind of go cold. Non-emphathic, with a tendency to violence. and this alien black goo came down in a meteorite swarm, with oil cysts containing this liquid. and it’s basically the core of every occult tradition we have. it’s in the core of the world religions it used to even be in the core of the societies of Stonehenge times. so this is really ancient and its been influencing humanity for quite a while. there are rumors that these stones are in the Peterstone, and  every Catholic church in Europe. It obviously seems to be in Mecca, in their Kaaba set up, in their holiest place. And it’s not like I want to say that all these world religions are evil but they do contain a portion of it. They are kind of invigorated at a certain point by an impulse to this quality, that they actually want to prevent officially. So they kind of include the duality as a set up that is both sides part of religion. muslim people say be good love your neighbor, Christians say this as well, but somewhere in the traditions there is something giving people the impulse to exactly the opposite, something else. This is the demonic fragment of world religions, and its in everyone. They do not differ in this sense….

Watch the rest here:

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Gary Bell aka The Spaceman Talk Radio

 (3/11/17) Toronto AM640 Talk Radio:

Gary: “The overlords of our earth, the ones who truly believe that they are descended from the gods, whom I call the Illuminati, are guided, as I’ve said many times, by three things: astrology, numerology, and sacred geometry.

The numerology are the sacred numbers that they believe have power and meaning. They are embedded in the dates and times and in the images shown to you in the staged events. This is to achieve the best possible success in the black magic spell that is being cast by them – “the wizards.”

What’s called sacred geometry is whats used in the sacred architecture and sacred art. Pictures, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, loaded with sacred geometry. Since music also contains numbers, its in embedded in certain music, its considered foundational to building sacred spaces like temples, monoliths,  sacred spaces like alters, meeting places like sacred groves in the ancient oak tree clusters, where the very, very dark rituals took place. In the village greens as well as holy wells. the illuminati believe sacred geometry is of divine proportions and by connecting with these, insight can be gained into the mysteries: the laws the lore of nature, the universe, and in short communion with Lucifer their God.

The third guiding influence is astrology. The saying “as it is above, so it is below,” a phrase often used by Aleister Crowley, what it means is the planets all have personalities and stories to them, that have been told to us, by their myths – “how they got their name.” When these heavenly bodies moved to certain positions in relation to the earth, the earth then becomes under the influence of that particular personality. The world is being influenced – no led, by two opposing  sides. They’re what I call the brotherhood of the snake.

Take for example the most volatile place in the world, the middle east. the area of ancient Palestine and where Israel is now located. now the jewish leaders who are supposed to be representing those jewish people that have settled there are supposed to be looking after the peoples best interests. But they are not. Why? Simple, because they don’t serve the Jewish people, they serve the brotherhood of the snake. They represent the desires of the sun cult. That’s exactly what the same thing is doing to the Hammas , Hezbollah, the Arabs. They don’t have the best interests of the Palestinians at heart either, they also serve the brotherhood of the snake, the moon cult, the two brothers that make up the brotherhood of the snake. The sun and moon cults, one pitted against the other to create the chaos in order to create the change needed, for the Great Work. Which is of course to form a one world realm, government, new world order whatever you wanna call it.

Borders are going to disappear. The UN represents the brotherhood of the snake in all of this, and also the precursor to the one world governmental agency, the mechanism. Now according to the agenda of elite, the Illuminati  we are on the cusp of a great transformational change, a crossroads where they are even now making decisions that will influence all life on earth. They believe that they are about to open to the doors to what they call the mental and emotional prisons, which supposedly have confined the human race for thousands of years. This will allow them to totally control all events on Earth, so that they can complete their agenda for the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical enslavement of every man, woman and child on the planet. This they believe will be done with a one world government, one army, one central bank, one currency, all underpinned by what some say will be a microchipped population surveillance society that has never ever been possible until now.


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Jim Fetzer on Sandy Hook


Writer, PHD philosopher and former Marine who now researches false flag events.

Examine the evidence he gives, and make your own conclusions.

Interviewed by Mark at Windows on the World

Mark: could you just give us a quick rundown of what the Sandy Hook event actually was?

Jim: the official narrative is that on the 14th of December 2012, a slender young man about 20, 21 years old by the name of Adam Lanza, about 6 feet tall and only about 112 pounds, who was reported to be suffering from Aspergers syndrome but allegedly had an infatuation with weapons, shot his mother to death in her home, shooting her in the face 3 times with a 22 caliber rifle, and then went to the school armed with 2 handguns and a bushmaster 223 caliber weapon, where he blasted his way though the gates of the school with a plate glass window and then proceeded to massacre 20 children, first grade students, and 6 members of the staff including the principal, before the arrival of the police, which led to him shooting himself. Now this event received huge publicity. There is a photograph of a police woman purportedly evacuating a string of children from the school. This was published on virtually every newspaper front page of the entire world. But there were many features of the situation that those who were paying attention felt did not add up.

For example there was no surge of EMT’s into the building. There was no Meta-vac helicopter called. No string of ambulences to the school . No evacuation of 469 other students not to mention the custodians, cafeteria workers, and other members of staff. There were no bodies placed on the triage tarps. In other words, there were no signs that there was actually an emergency on that day in spite of the massive coverage, where the road between the school and the firehouse – which is only a third of a mile long, I walked it – was so clogged that if an emergency vehicle had wanted to make access to the building it would have been impossible to do so.

We also had a host of other oddities Mark, including a sign, “everyone must check in,” boxes of water and pizza cartons at the firehouse, porto-potties were present from scratch, many were wearing name tags on lanyards, parents bringing children to the scene which is completely absurd, parents bringing children to a massacre. And what we discovered and we even have the FEMA manual, is events that occurred on 2 different days. The sign, the bottled water, the porto-potties, the names on lanyards was on the 13th, which was the day of the rehearsal. And the lack of ambulances, no bodies on the triage tarps was on the 14th.

And there were many other peculiarities like the parents were not allowed to see the bodies of their children, which were according to the official narrative just left in piles in the classrooms until they were removed in the dead of night, which is utterly fantastic and quite incredible, and where a Los Angeles school safety expert by the name of Paul Preston, who conducted drills of this kind before, looking on as though this was supposed to be a real event, was so disturbed that he reached out to his contacts in the Obama dept. of education. Each of them confirmed to him that it had been a drill, that no children had died and it had been conducted to promote gun control. And there are many other layers of proof that it was an elaborate hoax.

“And people looking into this are suddenly blocked, aren’t they?”

Well there are several oddities on that order Mark, for example the final report put forward by Danville States Attorney Steven Sedenski doesn’t establish a causal nexus between the alleged shooter Adam Lanza and the weapons he was supposed to have used. There were no fingerprints on the rifle, and the only DNA that was found was traced back to a felon in another state. Which is all bizarre in and of itself. In relation to the bushmaster 223 caliber rifle, well they had over a hundred slugs in these classrooms, and none of them could be matched to the rifle that the Adam allegedly used. so he utterly fails to make a case that implicates Adma Lanza as responsible for the commission of these crimes. And as far as we can tell Adam Lanza is not even a real person, in fact this confusion about the difference between the 13th and the 14th was so gray, that in their eagerness to get them up, a number of donation sites to the victims of Sandy Hook went up on the 13th.  and in addition Adam Lanza was recorded in the social security index having died on the 13th, which would have made it quite fantastic for him to be resurrected and commit the crimes to which he stands accused the following day. So it goes on and on Mark, the layers of deceit and deception at Sandy Hook.

“It also leads us into some of the leading actors in this you’ve got  Robbie Parker, Gene Rosen…”

Rosen is actually an screen actors guild thespian…Some of the key players you’re taking about here include Robbie Parker, where the day following this alleged massacre, he came out to talk about his daughter Emily who allegedly died, when he is emerging from the building he is all smiles, and a jocular humor, laughing with someone he is conversing with,  and then he turns and sees the audience. He pauses, hyperventilates to get into character, and then begins solemnly describing how he is Robbie Parker and how his daughter had died the day before, and he made a point to mention that he had a website for donations to him, in the memory of Emily. Gene Rosen is a most peculiar character because he maintains that a bus driver came by that day and dropped off 5-6 kids at his home, and that they were in some sort of state of shock, presumably, he took them in and gave them orange juice and stuffed animals to play with, and they eventually talked about what had happened. He also says he heard shots at the school. but I had the former chief psychiatrist for the FBI analyze what he had to say and he found it completely implausible, if he had heard shots he would have called the police, which he did not do. What would a bus driver be doing dropping off children to someone who is not their parent or guardian, everything Gene Rosen said seems simply to be an elaborate fabrication.

The mother and father of another of the purported victims went on Anderson Cooper, and she was all dolled up for the occasion and very flirtatious with Anderson….

Watch the rest here:

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Sargeant Daniel Macbolen III: whistleblower/victim of MK Ultra and ET Phenomenon


Sargeant Daniel Macbolen III, the latest whistleblower/victim of MK Ultra and ET Phenomenon to come forward.

Interviewed by The Leak Project.

Daniel: “I was born on a military base as a product. I was basically manufactured in a FEMA cloning type plant, where they do cloning. I’m not a clone, I’m a genetic mix of what they wanted, the military industrial complex scientists thought they knew exactly what they wanted, which was a sleeper assassin. So basically they built this platform which was built on Zeta Diogenes Clear-Eyes. There are five level with that. I’m a level five. Able to handle other elements within the five membered cell. Its unacknowledged special access programs deep coordinates cell. We are pretty much I guess you would say the darker part of the CIA’s non official cover-type, where you got CIA agents which have a different name. Nonofficial cover are employed somewhere and that’s their day job. And then you turn a key and they become someone else. And go about doing their spooking so to speak. They’re a spook and some may know it and some may not. Most know it because they have to have special training to make sure they’re, they’re extremely careful not to compromise themselves.

But with us, we can’t remember so how can we be compromised? We don’t even know that we’re asleep. We’re invisible. The  reason they send us is because we’re invisible. We just really don’t, are not noticeable. So I’ve had over 70 different occupations, tied to cover for action, work, type jobs. At least that’s how many were expunged from my record. So I’ve done so many things. But then again they have the technology to just dump certain skills in your brain. And then the rest is up to you if you’re talented at that skill. Certain skills I was talented at and other not so proficient, but there was a personality in there that was driven. Mostly always destination oriented. Get to the destination, do the job. And then de-brief. And so it was real simple, but the thing is when I woke up I would have no memory, or screened memories, implanted memories. And it didn’t bother me and it takes a long time before you start to realize there’s something weird things going on. And I was aware of those subconsciously, and then they began to surface.

“You remember all 70 occupations?”

I wrote them down one time, and they were stolen, I actually had a triggered moment, I was asked to do a resume, and I sat down and wrote out 70 occupations. There were certain jobs that were legitimate, in between times when there was nothing going on and they had to literally just put me somewhere. And so they would just put me somewhere. And I would stay until something heated up on the political scene. And then you basically quit that job and you know of course, sometimes I would hold a job until I was needed, and at a moments notice I could leave. But I had to have the skill sets. But they can download skill sets, you know, it’s a matter of minutes. Language the same way. Only with me I was not allowed to retain linguistics other than English. And the last time I had a traumatic brain injury even that became difficult to recover from. I couldn’t even speak english, couldn’t speak intelligibly at all.

“What happened?”

Uh, don’t remember. It was traumatic enough not to able to even remember anything surrounding it. Normally I remember most of what happened right up until the time I get triggered. And then of course I wake up in a totally  a different situation. Or wake up in an unusual situation. Situations that are you know, when you wake up and someone is taking a suppressed weapon out of your hand. Yeah that has a tendency to stick somewhere in the gray matter. And that happened more times than I can count. Someone handing me a weapon saying something, numbers, tones, and you know, you wake up and their taking the weapon away. And then I get hit with a stun gun, it’s not your average stun gun. It reinforces amnesia. And then of course you have missing time or unimplanted type memory. Some people call them screen memories. Because you can download those through a computer really easily. Or non-terrestrials do it in real time. They can run an entire series of memories for lost days. And put these memories in your brain, for lack of a better word I would say, telepathically. But that’s not true. It’s not really was it is, but its close enough.

When I reached age four the failed Bay of Pigs took place and they traced the assassination attempt on Fidel Castro back to the White House. So what this whole program was designed to do was to break the chain of command into such a fragmented way as to maintain plausible deniability no matter what. And I’ve talked to presidents and they are really nice to me. Of course they are really nasty to everyone else. But thats mostly because everyone else screwed up and I’m the only one in the room who didn’t screw up. I’ve talked to Ronald Regan, George Bush, puppy, Puppy Bush, I don’t have anything on Clinton, I believe.

I had many different mission parameters. Depending on what level I was at, as I would progress up the levels, you would go from an operator to a handler and you’d handle a group of individuals. And you wouldn’t even be aware you’re handling them.  You would put them on a regiment, it’s the same regiment you have, it’s not rocket science , they can only sleep 4 hours a day, course that’s programmed in, most of the scientists had it all planned out. So all they’d do as you stepped up the ladder, you’d be downloaded with information on how to handle other operatives. And most of these individuals you worked with during these deep operations. So it was not very difficult, it took a toll on the body, I needed a new body. This ones worn out, contaminated with all kinds of stuff….

“You said you had several fathers?”

That’s what the man who married my host, my mother, the one I was genetically kin to. It all came out one time when her programming failed, or the dissolution of her memory failed. And she began to remember about my birth. She had had other children, they were no kin to me other than through her genetics. She would come home from the hospital and it was customary in those days to take pictures of bringing the infant home. With me she looked like she had just been in Auschwitz. She was 20-30 pounds underweight. I almost died cus there was certain leakage across the blood-placenta barrier and she was poisoned. She recovered, and then had like a hyper-immune system after that. They had to bring her back in and program her to be a hypochondriac. almost like they would program her to have certain illnesses that she wouldn’t normally have.  Otherwise she was quite healthy. Of course we would have the same symptoms. Migraines, sensitive to light. Because there was a certain amalgamation there because she carried me in the womb.

When I was born they took me to a new hospital, if you read in the CIA family jewels it’s called sonic holography project at level 4D at Wilfred Hall medical center, Lackland Airforce Base Bear County Texas. All they do is rehardwire the infants brain and they kept me for 3 months, and there was an altercation between her parents wanting to know why they could not see her child, me, and why there was this fibrous material that you could actually see on an x-ray growing around the womb. It looked manufactured, grown. And it was, it was a filter.  It was so my antigens wouldn’t pass into her bloodstream, which it did, but she survived. 3 months later they brought me back, but only because the experiment was done. They re-hardwired by brain so that it could interface with CMOS technology, computer technology, directly, directly to the computer. And so I’ve always had problems with computers. I have to be cognizant about using a computer without it going crazy, rebooting on their own, sometimes they do, when I get upset, weird things happen. I blow circuit breakers, and if I have certain types of irritation which are rage related, I keep going through lightbulbs, if I’m thinking on a certain line of thought that is related to rage, yeah I go through a lot of lightbulbs. Sometimes I’ll be around magnets and they will fall off the refrigerator. And I really don’t know why. I know my electro-magnetic signature is not like most people. I can use it, I don’t know how I came to being that way.

At a rather early age I was able to do unusual feats, like taking apart things without tools. Dissembling things that are put together with tools and torqued. And I could take it apart with my fingers, think them loose. I would concentrate on the molecular structure of the metal and i could take them off, the threads would decrease on one, and increase on the other and I could unscrew it. My mother’s father, was very intrigued with that, he was a master mechanic and wondered how I could do that. I was able to do it on the molecular structure of living things, tissue, manipulate blood flow, specific gravity of certain things, lift trees out of the ground, lift cars onto one wheel. that kind of thing, but you can’t do that and not draw attention onto yourself. So the whole idea was not to draw attention onto yourself.

“Did you grow up on a military base?”

No, she (my mother) and her husband were divorced. He went to anchorage, strategic air and space command, he had unusual abilities but not anywhere related to me. When my mother told me this strange story, I decided to go see him. He just knew I was coming. I walk in, his new wife said hi and bye. And he said “sit down.” He said I know why you’re here, and bottom line is I didn’t like paying child support for you as a child mainly because you’re not mine.” I said, “so she was having an affair?” he says “no you don’t understand, you have many fathers, some of which are not from around here.” I said “so where are they from?” and he just pointed up. And he said “that’s all I’m going to say about that.” I tried to breach the subject again a few minutes later, and he knew the playbook, so he said, “no we’re not going to talk about that.”

When the memories began to come back I immediately identified the particular species I was related to becauseI would see them about once a year, I always saw the same ones. There were others in different areas, but not much of a interface with them. But these I interfaced easily with, they would get into the details of my life. Each one had a different function. They were all scientists, but they had their function and a very specialized function. And I would get interrogated by this female of their species. They were very technical, little emotion, when they did show emotion they got freaked out. Fear and survival was the element of, you couldn’t call it an emotion, just a response, they didn’t have emotions, just the flight or fight syndrome.

And so I could sense that, I was always sensitive to the feelings of others. I could actually, I was rebuked several times for not only finishing other people sentences but saying what they were going to say next. And that’s when the grandfather took special interest and began to train me in all manner of, you know he would have me do things that other family members couldn’t. He would have me go and watch them and if they were unsuccessful I would step in and do it with the greatest of ease. I don’t know how i would know I just did. it wasn’t until was older and got out of my teens I realized that you don’t demonstrate everything that you are asked to do. It seems like every time someone finds out that you can do a thing more responsibility is thrown on you. And I was being treated like dirt anyway. The more I did it always seemed to lead to a worse place.

So I would not volunteer anything. They would hand me the yellow cube device. Its about 8 inches. They wanted to see if i could turn it on. they handed it to me and it started folding nomenclature from the inside out like a folding duel double tesseract. and they got interested so i stopped. and other artifacts, ancient artifacts. some not so ancient. some old but recently found. i know what they do and i don’t know how i know what they do. i know how to turn them on. i know how to turn them off, i know how to use them, put them on correctly.

Dr Reed’s bracelet for instance – it has embossments on it with a couple of needles. You hold it in your palm with the needles pointing up and your other arm perpendicular, and pushed it on, you wouldn’t feel the needles at all. And then reach down and there are symbols, shape powers, nomenclature. It’s an on and off switch. You take your finger and thumb and squeeze it and it bilocates you, takes you from one place to another, wherever you think in your mind that’s where you end up. usually you have predetermined locations. but Dr Reed didn’t know how to use it.

The Roswell Rock is a diagnostic tool that you lay on a chakra point on humankind and you basically move it up and down the body and interface with a magnetite computer and looks inside the body like you would with an MRI. It’s non-invasive. You just lay the stone and activate it and look inside and that’s whats it’s for. Most likely the guy who found it was drawn to it, genetically. Probably the only reason he found it. He can’t get it out of his pocket. He is activating the device and it puts off energy that helps him to feel better. It can be used as a healing device or repairing device on down to the DNA level. But subconsciously he must know that because he always puts it in his right pocket and he’s become addicted to it, but he’s healthier now so I’m not gonna argue with it. But he just doesn’t know what it is, what it does, not consciously anyway.

And there are other devices as well. rods and things, weapons, that you access. The craft, you can access the craft. But females are a lot better better fliers anyway. They can multi-task, they’re built top multi-task. and hybrids and humbrids can also fly the craft. but the junk that we usually have gotten is old and antiquated and theft proof. because you have to interface with nonthinking intelligences and each one has to coordinate through your brain, a gravity amplifier and that’s how you keep the craft in the air, is by thought. but in order to do that you have to communicate telepathically with the drivers, they’re like little avatars, they’re biological but mostly mechanical. but you still have to feed them every couple weeks or so.

“Let’s go back to the conditioning process when they first were handing you devices.”

Well the conditioning process at an early age involves a lot of torture and rape. waterboarding, you  know the standard electrocution, that kind of thing, to get your mind to splinter. Cus they have to keep doing this and they give you some kind of chemical to keep you from going unconscious. So that you really are in this state of, you’re in so much pain that your mind goes into a fog, and eventually your mind just shatters like something under too much potential, too much stress. And then after the splintering takes place they fill up these areas with alters, and close-hold compartmentalized information. So they use it as a storage area, and personality if you will. They call them alters, but its a manufactured type of schizo-affective, or schizophrenia. Its a manufactured process where each of these alters have specific skills. And they don’t interact with each other. They don’t interact with the waking Beta state mind person. So you’re not even aware they’re there. They have a tendency to come out every once in a while, if the conditions are just right, and certain words are said in a certain pattern you can get triggered. But usually you just flip right back because you’re waiting for not only a key but a code, a series of numbers and series of tones.

Back in my day, but I’m old, so I’m probably…they got hold of the information in the 50’s, and I was born in 1957. They’ve gotten better as they went, non-terrestrials, have been doing this for thousands of years. And they turn out a pretty decent product. The alien human hybrid, they’re a lot better in every way than a human manufactured product. There was quite an argument between the non-terrestrial military complex and the military industrial complex because this particular group of individuals didn’t have the capacity to think like humans. So went they went through the list of things, of parameters they wanted in these soldiers, there was something lost in translation. Not every thing came out the way the military wanted, there were some extra things thrown in that the military did not want. All it basically is is that the military wanted to tap in on the manifestation gene, the Meta-gene factor, the God gene, whatever you want to call it. Because human kind is more powerful than any creature in the known universe.

You know, non terrestrials, their only safe if humans got two strands of DNA. They are only controllable and gullible if they have two strands, if they get their 3rd strand back in place, many years ago one race kinda broke the chain on the third strand which made homo sapien sapien much more controllable. Once you get that third strand back than you cannot be made a slave. It won’t work. They’re manifesters, they can literally wish you away and you’ll be gone. I’ve done it. Didn’t want the guy around and did it subconsciously, don’t know where he went, but he was gone. And there was no visible means of escape for him , and he didn’t have a bracelet.

So I’m pretty sure in a rage state, its always emotional based. Love is thousand times more powerful than rage, it accomplishes more, through the intention of causality than rage.  but rage is what they wanted, because they were having you do nasty things, and if you’re loving and lovable you won’t do nasty things, you would have a tendency to not want to do such nasty things….

Watch the rest here:


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