My Understanding of the Spirit Body

55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.

57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:55

As always, this is just my interpretation and not a claim for absolute fact.

The immortal spirit body, Joseph’s coat of many colors, the resurrection to Heaven, the second birth to Father’s Kingdom, is not that different from your body now, or as it was in the prime of your life. It will have two eyes and a nose. It has a mouth. You can eat, drink, have sex, even burp and fart. But it doesn’t age (unless you want it to) and it doesn’t sicken. 

And you are not bound to it as we are here. You can leave it and have out-of-body experiences at any time, akin to lucid dreaming. And you can share or experience other bodies, other lives, you are aren’t bound by your own single ego. And you aren’t bound by time.

The initial incarnation into mortal bodies and the final resurrection into your spirit body is the grand central theme of the bible and all ancient scriptures.  Alvin Boyd Kuhn, quoting from the Egyptian ritual, writes, “‘Having had my flesh embalmed,’ says the Osirified deceased in the Ritual (Ch. 64) ‘my body does not decay.’ Hence flesh, inoculated with spirit or the mummy embalmed, becomes immortal. And the Word was made flesh! And flesh will be immortalized!”

The Word, or spirit, through its many incarnations has evolved its spirit body (flesh). The mortal human-animal body is thus immortalized also, having been anointed with the oil of spirit, your soul. 

Before you began this journey of incarnation, known in occult terms as the Cycle of Necessity, what Paul in Corinthians calls “the law,” your soul was simple, germinal, unnamed, undifferentiated, but enjoyed swimming in the vast Overmind or Oversoul, and had access to the sum total of It’s knowledge, and was one with it. The desire to differentiate and be named is what happens down here. It requires a traumatic separation from the Oversoul, and a severe limitation of the powers it once enjoyed, which is why the incarnation was poetically described in scripture as a type of death, a burial, a mummification, being lost in the wilderness, drowning at sea, the dark night of the soul, and an intoxication (hence the Dionysian rites). The soul becomes so intoxicated by the sense life, the animal lusts and drives, that it forgets itself. It IS a real kind of death, but like the seed buried in soil, it lays the foundation for new life. A sprout lives the death of its seed. In like manner the human-animal body lives and is vivified by the “death” of its soul. But the soul re-awakens to greater heights and function than it had previously, in the final resurrection, bringing along with it its perfected physical vessel. 

None of us have perfected our spirit body yet or we wouldn’t still be here. The one rare exception to that are highly evolved beings who may voluntarily incarnate here as helpers. But you probably wouldn’t recognize them walking down the street; they are not as Jesus was portrayed, being followed by the multitudes, and yet they are quietly doing the good work, behind the scenes.

The work we must do involves primarily taming the animal body we have each inherited. This is the Christos Aeon (soul) “correcting” Sophia (mother nature). This is Michael and his angels warring with the dragon (flesh) in Revelation. WE are the fallen angels, the legions of Lucifer, for many of us rebelled against God’s call to incarnate. We were comfy in the blissful empyrean realm, why on Earth (pun intended) would we want to incarnate here into suffering? Hence the many scattered legends of rebellious angels being booted from Heaven. And many of us are continuing to hold onto that rebellious attitude to this day and refuse to work on the animal body. But there is no returning to the Father except through the Son, that is, through perfecting your Christ spirit within. 

The Christ figure, whether Jesus, Horus, Krishna, or Dionysus, is simply that symbol of remembering that you are a Soul from Heaven in a human-animal flesh-suit which must be tamed, broken and conquered. The Christ, the solar hero acts as a reminder, leading the multitudes, the poor, back to their divine mission, their Covenant with God.

Kuhn writes, “Symbolizing the divine nature as bread for man, John gives Jesus’ announcement of his descent: ‘I am the bread of life….such is the bread that came down from Heaven, that a man shall eat of it and shall not die.” The manna from heaven that sustained the Israelites in the desert is the soul fragments, the legion of angelic spirits (us) that descended to Earth (desert) to sustain the Israelites (human-animal bodies). 

The human-animal body before the incarnation was called the First Adam, the poor man, the gentile. When this First Adamic race became anointed by the legions of souls, it became set apart from the rest of nature by a wide gulf, for it now had the potential of mind, intellect, and reason, to combat brute force instinct, which rules everywhere else in nature. Victory over the animal forces transforms the First Adam into the Last Adam, the gentile into the Jew (the term having nothing to do with any race or creed, in its true original meaning). It is becoming the Messiah, which literally means “the anointed one.” The oil is spirit, and the mummy is anointed with oils and resins in the embalming, to symbolize the human vessel not decaying once it has been lifted up by spirit and perfected in its divine spirit body, which shall not decay or rot. This is why Jesus was the anointed one. Psalm 23 sings, “thou hast anointed my head with oil, my cup runneth over.” Mother nature (the cup) plays host to a transcendent race of angels, thus the cup “runneth over.”

Kuhn shows how the word anoint, is a French softening of the root “unct” which is the Egyptian Ankh, which means to bind or tie (a j-unct-ion). The two things being bound or tied or anointed together are soul and body.  The ankh shape shows this: the circle is nature, mother earth, flesh, the vertical line is descending spirit (the Father) and the horizontal line connecting them is that bind, that tying together of the two polar forces, creating stability. 

SacredFeminine GypsyHeart | Ancient egypt, Ancient egyptian artifacts,  Ancient egyptian symbols

The Ankh root always alludes to stability – an anchor stabilizes a boat, an ankle stabilizes the foot to the leg, a branch ties or stabilizes the leaves to the main trunk, the bronchi ties the dividing lungs to the main trunk or the trachea. I could go on, especially when you know that here ‘k’ and ‘g’ are interchangeable, making Ankh and Ang/Ung (angel, angus bull, lungs)  more or less equivalent. But I have delved into that elsewhere, notably HERE, HERE, and HERE. The whole wisdom of scripture can be summed up in those two root words “Ankh” and “Ang” or “Ung.”

The Cain and Abel allegory is telling us how the good work is done. The first-born Cain is the animal side, the first thought that arises, instinct. We know this because Cain was a plant gatherer, one with nature. But God didn’t accept his sacrifice, because he hasn’t been converted by spirit. Abel is spirit, the second thought that arises in mind, which is the intellect, reason, the quiet, still voice within, that is usually drowned out or “killed” by Cain, the first thought. But through meditation and the good work, Abel can be strengthened and eventually bring Cain under the fold, into submission. And he must, because he was the shepherd, a career of herding animals, and God did accept his sacrifice.  

Shabbat Shalom.

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7 Responses to My Understanding of the Spirit Body

  1. Ah, brother I am so thankful for you and your perseverance… I needed to read this today.

  2. This is the message of universal reconciliation. So simple, yet sophisticated.


    An ANGle is the pivot point of two segments.
    If we are at the cusp of stabilizing flesh and spirit, are we ‘angels’ in the making, perhaps?

    Mater (flip W)


    Cain Abel

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  4. Here is my new website: You can post it if you want or you can not post it if you do not want. Either way it is Ok with me. Thanks for any time spent on it. I am humbled by your expertise and evaluation and experience in the occult. Thanks man! Your way above me! I am a simple person!

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