‘All is Atum’ and Atomic Theology – Santos Bonacci

Santos: “Everything comes from Atom. It is the word of god. Veritably. The Greeks say that ‘Atom’ means ‘not cuttable.’ It’s not divisible. That’s because the alpha privative, the letter ‘a’ before the word, deprives the word of its true meaning. So if atom means not cuttable, ‘Tom’ must mean ‘cuttable.’ And it does. Tom means twin. Tom, short for Thomas Didymous, and in latin ‘Thomas’ becomes ‘Domus.’ The lord, Domus. So, Thomas, means twin.  And ‘Atom’ means one. The unit. The one that can not be reduced any further.

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Tom means twain. Twin, twain in two. And its talking about the world of duality, polarity, vibration, electricity. Whereas Atom the one is talking about magnetism. It’s not cuttable. Magnetism is white light. The letter A, the alpha privative, is the aether, the white light that is not cuttable. Because white light does not vibrate. Unlike the two colors, red and blue that come from white light first, the first colors to come from white light are red and blue, unlike these electrical colors, white light does not vibrate. Atom, refers to that whereas tom refers to two, twain, twin, Didymous, division, of red and blue.

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Red is fire, blue is water, they are the enemies, and friends of creation. Everywhere where there are created atoms, atomic matter, there are these two twins, water and fire. They work together, they can never be separated. They are equal and opposite, one is radiating, RA, and one is compressing, blue. So Walter Russell said that everything in the universe is like a pump, compressing and expanding. These two waves.

Tom backwards is ‘mot.’ Maat, is the Goddess. Tom is Domus, the god. So in the word Tom you have the word God, the boy and you have Maat, the mother. And the mother is blue, Tom is red, because the Hebrew word for atom, ‘Adam,’ means red man.

Dam, adam means red blood, red man. Dom is also the domicile, the home. So Atom is the tomb of light. Put a ‘b’ on the end of Tom and you’ve got ‘tomb.’ And then backwards Maat, mother, has a womb. Plato says we come from a womb and we go to a tomb. Well that’s Atom. Because an atom is an entrapment, or a tomb of light. All there is is light, God is light. But its important to understand that atom means one. Only when you take away the ‘a’ do you get two, the twin. Tom.

This twin force of electricity is what makes up the atomic universe, and it does it through the percussive sound of the ‘t.’ and the t is interchangeable with the d. and the m is interchangeable with the ‘n’. So the Omm… of the Hindus is also the Onn….and so the ‘m’ and the ‘n’ are liquids, those sounds you can prolong them. But the t and the d you cannot prolong. It’s percussive. All percussive instruments are tom toms or variations of tom, timbale, timpani, dumbek, drum, gong, bongo, song, it’s the song, its the word, its where all words come from.

So when you note that all percussive instruments have this sound to it across the planet, you begin to understand that the atom is a little big bang. There was no big bang. Only lots of little big bangs.


Sound is the word, it’s cymatics, and light is sound, and that’s it, that’s what God is. Sound and light. Now this God is not prime creator. We must differentiate this. Prime creator is the letter ‘a,’ aether, magnetic light. Tom is the creator. Because that is the electrical force, red and blue, of the universe, of matter. The tomb and the womb, of matter. So when people worship a creator, which I don’t recommend you do, you are on the war ship of worship, and you’re worshipping the electrical force of Tom, of Domus, the Lord. The creator. And that one there, is all the named Gods. Because prime creator has no name. In the Jewish tradition he is called ‘Ein Soph,’ and the Hindus call him ‘Anama.’ Again ‘A’ the alpha privative. Because ‘Nama’ means name. So ‘A-nama,’ means the one that cannot be named. And you don’t worship that one, you know that one. Because you meditate. You find the white light, and you learn that that one is you, in the unconditioned planes of cause.

So these tom toms, these little Thomases, these twain, twin, two, red and blue, vibrating, and hence everything that vibrates is atomic.. hence we have an ‘anatomy.’ Anna and Tommy. You’ll find in this that Anna is the girl part and Tommy is the boy part. Anna and Tommy you find in ‘hermaphrodite,’ in ‘Mona Lisa,’ in all these words where the male and female come together. That’s what an anatomy is.

Let’s establish that t and d are interchangeable consonants of percussion produced with the tongue and teeth. Look at the word, tongue, and what do you see: ‘ton,’ put an ‘a’ in front of that and you have ‘Aton.’ Aton is the God the Egyptians worshipped. it’s the tongue. the teeth are called ‘den.’ put in ‘a’ in front of that you have Adam in many languages: ‘Aden.’ Your teeth, your dental. So voice, sound the word comes from Aton, the tongue.

Once you understand that the t and d are interchangeable, and same with m and n at the end of the word, you get many versions of this. Egyptians called atom ‘Atum,’ and they said that Atum is all. All is Atum. And then in the 18th dynasty they changed Amun, to Aten. Like Akhenaton. And they worshipped the sun disc, which is the sun, the word of God, Aten. Aten, Adam, Atom, there are many variations OK?

There is another point to establish that there is another branch to Atom which is Amun. We get Amen from this and Amon. Like Ammonia and all these amino acids. its an ancient word that refers to this atomic science.

So we have the ‘Atom branch’ and the ‘Amun branch.’ the difference between percussive consonants and liquid consonants is that the liquid have much more enduring creating force, whereas the percussive have explosive force, its not enduring its a fleeting energy. so the word atom generates electric energy from the aether, from the nothing, these little big bangs, these atoms are just sounds-

“From the stillness?”

From the stillness. And the stillness is the aetheric white light magnetism. Magnetism is the basis of the whole universe. It is omniscient, it is omnipresent, it is omnipotent, it is still and silent. “Magnetism does no work in the universe.” says Walter Russell. And then he goes on to say “God only uses one force to create anything in the universe and that is electricity.”  The two divided, sex divided, twin force of electricity. Magnetism is power, electricity is force. Hence it is inferior, it is the child, of magnetism. Hence you have “and God’s only begotten son.” Well that’s in reference to prime creator, the only begotten son of magnetism is electricity. Cus magnetism can’t do anything else but produce electricity. So when the stillness decides to become motion, to go out and produce a world, when Brahma decides to breathe and expel his breath outwardly and the world is created by the creator, then motion is created by the twin force of electricity.

The atom is not a Newtonian particle. It is a wave. Well, two waves, as I’ve explained Tom means two. And there are two waves, the red is the positive half and the blue is the so called “negative” half. and these two work together. whenever there is a sinewave there is a cosine. There is always a co-signer with the original sinner.  A co-sinner. When Eve which is the wave, ate, and sinned, which is the sine wave she immediately got Adam to co-sign, cosine with her. and So god comes down and says You’ve eaten the fruit haven’t you! And Adam says it was the woman who made me eat. So he immediately pointed to the co-sinner. The co-signer or cosine. The sine wave is what we are talking about here. Tom produces the sine wave. Atom is on the ecliptic, because the ecliptic is the best sine wave you can study because the path of the sun has all the information on it.

Tom is producing a red positive wave and a blue negative wave. And that is centered by the magnetic white light, the fulcrum which centers these two. And they work together, and when you look at the sine wave which starts at the equator, at the beginning of all wave fields, cosine begins at the wave amplitude, in the ecliptic that’s the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn.

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The sun is forever going up and down in a wave, a sine wave. The sine wav begins at the equinoxes March 21st, Sept 21st and cosine begins at the tropics – june 21st and december 21st. So the sinner, is always doing his evil (Eve), works with the co-sinner. And that is all that is going on. And this can be deduced from the word ‘Atom.’ That’s what it means. Atom contains all the worlds in those two waves, those twain twin arms of electrical force, all things are contained therein…”

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  1. JR says:

    More interesting information on the ATOM!


    Brilliant stuff on this site!! Also I have something to share regarding the re-incarnation trap from one of the few sources I trust on this planet. I simply and intuitively believe it to be true. If interested drop me an email sometime. Thanks for knowledge! I hope some day to have the mental and physical discipline to experience Gnosis! Most likely a pipe dream but I keep forward in doing my own subconscious healing and clearing and make the best of this life I can!
    Please keep educating the masses to the difficult truth!
    Best Regards,

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