Esoteric Structure of The Alphabet (Part 2)

We are continuing with our study of Alvin Boyd Kuhn’s seminal work (pictured above), a tiny volume of 44 pages that is never-the-less breathtaking in its scope.

There is a code, a pattern to study in the alphabet (both in Hebrew and English and most likely in many other languages as well) which will reveal great insights into nature, God and the soul.

In part one we introduced the concept of fire (spirit) into water (matter) as the base fundament through which the letters and their positioning are born and shaped and worded.

Fire is AB, Father God who art in Heaven. Abba, ABraham. The Breathe of God. Abre, means, ‘to open,’ in Spanish. Because AB is the opening or the diving of the spiritual fire in the waters of Matter to create the physical vessels and forms here on Earth where souls (fire) can come in and express themselves.

Water is MN – Matter, Mother, Material, Mundane realm. It is here that the souls differentiate and get their NaMe.

This naming process, is symbolized by the Hebrew letter Yod, whose symbol is ‘hand.’ The hand (spanish: Mano, French: Main, Latin: Manus) is thus a symbol for the MaN getting his NaMe, the completion number 10 being the gematria value for Yod as well. 10 fingers with both hands, your two MaNos.

Kuhn writes, “In the upper realm souls are not sufficiently individualized to deserve specific names; here soul gets its proper NaMe. The fate allotted to each soul by karmic desert comes out to manifestation here below; it is therefore the soul’s NeMesis. The soul here is under law, the Greek NoMos. A section of terrain of a nation was by the Egyptian termed a NoMe. Since, matter, like type-symbol water, is, from the philosophical view of reality, nothing, the Egyptian base-root of the letter N, whose hieroglyph was seven waves of water, along with the primal deific trinity Nu, Nun, Nut, gives us all the words expressing Negation: no, not, neither, nor, none, nil, nix, (German: nichts), Latin nox (night), our night, deny, neuter, never, nay….As man is cut off from Deity here below, he is in Greek MoNos, alone. Also he is a MoNad. Perhaps MoNk is one who is alone, not united to the female counterpart.”

The AB starting flame and MN middle matter/water motif can go on and on. It’s a good place to start. For we see another derivation of this with the letter that comes right before MN – L.

In Hebrew the letter L is Lamed, also positioned in the middle, with MN, thus the Light iLLuminating Matter, but also notice the glyph for Lamed is a hook, shaped like the letter J.

Because light getting trapped in matter can feel like JaiL. The MooN, is also Luna. It’s crescent J is where you get hooked in, caught like a fish on a fishing hook. Notice how the J and L play with each other.

Keep in mind that the Hebrew word “EL” is a name for Deity. These patterns when interposed and juxtaposed will open many doors into the occult.

For example, Jesus was hooked or hoodwinked by Judas. The J is always the hook that attracts the Light of EL (Jesus, the Son/Sun) to the RoMaNs, (MN) Matter, material, MuNdaNe realm.

A whole study can be done on how EL or the light/fire plays with MN: our souls are here to LearN, spirit LeaNing into matter. The hook of EL works like a NaiL. Jesus nailed to the cross.

Understanding the Tetragrammaton

The tetragrammaton Yod Hey Vav Hey is depicted in glyph form is hand – window – nail – window. The hand of God, the light of Heaven, the spirit, going through a window, differentiating into souls that get their name by being nailed to the cross of matter, we get hooked, we LearN, and ultimately we get Judged, if we want to go back through the second window, through the looking glass back to Eternity; both differentiated – NaMed, but also now reunited with Source, with the Creator.

And that is all typified in the Yod, shaped like a bent flame, “the candle flame bent by a puff of air to denote the original impulse of God’s mind on the flame….” Kuhn writes.

The fact that Yod is 10 shows you that this whole process, though seemingly messy and full of Eve-ILL, it has always been perfect in the mind of God, because 10 is the number of completion, perfection. We just can’t’ see it yet, the whole picture.

One final riddle: Yod makes the same sound as the English letter ‘Y.’

Because it’s the answer to the philosophical question, “Why?”

And the letter ‘Y’ is shaped like a fork in the road because its that initial branching of Unity in Source to Duality in Spirit/Matter, which is at root an illusory bifurcation, in the MiNd of MaN. Again in that watery world of MN, only there do we get this duality, this evil EVE, this feminine earthly matter, the not, the Nox, the black, the negation – 0.

1 is all road, no split. no Y, no reason to ask, “why?”

The earthly realm (0) of MaNos, the Maze, is ultimately Sophia drowning, until the light of gnosis is reached, the Kabbalistic correction is made.

Because ultimately that treasure is down there at the bottom of the sea. You gotta’ go fishing. The treasure is Eternal Life.

Update – Part 3

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8 Responses to Esoteric Structure of The Alphabet (Part 2)

  1. Eddie says:

    Mate, from an Australian, I love your information.

  2. Alcrest10K says:

    I came up with this after INSPIRATION:
    This answers the following (PRACTICAL) questions about MONEY!
    1. Who?
    2. What?
    3. Where?
    4. When?
    5. Why?
    6. How?
    Pray the following and/or Affirm the following:
    1. I/We will receive finances from WHO God wants me/us to receive finances from.
    2. I/We will receive finances from WHAT God wants me/us to receive finances from.
    3. I/We will receive finances WHEN God wants me/us to receive finances.
    4. I/We will receive finances WHERE God wants me/us to receive finances.
    5. I/We will receive finances WHY God wants me/us to receive finances.
    6. I/We will receive finances HOW God wants me/us to receive finances.
    I/We may get instant results and/or I/We may get results over time.
    I hope this helps you Gabe and your readers.
    Bye for now!
    You can share this or post this to your TruthScrambler website if you desire.

  3. ORGANEYEZ 777 says:

    Can you go into detail about the Tv Show “Raised By Wolves” it has some very deep symbolic things going on that i cannot get a grasp of.

  4. Do Kim San says:

    I have found the esoteric structure of the Alphabet, in 2018. It is indeed the natures of Nature. How many vowels there are in the law of Nature for the human speech sounds, is answered; and how may consonants there are, is also, answered.
    There are 19 elemetal consonants arranged in a pattern of the human form; and there are more than 55 vowels.

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