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Something Is Ending in 2019

I can feel it, many sense the end of something approaching. Bob Schlenker says that time itself is going to be reset back to 2012, as was appointed by God and prophesied cryptically in the bible. Whether or not he is right … Continue reading

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Code 88: Time Travel, Analemma, Lion’s Gate

What is the Analemma? In one year the sun and moon make two figure 8’s in the sky or an 88. Bob Schlenker writes, “Code 88 has to do with: Zodiac: “A band of the celestial sphere extending about 8° … Continue reading

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Will Time Reset From 2019 to 2012? Bob Schlenker’s Hypothesis

“The Lord keeps perfect records, even after time will have been reset. “ Bob Schlenker. In past posts we have explored Aug Tellez’ disclosure around the elite’s manipulation of time, by locking us in a time-locked realm, time dilation, timeline hopping, … Continue reading

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