Celebrity Cloning Glitches and Inconsistencies

Is it an MK Ultra Glitch or a Clone Glitch?

There is a phase in the research of conspiracies and truthing that one inevitably comes across MK Ultra Mind Control Programming. We know they employ it with celebrities, media talking heads, politicians, all star athletes, etc. But recently another layer to the conspiracy has revealed the even more secretive Human Cloning crisis we have on our hands. Now there are three types of clones to distinguish here.

  • Replication clones
  • Duplication clones (Robotoid)
  • Duplication clones (REM-phase driven)

See why there is a lot of confusion and misinformation around this issue? Let’s try to sort it out here:

Replication clones are grown from birth using a single cell taken from the original body. Replication clones, while identical to the donor cell’s body, are their own soul with their own personality that develops independently as they grow. This is being done but is not the main way the Illuminati employ cloning.

Duplication clones are grown in about 5 months in a tank, as fully formed adults, or grown to whatever age the donor was who gave their cell sample (willingly or unwillingly).  However, do not be fooled by the psyop movie “the Island;” these clones are in a perpetual coma unless activated by a real person through REM phase consciousness transfer, or else purely mechanically by an A.I. brain (Robotoid clones).


When a Duplication, Robotoid Clone (flesh and blood body, computer brain, soulless) is told to commit suicide, it will do so without hesitation, they have no instinct for self-preservation. They are physiologically alive, cut them and they bleed, but they have no independent soul, will or self-awareness. They run on advanced AI wetware computer programming. They can even download memories of the person and mimic their behavior. I believe that most of these celebrity glitches are coming from these type of soulless robotoids glitching out.

The third and apparently most common way (according to Donald Marshall and a few others) the Illuminati use clones these days is REM driven, duplication clones . The easiest way to visualize this is two bodies, but one soul or consciousness driving both. REM driven Duplication clones (unlike what they show in the Island) can only be conscious and moving around when a normal human is asleep in REM phase and transferred via mind hack technology into that body. Likewise the only way for the person to animate their clone is to be asleep. This is the type of cloning the Illuminati prefers to use because they don’t glitch out as often as robotoids.

Watch the third season of Black Mirror, or the movie “Avatar” to see how they hide this information in plain sight, hidden in fiction so it seems too far-fetched or silly to be taken seriously.

In the following video by researcher Jesse Spots, is a compilation of celebrity or media person glitches. Now that you know about the different weapons the Illuminati employs on the populace, form your own conclusion about the cause of these glitches. Of course some could be real people suffering from trauma based programming, but I am leaning towards these being cloning glitches.

You will notice that Dr Dre no longer has hand/arm tattoos! This is evidence of duplication cloning! There is the famous line in an Eminem song “Dr Dre is dead he is locked in my basement!” Disclosure?


What many people don’t understand is that even with clones, when they are grown like that in a vat, there are small mistakes in the protein coding that cause minute differences to appear between clones and their original. Eminem’s face has certainly changed, leading many to speculate that he, like Dre was killed and replaced by a clone, or else simply replaced by a look-alike (different person entirely that happens to look like the original).


Eminem in 2003: “There is only one of me so fuck you!”

Eminem in 2009: “There are two of me, and the first one is dead!”

Your Beloved Idol Is Probably Dead!

Eminem and Dre, the originals, were probably fed up with being controlled by the Illuminati and started speaking out, and became loose threads to tie off. Celebrities being replaced by clones is an epidemic not to be taken lightly, this is how they get things done, watch the tv show “Nikita,” it explains how a rogue division within the CIA is killing and replacing all the world leaders with their own stooges. If you like pop music, your beloved favorite singer or band is either compromised (sold-out insider or slave), or else dead, a hero that fought back and was killed and cloned. The saddest part is that we cannot even grieve properly for these people because we don’t know or can’t be sure that they are truly gone.

This is how they have taken real authentic music and warped it into a Satan worshipping mega-ritual. This is why they are all flashing the occult hand symbols and bombarding us with subversive symbolism. This is how they killed the cultural arts, anything real and authentic silenced, all the directors and screen writers who make it big have to follow their narrative, their agenda. Since my awakening I only watch Hollywood movies and take in pop culture to find the hidden disclosure, that is the only reason, not to find authentic art or creativity, both long dead in the  mainstream sector.

I recommend reading the papers of Miles Mathis, who talks about the CIA side of this, how they have coopted the arts and literature from underneath us. He has a fascinating essay showing evidence that even the beloved Harry Potter series was probably ghost-written by a panel within the CIA, with JK Rowling being a front.

Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, anymore.

Pro sports? Even top athletes aren’t immune from this. Look at Shaq completely frozen for over a minute on live TV. Ask yourself, is this just the work of MK UItra?

Are Clones Used In False Flag Attacks?

holmes-1024x723Colorado Movie Massacre_Jam

In the Aurora shooting massacre of 2012, the Dark Knight/Joker Mega-Ritual to sell movie tickets, guns and fear to the populace, they not only bring in a dazed and bewildered “James Holmes” into the courtroom (similar to Sirhan Sirhan’s dazed demeanor after shooting Kennedy) but this Holmes is not even the same James Holmes shown to us prior to the shooting! More look-alikes or clones.

Jesse Spots has pointed out, and I have suspected this as well, that when we look into these false flag mass shooting or bombing events, we have to discern several things: first, was this real or staged? In other words were there real bodies killed, or was no-one even harmed (hoax, or fake media event). But now we have to add to this equation, that if there were real bodies shot or blown up, were they real genuine people, or were they duplication clones? Remember, people who are controlling an REM clone just wake up back in their original body if their REM clone dies. So it would be easy to fake a death this way.

Jesse talks more about this ““clones for fraud” theory here.

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3 Responses to Celebrity Cloning Glitches and Inconsistencies

  1. rebecca says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen anyone frozen like ‘Shaq’ before in a video. Everyone else just ignored him as if not to draw any attention to him.

    As for cloning, I used to assume it was experimental and reserved for humans and animals that would be kept secret somewhere. However, the information about Eminem and Taylor Swift seems suggestive of potential cloning…

    I’m not sure if I think James Holmes was cloned though. The pictures being compared showed two different facial expressions and lightings. His eye color could’ve looked different because of the lighting and his nose could look different because of the different expressions.

    • romanianalien says:

      Swift showed us clearly in some of her latest vids that she was cloned. Cloning has been happening since the dawn of humanity. Welcome to the real world, my dear, where…. nothing is real!

  2. romanianalien says:

    Miles Mathis is another tool/fraud and Im not talking out of my ass when saying that. Any person with those 2 basic neurons can see why. I hope u will too.

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