Six, Sex, Hex, Vav, the Cube and the Fang

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Devin from the channel ‘flat earth paradise’ did a video starting with the number 6 and how it relates to sex in our occult symbol-language. It triggered a string of downloads which I have attempted to document here.

The number 6 in numerology represents earthly matters, finances, status, and materialism. And since the number 8 is the number of the infinite – sideways infinity symbol – and return to Source, then 7 is right in the middle of Earth and Heaven. Man must go from 666 to 777, if he wants to return to the 8, the infin8.

This is the same 7 which is the G in between the Freemasonic compass (8) and square (6):

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Why Was 6 Afraid of 7?

Devin says, “if you see recurring 6’s given to you on clocks, license plates, it’s a reminder to set your intentions on more spiritual sights instead of material needs. When celebrities and politicians are constantly flashing the 666 hand gesture this represents their admiration of the principles which 6 represents: the mastering of earthly matters, like power and sex, which is currently over-emphasized. The greek root ‘hex’ means six, and is similar to the latin cognate ‘sex.’ in standard numerology we get the phrase XOXO from 6.”



“And this is is also why XXX has been associated with sex. XXX means 666. The word sex is derived from the latin ‘secare,’ meaning to cut off, also meaning to intersect, or lie across each other. This reveals the dual nature of sex, it can be used to divide or unify. Like the number 6, sex when over-emphasized and inverted, becomes a force for restriction rather than expansion.(SOURCE)

His video in that link is mainly on the merits of sacred sex (white tantra) which can only happen between loving partners and in which the outward ejaculation is not expressed. Any kind of sex outside of that has the potential for demon attachments. But that is a whole other chapter in itself. Here let us concern ourselves with the following symbol set: six, sex, hex, hexagonal grids and the six sided cube. We are also going to look at why Jimi Hendrix sings the line, “If 6 was 9, I don’t mind, I don’t mind.”

The GONG, Cymatics of the Torus

As we’ve covered before, all things of the material realm have their origin in the torus field. This is the real ‘atom,’ not material, but made of sound and light, or frequency and energy. It is a pulse that rings or ripples out. Whenever a bell tolls, it makes the UNG sound. RINNNG. The ‘G’ caps or curves the sound wave. The pure UNNNN or AANNNNN or OMM sound is the sine wave. But since bells are curved, and metallic, the sound gets capped, clipped, muted or limited by the ‘G.’ 

So the UNNG or BONG or GONG sound of a bell rINGing is one of the primordial sounds of the universe. The AUMMM can go on forever (infin8). When its capped or curved by the G, we get finite atoms, materiality. This is why in music the UNG always pops up: Bongo, conga, gong, song, sing, the tango. Singing is modulated by the tONGue.

Onomatopoeia words often feature this primordial rING, God’s initial spoken word which is reverberating still, and the G is often replaced by the other percussives T, D, C, K, B, P, as in BANG! BONK! THUNK! KONK! THUMP! DING!

Keep this pattern in mind because it is very important. It is the key that unlocks many doors in the occult.

Once you know this and you know that the bull symbol points to the UNG, things really pop, the downloads start streamin.’ The head of the bull, or any horned animal really, is shaped like the upside down bell. It’s in the words: BULL, BELL, BALL (because the torus also creates a sphere). These words point us to cymatics, to the CreaTOR (tor, torus, taurus). 

So again the number 6 in numerology represents earthly matters, finances, status, materialism. Devin forgot to mention that all these things are the same concerns as the fixed earth sign of Taurus in Astrology, the Bull (beast). Hence 666 is the number of the beast, and in the exoteric myth, Satan is depicted with horns of a bull or ram. El DiaBLo. And you also have Baphomet with the head of a goat. Goats, bulls, and sheep are hooved animals and thus classified as “UNGulates.” There it is again. And bull or cow meat is marketed as Angus beef.

So the ungulates are associated with devilry for their beastly nature, but the same UNG ties in with divinity, as in the ANGels or messENGers of God. Because the power of cymatics, the UNG, and the torus field is neutral, it can be used for good or bad. That is where human free will comes in. 


Thus Satan, the Great Beast, is a Fallen ANGel, with UNGulate features (horns and hooves), like the Taurus bull, the sign of Earthly matters, materialism, sensuality and thus sexuality. Satan loves to pervert sex, he is the tempter.

Satan is also called in the bible “a serpent.” Serpents have fANGS, (there is that ANG again) and fangs are shaped like the Sickle of Saturn, Saturn and Satan being the same archetype – Saturn the keeper of time, the grim reaper, soul harvester, lord of the material world.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 6.00.41 PMScreen Shot 2019-10-21 at 6.00.17 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 6.00.32 PM

Sticking just to the symbology of the shapes, numbers and letters, we can connect the serpent’s fangs, and Saturn’s sickle with the Hebrew letter Vav, graphically. And wouldn’t you know it, Vav = 6 in Hebrew gematria.

In Genesis, it’s the serpent who tempts Eve with the apple that reveals their nakedness, their sex/six. The loss of sexual innocence through the tempting from the fallen ANGel, that snake with venomous fANGS, the poison that seeps from the beastly lower nature of man, the intoxicating hex of six/sex/Vav Vav Vav, triggering the fall from grace. So the corruptive power of sex spawns the beast.

Children of the Beast

How did this corruption really happen, once we get past the snake in the garden metaphors? In the Kolbrin (which is a suppressed extra-biblical text because it puts the canonized portion of the bible in its proper context), it states that long ago certain women mated with “the beast that dwelt in the forest, defiling the race of man.” What this ‘beast race from the forest’ was exactly isn’t yet clear but it sounds like what the Genesis 6 story may be based off of – mysterious ‘fallen angels’ mating with Earth women. The Kolbrin further states that  (GLN1:4) “Now because of the wickedness that was done, there are among men those who are the Children of the Beast, and they are a different people.”

We’ve heard this before, from Aug Tellez, and others. That there is literally another race here, appearing human, but they are sub-human, these are the Archons, or the ‘Nephilim’ if you like, the inheritors of death, barred from everlasting glory. These are the ELite. And their symbology points us not to some anthropomorphic horned Satan character in some vague fiery underworld, but to Saturn and his hexagonal technocratic death cube, to 666 and the worship of the flesh, ego and power over others. Because that’s all they know, their souls are too distorted/diluted to get past that scythe or sickle of his, to get into heaven. This realm is their time lock,  the beast chained to the pit for a thousand years, chained by the keeper of time. 

Their game is to corrupt and induct as many human souls as they can into their ways, their death cult of meat eating, raping and pillaging the earth of its resources, degradative sex practices, and the pharmakeia of addictive drugs.

GLN2:17 –  God speaking to man, “Earth is Earth; take it as you find it; do not expect to find heavenly things there. It is a place of tuition and the purpose of life is learning. All things of Earth are limited and mortal; immortality is not to be found there. When the things of earth have fulfilled their hidden purposes, each passes away, returning to the dust, from whence it came.”

Kolbrin (GLN1:6) “The eye that sees earthly things is deceitful, but the eye that sees spiritual things is true. Then, because of the things that happened, the Great Eye that saw Truth was closed, and henceforth, man walked in falsity. Unable to perceive truth, he saw only that which deceived him, and so it shall be until his awakening.

Got caught up in the 6. Forgot 7 and 8. It’s a black magic hex to enclose us in the hexagonal 666 lattice grid, the World Wide Web (remember W is hebrew VAV, thus www = 666).

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 7.55.33 PM

Hexagonal Grids

 It is thus no coincidence that binary computer code is also called hexadecimal,  and the elite are pushing transhumanism through the  attempted merging of the trinary field of the soul into the downgraded binary “net,” a kind of flawed technological immortality. But people will line up for it because it will be marketed as a fun kind of virtual reality, a video game.

It is also no accident that we see the symbol of hexagonal grids popping up everywhere in Hollyweird shows and movies. Thank you Bob Schlenker and Aaron Herman who have documented this phenomenon. The hexagonal grid always represents a dimensional barrier of some kind, keeping us inside the system, worker drones in the beehive.


Part of the reason why the six sided hex is associated with evil and the entrapments of the Archons is because of astrology. A squared or 90 degree angle between two planets is a bad aspect, bringing bad luck or misfortune. A cube has six faces, and all its angles are 90 degrees. 

On a 2D plane you can fit the cube right into the hexagon. And the cartoonists at NASA Photoshop have done a good job of hiding that motif right on the supposed “north pole” of Saturn.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.10.30 PM



This is their Black Cube of Saturn; the word ‘cube’ being connected to words ‘Kaaba,’ the ‘Cabal,’ and ‘Kabbalah.’ Hence they evoke their Saturnian hex through the six sided cube of the Cabal, or what I have more accurately coined, the Saturn Death Cube.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 7.13.59 PM

Again just to be clear, these symbols in themselves are neutral, there is nothing inherently evil about the number 6 or Saturn, like light the symbols can both enlighten and reveal, or conceal and hypnotize (by being too bright).

Now from the first sign Aries, to Cancer is 90 degrees; two planets squaring off in these signs at the time of your birth would bring limitation, friction into your life. So this is also being evoked by the 666 and the hex cube. Saturn is associated with limitation, he teaches you the hard but important lessons, unlike the more generous Jupiter.


If 6 Was 9…

Notice how Cancer is symbolized by the yin yANG, or the 69. Showing us again how the journey is all about going from earthly concerns (6) to and flipping that upside down to heavenly, divine concerns (9); concerns that pertain only to the Children of God, and not to animals. Bill Donahue says that when the number nine appears in the bible it’s referring to human consciousness.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 7.12.08 PM

“If 6 was 9, I don’t mind, I dont mind…” sings Jimi Hendrix.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 3.30.07 PM

The 69 also ties into the divergent movement of energy in a torus field, the polarizing red shift blue shift, which brings us back to the interplay of masculine and feminine, sex coming from the latin ‘secare’ meaning ‘to lie across each other,’ two interlocking puzzle pieces.Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 3.30.26 PM

The male provides the centering, powering thrust of the sun, the eye of the tornado, the female orbits or spirals around that in magnetic, rippling or expanding waves, the sine wave/eve/divide. She is the branching, the forked horns of the uterus, the crescent of the moon. Together the male and female in harmony produce ANGular momentum.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.27.31 PMScreen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.27.44 PM

In Spanish, ‘tree’ is ‘arbOL.’

The pole/trunk is the ‘LINGAM,’ the phallic, because the tonal sound ‘IN’(6) has been capped or muted by the masculine G (7), ‘ING,’ the restrictive pole of the bell.

The female is the sign wave, the torus donut, the branching out, the sphere.

The RAMMM is female, backwards for MMMMARRRY, these are liquid sounds that could toll forever. BLLLLUUEEE…liquid water. Water is soft, encompassing, smothering. The male is the percussive. BONK! He is action, red, the phallic 1:

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.09.28 PM

And lastly, what do we often end our prayers with? “Amen.” A liquid: ‘amennnnn…’. showing deference to the eternal. Not the BONK, the ‘big bANG,’ that’s the material world.


Thomas Burgoyne in the seminal work Light of Egypt writes,Love as the negative or feminine ray, is content and ever seeks to enfold. Wisdom as the positive, masculine ray, is restless and always in pursuit. The feminine forces are ever striving to encircle the atom, and the masculine forces striving to to propel it in a straight line. From this dual action of spiritual potentialities is born the “Spiral,” the motion of life and symbol of eternal progression.”

“Swing on the spiral
Of our divinity
And still be a human…

…As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
Drawn outside the lines of reason”

-Tool (lead singer is a Freemason).

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  1. Key Lamp says:

    In all my 15 letters, not one of them derives a fox. Just as well my devils i have known get 6 from 1+5. Queen K of Sumer (set isles) is the one and truly transformative deceptive icon – for Bumblebee (the english word) is kimalainen when spoken in the tongue of the Finn.

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    ive undergone similar revelations

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    awesome bloody read!

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