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The Orb, The ‘Ob,’ Bark of RA, Noah’s Ark

In this post we are going to be looking at the mysterious dark satellite discussed in T.H. Burgoyne’s seminal work on the occult, “The Light of Egypt.” and compare that to the phenomenon of Nibiru, which brings us back to … Continue reading

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Broken Timelines and Mandela Effects in Films ‘Yesterday,’ and ’12 Monkeys’

Conspiracy Seeker: “This world is not supposed to be this way. We are just at war. Always. eating each other and killing each other and it’s not the way its supposed to be. There is a Star Trek episode where … Continue reading

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Six, Sex, Hex, Vav, the Cube and the Fang

Devin from the channel ‘flat earth paradise’ did a video starting with the number 6 and how it relates to sex in our occult symbol-language. It triggered a string of downloads which I have attempted to document here. The number … Continue reading

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Mooji – the Is-ness, A Greater Center of Being and Awareness

Spiritual teacher Mooji, in a video Laura posted,  talks about how the mind is the enemy. Not parts of the mind that you don’t like, no, the whole mind is your enemy. Your main enemy. Conquer that and life will … Continue reading

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