The Beirut Diary: Illuminati Wife Speaks Out

Kay Griggs: Whistleblower, rubbed elbows with the elite of the elite.

Interviewer: What I  have gathered about you from this interview is Katherine Griggs, the wife of George Griggs, 11 years of marriage, your husband was head of special operations under Admiral Celso at NATO, you were a member of the board in NATO’s wives club.  Also your husband’s background includes NATO’s college at Rome, and then Princeton, and his intelligence spy career began in Vietnam and continues to today. He was also the liaison between the U.S. and President Jamal of Beirut, and your husband was an alcoholic, and he would blab on to you everything he knew about the intelligence communities, like he was trying to relieve his heart. He knew the bombing was coming down in Beirut before it occurred. He knew and know you know, that the U.S. Military is run by sexual deviants, especially on the homosexual side. Individual’s like Jefferey Dahmer, Timothy Mcveigh, Ted Kaczyznski, Lee Harvey Oswald and a host of others who have a sexual deviant background are sought by people in the army for advancement in to intelligence type work because they are so easy to control, become mind slaves and in a sense the whole military is a mind control operation.

Griggs (1996): Yes, one by one all the good guys were weeded out, Macarthur, etc. Can you give us your background?   I live in the same neighborhood I grew up: my grandfather’s farm. In 1939 my grandfather was an obstetrician in Norfolk, also he was involved in intelligence operations there. I was born in the naval hospital (NATO headquarters). My father was in south china seas on a naval vessel, my uncle was in the navy, I come from a long line of military folks.

But I’m being strangled financially by this JAG group (Judge Advocate General), I think Americans don’t realize how many JAGS are in our system,  these reserves are everywhere. Military intelligence wives, if we have information that would come out in a divorce hearing or whatever, they totally control it. Judge John Moore in my case in Virgina beach is an army ranger, active reserve, graduate of VMI, the commissioners who do the decisions in Virginia beach are military. VMI is a little WestPoint. It’s based on the Greek Spartan military concept. My father went to Washington and Lee which is also in Lexington and I dont want to say that there is some sort of cult, but there probably is a secret society, a tight click, there. But those judges take orders, there’s a chain of command, and in my case and the other military wives, they’ve all been handled the same way. That’s not a normal divorce at all.

Steiner’s army, dirty tricks wet-ops, this is what my husband does for a living: is train young boys from countries like Romania, Cuba, Haiti, training to be murderers, and the tax payers dollars are paying for this. They psychologically profile them, the profile that’s similar to my husbands, to Lee Harvey Oswalds, and McVeigh’s and some of the others, Dahmer, what most American’s do not know is that they’re all from a military background. They are picked out because they’re perverted or twisted in some way, certainly the group my husband oversees is twisted. Like they were molested when they were a child, or some kind of abuse. Strong mother, weak father no father, poor. Because these guys are looking for security they will stay in the military and do anything. My husband and Lee Harvey are the same type, in the same elite group, I might add, which was doing work with communist groups and Czech’s and Romanians. I met assassins, drug lords, he knows the elite of the elite.

That’s why I was warned , twice, not to talk. I was told I’d be killed. I will certainly be financially ruined, they are sabotaging my car, telephone. It is horrible and it has been done to others that don’t go along with the program. They are murdering marines, sailors, they are poisoning people.

My husband warned me early on but he…he loved me in the beginning. But he’s a robot, except when he’s drinking. I think that’s why he drank, and the first years of our marriage he told me everything and I came from strong Protestant background and when he talked about shooting people like shooting ducks, with no emotion involved… He said he was an Existentialist, and he said these murders were necessary and he was very matter of fact. I’d say “uh huh,” and we’d be eating dinner and I’d be trying to get him to know Christ and my background. But his group are not Christians, they are Existentialists. They study Nietzsche, Sarte, Camus,  Montesquieu, and his thesis at Princeton was written for him by his friend Totave, a French count, and his thesis was on this and was in French but my French is better than his so I know that it was written for him. In the intelligence world one had to know French because all the terrorist trainers were in Paris and New Orleans, still the fourth Marines is out in New Orleans. Hit squads and undercover groups there. And George would go there with all the marines and train amid the lakes and woods. New Orleans has been a place where this stuff flourished. Cults.

My husband, Oswald, Jim Joy, Louie Bewell. There are Russians communists too, they are all in the same group.   The highest levels of marine corp and army are actually in the mob. The Brooklyn, New jersey mob. My husband, Al Gray, Sheehan , they’re all Brooklyn mob, Weinberger, Heinz Kissinger. There’s the Boston mob shipping weapons back to Ireland, it goes to Israel to some of the Zionists who came over from Germany, according to my husband were um, see he works with those people, they do a lot of money laundering, cash transactions for the drugs they bring over, through Latin America, there’s the Southern Mafia, the Dixie Mafia, which my husband is involved with in Miami, they often are involved once they retire, they go into this drug and secondary weapons sales.

I had, since my husband disappeared, they have been psychologically trying to destroy, me and financially because I’m telling the truth. His first wife I know was murdered. They were trying to handle me, get me quiet, threatening me, so forth. I called General Jim Joy on the phone, I was trying to find where my husband was. I knew the marine corp knew, and on the 4th of March my home was broken into. They had elaborate plans to handle me. I had no ideas where he is, he’s done this before and each time I was totally traumatized. At the break-in they were looking for the diary, I have it here, his Beirut diary. It’s in his handwriting. It tells how the intelligence community, the army and marine corp assassins, snipers how they operate in a city during a crisis.

It’s all the same scenario, these are mercenaries the tax payers are paying them to be assassins. They get on a flight from Norfolk, to countries like Turkey, part of Iraq, Algeria, parts of Africa, and do wet-ops, just murder 5,10, 20 people. And they blame it in the Arabs, or on somebody else, but it’s actually NATO rogue assassins, they’re from little countries that are wanting to get into NATO who are doing this. Little boys who are “special,” meaning irregular, or elite, in order to entice them ‘cus they don’t have much ego, they are protecting them. They are above the law, my husband is above the law, a lot of these guys are. Some of the judges had their wives gotten rid of. One had his wife sent to a mental institution. He battered her, physically and psychologically abused her. And she started screaming, doing what I would do, a lot of these wives are but if their husbands are rising stars, and if they having something invested with these men, then the wife has to be taken care of.

Many of these men are in Skull ‘n Bones or the Cap and Gown society. Clubs, secret societies, and they put a control on them, so they never tell these secrets. My husband is frightened to death I believe his brother was murdered to keep him in. he had gone through 4 years of mind control, and the man who did it is Charles Caddock, and Alexander Robinson. Caddock was a marine, from a well-connected Presbyterian family whose family member brought over the Saudi Royal Family. The original head of Saudi Arabia and something like 32 brothers, it was actually the U.S. who chose that person to lead because the U.S, through Charles Caddock murdered the good one, the one everyone liked who was normal. It was 1952 in Paris where the universal Saudi, the liked one was poisoned.  He died and his brother and the three oldest were snuck into the U.S. They went to a prep school in the U.S. as well, it was the Hun school in Princeton and my husband was one of the playmates. Charles Caddock was the body-guard “teacher” to these guys. They would go out and play in the woods and they were doing homosexual things, they had a lot of money, bought a big house in the woods. The men who rise to the top are picked to play the games, the nude pool parties. What they do is go to a place like the Mediterranean and buy a mansion complete with wild secretaries, and have group sex parties and a lot of it was homosexual as well.  These are the cream of the crop of the Army and Marine corp.

George in the first 3 years was drinking too much and was telling me everything. His soul was being sucked away from him, day by day he needed Christ, but he is an addict, a sex addict, an alcoholic, and addicted to terror, to killing. But he was trying to let me know about his world, and he was a bisexual, I’m not judging him. But he needs help and the handlers knew that I was changing him, taking him away from this crazy cult, that he’d been in all these years. We had been going to church, he was overwhelmed to tears one time. But he was only a little boy when he was… it’s mind control, MK Ultra, somebody said. They had a group of men, psychiatrists from New Jersey, they would go and…his roommates in Princeton told me this. George never introduced me to his Princeton friends. I called them all. They told me things about George, holding hands with Caddock, being a cheerleader for the football team, a guy like that they put in the Marine Corps? It was part of the long-term vision. It’s because of the Saudi’s, that’s what I believe. The initiation into Cap and Gown, it was done by a lot of intelligence officers who had been raped as boys. The initiation is where they get very drunk and do a lot of homosexual enticement, the boys, the new recruits, come in nude, they are violated.

The Saudi’s were crowding into the Hun school at Princeton, where my husband was on scholarship. He never saw his parent’s in 8 years. I think they were shipped to California so they could control his mind. He was too poor to fly out there, he had an uncle later on who bought a house in Princeton. So he had a little bit of nurturing. His next door neighbor became his wife. He was in the Cap and Gown club which is an intelligence club, his uncle who was in intelligence went through the same hoops. I was thinking when I met him, isn’t it amazing his uncle Ben was a football star at Hun school, father and mother both killed, he was a handsome, wonderful but distant man. He went on scholarship to the Hun, with his crew and all these things. My husband was a cheerleader but they were in the same pattern, ROTC scholarship, dependent on the government intelligence community, selling weapons to countries, work for the joint, under the table, all these years.

Under whose instruction to sell these weapons? It’s the Israeli Zionist movement, in New York. Mossad? Well yeah but everybody thinks Mossad, like they think CIA; it’s a bogus term, like CIA, it’s bogus, it’s really army intelligence that does just about everything they run the psych profiling that’s done at Quantico with the FBI, its’ all a very small group: Harvard professors connected to Tavistock, Dari Salam, there’s a sexual perversion group in Vienna, and one in Colorado. I think that little girl that was part of that experiment with John Ramsey, a high-profile murder that goes nowhere. Someone higher up is protecting them. if you’re in the click, you get away with it.

It’s all about weapons sales, funny money, they were army inmates together, joined. George called them the members of the firm, I’ve heard the Brotherhood, they’re very close, and it’s a small group and its very hierarchical.

They studied perversion. Dari Salam and this Colorado group. Where they train the  African terrorists in interrogation, they train the JAGS in interrogation methods, and a lot of them got their experience in Vietnam. Vietnam is where this recruiting and experimenting on little boys got started. Intentionally they took these boys, and it’s what they’re doing right now in Bosnia, training future leaders in perversion.

Their brotherhood is very German, it has Masonic leanings. Opus Dei, the mob. The current Marine Corp heads are all mob: New Jersey mafia, Brooklyn. They’re mercenaries, they’ll work for anybody. Army, Marine, the State Dept., they’ll switch hats just like that. The Marines is smoke and mirrors thing. They work with these Communists from the Soviet Union, the man who started the whole intelligence operation, the OSS, he was recruiting known Communists known to be subverting Spain. There was no conflict with the Soviet Union, that’s a cover-up. They’re not Americans, they’re not Christians, they are German Existentialists, what are they doing running our nation? They have more affinity for the state of Israel than our own nation. They don’t care about American citizens, the judges now are mostly former military officers following chain of command orders.”


Since the 1996 interview (from

After she went public in 1996 she began receiving death threats, and was rescued by Sarah McClendon, former senior member of the White House press corps, who believed her story and took Griggs under her wing, giving her a place to stay and important advice about how to stay alive when dealing with military operatives.

Is this elite cabal behind 9/11?

“After what I heard all those years and now putting it into prospective after 9/11, I think they are trying to destroy America. Their whole game is all about war, selling weapons and creating a militaristic society. I know first hand from listening to my husband, they will do anything – I mean anything including murder – to get what they want.”

Although Griggs said her husband never mentioned anything specific about 9/11 during their marriage, she claims he hinted several times that ‘war-gaming and airplane crashes’ were necessary elements to control and manipulate the American population.

Putting many of her husband’s comments together with other acquaintances made through him, she had this to say about 9/11:

“Before 9/11, there were some things which let me know that it was involved with war gaming going on at ACT Commands center in Suffolk. War games and diversions and manipulations of American public opinion he said are “necessary.” George explained some examples such as airplane “crashes” and the bombing by the Israeli Lebanese Bekka valley recruits who blew up the Marine Corps barracks. I believe my husband knew ahead of time 9/11 was going to occur.”

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  1. Negdog says:

    Excellent Article


  3. uccur says:

    Having viewed the four parts of an interview on video I can tell i have learned a lot more, but most fascinating to learn was this woman ‘s faith. I never saw any person being so close to what I feel as being close to jesus. …Yes, she has courage, she is stronger than anything I have seen before. A true wonderful being.

  4. dozeosol says:

    Dear moderator truthscrambled
    Have you been able to verify your source?

    I only ask because in the written world liable and slander are really bad for us. Is there a youtube link hetr or did I miss it as, if valid enough I may wish to include your article as a link to OSOL.

    I tend to see lately that there are agendas hidden within agendas like the infinite mirtor. Each step is carefully choreographed. For me as a Christian, these steps have played out over and over throughout history awaiting a certain timing to unleash the dragon powered ” beast of the sea”.

  5. katharine says:

    The name of the school in Princeton was the HUN SCHOOL….not the Heinz School. Was this an intentional blurring? Truth is light and light is truth.

  6. katharine says:

    I entered two other comments and clarifications, detailed ones,…did you leave them out ?

  7. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and
    I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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