Joseph Farrell: The Nazi Bell

Origins Of Nazi Occultism

From the documentary “Nazi Occult Conspiracy:” 

“Hitler’s inner circle: deputy furor Rudolph Hess whose correspondence reveals a devotion to astrology and forecasting by the stars. Nazi commissioner for philosophy and education Alfred Rosenberg, who wrote the book for laying out the tenets for the Nazi religion, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda whose diary records his use of astrological forecasts in the planning war against the allies, and Heinrich Himmler head of the ss, and the death camps whose papers reveal that he was the master occultist of the third Reich and ultimately the architect of the new Nazi religion.

At the foundation was an ancient occult legend that told of a continent in the north Atlantic, there lived a race of super beings which had fallen from grace through evil and vice. A great flood wiped these beings from the face of the earth, but before they could all be destroyed, certain priests escaped by boat. Eventually finding their way to India and the high peaks of Tibet. These escaped priests, believed by mystics to be the original race of Aryan god-men, were said to be the ancestors of all Indian and European people. The land was called, Atlantis.

Certain German mystics claim that the Atlantis myth was actual history, than the German people were the descendants of the super beings of Atlantis, that lost their power by interbreeding with mere mortals. In this theory lies the seed of Nazi doctrine. Himmler, an extreme nationalist made it his mission to prove that the Germanic people were descendant of an Atlantian master race. Nationalists particularly those who believe in superiority of the Aryan race, always entertain the notion of a vanished island, hidden world, some kind of utopia. Himmler may have thought it was in Tibet and the Atlantic race might be in the Tibetan mountains, descendant might still be alive. He was a romantic idealists, unlike he wouldn’t have spent time and money sending expedition to Tibet. They measured the local Tibetans, looking for Aryan traits like angular features, long limbs. This was stepped up by the time the war was on, in that they were able to do experiments of a rather still innocent type on the living object, measuring people’s skulls for instance. The quest to prove the superiority of the Aryan race soon moved into the criminal. The Nazis began killing people and using their bodies for experiments. Once they proved their ancestors were gods, it would be through selective breeding that they could force human evolution through a hot house environment by selecting the parents of a child and then rebreeding their offspring, until the day when you eventually breed the superman as predicted by all their occult theories.

Hitler proclaimed, “humanity accomplishes a step up every 700 years and the ultimate aim is the coming of the sons of god. All created forces will be concentrated in new species, infinitely superior to common man.” The breeding stock was Himmler’s SS, he recruited only the strongest and best looking men, tall, blonde and blue-eyed. these future warriors had to be well-educated and only from families of pure Aryan heritage. The ss, at one point three million strong, had a duty to the fuher to father as many children as possible, regardless of marital status. In 1935 Himmler created the lebensborn program meaning fountain of life, designed to facilitate the birth housing and raising  of as many pure Aryan babies as possible. Documented footage of lebensborn babies on a table. According to lebensborn doctrine, an illegitimate child was no disgrace. Most of these children never knew their parents. the babies became property of the state. The received careful training on Nazi ideology.

Long before Hitler came to power, these believes were flourishing against an already racist backdrop. There were German and Austrian organizations at the turn of the century which blended racists ideology with occult practices. But these believes only became popular at the end of ww1. A once mighty empire of Germany had been disarmed and at the mercy of the victories nations of the first world war. Formerly wealthy cities, disabled veterans haunted the streets as if ghosts from another lifetime. Berlin in the 20’s a crippled landscape, the misery of the urban landscape.

People looked for a scapegoat. Fear and mistrust of foreign people intensified. Both ends of political spectrum made bids for loyalty of german people. After serving in ww1, hitler was stationed in Munich where it was his job to infiltrate left-wing organization for the army. One assignment changed the course of his life. He infiltrated an organization that was a backroom political club called the german workers party. But far from being the communist organization that the name implied, the party turned out to be extremely right-wing. Hitler liked what he heard, joined and eventually became the leader of the party. attending an early rally where hitler spoke was a disillusioned war vet named Rudolph Hess. Hitler was speaking about bring germany back to the glory it had before the war. Hess believed that dynamic orator he heard was the long-awaited messiah. With racist philosopher Rosenberg, Hess was a supporter of one the more prominent groups the Thule society. Which actively sought the germanic messiah and dedicated the revival of the Aryan race. Members practiced astrology, sun worship and other occult sciences, thinking this would help them achieve their goal. Their emblem was a dagger set against a curved swastika. With membership including some of Munich’s most rich and powerful citizens, the society financed Hitlers party. In 1920 it changed its name to german national social party, or the Nazi party.

Hitler lived in an environment already hostile to Judaism…”

Watch the rest of the documentary here:

Project Camelot interview with Joe Farrell

Farrell is an alternative researcher who has written many books on the subject of the occult and ancient mysteries.

Joseph: My father was a physicist. I got into music, in college went into philosophy and ancient texts. I did my PhD in England and taught college for a number of years. Philosophy and history. But I did a team seminar with a biologist and I got physics which was a hobby. We discovered a common interest in the esoteric and alternative things. I presented my pyramid ideas to her and she said, “oh you got to do that with the class.” So I did, and they rally liked it much to my surprise. After I quit college teaching I decided to bite the bullet and write some of these ideas down.

When I was growing up I was the quintessential nerd, playing with my slide rule.

One of the things that always struck me, was that many of the methods of theologians are very similar to methods physicists use. This might sound wildly contrary to what people think. But if you look at ancient texts particularly philosophical ones it struck me that I was looking at  a topological metaphor, rather than a specific philosophical text. And the further I went back the more apparent that metaphor became until it became possible to notate certain texts in the same way that you would notate a topology. I had done this privately in a notebook. Half accident and half ongoing interest.

The thing that struck me, was the kind of research the Nazi’s were doing. You have a definite esoteric and occult influence and interest that midwifed the Nazi party. You have this occult influence after the Nazi’s are in power. The SS and Himmler when he creates the research bureau.

It’s my belief that the Nazi atom bomb project was successful. Now I’m going to ask your viewer that that’s a given. If you look at the project classification of the Bell, the Nazis had the highest classification, higher than the atom bomb. The atom bomb is old stuff compared to the Bell. They want to free Germany from energy dependence on foreign power foreign oil. The same sort of physics is a gateway into anti-gravity, anti propulsion, and of course the Nazis want to engineer this thing into a weapon. One nickname was the beehive because of the sound it made. Project Cronos or project time. Well people leap to the conclusion that it’s a time machine. No, time is involved because you use torsion to tap into the ability to manipulate the fabric of space and time. If you take a soda can and wring it out like a dishrag, the counter rotating motion which draws the ends closer together. The can itself represents space time. The Nazis want to weaponize it. If you weaponize that, you potentially have a thing that makes the atom bomb look like very light stuff. The worlds finest scientists were working on this.

Nazism had banned Jewish physics, relativity. They had problems with quantum physics as well. It was too indeterministic.

What was the bell? It’s a device, bell shaped, 15 feet high, placed in ceramic, heavy electric cabling ports. Inside the device are two counter rotating drums. A serum, serum 525, maroonish red mercury compound is cryogenically cooled with liquid nitrogen. It is close to an electrical power plant and sounds like a beehive.

An SS general, Sporenburg, was tasked to go in and murder 60 of the scientists involved with the project. The Nazis want to keep this thing absolutely quiet. He was tried by a Polish tribunal. The bell was tested in that part of Germany that later became Poland. That’s how we know about this. Sporenburg also describes the effect of the device on plants, they would decay to a brownish gray goo, either in hours or weeks. They would come apart, without putrefaction. The first test was done incorrectly and several scientists were killed. Later on they learned how to control the deadly effects more reasonably. When it was tested underground, it was to be tested in a room lined with ceramic bricks lined with rubber mats. Concentration camp victims would come in and remove the mats, burn the mats and scrub bricks with brine. Scrubbed for radioactivity. It was tested near this hinge-like structure which stood in a basin, a pool, around the perimeter of the pool are heavy duty electrical cabling. The inmates described this barrel-like thing glowing at night, rise and then go back down.

A SUPER secret SS pulling patents left and right. The mission brief is to make Germany energy independent. Controlled fusion, zero point energy. General Hanz Kolmer’s think tank is to brainstorm its way from 1st gen to 2nd,  3rd steps technology tree to get from one to the other. The bell is connected to all these depts. They are trying to create a prototype technology. It is not a UFO, it is not in itself a weapon. Its not a zero point energy device. It’s a gateway technology that they are using to investigate each of those three areas. But the results were significant enough, by 1944 for the Germans to classify it as “war decisive.”

Is it a time machine? I use the term time dilation. It can be used as a practical device going backward or forward. But the field effects on plants and the use of the serum, an isotope of mercury, was that if they were able to achieve a severe time dilation effect, they war you r going to measure it is by changes in radioactive decay. That’s why they are spinning and pulsing it. The fuel and the measurement. But in spinning, its creating a portal, a torsion field.

There is no evidence that you could put people into this device. But that doesn’t mean if by 1942 when it is clear that they have been successful enough to split into physical and medical components. The Nazis have decided we are far enough along, we need to learn how to limit the effects of this stuff on human beings. There is nothing to prevent them from building another one. As of yet no hard evidence. It has a field around it where the effects are quite deadly.

Where did the Bell go? Martin Bormann saw to it that the allies and Soviet Union get an equal division of the tech spoils. U.S. gets crucial atom bomb components. The Soviet Union gets a crucial Nazi scientist that developed cyclotrons, and centrifuge tech. But if you are going to have a postwar extra territorial Nazi state, with organization, and on going research project, there are two things you can’t have. You can’t have atom bombs, which require large enrichment plants, which are an easy target. You can’t have large rocket gantries. You need a project that is truly sensational, with massive dividends but easy to keep secret. And that’s the Bell. The allies and Soviets get jets rockets, computers infrared sites, semiconductor chips, all this stuff, but the project that was classified “war decisive” the Nazi’s keep to themselves.

The post war fusion project that was taking place in Argentina, could have been a continuation of the project. You have the boss right there in the area. Parone is not in control, its Bormann, he’s the financier.

Was it under the purview of the U.S.?

The important ones, no. It appears the U.S. was desperately trying to recreate the personnel team of the Bell. It means we didn’t get the documents from the project, otherwise we wouldn’t have needed the personnel. I only identified two Bell scientists who made it to the U.S.  One of them was a top scientist, who designed the power plant for the bell. Dr. D-, standing next Von Braun, pointing off to something in the distance in the Apollo program, at Cape Canaveral, he has in hands in all the massive pies.

What have the Nazis been doing with the bell in the last 60 years?

Bormann was sitting on millions. He was a financial whiz. Its going to require a partner. Its feasible that they’ve worked out the medical bugs, you can put someone in it and fly around. You can take aspects of the tech and divide it up with others, boosting their efficiency. If Davis is involved with the Apollo and the bell….they have been able to find the practical application for free energy. They may have been able to weaponize this stuff. That’s the scary part.

Bill: So they are isolated group of Nazi’s in Brazil, Argentina, with access to this salvaged and exported exotic tech and money, what are they doing? Flying it around weaponizing it against whom?

The modern financial meltdown is a sign for me. There is a breakdown occurring between the old postwar depts. The founders of the Bilderberg Group were Lawrence, David Rockefeller, Rothschild, those were the Anglo American corporate interest. But on the European side its Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Whose he? He’s an SS officer. Well if you have a postwar Nazi chain of command, then an SS officer liker Bernhard answers to his chief Bormann who holds the general rank, but Bernhard is also the vice president of I.G. Farbin, who was only liquidated in 2003, it was so big, so huge and the licensing agreement were in such a tangle that it took that long to get rid of it, an enormous amount of power. The Bilderberg groups first secret purpose after the war was to take all the liquid cash of the Nazi’s, move it through these Western banks, make it available to western bankers, off the books. They’re laundering huge amounts of money. With Bormann we are dealing with Cheney without the warmth and charm. Corporate fascism is the way to go. World domination is a cool idea, we want to play ball, here is a lot of money to do it. But with Bormann the money comes with strings attached. When markers come due, you better be able to pay. With Bormann you have an intelligence organization, headed up by his friend Himmler, that make threats and carry them out, even against the wealthy and  powerful.

Kerry: But the U.S. won the war. Why would they let them go to Argentina with their blessing without a hand in the pie?

Precisely, they had a hand in that pie. And it was conducted with Bormann. Working out a deal to surrender all these atom bomb components to the United States, so he was moral leverage over the us, he could expose the U.S. for having made a deal with the devil, a kind of Mexican standoff. That’s the problem we’re faced with all this German intelligence that gets slid into the CIA, but its under control of the same Nazi’s who conducted it the first place. And we haven’t even got into the mind control technology. For me the real point, once we make that deal with the devil, ok Martin, we want to make a deal but we don’t want to sully our lily white American hands with it OK? But we know that you have the people that can do this, this and that….But now you put yourself in the position to be blackmailed. And they can expose you for these sordid affairs. The whole result begins to be seen in the 50’s with Eisenhower, what does he warn against when he leaves office? The military industrial complex. He knows the Nazis, because he fought them. And the warning he’s given the people, is not the homegrown American military industrial complex but the infiltrations within it, the Nazi’s.

The only thing I see within context of recent history, that could put that extremely powerful Anglo American corporate banking interest or elite in that kind of peril, is an entity with an enormous amount of liquid capital, that it moved into their banks and left their for a very long time, “we’ll give you this money, do with it what you will, leave us alone.”

Could the Bell be the missing piece of the puzzle to Dr. Wood’s free energy technology that dustified the two towers on 9/11?


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