The Sirius Code (Orion and his dog, pt.2)

Addendum to PART ONE HERE, (which I suggest you read first).

In a comment to my post Orion and His Dog, (if you are new to this his dog is Sirius the Dog Star by the way), Jesse reminded me of this scene from The Truman Show, where a studio light falls from the fake studio sky: 

Falling star, fallen angel.

This being the pivotal moment that initiates Truman’s awakening to the false appearances around him. Sirius-as-Christ triggers all awakenings in like manner. 

Now, I highly recommend checking out Youtuber Lxxxvii finis temporis‘ video, who has diligently shown how EVERY SINGLE FILM of Jim Carrey’s career codes Sirius/Christ, 88, 9/11, 33, twins/mirrors/alters, and other repeating themes that weave in and out of Hollyweird.

First of all his initials are J.C.

JC in the Truman Show. Cracking the dome ceiling. The crucifixion and resurrection.

The Number 23 was all about gematria and numerology, an indispensable part of awakening:

Backwards for “23”

32 Paths in the Tree of Life diagram in Kabbalah. In the septenary cypher, the only cypher used by occultist Marty Leeds, these numbers are equally significant:

In the movie there is a dog (Sirius) named Ned following Carrey’s character around. At first he is an annoyance but soon proves to be more than just a dog – he’s a messenger for some Higher Will, and leads Carrey to the next clue.

At one point Jim says, “Ned isn’t a dog, he is a guardian of the dead.”

(like Anubis?)

Remember the dead are us, souls buried in flesh. The dog with his keen sense of smell can guide man through this incarnational night.

The name “Ned” are the hebrew letters Nun, Daleth. Nun corresponds to the Death tarot card. Daleth means “Door” so we have the doorway to death, a fitting name for an Anubis-type. Ned is Anubis or Sirius, the inner Christos, guiding man, like a hunting dog, leading him along the trail to his own inner spirit by showing him the secrets of life and death.

After being so fed up with his fixation on the number 23, his wife says to him:

Shortly after, JC is snoozing on the couch and his wife spots what he has written on his arm:

To poke fun at us “truthers” perhaps, to give a little nod to conspiracy theorists. (And in most cases to label our work as a mental illness.) And like a magic trick it provides cover for the real meat and potatoes – for example according to the MSM the only animal to die on 9/11 was a dog named, you guessed it, Sirius:

Why else the number 23? It’s also the number of chromosomes in gamete cells, sperm and egg – signaling regeneration. This is before fertilization, virgin cells. Christ is born of a Virgin. His victory is 32, the crowning achievement on the paths of return on the Tree of Life (the Last Adam). The mirror of that, 23, signals just starting out, virgin mind, the First Adam, fresh out of the animal kingdom, not much higher than say, a dog.

Ned is an anagram for “End.” Christ is the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

As you can see, Christ is the whole thing, he is the black and the white, and we see this stark contrast in the black and white fur markings on both Ned and the dalmatian who jumps up on Truman every morning throughout The Truman Show:

It seems Carrey has quite the history with dogs. He played Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, and throughout Bruce Almighty he is trying to potty-train his dog:

This is the third dog with exclusively black and white markings. 

The dog symbol, like all powerful symbols, carries a dual meaning. We have already seen the light side of the dog as guide and saviour, but throughout scripture dogs are also used to connote low-lifes, scoundrels who “return to their own vomit:”

Proverbs 26:11

“Like a dog that returns to its vomit
Is a fool who repeats his folly.”

Revelation 22:15
“Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.”

The imagery is clear. Unless one learns to be guided by the inner ‘keen-scented Deity,’ the jackal-headed Anubis, he is no better than a dog, he remains one of the walking dead.

Psalm 22:20

“Deliver my soul from the sword,
My only life from the power of the dog.”

The scene below in Bruce Almighty with Morgan Freeman as God and janitor plays up the black/white dualism as well. And to note, when Freeman asks if Bruce wouldn’t mind helping him mop up a little, Bruce replies,

“Are you Sirius?” JC asks God. Morgan Freeman nods his head.

In a way, yes, would be God’s reply. Noone goes to the Father but through the Son.

God needs Jesus’ help mopping up, cleaning house, even though, look – the warehouse is spotless and shiny already. God’s House is perfect, but he still seeks to know himself through individuated spirit atoms, (the Son). That’s us, he is asking us to help mop up a bit. Are you Sirius? Bruce thinks, in his unawakened state, I ain’t got time for dat.

But finally at the end, after his “awakening,” he picks up the mop, takes up his cross:

In closing, in Dumb and Dumber they ride around in the Dog Van:

In hebrew the letter Beth can sound like a B or V. So “Van” can be “Ben,” the hebrew word for ‘Son.’




Kenneth Grant (protege of Crowley) in his book Nightside of Eden, reminded me about this little tidbit:

And of course the word “Dog” is right there in “Dogon.” Doggonit!

But once again we see a so-called “primitive” tribe with advanced knowledge that does not make any sense through the materialist linear history lens.

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11 Responses to The Sirius Code (Orion and his dog, pt.2)

  1. jessethomas7 says:

    Now that you mentioned my name in this blog I feel I now owe you a lifetime of subservience.

    I’m still so confused about this Jesus/Christ situation. I don’t know if my mind is still too conditioned by religion to see it for what it is. My instinct wants to label JC as good or evil and, at this point, it seems a mostly sinister plot to deceive so many through this “belief” in Jesus. What does that even mean? It seems we’re riding a very thin line and if we go a little to the left or a little to the right we’re back into another ‘worldly’ doctrine.

    • Jesus as a historical man IS a sinister plot to deceive.
      Jesus as archetype of the awakening is not, however and that is why they want it to stay occulted. Also why they muddy the symbolism by inverting it and swapping the elements around in their movies and shows. But the wise can still put the pieces back together in the right order, with diligence and time and study. This is not for the dabblers.

      • Jesse Thomas says:

        Thank you for shedding some light on this. I’m not quite understanding the archetype reference but I will ponder on this with a new perspective. Sometimes I just need a push in the right direction. It does make sense to me that there is something hidden here merely because there are so many different red herring narratives to get lost in. I was at one point ready to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ but I’m starting to understand how easy it is to get pulled into a left/right paradigm – staying on the narrow path is meaning a whole lot more to me now than ever before.

        In the last few days I’ve been explaining to my oldest son ‘why we’re here.’ This has brought me to recall 2 Esdras 7 referencing the precious stones (time of refinement we were talking about in another post) and it’s symbolic use of water/fire.

        “…but the entrance to it is narrow and set in a precipitous place, so that there is fire on the right hand and deep water on the left; 8 and there is only one path lying between them, that is, between the fire and the water, so that only one man can walk upon that path.”

        Between fire and water – to drown or to burn … but symbolically as you’ve been pointing out: fire to water converts to steam. A symbolic reference to a type of ascension through trials?

        I think 2 Esdras 7 sets the record straight as to why we’re here quite well. It sets us up to expect adversity and even to welcome it, understanding it’s purpose.

      • Very well said. I’ll have to check out the passage you mentioned, can’t say I’ve read it.

  2. jessethomas7 says:

    As a separate note, I recall the name of the dog in “The Mask” – Milo.
    Reverse Full Reduction = 23

    Not a clue what that means, but it came to mind so wanted to share.

  3. Katie Horrocks says:

    WOW!!!! Thank you for your time on this blog what an amazing share. Even his initials’ JC. Nothing is a coincidence.

  4. Ellie says:

    This really tied together some loose ends for me but created more. Adding on to the subject or of left and right discussed above. I have been fixated on spiritual hypnosis lately as it is a way of connection to the nonphysical aspect of you that exists outside of your physical self. In order to achieve hypnosis, the left (analytical side) of the brain is bypassed in order to access the more creative, subconscious right side of the brain. However, most of us are right handed using our dominant right hand or left brain since the reverse happens in the brain. This leads me to two topics in your post. One is that Jim Carrey was left handed along with a notable group in Hollywood. Left handed people are somewhat unusual however Hollywood seems to have a larger fill of left handers.

    Two is that Ned Flanders is also left handed and so happens to be the religious focused character in The Simpsons (simulation?). You presented some interesting information on Ned and the dog connection. Flanders is also associated with a type of dog breed that looks like Sirius Black from Harry Potter. I’m wondering what the left/right brain connection is. One other connection I was trying to figure out is Maude, Flanders wife. Maude is also in the Inception movie. Both are wife’s who die. Maybe something with the divine feminine but I haven’t ran across the name.

    Also this website brings across many things you address but it uses a slightly different medium of synchronicity. You might find it interesting.

    • Very interesting tie-ins, thank you. Especially about the abundance of lefties in Hollywood and of course the Ned connection. Wow!
      The character in Inception is actually “Mal” not Maude. She is married to “Dominick Cobb” or “Dom” for short which is latin for Lord (Dominus). So yes, they are killing the Lord’s wife or the Divine Feminine.
      The right brain is what spots these synchro-mysticisms, and I will have to check out the synchromiss blog further. A brief glance there and I can see a lot of great stuff! Thanks.
      Oh and JC (not LEFTIE Jim Carrey but the biblical one) said to cast your nets to the RIGHT side when fishing…hmmm.

  5. Gift says:

    We the HuMan from Earth.
    Let us think of the HeBrew from Dogon, who immigrated to Earth.

    Dogon was the planet situated in the Sirius A-B-C Trinity star system. The HeBrew Dogons were black skinned as a result of extreme UVa UVb UVc radiation in their lands, cast from their three suns. Nightfall, and sight at the stars, was a rarity, celebrated when a generation was lucky enough to witness it.

    Millions of years ago, Hebrew Dogons learned their third sun was approaching pre-supernova levels of solar activity. Their homeworld became increasingly unstable through the effects of this solar activity; the damage to their atmosphere and tectonic plates.

    Technology to terraform was employed, and aerosol technology using particalized gold to deflect solar radiation was used to prolong the survival period on the planet.

    This history is told in our modern day stories of of Goku’s immigration as well as Superman’s immigration; it is the ancient Sumerian story of Anu, paddling his canoe accross the stars.

    Our sun and solar system is in a binary double-helix tandem orbit with the nearest solar system to ours: Sirius AB. Our two solar systems revolve around each other, and churn through the galaxy like a spinning screw.

    Currently Sirius AB is considered a binary star system. Hubble space telescope confirms remnant radiation from what scientists believe to have been a third star, having gone supernova roughly 450 million years ago.

    When the HeBrew Dogon immigrants learned of their homeworlds final fated destruction, they exclaimed in woe, “Dogon gone!” There was much wailing and sorrow when the homeworld was lost.

    Today we still exclaim, “Dog’gonnit’ and the bastardized saying, “Dang’nabbit” to express when something unfortunate or terrible happens. The saying has been for many thousand years, one of great woe.

    This is where Cannabis and Canines come from. When the HeBrew Dogons set in their minds to leave their home world, their geneticists created a master Plant and master Animal race using gene editing.

    Dogs from Dogon are the only animal in known existence which can be bred for any role; seeing-eye dog, comfort, security, drug detection, truffle hunting, tracking, rescue, athletic/show performance, fighting, hunting, disease detectors, herders, delivery, wildlife control, fishing, fire fighting, wine inspection, sledding, etc. The ability of a dog to perform a job is tied to its genetic lineage; the same species can be bred in any direction, combined and recombined with any other specimen, to create infinite new breeds and specialized roles. The depth of canine genetics is more tremendous than human adaptability; because it was a gene editing project. Just like how our rudimentary scientists put fish genes into corn hybrids.

    Likewise, cannabis–the Two Dog Plant from the Dog Stars Sirius AB, our nearest binary solar system–was another gene editing project. It contains the deep genetics required to be bred in any direction, for any purpose; medicine, grain, protein, oil, cordage, clothing, sails, construction, myriad specific medicinal ailments, bioremediation, recreation, spiritual use, etc.

    This is what it means, “Dog is man’s best friend.”
    This is what it means, “the herb to heal the nations.”

    Canines and Cannabis are genetically edited species imported by our ancestors, the HeBrew Dogons, for HuMan survival and enlightenment.

    This planet was not only a sanctuary for the HeBrews–it became a nature preserve for all rare species throughout the galaxy. Consider for one moment all the weird and genetically diverse animals on this planet; Horsefish to Mustanges, Octopus and Squid, Dogs, Pigs, Dolphins, Elephants, etc.

    We live on Earth, a piece of property, terraformed and managed as a colony, for the survival of an immigrant refuge race of HeBrew Dogons, who have interbred with our native species, to become modern day HuMans of Earth. Our primary and most diverse and adaptable tools for survival are the Canine animal for work, and the Cannabis plant for sustenence.

    When the Draconians arrived however, they recognized the Sirian (Dogon) technology present here; the terraforming, genetic manipulations, genetic preserves, etc.

    The Draconians are not creators. They are tyrants. They conquer and force civilizations to submit in servitude. Their ideals are known as Lucifarianism here.

    When the Draconians arrived they were first witnessed in the East; China’s rich history of written records and depictions authenticate the sightings. The “Draconians” are a political organization comprised of multitude species throught countless galaxies, and seek only to expand their rule.

    This is what it means when we say, “Draconian Law” or “Draconian Behavior”. It is to denote cruel, sadistic tyranny; what their organization is known for.

    When the Draconians arrived, they took over this planet in a “Great War”. The HeBrew Dogon colonists stationed here were nearly eradicated. This is only one colony; the main HeBrew forces are in constant exploration, in their Ark called Heaven, which is a large space vessel that carriers their civilization. Its only objective is to locate and terraform planets for habitation, for the purposes of seeding life; to expand their empire and options for survival; for their people to one day inter-breed with.

    The Draconians ruled overtly and treated the human population as slaves and objects; their interbreeding and genetic experimentation resulted in the half-man-beasts of renown; the Gorgon, Dryad, Manticore, Minotaur, Harpy, Centaur, Satyr, Sphinx, Siren, etc. and the animal hybrids of lore; the Cerberus, Hydra, Chimera, Unicorn, Griffin, Dragon, etc.

    These classes of being are described in the Old Testament as: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Nephilim. The Draconian DNA was spliced into every living creature they found compatible, in an attempt to corrupt the Creator’s creation. They knew their military might (technology and spiritual ability) was inferior, so their strategy was to poison everything here, and extract as much as possible before the Creator returns with reinforcements.

    When the Creator learned of the invasion upon his planet, he sent messengers to warn of his return. The prophets Moses and Isaiah. Their words were not heeded. Then the Creator sent his son, Yahusha. This is reflected in the biblical parable The Vineyard.

    “Christ” and “Messiah” are the same word which means: Annointed One

    Annointed One is someone who has risen the vibration of all chakras and raised their chrism oil into their pineal gland, to gain the conscious spiritual sight afforded by the third eye. When this work is complete, an orb-like aura forms around the crown chakra of the annointed one; it is of golden colour, often depicted as a Halo.

    The Roman Catholic Church has a 2000+ year history of fervent cannabis persecution. Read Jack Herer’s, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy”.

    Dogon = No God
    Doggonit = Dogon Gone!
    Dogma = Am God

    Hebrew is written right to left.

    The HeBrew are black. They are the most persecuted people in history. Because they are the home world race of the Creator. Cannabis is the most persecuted plant in history. Because it is the home world creation of the same Creator.

    I learned this information from a series of published historical sources and folklore from Africa. I confirmed this information first hand using high doses of cannabis and psilocybin to recall a past life lived in Egypt, as a Death Priest Acoylyte, circa 2300 BC.

    • Thanks, some interesting ideas here. I like the bit about cannabis and canine, having the same etymological root, hadn’t noticed that. However I disagree about the space travel bit. Earth is a closed system, fixed and immovable. I don’t believe in aliens, as such. The Dagon/Sirius connection may be more of an interdimensional channeling/incursion from Higher (or lower) Beings.

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