Language is Built On The Principles of the Taurus/Torus Field

Root sounds:

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 1.18.37 PM*Note: vowels are always interchangeable


Torus fields have this bipole (pol) nature: red-shift blue-shift. The bull is blue, the Tor is red, (‘rot’ is ‘tor’ backwards and the German word for ‘red’).

It’s the two bulls. One leads to heaven, one to hell. One is good, one is evil. One’s a boy, one’s a girl, etc, etc, etc.

Torus fields have a BELL shape, with one end slightly bigger than the other, like an egg, employing the sacred phi ratio.

Remember we are replacing our outdated model of the atom with the more pregnant concept of the torus or torroidal field. Therefore the one who can manipulate torus fields can create. They are the CreaTOR’s.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 5.37.46 PM

The torus field ROTATES, creating TURBULence, which can be used as TORque. It is the ROTOR, the TAROT wheel and the TORAH. Because the Torah is the word of God and the torus field makes EL-ANG-uage. It’s not just spitting out dead matter like the mainstream atom, it is producing living language. It is the word made flesh.

It’s talking. And of course words are made of syll-ABLES.


To talk in Spanish is ‘HABLA”  (spot the bull?).

When you apply the code you can become STABLE, and ABLE. (Stay, bull…stay lower-mind).

Farm animals are kept in stables, which is why Jesus was born in a mANGer.

L and R are interchangeable in this code, so ‘able’ can become ‘abre,’ in spanish this means ‘to open.’ Open sesame, abracadabra. Abraxas.

The door to the living word, or the “palabra” (‘word’ in Spanish). ‘P-AL (EL) – ABRA.’

Because Taurus rules the throat and larynx, the voice box. Taurians often make great sINGers.

And to talk is to “shoot the bull,” to converse, in a sort of loose rambling fashion.

Words create a rumBLE in the torus field, in the information field. A sine wave flickers.

Words can be worked up into TORnados, with high vELocity.

Words can make belief systems come tumBLing down.

Words can be weapons wielded as spells. Spells of EL.

And you speak words into existence with your tONGue.

The ANG 

Most people recognize the bull in the word ANGUS, as in ANGUS beef. Some might even know that hooved animals like bulls, sheep, and goats are known as UNGulates. But did you know the bull is in the word ‘ENGlish’ and ‘ENGgraving,’ and in the sONG, because the bull/Taurus or Torus Field is spitting out the Word, the sym-BULL. These are the ANGels of light, or the ANGles of light.

The bull is the ultimate sym-BULL. It’s the ‘holy cow.’

It’s the signAL, or the sign-of-EL.

So sING your sONG, what we experience as matter is made of sound and light – sonoluminescence.

When you apply this code you can’t go wrONG.

It’s why the elite cheekily call the birth of the universe the ‘big bANG,” which is really a reference to sex magick, the world is created in the tension between the primordial male and female energies.

And the Sumerians and Egyptians often depicted their celestial sky Gods as bulls or cows. Such as An or Anu, birthing the world. The Cow Goddess Hathor and her milky way.

The EL

The EL is Allah, or Baal, the God of this world, the Demiurge (to be differentiated from the Most High or Source). God of light and sound, of ELectricity. And you plug in your electronics with a CABLE. Then you press the ON (AN) button.

This God is both good and evil, it’s the two bulls,remember? The Most High, which does not create, but is all knowing and in all things, and timeless, is outside all these duALisms. It is still white light, no vibration. As soon as light vibrates you have the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven ELohim. EL is the Lord of effects.

You will find the EL in all things dual. All things with a bi-POLE nature.

It’s in left (bull/blue) and right (rot/red).

And your compuTOR has inTERnet, but careful you can get caught ‘in-TOR’s-net,’ addicted to the screen, to the sono-luminenscence from the EL-ectricity of your compuTOR.

As an aside, another ungulate in the zodiac the ram (Rah/Ra) or lamb is found in the RA-dio, in RADAR… 

Weapons of EL

When you use a weap-on, AN-weaps. But the evil bull rejoices, remember there are always two, a good and bad one.

The bad one is found in BULLets, in TORpedoes and missILES, in BULKY TANKS (ank/ang). It’s in all the phALLic shaped project-ILes invented by war mONGerers, to BLast and K-ILL (el), and make ILL. 

To hit their TAR-gets. 

The bad one is TERRiBLE, horriBLE. DiaBOLical.

In spanish he is El DiaBLO.

Oh Satan, that serpent! The bible describes, but serpents are only scary because they have fANGs.

The good one is waiting for man to have had his fILL with war, to hit the cEILing and say no more, this needs to BLow over.

The good one is waiting for man to come to grips with the fact that war is based on  fALsity, on bull-shit. Because we are all one in the Most High, therefore petty disputes are faBLes, when AN-AL-ized.

The bad one is AN-AL-ly raping us with his l-ONG bull phALLis, which is why the EL-ites are building all their oBELisks shaped like bull penises.

But this is really a metaphor and inside joke for them, revealing the ILLuminati spELL for how our minds can often be consumed by the cereBELLum, the lower mind, the egoic mind, and they saturate us in those signALs – that’s what is raping our spirit, our higher mind in the cerebrum. Once you awaken the higher mind you cease to be a victim of ANAL, you turn off their programming, their mind control.

You see the thoughts of the lower mind as faBLes, fALLacies to transcend. 

Because all wars begin as disputes of the lower mind. One gANG against the other, pulling their TORiggers, strANGling/THROTTLING each other.

The good bull is waiting in the wings (red bull gives you wings) in the higher mind, the crown chakra, the k-ING. That’s the cow who jumps over the moon, over the lower mind.

Parables, Parabola, Pair of Bulls

The pair of bulls are found in the parables of Jesus, and being good and evil they sound like a paradox (pair of ox). And indeed the pair of bulls are parabolic:

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 6.19.12 PM

We start at (1), one with Good/God, then take on bodies (0), incarnate and become separate and distorted from the Good, and must make our way back to the One (1). That’s the journey of the 101, the twin pillars (11) surrounding the sun (O). 

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 6.58.13 PM


Interestingly, the only numbers that contain ‘EL’ are ELeven and twELve.

When you reduce them, 11 (1+1) becomes 2 and 12 (1+2) becomes 3.

And ⅔ =.666 The number of the beast. The beast is the bull, which is the animal mind, which we slide down into from our original state of divinity – we go from the DIVINE to the BOVINE, and back up again, once you have done the Good Work and your soul is ready to travel back up Jacob’s ladder. 

This post is for Santos Bonacci – without your effort to share the knowledge I’d still be poking around in the dark with a dim flashlight.

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  2. markmikemays says:

    its funny that im a capricorn and sag and i used to say palabra and WORD. nothing is me originally eh

  3. markmikemays says:

    thats so funny you end it with flashlight metaphor. i found one the other month or so that i just bought rechargable batteries for. i walk around town whenever and yea santos def has that pisces into aries tflow mirroring eris

  4. Katie Horrocks says:

    Your info is AMAZING!!! So concise and resonates. Thank you from NZ

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