Disembodied Humans From a Parallel Earth – Sol Mason (Part 1)

Patrick John Markland, AKA ‘Sol Mason:’

“There are two sides that control time travel, the light and shadow. We belong to the light, don’t you forget that.” – From TV series ‘Dark’

From the movie ‘Transcendence:’

“How will we defeat the enemy? They outnumber us!”

“We won’t defeat them, we will TRANSCEND them.”

Something Is Ending In 2019

The Brief

Paraphrased from two of his videos from his youtube channel which has since been deleted:

Sol Mason: “From humanities perspective, what we’re up against has always existed. They existed before this existence. This world has been up against a population of souls from another earth that did not make it. This other earth existed in a future farther than this earth has gotten to. I say it in that way, because the disembodied spirits of the earth that was destroyed, that earth is not the future of this earth and had its own existence. And therefore received its own judgement. In the grand scheme of things, every planet with intelligent life is monitored. And if things go awry, certain interventions do take place but it is never done for you. There is only a limited assistance that is provided, based on lack of fairness. 

What humanity perceives as the devil is the leader of the disembodied spirits. When God came to their earth and judged it, its judgement was destruction. So God isn’t here to take care of your problems he’s here to make sure everything keeps on ticking, and in a way that is most suitable for the whole. 

So let’s backtrack and cover that a little more. In the universe there are other earths, other versions of this earth, these other versions are not the same, but similar, but they are their own existence. They could be considered parallels. 

What happened was, in around 1943, the philadelphia project did something that opened what is considered a dimensional gateway using an advanced form of technology. A certain branch of the military carried out an operation where they bombarded a large naval ship with large amounts of gamma radiation. This gamma radiation basically phased the ship and anyone on it out of this reality and into another. The other reality that it phased to was the past of the parallel earth that was destroyed, whose disembodied souls have come here to wreak havoc. 

When God destroys something, well God is intelligence, so he destroyed their physical world, but kept their spiritual existence intact, because that is what is being used to give this planet a fighting chance. So the judgement of whether this world ends or doesn’t end is a daily process of deciding and making movements. It’s not one event in an earth’s existence that saves its entire existence no, it’s a constant job of weighing the scales.

So what these disembodied spirits do is possess human vessels. And their task is to populate this earth with their population. But because of the choices they made in their existence they evolved into what one could call a reptile. Intelligent but too instinctual. They over-developed the reptilian cortex in the circuitry. And made that intelligent instead of something else. 

So these things are of course invisible because they are out of phase with this reality. But they are layered into our reality – so lets say you took the sphere of the earth, erased its physical existence and you just had this spiritual shell of the earth, and you took a population and inverted it and call that the inner earth. That’s the inverse reality, their inverse reality. Because they inverted to non-corporeal spirits. So since the philadelphia project, when it carried that experiment out, it pushed an object from this timeline into a past of their parallel timeline, in order to bridge the realities so they could start populating this earth with disembodied spirits.

I’m sorry thats not entirely true, so what happened was the Philadelphia project phased an object into our future, but in that bridge, in that arc, they jumped in, that is their opening. From 1943 to a future, it created a loop, that’s why this earth seems to have been stuck the way it is for 2019 years and only developed to this point. In 1943 when they hit the ship with gamma rays and pushed it into the future of our 1943 or the future of our 1943 based on that event. 

So Cameron Duncan and Al Bielek would be considered the first walk-ins. So when that ship was passed through reality those people were scattered with it. In that bridge, if one doesn’t know how to follow the bridge and stay in that loop, you get phased out of reality. So the disembodied spirits use that as a way to possess a body, without having to – well it basically changed the rules of karma.

So they used be to just able to influence this world, until 1943 when they walked in. So when that ship was pushed into a future, the people on it were basically lost in the by-ways of what one could call time travel. And some of them may or may not have had their soul switched out with one of these disembodied spirits from a destroyed future. So it came in there, changing the laws of karma. It set a bar. It allowed it to embody a vessel without that vessel being destroyed, because that’s how the worlds work. When one world tries to invade another, the laws of karma are supposed to keep it from doing so, until this happened. 

Because they are non-corporeal spirits, no physical form, completely undetectable, even when being possessed by one, its extremely hard to know the difference between…them.

They exist in a world where the rules of this reality are not, so they have more knowledge of stuff. When they allowed themselves to possess a vessel, that’s when they started their workings here. And since they originated from…their timeless, can’t experience time unless in a vessel that’s in time. That’s the whole reason of possessing a vessel. 1943 was their gateway into this world, but the gateway’s still open…..

… Also because they are timeless, their effects are not of original time, so that’s why it really changed reality. That’s why its been so hard to track this thing, and go up against it and actually succeed up against it.

That’s the war of heaven and hell on this planet in a nutshell.

How they would operate is, they are called the watchers. Because all they do is watch until they see something they need to change. Their whole purpose is distraction, but in order to do that they had to create ways to keep themselves here. Because once I got here I started changing things to make it more fair! 

So what they would do, since they observe from a reality which doesn’t exist here but it’s layered here, and in possessing people that were in the philadelphia project they created an access point. They could come in and watch as long as they wanted until they saw a resistance. So their whole purpose is to distract, and to distract certain individuals. Because over time they created secret projects using the government to explore this earth but specifically the minds of the population. Because then they would know who is who, and who is here to do what. Because time is created by humans. Or anything existing in time, and the degree of consciousness that existence has, is based on the first observer. Nothing exists if its not witnessed.

The adversary has all this advanced knowledge because they went through something like 15,000 years of existence in their physical state. Their strongest ability is insidious possession. An influence whose effect is so subtle it goes undetected. They are called thought pushers. They maintained the veil of forgetfulness. That’s why this problem has gone on so long because everyone who figured it out, they eliminated.

So in creating these secret projects, like Stargate and Phoenix, there was a chair involved, called the Montauk chair. What it did was read the genetic code of the individual sitting in it. So what does that mean? If you have a device that can read a beings full genetic code you can see that being’s entire lifetime and memories, and what its here to do. That’s how fate works, purpose, destiny. What you perceive as DNA is…everything’s hardcoded. Nothing is separate, everything is in the DNA of a body if it possess DNA.

So in these projects they figured out how to explore the minds of people, and in doing so they were exploring potential futures, because they were studying past, present and future experiences in this reality, and so they accumulated enough knowledge to create what’s called a knock list. A knock list is what is used in the agencies, of targets, of high value targets. A high value target is the source of an orchestration or an enterprise or an operation. If you take out the source, the operation never happens. This is where the term AI comes from because their effects of using this advanced technology of the Montauk chair to gain this information created the perception of an artificial intelligence because noone knew how this was happening. Because it was so secretive. And A.I. really stands for Advanced Interrogation. The whole perception of artificial intelligence was created as another distraction to keep us from the real truth.”

What the public knows about the Philadelphia experiment:


What has become a treasure trove of theories and sci-fi speculation, could this be the full story?

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 5.04.20 PM

Stay tuned for PART TWO where I find hints of Sol Mason’s testimony in various films and TV. There is a lot there.

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11 Responses to Disembodied Humans From a Parallel Earth – Sol Mason (Part 1)

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  2. Light Yagami says:

    I had dreams and goals in life I was happy but then truth after truth after truth non stop even now. I really wish I would’ve never known anything. I understand absolutely everything being said here and other topics why Me!!!! I believe In God 100% I believe he gave me the wisdom to see and see I shall I owe God everything and one day I hope he forgives me for all the mistakes Ive done.

  3. I think I’m in 6D…

    • I’m not waiting to “acsend” into any “D” I’m waiting to blow this popcorn stand named Earth. I’m waiting to meet the Lord in the clouds! I’m not mixing new age beliefs with the Bible, I’m saved and already sitting with Him in heavenly places. I made the transition when I asked Jesus to save me.
      1 Thessalonians 4:16&17 “ For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
      Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

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  5. Kenneth T. says:

    Tge mivie, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension has a scene where a character is strapped into a chair and flys into a “portal” (not quite a parallel Earth but – still)

  6. Josie says:

    I’m a year late… It’s Halloween 2020 and unfortunately no reset happened. We did have a lame over the top plandemic ruin life as we new it though, So there was that.

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