Jim Fetzer: Was Sandy Hook A FEMA Drill?


Writer, PHD philosopher and former Marine who now researches false flag events.

Examine the evidence he gives, and make your own conclusions.

Interviewed by Mark at Windows on the World

Mark: could you just give us a quick rundown of what the Sandy Hook event actually was?

Jim: the official narrative is that on the 14th of December 2012, a slender young man about 20, 21 years old by the name of Adam Lanza, about 6 feet tall and only about 112 pounds, who was reported to be suffering from Aspergers syndrome but allegedly had an infatuation with weapons, shot his mother to death in her home, shooting her in the face 3 times with a 22 caliber rifle, and then went to the school armed with 2 handguns and a bushmaster 223 caliber weapon, where he blasted his way though the gates of the school with a plate glass window and then proceeded to massacre 20 children, first grade students, and 6 members of the staff including the principal, before the arrival of the police, which led to him shooting himself. Now this event received huge publicity. There is a photograph of a police woman purportedly evacuating a string of children from the school. This was published on virtually every newspaper front page of the entire world. But there were many features of the situation that those who were paying attention felt did not add up.

For example there was no surge of EMT’s into the building. There was no Meta-vac helicopter called. No string of ambulences to the school . No evacuation of 469 other students not to mention the custodians, cafeteria workers, and other members of staff. There were no bodies placed on the triage tarps. In other words, there were no signs that there was actually an emergency on that day in spite of the massive coverage, where the road between the school and the firehouse – which is only a third of a mile long, I walked it – was so clogged that if an emergency vehicle had wanted to make access to the building it would have been impossible to do so.

We also had a host of other oddities Mark, including a sign, “everyone must check in,” boxes of water and pizza cartons at the firehouse, porto-potties were present from scratch, many were wearing name tags on lanyards, parents bringing children to the scene which is completely absurd, parents bringing children to a massacre. And what we discovered and we even have the FEMA manual, is events that occurred on 2 different days. The sign, the bottled water, the porto-potties, the names on lanyards was on the 13th, which was the day of the rehearsal. And the lack of ambulances, no bodies on the triage tarps was on the 14th.

And there were many other peculiarities like the parents were not allowed to see the bodies of their children, which were according to the official narrative just left in piles in the classrooms until they were removed in the dead of night, which is utterly fantastic and quite incredible, and where a Los Angeles school safety expert by the name of Paul Preston, who conducted drills of this kind before, looking on as though this was supposed to be a real event, was so disturbed that he reached out to his contacts in the Obama dept. of education. Each of them confirmed to him that it had been a drill, that no children had died and it had been conducted to promote gun control. And there are many other layers of proof that it was an elaborate hoax.

“And people looking into this are suddenly blocked, aren’t they?”

Well there are several oddities on that order Mark, for example the final report put forward by Danville States Attorney Steven Sedenski doesn’t establish a causal nexus between the alleged shooter Adam Lanza and the weapons he was supposed to have used. There were no fingerprints on the rifle, and the only DNA that was found was traced back to a felon in another state. Which is all bizarre in and of itself. In relation to the bushmaster 223 caliber rifle, well they had over a hundred slugs in these classrooms, and none of them could be matched to the rifle that the Adam allegedly used. so he utterly fails to make a case that implicates Adma Lanza as responsible for the commission of these crimes. And as far as we can tell Adam Lanza is not even a real person, in fact this confusion about the difference between the 13th and the 14th was so gray, that in their eagerness to get them up, a number of donation sites to the victims of Sandy Hook went up on the 13th.  and in addition Adam Lanza was recorded in the social security index having died on the 13th, which would have made it quite fantastic for him to be resurrected and commit the crimes to which he stands accused the following day. So it goes on and on Mark, the layers of deceit and deception at Sandy Hook.

“It also leads us into some of the leading actors in this you’ve got  Robbie Parker, Gene Rosen…”

Rosen is actually an screen actors guild thespian…Some of the key players you’re taking about here include Robbie Parker, where the day following this alleged massacre, he came out to talk about his daughter Emily who allegedly died, when he is emerging from the building he is all smiles, and a jocular humor, laughing with someone he is conversing with,  and then he turns and sees the audience. He pauses, hyperventilates to get into character, and then begins solemnly describing how he is Robbie Parker and how his daughter had died the day before, and he made a point to mention that he had a website for donations to him, in the memory of Emily. Gene Rosen is a most peculiar character because he maintains that a bus driver came by that day and dropped off 5-6 kids at his home, and that they were in some sort of state of shock, presumably, he took them in and gave them orange juice and stuffed animals to play with, and they eventually talked about what had happened. He also says he heard shots at the school. but I had the former chief psychiatrist for the FBI analyze what he had to say and he found it completely implausible, if he had heard shots he would have called the police, which he did not do. What would a bus driver be doing dropping off children to someone who is not their parent or guardian, everything Gene Rosen said seems simply to be an elaborate fabrication.

The mother and father of another of the purported victims went on Anderson Cooper, and she was all dolled up for the occasion and very flirtatious with Anderson….

Watch the rest here:

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