Donald Marshall’s Testimony on the Reptilian Agenda: Vrills and Droning

Caveat/2020 Update:

From facts about Donald Marshall that came out later, it’s hard to take at face value that parasitic subterranean lizards called ‘Vrill’ exist. I do however believe, that Donald Marshall and the folks behind him are using that cover story to gatekeep a particular truth that has to do with taking over “vessels;” or body snatching, using technical means to go into the brain (via chip through the eye socket.)  This may kill the “host” entirely, leaving them a husk or shell that can be then manipulated. Or it acts as part and parcel of their MK Ultra brainwashing and mind control to create a totally obedient slave. I’ve also heard that adrenochrome can be harvested through through the eye socket. Nevertheless I have tried to leave much of the original post un-edited, and have added additional pieces of evidence in the addendum:

May 24th, 2018: If you aren’t familiar with Donald Marshall I suggest you read this post first.

DM says the lizards do not shape-shift, as purported by David Icke. They body-snatch, one way. So they take over a host and the host dies, and the old lizard body becomes an empty husk. The lizard (or Archon) in the human body is called a drone.

VrillLizardDrawing350h (1)

The (supposed) lizard (Vrill Type I drawn above) does this by protruding a wormlike bundle of nerves that contains its consciousness, which enters the victim through their eye socket to the brain. It then releases its parasitic cells and like a virus take over the body. It’s what these statues are depicting:

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 7.30.35 PM

This creature should not be confused with something called a Jenny Haniver:


Which according to wikipedia “is the carcass of a ray or a skate that has been modified by hand then dried, resulting in a mummified specimen intended to resemble a fanciful fictional creature, such as a demon or dragon.”

In light of Marshall’s info, could these Janny Hanivers be a tribute to Vrill? They resemble “mythical demons” but all myth has some basis in fact yes?

Donald Marshall: “they manicure the things (Jenny Hanivers) to look similar to the bodies of Vrill that have been found in the desert… anything to cover up their existence.(Source).”


This is probably what Salvador Dali is holding up, here, a Jenny Haniver. (More on Dali HERE). However, why is he doing that, if not for Vrill (the one eye bleeding symbol,) and also you can see the person behind Dali has a bandage over his eyes. Was he just droned?

The shot below is from a video that surfaced called 10 Most Bizarre Creatures. Probably another dried manta ray – but telling, nonetheless – that they would go through this trouble:

Notice how the eye worm spirals around the optic nerve, like the Medical symbol:


Suddenly the Eye of Horus takes on a new meaning. The squiggly line below the eye is the proboscis, and the thick straight line below the eye is the blood seeping out as a result of eye damage.

Were the ancient Egyptians trying to warn us of this droning process?


According to Donald Marshall this is a leaked photo of a droning ceremony, you can see the victim bound and blindfolded in the chair.

transfer ceremony

The idea of body-snatching is a popular idea in science fiction. For example, in the show by JJ Abrams “Fringe,” there is a crisis of body snatching shape-shifters from a parallel universe. Further analysis of them shows they are partly mechanical with AI parts. But could this really be a subtle disclosure of the Vrill parasitism?

In the show they stick a wire in the victims mouth and take on their appearance that way, killing the victim in the process. This is adding a Hollywood glitter to it, but the basic premise of what Marshall is revealing is there.

Could the droning process be the reason for this scene in “The Island:

The Illuminati supervisor with his pyramid computer mouse, interrogates the protagonist, who voices his dissent to the programmed reality presented to him. For this he receives a high-tech MRI. The  tiny brain scanner bots enter through his optic nerve to his brain:


From wikipedia: “The Host is a romance novel by Stephenie Meyer about Earth, in a post apocalyptic time, being invaded by a parasitic alien race, known as “Souls”, and follows one Soul’s predicament when the consciousness of her human host refuses to co-operate with the takeover of her body.”

And might I remind you of this scene in Minority Report where they are removing his eyes for new ones to fool the scanners.

maxresdefault (6)Neural interface technology that goes to the brain through the eyesocket can be seen as the reason behind Hollywood’s one-eye symbolism.

The one eye that is covered is usually bleeding in some way, because there is always seepage from the eye during this droning process.


Many celebrities and politicians have been seen with mysterious black eyes. Could they be recovering from this eye socket surgery process?


Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 7.05.51 PM

Notice the V for “Vrill” below:

Tila Tequila briefly corroborated Donald Marshall on Vrill lizards, as well as cloning centers:


Roseanne Barr mentions droning in passing, remember most of these celebrities are too afraid to speak out and corroborate Marshall’s testimony, and yet for some reason Barr can speak out. Perhaps she has some kind of inner connections and protection we don’t know about. Remember Marshall’s protection (supposedly) is that he has written so many songs and movie ideas for them that they don’t want to kill him.

After revealing a lot of truth about the psychopaths in charge on a TV interview, she says (at 2:41) , “I’ll probably get assassinated or droned when I’m out of here:”

Arizona Wilder, MK Ultra victim and whistleblower, in her interview with David Icke below, revealed at 1 hour 46 minutes (video below) that in a special deep underground area of France, “they (the Illuminati) have smaller less developed little reptilians that are kept down there and are kind of pets.” Well this corroborates Marshall’s testimony completely, he talks about Queen Elizabeth and other top cabal members keeping Vrill Type 1’s in cages as pets.

And then David Icke in true gatekeeper fashion does not pursue that farther, because the Vrill would destroy his hypothesis that they are tall shapeshifting bipedal alligator-like beings from another planet (rubbish, in this bloggers opinion).

Another whistleblower, Max Spiers was asked this in an interview:

“Have you heard the name Elena Kapulnik?”

Spiers: No.

“She is a super soldier and she met through her astral body, contacted Queen Elizabeth and the queen told her she is a 7000 year old Reptilian. How do you comment on that?”

Spiers: I  don’t know the specifics like you said but I wouldn’t doubt that. Body jumping, jumping from body to body. When it wears out, jumping to the next body. At the point of death of the person they will draw the energy of the person through the eyes, the soul comes out through the eyes, and you can also go in through the eyes. And replace the two. The awareness level also stays. She would not lose her memories like we do. when we go through our cycle we have amnesia.

“So she remembers everything for 7000 years?”


This would be one of his last interviews before his mysterious death in his 30’s. Did he say too much just there?


In the movie Alien: Promethius, by Ridley Scott we see a full-on eye worm. A parasite picked up on an alien planet, engineered by these pale, tall humanoids.

All those vats of black goo contain this body snatching parasite.

The recent zombie movie “The Cured” seems to have soft disclosure around this issue:

The idea is that after a zombie virus outbreak, the cure is found, but those cured still carry the memories of being a zombie, and are not always truly healed or fully human, again. They learn to act human but secretly still carry that bloodlust. Hence they are a close metaphor for drones or Vrill hosts.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 6.31.35 PM

The hosts often huddle together, slack jawed and limp, silent as a bunch of lizards not used to their new human bodies.

In the 2019 movie Replicant with Keanu Reeves, (which discloses the whole shebang of cloning, consciousness transfer), shows how they transfer neural data from a dying brain through the eye socket, and then input that data into a fresh clone brain:


The 2018 film ‘Freaks,’ which is now on Netflix, uses the common sci-fi frame of ‘mutants’ or X-men type humans, who are gifted with psi abilities such as mind control, telepathy, teleportation, being able to slow down time, etc. Of course, using their abilities requires an awful lot of energy, and when they are depleted, their eyes start to bleed.


Pop singer Billie Eilish and her music videos seem to reference these themes a lot. For more on her, read this post here.

In the recent October 2020 Vice-Presidential debate, Mike Pence got some media buzz around what appeared to be a “blood-shot left eye:” 

From the 2009 film Watchmen:

Watchmen's Smiley Badge Logo Explained: What The Blood Tear Means

Stephen King’s Dark Tower mythos:

Joker, (2019):

Greta Thunberg, magazine cover. There is a black goo (graphene oxide in vaccine) connection here

13 “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.”

Revelation 16:13

Someone in the comments section said that in the Hindu Sanskrit culture the Vrill lizards were called the “Naga.” A wiki search on them and they are described as subterranean beings that sometimes look like serpents and sometimes like men…

The band Tool’s music video for the song Vicarious has a lot of creepy worm and eye things in it:

A video I made in 2019 about the subject of droning and the one-eye bleeding:

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36 Responses to Donald Marshall’s Testimony on the Reptilian Agenda: Vrills and Droning

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  7. Anekantavada_Vaishnava says:

    You should this documentary on Youtube called “Cosmic Mildew” made by a Youtube channel called “Людин Рɣси”. It says that many types of bacteria, fungus, and mycelium are actually part of the same parasitic organism, and claims that reptilian and insectoid aliens/demons are malevolent because they were assimilated and genetically blended with this parasitic organism at some point in the past.

    This might explain why in old mythology from around the world, not all dragons or reptile beings were portrayed as evil, whereas most people who claim to have encountered reptilians in modern times say that the reptilians definitely are evil. Most of that mythology could have been written before the reptilians were assimilated by the mycelium parasite.

    I personally am not aware of any species of reptile which is known for parasitically infecting it’s host’s body by naturally sticking a worm out of it’s head when the host dies. That doesn’t sound like any kind of lizard, snake, turtle, tortoise or crocodile to me, but it does sound exactly like a description of the cordyceps fungus. That’s why I think there could could some truth in the “Cosmic Mildew” theory. Cordyceps can body-snatch an ant, and completely control the behavior of the ant without immediately killing the ant’s body. The cordyceps completely takes over the ant’s brain, and can see through the ant’s eyes. It shoots out the proboscis from the ant’s head when it find the right type of tree that would be best for spreading it’s spores.

    Many kind of diseases can be spread from animals to humans, maybe the vril Donald Marshall talks about are actually a highly intelligent form of fungus similar to cordyceps which can infect human beings? Mainstream Scientists and people in academia could be suppressing research into whether there are strains of cordyceps which could hypothetically infect mammals, because diseases that spread to mammals can be caught more easily by humans than diseases which only affect insects.

    If you google “Cordyceps Fungus”, some of the first search results that come up will be about the alleged “health benefits” of eating some strains of cordyceps as a “health supplement”. Before anyone reading this dismisses what I’m saying because some websites say that eating cordyceps is good for you, consider how much we already know the elite have already lied to the public about health. The elite poison our water with fluoride, promote vaccines, and didn’t warn the public about the danger of cigarettes until many people had already died of lung cancer because they took bribe money from tobacco industry lobbyists. Most people would claim that fluoride and vaccines are good for health, because their “reliable sources of information” like the government and the pharmaceutical industrial complex, tells them it’s healthy.

    Can we trust the same government, hospitals, universities, and research institutions that subjected the American Public to mkultra experiments, the same ones who tell us that fluoride, and vaccines aren’t harmful, to tell us whether us or not the cordyceps fungus is good for our health? Also, consider this: If the elite wanted to continue mkultra, what would be easier for them, to forcibly inject people with weird substances like they did in the 1950s and 1960s, or to take control of the media, and make propaganda convincing people that they should want to eat whatever strange substances that the propaganda machine deems as “healthy”? (And we know that they already have complete control over the media, and most if not all academic research institutions).

    Also, according to the “Cosmic Mildew” theory, the mycelium parasite can assimilate any kind of biological life. This could explain why there are some nutrients in the common edible mushrooms that people eat, despite the fact that all mushrooms are a part of the mycelium parasite. The mycelium simply absorbs and assimilates nutrients from trees or plants, and the nutrients are stored in the mushrooms. If there actually are any health benefits to eating the cordyceps parasite, it’s probably from the nutrients the cordyceps siphoned out of it’s host.

    This is portrayed in the 1982 sci-fi horror movie, “The Thing” and it’s 2011 remake. As usual, they put the truth in movies and tv so that anyone who tries to expose the truth get called crazy and everyone will think they just borrowed the idea from a movie, when in reality the film producers throw concepts into the media and present them in a ridiculous way so that no one will believe it. The mycelium is also portrayed on Stranger Things as the Mind Flayer, the big slimy spider that Eleven and the other kids on the show have to fight. On Stranger Things it can bodysnatch people with slugs to control their minds (which seems like Donald Marshall’s description of the Vril, and it can also assimilate life by dissolving it and absorbing it (which is just like in the movie The Thing).

    This seems to tie into both the montauk project and the Hadibov material. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the work of Hadibov I would recommend listening to the 2 episodes of the higherside chats which cover his work.

    Also another note about the “Cosmic Mildew” video:
    Ostensibly it seems to be saying that women are more infected with mycelium than men, but that’s not true, I think it seems like that only because it’s saying that originally humans did not have sexual reproduction and used humans cloning technology instead, it’s not saying women are bad, it’s saying that reproduction is different now than it was in the past advanced civilizations. I think because it was banned from Youtube so many times, and then subsequently re-uploaded by various channels which edited the original video to avoid copyright strikes or to avoid censorship algorithms on Youtube, and because it was translated from Russian to English, I think some of the of the original message got lost.

    In other video by Людин Рɣси, “Aborigines of 33 degree”, it says that in the past it was natural for the human race to use cloning technology, and that sexual reproduction is actually an unnatural thing was implanted into the human genetic/biological structure. So it basically implies that the human cloning technology wasn’t originally bad, it just was stolen by the Archons who are now using it for nefarious purposes.

    I know there’s tons of disinfo out there to be wary of, but not a lot of people seem to be talking about this theory. Personally, I don’t know what to think of it, maybe the theory is true, maybe it’s nonsense, but I think it’s still interesting to consider even if the theory turns out to be not entirely accurate.

    • Very interesting, thanks. I talked about this a bit when I researched the ‘toxoplasma gondii” parasite here:

      Could be part of the Cordyceps phenomenon you mentioned.

    • CarnivorousAnimal says:

      All things are parasitic in nature. The idea that parasite equals “bad” is another fear mongering tactic. Humans are obligate carnivores like cats or ferrets, and must eat meat to live healthily free of tissue degeneration. We have been fed toxic plants (of which all plants are inherently poisonous to humans) and chemicals that kill the actual good bacteria and parasites we require to digest our diets, such as e.coli, salmonella, and trichinosis. The body only becomes burdened with these organisms when the environment changes, inside or outside the body, which then causes these microbes to become acid resistant, and that is when they can become harmful to us.
      There is actually no proof that humans can get infections from animals or vice versa. It is a misnomer. A form of fear mongering. Yes parasites, bacteria and fungi are alive but they can not and do not inherently infect you. It is an impossibility and a form of delusional insanity not far removed from the concept of curing disease using disease.

      • Astonishingly this seems to be where my research into the “plandemic” has been going – the idea that pathogens do not exist as such. You put it quite clearly. The only thing I would disagree with is the “obligate carnivore” bit. I think our natural diet is omnivore. With a healthy microbiome in the large colon, most plants are quite healthy. Without a healthy microbiome, plant matter ferments and causes gas and bloating and other issues.

    • WOW loved reading your reply. I did find that video on you tube and have tagged it to watch.

    • Mat says:

      Interesting comment. Could this in some way be linked to the effect of psilociben mushrooms. I have had experiences using them where it feels that a veil of some kind has been lifted and every time there is a presence, I am uncertain werher it not this presence is malevolent or benevolent one thong I can say is that it feels as if some kind of energy is being drawn from myself or my consciousness. It is very intriguing. My thought is that could psilociben lift the veil and expose a potential leeching in action.

  8. Rachel Gooch says:

    I am a victim of these heinous creatures

  9. Khurram Aziz says:

    I am certain now that Donald Marshall is a clone ande a deliberate PSYOP sent out to garner sympathy and support for Donald Trump.

    Black Goo Programmable AI is demonstrably verifiable as a bioweapon and used in Geoengineering Weather Warfare Projects to mind control and terraforming our bodies

    *Morgellon’s patent..*

    *”Polynucleotide Encoding Insect Ecdysone Receptor”*

    *US 6245531 B1*


    Khurram Aziz T.I
    @I AMsterdam

  10. Khurram Aziz says:

    The greatest psyop religious scam in human history!

    Pay close attention to the left eye in the following image.

    The first Illuminati celebrity drone?

  11. Khurram Aziz says:

    I do believe that Vril exist..the serpent imagery in all cultures is proof enough for that.

    In India where my family hails from they are called Naga 👉Ajanta Ellora Temple Complex.

    Furthermore that would explain whyour they are heating up the earth with HAARP ionoheric heaters Weather Manipulation so that methane gets released from the permafrost.

    Runaway Venus Syndrome

    They even recently found cycads in the UK prehistoric ferns only seen in the theart era of the dinosaurs and earlier.

    They are terraforming the planet to make it habitable for Vril who as DM pointed out breathe methane.

    Does that make sense?

    Dragon Sighting (REAL) (ORIGINAL)

    When you eliminate the impossible, then whatever remains however improbable must be the truth
    Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes Mysteries.

    • george says:

      do you believe Hinduism to be a vril psyop?

      • Khurram Aziz says:

        Absolutely the original psyop part excellence.

        The Hindu devas are the Anunnaki are the gods of Egypt, Canaan, Greece, Scandinavian and Germany aswell as the Americas.

        They seeded all the cultures’ religions because they have an outpost in the Inner Earth Civilisation of Agartha, and were in contact with the Nazis and before that the original Knights Templar in Germany.

        The Vril devas or Sumerans as the called themselves via séances with mediums of the Thule Society such as Maria Orsic instructed the Nazis to go to India to research the ancient Vedic culture and find the entrance to Agartha.

        Atantean Gardens: The Vril Society and the Secret Space Program

      • george says:

        indeed..I feel indians have been food for demons for a long time except for the nagas who realized the maya was a hologram a long time ago. these days india is totally ego infested Bollywood etc as is most of the planet…the British held all the hindu secrets and kept it to themselves

      • george says:

        nagas as in Shiva khumb mela attendees

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  13. Kuru Adrastea says:

    Those who aren’t blinded by what society portrays as an illusion will be able to see the true reality. I truly believe that the Vrills and Donald Marshall’s claims are true, and it’s outright horrifying but if you gather everything and examine it all, everything pieces together and you can see it all makes sense. I wish the world wouldn’t shut it down as a silly joke and dumb theory when in fact, it is all real. They are all being fooled, and there’s nothing I can do. I can only hope for the best and trust in God.


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  16. Jerry Davis says:

    Trusting God is the best first step. I just listened to Donald today, and the urging of one my subscribers. Then, following up on some of his comments, I found this page. I find Donald’s story to be incredible, but I do believe that he is being as honest as he can be. It has to be very tiring to tell his story so much. What helps me swallow this red pill is that a few weeks ago I obtained some information that tells me the CIA is worki8ng on a process to separate souls from human bodies, and to reattach them to other bodies, using DNA as the bindings. The soul has to connect via the DNA through some mechanism not understood.

    I put that info in my pack to carry around for a while, and today listening to Donald, I realized that if a person was going to bail from their natural body and move into a replacement clone, it would be important to include the soul. Then IU realized that the CIA is still working on the transfer process. I believe what I hear from Donald, and here is the main reason why:

    In 1993, in El Paso Texas, I brought a beautiful young woman to my hotel room for some fun. She was very forward with me and I knew she was interested in a sexual relationship. We went in, I locked the door and we got busy. Then I took her home. She required that I let her out in the cul de sac at the end of the street, and she walked off into the dark.

    I was very uncomfortable with that evening. It was so depressing, so gloomy. There was something truly bad about our liason, and I resolved to never do that with her again. But the very next night I took her to my apartment again. When we walked in, there was a stench in there like nothing I have ever smelled. It was bad. But she did not seem to notice it at all. And my apartment was super clean. I was in town on business and ate out 100%. No food, no trash, no nothing.

    She underessed and came to sit beside me on the bed. I looked at her sitting beside me, and then visually rechecked the chain lock on the door, and then back to her.

    What I saw looking me directly in the eyes was a gray. Inches from my face, it looked directly at me and I knew it was scanning my mind. Those very words “It’s scanning my mind” went through my head. I am a former golden gloves boxer. I like to fight, and am dangerous. But I did not make a single move to grasp the alien in my face. One note- the eyes are not smooth and shiney like a wet marble. They are instead dimpled, like a golf ball, but with smaller dimples, and flat black. Kind of like a radar, actually.

    After about 10-15 seconds, I jumped up from the side of the bed and reached for the main overhead lights, then immediately looked at “it”. But it, the alien, was already transformed into the blonde haired woman I brought home.

    I told her to get dressed, which she did without uttering a single word. I said “Get dressed now, I am taking you home.” I took her back to that same cul de sac and let her out, and left her walking home in the dark.

    She never said a word, folks. Not one single syllable.

    About a week later I walked into a bar to grab a beer and there she was, dressed in a beautiful, long and snow white gown, sitting at the bar. I stood beside her, said hello, ordered a beer and walked out. She followed me, cussing and screaming at me so viciously that I was actually afraid. I walked quickly to my truck, got in, locked it and cranked it up. She stood outside the window of my drivers side door screaming at me the entire time. Savage.

    And that’s that. I know for sure that “aliens” can transform themselves into human forms, and do it instantly. I know that they are wildly dangerous, wicked, evil, and organized.

    I concluded that the stench in the room was from another alien who was in the room before we walked in. Just a guess, but if you smelled what I smelled, you would think so, too. There was a mission there. I was the target, and I honestly think it is due to my bloodline.

    When I got back to my apartment that night, I went directly to my knees and prayed to God. The next day I called my partners and told them I was taking time off from work to study the Bible, and I took one year off and wore that bible out. That was 29 years ago, and I have only studied the Word more and more. The aliens obviously exist. They are hostile, and they run the world. They answer to Lucifer, and their “soul” or life force is from the Nephilim, the souls of the giants, who were the offspring of the fallen angels and human women. They are cannibals, and exceedingly violent. When the giants were cursed by God, they fought one another until virtually all were dead. They had some kind of spirit, because God cursed them and their spirits had to wander the earth always hungry and never able to eat or drink.

    Because they are neither human or celestial, they cannot be saved nor go to hell. They are trapped here until the end of the world, and these are the spirits which drive the “aliens”, which are themselves a contrivance of Satan. They live under the earth and are not from the “stars”. The star myth is just a lie from Satan.

    I’m glad you guys are here and have posted your thoughts. We do have an interesting enemy and we should engage them in battle. Exposure is a great way to begin.


    • Thanks Jerry for your thoughts concerning DM’s material, and also that is an interesting personal anecdote. Still a mystery about “THEIR” true nature, but I agree it’s something spiritual rather than “alien” or “E.T.” which I believe is a psyop.

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