An Argument Against Reincarnation Theory – Thomas Burgoyne

2021 Update/Caveat: I currently am tending more on the side of believing in reincarnation. As Kuhn puts it, it seems unlikely that man could storm the castle of Heaven in one lifetime, having barely risen above animal intelligence. It would seem that a multiplicity of human births would be needed to best carry out soul growth here in the Earth Matrix of matter. But, in the sake of consistent journalism I leave the original article untouched, as a record to trace my pattern of thought:


In his treatise, The Light of Egypt, Thomas H. Burgoyne, secretary of the Hermetic Order of Luxor, discusses the afterlife, soul evolution, and the origins of evil. In this Hermetic system, which opposes in many ways the views of the Theosophical Society ala Blavatski, or what he calls ‘Esoteric Buddhism,’ reincarnation or the multiplicity of human births on Earth is a false teaching. Your evolving soul (which is part of an even greater Divine Ego), only gets one human life on Earth, and then after death one faces their own self-generated karma in the astral realm, in the hopes of evolving spirally upward to greater states of Being, the final goals being immortality of Soul and reunion with your Twin Soul which is the completed spiritual state of the Angel.

Origins of Evil

However it is not guaranteed that the differentiated soul survives their karma. Souls too corrupt and wicked, who turn their back on Deity (not based on ignorance, but knowingly), are unable to face their karma post-death, which swirl around them like a trapped nightmare for thousands of years. Guilt and shame like fire burning their soul.

The earlier distinction is important here. One result of the astral realm in such a sorry state is ending up as like a child. The other, for the truly wicked, is a devolving into an animal – these ones then become absorbed into the animal soul of the planet, called the Dark Satellite, the 8th Orb in our chain or the Orb of Death. This is their temporary abode as they await Oblivion – dissolution back into Source, back into the In-breath of Brahman. A sleeping, and a forgetting. 

Note that while their soul fails to achieve immortality, the Divine Ego of which even their soul is but one half, never dies and cannot die as it was not created in time (a-temporal, a-tomic), and is thus co-eternal with Deity.

Meanwhile, the black magicians here on Earth get their occult power by acting as mediums for these Once-men, those now dis-incarnate spirits from the 8th Orb (currently close in its ellipse, to Earth), , who have devolved to the level of animal, albeit an animal with cunning intelligence. A hunter-animal. But the cunning is all geared towards self-preservation – the reptile fight-or-flight, which is why they are often mistaken as reptilian aliens by the too-literal alt. media.

The 8th Orb in our planetary chain actually represents the animal-soul of Earth. Look at the viciousness of predators in nature and you will get a sense of the orientation of these entities we are up against.

How the Life Wave Works, Involution and Evolution

This is also called the transmigration of Souls. From what I can glean from Burgoyne’s writings, once the Biune Twin Souls bud off from their Divine Ego they each go through 7 State changes in 7 rounds of a Life wave or cycle within a Planetary Chain. These states are: spiritual, celestial, astral, mineral, vegetable, animal, and lastly, human. The soul in its quest for differentiation and complexification gets involved with lower and denser states of Matter (involution) – the densest being the mineral state. From there it begins its evolutionary climb back up to spirit through the vegetable, animal and the human state (the last state clothed in matter). 

The twin souls separately undergo each of these 7 states on different planets in our chain (the classical 7 planets or Elohim of astrology – Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon). Each planet leaves their mark on the Soul, which is why Astrology works. Before we arrive on Earth in our human state (the midway point between the spiritual and material arches of the wave) we undergo countless incarnations in lesser or more simple states, on the other 7 celestial bodies, all in preparation for the human form. The reason why the birth chart is such an accurate rendering of the personality of the individual is because we are born at a time which will harmonize with our growth and development that was achieved on the other planets prior to this earthly life. We are not shaped by our birth chart, rather the birth chart is a record of our development thus far, and a roadmap for further evolution in certain areas.

Rest assured that you have been born in the precise time and location, race, and family to provide the best chance of harmonizing or rounding out your latent soul qualities. 

After our human life, our fleshly reincarnations stop. “Once and only once,” says the holy law of Nature. After this our rebirths will occur in the realm of Spirit. 

The 3 Duads

From The Light of Egypt:

Our human physical life on Earth is actually only the first of 3 States or Duads. The second duad is the Astral realm, and the third is the Realm of Pure Spirit. Only by the 3rd Realm is immortality of the soul assured, because one must first past through the purgatorial Astral realm. Here is where your karma is faced. Karma is not an active force that affects change on Earth, as the Theosophical Buddhists and many others claim. It is a passive force that builds up in each individual as a moral record of their lives. Upon death, one faces all their demons, repressed memories, fears and attachments, and must conquer them. The demons are self-generated, there isn’t a God doing the punishing. God is only in charge of upholding the eternal perfect laws. The Boundless One speaks to your conscience through your Divine Ego. If you followed and listened to your conscience as best as you could in life, your karmic load will be a little easier on you. If you ignored the conscience and lived a life oriented at self-gratification at the cost of others, you will have a harder time in the next realm. It is that simple.

In this we finally see the beauty and justice inherent in Nature’s immutable laws. We are fully conscious at every stage of the karmic balancing of the scales, until the final farthing is paid.

We can drop the idea that we are reincarnated into an unlucky situation in order to pay back some karma in a past life that we are not even aware of. This type of system would only be designed by a cruel and unjust God. You wouldn’t punish a child for a crime that they are unaware that they committed.

We can also drop the hideous notion propped up by many in the alt. media that the “unwashed” and unaware masses are duped into eternal Hell by selling their soul to their smartphones or by being uploaded into the Borg hive-mind system, those filling up on vaccines, 5G and other pollutants. ‘Wide is the road to destruction and many are on it,’ Jesus warns. These ones will have a difficult time with their karmic burden in the astral realm, to be sure, however God grants some leniency because they were ignorant to the most part of how low their Soul fell. It’s all based on intent.

But it is a sad truth that many in this age will be unable to retain something immortal of themselves in the astral, and will be whipped about by karma and end up with the consciousness of a child. The soul, having now lost its chance to progressive Immortality will be reabsorbed into their Divine Ego.

When the Twin Souls fail to reunite, for any variety of reasons, the Divine Ego has to now await a new Solar cycle or Life Wave to try again – a new ‘splitting of the Atom’/Adam, the new souls transmigrating again through the 7 States and planets of involution/evolution. This process is what is confused for as “reincarnation,” or multiplicity of human births.

Those who seek immortality strive against such a fate, against such an amnesiac barrier.

This Divine Ego is the part of us that does not incarnate into the growing soul/spirit body until after the final Duad is crossed and the Twin Souls are reunited (the biblical marriage of the lamb, bride and bridegroom, etc.) Thus the Divine Ego is the part of us most closely associated with Source Creation, the black light or the Unconscious or Superconscious Formless One that “sits in profound, pregnant Silence,” as stated in the Kolbrin. We are never not One with that, must of us just forgot.

In the gospel of Thomas, the disciples ask Jesus how to get in heaven: “Do you want us to fast? How should we pray? Should we give to charity? What diet should we observe?”

Jesus said, “Don’t lie, and don’t do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. after all, there is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed.”

Notice he says, “before heaven” all things you did are disclosed. This is the swirl of your memories, your karmic record occurring to you in the 2nd Duad, the Astral plane. Heaven is the third duad. To get there you have to purge everything that was associated with the lower animal drives of the body, to be swallowed up by the animal soul of the planet. None of that can go with you as baggage into Heaven.

One last note that may serve as a clue or key for understanding how all this works. The word ‘soul’ rhymes with bowl. Because they are both containers. The soul collects and stores all the memories of your human life and previous incarnations through the many states and forms you took on your Life Wave journey. At death this bowl is dumped on your head, and you have to make sense of it all without shattering or spilling all over the place; that would lead to ‘soul death’ or the second death, which is just a sleep and a forgetting, of the Divine Ego, which never dies, which your Spirit, which sounds like “spear it,” which is what you have to do with all those karmic threads of the soul/bowl, spear them with the wand or the will of the sword, as an integral, coherent human being with mind intact, through the eye of the hurricane.

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10 Responses to An Argument Against Reincarnation Theory – Thomas Burgoyne

  1. george says:

    dont see this as valid…in fact I see burgoyne acting as a shield for the demiurge…too many demons like j Epstein and g maxwell and soros reincarnating into other bodies century after century degrading the planet..any soul review is an archon trick…if there is a soul review there would be no satanic hollywood or wayfair creeps

    • Epstein and Soros may just be mediums for corrupted souls from the 8th sphere looking to extend their lifespan, as I described…you don’t need reincarnation to explain it.

      • george says:

        I dont see any validity in after death judgements of any kind or any notion of karma being valid when our ability to read minds and look through time has been systematically hampered by the demiurge…and I think any proponents of such like burgoyne are allied with the archons and playing bluffing games at the poker table trying to induce more fear to feed on.

    • karafreeone says:

      I got to this blog in a round about way while I was looking into Thomas Burgoyne. I was surprised by this review, and agree that if this was Burgoyne’s understandings then he is under the influence of this matrix/simulation programming. This is not what I understood about Burgoyne. I plan to read the book The Light Of Egypt, and I have heard a great deal about Burgoyne exposing the Origins of how humanity became enslaved and programmed by the Annunaki. Clearly if a person can understand that only an evil type of God would punish a child without the child having any clue what he has done wrong, then how does this afterlife experience make sense? It sounds more like the Bardo Thodol, which to me is an interpretation of the Soul still traversing within the simulation/matrix. Also, how does one explain the Satanic mindset of Trauma through torture, hideous deviant and murderous acts, sacrifices, and the sickening sexual attack on little children, are these all simply forgiven in the realm of the Astral as a soul is reviewing it’s human experiences?
      I am not ready to dismiss some very insidious and evil intent in the current events concerning the “stab”. With the push to have every human inoculated, reeks of pure evil.

  2. Lachie says:

    I always eagerly await your posts Gabe. Though I may not be as far along in my quest for truth as you are, and I find the content overwhelming and hard to grasp, the posts always excite me and make logical sense consistent with my experiences in the world. Thanks for your efforts!

  3. Josh A says:

    I stumbled on your website maybe 6 months ago gabe, a drug addict.
    6 months on i am clean as a whistle and my conciousness has done a flip 180degrees ive never been so happy. I feel god in my life now, i feel happy and my mission has become to help others find the light you helped me find. Thank you, deeply thank you

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