The Movie ‘Passengers’ May Be Hinting At Cloning and ‘Soul Selling’

Sometimes in this wicked elite industry, Illuminati members who wish to get more famous, or outsiders who wish to become members and gain fame and power, can sell another person’s soul to them in exchange, as a sacrifice. So for example we recently had P-Diddy’s wife die in her forties, a healthy woman dying of a “heart attack.” Many speculate that she was sacrificed to the wicked industry for P-Diddy to continue having a career in Hip Hop. Often these kind of deals are made years in advance of the actual murder. It always has to be someone close to them, like a spouse, or sometimes the first born child.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.20.00 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.20.31 PM

Now in the movie Passengers, we’ve got a man (Chris Pratt’s character) who awakens out of cryogenic hibernation on a ship bound for another planet, but he awakens too early, the ship won’t land for another 90 years and he is the only one awake.

After about a year of being all alone and becoming practically suicidal, he decides to wake up a pretty woman out of hybernation, (Jennifer Lawrence’s character) thus effectively dooming her to the same fate as his, or in other words, sacrificing her for his career or advancement within the Illuminati.

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Now since we know from Donald Marshall that these  two, Pratt and Lawrence are certainly at cloning and involved in this wicked industry at some level, than we can assume there is another, deeper level narrative going on, for those with eyes to see, for those who study the occult. Other than the esoteric “Adam and Eve” symbolism we could note, my guess is that when you hear the phrase “awaken out of hybernation” in this movie, that is code for awaken into a cloning center via REM phase consciousness transfer.

So when Chris Pratt awakens Jennifer Lawrence, he is really selling her soul to the Illuminati, thus dooming her to a life of cloning centers, handlers, MK Ultra, and being completely controlled, by them. These type of soul contracts are binding and for life. And when the star or celebrity has outlived their usefulness, they are often murdered by the numbers – according to gematria and numerology, as a way to program the masses. That’s why Kim Porter died initially at ’47,’ years old, like the 47 degrees of the Freemasonic compass, but actually that was wrong she was technically 46, and died on a day leaving 46 days left in the year. From Zach Hubbard’s blog:

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 5.22.07 PM

All these celebrity deaths are coded up in this way, planned by the Saturnian Brotherhood, among other names.

And spot the Saturnian symbolism below:

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 5.20.16 PM

And it is from this very bar scene, where she finds out from the robotic bartender that Chris’s character woke her up on purpose, whereas his awakening had been a glitch, an accident. Please watch the following clip from the lenses of Jennifer’s character discovering that he just sold her soul to join him in the elite Satanic brotherhood of the Illuminati:

Jim Woke Me Up??”

She knows that it was essentially murder, her freedom to chart her career and steer her life as she chooses is gone. She is stuck on the ship for the rest of her life, to its cold, metallic hallways, much like the deep underground military bases….

Lawrence is depicting quite well the reaction I’m sure many of these celebrities go through when they fully discover what they got themselves into. When they come to the reality of dark side of the blood contracts they signed to become famous. Then the public always sees the celebrity having a mental breakdown but isn’t told the full story.

In that scene as she discovers the truth she shatters a vase, symbolic of how she will now have her mind shattered via MK Ultra programming. Also note the hexagon, black cube imagery behind her, another nod to Saturn or Satan.

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