Washington DC: The New Jerusalem

Masonic Secrets, City Planning and Ritualistic Murder

Scott Onsott:

“People living at the dawn of civilization possessed the ability to measure the size of Earth. The oldest temples elegantly encoded the earth, moon and sun, in some ways more advanced than modern science. Pythagorean triangles, Zodiacs, pyramids, octograms, have obsessed secret societies up till today. Washington DC monuments are connected by a pentagram, cube and pyramid, each carrying meaning.


In Egypt, the pentagram symbolized the microcosm. The cube is the body, and the triangles make up the Pythagorean triplets. At the top of the pyramid where the ‘all seeing eye’ is the Scottish center of Freemasonry. Two giant sphinxes stand outside it. The architect modeled it after a Greek monument. It is also the tomb of Albert Pike. He wrote Morals and Dogma which is given to new members of Freemasonry. The house of the temple is where the climax of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol takes place. Scottish Freemasons are into the number 33, the building has 33 columns. Many presidents were Freemasons. Some members do not make their involvement a matter of public record, but modern presidents were sworn into presidency with their hand on the Masonic bible. They are admonished under pain of death not to reveal secrets, these were revealed from outside work. Richard Hoagland has connected Scottish Freemasonry with NASA. At Cape Canaveral, the two launch pads of Apollo space missions, the runway 33 is 33 degrees west of north. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is on the moon holding the flag of Freemasonry. Why 33? Jesus is said to have performed 33 miracles, died at age 33. King David, father of Solomon reined for 33 years, in the Kabbalah there are ten Sephiroth in the Tree of Life, 1 Daath and 22 paths, bringing the total to 33.


The Schumann resonance of the planet, causing the planet to literally ring like a bell, well middle C is 33 harmonics above the Schuman resonance. Our bodies resonate 33 octaves above the Earths resonance. The UN emblem divides the Earth into 33 sections. The human spinal column has 33 vertebrae. 33 might be built into the architecture of the universe. Let’s look at the great seal at the back of the dollar bill. The obverse side, with the eagle, lets count the feathers on the wings, the left 33, the right, 32. Rick Campbell has decoded the geometry. There is a Vesica Pisces, a star of David, at the letters at the points are: A, S, N, O, and M. Rearranging we get ‘MASON’.

images (6)

It’s no secret that Masons trace their history to the Knights Templars. There is a building across the Potomac called the Roslyn, and Rochelle, the chapel in Scotland features in the Da Vinci code. On google earth when we connect these two points, the line travels right through the apex of the pyramid, where the Scottish Masons building is located….

…the flower of life diagram falls on all the DC lines, and this ancient symbol can be seen in 15 countries. The oldest, in the Osirian temple in Egypt, is 3,000 years old. In Revelations it talks about the sacred architecture planning of New Jerusalem. They are making D.C. the New Jerusalem. To understand why both the flower of life , and tree of life are in DC: the tree fits into the flower, forming Metraton’s cube, with 13 circles. This was named after Enoch who was transformed into the archangel Metatron. This cube contains the Platonic solids, both smaller and larger, like a fractal. It also contained the Tetractus, another symbol in sacred geometry.”

The more we learn about the secrets of Freemasonry, the more it seems like purely an intellectual exercise, like taking math, religion and history and merging them all in a wonderfully complex and abstract story that initiates are slowly taught, degree by degree, where each symbol system along the way includes many of the elements but not explaining how they all fit together in the big picture. This is why the bible and kabbalah are so confusing, they’ve got all the secrets in plain sight but only their surfaces, their true meaning left unexplained. All the public knows is that these books are somehow important, and that certain people choose to spend their lives interpreting them, and isn’t wonderful that they do so. But it’s all ONE STORY, each sacred text a grand re-telling of the same ancient myth. Why should we care about old stories? Because in them lies a few grains of truth, truth about our own ancestry, and about our own nature as humans.

Onsott: “Could Isis be holding Osiris’s phallus in the form of the Washington monument? As the ancient story goes, Set became jealous of his brother Osiris who was king of all Egypt, and ruled with his beautiful girlfriend Isis. So he deceived and killed him, cut his body part into 14 parts, sealed all but one of them in a coffin and sent it down the Nile. As a final insult he threw his penis into the Nile. His sister consort Isis was able to recover and magically reconnect all the parts except for the penis which was eaten by a fish. Isis was able to fashion a golden phallus, attached it to Osiris and brought him back to life with a song. From this the resurrected Osiris became lord of the dead, while Isis was impregnated with the golden phallus and their son Horus was raised to be god of the sun. It’s the original story of incest, jealously, violence and pregnancy. On the shaft of the Washington monument, there is a winged disc of Horus, a clue to the secret meaning of the obelisk.”

download (19)

These lay lines when extended on google earth cross central park in London and the obelisk there too. So this city planning according to ancient secrets is nothing new…

So you think it’s all fine and dandy, ok so they like their sacred geometries, their ancient mythologies and lore, the ones behind the city planning, the dollar bill, behind all the vestiges of power. What’s so scary about that? Well because this same topological manifold, these same patterns can also line up perfectly with dates in time, with the Kennedy assassination, Martin Luther King, and 9/11. To show this Ted Gunderson (former chief of FBI) has interviewed engineer and mathematician Bob Fischer:

Bob Fischer Cracking the 9/11 Code

Ted: tell me about yourself.

Bob: Just a simple guy born in Missouri, one of 10 kids, grew up Catholic. Had a pretty normal sane stable upbringing. At the point of time when I left high school, had my private pilots license, after I left high school I went into a program to get my airframe and power plant mechanics license. For a period of time I worked for a charter aircraft operations doing mechanics. Then I went back to school and got a background in biochemistry, stared working in university of Missouri in the pharmacology and pathology depts. In a span of 6 years, I then got hired by DuPont who came out in the east coast in 1982 and started in life science research program they had for their pharmaceutical division. Up to 1997 that was the extend of my professional technical background.

Ted: Bob, tell us how did you come up with this information.

Bob: I sort of fell into it backwards. after my departure from DuPont one job I picked up was for a bank courier service, driving long distances from bank to bank and I had a lot of time to sit and think and things started coming to me about patterns of numbers. This was not something I would normally do, I had used math in my job but only in a utility way. This was 3 years prior to 9/11. I had started to think that these bits and pieces might be part of a system that was a mathematical language. When 9/11 happened I thought like all Americans that this was a major travesty perpetrated by Al Quada, and Muslim extremists in America. I only considered it like everyone else did. I was part of the naïve masses, if you want to call it that. About 6 months after 9/11 I had begun looking at this from the perspective of the mathematic coincident with what I had observed previously. What emerged was a mathematical pattern with these attacks and attacks prior to that, the bombing of the Khobar tower’s in ’96, the African embassy bombing in 98, flight 990 in 1999, USS coal in 2000, leading up to 2001. I thought this was a pattern the Arabic people were using as some greater plan. I put together a report that I submitted to the NSA, an 80 page report, which they reviewed and appreciated it and sent a letter back acknowledging it, they encouraging me to pass it to other agencies, I passed it to the CIA. And one aspect of it pertains to the celestial mechanics and geophysical parameters of the earth: its spins and wobbles and the naval observatory that keeps track of it for the GPS satellites system. The CIA did not respond. In any case, thinking that these factors that involve the earth mechanics might be something helpful or appreciated, I approached the Navy and discussed with them for a period of time but then they shut down communication with me entirely. Initially they were amazed, and interested, and when I hit upon things that corresponded with reality they pondered it and got back to me, and after about a week they shut it down. Would not respond to anything. Little did I know that was in Dick Cheney’s backyard hahaha! Like a lemming, like the rest of us I was in the dark, and about 8 months ago was driving along and turned the radio and found the radio program of Alex Jones,  and my jaw dropped open and I realized that I was a fool, this was all perpetrated by the people I was trying to address and interact with. It shut down my communication with them. It gave me the impetus to think, let’s look into this and see what’s further down the rabbit hole.

Essentially they are an organization throughout time that has an agenda they are following, rooted back to the Knights Templar, who are the knights that regarded themselves as the children of Christ, and were part of a privileged line of rulers that were intended to rule the world. The founding of it would have been 1118, and they had put together a crusade to go to the holy land, undercover of being the knights who were to care and facilitate the travelers to the holy land recently opened by the Muslim world. But their true agenda was to find relics and artifacts underneath Solomon’s temple that would verify that they were in fact the progeny that originated with Christ and that would give them the validity to go back and have leverage in the political sense in the medieval world. While they were there, they interfaced with the Muslim community there who had an articulate development of a mathematical system and they picked it up from them and have employed it in their architecture and other aspects of their activities across time. The culmination in more recent centuries is an itinerary dictating how things are to transpire according to this mathematical code, their game plan. When you come up to the time of Isaac Newton, he was known as a great scientist but he practiced the black arts at the same time, retained his interested in alchemy, this was true of a number of his colleagues who were Masons, there was a marriage between alchemy and science in their Masonic tradition. This mathematical development had two parallels, one in physics and chemistry and our technological society, the other was a covert code developed by Masonic traditions in interests of controlling political and social forces.

When you get through the Masonic levels up to the 33rd degree, where  the power really resides, there is a retention of a ritual and tradition that dates all the way back to the Sumerian period prior to the Egyptian period and their acknowledgement of the gods and goddesses of the Sumerian period and it is the core of their ritual and religion and directive of their behavior of where they are going today.

This itinerary they have is a script they are following and the activities pertain to acting out their accomplishments or aims at points in time that are regarded as permissible. This code is embedded in a marriage between alchemy and real science. They have taken that idea and addressed the earth and its movement and the celestial sphere as a reflection of that mathematical code. Alchemy means different things to different people, in addition to the alchemists belief that you could transmute materials into gold, but more recent definitions of alchemy are represented in the sense of transforming the inner person. In my purposes it means the platform in which their subjective spiritual world comes together and is married with the real objective world and the sciences. So their use of math and the sciences have been following two parallel paths throughout time. There are certain things they have observed in nature that are beyond expectation. An analogy is the diameter of the moon, which is just perfect that when you have an eclipse it just exactly  blocks out the sun, now the moon could have a variety of diameters, it could have been a variety of distances from the earth, so the odds of that are very small unless you consider a helping hand from a supernatural being to accomplish that. They would look at something like that as being instructive, and why are we drawing attention to that? Physical things like that have led to the understanding that there are other amazing coincidences between mathematics and reality. For example earth has geophysical forces causing it to wobble, and they have a variety of periods of time that they act through. The shortest wobble cycle is the Chandler cycle of 432 days. Its important in GPS technology because the naval observatory has to keep track of it to keep things synced together. The nutation cycle is 18.662 years. There is mathematical relationship between these numbers of each cycle in very unique ways. The nutation cycle is induced by the moons rotation around the earth. That wobble being 18.662 years and amazingly if you take 4.32 and square it you get 18.662. Likewise if you take 432 and multiply it by 60 you get the Zodiacal procession cycle which lasts 23,920 years. This keeps going on and on. We have entered the age of Aquarius and will be in it for another 2160 years. So each of these ages have certain reflective meaning in terms of their ritual and mythology and is also reflective in the mathematics.

(He goes on to show how the pentagram can be drawn from various points of interest in Washington D.C. and further adds to this more points and lines for various masonic temples and monuments to give you a more complex symbol representing the Seal of Astaroth.)

They have trademarked our capital with the seal of a god, a god who allegedly cannot tell a lie when asked about the future, so their interest in Astaroth has to do with their interest in controlling the future.

Even Ford’s theater, where Lincoln was assassinated, lies along these symbolic lines in DC. Let’s go onto McKinley, he was shot at a train station. The lines connect with mathematical precision. President Kennedy was shot along the Skull and Bones line which can be drawn from Yale campus all the way to one point on the pentagram. Beyond imaginable coincidence. The line also goes through the Mideast, Nazareth Israel, Bosnia, where we’ve had recent activity, and Saudi Arabia. It’s no accident that we have these conflicts along the Skull and Bones line. And the FBI-

Ted: the FBI has been corrupted. For this I have been expelled. As a joke I told them I wanted to be reinstated. No response…I have knowledge of covert FBI agents, five of them who are called in for assignments and off they go. No paper trail.

Bob: Masonry leaves no paper trail of their actions, it’s all oral communication of their secrets passed on. If we want to look at Martin Luther King’s assassination we don’t have to look far because they used the same line.

Lets look at 9/11. The Skull and Bones line relative to the World Trade Center: it’s another deployment of a Pythagorean pentagram technology, if you lay the trajectory of the angle of one of the vertices, to the Skull and Bones line, you get the flight path of flight 11….

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3 Responses to Washington DC: The New Jerusalem

  1. My goal in life is to complete the prophecies of the Bible concerning the second coming of Christ. As early as 1997 I proclaimed Washington DC to be my kingdom as I was born there. At the time I called it the new Jerusalem simply because Revelation states: “I will write on him the name of the city of my God.” (Rev 3:12) I was born in Washington DC so the name of the city is written on my birth certificate. Thank you for this article in verifies my original thoughts. I won’t let my people down. No matter what the history or the plan of others I will see to it that I glorify Jesus within the confines of new Jerusalem.

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