6 Responses to The V V Code, Energy Drink Gematria, and more Black Mirror Symbolism

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  2. Vivi_Cisne says:

    This is scary. My name is Viviana. They call me Vivi as a nickname pronounced “VeeVee” wonder why that name was chosen for me. Kinda odd since I stand for the opposite off all that.

    • Recontextualization is necessary to free oneself from programming, and really, it’s removal of ignorance, the patterns of illusion we have been imprinted with since birth in the fallen world.
      The abbreviation/nickname you were assigned is from those who lacked gnowledge (the word knowledge has been changed/emasculated/perverted from the root word ‘gnosis’). Your name is really this:
      Viveka is a Sanskrit and Pali term translated into English as discernment or discrimination. According to Rao and Paranjpe, viveka can be explained more fully as: Sense of discrimination; wisdom; discrimination between the real and the unreal, between the self and the non-self, between the permanent and the impermanent; discriminative inquiry; right intuitive discrimination; ever present discrimination between the transient and the permanent

      • Whoa just today I looking more into the number 555/Satan connection for this post, after reading her comment, and found this:
        The Greek διάκρισις adds up to 555. διάκρισις is translated as “discernment” and transliterated as diakrisis. See 1 Corinthians 12:10, Hebrews 5:14. (ridingthebeast.com).”

      • With Sanskrit being the oldest surviving language in the world, the Greek culture – which was Indo-Greek pre-past resets – owes its language to… India.
        I am loving the syncronicity here, and that Viveka is her name ❤

  3. Vivi_Cisne says:

    Thank you for the clarity. I feel like I spend most of my life trying to discern what is real and what is not, always trying to see through the lies to find the truth. I also studied Ayurvedic medicine and had to take a Sanskrit class for school which makes it all the more synchronistic.

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