Sophianic Intelligence Behind Lev Grossman’s ‘The Magicians’

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Author is supposedly ‘Lev Grossman’ (most likely, like so many others, just an agency man, a front for channeling occult subliminal messaging by the wizards in Hollywood, waving their wands of holy. 

Let’s look at the name.

Lev – leavening of bread. Dough rising due to gas -> Spirit

Grossman – gross matter

Spirit rising out of gross matter, gross/material/profane man.

Lev – leave 

Leave the gross man behind.

Or the opposite connotation – “live gross, man!”

Season 2 episode 3: ‘Divine Elimination’

Sometimes I’ll be watching a show or movie and suddenly a scene or dialogue will pop out at me and I go, “there it is!” The biblical narrative. Or the Gnostic bent of it. The father becomes-the son,  winning the turbulent love of the Sophia, the Female Eve who is stuck in the material profane mirror world of maya, getting her to remember herself, completing the Divine Marriage. (Sometimes the gender roles are reverse).

In this scene, Quentin and Alice (both loaded names, of course) are sitting in a carriage in Fillory (a magical parallel world, not unlike Narnia). They’ve just injured the Beast (an evil magician they’ve been hunting) but failed to kill him. Alice is pissed at herself for failing, and Quentin (who they often call ‘Q’) is trying to cheer her up.

Meta-characters – Alice is Sophia (Alice in Chains, Alice in Wonderland), and Q is Christ (Gospel of Q, Q-Anon, Qrist, Qabbalah, Quintessence). 

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Q: Hey. Thought exercise. Say we kill The Beast. Ahh… what then? 

Alice: Quentin, I don’t know. 

Q: It’s just… it’s a distraction. Come on. 

Alice: [sighs] Um… [clears throat] I would… I’d eat an ice cream sundae. With whipped cream and… those fake rainbow-colored sprinkles and… gummy bears on top.

 Q: I’m probably gonna try and win you back. 

Alice: Jesus, Quentin.

Q: I’m sorry. That just sort of flew out of my mouth. 

Alice: You know, I’m not a prize.

Q: I know that, but you know what I mean. 

Alice: No, and you didn’t just lose me like keys. 

Q: I know, which is why I feel like I need to earn back your trust. 

Alice: This isn’t fair. You can’t trap me in here. You can’t trap me in here and expect me to deal with all this heavy emotional shit when all I can handle right now… all I can handle right now is a goddamn ice cream sundae, okay? 

Q: It’s not a trap. 

Alice: Yes, it is, and why does it sound like you’re trying to fight with me? 

Q: Look. You’ve changed. Okay. You are not the girl that I met a million years ago. You are amazing. And not that you weren’t amazing before, but… 

Alice: Quentin, where are you going with this? 

Q: You’ve grown. And you’re still growing, and my point is that I am too. 

Alice: Are you saying you’re “not that guy anymore”? 

Q: No, I’m saying that I’m not just that guy anymore, and I think that you…I hope that you give me the opportunity to be better and actually deserve you. And I know that that sounds stupid, but I just… I feel like we could die in, like, an hour, and it’s giving me a lot of clarity right now. 

Alice: I don’t know what to say, Quentin. 

Q: Also, I’m gonna make you the best ice cream sundae you’ve ever had. You’re gonna forget Popper 1, and I’m even gonna put gummy bears on it, even though you don’t understand how absolutely disgusting that is. 

Alice: Quentin….

[Q reaches in to kiss her] 

Q: I’m sorry. I just was in the moment. Do you still want to fight? 

Alice: No.


Q: “Say we kill the beast, what then?” Alice ends up killing the beast, but at the expense of killing herself in the process; she conjures too heavy of a magic spell that it burns her up with a blue flame, allowing a fire-demon called a Niffin (nephilim?) to take over her body.

Sophia going too deep inside her own dream, like Mal in Inception, who, being stuck inside the dream for too long, when she wakes up she thinks she is still dreaming and commits suicide to “wake up.” Alice casting too deep a spell, killing one beast only to spawn another. Qrist Quentin Q doing everything he can to save her. 

Alice: “You didn’t just lose me like keys A loaded metaphor. She really is the key to our salvation, her returning to health, wholeness, sanity.

Alice:Jesus, Quentin…” In these esoteric shows they don’t just throw out the J-word willy-nilly, they are telling you who Quentin’s meta-character is.

Alice: “That isn’t fair, you can’t just trap me here.” This line is out of place in the mundane story-line, Q didn’t trap her anywhere, they are all working together to kill the beast in Fillory. Why would she say that? Because in the meta-narrative Sophia does feel trapped and wants out, her deluded, Demiurgic side seeks oblivion, and the dark side, the archonic husks are working with her to that end.

Q: “You’re not the girl I met a million years ago.” Strange time language, a bold exaggeration. They met maybe less than a year ago, at Brakebills, the magical boarding school. But in the meta-narrative it has been eons of cosmic time in which this archetypical narrative plays out, on both the macro and micro scales.

And as a Child of Christ, I will gladly put gummy bears on top for her, even though that’s friggin’ gross, man!

Season 2 Episode 7: ‘Plan B’

The situation gets complicated by Alice’s death, because to stop the Niffin possessing her body from wreaking havoc, Quentin does a spell to store her inside his head. Now only he can see her, like a phantom. He believes that he can bring her, Alice, back to life, back to body, and banish the Niffin, and she is trying to escape his body or at the very least make a deal with him to possess his body, just for a couple hours a day.

Sophia falling into madness, into belief in the physical material world and herself as separate from Source, from the Most High. Christ/Quentin has to absorb her astral form until he can save her and ultimately save their reunion of the Twin Souls.

The Niffin is the Demiurge, the archons that Sophia unwittingly manifested in her falling, its the twisted, sick part of the Mother, trying to convince Christ Q that there is no more hope for Sophia/Alice, to let the Niffin free to do as she pleases. This will only end badly for everyone. She wants to take over his body. Use him as a puppet or fuel source, (a nod to demonic possession and the goal of transhumanism).

Setting: the library. Again, please read these dialogues with the widest possible lens, a “cosmic” lens, if you will, and you will access glimmers of deep gnosis. This surface story, though entertaining at times, is largely unimportant.

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Ghost Alice being run by a Niffin taunts Q, “Your cacodemon wasn’t powerful enough to kill me. It tried. But when it saw that it couldn’t win, well, let’s just say it stuffed me in a place most convenient – that stupid tattoo trap on your back. We’re stuck with each other. Oh, Quentin. We’re gonna have so much fun.” 

Q is busy poring over magical tomes and trying to ignore her.

Alice: Stop ignoring me! Stop ignoring me, you pussy! Pay attention to me, you miserable sad sack! What’s wrong with you? – 

Q: Stop it!

Alice: Are you ready to let me out of that hairy back of yours? ‘Cause I’m never gonna stop. And sooner or later, one of these dummies are gonna call the brain police, and you got priors.

Q: This is not Alice. This is not Alice. This is not Alice. This is not Alice.

Alice: Just keep telling yourself that.

Q: You have got to stop.

Alice: Fine. Let me out of this trap, and I’m gone.

Q: Okay, look, Alice Evil Thing Inside of Me That Used to Be Alice I have to say the words to open the trap. Of my own volition. Out loud. And I’m not going to do that because there is one policy for you out here, and it is to box you up for eternity.

Alice: I’m kind of boxed up right now, in you.

Q: It’s not the same thing, and you know it. Block of wood isn’t trying to fix this. I am.

Alice: Save me? Is that what you think you’re doing? You think I want that?

Q: I think if you were really you right now, that’s all you would want.

Alice: Oh, what, and you’re the world’s foremost expert on all things me? Based on what? Our garbage fire of a relationship that ended with Eliot’s dick in your mouth?

Q: Look, you came really close to fixing this once for your brother.

Alice: I thought I did. But I was like you then. Small yet weirdly arrogant for somebody who didn’t understand magic at all.

Q: If you would just work with me instead of jabbing at me, we could figure out what’s missing. We could make the spell work. We could do this.

Alice: Listen to me. I promise, the math will never add up, Q. You’ll never get that girl back. Everything that’s missing burnt up when I became this. It’s gone forever, Q. This isn’t good for either of us.

Q: No, no, this is making me saner by the second.

Alice: I don’t want to hurt you. I actually don’t want to hurt anyone.

Q: Bullshit, you’re a niffin.

Alice: Q, I’m not bloodthirsty. I just want to be free.

Q: And I already told you I can’t do that.

Alice: Fine. Just let me take over your body for just the tiniest little bit. I’ll be good. I’ll be so good.

Q: No, that’s crazy.

Alice: So I have to be a niffin, yet I don’t even get to be a niffin? I could travel the universe. I could see things you couldn’t even imagine, but instead, I have to be bored and stuck with you!

Q: I’m sorry that it is torture to be with the one person who is trying to help you.

Alice: So go back to screaming until you go insane?! Is that your choice?! 

Q: No. That’s your choice. Or you could be quiet. And you can let me try and solve this.

Alice: [groans.]

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4 Responses to Sophianic Intelligence Behind Lev Grossman’s ‘The Magicians’

  1. Vivi_Cisne says:

    Wow, this really was in plain sight for those who have the eyes to see. Interesting how Q is represented, and “Q’s plan to save the world” we still don’t know who Q really is and what his real intention is.

  2. george says:

    there is no element in hollywood and their arms of music and literary books that are not demonically controlled….names such as j k Rowling are actor fronts for tavistock pushing a satanic agenda

    • george, after all my research and analysis over several years, I have to agree. It’s sad that they have ruined one of most beautiful creative facets of our Divine Essence, but perhaps sadder that most people have no idea that they are de facto Satanists/Luciferians by worshipping these celebrities and their works.

  3. Here is my take on the name Lev Grossman: Lev = “rise,” and “gross man” is the base part of humanity which lives in debauchery, lust, etc and is why the S&Ls consider us “dead” (even though it was their black magic/spells that caused man’s fall into debauchery — they always mirror the blame back onto humans). So Lev Grossman is a call to “rise, horrible humans” and become fully one with us and our death-cult.

    I’m starting to see that maybe it was Sophia’s architectural error that locked her in with the demiurge who got trapped here on its way to ENTROPY. (Shitty timing, perhaps?!) Unable to complete its mission after leaving The Divine, its pent-up frustration leads to constant thrashing about, creating the chaos and death that we associate with Satan and dark occultists. Still not sure how the arCONs got here except maybe at the same bizarre crack in the code, but if they are, as I think they are, the Luciferians, they SAW Sophia’s creation in process and intentionally came in to try to coopt it with their exotic, crappy-copies-of-Divinity technology.

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