Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet – Part 3

Yod is the 10th letter. Shaped like a bent flame. Also can look like a one, or a dot. A center point, the bull’s eye.

10 is known as the completion number. 5+5,  man + woman, the  twin flame/twin pillars to bring about a third thing, the holy trinity. Stability in three, in geometry triangles are very stable objects.

Man is 5.

Four limbs and a head, the pentagram.

The hand has five fingers. The paleo-Hebrew pictograph for Yod is a hand and arm.

The tetragrammaton pictographic meaning. Predicts Jesus nailed to cross.

The hand as a symbol means Man. In spanish hand is MaNo. Latin, MaNus. MaN is an MN water/matter word. Ironically a feminine word. Because it is the Goddess who fashions our bodies from her clay. Father AB breathes air and fire into her water and earth, warming the blood and the bones.

The Goddess in Egypt was Nut, where we get night, and nox, she is all things dark, earthly, aNiMalistic. Whereas Father AB is all things light, hot, fiery, and rules the sunny day.

He is the sun/son because the Father and Son are one. Once you’ve seen Jesus, you’ve seen the AB. Abraham, the patriarch. 

But the Goddess is night, and she is naught, she is negation, you see. If the sun is ON she is Off. She is thus the moon and the horny horns of the Taurus Bull. Known as Anu, or Hathor, she is the cow who jumps over the moon.

The union of the two polarities is found in the UNGulate. That’s why we see so many hooved and horned animals in the Zodiac. These are the ANGels. The color spectrum formed from light ANGles.

The torus field is shaped like a bull’s head and rings like a bell.

For she is the “AN” – the sky bull taurus toroidal donut, and the masculine “G” caps the bull, (making it capable), which gives us “AN-G.” Which limits the sine wave into a ringing sound. Gong!

Thus the ‘Ang’ is a holy occulted word. It means Mother-Father, like ANKH, of which it is derivative. The ankh symbol combines the male cross with the female circle. The diving of spirit into flesh, the incarnation in a soul’s journey as it strives towards eternal progression.

All this is shown by the bent flame of Yod – 10 

The original impulse of God blowing fire into creation.

Yod makes the ‘Y’ sound. He is Yah. Yahweh. Jehovah.

The letter H speaks to him as well. The breathy air. The fiery hiss.

H in Hebrew is “Heh” and the glyph means ‘window.’ Because through this symbol set of the tetragrammaton and YaH, we are given a window into his mind. The mind of the Creator. 

But the work must be done here. In Her world. Through her eyes, the fleshy eyes of water, matter, blood and brain. To connect both worlds, the micro and macrocosms. 

1 and 0. 

The twin flame 101 Bi-Bulls. The parables. 

Jesus always spoke like that, talking to the right brain.

The EL is the line, (lower case l) the pillar, the Aleph, the one, and also the ten, drop the zero and the Father and Son are one. Yod. Completion.

But you cant really drop the zero because the zero is itself another pillar, although this one bent into a circle, representing Eternity, and cycles. In cycles we can have BALaNce; another holy word that combines Father “AB” and Mother “AN” with “L” in the middle giving us a stance, a cornerstone. 

How they’ve perverted the symbols?

Sex-magic words of power in weaponry.

The ankh becomes the bulky tANK, spitting missiLes of EL.

 The ang becomes the fang of the serpent. Spitting poison.

The BULLets flying. Through cYLinders of EL.

The torus/taurus becomes turrets, torrents of terrible torpedos.

The bull becomes bull shit. Angus beef. Red Bull. Degraded to energy drink status.

But that’s the 10, or the 101 – the window into Yod, the hand, with its 5 + 5 fingers, (I’ve never seen them fing…). The MaNos, Man, with his NaMe and NuMber.

The Yod is in the word “eYes,” which are windows into the Soul. The eye – I. But the eye by itself is unbalanced it needs to be constantly bending into a circle. 10. I AM that I AM. The bent flame of balance, Yod, upon Eternity.

So Yod and ANG, connect to the same symbol set as the Egyptian “Ankh” root, which gives us THANK, as in thank you for reading. From the stable (male-female) ankh we get ankle, stabilizing the leg and foot, anchor, stabilizing a boat. We get words like branch, bronchi, of course, the 101 or the 11 twins are always branching into 5 + 5. Two hands two feet, 10 toes 10 fingers.

Looking at just the 0 alone, without 10 we were talking about this Nut Goddess of night, Not, Naught, 0, unbalanced to the left, the dark, we get words like hex, from the root Hecate, the Goddess of witchcraft and magic. The zero shape, is the stirring of her cauldron, the witch with her aNiMalistic, shaMaNic practices. She is MN, ruler of the waters, brewing her brew. But she can only cook with the heating flame of the sun, Father AB.

In the bible the “red sea” is talking about the blood. Because Mother Mem Nun is salt water and the blood has a high sodium concentration as well.

But you see, through her watery chaos can be implanted the seed/fish/activity/life, again the incarnation of spirit, into a suitable vessel.

And Moses with his staff splitting the red sea, the phallic, the propulsive fire spirit seeding matter, and then the final deliverance into Heaven, the Israelites reaching the land of milk and honey, (which is also code for pineal gland activation). But for the Israelites it wasn’t finished; and many of us are still wandering in the desert eating MaNNa. 

The shepherd’ staff is shaped like a J, a hook. You get hooked by matter. Mesmerized by the witches spell. The red blood becomes tainted. The fall happens. You get words like Joker, and Judas and judged and jipped and jeopardized. You find Jack always stuck in-a-box.

But that same hook, is the pictograph of the Hebrew Lamed, the staff goad, EL. The Lamed is the 12th letter, the first in the second set of 11 for a total of 22, and also represents control and striving towards.

The L is the location where Saturn-El the bull God meets with ANU the horny moon cow sky Goddess – the baLanced LeveL scaLe, where those two meet we get the ankh, the ankle/anchor, the cross and the circle combined. Where those two meet we get the ANG, as in ANGular momentum, BANG, the big bang, her milky way. We get b-ANK, you store things in a bank, because the sex magic union of opposites creates spiritual capital. 

By the way, money and finance words all come from water. A river-BANK. Liquidated funds. Cash flow. Or money points to her bull goddess archetype – gold bullion, bills, stocks (live-stock), and of course when you don’t have exact bills you have to get CHANGE (ang).

An anchor sINKs.

The fall into matter.

Parabola. Pair of bulls. Parables.

The L always pairs with MN. In Hebrew it’s the same order – Lamed Mem Nun. The hebrew word for water is Mayim.

L is when the parabola is at it Lowest point. It’s LeveL. BaLance. It represents Earth level: ground floor. The L’s right angle also crops up in the square symbolism in Freemasonry. The square is Earth and water, the compass is Heaven and fire. 

LMN…O (water)

X…YZ. (fire)


Our protagonist found that he had an affinity for sym-BULLS. He would let them swim around in his mind, and took comfort in them. Where two symbols light up, a connection is made.

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5 Responses to Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet – Part 3

  1. Oddly this post reflects the various conversations I had all last week. It ended with my mother texting my daughters to ask if they were pregnant because she dreamed of fish. It’s incredible how many of us continue to communicate through our dreams. These holy symbols are active in my family as we continue to speak through many, albeit unknowingly. Thank you for reminding me. This post brought tears that I wasn’t expecting. Oh! Aspire is one of my favorite words. As you may know, it is from Latin – “aspirare,” and it triggers my memory of “breathing life into” our goals.

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  3. Rhonda Hill says:

    I am so happy I stumbled upon your work.

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