Introduction To Fictional Disclosures in Hollywood

“Hidden in plain site” the tired old phrase commonly referencing the Illuminati’s style. They are secretive yet hide their secrets in plain site, the dollarnote_siegel_hqmost obvious example of course would be the pyramid on the dollar bill, disclosing that they control the federal reserve.

But what many do not know is that they disclose behind-the-scenes events in certain Hollywood movies and TV shows, through puppet directors like Spielberg and Lucas, and through their MK Ultra’d actors and actresses.

For more on George Lucas being an insider, see Jordan Maxwell discussing the occult symbolism behind Star Wars.

Stargates, Wormholes, Teleportation

Stargates are a theme that pop up again and again in Hollyweird. First the movie Stargate, about  a portal that opens up between our realm and one that resembles ancient Egypt. And now tv shows “Ascension” and “The OA” are all about humans opening up portals.

What is interesting here is that when you listen to whistleblowers of secret MILABs black budget projects, you keep hearing about the same thing, “super-soldiers” (MK victims) being used for psychic purposes like remote viewing, and creating wormholes. This was researched at Montauk according to one victim Stewart Swerdlow.

imgresThe whole purpose of the experiment in “Ascension” was creating a star-seed or star-child, a child capable of opening up portals to other planets, such that she could grab your arm and you would be pulled along to another planet, almost like a taxi service. They were trying to create inter-dimensional taxi service slaves.

In the “OA” a mad scientist type kidnaps 4 people and subjects them to near death experiences to research life after death. The captured victims create a ritual-like dance, a series of movements that unlock a portal, and they pursue this as a means of escape from captivity. So here we have a group consciousness opening up some time of wormhole imgres-1through space-time.

MK victim Duncan O’Finioan talks about being used a child to create some kind of psychic weapon to use against the Vietnamese during the war. Again he was part of a group consciousness opening up some kind of rift, only this type weaponized. This story has been verified by other independent sources, this event killed many people, and O’finioan is clearly traumatized by it.

Speaking of Montauk, the new show “Stranger Things” discloses this topic as well as the supposed “exposure” of the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control programs taking place there.

The girl above has lived her life in a CIA lab being groomed for her psychic powers to become a psychic weapon. She can kill on command. She can move objects with her mind, collapse soda cans. They are trying to control the narrative with these disclosures, make it seem like fiction, but these things really happened, just listen to MK Ultra victim Arizona Wilder who was held captive and experimented on for her psychic abilities.

4216094932_a1023cd320Know the directors, but also know the actors, as well. You can find hidden disclosure in Hollywood movies by following the poor MK split personality celebrities like Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, (look into Fiona Barnett’s testimony on her father), allimgres-2 the child Disney stars (Amanda Byrnes, Shia LaBeouf…). You have the singers like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce admitting to having multiple personalities.

Splitting the mind to create a singer, prostitute or assassin is the common thread that ties all the Hollyweird together, and why shouldn’t it? MK Ultra is a Nazi program and Disney himself was a known Anti-semite and 33rd degree Freemason.

Johnny Depp is triggered by watching his own movies, can’t do it. Thats what makes him such a great actor, he’s not bluffing, its an alter, taking control of him, an alter to fit whatever role the latest Hollywood craze demands of him. And of course he fits right into the Alice in Wonderland role, a movie used as a trigger in MK Ultra programming. Alice in Wonderland programming victim Arizona Wilder has exposed this as well, so has Fritz Springmeier.


Know the actors know the themes, the major themes of disclosure revealing the secret Illuminati driven narrative, are: Stargates, Manchurian Candidates (like Jason Bourne, and many of Matt Damon’s movies), and the continued military involvement with extra terrestrials.  The whole Zombie craze is clearly linked to weaponized biological material like viruses and bacteria, which they want to use in their New World Order to reduce the population to a more easily controllable number.

I believe that they have to disclose what they are doing to you in movies and music via Hollywood because this clears their Karma in their mind, and would soften the blow when their crimes were eventually thrown into the light of the mainstream media.

It’s not hard to find disclosure movies, all you have to know are the MK actors, look to their movies, Depp, Kidman, Hawke, Cruise, Ledger, Walker…

Demon from the movie Sinister with Ethan Hawke Discloses Child Sacrifice

BughuulIn this movie, Bughuul is an old malicious Babylonian possessing demon. Children who are exposed to the images of him, say in a book, were especially vulnerable to Bughuul possession and/or abduction.

imgres-9Symbolism, runes, symbols and iconography is so important in the occult world because the symbols themselves are imbibed with life energy, soul essence, and can be activated by simply reproducing the symbol, evoking its image. So this demon Bughuul the child soul eater lives on in images of itself which are also the gateway to his realm. Bughuul is said to be cousin to Moloch, another child soul eater.

2711e727-fe3d-4012-b962-78d5c2f2afd9-271x300Moloch, unlike the fictional Bughuul is a real historical God and still worshipped today at Bohemian Grove. History details child sacrifice as a key element in rituals around Moloch. And now the word “Moloch” turns up in connection to the Pizzagate scandal, it’s another pedophile code word.

Let’s take step back and analyze this. There is a connection between the organized child sex trafficking network and the Canaanite God of child sacrifice, which also turns up in the vacationing site of Washington DC’s elite.

These are our ‘illuminated ones.’ Many of them probably victims themselves of child rape before the age of 5, perpetuating the generational Satanic ritual abuse. Just trying to paint a picture here because it goes up in levels from your average witches and warlocks of a coven to key politicians, hollywood moguls, to the top movers and pushers behind the scenes. And pedophilia and psychopathy and worshipping of demon Gods are rampant throughout all of it. Owl-Tattoo-Justin-Bieber-Images-Pictures-98608

b9c990eb-7fca-43b7-8355-dc84512a0130Again here you can see the connection to the owl, which is also oddly enough tattooed on Justin Bieber’s forearm. Why would a young white Canadian YouTube singer be interested in an old Canaanite God?

It’s cuz the Illuminati got him, put a stamp to him. Now he’s a part of the pedophilia child massacring unit. He’s part of the brainwashing front, the ‘hidden in plain sight’ moniker, as though there is a spell that keeps the symbolism hidden to so many. Those of us who have noticed all the occult Babylonian symbolism are considered conspiracy theorists and still lie for the most part on the fringe of the public domain.

Fictional allegories of the Annunaki Ancient Origin Mythos, the two brothers allegory (Enki/Enlil) and dark/white symbolism

download copyMark Passio: “The Road to El Dorado, a counterpart of the Man Who Would Be King. The two brothers, one in blue one in red, blue/red – a Masonic connection here, opposing colors on the light spectrum, riding in on the white horse.

In the road to El Dorado there’s a scene where he’s holding up the bag of money with one eye on it, so this movie has lots of little wink-wink nudge-nudge type symbolism.

The two brothers theme repeats in the Thor movies. A retelling of brothers that had a profound impathorct on humans, but came from elsewhere. Anu, in norse mythology a direct parallel to Sumerian mythology. In norse, Odin the creator god, his sons are Thor and Loki. In the Annunaki story, you have Anu the king and the brothers Enki and Enlil. Enlil wants to rule with an iron fist, and Enki is the brother who, while he had the most direct interaction with human beings, wanted to see them uplifted. I don’t think he was necessarily a good guy, I have a pretty dark view of all of these beings because when you start messing with the natural order, you play the role of God. None of them were good guys, some were better in their actions with us? Certainly, some tried to mitigate their mistakes in the past, maybe Enki started looking at us in that regard. Enlil of course is always basically wanted to see humanity gone, up until the point of the monstrous deluge, among pocket of survivors, even Enki’s heart was softened and said that perhaps fate perhaps wanted these beings to propagate, for some unknown purposes. So the Thor movie, an accounting of these stories, which are the same from the Norse to the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylonian texts from the ancient middle east.” (Mark Passio at whatonearthishappening.com).

You see the black/white symbolism in the tv show “Lost,” which sprinkles lowhite:blackts of occult and esoteric symbolism throughout the popular show. You can’t trust either brother but the one dressed in white (Enki) is a little more respectable. The one in dark (Enlil) is out to destroy the poor lost survivors of a plane crash onto a remote tropical island.

But they both have high sorcery powers in comparison with humans and are out to mess around with us, with our development.

The “Lost” writers also played with the number “23.”  For more on the occult significance of the number 23 go here.wthite black again

(blogger update: In J.J. Abram’s other hit TV show “Fringe,” these same mystery characters are called “the First People,” vaguely characterized as an ancient but advanced race.)

One of the first Hollywood movies to feature this type of Annunaki allegory is The Man Who Would Be King which is based on a short story by Rudyard Kipling, who was a freemason.  George Orwell called him a ‘prophet of British IRudyard_Kipling_(portrait)mperialism’….Kipling so loved his masonic experience that he memorialized its ideals in his famous poem, “The Mother Lodge”, and used the fraternity and its symbols as vital plot devices in his novella, The Man Who Would Be King. (Wikipedia)”

This two brothers theme is followed up by “Stargate” and many others, one of the most recent being “Avatar”, where similar plot devices are employed. In all movies two men go to another realm and one survives a fatal wound, is mistaken as a God by the primitives and takes a local wife (Enki) while his compatriot leaves (Enlil). One brother believes the lie that they were meant to rule. In the end, the gold they were after is lost in the scramble to escape. In the case of Avatar it isn’t gold but instead the priceless mineral “unobtainium.” This plot motif is supposed to represent the actions of Enki and Enlil on ancient humanity. According to the Sumerian tablets, they came to mine for gold, and while Enlil stayed and focused on the mission, Enki got distracted by the locals (early humans).road to el dorado

Notice the sun symbol on his head

The Road to El Dorado is another retelling of Rudyard’s short story that appears again and again in Hollywood. Two guys considered criminals by the Spanish empire, escape to a primitive land. They hatch a plan to perform a false miracle and become gods. Then they steal their gold. The false miracle motif is biblical in nature, as Lucifer performed false miracles and pretended to be God. It could be argued that it is also a metaphor for E.T.s masquarading as our Gods and creators. The stealing of gold is part of the Sumerian tale, as the Annunaki originally arrived at Earth to mine for gold.

download (2)

Speaking of Lucifer performing false miracles to mesmerize humanity, the new animated Disney Movie “Moana” features an obvious Luciferian character in Maui.
download (1)

“When Moana finds Maui, he is powerless and stranded on an island for 1000 years (as punishment for his theft of one of mother earths precious gifts), the old trickster god is revealed – at least, his first layer is.  There is always another layer to Maui.  At first, he thinks Moana must be a fan, because he is the most popular hero in Polynesian legend.  He literally shaped the universe as much as God – fish-hooking up the islands out of the sea, inventing the coconut tree, bringing the mortals fire – and expects an eternal gratitude from every human indefinitely.  Like most mythology’s gods – the Greeks, the Norse, the Mayans – the creator of the universe would like to live like a king.  At least he isn’t a tyrant and doesn’t demand sacrifice, or even prayer, as he says in his song.  He’s content to live as a glorified human.  Somewhere between a god and a man, he settles for the title of “demigod.”  Since his powers depend on his missing enchanted fish-hook, his only gift is his immortality, but he hasn’t proven his worth much since. Another thing distinguishes him from most myths – most people who made the world turn are still making it turn forever.  Apollo still rides the sun across the sky, Hades still runs the underworld, etc.  Maui is just a Deist – he made the world, but isn’t shaping it anymore.  This god is retired (https://bramclabby.wordpress.com/2017/01/16/the-meaning-behind-moana-myth-and-metaphor).”

This video is an excellent introduction into this enormous topic:

 The Wachowski brother’s movies are steeped in occult symbolism and subliminals

It is often said that the Matrix is a powerful awakening tool full of hidden messages and subliminals. What is a subliminal? How about the date on Neo’s passport.  neos passport

The second movie features an underground safeground for awakened humans called “Zion.” In the third movie one of the rich “gatekeepers of the Matrix” is a thug named “Merovingian (an old elite bloodline).” So the creators had a lot of fun throwing in occult stuff, of course the Wachowski duo are members of the OTO and are clearly aware of more than they are letting on. Another movie of theirs, “Jupiter Ascending” discloses Reptilians, Abraxas Rulers/Satanic Bloodlines.


Abraxas is a very powerful word,  the word Abraxas has roots in ancient Gnosticism, signifying a type of Archon, demiurge, or planetary ruler. In the movie, Earth was seeded by Abraxas, millennia ago.


Here is a Reptilian who serves the Abraxas family. The Abraxas family are like elite genetic farmers who buy planets like real estate, (or simply inherit them, yes apparently people can be that wealthy). Earth was seeded by the Abraxas family, as a way to harvest soul energy once the planet reached maximum capacity (so soon).

Abovetopsecret.com’s top 5 Illuminati-occult Hollywood movies

Common Themes to look for in The Fifth Element, Matrix, Big Lebowski, Wizard of Oz, A clockwork orange

  • One eye symbolism, Pyramids
  • Blue/red white/black two brothers with opposite aims.
  • Sun symbolism, Winged Discs, Horus symbolism
  • Maltese crosses of the Knights Templar

 The tv show “Nikita” about a black ops government assassin may be a partial disclosure


The show is about a deadly female assassin under control by a deeply covert intelligence agency simply called ‘division.’ They take prison jail mates who are deemed fit and ‘offer them a second chance at life,’ as a spy, assassin, black op military officer/soldier, whatever the group division wants you to do. And they do shady deals with terrorists and drug/weapons smugglers, for money. The head, Percy, is deeply corrupted but unstoppable because he alone has access to all the dirty files on politicians doing these dirty power moves, (like having a rival assassinated, etc) and if he dies that goes public. All the data is stored on an external hard drive dubbed the Black Box (Saturnian imagery?).

black cube meccablack cube

I reckon the show is accurate, we probably have covert groups working like the CIA but more under the radar, and its main source of agents is through the prison system. They take lifers and scrub their data, make them invisible, expendable. The show has all this but leaves out the trauma-induced mind control and the creation of multiple personalities or alters that they would subject on their agents. This can’t be disclosed yet in TV, too hot right now. But here is a clue that the directors were at least privy to it:butterfly tattoo

The Monarch Butterfly tattoo, eluding to Monarch Mind Control, one of the MK Ultra projects.  Here it is in the first episode, on one of the new recruits Alex. Butterfly imagery surrounds her character throughout the show. butterfly from nikita.jpg

The symbolism of the buttefly gives Alexandra Udinov strength. A new life, a clean slate. That is what is sold to these new recruits and used to propogate loyalty to Division. Of course we know that the REAL meaning behind the butterfly symbol is that out of the ashes of a tortured being, an alter can be created and programmed with another personality, like the phoenix rising from the ashes of a splintered mind, a deadly killer with intent, loyalty and purpose can now be created in anyone, with the right technology and brainwashing.

“We made you.”

“When we found you, you were nothing but street trash, and now look at you, (a deadly assassin, an undercover agent, capable of speaking multiple languages, carrying on in high civilized social situations, to gain deep access, to think on ones feet, yes we MADE YOU.” And for many that may be true, And they will die for Percy, for Division. And that is how you get a Satanic psychopath running the show from behind the scenes, using blackmail, patsies and dupes to carry out his agenda for a new World Order surveillance slave society. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!

Enemy of the State (1998) contains some disclosure and an example of predictive programming


Szolrda of Business Insider writes, “Employees at the secretive National Security Agency were not too happy about the 1998 blockbuster film “Enemy of the State,” which starred Will Smith. That shouldn’t come as a surprise — the spy agency was portrayed as the villain. The film depicted the agency as having vast technical know-how and incredible surveillance capabilities (many of which were later confirmed by the Edward Snowden leaks).” http://www.businessinsider.com/nsa-enemy-of-the-state-2016-1

But what caught my attention was another 9/11 subliminal date thrown in there, it was the birthdate of one of the characters the NSA was tracking in the movie. Now this movie came out in 1998, 3 years before 9/11. Same with the Matrix 9/11 reference, 1999, 2 years before the attack. So we see an example of what is called “predictive programming,” where subliminals in Hollywood movies and TV shows reference future events, such as the date of a future bombing or false flag event.48274c29c374141cce25be2d19c05e2f

There are two lines of thought for those who study predictive programming in the Mass Media and Hollywood:

  1. There is a universal and eternal ‘source code’ that exists outside of time and the elites who display the symbolism behind this code thus also have access to future events and can act as an oracle.
  2. That the events are 100% manufactured by humans well in advance. So the 9/11 attack and others were planned decades before the actual event by an elite class of psychopaths seeking to traumatize the general public, so that out of the chaos they can erect their New World Order slave society. Novus Ordo Seclorum (order out of chaos). They insert these dates of their future plans in movies to make it seem like they are dark sorcerers that can see into the future.

I tend to lean towards the second hypothesis here, yet still believe in the possibility of true source codes, found subliminally in all forms of inspired art. For more on this topic see Youtuber Polarization Nation Media, and his Unified Code Theory. He goes into predictive programming and occult symbolism in the media. Another Youtuber who covers Gematria of the elite in movies, politics and even sports events is Zachary Hubbard.

MK Ultra Is Coded Into Many Matt Damon Movies

download (15)

Bourne Identity

He plays a CIA black operative who suffers amnesia after an op gone wrong. Amnesiac barriers keep compartmentalized personalities separate within DID victims of CIA Monarch Mind Control.


download (16)He gets an brain chip implant that contains highly sensitive data pertaining to the “one percenters” or citizens of Elysium, the highly lucrative space station. They represent the Illuminati, and Matt Damon’s character is the lowly agent that gets caught up in their affairs.

The Adjustment Bureau

adjustment bureau

He witnesses an “adjustment” from angelic beings tampering with humans and our reality. Now he has been awakened, seen behind a curtain he didn’t even know existed. Now he is an illuminated one, like high level occultists and also like victims of generational Satanic ritual abuse who have undergone the “Key of solomon” rape before the age of 5 (see The Crime). This type of abuse is common for MK Ultra victims as well.

download (14)

Selling Your Soul For Fame Disclosed In The Movie “Starry Eyes” and in The Band “The Faceless”

unnamed-2-e1509982100229starry eyes

(Note: Words in italics are lyrics from the Faceless album “In Becoming A Ghost.”)

My theory is that when you sell your soul to the devil one of the things he can grant you is immortality, but at a cost. That cost is suffering, in the body hell.

My skin, my cell.

I imagine it like evil astral entities crawling all over my body and possessing me, some of them mad and biting, and invisible maggots crawling under the skin:

Tightening their grasp

The parading of horrors

Grips me inside, grips me inside

Draining my vitality

None of it really happening but your nervous system is being hacked into believing it. It feels real, that’s all that matters.

I also imagine the effects of this soul deal to include something I’ve dubbed the Molting. Or Satanic Molting Cycles, that is part and parcel of selling your soul to Lucifer/Enki, ruler and designer of this dense 3D illusory realm called the Matrix.

download (28)This was hinted at in the movie Starry Eyes with the girl who becomes inducted into a Hollyweird Cult, which we know of course is an arm of the Satanic Illuminati. She has to basically become a zombie, literally sick with a virus that almost kills her. She has to go through this process to become a beautiful star, and she eventually does, but she also has to murder all her friends as a sacrifice.

Her body, then almost a corpse, is reborn anew after this act, and she is all dolled up like a hollywood celebrity at the end, grinning her perfect teeth. The Satanic Molting Cycle is over.

See Lucifer wouldn’t offer this deal to mortal humans if it didn’t benefit him. When someone sells their soul to him they eventually become more and more like him, over the years and endless years of immortality, banded by the torturous Molting cycles, which leave their mark, psychological stains that are too deep to heal, they start to resemble a psychopathic, multiple-personality madman, who is sick, not well, evil, pure evil. But of course we can only point fingers at Lucifer so long because he doesn’t violate our free will, we have to give him permission by selling our soul. Of course many are tricked into it, not realizing the consequences fully, of what they are getting into. Unfortunately for them though, natural law doesn’t care.

So Lucifer’s trick is thus: he grants you immortality, or fame, or power, and in return his demons, who are stuck in the astral get to invade your body from time to time and if given enough years of this beyond your normal lifespan you will begin to resemble Gollum, a zombie or orc-like being, a demon, or even a gray alien or reptilian. For many of these creatures themselves may be sell-outs to Lucifer, wittingly or unwittingly. Really what they all become is agents of the Matrix, pure Matrix Constructs, no independent soul left, just a programmable husk.

The faceless: “When he wants to come and play

It possesses me when my strength is rendered thin

It caresses me when I’m reveling in sin

I found a place where nothing can touch me

When my strength is rendered thin

It seemed so perfect

So unbelievable

When I’m reveling in sin

Nothing effects me

No one to rush me

When my strength is rendered thin

When I’m laying in my six foot hole

When did my heaven become this fucking hell?”

After a molting cycle is over, you arrive at a place of unbelievable peace.

 I found a place where nothing can touch me

This peace though is psychopathic, meaning you could kill someone and feel no remorse. Of course this feeling is coveted like a drug by some, they are addicted to this state, this period of perfection following a horrid and ghastly molting session.

 Nothing effects me

No one to rush me

The rich and powerful, the sell-out immortals, wishing to escape, through Black Magick, their Karma, escape the repercussions of their sins, do it for this state of not being rushed anymore, they don’t need money, they can have all the hookers and drugs and weapons and body guards and mansions they want, no-one can tell them what to do or limit them anymore. They are even above the law, in most cases.

It seemed so perfect

So unbelievable

When I’m reveling in sin

Selling your soul to Lucifer or Satan can be done for various reasons: immortality, fame (adoration), or power (Elite). Each choice comes with its own patron demon, the various Lords of the underworld.

One of the patrons is the demon Mephistopheles:

Indulging myself from the cup of Mephistopheles

An efficacious potion of a puissant poison

Like the sirens’ call

Its brilliance and allure are a glittering path to revel in a decadent, sick compulsion

There’s a monster somewhere inside

I keep him at bay

I keep him denied

“The name Mephistopheles is associated with the Faust legend of a scholar, based on the historical Johann Georg Faust. In the legend, Faust wagers his soul with Mephistopheles.

Although Mephistopheles appears to Faustus as a demon – a worker for Lucifer – critics claim that he does not search for men to corrupt, but comes to serve and ultimately collect the souls of those who are already damned. Farnham explains, “Nor does Mephistophiles first appear to Faustus as a devil who walks up and down on earth to tempt and corrupt any man encountered. He appears because he senses in Faustus’ magical summons that Faustus is already corrupt, that indeed he is already ‘in danger to be damned’.

Mephistopheles is already trapped in his own hell by serving the Devil. He warns Faustus of the choice he is making by “selling his soul” to the Devil: “Mephistophilis, an agent of Lucifer, appears and at first advises Faust not to forgo the promise of heaven to pursue his goals”. Farnham adds to his theory, “…[Faustus] enters an ever-present private hell like that of Mephistophiles”.


The movie Starry Eyes could be seen as a disclosure of a Satanic Molting Cycle that is done to induct someone into the cult of Hollyweird. Someone (Sarah) who has agreed with free will to sells their soul to become a star:

Screen-Shot-2014-11-14-at-9.32.52-AM“During the following days, Sarah shows increasingly erratic behavior even while her body begins to deteriorate. This causes her to lose her job and attack several people, including her friends. Sarah eventually has a heated argument with Tracy and retreats to her room, where she sees the casting director and has a vision of herself as a beautiful and glamorous movie idol. She awakens from the dream and goes to the bathroom to vomit, where she finds that her hair and nails have almost completely fallen out. Sarah, now wracked with pain, climbs into the bathtub, where she vomits masses of bloodied maggots. With her last bit of energy, Sarah crawls along the floor to answer a call on her cell phone, in hopes of getting some help. The producer taunts her and tells her that she can either die or she can embrace the transformation already in progress and become like him. Sarah embraces the transformation and goes to Erin’s house. Sarah and Erin argue, both slut-shaming each other of exchanging sex with directors for film parts; until Erin turns on the kitchen lights and sees Sarah’s frightful disfigured face and ominous countenance. Erin tries to persuade her to go to the hospital but she slices Erin’s cheek with a knife instead. Sarah accepts what she has done and proceeds to violently stab Erin. She then goes to Ashley’s room and smashes her face using a dumbbell until her skull collapses. Poe witnesses this but as he turns-tail and runs, he slips on a puddle of blood. Sarah pounces on him and stabs him through the back. Sarah realizes that Erin is still alive and attempting to escape, so suffocates her with a plastic bag. She then goes outside to Danny’s van and kills him too.

After that, the production company Astraeus, which turns out to be a secret cult worshiping a deity/demon named Astraeus, conducts a ritual whereby Sarah, surrounded by illuminated acolytes, is reborn from a bloodied membranous cocoon from within a mound of earth, as the acolytes mark out a surrounding pentagram-shaped emblem with rods of phosphorescent light. She emerges with a flawless, healthy and totally hairless body; a gift-wrapped box wishing her a ‘Happy Birthday’ has been left for her. Sarah returns to her apartment and kills Tracy by sucking the life out of her mouth in a last kiss. She puts on the presents that Astraeus left her, a gorgeous low-cut black gown and long brunette wig – the finishing touch, her very own pentagrammed silver necklace. The film ends as she admires herself in the mirror – the epitome of the quintessential movie starlet – her eyes now a brilliant emerald green, as if lit from within.(wikipedia).”