Broken Timelines and Mandela Effects in Films ‘Yesterday,’ and ’12 Monkeys’

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Conspiracy Seeker: “This world is not supposed to be this way. We are just at war. Always. eating each other and killing each other and it’s not the way its supposed to be. There is a Star Trek episode where something happens in history, and the history that they are in is the wrong history. And if you fix that event in history than the history is repaired. So the idea here is there are a lot of horrible things in this world, but with this Mandela effect going on and the way reality is shifting, there is a chance that it may never have existed in the first place. If we fix our own timelines, it may be like it never happened. maybe.

Because the idea is, this world was never supposed to happen. Imagine that. It’s just a horror here. And you don’t have to see it…and I’ve had this idea that maybe it won’t ever be exposed to the public, and we’ll just kinda have a golden age and only those who were paying attention will know what really happened.

It’s war. Everyone gets used and abused. Even the good guys. We are all soldiers in this right now. We aren’t supposed to be. But we are. so, we are all being used by the light forces, those for the liberation of humanity, or we’re being used by those for the enslavement of humanity. Either way you’re gonna get used, or you’re useless, like an NPC, right?

Oh and the light forces, they don’t make the rules, they just kinda copy whatever the dark forces do, and do it in a better way. This is something Aug mentioned years ago. They are using us for our knowledge and creativity on both sides.”

A Different Model of Time

Aug Tellez: “Children were trained for advanced technology research and development. While this was happening, the entire focus was to heal humanities broken timelines, literally an inter-dimensional lack of continuity that was measured here in lack of resources and stability. While one aspect of humanity was healing itself through this, a rogue group enslaved. So one side was using the tech to enslave humanity all the way out into the future and another side was bringing that back to the present and neutralizing the results so that there was a conceivable reality for humans to live in. The true shape of time, then, has multiple layers zigzagging back and forth like a dimensional ‘shuffle’….History itself was influenced through time technology and entire ages are left out. Everything that is happening now is part of a process of breaking a temporal, artificial intelligence hold on humanity which creates the same repeating loop of destruction that resets time to an earlier period. (SOURCE)

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“The true shape of time and history, then, is zigzagging back and forth like a dimensional shuffle.” Let’s try to drop our linear view of cause and effect, with respect to time. The idea is the dark side has perfected a time loop or bubble, their protocol is to keep the loop intact, do not break the loop. In fact, breaking the loop cancels them out of existence in this timeline altogether.

With these goggles, a lot of popular Sci-Fi begins to look like disclosure veiled in fiction.

12 Monkeys


In the film, set slightly in the future where the human population is holed up underground following a viral apocalypse that wiped out most of the population. But they have tech that can send operatives back in time to before the extinction level event. Bruce Willis’ character is sent back to retrieve information about the bio-terrorist group responsible for the attack.

When an operative gets sent back to any time period where electronic recording equipment was possible and left a message, over the airwaves, this could be tracked and transmitted to HQ in the future.

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Bull’s Eye, One Eye Symbolism

It seems as though Aug is describing two groups at each end of history, or “the present.” Two Illuminati’s if you will, sending messages back and forth through time, influencing history, changing it, adding layers upon layers of distortion to the original blueprint. Keeping the loop of destruction (O) intact.

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The O is the snake of time eating it’s tail, the tempting of the Ouroboros.

But the light forces, (what Aug refers to as the Secret Space Program or SSP), white-hats within in each side of the control grid, are also sending messages back and forth, through time, working covertly to uplift humanity. Sabotaging the black-hats.

Either way, you’ve got to find your way back to your own original blueprint. It should feel like a remembering. Detach from the 0 to find your way back to the One, the 101.

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Perhaps we’ve all been in or at least seen fallen timelines at some point. The collective unconscious carries these memories of apocalypse, resets, talk of doomsday and the end of days. This is a linear way of trying to describe the gravity well of the fallen timeline into (0) total AI hivemind False Archon-God control. Where everyone is basically an NPC and our souls in a deep slumber. But God won’t have that in perpetuity, see that’s when the reset happens.

This life is about creating memories that aren’t shaded with these Archonic layers. And there are different degrees of the shading, the Shadow.

And this gravity well, this Hell of Total Archon Control, is not something at the end of a road. It is happening, to varying degrees, co-eternally, with Heaven or the Light. The yin and yang, chasing each other.

All of us have to find ourselves somewhere in the middle, and then transcend both.

The sages say, you must have your feet, your roots in Hell (heel/heal), in order for your head to reach the high heavens, where your branches and leaves can get the most sunlight. (And look at the word ‘defeat’ – it’s da’ feet!)

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And the panel of officiates who send Bruce Willis back, who do they represent? They are the ‘Others’ I’ve spoken about HERE, the fallen ones, who Sol Mason describes as a population of humans from fallen timelines from parallel Earths, who God, instead of wiping out, tasked them with the job of putting this Earth, this timeline to the test. They want to convince you that your soul is stuck here. Because their souls are stuck here. That’s their timelock: ‘Satan chained to the pit for a thousand years.’ They are here to play the role of tempter, the Enemy, and teach us what not to do, by DEMONstrating. This world is a demonstration. Amuk with demons.


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In this film by Danny Boyle, we have a Mandela effect where the Beatles never existed. Only a few know or remember the Beatles. The main character does because at the exact moment of the Mandela he happened to get hit by a bus while biking. The head trauma somehow diverted the effects of the time distortion.

So the main character proceeds to play Beatles songs, passing them off as his own.

This is what can and probably does happen, as agents are sent back in time to effect specific changes. It creates ripple effects, where suddenly certain events or products no longer exist. Everyone’s minds receive the new Matrix updates and life goes on. Beatles? Who?

But there are always a few sensitives, empaths or intuitives for whom the updates don’t take. Perhaps they have detoxed from the parasite completely, through living the Path, the Way, the life of an Adept. They see the Mandela effects immediately.

But the trick to time manipulation is finding that right event or person that will be like the key to the lock to make the biggest shift – effect the most ripples across past and future time. These individuals or events are like little pieces of God code. Both sides are after the God code, the light side wants to protect it, the dark side wants to copy it and become it, thus inverting it.

That is why Satanists invert everything, but notice they can only play with already spiritual symbols, they are not inventing anything.

These codes are present in our DNA, which is why much biological warfare is aimed at rewriting or mutating our DNA.

The codes are also present in our symbols and are activated by becoming symbol-literate. Jason Bickford coined the term ‘Unified Code Theory,’ which describes it, a self referential symbol-set spanning millennia and present in all inspired art. A co-creation between the artist and a Higher Intelligence. Dark forces know some of this code as well and so a corrupted form of it is beamed in front of us daily in the form of ritual false flags, media events, in the movies, from Marvel to Netflix, all steeped in multi-level disclosure and Unified Code. This thing is very close to us.

They use symbols because these are timeless, being transmitted across time, we mustn’t think in linear cause and effect about our history anymore. Symbols, letters and numbers are time-binders, they cement a timeline into place. Because they can be read from any point in history.

I suggest checking out Bob Schlenker’s channel who shows how events from 9/11 to Jeff Bezos are scripted by dark sorcerers as time-binding rituals. I covered some of his work on Mandela effects HERE.

“The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.” – Terence Mckenna


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6 Responses to Broken Timelines and Mandela Effects in Films ‘Yesterday,’ and ’12 Monkeys’

  1. Key Lamp says:

    Have you discovered your “symbol” that represents you, yet? Pretty cool.

  2. Robert Archer says:

    Hi Truthscrambler, just discovered your blog.
    This is probably the most important article I have ever read, intuitively I understand much of it and it chimes with other ideas I have thought and read about.

    My own ‘key’ to remembering, or minne as I believe it is also known is a girl called Fra. I had the feeling I remembering right away when I met her. Through one thing or another no we are not together at present, this article has been the inspiration for me to get back in touch and make these memories you speak of.

    Thank you, thank you 1,000 times.
    Discovering your writing has come at the right time, I shall read on.
    Cheers from Scotland,


    Ps – have you heard of Jack Heart?

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