Black Hole Sun; The Feminine Mysteries

“Black hole sun
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain?
Black hole sun
Won’t you come
Won’t you come”

– Soundgarden

A Truthscrambler video production, where we take a deep dive into:

Conspiracy ~ Esoterica ~ Occult ~ Qabalah ~ Tarot ~ Theosophy ~ Anthroposophy


Eleven from Stranger Things floating in the sensory deprivation tank. Daath is the 11th sefirah in Qabalah, and is the portal to the Black Sun/8th Sphere/lower astral realm (depicted quite well in the show as the “Upside Down.”) Eleven is playing the psychic High Priestess who can safely traverse the abyss in order to remote-view across time and space. Notice the subtle nod to Pizzagate on her makeshift eye-mask, and the Masonic checkerboard pattern.

Season 4 Finale

I also recommend Synchromiss’s esoteric decode of Stranger Things Season 4 HERE.

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12 Responses to Black Hole Sun; The Feminine Mysteries

  1. george says:

    someone just ‘broke’ the Georgia guide stones, and CERN is active..supposedly…are demons/cabal trying to ‘reset’ time back to the 80s to run their parasite tricks..notice 80s fashion and music styles everywhere

    it won’t work..the realm is gasping for energy and the demons are finished

    and too many of us awake and aware with the power of our consciousness laughing at demons as they recycle their pathetic bag of tricks, no more mind wipes, no moon base, no soul hijack andrecycling, no corrupted astral realms

    f u to demons archons and acolytes of Saturn, you are flushed

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  3. george says:

    Notice in all these things, the hollywood puppet demons never mention the higher astral…they would rather the slave humans not realize their power

    and never know of the place where we use creativity to have abundant joy and peace

    instead we get retarded Alistair Crowley wet dreams over and over in a demented cycle

    , the demons want everyone enslaved to the lower astral to be used as batteries forever.

    well clear it all out and end this moronic simulation so we can return to abundance and peace

    its happening as we speak

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