Genesis and the Secrets of Creation, Pt. 1

A Truthscrambler video presentation.

Topics discussed:

Cosmic cycles, Pralaya, The Black Goddesses, Angelic Hierarchies, The Fate of Evil Souls, Christ and Sophia, The Trinities, The Birth of a Universe through Saturn, Sun and Moon conditions, Human Evolution, The Book of Genesis cryptically hides knowledge of previous Earth rounds in the opening verse, the Book of Revelation is also cyclical, not linear/historical.


Someone in the Youtube comments for this video expressed confusion at my statement, “there is no such thing as eternal damnation,” which to her was equivalent to saying that evil souls have no repercussions for their actions. That is not what I was implying, but I can see how a misunderstanding like this can arise. So to clarify – there is damnation, there are repercussions, there is karma for evil deeds, but it is not eternal. Hell is not forever, but ends when the great cycle ends, when the great Day of Brahman ends and Nuit catches all the souls in her net. She catches ALL the souls, even the evil ones, and we all go into the Pralaya, the night phase of existence (net, Nuit, night, nought…).

More immediate justice is meted out for evil deeds in the Kamaloka period shortly after the death of an individual. It is very important to understand how this works. Say someone is abusive to another person and gets a sick pleasure from it. When they die, they go into Kamaloka, and have a life review in which they experience the effects of their actions from the point of view of the person to whom they affected. So they would vividly feel the suffering of the victim that they abused as though it were them. This is the great purging, what in Christian esotericism came to be called Purgatory, and often as a result, when these souls pass through Kamaloka they take on a karmic desire to balance the scales, to right the wrong in the next lifetime. And so karma shapes future destiny.

It is only when a soul is too far gone in their evil ways that they cannot be cleaned by Kamaloka, do they get swept into the 8th sphere (Hell) and can no longer incarnate in a human body and must now feed like a parasite specter on others until the end of the cycle. The reason the Followers of the Apocalypse (“Illuminati”) have so much power and control here is because they are possessed by these parasitic specters floating around in the 8th sphere, who offer their demonic services in exchange for a body to inhabit.

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1 Response to Genesis and the Secrets of Creation, Pt. 1

  1. I enjoyed this elemental breakdown!
    Thanks Gabe

    I would add that ‘Genesis’ and the ‘beginning’ are indeed literally the be-ginning, while remaining consistent with your understanding when considering the meaning of words like be-gin, ori-gin…
    The ‘gin’ is the distilled (requires 3 elements). Di-stillation is the process of setting apart something desirable. Even a sense of ‘made firm, whole.’

    Gin-isis is the be-ginning and the ori-gin… like a babe ‘distilling’ from the waters through the va-gin-a.

    This cycle, like all cycles, is micro and macro… our ima-gin-ation is also a process of distillation, which is why it’s important to affix our imagination to enduring truth so that it does manifest (or distill) in our being and lifetime.

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