Donald Marshall’s Testimony on the Reptilian Agenda: Vrills and Droning

Forget the Reptilians and Greys being from the Orion Nebula, Sirius, or Alpha Draconis, they are just Earth-based, terrestrial but subterranean troglodytes, of several distinct morphologies which we’ll get to in a moment. But first, if you are a budding Flat-earther such as myself and looking for a story about these “aliens” that fits a flat earth paradigm, then the one disclosed by whistleblower Donald Marshall does not conflict, because the parasitic predator plaguing humanity and behind the Illuminati are in fact purely terrestrial in origin.

If you aren’t familiar with Donald Marshall I suggest you read this post first.

Also, they do not shape-shift, as purported by Icke. They body-snatch, one way. So they take over a host and the host dies, and the old lizard body becomes an empty husk. The lizard in the human body is called a drone.

VrillLizardDrawing350h (1)

The lizard (Vrill Type I drawn above) does this by protruding a wormlike bundle of nerves that contains its consciousness, which enters the victim through their eye socket to the brain. It then releases its parasitic cells and like a virus take over the body. It’s what these statues are depicting:

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 7.30.35 PM

This creature should not be confused with something called a Jenny Haniver:


Which according to wikipedia “is the carcass of a ray or a skate that has been modified by hand then dried, resulting in a mummified specimen intended to resemble a fanciful fictional creature, such as a demon or dragon.”

In light of Marshall’s info, could these Janny Hanivers be a tribute to Vrill? They resemble “mythical demons” but all myth has some basis in fact yes?

Donald Marshall: “they manicure the things (Jenny Hanivers) to look similar to the bodies of Vrill that have been found in the desert… anything to cover up their existence.(Source).”


This is probably what Salvador Dali is holding up, here, a Jenny Haniver. (More on Dali HERE). However, why is he doing that, if not for Vrill, and also you can see the person behind Dali has a bandage over his eyes. Was he just droned?

The shot below is from a video that surfaced called 10 Most Bizarre Creatures. Probably another manta ray, but telling, nonetheless.




Notice how the eye worm spirals around the optic nerve, like the Medical symbol:


Suddenly the Eye of Horus takes on a new meaning. The squiggly line below the eye is the proboscis, and the thick straight line below the eye is the blood seeping out as a result of eye damage.

Were the ancient Egyptians trying to warn us of this droning process?


According to Donald Marshall this is a leaked photo of a droning ceremony, you can see the victim bound and blindfolded in the chair.

transfer ceremony

The Vrill Type I and II are controlled by the more humanoid form, (yet still of reptilian origin) the Vrill Type III:

They wanted to be in a movie, so they are similar looking to the Kaminoans in Star Wars, Attack of the Clones:

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 10.14.19 PM

And indeed, it is these “long necked grays” as Phil Schneider called them, that are running the clone army operations in the movie.

Donald Marshall – “I did not know this, I thought they (Vrill type 3) were gene-spliced things…They are the things the NWO/Illuminati were planning on using to usher people onto the saucers to “take them away” to Alderaan..They are the Project Bluebeam things… These are what they will use. They put them in the star wars movie “Attack of the clones” and they are identical… They wanted to be in a movie. They speak with a female soothing voice and they are empathic… Can make u feel one emotional extreme to the next…Their pineal glands are way more advanced than ours. Oh they also have spikes on the insides of the wrists that come out a foot, look like a feather quill with no fluff on it and it injects you with some kinda narcotic… A natural defense mechanism… Cave men have drawn them on walls. They were here even then… Behind the scenes. Oh they like eating human too. 7 feet tall and more… They’re the reason there is no more Atlantis. An empathic mind blast doesn’t feel nice…They got 3 fingers a thumb and claws.. And sharp teeth like a shark.

Neomorfo-Alien-Covenant-e1495392550991-620x350Its not good,… I’m freakin out a lil. They didn’t build saucers, Atlanteans did, and primitive saucers too… With Gyro’s and all, the US military have improved upon the design… Vril Society helped back engineer them…They’re smarter than Vrill but still dumber than an average human… They were waiting to find new human friends to take up the technology that they couldn’t replicate themselves… So Hitler the idiot went and made friends with em… Got the tech plans and set his scientists to work… Then the americans took over. None underground are friendly…(SOURCE).”

It is key to note here that although they can body-snatch, that is their only gimmick so to speak. The idea that reptilians are highly advanced is a psyop that fits with the outer-space paradigm: they must be highly advanced to have traversed vast reaches of interstellar space. And yet if it is revealed that they are troglodytes, than we see that they are no smarter than orcs or goblins from Lord of the Rings. The one other gimmick they had was obtaining relics of the old high civilization of Atlantis. But these were human relics, saucers and such things, cloning technology even, according to Marshall, of purely human invention, albeit this long lost high civilization. And what brought it down, and humans back to the stone age? Many competing theories but perhaps it is due to these very parasitic beings, their body-snatching, and the misuse of cloning technology for sick and sadistic purposes (REM consciousness transfer AKA soul snatching). Again if you don’t know what I’m talking about read part one on Donald here. The Vrill and cloning are closely linked in a way that hasn’t yet become fully clear.

The idea of body-snatching is a popular idea in science fiction. For example, in the show by JJ Abrams “Fringe,” there is a crisis of body snatching shape-shifters from a parallel universe. Further analysis of them shows they are partly mechanical with AI parts. But could this really be a subtle disclosure of the Vrill parasitism?

In the show they stick a wire in the victims mouth and take on their appearance that way, killing the victim in the process. This is adding a Hollywood glitter to it, but the basic premise of what Marshall is revealing is there.

Could the droning process be the reason for this scene in “The Island:

The Illuminati supervisor with his pyramid computer mouse, interrogates the protagonist, who voices his dissent to the programmed reality presented to him. For this he receives a high-tech MRI. The  tiny brain scanner bots enter through his optic nerve to his brain:


From wikipedia: “The Host is a romance novel by Stephenie Meyer about Earth, in a post apocalyptic time, being invaded by a parasitic alien race, known as “Souls”, and follows one Soul’s predicament when the consciousness of her human host refuses to co-operate with the takeover of her body.”

And might I remind you of this scene in Minority Report where they are removing his eyes for new ones to fool the scanners.

maxresdefault (6)If we accept Marshall’s testimony as true regarding the modus operandi of these lizards, than through that lens the symbolism from Hollywood starts to pop out more and more, this is the true meaning behind all the one-eye symbolism.

The one eye that is covered is usually bleeding in some way, because there is always seepage from the eye during this droning process.


Notice the V for “Vrill” below:

Tila Tequila briefly corroborated Donald Marshall on Vrill lizards, as well as cloning centers:


Roseanne Barr mentions droning in passing, remember most of these celebrities are too afraid to speak out and corroborate Marshall’s testimony, and yet for some reason Barr can speak out. Perhaps she has some kind of inner connections and protection we don’t know about. Remember Marshall’s protection (supposedly) is that he has written so many songs and movie ideas for them that they don’t want to kill him.

After revealing a lot of truth about the psychopaths in charge on a TV interview, she says (at 2:41) , “I’ll probably get assassinated or droned when I’m out of here:”


Arizona Wilder, MK Ultra victim and whistleblower, in her interview with David Icke below, revealed at 1 hour 46 minutes in that in a special deep underground area of France, “they (the Illuminati) have smaller less developed little reptilians that are kept down there and are kind of pets.” Well this corroborates Marshall’s testimony completely, he talks about Queen Elizabeth and other top cabal members keeping Vrill Type 1’s in cages as pets.

And then David Icke in true gatekeeper fashion does not pursue that farther, because the Vrill would destroy his hypothesis that they are tall shapeshifting bipedal alligator-like beings from another planet (rubbish, in this bloggers opinion).

Another whistleblower, Max Spiers was asked this in an interview:

“Have you heard the name Elena Kapulnik?”

Spiers: No.

“She is a super soldier and she met through her astral body, contacted Queen Elizabeth and the queen told her she is a 7000 year old Reptilian. How do you comment on that?”

Spiers: I  don’t know the specifics like you said but I wouldn’t doubt that. Body jumping, jumping from body to body. When it wears out, jumping to the next body. At the point of death of the person they will draw the energy of the person through the eyes, the soul comes out through the eyes, and you can also go in through the eyes. And replace the two. The awareness level also stays. She would not lose her memories like we do. when we go through our cycle we have amnesia.

“So she remembers everything for 7000 years?”


This would be one of his last interviews before his mysterious death in his 30’s. Did he say too much just there?

In the movie Alien: Promethius, by Ridley Scott we see a full-on eye worm. A parasite picked up on an alien planet, engineered by these pale, tall humanoids.

All those vats of black goo contain this body snatching parasite.

The new Harry Potter extension movie Fantastic Beasts 2 has an eye worm parasite, and what they call a “chupacabra” that looks like a cuter version of a Vrill Type 1:

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 9.50.20 PM

Donald Marshall says that ‘chupacabra’ is another name the ancient cultures had for them, along with ‘demon,’ ‘gremlin’ etc. It sounds like they have always been with us, at least since the time of Atlantis.

From a BBC article, “Tales of the chupacabra first emerged in Puerto Rico

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 6.47.19 pm

 in the late 1990s. They described a bipedal creature four or five feet tall with large eyes, spikes down its back and long claws. This beast, people claimed, was responsible for killing and draining the blood of livestock, an act that earned it its name – 

which is Spanish for “goat-sucker”.

It sounds like a description of the Type III with the spikes down its back.


The recent zombie movie “The Cured” seems to have soft disclosure around this issue:

The idea is that after a zombie virus outbreak, the cure is found, but those cured still carry the memories of being a zombie, and are not always truly healed or fully human, again. They learn to act human but secretly still carry that bloodlust. Hence they are a close metaphor for drones or Vrill hosts.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 6.31.35 PM

The hosts often huddle together, slack jawed and limp, silent as a bunch of lizards not used to their new human bodies.

The hints and soft disclosure are everywhere, believe it or not this is just scratching the surface. I suggest you read his whole letter he initially put out to the public here:

Latest 2019 Update Video: The One Eye Bleeding Symbol (and new intel)

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