Ritual Asphyxiation

Genesis 2:7 “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

This post was inspired by an article from Rambo, one of the writers on Zach Hubbard’s page.

I don’t normally take too much stock in english gematria but sometimes the number synchs are too strong and compelling to ignore. The work I’ll quote from Rambo is, I believe, one of those cases. English gematria is a tricky business because of the overabundance of cyphers, which seems to weaken the quality and utility of that kind of work, but sometimes multiple matches in the same cypher can really drive home a point. Towards the end of this post I will share my thoughts on what I think is really behind the gematric, esoteric riddles that seem to be so prevalent on the surface film of our reality. So with that, let’s get into it.

Our story begins with the (alleged) murder of George Floyd by a cop; the cause of death being suffocation due to the cop’s knee pinning down Floyd’s neck.

Floyd’s last words were reported to have been, “I can’t breathe.”

The story, which is probably a hoax, nevertheless spawned great anger and protests here in America.

Rambo writes,

“unfortunately this is a morbid topic but here we identify patterns in life: news, politics, popular culture, history, sports etc. An on-going theme (often at an occulted level; visible only to those “with eyes to see”) of hanging has unfortunately emerged.

But there is an even greater overarching ritual pattern of which hanging appears to be a mere sub-ritual. That over-arching theme appears to center on the concept of asphyxiation. This ritual theme (like all ritual themes) is implemented to produce a specific vibration in accordance with the intention of the sorcerers ( you could say “matrix manipulators”).

This is most vividly recognized by the current popular refrain and slogan “I CAN’T BREATHE.”

The “I CAN’T BREATHE” slogan has become established at the same time of the Corona virus and the mass restriction of breathing around the world with face masks. So this restriction-of-breathing/asphyxiation theme is now unprecedentedly global in scale.

The most recent “asphyxiation” story in the United States was about the discovery of 7 nooses at an Amazon warehouse construction site in Connecticut.

The Root of the Ritual: The Asphyxiation of the Lungs of the Earth

Amazon Corporation very likely could have chosen its name based off of the famous Amazon rainforest which – due to its immense size – is arguably the most crucial section of planet Earth for maintaining the balance of its ecosystem. Amazon Corporation is a behemoth monopoly and relates to the giant rainforest in the sense of sheer enormity.

Amazon Corporation thus represents the Amazon rain forest. It is participating in an “asphyxiation-of-the Earth” ritual. It is planet Earth that is being hung with its Amazon lungs being choked. Gematria confirms the ritual associations:

The 7th noose was reported on the 19th of May (reported here on gematriaeffect.news by Zachary Hubbard) a date written 19-5. In gematria both “AMAZON RAINFOREST” and “LUNGS OF THE PLANET” sum to 195 like 19th May.

Massive forest fires of unprecedented magnitude have raged throughout the world in the last two years most notably in Australia and the Western United States, but the burning of the lungs of the earth is the biggest incident in depriving Earth’s life forms of life-sustaining oxygen.

The year 2020 saw the devastating Amazon forest fires. Symbolically — to emphasize the association of Amazon Corporation with the rainforest — an Amazon distribution Center in Redlands, California was entirely burned to the ground on June 5th at the same time that the wild fires were raging in the Amazon.

One week later on Wednesday, May 26th an 8th noose was reportedly discovered at the same Amazon warehouse construction site despite extra security and surveillance. It was reported in the media the next day May 27th.

**(Interrupting Rambo’s article to interject a thought here with this 8th noose)**

Here we see the pattern of 7 things followed by an 8th thing which is somehow different from the primordial 7. This is the pattern of the cosmos, of the 7 rounds of a solar system, with the 8th sphere as a kind of VR overlay, a lower astral realm that Ahriman and Lucifer seek to make solid.

They seek to divert the Earth’s true course into New Jupiter (sphere 5) and have it descend into Hell or the abyss, where they are already stuck with their hordes of demons.

Christ came when he did into the body of Jesus to prevent this. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, Earth (Eve, Sophia) WILL be saved, but a portion of it will eventually split off to make the 8th sphere (Lilith) solid, that will then go its own way in the cosmos. The question then is how many human souls will go with the ascent of the earth and how many will fall away with the 8th sphere?

Speaking of Christ Jesus, in the bible his crucifixion is referred to as a “hanging from a tree.”

The Hanged Man, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

Rambo points out that the phrase “The Hanged Man” sums to 53, like Acts 5:30

Chris Cornell, the singer for Soundgarden, supposedly committed suicide by hanging. Soundgarden put out a song called, “Pretty Noose,” a phrase which also sums to 53.

In the video for his 2015 song “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” Chris Cornell is hanged in a Wild West scenario; Predictive program at its most extreme.

According to Wikipedia, three weeks after Chris Cornell’s suicide by hanging, this music video was removed from YouTube.

The album that features the song, “Pretty Noose,” is called Down on the Upside, which is fitting because the Hanged Man tarot card is hanging upside down.

Rambo writes, “you may be forgiven for thinking that the above picture is an image of Jesus Christ. It is actually a photograph of Chris Cornell stylized to look like a drawing using an i-phone app. He and Soungarden are imbued in Jesus Christ coding.”

If it hasn’t dawned on you, this asphyxiation code is an Anti-christ ritual. Cornell and the other hanged celebrities are playing the Christ imitators, getting us (the millions of adoring worshipping fans) to channel our energy in the wrong direction.

Matthew 24:5 — For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.

These fake-Christ’s then hang themselves, choosing to sever their connection to the life breath of God. And where does that leave their fans? What sort of messages of nihilism does that send?

Chris Cornell’s full name is “Christopher John Cornell” which sums to 265 in gematria, like the date of the 8th noose 26-5; 26th May.

A mere two months after Cornell’s supposed death by hanging, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, also hangs himself, allegedly, on what would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday! (Recall all the synchs we just had for the number 53).

The 7th noose at the Connecticut Amazon warehouse construction site was reported on May 19th, 2021, four years and a day after Cornell’s May 18 death.

Cornell was still 52 when he died.

The 8th noose was found on a a date with 52 numerology.

In the Linkin Park song, “One Step Closer, ” Chester sings,

“Everything you say to me

Takes me one step closer to the edge

I’m about to break

I need a little room to breathe

Take me one step closer to the edge

I’m about to break…” 

St. Peter’s cross, which is an upside down cross, (like the Hanged Man) sums to 52.

As an aside, there are rumors that Chester Bennington is the son of the pedo-elite John Podesta:

The truth may be even weirder — they may be one and the same person. If you didn’t already know, they wear masks and play multiple roles.

I Am Batman

Let’s return our attention to this theme of “upside-down” as it pertains to the tarot Hanged Man. Vampire bats are, of course notorious for spending much of their life upside down.

And remember how bats were blamed as the initial cause of the Corona virus appearing in Wuhan. The same virus that forced the world to wear masks making it difficult to breathe.

And recall how in A Dark Knight, the Nolan film, the Joker hangs just like the tarot card, with one knee bent (like the bent knee of the cop who killed George Floyd).

The Joker, who’s enemy is the bat, the Joker who is played by Heath Ledger, another celebrity who died young, who’s last film, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, also featured him hanging from a noose!

There was a short clip of Donald Trump saying “I am Batman,” which went viral.

A boy off camera asks, “Mr. Trump?”

“Yes?” Trump replies.

“Are you Batman?”

“I am Batman.”

Here Trump is featured on Time magazine, and if you turn it upside down he is positioned like the Hanged Man:

He is leaning on the Washington monument, and it is cracking like another tarot card, The Tower.

Rambo writes,

In between the 7th and the 8th Amazon nooses being reported, news outlets (on May 25th) were highlighting transgender actor Elliot Page’s (formerly Ellen Page) first post-mastectomy shirtless appearance with a picture on twitter. Notice that Page is said to have 5.3 million followers; like 53.

Elliot Page had previously been the feature story of Time magazine which I covered in my decode “Elliot Page and the Throne of Jupiter…” Page’s Time magazine cover revealed an occulted “HANGED MAN” tarot card pose when turned upside down.

Elliot Page’s twitter photo – displayed in between the announcements of the 7th and 8th Amazon warehouse nooses – demonstrates that The Hanged Man pose on Time magazine’s cover was no coincidence. Once again when turned upside-down that photo imitates the tarot card primarily based on pages leg positions.

Also, think of the androgynous theme of the term “AMAZON” which refers to a female with masculine qualities of size and strength.”

We see the same leg position in the cover of Field of Dreams. Notice the solar symbols around both their heads, and similar splayed elbows as well. Notice the baseball diamond as a square, below it the circle, for a squaring the circle Freemasonic reference. This is a film about summoning ghosts — “if you build it, they will come.” Which is fitting to what we were saying earlier about the 8th noose/8th sphere and the abyss, summoning demons.

The Joker says

And I can’t help but think about how when someone is forcefully hung, they have to be pushed off a ledge (says Heath Ledge-r)

The strange writings of William Burroughs often feature hanging, most notably the ‘orgasm death gimmick,’ whereby at the moment of orgasm, one’s neck is broken, which is an ancient and dangerous black magick rite to transfer one’s soul, at the moment of this hanging death, into the body of another, as a kind of walk-in. Is this merely the product of Burroughs imagination, or was he privy to what goes on behind closed doors in the Dark Occult?

Returning to Nolan’s A Dark Knight, where we saw the Joker hanging upside down like the Hanged Man, if we examine the other Nolan film, Inception, we see this flipping, turning motif again.

A screenshot from my YT video The Path of The Fool

And again in Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry:”

Notice her bent knee.

Which was featured on the album Sweetener:

Nolan also did the film, The Prestige, which didn’t feature hanging but it featured drowning, another death by lack of oxygen:

Sophia drowning is a deeply embedded symbol. Essentially our Earth is a spirit being, a Goddess, who falls from heaven into matter, just as we do, but on a greater scale. The waters of drowning represent materiality, incarnation, flesh.

Fall of Sophia

Oxygen and the Two Bulls Code

When you flip the letter A upside down, you find the very ancient glyph for the ox head, which was also the shape of the Paleo-Hebrew letter A (Aleph)

It also becomes the downward triangle now, which is the vagina and uterus, Goddess symbols.

In that same Ariana Grande video, (because they are setting her up as the ‘Goddess’) we see the letters rotating upside down.

Lilith masquerading as the goddess, Sophia
The island is Earth, the Fantasy island is the 8th sphere, Lilith’s domain

There is a deep connection between the ox or bull (Taurus/Torus/Uterus) and air. The air we breathe is OX-ygen. And it is not one atom of oxygen but two that we breathe or 02, or the pair of bulls or Bi-Bull:

That’s why Red Bull gives you wings!

When you rotate the modern Hebrew letter Aleph (A) on its side, it becomes a glyph for the two lungs and trachea, denoting God breathing the cosmic life breath, the spirit, into the nostrils of Adam:

In etymology we can appreciate now the paired UNG/ANG/ING root

Two lungs

Two wings

Two fangs

Two ungulates (hooved animals like the bull, the Angus)

Angels have wings

“It takes two to tango.”

It is suggested in the bible that Satan is prince of the air, 

Ephesians 2:1–2 —“And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience”

The air in this context I take to mean that Satan has dominion to a certain extent over earthly things, as opposed to heaven, which is God the Father’s domain. 

But ever since the Mystery of Golgotha, God’s son Christ is wedded to the Earth and is doing battle with Satan-Ahriman-Lucifer for the future of humanity and the Earth spirit (Gaia-Sophia) itself.

The etymology of “Breathe” connects to




Brood (the Elohim brooded over the face of the waters)

Burn (fire requires 02, think back to Amazon forests burning, the lungs of the planet)


Boil (water into steam or AIR)


Beer (fermented spirit)

Birth/born (through the uterus/vagina/upside down letter ‘A’)

All this coding around ritual asphyxiation thus suggests an attack on the bride. An attack on the bride of Christ (which is humanity, as well as Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia or Eve). And cutting off our connection to Spirit, by symbolically pinching our trachea. “I can’t breathe!”

Or an attack on the breeding of Christ and Gaia-Sophia, and perhaps these two God Beings are the Two Bulls, the two OX-ygen atoms in 02, the Bi-Bulls (bibles) the two pillars, the 11, (EL-EVE-en). EL is God. Eve is Goddess.

Notice the 7 cuts right through the letters ‘EVE.’ Eve is the planet Earth with her 7 Rounds

Concluding Remarks — Why These Codes Work

Rudolf Steiner says, “We are able to have a dim feeling of the truth because something like the spirit of language is active in our environment. Language really is wiser than human beings.”

Perhaps by the term ‘language’ we can perhaps include gematria, numerology, astrology, tarot, symbolism, etymology, sacred geometry, ancient mythology…

An attending spirit, a higher angelic consciousness attends to or hovers over this all encompassing “language.” 

Dark occult forces pull this material forcefully from said angelics, egged on by fallen angels, because it is so dense with meaning that it can be used to program the masses. 

Unconscious acceptance of the codes and riddles is an inevitable result of an unquestioning, undiscerning mind confronted with this dense language. Which is why the sleeping masses can accept absurdities like mask wearing, badly acted false flags, planes melting steel towers, etc.

The language is drawn forcefully from higher intelligence— how?

His Dark Materials opening credits

In the series His Dark Materials a portal is opened by severing a child from his daemon — a murder. Similar themes are found in Illuminati agent Stephen King’s mythos and in whistleblower reports. Suggesting to me that child sacrifice, blood sacrifice in ritualistic settings can force the Logos, the attending spirit of language to provide the codes to the Dark Occultists to be used for mind control that runs our world. 

That’s why gematria works, how it can be so vast and interlinked — no human could think it up, not even a boardroom of Dark Occultists with all the time in the world to scheme and plot these things. No, it’s the thumb print of angelic intelligence being formatted into a lower rendering called artificial intelligence.

Don’t worry. These Dark Occultists will receive their karma. This is their little season that has to play out.  

“A self-fulfilling prophecy

Of endless possibility

In rolling reams across a screen

In algebra, in algebra”

– Thom Yorke 

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  1. seekernina says:

    Thank-you for your deeply engaging article.

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  2. Matsmith says:

    Wow. Incredible research.

  3. Greg says:

    Very interesting article. I say Chester and Chris, George, and many others are in a gated beach community. I doubt they are dead.

  4. “If you build it, HE will come” – I’m not sure why we “hear” “They.” Maybe we hear they because the team returns to get one more chance. But Ray’s “He” is his father. The Son resurrects his Father.

    Also did you noticed Costner like Warren Beatty in “Heaven Can Wait” Poster has his right leg crossed almost at the ankles like “cherubs”… and both are shrouded in a halo. Crazy right? I also wrote about Field of Dreams… It spoke to me too … but my take centered on resurrection,,building, and creating. They are all creators in film. Now here’s where I feel a connection with your narrative here. Creation requires “breath.” When we give birth – we breathe during labor… A baby takes its first breath or it is stillborn. We breathe life into someone dying through resuscitation. Nothing is created without “breath.” Take “breath” away you have destruction and death, “Anti-Life.” – As always I enjoy your writing. We may see from different angles but I can see your perspective. ⚡️

    • Thanks Mel!

      Yes, you are right about, “HE will come.” I haven’t seen that film in years, so I’m a bit rusty on the particulars. Your interpretation adds a lot, the Son resurrecting the Father. ‘If the Son builds it, the Father will come.’ Brilliant.

      Also just looked up the poster for ‘Heaven Can Wait,’ and sure enough, the same bent leg pattern. Very nice. Haven’t seen the film but the synopsis seems rich in allegory, perhaps tying directly into some of the themes here.

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