MK Ultra Culture: Film, TV, The Music Industry

“If you wish to acquire something of your own, you must learn to steal.” – Gurdjieff


To understand how we live in an MK Ultra mind control culture, one must become familiar with these four tenets:

  • Trauma based mind control to young children to engender multiple personality disorder and dissociation, that can then be programmed to be perfect sex slaves, spies or assassins. A basic primer on this entry level information can be on the CRIME page or by going to the “Ritual Abuse” tab in the Menu above.
  • Finding and tracking down children or adults gifted with psy abilities such as remote viewing, telepathy or telekinesis and harnessing these powers for their own ends. The blueprint script for this can be found in my breakdown of Stephen King’s The Institute.
  • The ability to manipulate the fabric of time. This may range from simply catching glimpses of probable futures through their remote-viewing victims, to something as mind boggling as actually resetting time, in small increments, to get redos when events don’t go their way. Donald Marshall says this is how they rig major sporting events and political moves, for one example. I retain a healthy skepticism here but am tracking the evidence nonetheless.
  • The celebrity cloning centers. Also some skepticism. But I think what whistleblower DM revealed carries a kernel of truth, even if he might have skewed it to suit some other agenda. Cloning pops up again and again and DM’s testimony in this regard continues to stay relevant, even if I don’t trust him. Will continue tracking.

With these four keys in mind, as we poke our heads into Netflix or other streaming sites, as we see the latest Blockbuster film, or listen to the latest platinum album, we see a panoply of MK Ultra. Of course the masses cast it off as fantasy and sci-fi, but the ideas are planted in the subconscious anyway, and accepted without notice. Not only accepted, but enjoyed. Under the guise of ENTERTAINMENT (entrainment) the masses are actually lulled to sleep, into a trance, and give over their loosh, their positive energy, to the Dark Side. The natural collective energy of mankind is funneled into the wrong reservoir; the Christ energy becomes Antichrist energy.  This is Black Magick.

We are all guilty of this, I know I’m no saint. It is very difficult to turn away from all of the pop media. I’ve enjoyed the work of certain authors, filmmakers or musicians that are most likely in the Illuminati.  

But steps need to be made to detox from all of it. There are real victims out there, we need to be empathizing with them, giving them our energy, instead of mindlessly funnelling it into Dark Knight Jokers like Loki:

The trailer for the show “Loki” reveals that it is all about ruptured timelines.

Owen Wilson continues, “But Loki picked up the tesseract and broke reality.”

We see multiple branching timeline potentials diverging from the linear timeline. Now we’re harder to control, too many variables. Like in the film Push the elite cabal have “watchers” who catch glimpses of the future, but the future can change and so their glimpses are only estimates, probabilities.

But let’s talk about Horse Girl, a new movie on Netflix that panders to conspiracy theory. We see all the themes, MK Ultra, time travel, aliens…

Horse Girl

Sarah is sort of drifting through life; a clerk at a crafts store, no close friends, mother died, never knew her father. History of mental illness in the family, we find later. Sarah sleepwalks, and does not remember it. Slowly her dream life starts to interfere with her waking life.

One night her roommates boyfriend gets up for a glass of water. He stumbles into Sarah sleepwalking. Notice the prominent butterfly poster. 

The implication is that there is possibly something conspiratorial and unnatural about her condition. Perhaps she is an MK Ultra MONARCH victim, programmed with an alter that hides behind amnesiac barriers.

In one sense this film is so blatantly pandering to conspiracists that it doesn’t require much decoding, but it leaves the key topic of MK Ultra unsaid, and instead implies that it is all shadowy aliens manipulating her and other human victims.

Trouble starts when Sarah gets a DNA Kit, as a birthday gift from a colleague at work. One of those kits you spit in and send in to the lab and they tell you about your ancestry. 

Her results never come back. 

She spits into her DNA sample vial while watching her favorite sci-fi show which happens to be an episode about clones:

Later she suspects that she is a clone of her grandma which is why the results of the ancestry test never come back.

She gets a lot of nosebleeds which reminds me of the character “Eleven” from Stranger Things, who was also an MK Ultra test subject, and could perform acts of telekinesis and remote viewing but it would always make her nose bleed.

In the film Freaks, the little mutantly gifted girl bleeds from the one eye.

So Sarah has missing time, finds strange marks on the wall, and one morning her car is across town from where she thought she parked it last, suggesting an active sleepwalking (and driving) life. But this is also reminiscent of people with alters that sporadically take control describe missing time.

She has this recurring dream, that she suspects is more than a dream, where she is lying in paralysis in some nondescript place, along with other victims:

Donald Marshall’s information seems relevant here, about consciousness transfer to a clone body during REM sleep. This he says is how the Illuminati meet up and perform their nightly rituals and games of depravity. 

“Cowards only come through when the hour’s late and everyone’s asleep mind you.” 21 Pilots sings.

In Arcane, League of Legends, which we will break down later, there is the opening song, “Playground.” She sings, “welcome to the playground,” which is the same coded metaphor as “Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games.” The cloning centers (where everyone’s real body is asleep mind you), are the playground, the jungle, the wastelands. In Arcane, its a tale of two cities, the undercity and topside.

Victims who are sent via REM sleep consciousness transfer to the deep underground military base (Undercity) are forced to participate in the rituals and depravity. Celebrities watch from the stands, and are variously involved, some actively love it, others are trapped and blackmailed into secrecy but want out. 

The lyrics to the song “Heathens” by 21 Pilots:

(DM’s description of the cloning center dirt arena or pit)

Often at first they are memory suppressed and when they awake in their real bodies don’t remember anything, but feel fatigued and symptoms of hangover, like they’ve been up all night drinking. This is why the celebrities inevitably grow gaunt and have psychotic breaks. They “sell their soul” to the Illuminati which is really buying a ticket to the cloning centers, the Illuminati “sells them a dream.” Popstar and Illuminati slave Bea Miller sings,

Welcome to the playground, follow me

Tell me your nightmares and fantasies

Sink into the wasteland underneath

Stay for the night, I’ll sell you a dream

The Undercity playground deep underground military base cloning center…
Bea miller with the triangle tattoo that researcher Cathy Fox showed to be an Illuminati Beta-kitten sex slave branding. Numerous other celebrities have this marking, see HERE.

But in Horse Girl, Sarah begins to become lucid in the dream. In physical life this manifests as her sleep walking escapades. But in the dream, she can slowly regain control of her paralysis. With great difficulty she turns her head from side to side, and sees other victims lying there, prone, in paralysis. They have not gained lucidity, they remain “memory suppressed.”

Q: do people have to rap battle Eminem to be signed to his label?

Eminem: “you have to rap battle me in your sleep. I’m awake, and you’re asleep and if you can beat me in your sleep, then you can be signed to “Shady.” (i.e. Shady records).

He’s awake meaning he is not memory suppressed at the cloning center. He is “lucid” in the dream.

Billie Eilish sings, “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?” 

Finally at the end Sarah claims that she is in fact her own grandma, that the aliens can move human victims to various points in the timeline. “I am my own grandma. She thought she was from the future. That’s why I look so much like her. It’s actually quite beautiful.”

There is clearly more to this film than what it appears to be, on the surface. I recommend checking it out.

Manipulating a victim into becoming their own time loop paradox by inserting them into their own past, connects to the very bizarre tv series Dark, also on Netflix, and which I wrote about HERE.

That character’s name is Noah. He has a time machine that opens portals every 33 years, 

Dark is the d(ark), Noah’s ark as the time loop for escaping linear time. Escaping the flood, water-as-time, attempting to escape judgement, death. The Black Brotherhoods lingering in Daath, in a time distortion that is layered or intersects with our timeline. The Daath Ship, or Death Ship:

Black Brotherhoods (B.B.) are Adrenochrome junkies. Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing is waking up from his adrenochrome trip in the shot above.


Arcane gives us an allegory for programming Multiple Personality Disorder into someone via trauma-based programming. It’s most effective when done to a child.

The orphan Powder, a street rat from the Underside is not even ten when she is abandoned by her older sister and picked up by criminal kingpin Silco.

Innocent Powder before she is transformed into Jinx:

Silco with one orange eye:

A number of years pass with Powder in the care of Silco. In the next episode the transformation is complete, she is Powder no more, but Jinx, a dangerous bomb-maker and assassin who has locked away her feelings other than the trauma-bond she carries with Silco. 

Jinx (Powder’s alter):

When her sister shows up and apologizes for leaving her that fateful day, we see her hallucinations play out as Jinx tries to maintain control over Powder, who she locked away. The initial trauma of abandonment proves as the anchor for the rest of the MK Ultra MONARCH programming. When that trauma is triggered or challenged, when it seeks integration, the programming starts to break down. This show does a good job visually showing that.

In addition, the comics in the same franchise feature time manipulation through the device found by the character Ekko. 

From Arcane: L.O.L. fanpage: “One night, on a solo trek into the rubble of a recently demolished laboratory, Ekko made an astonishing find: a shard of blue-green crystal that glittered with magical energy. Every child of Zaun (Undercity) heard tales of hextech, said to power weapons and heroes alike. Such a thing had the potential to change the world, and now he held a broken one. He scrambled to find more pieces, but the crunching footfalls of teched-up enforcers told him he wasn’t the only one looking. Ekko barely escaped, and returned to his home.

He experimented madly with the crystal. During one less-than-scientific attempt, the gem exploded into a vortex of shimmering dust, triggering eddies of temporal distortion. Ekko opened his eyes to see several splintered realities—and several “echo” versions of himself—staring back in sheer panic amid the fractured continua.

He’d really done it this time.

After some tense coordination between Ekko and his paradoxes, they managed to contain and repair the hole he had torn in the fabric of reality. Eventually, he harnessed the shattered crystal’s temporal powers into a device that would allow him to manipulate small increments of time… at least in theory.”

This is not unlike Doctor Strange and the time stone or Infinity stone.

Jon Bon Jovi sings, in a DirecTV commercial

Ekko figures out how to use the device to rewind time in short increments, of 20 to 30 seconds, so as to get a redo whenever something bad happens. In Dark, Noah informs us that two sides control time travel, the light and the dark. Aug Tellez talked about history thus being more of a zig-zag, with layer upon layer of takes and re-edits, the original long buried. Who knows how much of this is true.


In this Netflix thriller-drama series, Joe runs a book shop in New York. One day he meets and falls for Beck after a casual conversation in his store. He starts stalking her. He goes to great lengths to insinuate himself into her life and seems to be very good at what he does. He also, like the typical sociopath has no fear and is very good at talking himself out of sticky situations by stacking lie on top of lie. 

But how did he get this way? 

In the basement of the book shop is the cage.

It’s where they keep collectibles and rare books. There is a brief flashback scene where we see Joe as a teenager working as the apprentice to the original owner of the shop. The owner proves to be cruel, locking him in the cage when he is disappointed with Joe for not having read certain classic books. 

“Everything you need is in here” he says.

This traumatic memory might be why Joe grew up to be  a sociopath, stalker and eventually murderer. He kills those who get in his way of being with Beck. He claims its for her own good, legitimizing his actions, the way sociopaths do. 

There often is a traumatic event in early childhood that triggers sociopathy. MK Ultra simply exploits these brain changes that occur automatically when a child is traumatized. Now obviously most sociopaths are not MK Ultra victims, but since this is Netflix/Hollywood, we must examine these connections.

I mean, who locks a kid in a cage for not being well read? This is, generally speaking, not real life. But what is real is MK Ultra protocols that feature this very thing. Cages, isolation, claustrophobia; its all about putting the victim through so much trauma that it splits the mind, and a certain portion gets walled off behind amnesiac barriers, the part that contains the memory of the abuse it couldn’t make sense of. 

Like the old man, often the abusers act loving one minute and then cruel and evil the next, creating a shock effect, keeping the victim unstable, and codependent on the abuser, thinking its somehow their own fault. Just like Jinx and Silco in Arcane.

Locke and Key

I mentioned this show a couple years ago but its worth looking at again in this regard.

A family moves to an old mansion that houses magic keys. There is a witch living in the well, who tricks one of the kids into giving her one of the keys, telling him where he can find it. Later the older siblings attain some of the magic keys as well. One key is a teleporter. One allows you to walk into your own mind as if it was a 3d solid place. Other keys have other magic abilities. 

Don’t you see? Again and again it’s these dark vampiric types, the Black Brotherhoods and the Illuminati, trying to obtain magical abilities through the intermediary of special children. 

The key above is accessing the brainstem, top of the spine where it meets the head, along the path of the Kundalini serpent energy which shatters in the brainstem when a child is raped before the age of 5. Max Spiers says they call this the “Key of Solomon,” and it creates alters as well as unlocks psychic abilities.

In Maze Runner its the children who are being drained of vital fluids that become the anti-virus to their post-apocalyptic plague. Once stripped of all its different clothes and get-up, its many veneers, the same dark sad tale is being told again and again. This will continue until the masses wake up and collectively make moves to reject this. 

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Tips in Practical Occultism: On Depression

Raoul Pop made a solid video on his journey through depression a while back that had me ruminating on how I’ve handled my own bouts with this condition. He pointed out that in these post-COVID times it is an issue that many more are facing. Watch his video for some basic insight, but there are more subtle occult tricks that you won’t find in the western medical literature.

These are expanded journal entries, some odds and ends that may be of practical use. Still inspired lately by Rudolf Steiner. This is is somethin’ for Capricorn, who rules the COLD and the BONES.

Avoid Creating Additional Karma

There are no secrets. Jesus says in the Gospel of Thomas, “Don’t lie, and don’t do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. After all, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed.”

Morality is thus leaving behind the impressions, psychic and physical, that you wouldn’t be ashamed of interested parties witnessing during their time in Devachan, a state that exists between death and a new birth. If you die with holdings, attachments, shame or something unresolved with someone, both parties experience what the other felt, during this time of purgatory. If the feelings are too strong to be resolved in Spiritland, the parties will contract with each other to meet in the next life to work it out. This is karma.

Knowing this, it is not so difficult to look back on one’s life and infer which relationships were karmic, the ones that seemed destined or have a certain “fated” quality.

Things started to shift for me quite a bit when I learned from Steiner that after death the soul experiences how their actions during life affected those around them, as though they were that person. Think about the hell this would be to the sadist – this is why they fear death so much and seek to extend life through transhumanism.

Listen to the BONES

You make the drum your instrument but did you ever consider it was also making you it’s instrument?

It’s teaching me how hold to my body. Limb-to-limb.

Sex, artistic expression (music, writing, visual, etc.), and the psychedelic experience, are perhaps the three biggest mysteries in the life of man. Unexplainable with rational thought. They appeal to his body, to a wisdom there, that is older than his budding ego “I” consciousness, which is comparatively still young.

The soul is old, in a sense timeless.

The body is also old. A product of ages of evolutionary wisdom by Higher Beings.

But the experience of the soul in the body as an “I” consciousness is still quite young. We are newborns, in this sense, on the Tree of Life.

Sex, psychedelics, music, and occult science are guides up the Tree. To self-love, first, which can then radiate out to the rest of the cosmos. (Please note that sex and certain drugs are of course, double edged swords that can also lead down the Tree into the infernal Hellish regions.)

Steiner says when you put your work out there for humanity, it should be out of love (the Christ impulse) and not mixed with any kind of desire for personal development.

Artists leave behind love. Romantic love is a two-way circuit. But the artist goes out on a limb to love all of humanity.

Gender or the two sexes is the last and most stubborn illusion of Maya to fall, when the “I” regards its own soul nature. The true self has reincarnated in both male and female bodies. I didn’t want to accept this at first. But there is something liberating to the notion, I must say. Look at your partner and see someone who on the soul level transcends whatever gender form they currently inhabit. Thus in White Tantra the idea is not lusting over either the male or female form but finding in their union something higher, the ecstatic union with God. A clear circuit must be built up, with no damming (damning?) up of energies on either the male or female side.

Walk Barefoot

This was recommended to me by Santos Bonacci. At first I was skeptical but finally I tried it and got almost immediate results. The soles (souls) of the feet contain a large percentage of the body’s acupuncture points. They are our constant point of contact to the earth, and to the electric (sun) and magnetic (moon) currents that seethe in and out of the ground constantly. But if you wear shoes, the rubber insoles dampen and block this energy. If you struggle with depression you must walk barefoot as often as you can, rain or shine. Nature walking is better, but even cement sidewalk works, because cement is made of minerals, sand and rock which is still just pulverised earth. On a hot day, the hot concrete pushes, electrically, positive energy into your body. On a cold day, the cold concrete pulls, magnetically, negative energy out of the body. So either way you win. It takes some getting used to and your feet will complain at first, but in my case my feet quickly learned that this was beneficial and started to crave it.

Let in the COLD

My recent experiment with LSD taught me to cultivate joy by regulating the warmth currents in the body. Thoughts in the “I” are the primary cause of this regulation, which flow into the astral body (emotions) and finally get hardwired into the etheric and physical bodies. All disease, as Steiner says, has a primary cause in a thought or idea that cannot be reconciled in the astral body (such as a memory of a traumatic event); it becomes an emotional blockage that over time, if ignored, will manifest as a malfunctioning of one organ or another. And since all the organs are in communication, disease results.

It’s one thing to know this, it’s another thing to live this way in thought and manner…

Mantra: “my thoughts cause my joy or suffering, health or illness.” Ahriman wants to hide this fact, and make you think that health or illness is caused by the physical world alone.

The various methods I’ve noted above all work to clear out these blockages in the astral body. Acupuncture works to this effect as well. What do you think is being punctured?

Self-love radiates out warmth.

But there are times to be cold – when cold is necessary. As a Saturnian Capricorn it’s my job to communicate this to you.

The desire for junk in all its forms is a desire for warmth, warmth, warmth at the sake of cold.

Cold makes room for warmth. It is a vacuum (vac, the vacuous Fool, the vulturous vulva, etc.)

Behold Mut, the cold, dark Vulture Goddess (Saturn-Moon); her vessel fills with the Sun God’s electric heat and light. All phenomena are poetic fractalizations of our Divine Parents, both within and without.

Cold makes room – otherwise you overheat. I’m a Capricorn, one who glorifies winter, because I have a sensitive temperament that tends to overheat if not checked. Some people are just the opposite and need more heat, more stimulation. Know your temperament.

Note the guy from that documentary My Octopus Teacher, who got used to diving into the frigid ocean without a wetsuit. Not just got used to it, his body started to crave the cold.

My blue fluorite is cooling and allows for clear thought and speech (air). You must find what element you lack in your astrological chart and supplement accordingly with the right crystals and minerals.

My Saturnian ring protects me from superfluous thought/action/negativity. Fixed on the goal, the Capricorn goat can, at first glance, appear cold to the rest of the world, as it climbs the mountain.

Saturn who rules Capricorn associates with the black cube of restriction (cold): notice the letter L (EL means God) in words limit, lack, less, little. December is month number 12 [tw(EL)ve]. EL is in “wall;” a barrier, a wall of EL. Wall backwards is “law.” Saturn upholds the law. The law of weight. The law of body and bone. The law of karma. The letter ‘L’ in Hebrew and English is found right in the mid-EL of the alphabet, because it is the god entombed in the lowest density of matter, in the human flesh-suit, right at the pendulum swing, the return journey:

The parabola, the parable, or pair-of-bulls of Heaven and Earth, fire and water

The LMN sequence are the liquids. Remember, Jack in Black Butterfly gets up early every morning to swim in the freezing Colorado lake. He is the Christ character teaching you to crave the cold. It will make your soul tougher, just as barefoot walking will make your soles tougher.

Know what temperament you have towards hot/cold and choose foods/herbs accordingly. Mint is cooling. Green tea, even as a hot drink with caffeine, is nevertheless cooling energetically. Traditional Chinese medicine mastered this science long ago, as well as other old cultures. Coffee is warming, along with black tea. Cooling is good for those prone to inflammation. Those prone to boredom, to lack-of-meaning or drive may need more heat.


For those readers who have stuck with me this far, I am deeply grateful. Reading, liking or commenting on my work means more to me than you know. Much love all.

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Lucifer-Christ-Ahriman encoded in the 2017 film Black Butterfly


I found this movie in a free library on my walk. Black Butterfly, that’s B.B. code 88 (like the shape of the anallema). Made by Lionsgate films (during Leo, around 8/8, the dog star Sirius is closest to Earth. Thus the stars were already aligning for this film so I watched it. Sure enough, I believe this is one of those stories about what came before the manifestation of the physical worlds, before evolution, before the Live Waves, back when it was just the Godhead playing out different scenarios in Divine Thought or in the Archetypal World, along with his closest Sons, the Elohim, the Spirits of Form.

It has been the testing hypothesis of this blog for years now, through whistleblower testimony and research into occultism, that Hollywood is tapping into the Akashic record and pulling out content that becomes grist for their mill, material which they invert and subvert the masses to, through mind control tactics via subconscious symbol recognition. But the original material is actual sacred history and records of both the Earthly and Heavenly worlds. They have access to these deep information streams through psychic slaves, who do the work for them, and are thus being weaponized, so Hollywood can take the credit and make billions and sway the masses.

That’s the Satanic world we live in, so be careful what you watch and spend time taking in. People might think I watch a lot of movies but I really don’t – its only when something like Black Butterfly falls into my lap and almost demands I watch it – and then I watch only for picking up its hidden content, not to be passively entertained.

The main archetypal form they play with is the Christ narrative. The trick in decoding film is to find the Christ character. In the big blockbusters there is always one or two characters that are the Christ, and by following him or her the rest of the hidden meaning unfolds before you like spiraling domino paths.

It helps to study Rudolf Steiner who shows that Christ comes with brothers. He is the middle-child of God. Lucifer came first, and after him, Ahriman, who is known in the West by the name of Satan. Lucifer and Ahriman or Satan represent hosts of angelic spirits who became backward, or delayed in their evolution, and have now been tasked with playing the role of teacher and tempter within humanity’s current evolution. God in his infinite wisdom wastes nothing, so that even the backward spirits are put to good use for the whole.


Paul, played by Antonio Banderas, is Ahriman because he is an alcoholic, a disease of earthly pleasures (Ahrimanic or Satanic forces). He is a failing writer living off the royalties of a few old novels. But now he’s got writer’s block, and may have to sell his secluded cabin in the Colorado boonies. Colorado is NLP for “color red” and comes up alot in these esoteric riddles. In The Prestige several crucial scenes happened in Colorado, and both The Passage and Sweettooth, are post-apocalyptic pilgrimages to Colorado. There is more to this that is beyond the scope of this post.

But Paul as Ahriman depicting the color-red man or “Adam” meaning red earth, man is dust of the earth. Remove the letter ‘a’ and you get “Dam” which is Hebrew for blood, which is red. Satan-as-devil has red skin, in the bible, he tempts Jesus in the desert with earthly things, money, power, women. 

Matthew 4:3 And when the tempter came to him (Jesus), he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

The devil, being more intimate than Christ with the physical, knows that man cannot live on the word alone, and needs bread also, and that there would come a time (our time), when he would be concerned only with bread and forget the word. This is the wave of materialism that has swept the planet, save for a few here and there who hear the Christ spirit still, who still hold the torch. In this film it’s the intense character Jack (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers):


In this poster we see Jack bleeding from the hip (crucifixion), we see the butterfly wings that make him look angelic (resurrection). The butterfly, other than being an MK Ultra Monarch symbol also points to metamorphosis, or the spiritual awakening typified by the Christ impulse. Hollywood always pairs the MK victim with the occulted Christ Jesus character, through the symbolism of the “willing sacrifice.”

So Paul picks up Jack, in the Colorado boonies, out in the woods. A drifter, and the name ‘Jack’ is a pagan name of the sun or solar hero that traverses, like a drifter, the zodiacal year.  The sun is also the willing sacrifice every winter to nature (Set, Saturnalia). The Christ Being is intimately tied up with the sun. That’s why he is the son. The travelin’ Jack.

We know from the prologue that there is a local serial killer in the area. They make Jack out to be the likely culprit, he’s fresh out of prison (pre-Son), intense and angry, when really Paul is the one harboring the inner demons. Jack offers to help Paul refurbish his neglected cabin for a place to stay. But soon he starts to display seemingly erratic violent behavior, all under the guise of helping Paul get out of his creative funk.

I wrote “seemingly” erratic because the casual viewer might side with Paul, but when you know that Jack is depicting Christ getting man (Paul) out of his funk, out of his intoxicated party with Ahriman/Satan, than you see that his actions are highly calculated and justified. Christ comes to bring a sword. 

Jack swimming in the freezing Colorado lake every morning because “it makes him feel alive,” shows that to be aligned with Christ takes inner discipline. In a larger sense it is also the baptism in the river Jordan, the soul/Sol incarnating into watery flesh.

Jack tells Paul the meaning behind his tattoo. The black butterfly, “native to Indonesia, is extremely rare, hard to catch.”

Jack says he got the tattoo “in prison.” Of course because prison is earth, the soul is imprisoned or entombed in flesh.

The Christ impulse of balancing Lucifer and Ahriman while in the flesh is really like walking a razor’s edge, its hard to catch, and very rare, its the narrow way:

Matthew 7:13-14

13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Wide is the road to destruction and Paul is on it, he can’t handle Jack’s demands for dedication, his work ethic and way of living life on a razor’s edge. Paul has gone soft with the booze and attempts to flee with Laura (Lucifer):

Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

One may ask why does Christ care so much about this slacker Paul? Because it’s Ahriman who must write the story, because of the three, he is the one who knows matter most intimately. And Spirit can only know itself through matter, through material incarnations. Man during life must write the story. He can’t do it from Heaven, where he hangs in between incarnations. But its Christ’s story, even if written by Ahriman’s hand. Jack insinuates himself into Paul’s life, and now like a stubborn guest won’t leave. He must get Ahriman to think that he is in control, that’s the trick, and the only way to beat the devil at his own game. (*Addendum – in mystery school training the initiate is taught to ‘steal fire from the devil’ which is a sexual metaphor for transmuting his kundalini energy into higher forces).

Ahriman is the builder, the mason, the metal worker, the smith, he is all things earthly. He is a brilliant machinist, but his problem is he is all left-brained, cold and analytical. Lucifer is all right-brained, a dreamer, off in the clouds, unfocused, and Christ is the mediator between the two, which is why he is God’s favorite son. 

These are the stories about what came before, when God was preparing for the worlds…


At the end, the twist is that Paul is the killer and Jack and Laura were FBI agents running an op on him to get a confession on tape.

The agent addressing the FBI director also depicted Lucifer at one point, so when he says “Hey Boss,” we know he’s referring to God the Father.

The very next scene the Director is talking to the other Lucifer character, Laura. He says

“Hey how you holding up?”


“Im proud of you, you hung right in there. Jack’s well, crazy. But he’s my guy…”

That’s God the Father talking passionately about his favorite son, Christ, the middle-child. “That’s my guy,” God says.

Lucifer is the first born, and never quite left Daddy enough to really embark far enough into flesh. Sort of a goodie-two-shoes. The Lucifer impulse in man is to make him perfect in a moral sense, but at the cost of freedom. A return to Heaven without fully copulating with matter, without fulfilling man’s covenant with God. Thus Lucifer in myth has an androgynous sexuality, as the bifurcation of sex comes only with material incarnation. Thus Lucifer is also Lucy (in the sky with diamonds). 

In the film Lucifer appears in a few guises, a friendly delivery man (always a loyal messenger of the Authority) but eventually he settles into Laura. 

At one point Laura and Paul (Lucifer and Ahriman) are upstairs hiding from the rampaging, gun toting Jack, and Paul says “we gotta go down there.”

Notice the star carefully placed above her head, because Lucifer is often associated with Venus, Lady Liberty.

A Second Statue of Liberty Is Coming to the U.S.—Thanks to France |  Architectural Digest

I count seven rays in both pictures.

Laura says “I’m not going down there.” Of course Lucifer would say that because “down there” is Earth, and he/she is the rebellious angel that does not want to fall. But by adopting this attitude, “oh how you’ve fallen, Lucifer, son of the morning! For you said –

“I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.”( Isaiah 14:13)

Atlantis and Lemuria

Jack working on Paul, or Christ working on Ahriman, is also in a sense the Christ impulse working on mankind at the present time, when man is fully immersed in the material world and still far away from the spiritual. Kabbalistically this stage is represented as the “poor man,” and assigned the letter Daleth (D). But the pendulum has already switched directions and is slowly making its way back to the spiritual, as man has, through this densification, built his personal ego, which can only be accomplished through a number of lifetimes of being far away from the clairvoyant state our ancestors enjoyed (these being ourselves in past lives). In other words, in Atlantean times and for a time after, man was more clairvoyant and had a kind of picture consciousness, but the left-brain was not developed. They couldn’t do math or build circuit boards and they were still quite collective and homogeneous within their tribe, not unlike so-called “primitive” tribes that remain today in remote regions untouched by technology. Wisdom and knowledge was something that happened TO our ancestors, not something they actively invented. 

During this time it was actually the Luciferic impulse that was strong, and Ahriman was hardly felt. Initially, Lucifer helped mankind wake up to the mysteries and gain a chance at personal freedom – thus he is the serpent in Genesis providing man with the keys to knowledge of good and evil.

But if it was up to Lucifer, mankind would return to this condition, where now the heavenly mysteries can be beamed into our heads automatically, with the aid of technology. Carried too far this would destroy man’s progress towards individuation.

On the other end of the spectrum, taking hold of the reins of technology ourselves could not have happened without a fall into the Ahrimanic state. So you see, Lucifer and Ahriman both hold a beneficent function for the whole at different times in human history. Evil happens when the imbalance in their polarity becomes too one-sided or literally Anti-Christ, since Christ is the “middle child” or finding balance between the two.

The Ahrimanic impulse, if taken beyond the turning point ends in severing the umbilical cord to our Higher Self – represented in the film by a serial killer murdering women. Christ is the savior because his impulse is the return to spirit, having dove as far into matter as one could go – he is the lifeline back, having caught the fish, having uncovered the pearl of great price.

But in another play of the symbols Paul could be Apollo, and Jack is Dionysus, his son, who restores his dismembered father, like Horus and Osiris. The resurrected Father is mankind making the full round back to spirit, through the Christ impulse, now having developed both the modern personal ego and the ancient cosmic or “right brained” ego, which began in Lemurian and Atlantean times. We have to go “there and back again.” 


Steiner, on the Godhead:

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The Clown, The Joker, The Dismembered God

Through the Vultures Mouth

Mut (Maut, Mwt) was the mother goddess of Thebes. The ancient Egyptians considered the vulture to be a protecting and nurturing mother, and so their word for mother was also the word for a vulture, “Mwt”. Mut was either depicted as a woman, sometimes with wings, or a vulture, usually wearing the crowns of royalty – she was often shown wearing the double crown of Egypt or the vulture headdress of the New Kingdom queens. Occasionally, she was depicted as a male, in part because she was “Mut, Who Giveth Birth, But Was Herself Not Born of Any”, and in part due to the superstitious belief that there were in fact no male griffon vultures (the male is almost identical in appearance to the female).(source).”

Of course Mut would be sexless in the final analysis as the Godhead is beyond sex before it divides and populates a material world.

The occult symbolism is all about the God falling through Daath, that bottleneck, the throat, and coming out the other end dispersed into millions and millions of sparks, souls. The vulture’s mouth (Mut, Maat, Mother) consuming the blood of the dead animal – the blood typifying the God spirit, was thus a zootype for Daath, or death, coming into incarnation in the material world, a dimming or lessening of the God’s powers that now lie semi-dormant in all individuals. Pushed out of the empyrean, and into seeming “chaos.”

A little push – off the cliff of the Fool, down the rabbit hole, down into the abyss, through the extra-dimensional portal of Daath.

Kuhn writes of the divine sparks, the souls of God: Buried within the heart of each fragment, then, is the hidden lord of divine life, and from no one is he absent. He dwells there to be the guide, the guardian, the comforter and informing intelligence of the organism. He is the holy spirit, the flame, the ray, the lamp unto our feet. Says St. Paul (I Cor. 4:7): “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts . . . but we have this treasure in earthen vessels.” The ancients oft termed this presence the daemon or guardian angel….”

“..each deity is lord of a host, who are fragmented children of his own body.”

Thus every host or group of souls has its attendant lord, or overseeing Deity, who is also suffering the incarnation as we are, this is Jesus being crucified on the cross.

Compared to the unity the deity experienced prior to the fall, this certainly seems like chaos. But there is a hidden order, because we are all part of a host, connected by invisible astral strings, if you will.

Osiris suffered dis-memberment. He is the Father, the oak tree, of which all human souls are the acorns, capable of reproducing the Father. 

The son is Christ Jesus, who ALSO dis-membered himself, according to Steiner, at the Mystery of Golgotha, to then fuse with Father’s souls to be a much needed guiding light back to the Father. 

Kuhn writes, “Each unit of division, when incubated in the lower realm, begins to renew its father’s life. It must arise and return unto the father’s estate. The son must restore the parent who has died in him to his former greatness, with something added. He must raise that which has fallen and redeem that which has been lost. No one shall see the father save him to whom the son revealeth him. This was the typical function of Horus in relation to Osiris in Egypt, as it was that of Jesus to God his Father in the Gospels.” 

And too this is the apparent function of the Joker in Hollywood. He is their version of the savior, the Messiah, opposed by the bat, the bloodsucker who sleeps upside-down, the Anti-Christ.

The Fool is le Mat, (French for “the mad one”), dancing on the brink of the abyss, ready to get “pushed” off the cliff. The dog, the animal nature, is egging him on. Speaking of eggs, Card (0) shaped like the egg, has no value. And Joker burns the money (value).

 The word fool is derived from follis, a a bag of wind, the negative space which is nevertheless the pneuma, Ruach, or Life Breath of God. It is the Divine Ego or the inner most I AM that cannot be cut, the atomos, the uncuttable. When the a-tom is cut you get Tom, the twin. 

Tom backwards is Mot or Mut, the Egyptian vulture Goddess Maut. This connects to le mat, the Fool, in french. Grant explains:

As Crowley observes: ‘If one assumes that the Tarot is of Egyptian origin, one may suppose that Mat (this card being the key card of the whole pack) really stands for Maut, the vulture goddess, who is an earlier and more sublime modification of the idea of Nuith than Isis.’ It is here maintained, however, that Maut is not only ‘an earlier .. . modification of the idea of Nuith’ etc., but the Primal Negative that assumes apparent continuity or duration in the phenomenal universe; that it is indeed the noumenal void that is the substratum of Reality. In other words, it is the emptiness that characterises the fool, or ‘silly one’, the mat or mad one, the ‘holy’ one that is ‘one in eight’, as previously explained. And this one in eight is Daath or Maath — the Mouth of the Abyss, the hole in space that opens on to the other side of the Tree.  Thus, ideas such as The Fool, the vacuous, the mouth, the holy, are all embodied in the image of Maut.”

Also backwards or upside-down is the Joker, hanging like the Hanged Man, card 12:

Card 12 – James holmes as joker supposedly killed 12 at the theater premier of A Dark Knight Rises, the sequel to the film above.

This establishes the connection that The Fool is the Joker is the Clown is the Hanged Man.

We go upside down in the mirror universe. That is, God is now seeing through prismatic lenses in the soul life of every human being, and its quite disorienting. Its a psychedelic trip. The bat is interchangeable with the vulture here because the bat sleeps upside down, satiated after a blood meal.

(Speaking of 12), you will also see apes prominently with this symbolism, because the ape can mimic our movements, which is where we get the word jape. The madman, le mat, the fool is the one who japes, who mimics, who clowns around.

This world is a poor reflection or “mockery” of the spirit world.

According to Kenneth Grant, Daath was known to Egyptian initiates in the ancient cults as the Ape of Thoth, also the Dog of Set. The jackal, vulture and hyena were all desert creatures and thus totems of Set.

Grant writes, “The zoomorphic symbol of the mirror universe, as of the astral universe, is the ape. This animal is identified by Massey as the Kehkeh, an Egyptian word meaning not only ‘ape’, but a ‘crazy man’, ‘a fool’. Kehkeh is another form of Gehgeh or Geh, the ‘insane woman’, the witch, the archetype of the Hek-Hek or Hecate, the Hexe or Hag-type of transformation as the Hekt that changes from the tadpole into the frog.  

In the Harris Papyrus there is an allusion to a transfor mation in which the lion-god assumes the form of an ape: ‘Thou didst take the form of a monkey (Kafi) and afterwards of a crazy man (kehkeh)’. The crazy man or mad monkey is also The Fool of the Tarot called the ‘ape of seven cubits’ who dwells in the ‘shrine of seven cubits’ from which he progresses to a ‘shrine of eight cubits’. He is the symbol of the culmination of the seven inferior elementaries in the eighth, thus explaining the madness experienced by the Adept as the seven ‘souls’ or stages of his initiation which culminates in the Ordeal of the Abyss.”

The word for monkey in Hebrew is Koph or Qoph, which is also the hebrew letter by the same name, which qabalitically points the the back of the head, the backbrain (animal brain) of man.

So as you can see all these symbols interpenetrate and form a vast web that pops up in culture, movies, etc. Some of it may be planned but alot of it probably comes from its own accord, the information field after a certain point gaining a kind of sentience, and also from influence of higher and lower Beings. 

These beings, whether higher or lower, make their contact, according to Grant, at the portal of Daath. Behind which lies chaos, and the ordeals of the abyss that every mystery school initiate faces after a certain degree.

Through the abyss marked by the bottleneck of Daath, into the mirror Universe, typified by the AI Black Mirror that runs modern culture by the twins or clones (clowns):

I finally decided to watch the new Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix. There is a scene where he is outside the hospital having a smoke, and tries to go back in through the EXIT ONLY door and crashes. Several other scenes in the film have him going the opposite way as the EXIT sign is pointing.

The Fool, the Joker, the real sacrifice, is going back up the tree, through the EXIT hole, through the portal, a tight squeeze. The Christ impulse lifts man up to return back up the Tree, which is why Joker crashes into the exit door, he is on the straight and narrow path, going against the current. If you haven’t gotten it by now, the Fool or Joker is Christ.

This scene is not unlike the CNN report of a “crisis at the southern border.”

Its all a big anus joke to them. Satan sounds like “Say ten” which is 5+5. Marylin Manson has a song called Say10.

If we don’t get trigger-baited by the (vul)ture’s (vul)garity, what is really being said is that the god, in his dismemberment at the start of a new Solar Cycle gets eaten by the mouth of Maut and shat out the Daathian anus portal, through the rabbit hole, exploding into the fragmented host of souls, each fragment reflecting the whole, as a shattered mirror. The mirror universe is distorted, its the glass seen through darkly, and thus the reflection is of a dark brother (Set) and a light brother, Horus. Set is the seat, he cleaves his mother in two, creating dark and light. Satan is God’s anus. Even the word ‘shit‘ comes from Set.

Set is the god in the phenomenal world, which is why Satan rules here. Horus is the god of Heaven, the noumenal world, the pneuma or Life Breath. He is what we are cultivating. He is a prelude to the Christ. And at no time is the material realm independently operant without the spiritual worlds. Steiner stresses this point.

Set animal totems include the bat, vulture and hyena. Hyenas are like dogs and thus Kuhn writes, “He (Deity) must experience a diminution of his intellectual genius analogous to what a human would suffer if it was to be incorporated in the brain of a dog. And Daniel does say this very thing! “An animal’s mind shall be given unto him.” 

He is the fool Orion dancing on the brink of the abyss, followed by dog, the canid, or Sirius.

The jackal Anubis guides man, with his keen sense of smell, through incarnational night.

As animals that eat carrion, the jackals, hyenas and vultures are like the Nuit, Kali or Shiva principle of The Destroyer, the third phase of the trinity. Hyenas function in this regard as well, these animals dwell in the Desert of Set, or the Qlipothic realms in back of the Qabalistic Tree. The “other side.” It’s all about the dark mother and her son Set here.

“Hello from the other side,” Adele sings.

This is their point of contact to demons, and the AI god they’ve got running our lives. These are not mere “literary devices.”

In the show Stranger Things the demons come from the ‘Upside-down.’

The Other Side, the “recremental deeps” is also pointed to thematically by a turning or rotating. Nolan is known for flipping upside down or rotating camera angles. Some credit made to this article Christopher Nolan and the Turn:

The Turn – Nolan also did Inception – with the turning, rotating hallways and cityscapes.

The Turn features in Dark Knight Rises as well, with batman and joker when they finally meet:

Followed by the 180 degree turn camera angle:

Now the Joker’s world is right-side up. Then you see the dichotomy they put forth in batman vs. the joker, as it is: flipped, with the villain as the good guy, not just any good guy but the Father himself, the path of the Fool, behind all the masked vennear, lies our innermost Guardian angel.

That’s why they want to keep everyone masked.

This is why Batman fakes his own sacrificial death at the end of A Dark Knight:

Showing you that he is a fake, an Anti-Christ


Batman’s supposed sacrifice

Grant continues, “The Hanged Man is depicted upside down, a posture typical of the reversal associated with viparita karani .  The ‘water’ peculiar to this path is the blood that flows from the mouth of that goddess whose symbol is the vulture, a bird that was reputed to feed upon this formative fluid. The vampire bat is another zootype of the blood-sucker who was ‘hanged’. It hangs upside down in its ‘yogic’ sleep of satiation, gorged upon the vital fluid of its victims.”

Peter was apparently crucified upside down:

Meanwhile the Joker is depicted right side up, and crucified, glorified, he is depicting the true path of Christ that they don’t want you thinking about. But it has to come through in their art, because this AI god and the Christ force are battling it out and we are witness:

Joker lifted up, crucified

More here:


Things always come up after a post, and I read in Occult Science by Rudolf Steiner, ” a lovely legend is related of Christ Jesus. It tells how He is walking with a few other persons, and they pass by a dead dog. The others turn away from the revolting sight. Christ Jesus (approaches the dog) and speaks admiringly of the beautiful teeth of the animal. One can train oneself to meet the world with the disposition of soul that this legend displays.”

This to me speaks of the vulture symbolism. The Christ is the Fool is the mad one, le mat, Maut. Her decompositional work may be ugly but it holds the framework for the good and the beautiful.

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The Two Jesus Children – Rudolf Steiner


I’ve been doing a deep dive into the works of the great occultist, clairvoyant, and “spiritual scientist” Rudolf Steiner, mostly through the audio tapes as read by Dale Brunsvold. According to Steiner there WAS an actual incarnation of a highly divine Being into a man of Nazareth named Jesus. 

But how could this be? We’ve done the comparative mythological homework by studying Massey and Kuhn, who’ve provided ample evidence of the gospel stories being remixed versions of Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Indian and Greek scriptures and books of the dead.  

How can we accept the historical veracity of a divine incarnation of Christ into the man Jesus when his life is full of obvious similarities to that of Horus, Osiris, Jonah, Moses, Dionysus, etc. etc? Why would the Christ Being “plagiarize” so-to-speak, from these earlier Gods? Surely he would have the power and means to make a more unique stamp. But Steiner provides an answer for this, that at first seems off-base but as it sinks in, the more it actually makes sense. He says the average human of those days was more in touch with the spiritual world, more clairvoyant, and the ancient seers who wrote those texts were actually seeing into the future. They were high mystics who saw that there was going to be this divine incarnation of a Christ being at around 30 AD that would save the dying soul life of humanity, that was steadily corrupting to the riotous living of the flesh and would have been doomed to matter, instead of turning back to spirit. 

They penned their gospels of Osiris, Horus and Krishna, David and Jonah etc., such that it would match and fit hand-in-glove with the time of Jesus Christ. They REALLY were prophets, in every sense of that word, penning prophecy.

Steiner admits that the apostles who wrote the New Testament gospels were using as a blueprint these ancient esoteric texts. This is why the books are chalk full of hidden astrology, numerology, gematria, anagogy, metaphysics, and mysticism. But the REAL Mystery of Golgotha, as well as the true life of Jesus leading up to and including the Christ event, Steiner claims, is something quite different from all the biblical and/or historical evidence. The important thing about the Christ event, in fact, is that there ISN’T sufficient evidence to be found for it, in the material world, or even in the extant bible. One has to come to an inner-standing of it through spiritual work, and through careful use of intuitive/spiritual faculties; THEN a PRESENCE will slowly begin to reveal itself to you. THEN you will begin to KNOW Christ, not believe in Christ. There is no room, anymore, for mere pious faith or belief. One has to know, through gnosis.

The basic gist, and then we will go back and try to fill in the details, is that there was indeed a highly divine cosmic being, that sacrificed its status in the upper realms to incarnate as we do, in the flesh of a human vessel. But where Steiner differs from popular Christian belief is that this incarnation did not culminate until Jesus was 30 years of age, during the baptism at the Jordan river. From there, Jesus played host to the Christ and became Christ Jesus for 3 years up until his death at the Mystery of Golgotha. When he died, the cosmic Being of Christ infused with the astral bodies of the entire human race, it was dispersed to every human soul and will be with us now until the close of the cycle, when all souls are liberated into Nirvana, the great sleep of the Abyss, back into the net of Nuit, the night of God.

So the incarnation of the Christ spirit happened to Jesus at 30, but his whole life can be seen as a preparation for becoming this purified vessel. Very specific protocols had to happen. For one thing, there was not one but two children who were prepared, initially. As the details unfold we will see many elements of this in popular fiction and culture. As though these high secrets are reflected through a shattered black mirror, through a glass darkly, the light refracted like a prism into many elements of creative human output. So that when someone like Steiner comes along and provides the key, we go ‘aha! I feel like I knew it all along….’

The Two Jesus Children 

Seanan McGuire wrote a sci-fi novel called Middlegame about dark “alchemists” who, through occult ritual, incarnate what they call “Doctrines” such as Eros, Pathos and Logos, into children at birth. Initial experiments showed that one child could not handle the powerful energies of the Doctrine without going insane or totally autistic to the outer world, but if the doctrine was split in half and each half imparted to twins at their birth, it could be done.

This reminded me at the time of the strange twin experiments supposedly done by Mengele in the concentration camps during WW2. He was apparently looking into the psychic connection that exists between twins.

Throughout the occult and esoteric world there is constant reference to the twins, Horus and Set, Pollux and Castor (Gemini), Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, the twin pillars, two towers etc.

In the movie The Prestige, which I already knew to be layered up esoterically, we find out at the end that Christian Bale’s character, a stage magician, actually had a secret twin, which is how he performed his Teleporting Man act. Like Christ he bleeds from the hands and sacrifices himself at the end. Z pointed out to me several years ago that the other film Bale did with Nolan, Batman, he played the Antichrist role. They flipped the script. Not only that, the Borden twins in The Prestige are overseen by Michael Caine’s character, John Cutter:

The Prestige DVD Review

And Steiner talks about how the Christ speaks through his messenger the archangel Michael

Christ as revealed by Steiner turns to us and says, “I have not only revealed Myself to you in those days when the Gospels were written — I shall speak to you through my Day-Spirit, Michael, whenever you seek the path to me.”

Michael Caine also of course being Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred:

For the sake of post length we will have to cover all these connections in a future post. But I point this out now to show you how deep the symbolism goes, the countless pieces of the shattered black mirror that move forward and backward in time from the Christ event.

Evidence for two Jesus children begins by comparing the gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke, and finding several discrepancies, such as the genealogy of Jesus. But these can be cleared up when we learn from the clairvoyant research of Steiner that each gospel is describing a different boy. Both were from the line of David but split after 13 generations, 

Mathern writes, “there is the direct evidence of the Bible which is indisputable: In the Gospel of St. Matthew Jesus is descended from King David through his son, King Solomon, while in the Gospel of St. Luke Jesus is descended from King David through his son, the priest Nathaniel. This is carefully detailed in the genealogies of the two Gospels: the Matthew and Luke Genealogies agree for the 13 generation span from Abraham to King David and diverge from there. One Jesus child cannot be descended from both Solomon and Nathaniel — thus the evidence is indisputable without taking liberties with the process of logic.”

So we have one Jesus descended from kings (Solomon’s line) and one from priests (Nathaniel’s line). The Solomon boy grew up in the cultural hub Jerusalem and was well-educated and highly intellectual. The Nathan boy grew in the rural Nazareth (he was the one born in a manger). He was not intellectual but was described as all heart and soul, just a very pure, intuitive, simple child, loved by all. These opposite and complementary characteristics of the two children would prove to be part of the preparation for the cosmic being we call the Christ. 

There is a reason there is a mysterious gap in the bible narrative about Jesus’ life between 12 and 30 years of age. Steiner explains how the the soul of one of the children, at their age of 12, would be transferred into the other. Those missing years are discussed in Steiner’s series of lectures, The Fifth Gospel, From the Akashic Record:

When the boys were twelve, an important event happened in a temple in Jerusalem, when they seemingly switch places, the simple Nathan boy becoming verbose and intellectual like the Solomon boy, pontificating on deep matters and gaining the attention of the temple priests and scholars.

The scene is depicted in the painting below:

Ovason writes,“In a miraculous event in the Temple in Jerusalem, there would emerge one child, the Nathan Jesus who would later receive the Christ Spirit during his Baptism by John in the Jordan. Steiner describes how, in the temple in Jerusalem, the Nathan Jesus child, all soul and heart, received into himself the spirit and thinking power of the Solomon Jesus child. As a consequence of this Mystery event, the Solomon child was depleted of his life-forces and died shortly after it had taken place. The Nathan Jesus, on the other hand, was now so wise that the learned men in the temple ‘were amazed at his intelligence and the answers he gave’ to their questions (Luke 2:47).94 The keenest capacities of wisdom of the head, of the brain, such as only a descendant of the house of Solomon could develop, were united with the purest love forces of the heart of the Nathan Child. The kingly and the priestly powers were united in the Nathan Jesus child and formed the chalice into which, 18 years later, at the Baptism by John in the River Jordan, the Christ Being descended…”

In the painting above by Borgognone we see two boys with halos. The Solomon Jesus boy is being led by Mary away from the podium. The Nathan Jesus on the podium is casting him a sideways glance; there is an implication of a hidden understanding between the two boys that goes unnoticed by the men. The boy being led away looks sickly, his halo dimmer, and would die shortly after. But his soul or essence is transferred to the Nathan child, who now takes the place on the podium, and would become the vessel, at age 30, for the Christ Being to incarnate. This incarnation would last until the Mystery of Golgotha or Jesus’ death and resurrection 3 years later.

Thus we have the prediction of Jonah being in the belly of the whale for 3 days, etc. By the way, the Nag Hammadi scrolls talk about two messiahs;, a priest messiah and a king messiah. Steiner was talking about this 20 years before the scrolls were discovered, giving credence to the notion that Steiner was a great clairvoyant and reader of the Akashic record. The book for which that painting above provided the cover, also finds an abundance of evidence in  medieval Christian paintings and sculptors that cryptically show two children. 

Unfinished Michelangelo c.1500
The Two Children, by David Ovason, who was inspired by Steiner

The notion of two children merging into one is perhaps reflected through the dark occult looking glass of Hollywood in all the films about twins switching places, a common trope (eg. The Parent Trap).  This was the theme of Charles Dickens The Prince and the Pauper. And like the two Jesus children, one is always from a wealthy family, the one detailed in Matthew, and one in Luke from more humble origins, like the pauper.

When the poor Nathan Jesus, now infused with the intellectual soul of the Solomon boy, went home from the temple that day, his parents didn’t understand him. Ovason writes, “Here is one reason why his parents, having found him after their three days of separation, did not understand what he was saying to them. Literally, a new personality was speaking to them from the changed body of their son. It is the change that took place in the Nathan Jesus during the three days in the Temple that leads us to refer to him with a new designation — after the Temple-event he is to be known as ‘Jesus of Nazareth’.”

Mathern writes, “This three-day event in the Temple can be seen as an early initiation event for the Nathan Jesus during which his future mission is revealed to him.

We remember that in answer to his mother’s troubled questioning when he was found in the temple he answered her, according to Luke, with two questions: ‘How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?’ His true Father, the twelve-year-old is saying, is not Joseph but God. He was already aware of the reality of the divine message which would issue from the heavenly heights at this baptism.

The perfected human who was to become the earthen vessel of the Christ Spirit would have to combine the wisdom and reverence of the Magi with the humility and piety of the shepherds. The Two Jesus children would have to become One in the Temple, “and qualities that had been entirely inward [would become] outward.”The process by which the two become one was first described by Rudolf Steiner in 1909…”

Lucifer and Ahriman 

Steiner talks about how Christ came at a time  right when our intellect was most oriented out into the physical world, such that we could not see into the spiritual worlds anymore, as our ancestors could. To them, it was the physical which didn’t capture much of their attention or interest. This is the Luciferic impulse, always back to spirit, away from materiality. The opposite pole of this Steiner calls “Ahrimanic,” which is seeking total engulfment in the material world and losing all interest in the spiritual. It almost goes without saying that we are deep in that mire in this current age. But all is for cosmic purpose and evolution and this age is about developing the ego and personal intellect, which can only be done by becoming temporarily blind to the spirit world.

The danger however is being lost in the quagmire of sense, the Ahrimanic (Satanic) impulse. So the two forces, Luciferic and Ahrimanic are balanced by the third impulse, the Christ impulse. We are supposed to go through matter and lift it up through the transmutation of our very bodies to become perfected vessels of the Higher Self, which Christ now speaks through. He is with us until the end, until that last sheep is found, the one that got lost from the 99. The crucifixion on the cross is a palsied comparison, but all we have, of the painful sacrifice the real Christ being underwent as it compressed and dismembered itself to fit into a mere human vessel, to become the manna from Heaven to sustain us weary Israelites in the desert of materiality.

So when the event happened, those simple people who had been touched by the event were deeply moved even if they couldn’t understand it intellectually. It was for this reason that Christianity spread the way it did. Had the success of Christianity been based solely on how much its progenitors understood it intellectually, it would have died on the vine. Due to the orientation of our age, the masses of humanity still don’t have an understanding of what the Golgotha event really signifies, but Steiner says in the upcoming age we will develop this understanding, as we turn back to the spirit world, having developed our personal egos and intellect.

In closing, Lucifer is only mentioned, as far as I can tell, once in the bible, Isaiah 14:12

That’s the Luciferic impulse: to be all warm and cozy in the empyrean, to “exalt ones throne above the stars of God” without doing the hard working out of ones growth and development, through trials and suffering and karma, in the realm of sense and flesh. Its crazy down here indeed, but there is beauty also, and strength, to be found among human beings.

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My Understanding of the Spirit Body

55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.

57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:55

As always, this is just my interpretation and not a claim for absolute fact.

The immortal spirit body, Joseph’s coat of many colors, the resurrection to Heaven, the second birth to Father’s Kingdom, is not that different from your body now, or as it was in the prime of your life. It will have two eyes and a nose. It has a mouth. You can eat, drink, have sex, even burp and fart. But it doesn’t age (unless you want it to) and it doesn’t sicken. 

And you are not bound to it as we are here. You can leave it and have out-of-body experiences at any time, akin to lucid dreaming. And you can share or experience other bodies, other lives, you are aren’t bound by your own single ego. And you aren’t bound by time.

The initial incarnation into mortal bodies and the final resurrection into your spirit body is the grand central theme of the bible and all ancient scriptures.  Alvin Boyd Kuhn, quoting from the Egyptian ritual, writes, “‘Having had my flesh embalmed,’ says the Osirified deceased in the Ritual (Ch. 64) ‘my body does not decay.’ Hence flesh, inoculated with spirit or the mummy embalmed, becomes immortal. And the Word was made flesh! And flesh will be immortalized!”

The Word, or spirit, through its many incarnations has evolved its spirit body (flesh). The mortal human-animal body is thus immortalized also, having been anointed with the oil of spirit, your soul. 

Before you began this journey of incarnation, known in occult terms as the Cycle of Necessity, what Paul in Corinthians calls “the law,” your soul was simple, germinal, unnamed, undifferentiated, but enjoyed swimming in the vast Overmind or Oversoul, and had access to the sum total of It’s knowledge, and was one with it. The desire to differentiate and be named is what happens down here. It requires a traumatic separation from the Oversoul, and a severe limitation of the powers it once enjoyed, which is why the incarnation was poetically described in scripture as a type of death, a burial, a mummification, being lost in the wilderness, drowning at sea, the dark night of the soul, and an intoxication (hence the Dionysian rites). The soul becomes so intoxicated by the sense life, the animal lusts and drives, that it forgets itself. It IS a real kind of death, but like the seed buried in soil, it lays the foundation for new life. A sprout lives the death of its seed. In like manner the human-animal body lives and is vivified by the “death” of its soul. But the soul re-awakens to greater heights and function than it had previously, in the final resurrection, bringing along with it its perfected physical vessel. 

None of us have perfected our spirit body yet or we wouldn’t still be here. The one rare exception to that are highly evolved beings who may voluntarily incarnate here as helpers. But you probably wouldn’t recognize them walking down the street; they are not as Jesus was portrayed, being followed by the multitudes, and yet they are quietly doing the good work, behind the scenes.

The work we must do involves primarily taming the animal body we have each inherited. This is the Christos Aeon (soul) “correcting” Sophia (mother nature). This is Michael and his angels warring with the dragon (flesh) in Revelation. WE are the fallen angels, the legions of Lucifer, for many of us rebelled against God’s call to incarnate. We were comfy in the blissful empyrean realm, why on Earth (pun intended) would we want to incarnate here into suffering? Hence the many scattered legends of rebellious angels being booted from Heaven. And many of us are continuing to hold onto that rebellious attitude to this day and refuse to work on the animal body. But there is no returning to the Father except through the Son, that is, through perfecting your Christ spirit within. 

The Christ figure, whether Jesus, Horus, Krishna, or Dionysus, is simply that symbol of remembering that you are a Soul from Heaven in a human-animal flesh-suit which must be tamed, broken and conquered. The Christ, the solar hero acts as a reminder, leading the multitudes, the poor, back to their divine mission, their Covenant with God.

Kuhn writes, “Symbolizing the divine nature as bread for man, John gives Jesus’ announcement of his descent: ‘I am the bread of life….such is the bread that came down from Heaven, that a man shall eat of it and shall not die.” The manna from heaven that sustained the Israelites in the desert is the soul fragments, the legion of angelic spirits (us) that descended to Earth (desert) to sustain the Israelites (human-animal bodies). 

The human-animal body before the incarnation was called the First Adam, the poor man, the gentile. When this First Adamic race became anointed by the legions of souls, it became set apart from the rest of nature by a wide gulf, for it now had the potential of mind, intellect, and reason, to combat brute force instinct, which rules everywhere else in nature. Victory over the animal forces transforms the First Adam into the Last Adam, the gentile into the Jew (the term having nothing to do with any race or creed, in its true original meaning). It is becoming the Messiah, which literally means “the anointed one.” The oil is spirit, and the mummy is anointed with oils and resins in the embalming, to symbolize the human vessel not decaying once it has been lifted up by spirit and perfected in its divine spirit body, which shall not decay or rot. This is why Jesus was the anointed one. Psalm 23 sings, “thou hast anointed my head with oil, my cup runneth over.” Mother nature (the cup) plays host to a transcendent race of angels, thus the cup “runneth over.”

Kuhn shows how the word anoint, is a French softening of the root “unct” which is the Egyptian Ankh, which means to bind or tie (a j-unct-ion). The two things being bound or tied or anointed together are soul and body.  The ankh shape shows this: the circle is nature, mother earth, flesh, the vertical line is descending spirit (the Father) and the horizontal line connecting them is that bind, that tying together of the two polar forces, creating stability. 

SacredFeminine GypsyHeart | Ancient egypt, Ancient egyptian artifacts,  Ancient egyptian symbols

The Ankh root always alludes to stability – an anchor stabilizes a boat, an ankle stabilizes the foot to the leg, a branch ties or stabilizes the leaves to the main trunk, the bronchi ties the dividing lungs to the main trunk or the trachea. I could go on, especially when you know that here ‘k’ and ‘g’ are interchangeable, making Ankh and Ang/Ung (angel, angus bull, lungs)  more or less equivalent. But I have delved into that elsewhere, notably HERE, HERE, and HERE. The whole wisdom of scripture can be summed up in those two root words “Ankh” and “Ang” or “Ung.”

The Cain and Abel allegory is telling us how the good work is done. The first-born Cain is the animal side, the first thought that arises, instinct. We know this because Cain was a plant gatherer, one with nature. But God didn’t accept his sacrifice, because he hasn’t been converted by spirit. Abel is spirit, the second thought that arises in mind, which is the intellect, reason, the quiet, still voice within, that is usually drowned out or “killed” by Cain, the first thought. But through meditation and the good work, Abel can be strengthened and eventually bring Cain under the fold, into submission. And he must, because he was the shepherd, a career of herding animals, and God did accept his sacrifice.  

Shabbat Shalom.

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Down the Daathian Rabbit Hole: The Reaping, The Raping

Have you ever stopped to wonder why of all creatures it’s the rabbit’s hole we go into in the classic Alice in Wonderland tale?

The post will reveal esoteric underpinning to the rabbit zootype through its etymology. It will takes us to the rabbi, reap, rape, hare, Horus, whore, hole. And we will find a connection to Labor Day, which is today (the first Monday in Sept(7)-ember, in Virgo), for Alice is the virgin Queen, who, like Persephone gets abducted or raped by Hades, Lord of the Underworld. She is impregnated and goes into labor six months later, in Pisces, or the House of Bread (Beit Lechem or Bethlehem).

To understand the fall down the hole, it is necessary to dive into Qabalah. In previous posts we discussed the hidden sephirah in the Tree of Life known as Daath which means knowledge or gnosis. Daath marks the threshold or abyss between the upper and lower worlds – between the ineffable Godhead Trinity, and the rest of Creation:

The Daathian, Typhonian portal to the abyss is also the wellspring of all occult magick, both good and bad, angelic and demonic. Messing around with it willy-nilly can turn a man into an animal.

Ken Grant, in Nightside of Eden writes, 

And in Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, Grant writes of harnessing this power ritualistically:

The formula, he says, was known in Egypt under the monikers of the “Ape of Thoth” or the “Dog of Set:”

In astronomy, Lepus the hare is chased by Orion and his hunting dog Sirius.

The incarnation, the fall, is one down the Daathian portal – through the extra-dimensional aperture of the abyss, the fall from the Edenic state (heaven, Kether, spark of the Divine Self) to a realm full of animals (Earth), dogs and hares and hunters. We are hunting for the reunification with that Divine spark, just as Isis hunts for Osiris’ missing phallus – nature seeks the spiritual principle.

Animals typified this threshold because the difference between animal and man is the same gulf separating man from God (at least, in this level of manifest creation).

Note all the Daathian portals or wormholes behind him

Alice goes down the rabbit hole following the white rabbit. The rabbit is always late – in a hurry (Horus), because the fall is one into time. Alice ends up in a dream world; in Wonderland time-space obeys different laws, a nod to the occult, magick forces beyond this threshold.

The hare is the whore because this species is known for their rapid rate of reproduction:

Screenshot credit: Truthiracy

The hare is white, same color as the pale horse in Revelation 6:2:

“And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown [Kether] was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”

Remove the ‘t’ is rabbit and you have ‘rabbi.’ The rabbi reproduces rapidly the word of God, the word of the master:

“Rabbi” is spelled Resh (head), Beth (house), Yod (cosmic fire). The head is the house of the cosmic fire. Of course this would be “the master.”

The reaping of the summer harvest happens in Virgo, the raping of the virgin (thus sending her into labor on Labor Day.  She is robbed of her virginity; the raping of the land, when the fruits of the harvest are reaped. Virgo is the grain Goddess, in Greek myth she is Demeter, whose daughter Persephone was abducted or raped by Hades (from the Latin raptus, meaning “seized” or “carried off”). To be saved from the underworld one must repent. The soul returning to Heaven is the rapture.

Alvin Boyd Kuhn writes, of Horus who also was born immaculately:

 “Horus the infant is the child of the Virgin, i.e., matter, or body, produced under natural conditions before the principle of mind (the male element) has unfolded and united with matter to generate the spiritual man. Horus the elder is the child become the man, graduated from the care of mother nature, and having germinated the seed of intellect and spirit into growth and function. Massey is the first to have made this determination clearly, but his work has been left in desuetude. The god Kephr, the world-builder, was symboled by the male beetle or scarabaeus which, the Egyptians alleged, procreated without the aid of the female. This is the type, not of virgin pure matter, but of virgin pure spirit, before union with the female or mother matter in incarnate life.

Astronomically the first Horus or natural man was the child of the Virgin in the sign Virgo; and six months later – which in zodiacal symbology would be at the entire completion of the incarnational cycle – in the sign of Pisces the second Horus, second Adam or the Christ, is reborn of the Fish-mother, or in the house of the Fishes. And in the Gospels Jesus the Christ is born with all the varied forms of the fish-type, as Ichthys the Fish, son of Nun (the Fish in Hebrew), and with twelve “fishermen” as disciples.”

The hourglass of time with 12 hours (Horus) in a day, 12 signs of the zodiac:  

The hourglass shaped like the hyperbola (the two bulls of spirit and matter), is separated by the throat, ruled by Taurus (torus), where resides Daath. Because the throat of God speaks the word and makes it flesh. The throat is one and the same as the rabbit hole, the fall into wonderland, the soul into body, through the aperture:

The rabbit is symbolic of nature’s fecundity but can have a negative connotation (rape), that is, Mother Nature overproduces and her fruits rot in the ground without the crowning Father spirit. The sun, Ra, is of course the most divine aperture for the light of the supernal Triad to shine through. Perhaps when the white rabbit proclaims “I’m late!” and panics, it is because that is Mother Nature missing her period because she is pregnant with the sun’s rays and going into labor.

This process repeats.

The r-b, r-p etymological code comes up elsewhere –

Rap music is the word spoken rapidly. A rap sheet is a list of crimes (a list of rapes).

Earlier Kuhn spoke of the, ”scarab.”

Reaping the summer harvest is done with a hoe, like a ho’ which is slang for whore. Digging holes. The other tool is a sickle, which ties to old man time, the grim reaper, who is Death (Daath).  A rapier is a sword. The sword is the phallic hyperbola (hourglass) of the torus.

Daath is a rip in space-time (hole to the abyss). Death rips the soul from the body.

Daath connects the upper and lower worlds, and a rope is used to tie separate things together.

Rope backwards is Poor, and the Hebrew word for poor is Dal. In Qabalah, the letter Daleth means the poor man, which is the first Adam, man of the Earth, before his spiritual intellect has germinated. Rape backwards is also pair, because again, Daath connects the pair of Edens, upper and lower, and the first Horus and second Horus are a pair/pear:

We incarnate into time by going through the center or bull’s eye of the torus, which is Daath, which means birth and death, and through the incarnation, our Higher Self peers into matter, but does not become wholly immersed (or dependent on) matter, that is just an appearance.

This incarnation is portentous (meaning ominous, or a warning) because you are agreeing to take on a body that will decay in time (it will be raped by time, but there will also be a positive reaping). The spiritual benefits are what are reaped – that is, if you gathered the treasures that will not rust or rot – 

Matthew 6:19 – “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth

and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

20: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor

rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.”

 The poor man eats porridge, which in Sanskirt is called “Dal.” From Alphabet of Kabbalah:

“The letter ד Daleth represents a poor man or woman.  In Hebrew, the word for poor is דל dal.  In Arabic, the letter ‘D’ is Dal.  In Sanskrit, the basic food eaten by poor people is called dal.  “Poor” is where we get the word “porridge” in English.  We all look at such food as if we are above that. Thus, we want to eat expensive, rich food, as if it proves our value. But the truth is that as rich as we may be in the physical world, and no matter how good our food is, if we do not have God within, then we are poor spiritually.  We do not have God within.  What we have within is desire, ego, fear, resentment, attachment.  We are a poor man, darkened, burdened with terrible karma:   This is why we suffer.

There is a way to change this, because the ד Daleth is the doorway, and every door goes two ways.  We have the potential to change if we are serious, if we are humble, if we put ourselves in the hands of our Innermost Being…God, the Buddha:

He raiseth up the דל dal [poor] out of the dust [the dust Adam is made from], [and] lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set [them] among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory… – 1 Samuel 2:8”

September is so named for once being the seventh month, and the number 7 graphically looks like the harvest sickle and like the letter Daleth, which means a door or portal:

Virgo in September and the occult meaning behind Labor Day comes from the ancient festival of the “Assumption of the Virgin.” Kuhn elaborates,

“A Norse myth tells of the division of a single primal world into two halves, or the separation of the two waters of the firmament, as in Genesis. The one was a world of water, the other of air, and the beings in the lower water ascend by night to breathe the pure air of the upper half; and it is said the sun consumes them like vapor. This would restate the Assumption of the Virgin, the festival of the old astronomical phenomenon of August and early September, when the sun absorbs the constellation of the Virgin, emblematic of the dissolution of all physical worlds in the bosom of the Absolute. It might be said that after every day and every incarnation man ascends to inhale refreshing draughts of spiritual air on an upper plane. Without this frequent release and relief he could not support prolonged existence in the denser world below.”

The dissolution of all forms (virgin, water-into-steam) back to Source (sun, heat) at the end of a cosmic cycle. This is the raptus, the carrying off, the stealing away, just as the soul is stolen away from the body after death, in a puff of smoke.

Nuit, the black Goddess of the abyss, is thus where we get the word “net” because like a fisherman she catches all the souls in her net to be absorbed back into the All.

And its fitting that the festival is celebrated shortly after the summer solstice, because the sun has just begun its slow decline to death in winter, when night (net, Nuit, abyss) wins, for its appointed period (menstruation; death-as-dissolution-of-form). When her period is over, and a new spiritual cycle begins, the white rabbit declares, “I’m late!” (for my period, I’m pregnant with new life, new birth, a new cycle in time). : 3dRose Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Im Late - John Tenniel  Illustration, Greeting Cards, Set of 6 (gc_193791_1) : Office Products



Seeing a lot of people wearing purple, orange and red, this time of year. These colors resonate with the fall in Libra. People are unconscious of the color code, yet are drawn to certain colors at certain times. The code is as follows, with the character of Jack, the sun, as the solar hero who makes his annual journey:

It occurred to me today that the jack rabbit completes the jack-round-the-year, through pagan festivals holding onto the old esoteric knowledge, veiled cryptically in ritual and holiday. Jack is the sun, Ra, which is why a jack (ra)bbit is a bit-of-Ra. A bit of the sun’s rays, which grow the crops through the hot summer.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.55.07 AM

For more occult numerology and etymology as it pertains to certain zootypes, see my ebook (roughly 50 pages) Zootypes: Guides for the Soul


Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Who is This King of Glory? and The Lost Light

Truthiracy, REvelation of RE Part 6 White Rabbit Schooling

Mixed Authors,, Alphabet of Kabbalah, Courses and Lectures

Part 2 – The Hebrew Letter Daleth is The Door To Wisdom

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Starfire — Lifting the Wool

Very important reblog from Lifting The Wool, about a whistleblower used in vaccine experiments. She confirms that they use vaccines to make the body more susceptible to EMF bombardments! This is in line with what Dr. Cowan writes about in The Contagion Myth, (see previous post). She also talks about surgery behind one eye to implant a brain chip! This is the answer to the one-eye bleeding riddle!

The history of modern vaccine development from an unwilling child experiment.

Starfire — Lifting the Wool
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The Contagion Myth and Germ Theory Hoax For Dummies

Unscrambling truth since 2012

The Satanic elite running the show behind COVID are hoping that the populace remains “dummies” with regards to the germ theory. And germs are just that – a theory. This post will be a brief expose on what I’ve learned over the past few months regarding germs and viruses and the truth about what makes us sick. Everyone needs to know this, it’s the only way we are to avoid plunging into a NEW NORMAL of medical apartheid and the loss of nearly all freedoms, assuming one wants to avoid routinely getting jabbed with a dose of poison (vaccines).

To understand how germs became such a fixed part of our culture (pun intended), let us go back to the 19th century with the birth of modern bacteriology and Robert Koch.

Koch’s Postulates, and How They Are Ignored

The Contagion Myth, a book by Dr. Tom Cowan is one of the most important and clearly written exposes on this subject post-COVID. He introduces Koch’s Postulates:

“Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch (1843–1910) is considered one of the founders of modern bacteriology; he created and improved laboratory technologies for isolating bacteria and also developed techniques for photographing bacteria. His research led to the creation of Koch’s postulates, a kind of UPPBT for disease, which consist of four principles linking specific microorganisms to specific diseases. Koch’s postulates are as follows:

1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease but not found in healthy organisms.

2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in a pure culture.

3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.

4. The microorganism must be re-isolated from the now diseased experimental host which received the inoculation of the microorganisms and identified as identical to the original specific causative agent.

If all four conditions are met, you have proven the infectious cause for a specific set of symptoms. This is the only way to prove causation. Interestingly, even Koch could not find proof of contagion using his postulates. He abandoned the requirement of the first postulate when he discovered carriers of cholera and typhoid fever who did not get sick. In fact, bacteriologists and virologists today believe that Koch’s sensible and logical postulates “have been recognized as largely obsolete by epidemiologists since the 1950s.”

So they are not used today, and yet they are clearly the only way to prove that a germ is truly contagious.

Louis Pasteur – A Fraud

Pasteur, father of modern germ theory, ignored Koch’s Postulates in his experiments to prove contagion. Cowan writes,

“Pasteur did this type of experiment for forty years. He found sick people, claimed to have isolated a bacterium, gave the pure culture to animals—often by injecting it into their brains—and made them sick. As a result, he became the celebrity scientist of his time, feted by kings and prime ministers, and hailed as a great scientist. His work led to pasteurization, a technique responsible for destroying the integrity and health-giving properties of milk (see chapter 9). His experiments ushered in the germ theory of disease, and for over a century this radical new theory has dominated not only the practice of Western medicine, but also our cultural and economic life….

…In 1914, Professor Gerard Geison of Princeton University published an analysis of (Pasteur’s) notebooks, which revealed that Pasteur had committed massive fraud in all his studies. For instance, when he said that he injected virulent anthrax spores into vaccinated and unvaccinated animals, he could trumpet the fact that the unvaccinated animals died, but that was because he also injected the unvaccinated animals with poisons.

In the notebooks, Pasteur states unequivocally that he was unable to transfer disease with a pure culture of bacteria (he obviously wasn’t able to purify viruses at that time.) In fact, the only way he could transfer disease was to either insert the whole infected tissue into another animal (he would sometimes inject ground-up brains of an animal into the brain of another

animal to “prove” contagion) or resort to adding poisons to his culture, which he knew would cause the symptoms in the recipients.

He admitted that the whole effort to prove contagion was a failure, leading to his famous deathbed confession: “The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.” In this case, terrain refers to the condition of the animal or person and whether the animal or person had been subject to poison.”

So to sum up, the only way he was able to make it seem like injecting a “suspect” bacteria into another organism made them sick, was by also injecting the cell culture or organism with poisons. This fails to follow the basic rule of an experiment – one variable at a time, something a 7th grader can understand. But to this day, his deception, backed by the Satanic elite, has held its ground and become common “knowledge” and the basis of pathology.

What Really Makes Us Sick

Eastern medicine, like Chinese and Ayurvedic, never speak of contagion, but simply of imbalances in the system. Western Terrain medicine too, names only four causes of all illness and disease:

  1. Poisons and toxins in our food, air, or water.
  2. Starvation (including simply poor nutrient quality in available food)
  3. An insult or injury to the tissue
  4. Psychological injury or trauma (because the psyche and emotions are more tied to physical health than most realize)

On the first point – toxins, some of these do indeed come from certain strains of bacteria. The most common example of this being food poisoning. But its not the proliferation of bacteria on the rotting food that makes you sick, its the toxins that the bacteria poop out when they eat dead or rotting flesh, which is, of course, their job in nature, as a decomposer.

And in Pasteur’s experiments with cell cultures, the only way he made it seem like bacteria were killing the cells was by either poisoning or starving the cells first. Then the bacteria did what they are programmed to do, to digest the dead, rotting cells, and poop out toxins. In the microbiome of a healthy individual, most of not all of the toxin waste produced by the bacteria is safely excreted in feces.

Here in my hometown there is a lake nearby that we are warned not to swim in or let our dogs drink from – due to “toxic” amounts of blue-green algae. However it is most likely due to a pollutant or trash dumping into the lake that made this algae proliferate and produce the toxin in the first place. Thus the algae itself is not the primal cause but only a secondary “symptom” if you will, of an imbalance in nature. The same is true for all modern diseases that appear to come from viruses or bacteria – “germs” in other words. Cholera is a good example of this. The disease is not caused, as the medical literature says, by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae, but rather this strain of bacteria eats the sewage that builds up in the drinking water of countries with poor sanitation, and the bacteria poops out toxic material. This toxic material in the drinking water is what causes cholera.

“A simple thing like strep throat,” says Dr. Kaufman, “streptococcus, which they say cause this illness, is a normal bacteria present in our body. If you did a throat culture on a hundred people without a strep throat and a hundred with strep throat you’d find a lot of positives in both groups, because streptococcus is normal to live in your throat, so how can you say it causes the disease?” More likely this strain of bacteria in those with strep throat is actually responding to the immediate cause of strep-like symptoms, say an insult or injury to the tissue, or the presence of toxins, and is actually working to eat and digest the dead tissue in the “infected” area. And what does the doctor do? He gives you antibiotics which kills the same bacteria that are working to make you better. You see how backward modern medicine has become, in many areas?

Electricity and Disease

Cowan spends some time on that book making the connections between the installation of new electronic and radio-wave technology into society and many of the major plagues that were blamed on contagious germs. Cowan writes,

“In 1836, Heinrich Schweich, author of a book on influenza, noted that all physiological processes produce electricity and theorized that an electrical disturbance of the atmosphere may prevent the body from discharging it. He repeated the then-common belief that the accumulation of electricity in the body causes the symptoms of influenza.

…These and other facts about the relationship of influenza to disturbances in electricity come from a remarkable book, The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. Firstenberg chronicles the history of electricity in the United States and throughout the world, and the outbreaks of illness that accompanied each step toward greater electrification. The first stage involved the installation of telegraph lines; by 1875, these formed a spiderweb over the earth totaling seven hundred thousand miles, with enough copper wire to encircle the globe almost thirty times. With it came a new disease called neurasthenia. Like those suffering today from “chronic fatigue syndrome,” patients felt weak and exhausted and were unable to concentrate. They had headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, floaters in the eyes, racing pulse, pains in the heart region, and palpitations; they were depressed and had panic attacks. Dr. George Miller Beard and the medical community observed that the disease spread along the routes of railroads and telegraph lines; it often resembled the common cold or influenza and commonly seized people in the prime of life.

In 1889, we mark the beginning of the modern electrical era and also of a deadly flu pandemic, which followed the advent of electricity throughout the globe. Said Firstenberg: ‘Influenza struck explosively and unpredictably, over and over in waves until early 1894. It was as if something fundamental had changed in the atmosphere.’

…During World War I, governments on both sides of the conflict installed antennas, which eventually blanketed the earth with strong radio signals— and during the latter part of 1918, disaster struck. The Spanish flu afflicted a third of the world’s population and killed about fifty million people, more than the Black Death of the fourteenth century. To stop the contagion, communities shut down schools, businesses, and theaters; people were ordered to wear masks and refrain from shaking hands.

Those living on military bases, which bristled with antennas, were the most vulnerable. A common symptom was bleeding—from the nostrils, gums, ears, skin, stomach, intestines, uterus, kidneys, and brain. Many died of hemorrhage in the lungs, drowning in their own blood. Tests revealed a decreased ability of the blood to coagulate. Those close to death often developed ‘that peculiar blue color which seemed to mark all early fatal cases.’

Health officials were desperate to find a cause. The team of physicians from the US Public Health Service tried to infect their one hundred healthy volunteers at a naval facility on Gallops Island in Boston Harbor. A sense of frustration pervades the report, written by Milton J. Rosenau, MD, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.10 Rosenau had built a successful career in public health by instilling a fear of germs, overseeing quarantines, and warning the public about the dangers of raw milk. He believed that something called Pfeiffer bacillus was the cause. The researchers carefully extracted throat and nasal mucus and even lung material from cadavers and transferred it to the throats, respiratory tracts, and noses of volunteers. “We used some billions of these organisms, according to our estimated counts, on each one of the volunteers, but none of them took sick,” he said.

Then they drew blood from those who were sick and injected it into ten volunteers. “None of these took sick in any way.”

So if the new technologies are to blame for mass outbreaks, why did they go away? Why didn’t Spanish flu continue to take out the entire world, since we are still, after all, blanketed in radio waves, now even worse with 5G? 5G, by the way, was introduced right around the time that COVID hit, and many of the major epicenters are near 5G towers.

The answer to this question is remarkably enough, the very particle they turned into the culprit, viruses themselves!

Viruses Are Actually Exosomes

What are viruses really, if not a contagion? As far as we can tell, they are bits of DNA or RNA, with a protein coat. This supposed strand of DNA or RNA, unique to people displaying “symptoms of COVID” has not been isolated, nor been injected into another healthy organism and made that organism sick with the same symptoms, as per Koch’s Postulates.

But as to what viruses actually do, is far different from what we’re told. First of all, they are indistinguishable from exosomes, a particle that is natural to the immune system and part of the normal immune response. From a lecture by Dr. Andrew Kaufman:

Presentation by Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Humanity is NOT a Virus - YouTube
Exosomes are indistinguishable from so-called “viruses”

Blaming exosomes for being the cause of disease is like blaming firemen for starting fires. Just because firemen are always found at the scene of a fire doesnt mean they are the guilty party. Same goes for viruses, which are actually exosomes, which are actually a sign that our immune response is working.

Some people with enough active exosomes will test positive for COVID-19, using the PCR tests. This is because those tests amplify so much cellular material that some exosomes will be a “match” for whatever it is they are looking for. And if you are following along this far, some of these false positives therefore, will display unique new symptoms like loss of smell, lung issues, as a result of the new 5G towers in their area, a bombardment of waves their body has not reached equilibrium with yet, and couple that with the toxins in the food and water, and we have a “pandemic” on our hands. No need to evoke invisible contagious germs.

But we asked previously, why didn’t previous electronic innovations continue to wipe out the human race, if they are responsible for pandemics in the past? To this, an exciting new field of science is beginning to open up, as we are discovering that the very exosomes they are blaming, are actually helping to re-equilibrate the body from disruption due to electronic frequencies. The body is able to adapt and find balance, however in the initial phase of disruption, we see a spike in death which the Illuminati attributes to contagion.

Mark Tokarski pointed out in a recent post that if viruses are real and work the way they are telling us, we would have gone extinct as a species long ago. There is nothing we can do against an invisible, deadly self-replicating enemy like that. And what did we do before the age of vaccines?! This brings up the main reason for the major psyop about viruses, which is to fix in the public’s mind the idea that science and new biotech can save them from this horrid invisible enemy, thus making them even more dependent on Big Brother.

Mark also asks the other simple obvious question which is why, if viruses are so deadly to humans, do they not kill other animals, especially mammals who are closest to us physiologically? Surely the same mechanism of action would work in their bodies. But nope, this invisible enemy sure seems to have a vendetta against humans for some reason. And if you watch V for Vendetta you will see a lot of predictive programming for the world we live in now. Hint: V is for VIRUS.

It has even been shown that exosomes can indeed pass from person to person, not to spread disease but to do the opposite: spread the new adaptive strategy to combat a new disruptive variable like EMF. We learn from each other, down to the cellular level. When two people are in love and swap a lot of spit while intimate, they are actually sharing information housed in our cells and DNA that goes through our ancestral line. Nobody really knows how this works, and we can’t study it properly until we get this ugly germ theory hoax out of the way.

There is, of course, the phenomenon of illnesses seeming to spread. For example a child brings home the flu and soon their siblings and parents get it too. Surely, you might claim, this proves germ theory. However, again, we lack the proper frame of reference to even frame our hypotheses correctly. We have just shown that viruses and bacteria are not, in themselves agents of sickness. While we share bacteria all the time with those around us, this bacteria doesn’t eat us because our bodies are alive – not rotting flesh. We have also shown that in the case of major outbreaks of plague all we need is a population exposed to the same stressors, (like toxins, EMF, etc.)

Yet sickness, or rather, a similar set of symptoms might break out in a family. But many invisible things pass from person to person – for example someone yawns in a room and soon two or three other people yawn. Something has passed, invisibly, between them, to make that urge to yawn “contagious.” So too is the phenomenon of chicken pox or flu, but in neither case do we need to posit germ particles as the enemy. It’s more likely something being exchanged in the more subtle psychic and etheric realms. And in the case of exosomes spreading, like with chicken pox, the purpose is to spread the adaptive cellular strategy, and sure enough, people who get chicken pox as children are healthier in the long run; everyone knows this. An adult who gets chicken pox is “25 times more likely to die” and this is because they were not exposed to the exosomes as a child that would have prepared them for whatever stressor really causes that set of symptoms we call “chicken pox.”

In closing, I was in Target today, waiting in line, next to a giant display of wipes, and once you know that germ theory is a huge part of the Satanic agenda, you know why “disinfectant” brands like Dawn claim to kill 99.9% of germs (it’s an upside down 666):

DAWN is an anagram of WAND, because both are claiming to do magic.


The Contagion Myth, by Dr. Tom Cowan

Humanity is Not A Virus, by Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Show Me The Virus, a radio interview of Cowan and Kaufman

Fascia, by Mark Tokarski, Piece of Mindful Blog

Stefan Lanka dismantles modern virus theory (list of links/resources)


Rudolf Steiner was saying much of the same thing, back in the early 20th century. His words are prophetic for our age:

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Pizzagate Riddles in Pop Media: The Magicians, Katy Perry, E.T.

For Bob and Aaron.

Warning: Disturbing content.

Observation: Time resets/loops/travel/manipulation movies or shows are often paired to ritual sodomy signaling codes. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please read this post first.

Aug writes, “Everything revolves around the basic idea that this entire universe, every aspect of it, can be produced through advanced technology and a living body. Once the two are in sync, an entire simulated realm, the experiences within can be recreated.”

Bob Schlenker (Open Scroll Blog) speaking about MK Ultra programmed victims: “They are helpless victims. Their supernatural abilities are exploited by their programmers and handlers – witches, sorcerers, wizards, (who) manipulate our reality through their ritual spell work…our reality is being changed through the manipulation of time. Those responsibilities for it are leveraging the abilities of programmed individuals, enhanced by various technologies. The sovereign God has allowed this up to a certain limit, then no more. (SOURCE)

Working Hypothesis: Dark forces kidnap psychically gifted children (like in The Institute), and rape them while the child is hooked up to advanced machinery capable of projecting reality. We find ourselves in such a fallen realm being projected thusly (at least, temporarily).

Pizzagate is about so much more than a pedophile ring operating out of a pizza joint/ping pong parlour in Washington DC. It is that too, but this is a front for something deeper that affects the very metaphysics of our realm and the controllers who operate it.

“Pizza Esoterica” as Bob coined it, goes back a lot further than Pizzagate. In this post we will see the same codes in E.T. which came out in 1982. There is thus no linear way into this study, no true beginning. But to do our best, let’s start with Aleister Crowley’s Book of Lies. Bob has diligently shown a connection between a particular chapter in this book, and many of the media productions of late. For some reason this chapter is being used as a blueprint. I will post it here in its entirety.

It is a chapter about destroying the ego through occult means as a way of merging with the absolute. Whether Crowley meant for it to become an excuse for all kinds of sick perversions (perhaps due to the line “acquire a taste for what is naturally repugnant”), I can only guess.

But notice the line, “witness the tremendous but transitory vogue of ping pong and diabolo. Those games in which perfection is impossible never cease to attract.”

We are going to see how ping pong gets connected again and again to pizza imagery and through this subtle coded language, leads to pedophilia, coprophagia, and the dark energies that result from these practices, especially in a ritualistic, orgiastic setting.

Even the mainstream is aware that the infamous Comet Pizza Parlour also hosted ping pong tables. Here is where this pattern begins to emerge. Note that the other game Crowley mentions is “diabolo” which is the name of the devil, or Pan.

Comet Ping Pong – implicated in child trafficking involving members of the elite including Clintons, Podestas, Obama, etc.

Looks like more bleeding from the eyes, like the Horus Eye which is the third eye but in the dark occult sodomite club the third eye is the anus. There is also some vaginal diamond imagery near the pizza. The pizza sauce looks more like blood splatter.

Katy Perry wore a similar patterned dress to the comet poster above, at the Superbowl halftime show. She is swimming with sharks. Crowley writes, in that same chapter, Buttons and Rosettes,
“Be thou more greedy than the shark…

In The Magicians, season 5 episode 6, we see Eliot’s shirt has buttons and a wall painting of roses behind him. Buttons and Rosettes:

What caught Bob’s attention was that the episode is about time loops (which, remember, often pairs with ritual sodomy).

Eliot says, “That’s how we do” which adds a layer of connection to Katy Perry’s song “This is How We Do” which as we’ll see momentarily carries much of the same symbolism riffing off of buttons and rosettes, pizza, ping pong, etc. Playing off the themes of Crowley’s chapter, Eliot here is proposing some “unbridled hedonism” in the form of drinking and partying. Eliot is also gay. That is how they do.

The episode opens with Josh taking a pizza out of the oven:

The plot of this episode is that the time loops are repeating in the final 12 hours before the apocalypse, after magic went bad and broke the moon.

She can’t stop the apocalypse, because the meta-math (mm 33) is too complicated.
And then Josh sneezes on the pizza:

Establishing a connection between body fluids and pizza.

With pizza specifically, the sauce is the anal bleeding from rough sodomy, the cheese is the semen, and the sausage/pepperoni are phallic.

And in these Satanic forms of spirit cooking, any and all body fluids are combined to make “cakes of light” which is what Katy refers to in the line, “slow cooking pancakes for my boy”

Sipping on Rosé, Silverlake sun, coming up all lazy (this is how we do)
Slow cooking pancakes for my boy, still up, still fresh, she’s a Daisy

Playing ping pong all night long, everything’s all neon and hazy

”This is How We Do” lyrics, Katy Perry

Diabolo, Satan, a “medieval blind for Pan” the goat god, and reason for this scene in a different Magicians episode:

The goat god of Fillory wants little cakes, as in pancakes. Also a reference to the cakes of light used in magick ritual to invoke spirits (spirit cooking). Pizza is also baked on a pan.

Let’s look at the music video for “This Is How We Do” (as in “doo-doo,”) to see how they make their “cakes of light.”

The pizza slice (representing the child victim) walks across the set collecting body excretions from each of the characters. We see the cup of mysterious brown liquid sloshing near the ice cream sandwhich’s eye (brown eye – anus, poop).

The pizza victim is now being symbolically pooped on by Katy herself.

Finally the pizza collects fluids from the twerking ice cream cone and then what looks like a sneezing ice cream sandwich. In these Satanic rituals, the more fluids the better, any kind of secretion works, the more the merrier. The triple ice cream cone is making the hand motion of jerking off. His other hand is hidden (hidden hand: HH-88) behind him, suggesting he is doing something with his butt. The green ice cream scoop in between his two eyes is where the third eye would be, but there is no eye, thus it suggests, once again, the hidden eye.

It is necessary, unfortunately, dear reader, to go into all these details in order to debunk what many will regard as coincidence or simply drawing paranoid conclusions that aren’t there. One or two of these things could be cast off as coincidence, but the devil is in the details, or in how they layer them one on top of another.

Ice cream is code for poop (soft serve) and an ice cream sandwich has got a stick up its butt, a woody.

Katy underwater in her pizza bathing suit and matching earrings, the fish harken back to the line, “Be thou more greedy than the shark.”

As well, remember one of the wikileaks photos was Podesta with the fish and 14:

Below the tray of pancakes, we see a pineapple (pineal), the other fruit arranged to look like penis and testes.

Ping pong, back and forth, the rhythm gaining intensity like an occult ritual. Gay men can either throw or catch, give or receive, sexually speaking. When we review the pizza scene from E.T. we will see the boy playing catch with the alien.

Chanel x 2 = CC, 33.
Black light, misting wet (Mistinguitte, see Crowley’s commentary), body fluids being sprayed, like Josh sneezing on the pizza. Ping pong, back and forth, catch and throw. Black lights are used to reveal hidden body fluids at crime scenes.

In that same time loop episode of the Magicians, the time techie asks Eliot and Margot “Were you spritzed with something?”

And notice the technician spots the fluids through his brown-eye filter.

“Something that caused –

Misted with body fluids, the psychic slave children (pizza) project our reality thus controlling time (temporal permanence).

“Everything that is happening now is part of a process of breaking a temporal, artificial intelligence hold on humanity which creates the same repeating loop of destruction that resets time to an earlier period,” writes Aug Tellez.

Only Margot and Eliot (who were sprayed) know that the world is stuck in a repeating time loop. Thus only they can save the world. Resonance with films GroundHog’s Day, and Edge of Tomorrow (and others).

Now I am not saying necessary that I believe wholeheartedly what Aug is saying, but I do see his material as a rare glimpse behind everything that happens on the main stage in world events and throughout Hollyweird and Celebrity culture. Time resets and ritual sodomy are very important to the elite. Through these decodes we can reverse engineer, so to speak, what is really happening, what they aren’t telling us but put so much work into hiding in easter egg format throughout their films and shows. People need to understand that Hollywood was created for this sole purpose. NOT to entertain, although it does harness the energy from the masses who ARE entertained and under their mind control spell or trance.

It is the Beast System and most people unconsciously go along with it. That isn’t to pass judgement, they are afraid to leave the mass mind and afraid of the implications of accepting all these horrors as true.<But they would rather accept other horrors like viruses and climate change and comets…> People like me have no choice, we’ve seen it, and it can’t be unseen. We cannot go back into the Matrix and eat that Matrix steak, we know it’s fake.

In Spielberg’s E.T., the famous scene where the boy (who is also Eliot), sees E.T. for the first time, he is tasked with ordering and picking up the pizza from the delivery man.

Pizza box in hand, walking back to the house, the spotlight above his head seems deliberately placed.

This is the child whose third eye is going to be forcibly “illumined,” becoming an Illuminati.

Then he hears something rattling in the shed in his backyard. He yells, “Harvey, is that you boy?” Thinking its his dog. So he evokes Sirius, the dog star here, and in this context, Sirius is Set, Satan, following the alien/demon/devil symbology.

Then he walks past a ping pong table!

Meanwhile his brother is playing D&D in the house with his buddies, one of whom plays a nasty prank on their mom, who is obliviously doing the dishes:

He points to her butt, while Eliot carries in the pizza, establishing a connection between butts and pizzas. (By the way I remember this scene when watching as a kid, and thinking it seemed out of place in a kid’s movie, now we know the full story).

Eliot goes to check out the noise in the shed (which functions as a butt like the mailbox or male box in The Lake House, about a wormhole in time), putting the pizza box on the grASS.

We see a sliver of a moon in the night sky, shining like devil horns. The dark Goddess is being evoked, Mother of Set.

The pizza box is square, the pizza itself is round, that’s squaring the circle. So too are the dynamics of baseball.

He throws the baseball in the shed, and moments later the ET throws it back.

Catching and throwing (like ping pong, back and forth) alluding to giving or receiving with gay sex, and also to the increasing resonance as the sex magick ritual gains intensity, like sound reverberating in an echo chamber. E.T. is the demon or dark spirit that can be attached to the child victim via sodomy/rape/trauma/MK Ultra procedures.

The boy is so frightened that he smushes the pizza box, slipping on the wet grASS, falling on his ASS.

Cornfields in the distance, Saturn is the God of the harvest, the corn god, ruler of Capri-corn, who is the goat, the horned one (Pan), like the horned sliver of the moon.

His mom and brother and his friends come out to see what the fuss is all about. The flashlight lingers inadvertently on the boy’s genital region:

“Who said you guys could order pizza?” the mother accuses.

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