Lucifer-Christ-Ahriman encoded in the 2017 film Black Butterfly


I found this movie in a free library on my walk. Black Butterfly, that’s B.B. code 88 (like the shape of the anallema). Made by Lionsgate films (during Leo, around 8/8, the dog star Sirius is closest to Earth. Thus the stars were already aligning for this film so I watched it. Sure enough, I believe this is one of those stories about what came before the manifestation of the physical worlds, before evolution, before the Live Waves, back when it was just the Godhead playing out different scenarios in Divine Thought or in the Archetypal World, along with his closest Sons, the Elohim, the Spirits of Form.

It has been the testing hypothesis of this blog for years now, through whistleblower testimony and research into occultism, that Hollywood is tapping into the Akashic record and pulling out content that becomes grist for their mill, material which they invert and subvert the masses to, through mind control tactics via subconscious symbol recognition. But the original material is actual sacred history and records of both the Earthly and Heavenly worlds. They have access to these deep information streams through psychic slaves, who do the work for them, and are thus being weaponized, so Hollywood can take the credit and make billions and sway the masses.

That’s the Satanic world we live in, so be careful what you watch and spend time taking in. People might think I watch a lot of movies but I really don’t – its only when something like Black Butterfly falls into my lap and almost demands I watch it – and then I watch only for picking up its hidden content, not to be passively entertained.

The main archetypal form they play with is the Christ narrative. The trick in decoding film is to find the Christ character. In the big blockbusters there is always one or two characters that are the Christ, and by following him or her the rest of the hidden meaning unfolds before you like spiraling domino paths.

It helps to study Rudolf Steiner who shows that Christ comes with brothers. He is the middle-child of God. Lucifer came first, and after him, Ahriman, who is known in the West by the name of Satan. Lucifer and Ahriman or Satan represent hosts of angelic spirits who became backward, or delayed in their evolution, and have now been tasked with playing the role of teacher and tempter within humanity’s current evolution. God in his infinite wisdom wastes nothing, so that even the backward spirits are put to good use for the whole.


Paul, played by Antonio Banderas, is Ahriman because he is an alcoholic, a disease of earthly pleasures (Ahrimanic or Satanic forces). He is a failing writer living off the royalties of a few old novels. But now he’s got writer’s block, and may have to sell his secluded cabin in the Colorado boonies. Colorado is NLP for “color red” and comes up alot in these esoteric riddles. In The Prestige several crucial scenes happened in Colorado, and both The Passage and Sweettooth, are post-apocalyptic pilgrimages to Colorado. There is more to this that is beyond the scope of this post.

But Paul as Ahriman depicting the color-red man or “Adam” meaning red earth, man is dust of the earth. Remove the letter ‘a’ and you get “Dam” which is Hebrew for blood, which is red. Satan-as-devil has red skin, in the bible, he tempts Jesus in the desert with earthly things, money, power, women. 

Matthew 4:3 And when the tempter came to him (Jesus), he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

The devil, being more intimate than Christ with the physical, knows that man cannot live on the word alone, and needs bread also, and that there would come a time (our time), when he would be concerned only with bread and forget the word. This is the wave of materialism that has swept the planet, save for a few here and there who hear the Christ spirit still, who still hold the torch. In this film it’s the intense character Jack (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers):


In this poster we see Jack bleeding from the hip (crucifixion), we see the butterfly wings that make him look angelic (resurrection). The butterfly, other than being an MK Ultra Monarch symbol also points to metamorphosis, or the spiritual awakening typified by the Christ impulse. Hollywood always pairs the MK victim with the occulted Christ Jesus character, through the symbolism of the “willing sacrifice.”

So Paul picks up Jack, in the Colorado boonies, out in the woods. A drifter, and the name ‘Jack’ is a pagan name of the sun or solar hero that traverses, like a drifter, the zodiacal year.  The sun is also the willing sacrifice every winter to nature (Set, Saturnalia). The Christ Being is intimately tied up with the sun. That’s why he is the son. The travelin’ Jack.

We know from the prologue that there is a local serial killer in the area. They make Jack out to be the likely culprit, he’s fresh out of prison (pre-Son), intense and angry, when really Paul is the one harboring the inner demons. Jack offers to help Paul refurbish his neglected cabin for a place to stay. But soon he starts to display seemingly erratic violent behavior, all under the guise of helping Paul get out of his creative funk.

I wrote “seemingly” erratic because the casual viewer might side with Paul, but when you know that Jack is depicting Christ getting man (Paul) out of his funk, out of his intoxicated party with Ahriman/Satan, than you see that his actions are highly calculated and justified. Christ comes to bring a sword. 

Jack swimming in the freezing Colorado lake every morning because “it makes him feel alive,” shows that to be aligned with Christ takes inner discipline. In a larger sense it is also the baptism in the river Jordan, the soul/Sol incarnating into watery flesh.

Jack tells Paul the meaning behind his tattoo. The black butterfly, “native to Indonesia, is extremely rare, hard to catch.”

Jack says he got the tattoo “in prison.” Of course because prison is earth, the soul is imprisoned or entombed in flesh.

The Christ impulse of balancing Lucifer and Ahriman while in the flesh is really like walking a razor’s edge, its hard to catch, and very rare, its the narrow way:

Matthew 7:13-14

13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Wide is the road to destruction and Paul is on it, he can’t handle Jack’s demands for dedication, his work ethic and way of living life on a razor’s edge. Paul has gone soft with the booze and attempts to flee with Laura (Lucifer):

Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

One may ask why does Christ care so much about this slacker Paul? Because it’s Ahriman who must write the story, because of the three, he is the one who knows matter most intimately. And Spirit can only know itself through matter, through material incarnations. Man during life must write the story. He can’t do it from Heaven, where he hangs in between incarnations. But its Christ’s story, even if written by Ahriman’s hand. Jack insinuates himself into Paul’s life, and now like a stubborn guest won’t leave. He must get Ahriman to think that he is in control, that’s the trick, and the only way to beat the devil at his own game. (*Addendum – in mystery school training the initiate is taught to ‘steal fire from the devil’ which is a sexual metaphor for transmuting his kundalini energy into higher forces).

Ahriman is the builder, the mason, the metal worker, the smith, he is all things earthly. He is a brilliant machinist, but his problem is he is all left-brained, cold and analytical. Lucifer is all right-brained, a dreamer, off in the clouds, unfocused, and Christ is the mediator between the two, which is why he is God’s favorite son. 

These are the stories about what came before, when God was preparing for the worlds…


At the end, the twist is that Paul is the killer and Jack and Laura were FBI agents running an op on him to get a confession on tape.

The agent addressing the FBI director also depicted Lucifer at one point, so when he says “Hey Boss,” we know he’s referring to God the Father.

The very next scene the Director is talking to the other Lucifer character, Laura. He says

“Hey how you holding up?”


“Im proud of you, you hung right in there. Jack’s well, crazy. But he’s my guy…”

That’s God the Father talking passionately about his favorite son, Christ, the middle-child. “That’s my guy,” God says.

Lucifer is the first born, and never quite left Daddy enough to really embark far enough into flesh. Sort of a goodie-two-shoes. The Lucifer impulse in man is to make him perfect in a moral sense, but at the cost of freedom. A return to Heaven without fully copulating with matter, without fulfilling man’s covenant with God. Thus Lucifer in myth has an androgynous sexuality, as the bifurcation of sex comes only with material incarnation. Thus Lucifer is also Lucy (in the sky with diamonds). 

In the film Lucifer appears in a few guises, a friendly delivery man (always a loyal messenger of the Authority) but eventually he settles into Laura. 

At one point Laura and Paul (Lucifer and Ahriman) are upstairs hiding from the rampaging, gun toting Jack, and Paul says “we gotta go down there.”

Notice the star carefully placed above her head, because Lucifer is often associated with Venus, Lady Liberty.

A Second Statue of Liberty Is Coming to the U.S.—Thanks to France |  Architectural Digest

I count seven rays in both pictures.

Laura says “I’m not going down there.” Of course Lucifer would say that because “down there” is Earth, and he/she is the rebellious angel that does not want to fall. But by adopting this attitude, “oh how you’ve fallen, Lucifer, son of the morning! For you said –

“I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.”( Isaiah 14:13)

Atlantis and Lemuria

Jack working on Paul, or Christ working on Ahriman, is also in a sense the Christ impulse working on mankind at the present time, when man is fully immersed in the material world and still far away from the spiritual. Kabbalistically this stage is represented as the “poor man,” and assigned the letter Daleth (D). But the pendulum has already switched directions and is slowly making its way back to the spiritual, as man has, through this densification, built his personal ego, which can only be accomplished through a number of lifetimes of being far away from the clairvoyant state our ancestors enjoyed (these being ourselves in past lives). In other words, in Atlantean times and for a time after, man was more clairvoyant and had a kind of picture consciousness, but the left-brain was not developed. They couldn’t do math or build circuit boards and they were still quite collective and homogeneous within their tribe, not unlike so-called “primitive” tribes that remain today in remote regions untouched by technology. Wisdom and knowledge was something that happened TO our ancestors, not something they actively invented. 

During this time it was actually the Luciferic impulse that was strong, and Ahriman was hardly felt. Initially, Lucifer helped mankind wake up to the mysteries and gain a chance at personal freedom – thus he is the serpent in Genesis providing man with the keys to knowledge of good and evil.

But if it was up to Lucifer, mankind would return to this condition, where now the heavenly mysteries can be beamed into our heads automatically, with the aid of technology. Carried too far this would destroy man’s progress towards individuation.

On the other end of the spectrum, taking hold of the reins of technology ourselves could not have happened without a fall into the Ahrimanic state. So you see, Lucifer and Ahriman both hold a beneficent function for the whole at different times in human history. Evil happens when the imbalance in their polarity becomes too one-sided or literally Anti-Christ, since Christ is the “middle child” or finding balance between the two.

The Ahrimanic impulse, if taken beyond the turning point ends in severing the umbilical cord to our Higher Self – represented in the film by a serial killer murdering women. Christ is the savior because his impulse is the return to spirit, having dove as far into matter as one could go – he is the lifeline back, having caught the fish, having uncovered the pearl of great price.

But in another play of the symbols Paul could be Apollo, and Jack is Dionysus, his son, who restores his dismembered father, like Horus and Osiris. The resurrected Father is mankind making the full round back to spirit, through the Christ impulse, now having developed both the modern personal ego and the ancient cosmic or “right brained” ego, which began in Lemurian and Atlantean times. We have to go “there and back again.” 


Steiner, on the Godhead:

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22 Responses to Lucifer-Christ-Ahriman encoded in the 2017 film Black Butterfly

  1. Thank you, Gabe, for this deeply insightful treatise! While I could spend hours more delving into your excellent review, here are some of my cursory thoughts.

    I love your quote about viewing tv/film: “I watch only for picking up its hidden content, not to be passively entertained.” This is a crucial skill — rhetorical criticism — for anyone on an authentic spiritual journey.

    And speaking of “authentic”: Paul’s “writer’s block” is code for him being cock-blocked as AUTHOR of his own reality. He’s under a spell and is thus unable to BE THE CREATIVE BEING that God intended for him to be. Paul represents all people who have given over their lives to an external “author-ity” in whatever form that takes: Government and its officials or experts, drugs/pharmaceuticals, food, entertainment, sports, religion, etc.

    “This is the wave of materialism that has swept the planet, save for a few here and there who hear the Christ spirit still, who still hold the torch.” I would specify that it is “scientific materialism” which has become the new religion, as most people no longer “know” their own body/mind/spiritual complex and willingly give it over to these “scientific experts” who never ever “fix” the “problems” but only offer invasive medical procedures and/or potions to be taken forever.

    “The Lucifer impulse in man is to make him perfect in a moral sense, but at the cost of freedom.” This is describes perfectly how people who are cov-id compliant have succumbed to believing themselves “morally superior,” as if they are public health “Christs,” sacrificing themselves for the rest of humanity. This is the direct result of brilliant (Luciferian) but psychopathic mediated propaganda by the black magicians. (No one can say that these dark/light occultists don’t work hard enough!)

    The Luciferian principle is evident in New (c)Age philosophy and practices: “Light and love only; just think positive and ignore the negative; and deny ancestral trauma and your inner shadows.”

    Finally, it sucks that the black magicians have co-opted Nature’s beautiful butterfly — using it to invert and pervert men, women, and children with mind control — and that their tactics have been quite successful.

  2. Katie Horrocks says:

    WOW!!! Your translation of movies is amazing. Absolutely love. Thank you I really appreciated this read. so true Love and Light just another programme to bypass our shadow. Thank you for reminding me I am the creator of my reality.

    • Thanks Katie! Glad to hear it.

    • Yes, we co-create our reality with the help of Higher Beings, until we evolve to the point where we can create all on our own.

      • Neutral says:

        Please, can you write a post on how we create our reality? I try to read your posts but I understand nothing and just get afraid.

      • What is it specifically that brings up fear? As for how we co-create our reality, I can quote from my recent post on the Mandela Effects as Esoteric Riddles:

        “Steiner talks about how those who are spiritually awakening at this time are preparing to remember their lives in the next life, in other words working to start remembering and integrating past lives while in the physical. The sleeping masses will not remember in the next life, although they will at a later epoch, and they will be guided by those few now who are awakening. To not remember your past life is thus to “lose your tale,” although in the spiritual worlds in between death and a new birth, the Innermost self or Higher Ego remembers all its lifetimes, and works from that expanded awareness to help prepare the parameters of fate or karma in its next incarnation.”

        To me this is the most liberating notion because it means that all the hardship you face in life is actually brought about by your own Higher Self, for positive reasons (evolution and growth). Suffering is the raw material of change in this way. This realization removes all blame, all victim mentality, and empowers the self. We must really live this way.

        Let’s say someone hurts you. Instead of holding anger and resentment towards them (which only causes further harm to oneself), you tell yourself that this person was merely an agent or pawn of your OWN BEING, which is working spiritually and karmically in between death and a new birth, from a place of WISDOM in conjunction with Higher Beings. With this realization comes forgiveness for both the aggressor and for yourself.

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing this view! I’m speechless! I found the film on Tubi and now I look forward to watching it.

    • Cool! I’d be curious what you think. You may draw different yet equally valid meaning.

      • Ok. First, thank you for sharing “Black Butterfly!” It is a very compelling tale – both because of your review and also because, as a writer, I believe in the obedient scribe theory. I wonder if that’s why the protagonist’s name is “Paul” 😉
        It also appears that this Universe is currently operating on one mythology. And geez, it feels like we are all living one story -in many different ways. You’re fortunate to grasp when the story is being told – and when a scribe attempts to manipulate the message. Many of us miss it.
        Secondly, I appreciate your analysis. Especially since I was recently pondering “presence” and how we humans rarely operate in the now. I’m sure this is by design. But Jack mentioned, “we choose” how to live.
        Also, something else that stood out is that Jack mentioned the agents tracked Paul, a serial killer, for three years, but in the end, it was the “first woman” (he baptized) that sealed his fate. This is one of those movies that would awaken many souls, so I’m not surprised it did so poorly at the box office. I never even heard of this movie until you wrote about it.

      • I love your thoughts here, and think it’s super cool that you went and watched the film based on my review! I’m not familiar with “obedient scribe theory” maybe you could enlighten me here. Yes, I agree about the one mythology, the one story, that is told again and again. In a sense it’s Christ’s story but it is also the Christ-in-you, thus everyone’s story. Therefore films like this, one could pick apart line to line and draw endless meaning, endless parallels…
        And you are right, it was a film that flew under the radar, I hadn’t heard of it either until I found it in a mini-library. There does seem to be a concerted effort to give “disclosure-type” films poor reviews. There are obvious negative reasons but a positive reason may be to make them even more of an easter egg, a treasure or “pearl of great price” that you have to go out on a limb to find yourself.

      • The Obedient Scribe Theory is more of an observation – from what I’ve read through cultural narratives, it appears certain people struggle with the writing vocation (spiritual calling) – but there are those who obey and get that one universal message to their people. Thank you for writing and sharing!

      • Ah yes, I can see how that ties into the symbolism here. And Apostle Paul as one of the “obedient scribes” who helped pen the gospels.

  4. Another amazing blog, thank you. And thank you to everyone here for mentioning how we mustn’t deny our inner shadows, trauma. Words that I needed to hear, read today. Going forward, I’ll choose my words more wisely heading into a new year while continuing to co-create reality with all the spirits I have here on our property.

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