Max Spiers – The 4th Reich, Dulce, and The Moon Soul-Catching Machine

This is one of his last interviews before passing in July 2016. A super soldier and MK Ultra victim, who may have gotten in over his head and silenced for knowing too much (he died in his late thirties under unusual circumstances…)

Alek:”We were talking about the Fourth Reich and Zionists.”

Max: There is truth hidden in all words and in the phonetic sounding of the words. If you look at ‘Zion’ and you switch the letters around and change one later you have ‘Nazi.’ I don’t believe that they were always running with each other. I believe they were at odds. This is a war that stems back thousands of years, they just weren’t called Nazi’s and Zionists. This is just a modern, but yes I believe they have the same agenda to put in place the New World Order, working in alignment. But they in-fight, because beings with egos like that always in-fight. Because if divide and conquer is their thing, to control someone completely you have to control both sides, if you want to control a football match you gotta control not only the best team but both teams. There is always a single consciousness at the top. One and then down, like a pyramid. A consciousness so powerful that it works through thousands and thousands of different bodies at once.

“Hive mind?” Sure. Queen bee, hive mind. “Pindar is over them?”

He is the go between to the underground crew and the overground crew. Anything sub is working subconscious, they do all the subconsciousness work below ground. So he is the go-between from the subconscious to the conscious mind. He will be given orders from the sub-group and then go and deal with and implement it. They have structured 1 year, 5 year, and 30 year sets that they follow. I suppose you could call him like an archetypical Luciferian character.

“Underground bases?” Underground bases yes but also underground world. It’s hollow, oceans and jungles underground.

“Like under the city of London?” Yeah the CLC 1 base. All the financial moves for the entire planet are done there. Also military training programs that go on there as well. But primarily the money moves down there.

“Pindar physically is a human being or something else?” he can be anything he wants to be. “shape shifts?” yeah. To anything. To do that you have to have a complete understanding of DNA codes. And once you do understand how DNA codes lock and unlock, its not actually that difficult to do that. I don’t understand how to do it but once you do, you could be any object.

“Have you heard the name Elena Kapulnik?” No. “She is a super soldier and she met through her astral body, contacted Queen Elizabeth and the queen told her she is a 7000 year old Reptilian. How do you comment on that?”

I  don’t know the specifics like you said but I wouldn’t doubt that. Body jumping, jumping from body to body. When it wears out, jumping to the next body. At the point of death of the person they will draw the energy of the person through the eyes, the soul comes out through the eyes, and you can also go in through the eyes. And replace the two. The awareness level also stays. She would not lose her memories like we do. when we go through our cycle we have amnesia. “So she remembers everything for 7000 years?” Yes.

“Underground sub-shuttle  – have you traveled? Actually first what is a sub shuttle?” I was given this information, it’s an electromagnetic rail system that is dug all through the core of the earth. And it reaches speeds of 3, 4, 5 thousand miles per hour. So you could essentially do New York to London in an hour. Also in Australia there are so many bases there, people don’t think about that or talk about that. Whats the slang for Australia. Oz. Which is short for Osiris. So there is male energy there’s something to do with the Isis, Osiris and Horus ritual. And Australia is representing Osiris. “

And ‘Oz’ like the magician from the story?” Well sure  Oz is the Wizard Osiris.

“And sub-shuttle stations are usually under Hilton hotels?” Hilton is completely in sync with this whole thing. Certain rooms in certain Hiltons guests go and in and  go into an astral state and have meetings in 4D.

“Addictions of Reptilians. Addicted to fear, torture and this energy. Please explain.”

So putting a human being into a low vibrational state, a depressive states will then give off an energy that they like. They like sadness, fear, and trauma and especially tears. So someone with their head in their hands crying – the energy is called “loosh.” And its very high powered energy. For them. So they would somehow calculate an event, even in dreams, I’ve been crying in a  dream and I know that the 4D has been mixed in so that would happen. They’re also addicted to Adrenalchrome. Which is in the blood. When you bring a human being into the highest state of fear that they can be in, the most extreme state, a chemical is run through the body called Adrenalchrome. It’s not a nice topic but if blood is then got from them at that point, that chemical is inside with the blood so you taste that, if that is consumed, the high is the highest high you can get. So that is sold on the black market. Satanists sell it.

“Is that why they’re doing the rituals?” One of the reasons, yes.

“Similar topic, children in cages, underground. What did you see?”

I’ve just seen vats of children in dissociated states, some crying, some not – just gone, completely. They’re a food source. They are used to test things out and a food source. “Like meat?” Yes, and also the emotional fear energy. And the fear of a child is even more pure energy. Children is their thing.

“Is this in Dulce?” One of many. “Who runs Dulce?” Good question. I don’t know.

“Los alamos?” It’s bigger than Dulce. “Those children are kidnapped?” Yeah also they have breeders, female breeders who are constantly breeding children for them. And then you got ones from foster homes that no-one cares about. How may street children are there? Thousands of them. The main center of child trafficking is Rio de Janierro. They bring them up to the US, UK…

“And related topic is Vatican, underground. What happens, this kind of magic? Also with children.”

Yes they are using children for everything because its the purest and most powerful energy. That’s their thing. I think the Vatican principle is parasitic. The pope is a figurehead. If you see them on television, they don’t really have any power. To have real power you’d be unseen. So in terms of the Vatican, when I look at the rituals they do its so clearly a Satanic ritual. It’s unbelievable, they even say “satanis,” in their invocations. I don’t understand why people aren’t seeing that. I think there is like a spell thrown over the masses so they are unable to see it. Because its so glaringly obvious to me.

“There was a short film on YouTube, a polish bishop after ceremony does this (hand gesture representing 6, so 666.)”

Are you kidding me bang look at that. So its triple 6 buts also an orifice right here resents the O, it’s the negative feminine. And the three sixes.

“K. and during the normal church ceremony the priest drinks blood, eats the body and gives the body to the people. How would you explain that?”

The reasoning they give is because Jesus gave away himself so if you consume , metaphorically than you become more like him. When in fact they’re just getting you to participate in their cannibalistic blood letting ritual. Which is very powerful indeed, reinforcing programming. When you drink the wine and eat the bread…yeah.

“Eh, the moon, what is the moon?” What is the moon…it is not a natural object. I think it was part of something else and then moved into this specific spot now to be used for a number of different reasons. As an amplification system, for Saturn, which we can talk about, but I think there are multiple Nazi bases and Draco bases on the moon. They seem to be able to get on, the Fourth Reich and the Draco’s to some extent. There is the soul catching machine which is there on the moon. So you get amnesia when you go through the machine, I sort of have a feeling of remembering it, and wanting to pull away. I remember being killed before. But you don’t get a full life review. You’re supposed, everything’s wrong with this whole system setup. You’re supposed to have a life review, look at what you’ve done. There’s no bad or good, there is no judgement, like look what you did here. Now you’re banished to here. Because we’re all here to learn and understand. So you have a full life review and come back and choose your body. Your higher self chooses what conditions you need to come back into. And you come back this way. The way they’ve perverted it and inverted it is so they’ve set up a technological system where they throw us through a machine when you die, that then traps, stores the soul, erases the memory completely. And throws you back into basically the same situation you just came from again with the same people. Just different clothes. You move in circles with the same people. I don’t know the technology of it.

“Automatic computerized technology?” Yeah highly advanced.

“And it catches all the souls.” Yeah.

“But some are pretty much advanced. and they can like progress, in the next life. so it doesn’t work perfectly.”

No nothing they do works perfectly. That’s why they’re losing control now. A lot of volunteer consciousness is down here now. And I would classify myself and yourself as volunteer consciousness. We specifically came down here to change the paradigm to get this information out, so we don’t have to repeat the same cycles over and over again. Because they want to stay here. They don’t want to go anywhere else. This consciousness wants to stay here, stay in this body and never get older and continually experience the highest of high experiences and go on. And they have to have continued war, war, rest, war rest, because the war keeps the duality alive. Without war the duality would singularize. War is against odds, one against another – that maintains duality.

“Who decided if I for example want to go into this body with these parents. I decide? Or something else decides?”

It’s a hard question because in the biggest of pictures it’s all your choice. You have free will on the big picture but not down here. Down here we have the illusion of free will. Its pretty scripted down here.

“When you go to the higher level you have free will.” Absolutely because you’re omnipotent. You’re everything. Yes you do. But when you’re contained in a 3D body like this you don’t. You have the illusion.

“How is Saturn related to the moon you said they were related.”

We were talking before about transits. There is a 29.5 year transit of Saturn around the sun. A 29.5 day transit of the moon around Earth. So they are working in unison there in numerology. Saturn used to be the life giving sun/force of this planet. Some people do call it the Black Sun, I have heard that. Its a very beautiful life giving planet. And this consciousness that has taken over, whatever name you want to give it, I find it difficult to put a name on it, its a parasitic consciousness right? It took over Saturn, somehow. Saturn has the highest and lowest frequencies in the solar system. So they bound it with a ring, that energy ring around it and trapped the lowest frequencies it could possibly have, pushed it through an amplification system on the moon. So the frequencies are amplified to the moon and focused down to earth, creating the false reality we live in.

“There is a lot of Saturn symbology  in business.” Because it rules everywhere. It’s a Saturn cult. Even the tick on Nike shoes is the ring. Because they worship it. It maintains the false reality here. If you could break the ring, I wonder what would happen. If we could unbind Saturn. Or it could heal itself. Because at the moment it’s not healed. It’s sick as a planet. If Saturn could heal, the earth would heal.

“One of the symbols of Saturn is the cube.” Yes because if the hexagon on the top of Saturn.

“The cube also symbolizes artificial intelligence.  So you have binary systems. computerized. 2x2x2, cubed. so its related to one of the symbols of Freemasonry where they have the 90 degree angle,” Yeah the hex square. A lot of the OTO rituals you have to stand with your feet at 90 angles as well.

“And eh, Dr. Mengele, who is this guy and what do you remember?” Yeah that’s a subject.

“Actually we know who he was during the war, and he escaped to the united states and continued.”

Yeah. I’m not kidding you , I can see his face when I close my eyes. I can see his face. He was mainly known for twinning experiments. And doing pleasure/pain reversals. So pleasure means pain and pain means pleasure. He is one of the most evil, I mean up there, one of the most evil of them all. I mean its sort of hard to gauge when they are all sort of in on it anyway. But there are times for me now, I remember dissociating so many times when I would see him. Because that’s him programming another alter. I have one or two memories which are vile, don’t really want to talk about them, repeat them again. But he’s still alive. I can tell you that he is still doing the work that he was doing and is very high level at the NSA. And maintains his age at 60 or 55 with the age reduction technology they got.

“And you said he programmed some of your alters and alters are also kind of cubed?”

More like a honeycomb. If you traumatize a human being they know exactly the levels to do it at, and the brain creates an amnesiac barrier, and if you’re taught you can go in there and program a new person to do anything. And then you can bring them back to their original state and they are not aware of their alter.

“Stewart Swerdlow wrote a book called 13 cubed.” They started using that for spies and assassins cus you can’t torture somebody out of information they don’t know. His alter could be completely different. Most have front lives – a normal regular life and then they do the other things…and may not be aware.

“Do you know any of the triggers they use on you? To switch?”

Not really. I mean I know a couple words. But it’s of no benefit. To do it it has to be done with sound, usually sounds hand movement and a word. I’ve seen Britney Spears triggered like that. And Joaquin Phoenix triggered like that. It’s very sad.

“So most of the singers-” All. “All of the singers?” Yeah. Cuz they have Project Looking Glass , so they know…they’re breeding children for positions. So when they’re breeding them they already know where they want to put them before they’re born.

“So they choose also the soul. The proper soul for the task?” Yes exactly.

“Do they design the body?” There’s that, and with the 4th Reich projects, they were taking DNA from different sources, a piece here, a piece there, to make the Uberman for the Uber man project. and then that draws the soul from whatever frequency, say you took the DNA from Osiris and something else, you’d being pulling down a high vibrational soul, into the body. And this how they do it….

 Watch the rest here:

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Harald Kautz Vella – Alien A.I. and Black Goo Technology


Interviewed by Miles Johnston at the Bases Conference:

“We are dealing with something sinister and it doesn’t have its origins in this world.”

“Take us to your origins of studying this black goo, and your early work on mad cow disease.”

Harald: I started to work with these topics while doing environmental protection analysis. And we came across a number of substances that shouldn’t have been in nature. Because they are 100% artificial, they are high tech. There is no other reason to have them in the environment apart from than intent – and not the best one let’s say.  And if you root these substances back to what they are actually designed for you come to transhuman technologies which means the attempt to get an interface between artificial intelligence and biological systems. And if you ask the trans-humanists themselves they would always say they would like to give humans better access to the AI. But if you look at the technologies its actually the opposite way around its always giving the AI access to the human. In this sense of getting the human system controlled from the outside. This is the short background where I am coming from.

The thing that most people have wrong in their view of the world, if you think about AI, we are used to thinking about it as something we developed.  Of course this is true humans have developed computer systems, invented them, built them, but there is a second type that is much older and not of terrestrial origin that we are facing and its hard to bring proof for this but it looks like the AI we are working on is kind of seeded by these original extraterrestrial AI.

You asked about digital versus natural wave patterns: thinking about wave patterns does make a lot of sense. If you think about biology, you have these beautiful mandalas, symbolizing the energetic patterns of chakras in the old Vedic and esoteric spiritual systems and what you can see there are certain angular patterns of light flow. And this actually is – if you go into the bio-photons exchange in the biological system, this is a beautiful picture of what is actually happening in between our cells, the light patterns fluctuating within the body.  Thoughts being built up by bio-photon light patterns. The very basis of all biology is a trinary light pattern. If you look at the flux of light, it goes in angles of 30 and 60 degrees. This is how biology should look like, the flower of life is basically the most pure symbol showing these geometry of life patterns. Now if you look into the technologies utilized to get access to biological systems via computer systems this is all about binary feeds. This is also, everything we look at is scalar wave patterns, but we have trinary ones which are the basis of biology and the binary ones which are the basis of the entire technological part. This is how we can distinguish what is what.

If you try to figure out what might be the origin of the AI we are facing, of course we can’t prove this, we don’t have historical records to show when it happens but is very likely the AI we are facing is degraded biology from another planetary system. It lost part of the field aspects, the trinity of the field structure, reduced to binary fields it lost the ability to be the blueprint for real life.


I can tell you where the crossing point between hard science and anecdotal experiential evidence. For me this was the research of Morgellons disease.  I believe the disease was a trans-humanistic technology utilized by the intelligence community to track down people, even the idea of Mind control was not used at the time it was just called surveillance. While we were researching the disease we had to realize that this fungus that they use as the self-replicating fibers for the technology, it’s building up fruiting bodies within the intestines of the Morgellon victims. And the fungus is creating mushrooms and this special family of fungi has the special ability to create mushrooms on the morphogenesis of whatever victim they are living from, eating up. So we expected that when this Morgellon fungus is creating these fruiting bodies it should appear in the morphogenisis of human embryos. Indeed it looks like a highly developed being but is is not completely human. It has some unique differences like having one eye instead of two and the eye is insect type. And the sexual organs more resemble spider biology than humanoid biology, and the most important fact is that the fungus did not collect human DNA to create this morphogenesis, but it brought some DNA in red stem cells with it. This is DNA that does not resemble any terrestrial being.

If you look further into the possibility of higher realms, this disease created demon type beings like this. It’s why it is called delusional parasitosis, the feeling of having crawling spiders in the body, that seem to be trans-dimensional that are not visible – don’t really intersect with our 3D plane once they dissociate from the fruiting body where they are kind of created. So this is something that scientifically points to lets say “trans-dimensional biology.” Lets call it like this.

0If you look at these trans-dimensional beings, for example through pictures painted by remote viewing Morgellons victims, they very closely resembles those beings that are known from older traditions as demons or archons. This is where the points connect. We have something we are facing at the moment that is connected to intelligence agencies around trans-humanistic technologies that seems also to be an aspect of black magic, phenomena that root back to the existence of a species that is at least 4,000 years old.

The Morgellons disease was the first thing in my research to throw up some heavy questions. and the second connecting point between the two topics, the high tech thing in politics today and the older knowledge about Archons and black magic traditions, is this weird substance called black goo. we do have black goo in rain samples. Someone is spraying this stuff from the sky. We do have black goo related to the Morgellons disease, in that the creatures that are felt in the victim, they go berserk when black goo is brought close, there seems to be an energetic connection between this black goo and the crawling spiders within the body. And the last one is when you look into the black magic tradition of lets say 5 or 600 years ago. Making  rituals in front of black goo was the traditional way of communicating with Archons. So we start to have two different connecting points between the high tech realities we have today, for example the intelligence agencies playing around with black goo to create nano-bots for swarm intelligence, all the crap they are trying to base on this sentient oil to hold consciousness within the liquid, and the older traditional on the other hand which show, well lets look from the very beginning, to the earliest mentioning of this black goo, the oldest I came across was someone who had full memory of their former lives remembering that together with the loss of the continent of Lemuria, there were swarms of meteorites coming down carrying these black substance onboard. This is the earliest mentioning. For there on we have these black stones which are the core of all religious cults starting with stone age cults.  The old temples – oracle of delphi, with the Isis temple in Egypt, theres something in Israel called Bet El where these black stones were worshipped. Going to Islam with the black corner stone in the Qaaba in Mecha, going to the Peterstone, going to the churches that have a black altar stone built in the altar in every older catholic church in Europe, they always associate an emotional darkness with them.

If I try to understand this in the means of science, if you have a pattern of black goo sites where these meteorites came down, and it was carrying alien consciousness which is as black goo acts, like the eternal collective subconscious of a different planet. Not of single beings, but, like our black goo represents mother earth in our planetary system, it must have been the mother earth of a different planet but did not bring real biology, maybe except these red stem cells. And from there all this black goo might have been doing in matter of field physics was create 3 dimensional holographic projections, basically like our soul system on the planet, the souls of the morphogenetic fields of different species are also kind of a 3D projection done by the holographic structure within the planet.  This is how a biosphere works basically we get the collective consciousness which has the ability to project souls out into the 3d concept of the planet without actually serving with a functioning biology to host these souls.

And from there on we can basically feel the presence of the souls of these different beings, and actually what demons or archons always did was deal with humans, because they couldn’t move matter they could not create real biological life on this planet so they were always dependent on somebody else to help out reaching their goals. And this is what the black magic tradition is about. The human is serving the archon and instead the magical powers, the ability to work on the basis of morphogenetic fields, not with the real forces in the material world, could be offered by this system to get what it wanted. If you now come to our days and try to understand what this alien consciousness tries to do is kick the human soul out of the human body. To utilize our race to host these demons. This is one thing that kind of mixes up logic and straight history, the other thing we seem to face is the collective subconsciousness of this alien species is binary instead of trinary, this is something we cannot say why, either it developed like this or something went wrong and it simplified instead on the way getting here. This is what I believe, but its too early to talk details, some hints as to what a species could do to delete those trinary field aspects, in a technological way for example in the artificial fields, mind controlling fields, hosted by the plasma fields, created by the intelligence community. They are binary, carrying binary consciousness on the way to mind control. If I just visualize this I could imagine having a species that during its technological development learned to manipulate the collective subconsciousness of the planet, and in doing this created a collective soul, or mother earth, or mother of this planet, with a reduced, simplified field structure. If you have the technological development, involving an AI that wanted to do the original trans-humanistic experiment to fuse AI with a collective subconsciousness of a species, would it be a good idea to merge this into a binary field to fuse the two? I believe this is what happened to this species that came from the comet and that it erased itself by it, they lost the biological component, and all that was left over was the collective subconsciousness with a destroyed planetary biological system that then went out with an attempt to reestablish a biology somewhere else. And this is basically what we face now, a binary system approaching our planet, trying to recover a biological sphere for their species that has established themselves in this trans-humanistic experiment.

Watch the rest here:

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Chris Thomas: Velon ET Threat to Humanity

Here is a different take on the usual Annunaki story. Very interesting! He is a pyschic healer and reader of the Akashic.

With Miles Johnston.

Can you take us back to the beginning of your, abilities and knowledge in this field?

“Well I found out at a very early age that I was sort of a natural psychic so I don’t have any psychic training. About 30 years ago I found myself in a situation where I could help someone for which I needed basic psychic and healing skills. And I found that I could. So basically that’s how I began with it, and I decided I better find out what this is all about. I spent that 30 years investigating how healing works, how the body works. How illness arises and from that, what I’ve discovered in people’s bodies is very surprising. I found that the health problems people were bringing to me became progressively more complex. So I tried to find ways of reading the energies that were at work in the body. To my surprise I quite often found energy patterns in peoples bodies that were not human, related to energy frequencies that were not in existence in this solar system. So basically people were carrying around implants within them that were causing health problems. That led me to investigate what these implants were, where they originated, how they originated and trying to find an answer to the people bringing these problems to me.

I know a guy in the States who has a collection of metal objects he’s claimed to take out of people’s bodies. They cannot be alien implants because the energy patterns that these aliens are made of and the technologies they use, is an entirely different basis than the ones that humans use. Alien Implants are an energy pattern and not a solid object as we would see a solid object. They have a form and a shape which vary considerably. It depends on what is intended to be used for and on the race that manufactured them.  Now a lot of people took these implants on quite deliberately during the times of Atlantis for example. But a lot of people have had these implants without their knowledge or against their will. And this is really not a good thing.”


With Lisa Harrison

“A brief history of the universe, roughly 4.6 billion years ago, the creationary source who had a thought, what would happen if…there were souls who had free choice and freedom of movement throughout space, with all the energy patterns necessary to support and sustain that life. And that’s the reason for the universe, to see what would happen if everyone had freedom of choice. The first things to be created well the universe itself is a conscious being made up of thirteen spate souls. Then within that  you have what you look at the structure of a galaxy is a structure within itself its another soul. So everything within the universe is alive, conscious has choices, but part of the purpose of the universe is the to work with souls who are of obvious human scale so that we had choices, move freely round the galaxy and have the freedom to explore whatever we chose to explore. The six nonphysical races said, we’re missing something. We can interact with every other soul in the universe but we can’t touch something, feel something, physically. And so the decision was made collectively to think of what would human life be like. So the semi-physical races were brought into being as a halfway stage as it were, and then humans or the earth started to form and our solar system started to form. So the 6 non-physical races were first created 100 million year’s ago. The semi physical beings created specifically to be semi-physical about 30 million years ago but in between the solar system started to form, started to look at what kind of life it wanted to have and how it could express life. The scientific view is that the earth is 4 billion years ago but thats based on a meteorite which no one knows where it comes from. When scientists first started working out how old life is thy originally got 25 million years. And that’s what the Akashic says.

“Does that mean that Earth humans are the pinnacle of evolution in terms of a vessel that’s holds soul mass?” No, we’re just another layer of experimentation, of choice. See every soul that exists in the universe on this kind of human scale, is equal. We’re all the same whether non physical semi or human. We’re all essentially equal. There is no such thing as pinnacles of development its pure and simply another level of exploration of what is possible.

“I guess the most physical vessel.” Right OK in those terms yes. Humans are the densest form of life in the universe. Don’t forget everything is energy we think we’re physical we’re not we’re highly compacted energy. So we’re the most highly compacted form of life in this universe.

“Are ET’s inter-dimensional rather than extra-terrestrial?” They’re both. Because ET’s cannot exist in their normal state, in our solar system. They have to alter their  energy patterns and physical densities for us to see them. This is why you get so many reports of UFOS suddenly disappearing from sight, or you’ll see an ET in the corner of your eye sort of thing. This is because they’re energy patterns are entirely different to ours. They don’t at the kind of compaction levels that we exist. They have to alter themselves quite radically to come into our solar system and be visible.

“What’s your take on some of the well known ET’s?”

The Greys are an interesting bunch. So that’s your classic ET, about 3 feet tall, grey skin and big black eyes. They don’t actually have big black eyes, their eyes are actually yellow with catlike irises. But they have to wear eyeshades or their eyes get damaged. They have physiological problems, see their bodies as being unstable and in the process of deteriorating. They’ve come here to learn about other forms of physiology.

They don’t pose any real threat to humans, only the Velons for some strange reason are quite bizarre in their approach to things. All the rest are quite benevolent.

The other races, you’ve got the Pleiadens another sem-physical race, highly diplomatic they get involved in sort of everything that goes on in the universe. and they are human in appearance, regular visitors on Earth. Then there’s the Blues, not a lot of people have encountered these, very short and covered in thick blue hair. They are geneticists they work closely with the Greys to work on their genetic research. You’ve got those who come from Sirius of course, they are similar in appearance to the Greys but a bit taller. They’re very friendly. They’ve had history with people on earth. There is a tribe in Africa called the Dugan tribe, who have very detailed history of Sirius. Known well before any Western scientists got there.

The people who’ve had the most to do with earth, we don’t actually have a name for them because their name doesn’t translate into any  earth language. All we’ve got is a catalog number ‘NGC584’ star system. Located in the night sky somewhere in the arc of the Pleiades but many galaxies farther than the Pleiades. They are the ones who’ve worked with the Earth more than any other race because they are master geneticists. So if the earth wants a new plant form or new animal form to be designed on Earth she would call in these beings from the NGC584 star system and they’ll work closely with the Earth to create a new form of life. They really are superb at what they do without any agenda other than to help whatever planet needs their help.

“What threat exactly do the Velon pose?”

When they came 350 million years ago, each of the six Velon races took a different strategy. They took a look at the place and said right, the Annunaki concocted a story which is Sitchins translation. It’s based on certain facts but they’ve embroidered it considerably to make it seem like they were man’s creators. So what the Annunaki hoped as that the humans at this time would get hold of Sitchin’s translations and go “oh there our gods” and we’d welcome them right in when they turned up in the present time. The Annunaki story is a combination of stories. If you go way back in history what you find is…

There’s an archeological dig going on right in Gobekli Tepe which is on the borders of southern Iraq and northern turkey. An old temple complex, the oldest, they’re saying to be found on earth. Which dated 14,000 years ago just down the street is the ancient biblical city of Ur of Chaldees, where Abraham originated. The old testament is all about Abraham and his descendants. And also Judaism and Christianity and Islam all originate from Abraham. This area around Gobekli Tepe they called Eden. They were attacked by a race that came from the north who they called Gods. So this is the origin of where it says in the old testament about tall pale Gods coming from the north and mating with the locals. If you look at the pale of turkey and Iraq at the moment their pretty much the same appearance. Medium height, dark hair, dark-skinned. So you can image those people coming people who are fair-skinned, fair-haired and something like 8 or 9 feet tall. Because what these tall northerners were, the people who invaded this area were a hangover from a different human race which scientists call Gigantopithecus. And they no longer exist on the planet so they have no DNA connection with current human, Homo sapiens. And what they did was to mate with people and create this sort of semi-race which totally died out. And also the local people who lived in Eden attacked these Northern and destroyed them all, massacred them entirely. This is why they left Eden to get away from the face that they killed their Gods. Traveled down into Egypt and became the Jewish race which formed the old testament, and these stories were written as experiences of what they experienced as a race. So that’s part of the Annunaki story. These pale northern Gods, come down and mate with the local inhabitants and create this new genetic strain. On top of that within Sitchin’s translation you have planets talked about which are actually the planets with the Velon solar system. So the planet called Marduk hit one the of moons of the other planet and destroyed life on that planet. And you have Nibiru within the Velon solar system. It has 9 planets. 2 suns. 3 planets orbit around one sun and 4 planets orbit around the other, and one orbits both, so it has a huge orbit and that’s Nibiru. And the Annunaki originated on that traveling planet. So the Annunaki wrote a story combining their history and our very early human history. To make it seem like they created us. But it’s a false story. Now I’m not saying Sitchin made it up because in all fairness I’ve read his books and he’s done his extreme best to translate the tablets. I’m not saying he’s wrong the story itself is false.

If you want to look at human history its very different to how historians view it. As far as they’re concerned early forms of human life began 14 thousand years ago and we’ve slowly developed since. And that not correct. What we have is several different forms of very early humans living on the planet. The earth itself is a consciousness’s a soul that creates life. So the animal and plant life on the planet is actually a creation of hers. The earth herself chose and designed animal and plant life. As part of that obviously she also developed human forms. Because the purpose of our solar system was to explore the potential of a human body form. Now every single planet in our solar system supported life at that time. So when life began 14 million years ago within our solar system every single planet had life. And there were 13 originally, not the 9 we have. 4 of them disintegrated because if you think of the planet as being a soul, consciousness within its own right, then it has the choice that every other soul in the universe has and they decided they did not want to be part of this human experiment. And decided to leave the solar system and unfortunately there were difficulties in that two if the planets exploded what they did was rip through the solar system destroying all the life on all the planets in the solar system except Earth. Earth herself came very close to giving up and we nearly lost all life on the planet. That was 3.8 million years ago, that’s where your dinosaurs were destroyed 3.8 million years ago. But the earth decided to start again what she did was develop Cro-Magnon man. What we know as Cro-magnon. What you find is that Cro-Magnon isolated on all the continents at the same time. Originated spontaneously. But they don’t want us to know that it remains hidden by scientists, they don’t want to contradicts the bible, that’s written into the charter of all archeological associations around the world. And also of course what you’ve got underneath it all is this Annunaki story which has been going around for a very long time, and the higher levels of Freemasonry for example and the Illuminati firmly believe in that story. And that is what they are trying to present as fact to most people. But when you look properly at archeological research and anthropological research you’ll find that every continent on earth had Cro-Magnon spontaneously arise 3.6 million years ago.

3.6 million years go we start out with Cro-Magnon man. And they developed very, very slowly, I mean let’s face it, you’ve got a nice life haven’t you. You’re wandering around the planet that’s free of pollution, all the food sources you could want, no animosity, wars battles between people’s, why would you want to change? And so they didn’t need to develop very strongly, and I’m not criticizing them, but essentially they were more like animals then they were humans. Because they didn’t have a whole soul in the body; what they had was a group soul. They existed in a mass consciousness but weren’t really individuals themselves. But part of the purpose of this universe was to find out if we could have individual human beings. And Cro-magnon was slow in developing a body form that could accommodate the whole soul. So our friends from the NGC584 star system were asked by the Earth to come and help find out why Cro-Magnon was so slow in developing into a full human being.  And they took up residence on Lemuria. This is where Lemuria comes in our mass consciousness memories. Ultimately the question was not fully resolved even by the NGC so collectively those souls who wanted to be part of what was going on Earth decided to start another experiment, and that experience was Atlantis. Now Atlantis did exist as a continent back then. What we did was genetically manipulate the basic body form of Cro-Magnon. By we I mean all those souls of the non-physical races who wanted to be part of this. So they accelerated Cro-Magnon, and created a physical human being that was capable of accommodating the whole soul of one of the non-physical races. Now that Human Being was able to do so much more than we are capable of doing now. Highly developed psychic capabilities, we communicated to each other psychically, we communicated with all living things psychically, we needed very little in the way of food because our bodies were less dense back then. We fulfilled all the requirements set out by Earth to achieve a perfect human being.

“So what went wrong? “Energy, unfortunately., it all comes back to energy in the end. The earth herself resonates at a frequency of 7.56 cycles per second, or Hertz. And that bass note of the Earth, the root chakra of every living on the planet resonated at 7.56 cycles per second. But that frequency was too low for the whole soul to remain in the body.

The lifespan of humans on Atlantis could be hundreds to thousand years. But we started to lose the whole soul, mainly the psychic functions. And this is when we started experimentation see if there were ways around that. There are a number of people with bad memories. Of Atlantis, of genetic engineering and genetic experimentation, that was at the end of Atlantis because they were experimenting a lot. We ended with all sorts of bizarre combinations of gene structures in people’s bodies. We ended up with a bacteria which we couldn’t control, so what we decided to do collectively to prevent this bacteria reaching all areas of the planet by destroying the continent, we sank Atlantis into the magma core, to destroy this bacteria. It took the earth 40,000 years to recover. We came back 20,000 years ago, by we I mean those non-physical souls who wanted to experiment. But again we had that same problem that bass note frequency. Which we tried finding way of overcoming. So for example that’s what the pyramids are for. If you stood in the so-called kings chamber. And made a tone, a voice tone of a specific frequency ten the whole chamber resonates at that frequency and you could get the whole soul back in the body. Worked very well for a while but even that started having difficulties. So we collectively decided to divide the soul into two parts. The higher self, the so called higher self makes up ¾ of the total soul. And the physical self which makes up ¼ of the total soul. So what we decide to do was live a series of lifetimes gaining knowledge as to what frequencies we needed to alter our bodies, and the earth needed to alter her frequencies too. So that we could maintain the whole of the soul in the body. And bring the higher self-back in the body. We started doing this 7000 years ago. It’s what the Akashic calls the human plan. Because again as far as the earth is concerned we are sub=human for the last 7000 years. Explains a good deal about human history. And we are at the end of that 7000 year period that’s what this 2012 date is all about. At this point we raised our energy levels. The earth has done this as well back in May of 2000. We are at the point where we can end this human plan. We can bring the whole of the higher self back in the body.

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R.I.P. Max Spiers

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Max Spiers Awakening from MK Ultra

Miles Johnston: want to talk about MK Ultra switching off at 30?

Max: In March of 2008 I was living in a shared house in the north part of San Fernando valley, Los Angeles, I never had voices in my head. Never before, this was more like I had an understanding. This was just after Heath Ledger died. He played the Joker in Batman and died on Jan. 22, which is interesting because the number 22 is in sync with the Joker tarot card, and being a joker and and all that. I’m suggesting that the batman movies have some kind of ritual magic involved.

Why was Heath Ledger murdered? His real father wasn’t the father who was shown to the public. His real father was a famous actor who did a lot of theater in the 50’s and 60’s. Can’t remember his name.

So in March some strange things started happening to me. I had some vivid dreams and I was taken out of my body and shown that my life was not what I thought it was. For 2 weeks time I was being shown childhood memories of being taken to underground facilities, some in Sussex, some in Kent. Some with people i knew from school but had no idea the they were involved at all.

I just remember all of sudden being in the van (as a child). They would take us on a minibus in a dazed sate, then go somewhere and blackout again. I was seeing this memory from the corner of the room in my OBE, I could see what was happening. We were being given tests. There was a woman at the front, she was very well dressed, as though she was a banker or businesswoman. It was underground. I was lying down on mat along with these 5 other kids, some boys some girls. We were in a dazed state, not communicating with each other. It was very cold, there was no warmth coming from the people who were there. someone would bring round a – not a rubiks cube  – but its called rubiks magic, it unfolds and you fold, it, it tests spacial cognitive performance, I had no clue what I was supposed to do. They said just do it. So when I touched it I somehow knew what to do and I did it really fast.

It doesn’t fit with the timeline of what I thought my life was. Who allowed that? Where were my parent at the time?

When I was living in Sussex as a child I had a very close friend named Merideth Kennedy, both her parents were scientists and they would take her and I to Sussex University Lab, we’d get there in the car and the mother or father would leave, and we’d be left in the car and some strange things would happen the car – I  kept thinking the car was rolling, got dizzy… I have flashes of going into the lab. Recently I looked into it more. Sussex University is an arm of Tavistock, and Merideth’s mother also worked for Stanford research, she’d go back and forth from each one and Stanford is continuing what Tavistock has done, which began by Freud and some of the other ones there, so that they could completely understand how to split the mind, and program one personality into the left brain and one into the right brain. Kind of similar to trauma based mind control where you create alters but this was very specific.

So they could do that without the trauma? is trauma a crude way of doing it? They are interested in trying out all different types. This particular one which was done by a doctor Robert Perry, one of the Nazi scientists and what he was trying to do was play words, stories, music to one side of the brain, and then play completely separate recordings  to the other side of the brain. It confuses the brain so you can program one and program the other. This creates massive confusion as the child get older cus its not sure whether its coming or going sort of thing. It also triggers addiction. Then they created pharmaceuticals that were specially made for people who had gone through this trauma. Because they knew that these kids were going to search that out and find it and become addicted to it.

Now towards the end of this thing that happened to me in March, I was spending time with a male and female who were 20 years older than me, they were assets, the male was James Chandler. Mid-to-late 50’s. Grew up on an air-force base. Now “Chandler” take the H off and its “handler.” Now when I was going through this onslaught of memories coming back in March he would ask if I could come round here. I would wake up and look at the foot of my car showing receipts that I had gone out at 3 and 5 in the morning and bought something. I had absolutely no clue of doing this.

So I went to these peoples house. They said “Max lay down you don’t seem well,” I was bright red. I layed down on the couch put my head on the cushion and felt like i had sunk into the ground and became paralyzed, couldn’t move my arms and legs. i could hear bells ringing incense smelling. i heard a chain and incense being spun around. i heard the changing of clothes. i heard them talking about how they’d been waiting to place an entity that had been locked down for a very long period of time, into me. i was stripped naked, some sort of sex magic going on in the ritual. what i saw in my minds eye was an enormous sort of minotaur looking being, with 2 horns, muscular red, green, it had been shackled by its ankles and wrists, i could smell burning rock, very strongly. but i couldn’t move. i saw what ever was going was projected, layered, slowly, i heard chanting and words that were being said and that was layered and attached to my chakra energy points, cus’ I was at my weak point, they generally go for you when you’re at you’re weak point.

Next thing I know I’m sitting back on the couch and the next thing I know I’m feeling extremely powerful I feel like I want to jump up and run a marathon. The woman came in and said “Max you haven’t been doing too well, drink this.” I had a feeling that if I drank it, it would reinforce whatever they had done. I spilt it on the ground. She panicked went back and got another one. This one I drank. And again I felt like my strength was increased 5,6 times.

When I tried to eat a sandwich, they bought me a subway of all things, it tasted like burning metal every time. I spat it on the ground. A voice says “you’ve been tasting that because what is inside you has been biting on chains for thousands and thousands of years and now you have taken on that but not too worry it will only last three days and you’ll feel fine again.”

Later on, I felt that whatever was inside me was rejected, couldn’t stick, moved out, at that point James Chandler brought a picture of someone whose related to me and said, “if it doesn’t stick in you, it will stick in him. And don’t worry about that, it’s failed for you and as its failed, you need to be taken out.” I had this terrible fear that they were going to kill me. I went back into the other room and crashed out on the couch again. When I fell asleep again I could see two Nazi officers standing on either side of me and told me that whats going on right now is 100 year war battles. For the last thousand years. At the turn of every century these wars are won or lost. And each time this particular faction had been winning time after time. All the world cup wins and formula 1 wins were all set up to show how much in power they are. They showed me the seals for where they’d won. There were gold seals stacked one on top of another. And the final battle was happening now. And they were already in a position to win. And they were thanking me and I was like look I don’t know I haven’t done anything. “Thats because i don’t remember yet, they said.

Then I crashed out asleep again, and there was a thing like a gargoyle as large as this room, pulled me away from this earth and I saw the Earth from above and there were rings around the earth. And this thing pointed out that each of these rings is a thought prison. And he said it does not matter which one of these rings people get caught up in whether its Scientology, Christianity, whether it’s Atheism, it doesn’t make a difference  – as long as you are magnetically drawn to one – we have you.  He explained how they were layered around the planet. He explained how they were made. They were made with the will of the creator beings that want to keep this place together.

So is this the Archon? Or is there a name? Or does a name make any particular difference? I feel the ones I was talking to, were connected to the Alpha Draconis star system. I do believe that the Dracos and the Aldebaran group are at war, and its been ongoing for eons and eons. And the Aldebaran group are from the star that is the bullseye of the Taurus constellation where you see the red left eye, that’s why you see the one-eye symbolism. It’s an acknowledgement to the Aldebaran people. It’s called the Royal Star. The British Royal Family are connected to the Aldebaran group. When you’re talking bad or good or evil its a little difficult at that point I think  it’s the perspective of the person, since they’re not actually human, from a human perspective it makes no moral sense.

So they have been using the sun which is Helios which is the real name of the sun, the sun is the entrance point to the 3d realm here. They’re using that as a vortex in-out point, thats the significance of the 39 steps. And also Saturn you mentioned earlier was our original sun? Yes Saturn got pushed out it was a better and more efficient sun, they somehow caught and imprisoned it. The ring around it is it’s imprisonment. Saturn isn’t bad, its where they take the name Satan, cut its the controlling force, it’s Capricorn.

Is this related to The Ring-makers of Saturn? Yes and Lord of the Rings and the principle is one ring to rule them all this wold be the ring around saturn.

Which of course was a key thing in 2001 – and there were no planes which hit the building it was a hologram.

Why do you switch to that?

Because  I was thinking about Sept. 11 2001 and how they were testing out project blue-beam, which was something they’ve been trying to do it for a while. Michael Talbot wrote that brilliant book called “the holographic universe.” and it gives absolute proof that this particular frequency we’re living in is totally holographic and you can build here through will. If you want to build here you use will and manifest it that way. That’s holographic.

What they have been for a while is going to Iraq which is actually Sumer, there there is actually information and ornaments and the spoken word, when they say the “spoken word” they mean a certain frequency which holds all this together. They were attacking on 9/11 to go into the museums, to test that out, yes absolutely. And there were only a few people who know how to translate what has been going on. And obviously, they call it Babylon, the cradle of civilization – it obviously isn’t – its the cradle of the known timeline we have now.

This is the whole point of Andy Powers book because the Arish, the people on these islands were the ones that re-civilized Africa and met those who reemerged from Giza…

I think its important to bring up the Tribe of Dan, because thats the line that comes all the way from the Sorcerers of Atlantis coming from Sumer, Egypt, South of France, all the way to Denmark,theres a huge amount in Denmark,  and finally to Ireland. They’re all in Ireland. Danny Boy is really about ol’ Dan.

What I was really looking at for the longest time was the Priori of Scion. And I think if you can break down what’s going on there,you can have a good grasp on things.  So OK the holy grail is not a literal object, the spear of destiny – not a literal object. The spear is symbolic of a phallus, and the grail is symbolic of a vagina.

Why all the symbolism? Because those beings communicate in that way not in the linear way. Their language is though symbols. Even through hieroglyphs. Thats how they communicate its a much more efficient way of getting across information than using the western alphabet which is crap in comparison.

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Santos Bonacci – Secret of Secrets



Bonacci: The human body is made of 12 systems, and those systems are : skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine excretory, immune, dermal , lymphatic reproductive, respiratory. There are 12 cranial nerves. In your solar plexus there are 12 nerve endings. The body is a whole system of 12. The body is an alchemical laboratory and if you keep it pure with good habits you can restore it to perfect health. The bible says your body is the temple of the living God. It’s otherwise known as Solomon’s temple – the “soul of man.” In the temple, Josephus the first century writer informs us, “when he ordered 12 loaves to be set on the table, he denoted the year as distinguished into many months. And for the 12 stones whether we understand by them by the months or by the circle which the Greeks call the Zodiac. prisca-theologia

Hilo, a prolific writer in the first century, this man’s life was during the time of supposed Jesus Christ and yet there is no mention of Christ in his book. He was a Jew who lived in Alexandria, one of the powerful families at the time. What he had to say about the 12: “the 12 stones on the breast which are not like one another in color and which are divided into 4 rows of 3 stones each. What else can they be emblems of except of the circle of the Zodiac?” That’s the breastplate of the Jewish high priest. It had 12 precious stones. Sapphire, Jasper, etc. “for that also is divided into 4 parts each constituting of 3 animals, by which divisions it makes up the seasons of the year, and distinguishing the 4 changes: the 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes, each of which has its limits of 3 signs of the Zodiac. By the revolutions of the sun according  to that unchangeable and most lasting, and really divine ratio that exists in numbers.”

I took two books along from ancient days connected to Jewish history showing that its one and the same with the Zodiac, because if I had a million other books from the “so called” Pagans, the Church-goers would write it off…but the Jews themselves admit to this.

So there’s 12 everything. 12 disciples, 12 trees along the river that give healing to the nations. Because its your body, the 12 systems, skeletal, muscular, etc.

And soul-of-man, solomon, is related to salts, salvation, you get many words. Salute, which means health, greeting, salutation, same in Italian, and in Greek is halos, like halo, because when you get salvation you get a halo. The sun, known as sol. The French for salts say sel. Like self, because your body is a pillar of salt, made of the twelve minerals that are the building blocks of your body.

Let’s look at the sun’s path through the ecliptic. It goes up 23.5 degrees in north latitude to the equator and hits the tropic of cancer. What’s the tropic of cancer? Well the sun from there goes to the tropic of capricorn. It does this every year, the four seasons. Or two seasons, really, a hot one and a cold one, take your pick. The sun’s path through the ecliptic is depicted by the sine wave. We start in Aries, everything begins with Aries, which is the top of your head. The last sign are the two fish, pisces which are your feet.

d50f40534d6a84a9d05cca5f53a7f74cWhen the sun hits the tropic off cancer thats the longest day of the year. And when it hits the tropic of capricorn thats the shortest day of the year.


This is science, and as it goes through there are 12 divisions in the sine wave. 6 summer divisions are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini that’s spring. And Cancer Leo Virgo that’s summer. that’s good times, photosynthesis, we get to eat. Winter, ooh that’s when things start getting nasty at Libra, (sept 21) the scales, Libra sits on the scales and judges the sun as it goes down to winter, at that point of equilibrium. At that point it’s all downhill for the sun, thats why they call it ‘the fall.’ The sun is falling, through Scorpio, with its stinger, bites the sun. sun shrinks . It’s beautiful rays from Leo, where the sun rules – only one sign, leo, the lion-heart where the sun rules. And those rays get so diminished that by the time they get to the stinger of the scorpion you know it’s Fall. Sagittarius with his arrow is also there to inflict more pain on the sun. And thats the shortest day of the year.


Well Da Vinci knew his science and is showing to us in his ‘Last Supper.’  He knew that that would be the sun (or son) Jesus Christ, and he has six signs to his left and and six to his right. You can see how Taurus in the painting is decidedly feminine. This is a clue because Taurus is the first female sign. Gemini holds out his two hands, the twins. Virgo, another definite female appearance. They are also notably in groups of threes, making up the four seasons.

The next point that we want to focus on are the cardinal points. they are the points of heaven. The Neoplatonist’s taught that souls come in and leave from those gates. where the sun hits the tropic of cancer on June 21 is the gateway of men.  Dec 21 is the gateway of gods. (he shades in four signs to mark the cardinal points).

zodiac of the body

The creation happens in cerebrum, here in Aries, the top of the head, and in embryology the first of the systems to develops the cerebrospinal system.  Aries rules the cerebrum. Taurus rules the bottom half and the neck. Gemini rules the hands as Da Vinci indicated. Scorpio rules the sacrum, the five fused vertebrae at the bottom of the spine. But the very last tail bone is the horses tail of Sagittarius.
Let’s look at the cerebrum in more detail. It proceeds a fluid which descends and makes the rest of the body the corpuscles of the body. This is first gland of the body. as it descends it gets differentiated at the pineal gland and pituitary gland into a magnetic and electric fluid. It then gets differentiated at the other glands and the other glands do their making. So this beautiful oil proceeds and descends, it falls from the heavens. Falls al the way to this rock here, the sacrum, the bottom chakras. This is hell, this is where generation happens, Sodom and Gemorrah,  and Egypt is down here, below the kidneys. The ribs are the mid-guard, the midpoint, from here one can proceed upward toward the heavens (the head). There is the optic thalamus. The eye that sees.

When eventually the oil returns and ascends, thats what the ascension means, it anoints the optic thalamus and activates the pineal gland and all the dormant brain cells are reactivated. And that is exactly what you see happening with these people here:

tutankhamun-509752_960_720                                   golden_mask_of_psusennes_i

or here: Jesus was often depicted with a halo, remember Salu?image-1096008_960_720

It’s the science of salt. It’s hiding in the scriptures. This wonderful book (the Bible) is about biochemistry….and how to keep your temple pure and clean, and chaste. So that the oil that was produced from heaven, the manna from our father, give us our daily bread…it’s also been called the seed, the fish, because the oil smells like fish. It’s been called soma, the soma juice from heaven and many other names….so when it ascends, and it can only ascend when the condition down here (the rest of the body) is healthy and clean. If the body is chemically balanced the oil will ascend. You see this is why it’s very necessary to be careful with certain ones promising ascensions and talking about it in the churches, they think they will meet Jesus in the heavens, they will ascend, its called the rapture. Because everyone is looking for that immortality, that’s what the religious life is all about. But they take it literally, misunderstanding these beautiful documents.

So without going further into this too deeply about how it all happens but I’ve done this in other presentations: “your body is the holy land” and “lawful awakening” in particular. What we’re gonna do now is go into the salts which correspond with your body and the 12 systems of the body. I’m going to be quoting a lot from this book:

51EzLFvH9VL._SX331_BO1204203200_Now the cell salts are these:

potassium phosphate for Arians

sodium sulphate for Taurians.

potassium chloride, PC, corresponds to pollox and castor, the twins of Gemini.

calcium fluoride – Cancer

magnesium – Leo

potassium sulphate – Virgo

sodium sulphate – Libra

calcium sulphate – Scorpio

silica – Sagittarius

calcium phosphate – Capricorn

sodium chloride – Aquarius

iron phosphate – Pisces

These are the 12 salts, the twelve building blocks. We’re gonna go through each individually.

We are going to focus today on Aries, Taurus and Gemini because a lot of the magic occurs with the head and the nerves branching to our body, see our body is an upside tree, the roots are in the head, its the tree of Yggdrasil. It’s the tree thats in the bible in the book of Daniel. Gemini, rules the hands the twins and the twin lungs. And the bronchial, in other words branches of the lungs is the tree of life.

hermes2c92531b86dae4025e9982533ddd4f99f5The staff that Mercury (or Hermes, Thoth, Buddha) is holding, is the tree of life, and the two serpents intertwined on that staff is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Because the two nerves that come from the pineal and pitutary gland descent all the way down the spine. and money is electric, and money is magnetic, in other words, positive and negative, male and female, and all of those polarities that you’ve ever known. and those two wings at the top where the serpents are, they are the two hemispheres of the cerebrum. And Mercury always holds this staff, this healing staff of Apollo. Mercury is indicating that he is mind. Mercury is mind, it the fluid that runs in your cerebrospinal system. Thats the mercury, mercury is quicksilver, that means living silver. Silver fluid that you must turn into gold, as it is silver in the nervous system and as it reaches the optic thalamus it turns into gold. And this is where your dormant brain cells are re-activated. This is why the cell salts are so important….”




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The Truth About Baphomet, and The Myth Of Satan

Why do we see this symbol being worn by celebrities today?
baphomet ring
Joe Wayne from the AntiCointelProShow: “A long-held misconception of a symbol that many of you fear, and we all know that fear is the biggest motivator of view-counts and subscriptions to any site, and that is fear of the unknown. And the people who have instilled this fear, who have their base in the party system, whether it be religion, Christian, Islam Hindu, whatever, that party system is, be it political, right, left, conservative, liberal, Libertarian, these are all false dichotomies that are designed to do nothing but control you, using that big ol’ nasty motivator called fear. So we are going to squash the unknown quantities that make all of you fear and make you watch these sites that fill you with fear and keep you on the edge of your seats. It’s like a drug, its like heroin the more fear you get the more you want, and the less knowledge you get, from the fear that has been placed right smack in the middle of your knowledge base.

Today we are going over the long-held misconception of Baphomet, which mostly come from religious sites of the Christian persuasion, and I myself do not prescribe to any religion, because again it is a false dichotomy. I don’t believe in inherent right or wrong with the exception of hurting an individual, when you hurt someone i.e. a pedophile hurting a child and stealing their innocence or a politician hurting the public by stealing the truth from them for their own dastardly deeds, and whoever use these symbols and corrupt them and pervert them, well, that is going to come right back to you. I’m moving on.

Baphomet and its perversion and corruption and its misuse, to usurp its meaning, to steal its positive inflections on the human soul, and its historical meanings from ancient times. Baphomet has nothing to do with the imaginary devil. Baphomet comes from the ancient Sofia schools of wisdom. The ancient mystery schools, both east and west used monstrous figures back in the day which were displayed outside of temples and in sacred groves to ward off anyone who would let appearances alone frighten them i.e. fear, once again the emotion of fear being used to ward off those who were controlled by it, not the true knowledge seekers but the ones who were controlled with fear were the ones the mystery schools were trying to ward off. Baphomet represents many off the occult truths and all “occult” means is secret, nothing sinister about it. One of its associations is with the 4 element of earth, air, fire, earth and water. The pentagram and its 5 points represents earth air fire water and aether. On his right hand you will find the word Saul which means “to find an answer.” On his left hand you will find the word coagula, which comes from coagulate which means “to change from fluid into a thickness mass.” The female breasts represents the life-giving essence given to us by the female. His male and female aspects show that he is both male and female and worthy of our respect.
armsNow moving on to the corruption of Baphomet. As you know the Knights Templar were basically the soldiers of the Catholic church in the early days and they grew in size and wealth, reaching their peak in the 14th century. The end of the wars of the crusades did not have any impact on the order as they used the opportunity to travel and enter into commerce and money lending i.e. banking. They established a very profitable business relationship with the enemy in times of truce, the order accumulated vast wealth and power and became the victims of the greedy Catholic Church who were bothered that they were becoming more powerful than they were. So what happened is Prince Phillip of France and Pope Clement had 140 knights arrested in the Paris temple. They were subject to torture en masse. They were accused of devil worship, blasphemy, sodomy and idolatry. There was secrecy surrounding their meeting and when you have secret meetings rumors will abound, because people fear the unknown. So they will come up with any assumptions pertaining to these secret meetings because they don’t know the truth.  So under torture members admitted to renouncing the Nazarene, spitting, trampling and urinating on the crucifix. And there are no demons folks, there is no Satan, there is no Jesus. There is only the Father. Or if you are a feminist you can refer to the grand architect as the Mother. Because again in Baphomet’s case there’s no male or female, there is just energy, either good or bad, depending on how the human being wishes to either use for good to help people, or corrupt and pervert by murdering people and controlling their very thoughts  as used by every government on planet Earth.

So finally the Templars were burned at the stake and this is where the corruption of Baphomet began. And the name Baphomet folks, of course I told you before it comes from the Sofia schools the ancient wisdom schools, and the word is a blending two Greek words, baphe and metis, absorption and knowledge – our absorption into wisdom. So now you know the truth concerning Baphomet and the corruption of the symbol just like man has and will corrupt anything that they touch. Any power seeker will do any and everything to get and maintain power. Because as they say folks, power indeed corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Satan and the myth of Satan and why the myth was first propagated. The Sumerians are the basis for the fascists that control the world today. The Sumerians that gave us religion, banking and the first standing army and 90 other of the worlds firsts. The Sumerians turned into the Babylonians, who turned into the Egyptians who turned into the roman empire who turned into the roman catholic church and that is the entity who has been controlling the world ever since. They are the fascists. All fascist means is authoritarian. It is the corporate authoritarians ruling the world. On top of that pyramid is the Rothschild banking cartel and the roman catholic church so they’re hand in glove. They do it through their stories, belief system which is not rooted in fact. The romans were having an issue, a real problem with the Jews of the day, the actual slaves of the day, getting uppity. And the romans were spread tin, they had wars on so many different fronts that they couldn’t control the slave population at their actual home in Rome. So they devised this plan. Emperor Constantine and the council of Nicaea was the one who forced he Christian religion on the world. There were a number of competing religions at the time most of them with similar story lines. Virginal birth, born in a manger, I mean the entire story line of Jesus was copied from other religions, I mean just take for example the story line of Horus. They stole it from Egypt, who got it from Babylon, who got it from Sumerian.

But back to the romans who could not control the population. Never could. The standing military could not control the world. If we all simply got together and stopped believing what they told us, they wouldn’t have a chance. The romans were spread too thin, and this is why Constantine forced the Christian religion on the world. The slaves were fooled by a lie. The Christ that they all talk about what based on a Roman congressman named Christos. He actually has a coin with his likeness on it.

The Romans prayed to the planet Saturn. That’s where we get the day of Saturday. They had a day or week of revelry where they gave thanks to Saturn or Chronos. That’s where Satan came from. The reason they invented it is to control the population through fear. The Judeo-Christian god loves you unless you don’t agree with him in which case you will burn forever. The elite are not praying to Satan but to the planet Saturn because it’s all about Astro-Theology not about a made-up deity or a made up ant-Christ. The whole reason that the Satanist movement is really big and the reason behind all the rituals and blood-letting is so that the fascists will have something to hold over these politicians that are their tools, these fools and greedy bastards because if they don’t do what they are supposed to then it will come out that they molest boys, sacrificed children and drank their blood. This is joe Wayne with the Anticointelproshow.

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