Robin Williams Illuminati Sacrifice Predicted

There’s a recent trend of celebrities hinting at their own deaths before dying –  Mac Miller, XXXtentaccion, Heath Ledger, Britney Murphy, the list goes on and on, and it looks like we can add Robin Williams to that list.

There’s no denying the evidence is there. People who don’t believe this  is happening aren’t looking. And they aren’t looking because they’ve already made up their mind about it. That it can’t be true, that they’re being lied to on such a vast scale … that all these celebrity deaths (whether real or faked) have been planned well in advance by an EL-ite and are based around numerology and black magick.

Family Guy and Robin Williams Death Predictive Programming

The TV shows ‘Family Guy,’ and ‘The Simpsons’ are well-known vehicles for the Illuminati slipping hints, clues and predictive programming for major events.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 6.31.46 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-06 at 6.32.13 PM

This time even the mainstream media acknowledges the “uncanny coincidence,” in reporting on Robin Williams death:

From“BBC Three viewers were shocked by an “uncanny coincidence” last night when news of Robin Williams’ apparent suicide came in just as a Family Guy episode centering around Robin Williams and a failed suicide attempt finished…”

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 6.38.57 PM

But to understand this riddle you have to be familiar with how Robin is supposed to have killed himself:

Truthiracy and others have pointed out that that does not leave a lot of belt room with which to hang oneself. It just doesn’t seem likely.

So he supposedly hung himself on a door and here we see in the episode, Peter trying to kill himself and the bullet turns into Robin Williams. Then Peter runs out of the house, and the front door becomes Robin, just like the door that he supposedly hung from, using a belt, on the night that this very same Family Guy episode aired. Hmm..

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 9.20.10 PM

Robin’s last movie “Worlds Greatest Dad” eerily predicts these same themes around his death that would happen 4 years later:

In the movie his son dies accidently from autoerotic asphyxiation, and to avoid embarrassing his son he hangs him from the door frame and makes it look like a suicide….

For more on this actor/comedian’s sacrifice and the esoteric themes built around it, I recommend Truthiracy’s Youtube Video breakdown here.

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Jesuits Have Created The Globe Deception With Help from Vrill Parasites

The Jesuits Role in Hiding Flat Earth

An excerpt from “WLC videos” youtube channel:

“Recent discoveries have uncovered dates agendas and goals that connect the Jesuits to a massive deception for the purpose of a multi-faceted end time delusion. The design of their deeply hidden plot is to change the perception of the masses regarding the authority of the bible, the correct shape of the earth, the layout of the universe and the creator’s position in it.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 6.41.35 PM.png

This change in perception has prepared minds for the overwhelming delusion to come upon the world in the “first woe,” or “the fifth trumpet” as prophesied in Revelation chapter 9. This delusion will be a demonic attack in the pretext of a demonic invasion.”

But first they had to convince the masses of a different model of the universe. Enter Copernicus. His heliocentric model was promoted by the priests and Pope Paul III. They also worked out the Gregorian calendar.


“The Catholic church advanced his heliocentric model and urged him to spread it upon the world, in addition to other theories that opposed sacred scriptures. The necessity to change public perception from an accurate believe to a false belief grew slowly. With sapient baby steps, the whole world would become amenable to the final delusion of an alien invasion under the first woe.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 6.46.54 PM

This deception required a globe earth spinning through the vast reaches of space, space inhabited by aliens and other sentient life forms. These contrivances created doubt in the bible, putting science ahead of scripture, which advises mankind that the earth is enclosed and unmoving. They also place the creator far away from his creation. by presenting a universe unimaginably vast. To engineer this belief, the Jesuits became the agents of change….”

Earth is fixed, enclosed, and unmovable…

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 7.06.53 PM

“…By deliberately teaching their followers to invite demonic spirits into their human spirits, the Jesuits exposed what manner of mankind each truly was. the founder, Ignatius Loyola, had taught all members of the society ‘certain spiritual exercises which made them practical mind controlled slaves to Satan, they were daily ‘to become corpses, or cadavers, that they unhesitatingly obey the will of their superiors.’ In opening the mind to the influence of demons, these Jesuits brought in a spirit of malevolence, a demonic intelligence that was unprecedented in Catholicism. now Satanically controlled, the Jesuit priests became successful in every evil endeavor. They became infamous at their skill at deception and subterfuge. Their ability to infiltrate governments and institutions of learning, their standing as advisors to kings, the very influence they wielded was tantamount to becoming humanly insurmountable.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 6.59.16 PM.png

Following Copernicus’s publications, it is possible the Jesuit order has produced more astronomers than any other demographic in Europe. That ostensibly, a religious order should produce so many scientists should cause surprise.(SOURCE)

Demonic Possession or Vrill Lizards?

Now whenever I hear about demonic possession from truthers like this, I consider, in light of Donald Marshall’s testimony, if they are in fact talking about Vrills and Drones, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 7.13.35 PM

Think about it, if Vrill lizards wanted to drone humans en masse, they do it through this very fake alien invasion carried out by the globalist Jesuits that this guy is talking about. The top-level Jesuits could all be drones or under Vrill orders.  He says “they were daily to become corpses, or cadavers, that they unhesitatingly obey the will of their superiors.” This is precisely the strict reptilian hierarchy Vrills and drones have, unquestioningly obedient to the queen. This was portrayed quite well by the TV show “V.”

Once droned, they would become “cadavers” as they die and their body gets used by the parasite. Used as a pawn in their agenda. So once this pact was made between the Jesuits and the Vrill, of course they would be more apt at “infiltrating governments and institutions.” All they have to do is kidnap and drone the right people, people with influence. That is how the Jesuit web was woven.

The lizard just wants to experience life as a human, and will follow orders once in their human body, their human assignment. Each and every drone is an agent, that reports directly to its superiors.

These idiot NASA astronauts from the 60’s and 70’s are most likely not human, drones pushing the ball earth lie. NASA and the intelligence agencies are all under Jesuit control. Hollywood, the propaganda arm, with all its space operas and star wars and all the alien movies are prepping us for the fake invasion. The subterranean Vrill want to appear as vastly superior E.T.’s with space travel tech. But their connection to advanced tech is like Gollum and the Ring of Power, they discovered and pillaged  relics from an ancient high civilization buried in caves below the Earth. They waited until they could find modern humans to ally with, and they found the early Jesuits (as well as other groups throughout history). They traded this tech and these mind control trade secrets to the Jesuits and in exchange the Jesuits have been supplying them human victims and also working together to bring in this kind of mass droning event that will coincide with their New World Order. It’s their self-described, “Great Work.”

Vrill Hints In “The Mummy”?

The latest movie that Tom Cruise (clone, super-soldier, possible transgender) stars in, “The Mummy” seems to be full of hints. They love to show the one-eye symbolism, especially with one eye getting fucked up, or bleeding, which is a result of the droning (body snatching) process.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 10.23.19 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 7.14.33 PM

Tom Cruise’s buddy in the movie gets bitten by a demonic spider and ends up looking like this:Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 7.15.56 PM

The uninformed masses will pass it off as just more zombie weirdness. Just like the scene from the 2013 zombie movie “Contracted.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 9.20.39 PM

In the scene below, one of the mummy’s cursed spiders crawls into the guy’s ear:

His eyes roll into the back of his head and he’s now under mind control.

I also find it odd that the Mummy’s tattoos resemble Rihanna’s scales tattoo which she later covered up.

What is droning? A refresher course. It’s symbol is the Eye of Horus.


So do you think the following people are all just being punched in the eye, or is there something more nefarious going on?

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 9.24.20 PM

Were the Knights Templars Similarly Infiltrated?

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 10.09.54 PM

Donald Marshall (Thur. July 4, 2013) – The Knights Templar were digging around the Holy land during the crusades, looking for Holy relics and were swarmed by vrill type 1’s, many were killed or disabled and turned into vrill hosts, the hosts then infiltrated the leadership and made more hosts,… that’s what vrill do.

This is why the Roman Catholic Church burned them, this is also why the Spanish inquisition happened, they called parasite hosts “demonic possession.” This is also the reason many “witches and warlocks” were killed. Many innocents were killed as well, but many drones died. It is a very long story. goes way back.

The Templars WERE worshipping cats and doing ritual sacrifices, this was not a lie made up by the church to steal their money, Egypt worshipped cats too a little and I’ll tell you why, sounds weird but, Vrill type 1’s have sex with cat’s, theyre about the right size and the cats don’t judge them by appearance, cats are afraid of vrill instinctually knowing they are toxic poisonous and would not resist the advances of one. Eventually the cat would treat the vrill like a cat and love it just like it was another cat lol… its whack I know but true lol. Poor cats.(Source)

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The Two Bulls Code

This post will bring in some new information from this youtube video series by “Truthiracy,” and tries to synthesize it with the astrotheological groundwork laid by my study of Santos Bonacci.

The Bible is the Bi-Bull

Here is the code to unlocking a bunch of truth, you ready?

Bull = Taurus = Baal or El the ancient bull god of the Phoenician Canaanites.

And if you haven’t seen my earlier post on this topic, “Taurus” is also the Torus Field. Santos Bonacci talks about how the torus field creates EL-ectricity, the only true force or energy this universe uses.Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.27.20 PM

From wikipedia:Ēl is called again and again Tôru ‘Ēl (“Bull Ēl” or “the bull god”). He is bātnyu binwāti(“Creator of creatures”), ’abū banī ’ili (“father of the gods”), and ‘abū ‘adami (“father of man”). He is qāniyunu ‘ôlam (“creator eternal”), the epithet ‘ôlam appearing in Hebrew form in the Hebrew name of God ’ēl ‘ôlam “God Eternal” in Genesis 21.33. He is ḥātikuka (“your patriarch”). Ēl is the grey-bearded ancient one, full of wisdom, malku (“King”)”

Hence if he is the grey bearded one he is also Chronos, Saturn, Old man Time. And you know this is true by comparing the symbol of Saturn with the Hebrew letter “Lamed” which makes the ‘L’ sound.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.37.39 PMNotice the hourglasses. They are shaped like the center of the torus field or hyperBOLoid.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.40.26 PM

So your EL-ite are worshipping Satan, who is really Saturn-EL, Old man Chronos, who is also Baal, or El, whose symbol is the Bull. He is the reason they ring the Liberty BELL. The bell is also shaped like a torus.

The two Bulls are red and blue. One is good and one is evil.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 7.08.47 PM

The two bulls are also represented with the two pillars. That’s Jachim and Boaz.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 9.41.45 PM

The red and the blue. Male and Female. You can see the two triangles, one is upside down, they come together to form the Star of David in the sexual union. We are going to see a lot of sex symbolism in this post.

And we saw the two bulls worship on 9/11. Two bulls = two Taurus’s = the twin TOWERS that were destroyed on 9/II or EL EL. On 9 EL-even (evil). And ten years later they announced that Osama bin laden was dead on May 1st 2011 a “black moon” day, where the moon is dark and no portion is illuminated. We are going to see how the moon ties into the bull code.

The response from 9/11 was to go to war by sending out “soldiers” or sun-diers, who ritualisticaly die for the sun god Baal. That is why they have to be adorned with these symbols. And notice how they like to start wars in spring-time, Aries, which is the birth of the sun in the Zodiac, and the time that the ancient cultures would make blood sacrifices to the earth to appease the fertility gods for a good harvest year. Often a bull or goat was sacrificed.

Truthiracy frequently points out that the Phoenician alphabet is the ancestor of almost all modern alphabets. That’s why you find the bull in BUY and S(EL)L. At the US Capit(EL). Which is in the shape of an OWL or OW(EL).

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.01.11 PM

Owls are always connected with clocks because they both represent Saturn, Old man Time, the grim reaper. And its from the Phoenicians that we get the legends of the evil god Moloch or Molech, and the word “Molest.”

Now Owls or Els or Elohim are always worshipped in a temp-EL, like the temple of SoloMON (Sun and Moon). And the ancient Hebrews prayed to Yahweh, and “Yah” is Egyptian for “moon.” And when the Babylonians built the tower of Bab-EL, it was a “sin” which was another name for their moon-god.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.49.18 PM

Now the Ob-EL-isk is phallic but it’s not a human phallus. It is shaped like a bull penis. Because the EL-ites are worshipping Ba’al, or EL or Saturn El the Phoenician Canaanite Bull God. This is of course where we get the exoteric myth of Satan designed to scare the sheep-EL and why he is always depicted with horns of a bull or ram.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.17.58 PM

So the obelisk is the bull penis in the center or bulls-eye of the Vatican courtyard. It’s in the middLE (EL), or the vagina, scoring, getting laid.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.01.17 PM

The ‘O’ with a dot in the center is a symbol of sex.

The OX wants to be part of the sex magic as well. The ox is traditionally a castrated bull. “Ox” backwards is XO, like hugs and kisses. XOXO. Why things are X rated, XXX.

And now you know why its called a cli-TORUS.

When a coup-EL wants to have sex, they get “horny” like the horns of the bull god Taurus. Or they might get “randy” like a goat. Sex is sometimes considered a sin, because the word sin comes from the moon, and the moon is synced up with the female ovulation cycle. The moon is intricately connected to fertility.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.33.30 PM

In Greek myth Europa went riding the white bull which turned out to be Zeus in disguise, who then stole  her away, in other words, raping her.

The words “Circle” and “Middle” contain the Bull God El. Circ-EL, and a circle has a middle or Mid-EL, the middle is also the CENTER, or SIN-MOON where “cen” or “sin” = Moon, and “ter” = Taurus, or the Torus (donut shape), which is where we get words like Cen-taur, and Min-o-taur which are part-human part-beast (El). The ancient Egyptain fertility moon God was called “Min.” Minotaur.

It’s all Moon-Tauruses. Why is this the root of so many words? Is this why in astrology Venus rules Taurus, as she is a feminine planet, and the moon is also decidedly feminine. But Ba’al or El the Bull God is definitely male. So you can see the sharp duality here, the two bulls contrasted on a knives edge of red and blue, male and female, sun and moon, good and bad. The book of “Exodus” means ‘sex of deuce’ or two, the coupling and the bifurcating, because the bible is about all things polarized, and one of the main polarizations is Male/Female.

Know your words, know your etymology and you will de-occult the EL-ite. Because the words don’t lie, you can’t debunk it if its built into our very language. Santos Bonacci calls it “Atom-ology,” all is ATUM, as the Egyptians used to say.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.53.28 PM

The Vatican is also shaped like the female uTERus (torus).

Breaking down the word “obelisk” we get O = woman, Bel = man, Isk = pertaining to.  Pertaining to male and female, to sex, its a sex magic ritual the occultists are playing out. And it involves the moon. From the moon we get the words –

Monarch’ (moon arch) and ‘Monotheism’ and ‘Monopoly,’ and ‘Money’ all those nasty tricks the worshippers of EL are playing on us.

All being used for MINd control, Mind is Min, moon. When the moon is in its arch, or its crescent, its shaped like two curved horns of a bull.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 10.04.49 PM

Truthiracy says, “Thats why the Illuminati want you to drink the bulls blood which comes from the Canaanite can of fertility, drinking the red blood from the bi-bull or the biblos, the two bulls. The sacrifice of the golden sun, in the bull god, Jesus and drinking his blood, the sex magic of the I O I .”

In the book of Genesis or (genes of Isis), it is the female Eve that is tempted by the snake, and thus the one who first “sins.” Because she is EVIL (Eve-EL) because she represents two, or EVEN numbers. Adam is one, odd numbers. 1,3,5,7,9 are all good or lucky numbers. Even numbers are evil, six is a hex, and four is unlucky in some asian cultures. Two is duality which is naturally where good and evil are born, and Taurus symbolizes this because it is the second house of the Zodiac wheel.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.49.30 PM

We were talking about the bull’s eye earlier, well it’s also the target logo, and its also Saturn, because of how the globalists and NASA insist on depicting it with the ring.


Saturn and the moon are deeply connected in this fertility rite because when you get married you put the wedding RING (Saturn) on, and now sex is no longer a “SIN” (moon).

These are the linguistic keys to unlocking the occult: all the customs and traditions that have been seeped in mystery all this time. This knowledge is what the elites are guarding from us, to give them a preferential advantage over the sheep. They get to be the ram and us the sheep because they have the playbook, the ancient knowledge that was perfected in Egypt.

Some final notes: When Moses (Mars, Aries) led his Isra-EL-ites through the Red Sea, to the promised land, it was really the sperm traveling through the vagina to the egg (promised land) in the Ov-ARIES. After the passage through the red sea Moses goes up Mount SIN-Ai or Moon Mountain and gets the two tablets or taBULLets (two bulls). But when he comes down from the mountain his people are worshipping a golden Bull and he gets mad. Mad because they were mired in SIN, they should be worshipping the RAM now, the new house, Aries, which is the higher mind (cerebRAM), instead of the Bull or cereBULLUM, the lower mind. They were stuck in the emotions and sense gratification. So due to 2000 year precession cycles, of course Moses, who represents Aries, is going to take down the bull, or Taurus, the previous age.

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The Illuminati Populates The White House and Hollywood with Transexuals

Preface: I have nothing against ordinary people who feel miserable in their assigned sex at birth and decide to change their sex through surgery and/or hormones. That is their business. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 3.43.26 PM

It came to my attention in the comments section on my latest post on Ariana Grande that she may in fact be a transgender male to female. I was told to look closely at her tall, pointy shoulders above, and how they always put the “Baphomet horns” on her…and I thought there may be something to it. By this time I had also seen this Youtube video showing evidence of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt both being transgendered.

Also isn’t it funny, the mainstream news has been reporting Jolie and Pitt’s children as openly questioning their assigned genders. This could be the elites’ way of hinting about and predictive programming the real transgender issue; hiding it in plain sight.

So the idea was planted in my mind but it wasn’t until I watched a video entitled “Michael may not be the first tranny in the white house,” did I realize quite how prevalent this phenomenon is. “Michael” of course being Michelle Obama, who has long been rumored in conspiracy circles to be transgender. Here is video footage of Barack Obama even mistakenly calling her “Michael” during a speech.

This post will simply analyze some picture evidence and as always, encourages the reader to come to their own conclusions.

The LGBTQ community is not being attacked here. But the Illuminati’s use of transgendered people is something else entirely. For one thing this is not about choice, it is likely they force it on their children from birth, the ones groomed to be key public figures.

I believe they are hiding transgendered people among our world leaders and pop stars as a way to covertly push homosexuality on the masses as part of their eugenics program or, as Mark Passio puts it, “getting the herd to cull itself.”

It’s also a way to mock sexuality, the divine feminine and masculine, it’s another weapon to destroy the nuclear family set-up. It’s also a way to further the mind control for the masses: don’t believe your lying eyes as you watch TV. The first lady or actress giving off male vibes is just an illusion. It’s the same with the globe deception, you don’t feel like you are moving in a spinning ball, millions of miles per hour through space, but don’t trust your senses on this, trust us, your elite.

Presidents, First Ladies, Prime Ministers

Keep in mind these are multi-generational Satanic families, and what do Satanists do? Invert everything. So it makes sense that they would invert the sex of their children. Another way to mock God and the Creation.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 2.56.50 PM

Look at Bill Clinton’s mom. Everything about her face is masculine, the square jaw, the low cheekbones, the fake eyebrows, thick upper arms. Here she is again:Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 2.57.21 PM

Below is a pic of Barbara Bush and Princess Diana.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 2.58.04 PM

Diana is definitely giving off male vibes, look at the wide shoulders and muscular upper arms. Her short haircut made me spot something in her face I hadn’t seen before, but now I only see it.

Look at young Diana below, very boyish face!

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 3.54.58 PM

Barbara Bush too, at first seems like a normal old lady. But let’s look at some earlier pics from her life:

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 3.15.20 PM

Square jaw, square forehead, masculine smile, meanwhile young George Bush could quite possibly be a female-to-male, with his soft blue eyes, narrow jaw, narrow forehead, etc, etc. Just look objectively at the picture and ask yourself who is giving off the masculine vibe verses feminine. You’ve been trained not to trust your lying eyes. Now I’m telling you to trust your lying eyes.

Once you see it you can’t un-see it, especially if you are somewhat familiar with what openly transgender people look like post-op. Barbara Bush was a man.

In this picture of the Reagan’s below, look closely at Nancy Reagan‘s fingers. Men tend to have their ring finger longer than their index, while with women its the opposite:

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 3.02.44 PMNancy Reagan fails the fingertip test. Her ring finger is noticeably longer, like a man’s.

Look at JFK’s wife, Jackie Kennedy as a young “woman”:

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 3.11.49 PM

Muscular upper arms, square forehead and jaw, and the look of plastic surgery…

Look at her manly stomach in the bathing suit pic.

Betty Ford, Gerald Ford’s wife, also has square face syndrome.

Look at her shaking someone’s hand with those muscular upper arms:

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 3.12.55 PM

Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister is highly suspect:

Remove the hair and make-up and there is nothing feminine left in that face.

So it’s not just in the U.S., this is world-wide and has clearly been going on a very long time. But people are now waking up to it, another piece of the deception.

“I was like you once, a skeptic, but now my eyes are wide open….” – Dark Signal.

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Aries, the Lamb Of God

This post will take a break from delving into and exposing the Dark Occult’s wicked crimes against humanity, and look at the Light side of Occult, the sacred science that they are hiding and trying to pollute. This is based on the great works of Santos Bonacci, AKA Mr. Astrotheology.


Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 6.56.27 PM.png

The lamb or ram of God is a common motif in sacred scripture. In the book of Revelation alone, the lamb appears 29 times. Santos Bonacci has covered extensively its Astrotheological significance, and how it is built into all spiritual faiths and traditions, and even into language itself. For language is the root science from which all other sciences come from.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 11.16.36 PM

The lamb or ram is Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, signaling Spring, a new year, in  the suns path around the ecliptic, or twelve signs. The sun is born or resurrected, from its wintery death in Aries. So the ram is a symbol of the birth of the sun.

maxresdefault (19)

Aries and Libra sit right on the equator, where the sine wave meets the x axis, signaling a balance point between summer and winter, day and night, Horus/Horizon and Set or the Sun Setting.

See how Santos is pointing to the head and to Aries, March the 21st, the start of Spring, because Aries is also the head, all the signs have a body part equivalent, and Aries is the Cerebrum or CerebRAM, followed by Taurus the Bull which is the cerebellum or CereBULLum. See how this sacred science is built into our language? No humans could think this up. Santos says that English is Anglish, the language of Angels, and hence the best language for syncretism, the science of syncretizing all things.

You can see the Ram’s horns in the diagram of the cerebrum below.

A cross section of the cerebrum shows an eye of a lamb.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.05.18 PM

“All the secrets of the universe lie in the wave.” -Walter Russell. He is referring to the sine wave, the ecliptic, the path of the Sun or Helios, and if you notice how it makes a similar shape to our DNA the double HELIX.


The starting point of the wave as it hits the equator in March the 21st is known in astrology and astronomy as Right Ascension of Meridian, or R.A.M.

Ram is also Ra, in Egypt, and in Hindu is RAdharani, a goddess. It’s also MARy, or Ave Maria, if you just flip the letters around, “Ram”, becoming “Mar.”

Once you spot this pattern you will begin to see the lamb or the ram hiding in many words and names. This is because the Ram and the Bull, Aries and Taurus, are the two most important signs of the Zodiac.

download (45)

It’s why Krishna is always with his cows. It’s why Abraham and Moses are shepherds, herding sheep. Lambs and bulls.

You can see the outline of the Bull’s head in the TORus field, which is the true Atom or fractal builder of our universe. According to Santos there are no particles, its not a wave/particle universe as the quantum physicists say, its a torus field/wave universe. All is energy, all is ATUM, or Adam, or Atom. For Adam is Man but he is also Earth, in Hebrew, “Adama” means earth, or ground, dirt – we are made of the dust of the Earth, we borrow its energy for while and then return it.

What does a Torus field do? It creates TURBULENCE, its energy is TERRIBLE. It turns, like a TURBINE, these all are torus-bull words. All energy words. Because this is how energy works.

So Ave Maria and Rhadarani have RAM in their names because they symbolize fertility, new life, birth, and sure enough, compare the horned animal head shape to the female reproductive system.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.46.33 PM

Aries is hiding the words UteRUs and OvARIES. Santos says “The lamb of God is in the generative system because it belongs to Scorpio which is ruled by MARS (Ram backwards) and Mars being the ruler of Aries and Scorpio, pertains to fire and water, for Aries is fire, and Scorpio is water.”

Fire and water is a reference to red-shift blue-shift, the pattern electricity makes, the daughter of magnetism and dielectricity to create the physical universe.

Tor – means red. Rojo – Spanish. Rot – German.

Bull – means Blue.

Red-shift blue-shift (also, Right and Left), created by turbulence of Torus Fields, is also the Yin Yang. Check out the Korean flag:


The four black shaped lines around the Yin Yang represent the four elements, earth, air, water and fire.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 8.21.39 PM

In the Matrix, Neo is offered the choice between the red pill or the blue. Newborn infants get blue for boys and red (pink) for girls. This red/blue duality is what holds this universe together.

The Torus field is also hiding in the British flag

We see the red and blue, the diagonal lines are the magnetic fields branching out from the vertical line or Tower (tor), Mount Meru or the central pillar. The horizontal line is the equator, the horizon line, HORus, the sun god, Helios, as he journey’s along the ecliptic.


The yearly path of the sun is also represented by the cross, a symbol dated far earlier than Christianity. The four points of the cross are the four cardinal points of the year, or can be used to divide the 24 hour day. It is the basis for the clock.

See how we see it hidden on our flags and in media and sports and marketing logos?This is because the elites know this true science, the science of syncretism which Santos is revealing to us. They know that these archetypal symbols affect us subconsciously, even if we don’t know their true meaning. And so unconsiously we are drawn to buy products with logos that stimulate this part of us. Meanwhile the dark occult works on the conscious mind to portray these sacred truths as sinister or evil (religious dogma), or else deny it as a wack pseudo-science (scientism, left-brain imbalanced thinking).

In John 1:29. John the Baptist saw Jesus coming, he said to His disciples, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” Well this is talking about the end of winter and the birth of Spring. The lamb, Aries, takes away the Sin, or Satan, or Saturn, who rules the underworld, winter, when the sun sets. So there is always this tug between Jesus and Satan, light and dark, Horus and Set, good and evil. But the two need each other, they are brothers, for light cannot exist without dark, and vice versa.

Revelation 5:12-14), “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.” The lamb is always slain or sacrificed in the Fall, AuTUMN, the Fall of Man, in September, after Libra, the scales, the other equinox. Scorpio then bites the sun, or the lamb, killing it with its poison juices, and for the next six months it must make its way through the underworld.

In Freemasonry, there is the legend of master mason “Hiram Abiff” who gets sacrificed for not revealing the ancient wisdom to a group of thugs. Well his name is really the “High Ram Above.” Above as in the head, more specifically the pineal gland, which is what we are supposed to activate in order to ascend, to commune with God.

Around this time, mid-September, Jews celebrate ROsh Hashanah (“Rosh” means head) because they start their yearly calender here, and this is why they blow the Ram‘s horn, or ShofAR, to signal in the new year.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 1.16.10 PM

Can you spot the ram or Ra, or Rah, hiding in the following holy books?

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 8.57.08 PM

Much of what I touched on can be sourced here:

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Marty Leeds – The De-Occulting of John Podesta

Paraphrased from a Marty Leeds lecture.

Marty: This picture had been found in the Podesta wikileaks files. For those who don’t know, he was the chairman of Hillary’s campaign, was chosen as chief of staff to Bill Clinton and was counselor to Obama. Wikileaks has released thousands of his emails to the public. We are not going to talk about the numerous incriminating evidence linking him to Pizzagate and child sex trafficking, what we are going to do is deconstruct and discuss the highly occult significance of the pic shown above.

We are going to be using symbolism, arithmomancy, and gematria. we are going to be using the septenary gematria cypher for the english alphabet.


Let’s look at the number 14 and the human hands. I have shown how the human hands contain things like the cycle and phases of the moon, women’s periods, calendars can be created with hands, and the mystical number 7.

So Johnny P has the number 14 written on his right hand. Now you’re hand is actually comprised of 14 phalanges, the little bone segments that make up each finger and thumb.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.57.28 PM

This fish on Podestas left hand is a reference to the 14th letter of the hebrew alphabet. “Nun” which means “Fish.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.04.23 AM

The fish is created by what is known in sacred geometry as the Vesica Piscis. Which means “vessel of the fish.” The center womb or overlap is celebrated by many religions as the ichthus fish.



The trinity is referenced by the Vesica Piscis as well, the most notable here being the Egyptian trinity, Osiris, Isis and Horus.

Set kills Osiris and cuts his body into 14 pieces. Isis only recovers 13 of the 14 pieces, because the last piece, Osiris’s penis, was eaten by a fish in the Nile river.

13 and 14. These numbers relate in our number line to the infinite and transcendental number Pi, as well as the number 42, which has high occult significance. Here is how –

When we walk up our number line, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,  you will notice that the first 5 digits of Pi can be established = 3.1415

Also 13+14+15 = 42. 42 is the number of principles in the Egyptian Maat, what is known as the principles of law order and truth. Why? Because of this relationship with Pi in our number line. 42 is also the answer to the mystery of life in Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and 42 is also the number God used to create the world in Kabbalistic study.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.30.21 PM

“Right Hand” = 42 (Septenary)

Psalm 89:13 “You have a strong arm; Your hand is mighty, Your right hand is exalted.”

Quotes about the “Right hand of God” appear 58 places in the bible. God always sits on the right side. This is because when you face north towards the pole star, the sun always rises to your right, in the east, hence why so many religions pray to the east.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.38.11 PM

Pisces = 28 (Septenary). Thus if we add 14 on Johnny’s right hand, with 28 on his left hand, we get that number 42 again.

28 + 14 = 42

Now for the kicker, 28 x 14 = 322. (Skull and Bones, the Yale Secret Society).

And remember how we said that 14th letter of the hebrew alphabet is ‘Nun’ which means Fish? ‘Nun’ sounds like ‘None’ or ‘Zero’. So if we take the gematria value of the words zero through fourteen, just like we see on John Podesta’s hands, we get:

Watch the full lecture here


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No Tears Left to Cry – Ariana Grande, Manchester, Illuminati Occult Symbolism

Background info: Ole Dammegard’s Breakdown of the Manchester event: inconsistencies, predictive programming and crisis acting

Ariana Grande has released a new hit single “No Tears Left To Cry” the first since the alleged bombing at the Manchester Arena, on the night of her “Dangerous Woman” tour, May 22, 2017. The music video is riddled with occult symbolism.

Between the alleged bombing and the song release (4/20/18) is a span of 333 days. A perfect Freemasonic stamp if there ever was one.

“Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman” – 119 (Full Reduction)

Her full name is “Ariana Grande-Butera” – 119 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Ariana Grande Manchester – 969 (Satanic)

The “No Tears Left” is supposedly a reference to moving on from the grieving process for all the alleged victims. But remember how at her “One Love Manchester” tribute concert she couldnt help but giggle through the shout-out to the victims? This is called “duping delight” – 34 seconds in:

She is not “fighting back tears.” Give me a break.

“One love Manchester” – 194/77

“The Whore of Babylon” – 194. The whore of babylon always wears red, like Ariana’s Manchester sweater. She sings:

“Right now, I’m in a state of mind
I wanna be in like all the time
Ain’t got no tears left to cry”

The tone of this music video is also quite different from that of someone getting over the grieving process. It is replete with dark occult symbolism as well as hints and nods towards black projects like MK Ultra and human cloning.

The first thing to note from the music video is the boxed city motif. Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.11.02 PM

We saw this first in the movie Inception, during a dream state, and now that it is appearing again means it signifies more: could it be the black cube of Saturn that the elites are into? The cube connects to mind control for the masses, keep mankind trapped in a box, limit and confine his thinking.


To further the surrealism, Ariana seems to defy the laws of physics, walking up walls and on ceilings.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.11.35 PM

Which is funny, because I just saw the hinty movie “Enemy” with Jake Gyllenhaal, and there is a creepy scene of a naked girl with a spider’s head walking along the ceiling down a narrow hallway, just as Ariana is doing.


Fear of large spiders and tarantulas could be used in MK Ultra, but it could also be talking about how mankind has been ensnared in a web of lies and deceit.


There are many parallel streams or levels of symbolism operating behind these Illuminati-made movies and songs. On one level it can be seen as a reference to the trauma and dissociative mental breakdown of someone in MK Ultra programming; another level could be talking about clones, but on the highest level there seems to be puzzle pieces of an even bigger story. I believe it to be the story of the fall of man: the occulting of high spiritual concepts and archetypes, and the subversion and replacement of them by a small elite with a profane, exoteric system of mind control. MK for the masses.


In the movie “Enemy,” it appears Gyllenhaals character has a split personality, and is living two lives, with two girlfriends, two jobs.  Or has he perhaps discovered he has a replication clone? The movie leaves it open to interpretation.


And here Ariana is putting on different faces like masks.  Is she, like so many others, a cloning center victim? The lyrics to this song should be:

“We be making spiders and monsters out of our celebrities,

Putting parasites in their bodies and robbing them of their energies. 

Fracturing the mind – do you see how a spider sees?”


The song ends with more dancing on black cubes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 6.03.42 PM

From Vigilant Citizen: “The goal of Monarch programming is to cause trauma so intense that it forces the slave to dissociate from reality as a defense mechanism. During this state, the handler can “shape” the inner-world of the slave and even change the “rules” of this world when need be. There is a reason why the movies Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and Labyrinth are used as MK programming tools: They’re all based on the same structure. Each movie features a young girl that is swept away into a fantasy world where anything can happen, where nothing makes sense and where anything can morph and change at any moment. This describes the mental state of dissociation as their handler controls their internal world.”

We can add Inception to that list of movies, and isn’t it funny, it’s the only female in the group (Ellen Page) who is tasked to design the dreamscapes, to be the architect.



Mazes are another prevalent theme, with multiple meanings, think about all the symbolism in the Maze Runner movies. Vigilantcitizen calls mazes the “internal map of the programmed multiple” but there is probably also a more esoteric meaning.

Notice how Ellen Page is always wearing a red sweater, just like the whore of Babylon, like the red string bracelet Ariana Grande always wears, which is a Kabbalistic tradition.


They are all following the Alice in Wonderland Script.

“Proportions and logic have fallen sloppy dead,

and the white knights are talking backwards,

and the red queen has lost her head.”

-Jefferson Airplane

Speaking of talking backwards, the whole song was marketed with this upside down, backwards theme.


Her next album “Sweetener,” which will feature the “No tears” song has this album cover:


Aleister Crowley is famously quoted as telling his initiates to learn to talk backwards, read backwards, listen to music in reverse…


Whistleblower on CIA Remote Mind Hacking, Robert Duncan in his book “Project Soul Catcher” discusses how they can bombard people with AI Chatterbots remotely, so they think they are listening to their thoughts but they are really listening to an AI mind hack. This is used to discredit whistleblowers/dissenters, and make people seem insane.

Duncan writes, “The CIA scripts and tricks use common cultural specific themes…based on popular culture. The most common scripts used are called Wizard of Oz, Alice and Wonderland, and the Bible. But many newer ones have shown up in the last decade. Government projects are basing them on movies like Blade Runner, Star Wars, Bourne Identity, the Matrix, and Inception.”

Alice and Wonderland begins with Alice meeting the white rabbit and going down the rabbit hole.


Dangerous Woman Tour – 82

Alice and Wonderland – 82

And around and around we go…

In the fairytale the rabbit is always in a panicked state, saying “Hurry up! I’m late!”

Robert Duncan: “Mind hackers use this (Alice and Wonderland) script to increase the panic using a beta-wave enhancing entrainment while conveying messages such as “Panic, hurry up, the end of the world is near, we are going to kill your family, we are frying your brain, we placed bombs in your car, etc.” Panic is used to confuse the target but also make the target act irrationally and make bad decisions. People who panic can also be made to make choices through suggestion more easily….This script is used to discredit the target and make them sound insane….the Cheshire Cat says to Alice, “You wouldn’t be here unless you were mad.” …Most people do not know that the writer of Alice and Wonderland, Lewis Carol, was a physicist. There are many references to this unintuitive quantum world in his writings.”

“Bleached into their existence by tremulous epileptic strokes,
Blasts of irregular pulsar-radiation – Triggering the
process of mind and body control”





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