Numerology and the Bible – Bill Donahue

Bill Donahue, along with Santos Bonacci will really open your eyes as to what the bible really means. If you still hold onto the erroneous belief that the bible is a literal, historical document, get acquainted with both of these scholars, and watch as many of their Youtube lectures as you can. There are no facts in the bible, but there is truth, and that truth is timeless.
Bill (paraphrased from this lecture) says: “We’re talking about the hidden meanings of the bible, you know I wouldn’t pick up a Bible unless you have at least a minimal acquaintance with numerology because the Bible was not written by people from Pittsburgh, the Bible was written by the ancient eastern people and they knew numerology.
They dwelled in the numbers of the zodiac, they dwelled in all various numbers that had meanings. Let me give you a quick rundown: 
  • the number one means God, the Logos.
  • the number two means body and soul, you and God.
  • The number three means new life, resurrection, a new beginning, Jesus was in the tomb three days, Jonah was in the whale three days.
  • the number four means your four-fold nature: physical-spiritual-intellectual-emotional.
  • the number five means mediation, it also means sacrifice.
  • the number 6 means doctrines, laws, religion…don’t you remember when Jesus turned water into wine…water can mean, on the lower level, emotionalism. He turned water into wine, how many jars of water did it say he turned into wine? Six, in other words he was turning the religion of the letter into that which is the movement and the divine essence of the Spirit that’s what it means changing water into wine.
  • Number seven means divine intervention. Joshua walked around Jericho how many times seven and the walls came tumbling down. There are seven nerve centers or seven chakras that rise from the base of the spine to the top which are the seven levels which a person walks in order to find that which is the pineal or Enlightenment it’s all part of the Bible, it’s all part of the ancient wisdom which is covered up in numbers. That’s why a lot of your religious teachers – and you see them on TV – and they make such a terrible mistake saying, ‘well there’s gonna be seven years of tribulation,’ it doesn’t mean that. The number seven means divine intervention. What that means is when tribulation comes to your life, God will intervene on your behalf it doesn’t mean that God is going to send seven years of terror, it means that God will intervene when the struggle comes against you, that’s what seven year event of tribulation means.
  • number eight means rupture, separation.
  • number nine means the human consciousness. We’re going to talk about that.
  • number 10 means completion and the number of perfection.
Let’s take a look at the number nine and I’ll show you how you can get all fouled up if you don’t understand these numbers. Look at the number nine. The numerical value to the number to the word ‘Adam’ in Hebrew in the ancient scriptures is nine:
Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 5.54.22 PM
Everything had a numerical value and that’s why there is such mystery in the ancient scriptures because they use numbers to deceive people who tried to think
intellectually. they’re reading the Bible intellectually in the same way as if you
and I said ‘let’s go shoot the bull’ and then somebody said all they’re going out
and kill an animal that’s because they read us literally they didn’t read us
symbolically, we’re not gonna go out and kill an animal, we’re gonna have a
You can think of thousands of symbolic verses that you use and the Bible is filled with them and yet you take it literally that’s how stupid we are that’s why in this country you’ve got all of this fear and misunderstanding and suicides and all of this violence right in the middle of religion because religion is teaching you literally what was intended to be taken symbolically.
The number 9 means Adam, it means earth, the earth means your flesh, your mind your emotions, you know the ego, the macho ‘I will do what I think’ and all this kind of business.
So when you use that number nine it starts to reveal a lot of things to you okay if you look in the Bible you’ll see many references to “three and a half” or “forty-two months.” Three and a half years, forty-two months at all comes out to
nine. Let me show you how. You’ll also see it as 1260 days because three and a half years is is three years and six months that’s 42 months. You take 42 times 30 you get 1260 okay? Now when you add 1+2+6 you get nine that’s the number of human
consciousness. That’s the Bible’s way of hiding from the literal and the intellectual  ones the spiritual significant deep mysteries that come out of the times of Egypt and Chaldea. They deliberately did this to hide from the profane people the powers that are in the inner consciousness because they didn’t want literal people getting a hold of these mysteries and using them for their own good or to raise money the way these Evangelists and TV people do okay?
It isn’t for that this should not cost you a dime. 
I’ll give you a symbol: ‘tithing:’ how much money do these people make, taking 10% out of your pocket? Tithing has nothing whatsoever to do with money it’s symbolic it’s a hidden myth and what it means is you have 10 percent of you that is the carnal mind, ten percent of you is the left-side its the negative side of you its the carnal mind. Ninety percent of you is the right hemisphere which is dormant. God is saying to give me that ten percent, give me your ego, give me your flesh, give me your will through meditation, shut off the thoughts of the mind. You shut off the ten percent which is you, you turn on the right hemisphere which is the 90 percent which is Him. 
Now let’s look at the number nine like I said. Three and a half months, three and a half years, forty-two months they all equate to 1260 days. If you look through the book of Revelation you’ll see all kinds of references to three and a half, forty-two, 1260…they all add up to nine. So now when you have that key that the number nine means human consciousness you can solve some riddles.
You can solve the identity of the Beast, who is the Beast? Six-six-six okay, who is 666? This is the way you have to do it if you understand Eastern mysticism that wrote that. You take six plus six equals twelve, plus six equals eighteen. Now you have one and eight. One plus eight equals nine – the identity of the beast is you and me. Our lower carnal mind. It’s the Beast that rapes, it’s the Beast that makes wars, it’s the Beast that tortures animals, the Beast that hurts people, and hurts young people, it’s the Beast that does all of these horrible things that you read about every day in your newspaper and see every day on your television and we can look at the beast by going into our bathroom, turning on the light and there’s a picture of the beast right over your sink, it is your lower mind. It is that part of you that threatens you, that part of you that convinces you you’re not going to make it past tomorrow, that part of you that says well everything’s okay now but what are you gonna do if… and what are you gonna say when you meet so-and-so next week….and all this stuff that keeps you rattling and shaking and all of those things within you going nuts that’s the Beast, that’s Hell.
What about those who are saved? What about those who are going to Heaven? In Revelation 14 it says 144,000. That means an endless number of saved. But look at the number: 1 plus 4 equals 5, plus 4 equals 9. 9 means consciousness, the Beast is the lower consciousness, and those who are saved are the higher consciousness, the Upper Room, the mountain experience, meditation, when you lift yourself up above you come into being that 144 or consciousness in the higher realm.
So 9 then means consciousness and it shows either on the lower level which is the devil or hell of the carnal mind, and on the higher level which is the divine mind. 
There’s an interesting way you can see how the Bible specifically shows this, and so you know it’s a tip-off from the ancient people that this is talking about consciousness. Jesus comes down and he’s talking to the fellows in the boat, Jesus says “look if you want to catch fish, cast your net over to the right side of the boat, okay?” What Jesus is talking about is not fish, fish means wisdom. He’s not talking about the right side of the boat, he’s talking about directing your energy to the right hemisphere of the mind. You do that by turning off the left side in meditation. Now how do we know – now that we know that the number 9 means consciousness – how do we know that Jesus is talking about consciousness and not fish? You’ll see there in that scripture when Jesus says cast your nets to the right side, you’ll see how many fish they caught. They caught 153 fish okay? One plus five plus three equals nine. Nine means consciousness, therefore Jesus is definitely saying if you want to be filled with God’s wisdom, if you want to be filled with God’s understanding, if you want to be filled with God’s knowledge of this universe and your place in it, then direct your energies to the right hemisphere. And Jesus told you how to do that – by taking no thought, you must meditate. You must allow your eye to be single.
Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 8.56.25 PM
Focus that energy right between your eyes in the forehead and you bring yourself above all those thoughts which are trying to destroy you, up into the bliss of heaven which is within you and then you are filled with wisdom and understanding, and you start to activate the right hemisphere of your brain which has been dormant all your life.(SOURCE).”
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6 Responses to Numerology and the Bible – Bill Donahue

  1. Kalliope says:

    9 is also supposed to be the number of god, or whatever. The erudite, the hermit of the tarot major arcana, the divine pinnacle before the essence of completion (restart/set the cycle. The transition).

  2. jackharry says:

    I recommend only good and reliable information, so see it: 49 angel number

  3. ORGANEYEZ 777 says:

    Adam9 is also an enzyme encoded in human DNA

  4. Joe Dubs says:

    Great website you have here. We’d probably connect on many different levels

  5. ArielTheGreat says:

    I love Bill Donahue’s work, his website and You Tube Lessons! Thank you for making this available! This renewed my mind today!!! Thank you!

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