Occult Themes in “The Haunting of Hill House”

Spot the “one eye bleeding” symbolism? Eye of Horus and all this implies. Also, being taken over by demons via trauma based mind control, eye socket penetration and/or possession. Her eyes are the lamps of the house, the light of Lucifer, and the third eye is dark, she is third eye blind (possessed). Her lamp eyes are also square, fixed on Earth, not oval or fixed on heaven. The windows are divided into 4 on either side, 4 + 4. Which is 8 total, and 8 represents infinity, and cycles, which play prominently into this show as a time loop or time paradox. Time happens not as a straight line but in bursts or moments jumbling all around you, like confetti raining down….

Divine marriage.

The tragedy in this Netflix show manifests when the Female side of God, in this case the Mother, wants to keep her kids forever isolated in the house, her bubble world. She attempts to poison them to preserve them as ghosts in perpetual youth and innocence, thus “protecting” them from the real world which she finds cruel and full of pain and sadness. The touching part is the father or Male side of God, who created the real world, with all its pain and sadness, is trying to convince her that there is beauty in the real world also. That there isn’t just pain. Only by taking the dive into the real can one learn to love, and experience true bliss. 

Why was Eve the one tempted by the snake? She fell first, and dragged Adam down with her. To connect to the story above, the snake is illusion. Separation. Her bubble world, represented in the show as the “tea room.” Behind the red door

This room is very special in the show, because we don’t see what is behind it until the very last episode. It opens to a different room, for each family member. For Luke its his treehouse, for Theo its her dance studio, etc. For the mother it’s her tea room in which the demon inside her finally takes over and she attempts to poison her kids. But would she have done that if not for the coercion from the demons haunting the house? What came first – her fear of life with all its risks, or the demons possessing her and playing up her fears? Perhaps we will know when we discover why Gnostic Sophia in her fall manifested the Archons.

In Philip K Dick’s novel “The Divine Invasion” we actually see an inversion of this Father-Mother dispute over their children, humanity. Father Yahweh is fed up with their hedonism and wants them destroyed in fiery judgement. The Shekhinah, the Female Half of God, intervenes on humanity’s behalf, having lived among them secretly, while God was, in the novel, being held prisoner on an alien planet. She later convinces him to see the beauty in humanity, the love that still exists there, albeit in fits and starts.

Choosing the dream over reality.

Inception (2010): The joyless dream of Christopher Nolan – the agony booth

But just like in “Hill House,” it’s the female character Mal from Inception who spends so much time in the dreamworld that she loses touch with the real completely. In fact she commits suicide when they finally return to the real world because she thinks that she is still trapped in a dream and wants to “wake up.” The male half of God, (played by Dicaprio) is trying to convince her otherwise. This is the usual Satanic Hollywood script being played out again and again in our psyches; that the Female Half of God is not to be trusted, that she is really the Demiurge/Lucifer seducing mankind into her web of deceit, her pseudo-reality, her transhumanistic fantasy world where everything seems hunky dory but in fact you are in a simulation. Locked out of Source world. I believe something like this is indeed being attempted. But it’s being done on the individual level. Even if we are “in a dream within a dream,” what happens here matters for your Soul. And you can choose the real over the false at any given moment. These are states of Being, not actual realms or places that Gods can lock you in or out of. (Consider how demon-possessed Thom Yorke of Radiohead sings of “trapdoors that you can’t come back from.”)

“There are doors that open by themselves
There are sliding doors
And there are secret doors

There are doors that lock
And doors that don’t

There are doors that let you in
And out
But never open
But they are trapdoors
That you can’t come back from”

The way out of Hell has always been available to one who begins in training their own mind. There are secret doors…

 The Magician and the High Priestess

In the first and second cards of the Tarot deck we see this male/female symbolism in another light. According to Paul Case’s “Wisdom of Tarot” The Magician is self-consciousness (or waking consciousness) and the High Priestess is Subconsciousness. The subconscious mind is perfectly amenable to suggestion from the conscious mind and will grow the seeds supplied it. Thus she represents multiplying, fecundity. So careful what inner dialogue you tell yourself. You can manifest great changes by realizing that by praying, meditating, or talking to God is also talking to the subconscious. The magic is in the magician training the high priestess. 

Why Hugh Never Goes In The Red Room - Hill House Theory

And the show is called Hill House and centers on a haunted house. Well the magician card corresponds to the Hebrew letter “Bet” (B) which means tent, abode, or house. The magician builds the real house. The Father builds, but can only use materials supplied by the garden of the subconscious. He sets the intention, she multiplies it into manifestation, and together they make the third thing, the Christ child, Horus, humanity.

The Magician (Tarot card) - Wikipedia

That is why he is under an arbor, a dwelling (House – “Bet”). The roses growing down from the arbor being the fruit of the garden, the proper training of one’s own subconscious mind. The full flowering of the creative feminine intuitive right brain when directed by the concentration and will of the magician, mastering the four elements on his table…

Eve is evil.

So by hiding the mysteries and the true symbolism of the occult and perverting it in the way the Hollywood wizards have done, we can paint the picture in the masses heads of the Female Half of God being to blame and thus reinforce the male-dominator, left brained, positivist, top-down, agnostic approach to society, ethics, religion, finance and so-on. Kill the imagination, kill the subconscious. Provide seeds that will grow in the priestesses garden as weeds of fear, pain, hate, mistrust, agoraphobia, nihilism, laziness, apathy, etc. etc. etc. Don’t teach the mysteries. But inundate man with them subliminally, and twist the meaning around 180. So use the appropriate symbols but everywhere backward, upside-down and through a glass darkly.

Programming script: Father is absent, and most likely going to destroy man for his sins. Mother is schizo, lost in her dream and bipolar. Not to be trusted. With these two poles, where does man go? Of course he leaves the right brain completely and we get the population of sheeple you see before you today, not questioning anything, docile.

Time loops.

The “bent neck lady” is her from the future. Hill House is HH – 88 the time loop number (think about Back To the Future). The little girl is haunted by the bent neck lady who turns out to be her from the future (she dies in her twenties when she returns to the house and is visited by the Mom’s ghost who tricks her into hanging herself from the banister.) 

Netflix is full of these time loop/time paradox shows now. See the work of Bob Schlenker and Aaron Hermann for more on this. I admit I can’t claim to know what all the hidden time loop symbolism means. But the patterns are there, and can be tracked – a detailed and consistent picture does emerge. For example usually the year 2012 plays heavily into the time loop symbolism. Shows to watch: Dark, The Magicians, The OA, Fringe, 12 Monkeys, Looper, The Good Place. 

The Good Place features time loops and where God is a woman wanting to destroy mankind which she deems a failed experiment. Michael, featured above left, is a demon who falls in love with man and intervenes on man’s behalf to not have him destroyed. So we have Michael the fallen angel, who is redeemed – Lucifer the good guy. God the bad guy tyrannical Yahweh, here played by a woman – actress Maya Rudolph of SNL. Notice how she is the judge. Orange hair like Judge Judy – Judas, betraying Jesus.

Now bear with me here because its going to get even weirder: Maya Rudolph also depicted Kamala Harris on SNL. (Kamala Harris is being rumored by many to be our next president after Joe Biden dies in office.) Like Obama, they like their stooges to be mixed race to “unite the peoples.” And I was just connecting her in another piece of writing to the High Priestess card. ‘Kamala‘ is the camel. The camel symbol in the occult comes from the Hebrew letter “Gimel” which is associated with the High Priestess card. Because again, we are talking about the subconsciousness and camels can bridge that great desert divide like the subconscious can bridge great spans of time due to its ability of perfect recall. Metaphors for the subconscious include lakes, bodies of still water, and mirrors, because these are perfect reflections of Self. When you meditate you still the ripples of thought and the reflection comes through clearly. Camels are known to survive on little water for long periods of time. Gimel is G, featured heavily in Freemasonry.

Maya Rudolph receives hint she's wanted back on 'SNL' - CNN
Kamala Harris as V.P. Pick Could Mean More Maya Rudolph on 'S.N.L.' - The  New York Times

Kamala Harris or “camel harassment” is a perfect mirror of liberal America, with her vague ethnicity, like Obama. We can all see something of ourselves in her. But of course, since she is an Illuminati puppet, this reflection is going to be used against us in their war on humanity. During her presidency we will see our rights taken away like never before in their final rush bid for New World Order. So they get America to trust in what PLM predicts as the modern day Whore of Babylon, the scarlet woman: Kamala with the red hair, like Maya Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, who of course plays the Unforgiving Judging God in “The Good Place,” bent on hitting the reset button and going all apocalypse on mankind. 

PLM writes, “After Biden dies soon Kamala Harris is the Next President of America and the aid to the Beast of the book of the apocalypse aka Revelations. So shall it be.”

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4 Responses to Occult Themes in “The Haunting of Hill House”

  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Camels do NOT store water in their hump. ~js

    Revelation? Whore of Babylon?
    (((thought bubble))) hmmmm…

    • Haha, you’re right. I don’t know what got over me…
      Edit: Camels are known to survive on little water for long periods of time…

      • Kenneth T. says:

        Yes, it’s true – camels actually use the hump to store fat (much like my son uses his belly for)
        I’m glad you took my critique/comment in stride. – Many people would otherwise ignore my comment or get angry about being called out.

        The Whore of Babylon (like I said) has me thinking. I’m no scholar and I totally missed that possible connection.

  2. Kat says:

    She better not be she has nerve she doesn’t deserve to be president. She is an antiamerican and supports foreign criminals more.

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