Sophia Drowning, and Water-As-Time Symbolism

“Listen to the tales as we all rationalize,

Our way into the arms of the savior.

Feigning all the trials and the tribulations.

None of us have actually been there,

Not like you…” – Tool

I’m a big fan of heavy metal music, and recently I noticed a repeating pattern on the album covers of three different metal albums from three separate bands. The theme was of a vaguely feminine figure drowning or diving into a body of water:

When a pattern like this emerges one can assume that occult communication is happening. A co-creative force is behind these bands, what James Bickford calls ‘the backseat Uber driver,’ using these artists as vessels for their own purpose.

If you ask Z, these occult forces or principalities – whether benefic or malefic – are coming from the cosmic Mother, the two sides of the Goddess. Sophia in white, and Samael the Demiurge, in black. This is the key that unlocks the Gnostic symbolism frequently employed by Hollywood dark wizardry and becomes like self-replicating memes across the culture. It serves to kill the anima in men and turn the sexes against each other and away from Source Creation, which is seen as dead, or as a cruel, unloving God.

“My one, when all is said and done
You’ll believe God is a woman” – Ariana Grande

In my research, the female is blamed for the fall because she represents matter, physical body and Earth, and the male represents Heaven or the empyrean. The fall is necessary for the spirit to differentiate its spirit atoms amongst matter, thus learning good and evil. So she held on, fearing the loss of Self, which became the fall. Their drama now unfolds in humanity, how the incarnated Souls (the Son) must become the bridegroom, restoring the lost love, which is the Event, the Singularity at the end of microcosmic time, the reunification of the purified Twin Souls. 

And today’s parables are not just coming through Hollywood. This code is present in obscure Scandinavian metal bands; in the lyrics and album covers, in movies and shows both domestic and foreign, and in the daily news from CNN to Buzzfeed. How is it so prevalent? Is the Illuminati THAT organized? I once thought so, but now think that Sophia’s story is simply in the information field, in the Akashic record, if you will, and we are tapping into it, whether we know it or not. The dark forces know how to tap into the Demiurgic side, their Dark Lord, and become his mouthpiece, twisting the narrative, while those artists with integrity and innocence can tap into Sophia, and become her spout piece.

The data-field we are embedded in is the Dark Goddess Kali talking to herself, here at the end of the Iron Age. Picture a maiden shipwrecked by herself on a rocky crag, surrounded by miles of ocean, howling to the moon. Slowly going insane. Waiting for the Christ, the principle of Atonement or At-One-Ment, to restore the path back to Source. (Note that sometimes the gender roles are reversed).

Let’s take a look at this drowning motif, which I’ve discussed before. We saw it in The Prestige where a woman drowns in a dangerous magic trick gone wrong.

We saw drowning in the show ‘The OA,‘ as a way to cross to parallel universes, a dimensional gateway. We know it was a calling card to how they program people in MK Ultra, to cause near-death-experiences (ala Arizona Wilder).

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 8.08.07 PM

This was also depicted in the Bourne movies. Jason Bourne was an MK Ultra programmed black assassin. They would dunk his head underwater to trigger his alter.

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 7.52.24 PM
Opening scene of the ‘Bourne’ series

And in Stranger Things, when the character Eleven goes to her void, or does her remote viewing, there is always water on the ground, or some type of water/drowning/transitional gateway:


And it’s funny that they call her ‘El,’ for short. El is a Hebrew name for God.

“Boast about the day when the rivers overrun,

How we rise to the height of our halo.” – Tool

We know that water is symbolic of emotion, and of spirit, and Youtuber Holographic Multiverse says that the biblical flood is spirit washing away the artificial matrix, as like a cosmic reset. Water has this dual nature: it cleanses the filth, but it can also be deadly and turbulent in its own right. It can kill.

So we know that Mom is in trouble, and thus so are we, due to as above so below, but why is this so often depicted by drowning specifically?

Revelation 12:15-16 “And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood. 16 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth.”

The female is drowning in spirit. The Son who is one with the Father needs to dive down there, into her insanity, and rescue her, revive her.

“Boast about the day when the rivers overrun,

How we rise to the height of our halo….

….It’s time for you to bring me home” – Tool

But Bob Schlenker has also shown how in the occult symbol language water is a symbol of time. Why is water representing time? Bob writes, “The first non-celestial timepieces were water clocks. The flow of time was measured by the flow of water.(SOURCE)

(Wikipedia): “Water clocks, along with sundials, are likely to be the oldest time-measuring instruments, with the only exceptions being the vertical gnomon and the day-counting tally stick. Where and when they were first invented is not known, and given their great antiquity it may never be. The bowl-shaped outflow is the simplest form of a water clock and is known to have existed in Babylon and in Egypt around the 16th century BC.”

Tudor watch commercial connecting water and time.

So if water is time, then what is drowning? It is drowning into the abysses of seemingly endless time, of the looped nightmares in the astral realm, as the karmic residue of the soul seeks purification and elimination, before the Twin Souls can be restored. However if the drowning is too severe, that Holy Marriage process fails, and the Divine Ego or Spirit Atom that gave those twin souls birth (the splitting of the Atom) returns to Heaven to await a new Solar Cycle (See Burgoyne’s Light of Egypt)

More Album Covers

Electric light orchestra – album called ‘Time’ – with water imagery. Plus a Saturn image – the keeper of time.
1200x1200bb (1)
Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 8.27.45 PM
If she isn’t drowning she can also be in an endless maze.

Tv show ‘Stitchers:’

unnamed (1)

Time being stitched together, like a tapestry.

Bob writes, “The letter T is sliced through leaving most of it intact. It’s separated off with the letter S. STi ~ S -pace – Ti -me. The ST signals, Space-Time.”


In two words I could sum up what all this imagery, lyrics, movie plot themes are pointing to, its the Mother saying, “Help me.” But as Z has pointed out, she does it in a typically feminine way, through games and riddles, making us read between the lines, testing the man, to see if he is really alpha, to see if he can be assertive without her having to explicitly spell out her needs. Therefore even though she, and through her all women, are the topic, they aren’t the issue. The issue is with men, who need to grow a pair and assert themselves, and not fall victim to her games, to the mind control.

This process is played out in each man as his anima, speaking indirectly to him through his unconscious, dreams, feelings, intuition. When he ignores this part of him he disconnects from his own immortality and starts to decay. This is what has happened on the large scale. It has been shrouded in the ‘feminist movement’ but this leads, as we see to something more sinister, the Illuminati run neo-feminist movement, the gender bending, transhumanism, and eventually eugenics, getting the herd to cull itself. It’s already happening, birth rates are lower than they have ever been. Women are brainwashed to be ‘independent’ and not need men, and men are placated, by football, beer, cannabis and pornography, pacified and turned into women. Testosterone is suppressed and estrogen is promoted. Made to trust our government, to authority figures. Made to believe in science and that the news is real. Rebels are quashed, silenced, relegated to the fringes of ‘conspiranoid culture;’ the herding of the second farm.

Mother should I trust the government?” – Pink Floyd.

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21 Responses to Sophia Drowning, and Water-As-Time Symbolism

  1. george says:

    Well done.

    With men under attack on all sides from all media and social constructs one wonders how the masculine energy is to remain with deranged sophia’s attacks.

    Truth scrambler, do you have a thought on how a spirit ought to behave after the mortal body ‘death’? Go into the light? Dont’ go into light? Is the moon a soul trap etc

    • I try not to take a fixed position on that. Too many conflicting theories out there. Do we just get thrown back in? Do we move on? Do some of us move on who are ready, while others are recycled? Z says our fates are all bound together, no separate destinies. I can tell you have trouble with that. I struggle with it as well, but it does seem to make sense.

      • I heard this being the last cycle, there are not allowed to recycle. Those spirits are safe on another dimensional plane waiting for this all to end. Many animals have chosen to leave this verse already, as so has many others.

  2. george says:

    Men don’t need to labor in a fallen realm created by Sophia’s tantrum.

    If Sophia wants her realm fixed she should take up hammer and nails and fix it….the men she has mocked will be long gone

    Men are better off staying in meditation and allowing their spirit to leave rather than aiming to please a thankless bytch so called goddess. Let Sophia live with her trannies and Hollywood weirdo El ites she so admires.

    • But that wouldn’t be restoring the divine marriage, the archetypal, cosmic twin flame reunion of all twin flames.

      • george says:

        But does sophia/demiurge even want to be re-united? Or has she become so used to chaos that chaos is now her preference…did you see the courtroom testimony by 6 women that Harvey weinstein has a vagina and a sewn on penis? This is courtroom testimony. Baphomet minions run Hollywood as was long suspected…all puppets of the demiurge….disclosure is coming out like never before

      • Sophia wants to be reunited. What you are referring to as the demiurge is Sophia’s split alter ego, if you like, which is also the force we are calling the “A.I.” It’s the dark, sick unincorporated parts of the Mother.

  3. george says:

    Yes..I agree..but is this is a universe formed by the demiurge…or say a world corrupted by the demiurge…with souls lured in to use as power sources…souls that are vampired, perveted and sucked dry…then honestly what obligation do these parasite-ed souls have to help the demiurge or even sophia who allowed and condoned the split in the first place…..we can simply gather the souls who have knowledge of self..of the power within…leave…and starve the demiurge….

  4. Key Lamp says:

    Water – cleansing, sublimation, stasis (like a gel, healing or dormant, as opposed to being turned on/off), protective, intuition, spiritual, sensitivity.
    The water of the mother’s womb and the desire for the child to return to its cradle, finding comfort in being enveloped, becoming one again. When one is in distress I find people tend to call or yearn for their mother, they want to go home. What if both sides are trying to find a way to reach eachother? Those images of those characters in boxes of water, and perhaps the “falling into the abyss” images could be an intentional dive, falling on purpose, reaching as far as she can go to be ready to reach out and grab their hand to be united again.

    • That’s an idea. Well if it’s an intentional dive let’s hope she knows what she’s doing! Just keep swimming…
      “I’ve got an idea to keep you all occupied: learn to swim!” – Tool

      • Key Lamp says:

        Holy shit man, 2018, aenima was my jam. I just felt so so strongly about that. It’s rain and I’d be rocking out in my head while on a smoke break at school. LOL so much frustration then.

  5. george says:

    Is there a matter/ anti matter flux that takes place after death, between a neutral barrier, that allows a polarisation of the magnetic fields of the ‘subject’, to allow entrance to a parallel universe? Are stars the product of rifts in the fabric of space time, where our matter makes contact with the anti matter of a parallel universe?

  6. Clocks by Coldplay – another good one.

    • Michael Cosmos says:

      Anamnesis Stasis- Wow Coldplay’s Clocks is another very telling song.

      “Come out upon my seas
      Cursed missed opportunities, am I
      A part of the cure?
      Or am I part of the disease?”

      Mom gives us opportunity after opportunity.

  7. shli says:

    this might sound strange but i just today found out about the death of naya rivera although it happened days ago! i’m usually the first up to knowledge on what’s going on in hollywood as i’ve been following occult symbolism and predictive programming etc for. over a decade now. so when i read this today about her death i immediatelysuspected something weird. fast forward five hours later to right now and i’ve ended up on this page! there are 3 extremely dark posts on naya riveras facebook page from the beginning of march. they stick out because literally the rest of her posts are ads and recipes. they’re pictures from a photo shoot mainly of her in a bath and a video where she submerged herself underwater in the bath tub. the captions are about where she will keep her remains and hiding herself in another’s body! i just can’t believe i found those posts and this page within 30 minutes of eachother!! She supposedly has died by drowning just two months later! i hope you’ll take a look and let me know what you think.

    • george says:

      people are waking up in large numbers the wayfair scandal has exposed that Hollywood satanic bloodlust is vile and we can crush it if we put our minds to it..all celebs undergo rituals of degradation for their false fame

  8. Lately, I’ve been reading and watching stuff about Sophia. Some people, like John Lamb Lash, assert that Sophia is the Creator of Real Earth as our Paradise, but that her divine architecture somehow left room for the archons to come in and ruin it all with their death-cult agenda and crappy simulations. If that is true, then it makes sense for him to conclude that Sophia is certainly calling to us to help her fix the hole in the roof, so to speak.

    In fall 2016, I wrote a screenplay called Seventh Evolution that speaks to this — while also foreshadowing the plandemic, fake vaxx, media complicity, etc. The basic story is that humanity and Earth are under the control of a daemonic force manifesting as the owner of the world’s biggest designer drug company. Just as with the CON-TROLL-ers here and now, he is rapidly implementing his agenda for complete enslavement. An unlikely union between the female and male pair of protagonists, who both work at the company, results in them removing the evil force by calling in both the magical forces of Nature and the Divine power of the Universe. He has to “man up” in many ways, and she has to realize that their union is sacred. They also both have to heed the wisdom of the Evolution Lodestars — who, interestingly, I termed The ELs — trying to help them achieve the seventh and final evolution of humanity. The epic battle takes place on the Pacific Ocean, out of which a portal forms, bringing life waters up and over the entire Earth, transforming her back into the Paradise of her intended origins.

    • Sounds like something I might think up to if I had the time to write it.

      • Haha, I know what you mean! I had graduated from college after returning as a mid-life adult, and my rock band wanted to write and record a concept album. I got the idea after ruminating on the condition of Mother Earth, humanity, and Hellywood (I had written a couple of academic research papers about the inner workings of the “business”). I didn’t tell anyone the premise or details. I spent 2-3 hours writing five days a week and in three months, I had a solid draft from which to begin songwriting! I think that keeping my work encapsulated, being a writer, following a formula, and being super-determined were all keys to finishing quickly. But I had no idea how prescient it was until about 18 months later when I had another “awakening” to find out about the Illuminati, our stolen human history (and money), pedo stuff, Satanism & Luciferianism, etc.

        And on this note, I have started researching Donald Marshall. I’m a musician and outspoken critic of Hellywood, so I don’t know why it took this long for me to discover him, but THANK YOU!

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