The Tv Show “V” Hints at Illuminati’s REM Cloning Subculture

Once you become familiar with Donald Marshall’s testimony, you will start to notice how the entertainment industry hints at it constantly. They never talk about it outright and bluntly like Donald does, because they are not allowed to. So they write these scripts that have two levels to them, an exoteric, surface level story for the “unwashed masses” and an esoteric story going on underneath, if you have the eyes to see it.

Let me give you those eyes, which Donald gave me: A major faction of the Illuminati operates out of these cloning centers which take up a whole floor within the DUMBS (deep underground military bases). The people in the cloning centers are in clone bodies after having their consciousness transported out of their normal real body, lying in bed in REM phase sleep. It started out as just politician power-broker types, a way to meet in secret, but they got bored and in the 60’s started cloning in celebrities. This is still happening, now all the big name celebrities are being brought to the cloning centers every night instead of having normal dreams. Unfortunately, many of these actors and pop stars are just glorified sex slaves every night at the cloning center. It’s ugly….

As if that’s not bad enough, there are also these dumb lizard species called Vrill which can body-snatch other organisms including humans. They are what the David Icke/Project Camelot Reptilian ET propaganda is covering up. They are NOT an advanced race from the stars, they are most likely a genetic splice made by humans, or else just bizarre Earth animals, a quirk of parasitic biology, not as smart as humans.

The TV show “V” really dances around these topics, and gets quite close to being blatantly obvious, but again, 99.9% of the world has probably never even heard of Donald Marshall or cloning or Vrill…so they feel confident enough to put it out there. In the show, the V, short for “Visitors,” are big humanoid lizards inhabiting human skin, NOT small troglodytes with a body snatching proboscis (Vrill type 1), so they are pandering to the Donald Icke second farm conspiricists. These half-truths reinforce the lie of “outer space” and “space travel” and “highly advanced aliens.” Reality: they are unintelligent (by human standards)  subterrenean reptiles. A lot of work by the intelligence agencies is going into this second farm psyop.

The show is about the arrival of aliens that at first look just like humans (think drones), and are pretending to be of peace. They even offer humans access to their miracle drugs and cures at these “Healing Centers” (which is a way to almost say “cloning centers.”)

Two layers to the plot operating simultaneously, the esoteric layer hidden in plain sight, know the code and it becomes impossible to debunk, because it’s literally everywhere.

This show is secretly about the Vrill body snatching crisis, about the fake alien invasion they are thinking about pulling of with Project Bluebeam, and it is also a way to throw in some fallen-angel  Genesis 6 references with an alien falling in love with a human woman and procreating. There is even an alien plot to insert microchips into the flu vaccines, so they are having fun with all the conspiracies. But the big things like cloning and Vrill are only hinted at in a coded, sideways fashion. For example calling the aliens the “V” which could be short for “Visitors”, but it also be short for “Vrill.”

See how they cleverly hint at the aneurysm part – the reason these celebs who want out but can’t talk, it is fear of death by aneurysm. If they have a clone of you they can shock it with enough electricity to make you have a brain aneurysm and die, because consciousness is linked. Loyalty through fear, the same tactic employed by Anna, the reptilian queen mother running the V’s invasion.


The threat is subtle. In six months (the time it takes to grow a duplicate clone) you will develop an aneurysm (if you don’t do what we say, in other words.) Anna says:IMG_0670IMG_0672

The movie “The Host” falls along similar sci-fi alien body snatching lines. “V” and “The Host” both have the same motive:

Donald Marshall – “That movie is going to try to condition people into thinking not all hosts of Vrill are bad, BUT they are. Nothing left of original humans consciousness… vrill totally dominates the brain. No comin back either. (The Host was) directed and produced by Vrill. To gauge public opinion on whether or not “good” hosts would be accepted in society or if people would want all alien hosts dead… People wanted all hosts dead…LOL!!! There are no ‘good’ hosts… They’re aliens, killed the human to inhabit the body and are a parasited host… Dead human then, 100% Vrill. Kill it kill it kill it.(source)

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  2. 4chancho says:

    Watch this new anime on Netflix called parasite , there are a bunch that fuse with dogs and they are dumb but the ones,that fuse with humans eventually get smarter because they try to mimic the humans they take over.

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