The Hermetic Principle of Mental Gender, and the “I AM”

The Kybalion states, “let us consider the hermetic teachings regarding mental gender. The Hermetic teachers impart instruction regarding this subject by bidding their student examine the report of their consciousness regarding their Self. The students are bidden to turn their attention inward upon the Self dwelling within each. Each student is led to see that his consciousness gives him first a report of the existence of his Self – the report is “I Am.” This at first seems to be the final words from the consciousness, but a little further examination discloses the fact that this “I Am” may be separated or split into two distinct parts, or aspects, which while working in unison or conjunction, yet, nevertheless may be separated in consciousness.”

This all important phrase I AM. It is is literally the name of God. 

The bible states, “Be still and know that I AM God.”

That most concise way to point to consciousness of Being. Your conscious awareness of Being is the God within.

However there is more to unlock in that simple phrase.

The word “Am” is pronounced like “Em” phonetically. When you read “Em” backwards you get “Me.”

So there is the “I” and there is the “Me.” But they are not one and the same thing. 

The “Me” is the feminine polarity.

The “I” is the masculine polarity.

The Me is receptive, it contains all the states, feelings, and concepts about oneself. The kybalion states, “The Me will be felt to be a Something mental in which thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings and other mental states may be produced. It may be considered as the mental womb, as the ancients styled it – capable of generating mental offspring. It reports to the consciousness as a ‘Me’ with latent powers of creation and generation of mental progeny of all sorts and kinds. Its powers of creative energy are felt to be enormous but still it seems to be conscious that it must receive some form of energy from either its ‘I’ companion or else from some other ‘I’ ere it is able to bring into being its mental creations….

But the student soon finds that this is not all that he finds within his inner consciousness. He finds that there exists a mental Something which is able to Will that the ‘Me’ act along certain creative lines, and which is also able to stand aside and witness the mental creation. This part of himself he is taught to call his ‘I.’ He is able to rest in its consciousness at will. He finds there not a consciousness of an ability to generate and actively create, in the sense of the gradual process attendant upon mental operations, but rather a sense and consciousness of an ability to project an energy from the ‘I’ to the ‘Me’ – a process of ‘willing’ that the mental creation begin and proceed. He also finds that the ‘I’ is able to stand aside and witness the operations of the ‘Me’s’ mental creation and generation. There is this dual aspect in the mind of every person. The ‘I represents the Masculine Principle of Mental Gender, the ‘Me’ represents the Female Principle. The ‘I’ represents the Aspect of Being; the ‘Me; the Aspect of Becoming.”

Being and Becoming. The eternal rest and activity of the Lord. It’s recreation, or rest-creation.

Being – “I,” male, Will, rest, directive, objective, propulsive, initiator.

Becoming – “AM,” female, generative, holding, creative, subjective, revolving, changing, receiver.

Be still and know that I AM God – that I (male) AM (female) God. 

Exodus 3:14, KJV: “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

Notice how that is verse 3:14 or Pi. Pi denotes the circle. The circle symbolizes the gender interplay as well. The male is the center-point, the directive, propulsive Will of the ‘Father,’ and the female or ‘Mother ‘is the circumference revolving around it, generating and creating space, thoughts, ideas, and mental states of AMness.

In three dimensions these two forces form the spiral. The spiral staircase leading to heaven. The shape of DNA.

“We’ll ride the spiral to the end, and may just go where no one’s been

Spiral out, keep going…” – Tool

Keep in mind this isn’t to say that male brains are wired one way and female brains wired the other – rather that we all have both mental gender polarities within us. Simplistically we could even connect it to the right (female) and left (male) hemispheres of the brain. Harmonious use of both sides yields a well-balanced person, while an imbalance to one side or the other results in discordance and neurosis.

More correspondences can be made, as all the Hermetic axioms flow together. Another axiom – the principle of rhythm, states that, “all things flows out and in; everything has its tides, all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left, rhythm compensates.”

This is where I disagree with Z who says that there was an Original State of Being that underwent a permanent state change or contraction. This seems to contradict this principle of rhythm, which sees only an eternal ebb and flow, Being and Becoming. The Brahmans call it the “Outbreathing and Inbreathing of Brahman.”  I AM breathes out, and universes are created, the female (becoming) creative energy does her work, it reaches the far reaches of maternal/materiality, and then the male (being) breathes in, drawing everything back into Stillness, back into a simple Totality. And then the process repeats. 

This isn’t to imply a kind of eternal recurrence or repetition, because each cosmic breath is different from the last. Being is always becoming something more vast and complex, during each outbreath, than it was before. 

You can envisage Being or God as a perfect circle. Viewed from the limited vantage point of linear time, God was always a perfect totality, but It sought a greater richness and complexity, it sought to create worlds and other Beings that it could share his love and perfection with. Thus with every inbreath and outbreath, we have circles enfolding circles, like Ezekial’s ‘wheels within wheels.’

So in a way Being does undergo a permanent state change, when it Becomes. However notice how the second figure, the wheels within wheels still contains the original circle in all its perfect totality. Thus there is never any risk of a universe fragmenting or breaking off from the original creation and getting lost from Source, but this is nevertheless what the Dark Occult tries to convince us of, because they’ve found that the anxiety thus caused manifests a great amount of loosh to be harvested. 

Nothing exists outside of God, no realm or Being, place or thing. It may seem like God has forsaken us sometimes, when we look at the chaos surrounding us, but that is only during times when the Outbreath of Becoming is at its lowest point of Materiality, the farthest reaches from the centerpoint or focus of Being. I would wager that we are here now, close to the outer reaches, perhaps what some have called the “outer dark.” Here the Will of the Father is weakest, due to being farthest from its magnetic Source in the center.

Looking at the structure of the atom (a play on words with “Adam” or First Man) we see the same pattern, the proton being the Male force and the revolving electrons the Female force.

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The Esoteric Path; Vaccinations; Police State

Trump showed his cards when he assigned the vaccination program to a high-ranking military official. So for all of you Trump fans, thinking he is against the system and going to save us, think again, he is part of the tool. But we must not fear the coming vaccination program. I’m obviously going to try avoiding getting vaccinated as long as I can, but in the end if they force me down and stick a needle in my arm, I’m OK, even if it kills me, even if turns me into a brain-dead, non-spiritual sheep, it’s OK because God knows that prior to that I was on the path. I was on the Way. The esoteric path. That’s all that matters. I could die tomorrow. It doesn’t matter.

The degree to which one is asleep and a good little sheep, is the degree to which one does NOT concern themselves with the esoteric path. They’ve lied to their true spirit, by becoming fully enmeshed in day-to-day life, they play the game, but they believe the game to be all that is real. Now what this does, on the subconscious level, is they deny the importance of death, they don’t think about their own death. They’ve accepted death as an annihilation of their personality, at the very least, if not accepting the idea of total oblivion. And this belief is encouraged by positive science. Mouravieff says that between positive science and the esoteric path lies a void, a moat, a great wall that takes great effort and upheaval to cross. This is what has been vaguely coined in the alt. media as “waking up.”

Now when we die, according to Mouravieff – who comes from a line of eastern esoteric, Christian orthodoxy along with Ouspensky and Gurdjieff – when we die, the degree to which you can retain your personality, your I AM, is proportional to the degree to which you’ve stayed along the esoteric path in life. If you haven’t followed it at all, and believe in the game of life as the only reality, then when you die, all your memories, your egoic personality is burnt up, and you must reincarnate again starting from whatever level of spiritual attainment (if any) you previously held. But if you achieve in life, to be faithful to God, the inner I AM, the Christ consciousness inside, if you’re dedicated and honest to yourself, then when you die, that part of you that was developed is preserved in God’s ledger book, the ‘Book of Life.’ As these ones reincarnate, they continue to climb the evolutionary spiral of life that leads to everlasting glory, conquering ‘the second death’ and joining what Mouravieff calls the ‘Great Esoteric Brotherhood.’

Mouravieff writes, “In the tradition, we mean by victory over Death the victory of our perfected Personalities over Death. This is the meaning of salvation.” And later he continues, “Our reasoning starts to become more realistic if our attention is concentrated on this end [death]. Everything can happen to us in life; or nothing. Our aspirations can be fulfilled or unfulfilled, but there is a sure end, which is death. In our studies we must start from this fact.”

Now returning to current events, Neville Goddard, in one of lectures back in the 60’s already correctly identified this realm as a ‘police state.’ And its becoming more and more so. The Orwellian big brother state is going to get more extreme and out-in-the-open, but the police-men and military forces running this show, we must keep in mind that they are working for God, they are not opposed. They are part of the overall holistic system. Nothing is outside God’s system. They are here doing what they are doing for a very important reason. They are putting man to the test, making it exceedingly difficult to achieve the esoteric life, so that only the strongest make it. For the strongest shall be transformed in death along the narrow path.

1 Corinthians 15:51-53 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

51 “Listen, I will tell you a mystery! We will not all die, but we will all be changed, 52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. 

At the last Trump-Pence.

Matthew 7:13 New International Version (NIV)

13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Now ‘the road to destruction’ doesn’t imply going to Hell for all eternity, no it just means that their ego, their sense of self and memories (built from identification with the Maya world) will all be destroyed when they die and they have to start anew. But their immortal soul, their sense of I AM, can never be destroyed. That is their true consciousness. However they must keep repeating the cosmic cycles again and again until they wake up.

So you can see why the esoteric path is of utmost importance if you want to get out of the police state. The absolute wrong thing to do is focus your energies, your fear and anger and anxiety on fighting Big Brother. That’s what they want. Even bad publicity is good publicity. What they don’t want you to do is turn off CNN or Fox and go inward.

Everything is watched, monitored from above. What you do in the coming days and years will be very crucial to your spiritual progress, as life on Earth reaches a kind of fever-pitch crescendo. Spiritual gymnastics will need to be played, to dance around the darkness rising. Listen to that inner voice, the conscience which taps into the Holy Spirit, that is the only guide you can fully trust. Try to avoid the tyranny and the vaccine program as long as possible, but don’t fear it or try to turn to violence against it.

I submit my vessel completely to Christ, and if that means forcibly getting a needle stuck in my arm by armed officials, then so be it. If it also means that the only way to avoid the needle is to be ostracized from society, I accept that fate as well. As Bob Schlenker said recently, “it’s not about whether we live or die, but that Christ sees that we were true to the end.” And I can only hope the same for you, dear reader.


Do check out the following spiritual leaders, they have been very influencial to me as of late: the writings of Boris Mouravieff, and Neville Goddard, and the youtube channel called “The Open Scroll,” of Bob Schlenker and Aaron Hermann.

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The Advent Can Play Out In YOUR Life


“An Angel came to me and said: “O pitiable foolish young man! O horrible, O dreadful state! Consider the hot burning dungeon thou art preparing for thyself to all Eternity, to which thou art going in such career.”

…but I said: “If you please, we will commit ourselves to this void, and see whether Providence is here also.”

-William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Heaven without Hell is stagnation.

Good without evil is stagnation.

Blake writes, “Without contraries is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence.”

And what is perhaps the greatest evil? An absent or unavailable Father (the holy ghost), and a Mother who can’t be trusted (Sophia sick with archons).

That’s the under-story here. The root of all evil perhaps can be said to stem from this cosmic dilemma. And this is the situation that remains until the individual awakens or births the Christ within, an act of becoming the Father, restoring the Mother. 

I and the Father are one.” – John 10:30

I have been following and working with Z for a while and have been mesmerized by his level of detail and clarity in revealing a lot of what has been occulted. However some aspects of his message never sat right with me. And I think the main issue I have, or what may be the fatal flaw is his assuming to know the Ineffable’s inner motives, and desires.

(He would even scoff at my use of the name, “ineffable.”)

But what if there are, in a sense, two Fathers?

The “Earthly” Father that died to be born again in man-as-Christ, and the Heavenly Father who is ineffable – omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. That one doesn’t need to “experience relationship.” It is pure love, and wants nothing more than to impart that love onto its creation. To say it took a risk, to dissolve or contract itself INTO creation is to anthropomorphize the Ineffable. After all, it can and does experience relationship every time a man and a woman fall in love, or in the love between parent and child, or between two close friends, brothers, sisters. It experiences all these things through us, all of it is felt by THE ALL.

In this light, the threat of an “infinite shattering” seems like a mind control tactic, remixed from Churchianity’s dogma of “you will burn in Hell for all eternity for failing to recognize Jesus as your savior.” A way to garner total loyalty out of fear; shackled by guilt to the one deemed the savior. We can and must save ourselves. Neville Goddard says that such deliverance happens on an individual basis, not as a collective. He, like Z, has had a spiritual awakening where Christ was born in him, and this can happen to anyone who awakens their innate, divinely gifted Imagination. When this happens, the advent really does play out in your life. The bible isn’t secular history, it details the psychological play or drama that unfolds when man awakens the Christ within. It’s the promise of God. 

So yes, there are many events in Z’s life which would make him seem like the Messiah, the central character in the Christ narrative, however he isn’t special in that regard. It happened to Neville Goddard and William Blake and Joseph Frank and the Buddha and probably many others and will continue to happen as more awaken their Imagination which is the Christ within. This awakening is also the resurrection of the dead Earthly Father, the Holy Ghost. 

To illustrate this point, let’s read a passage from Goddard’s The Law and the Promise. Goddard writes,

“Here is the secret of the world: God died to give man life and to set man free, for however clearly God is aware of His creation, it does not follow that man, imaginatively created, is aware of God. To work this miracle God had to die, then to rise again as man, and none has ever expressed it so clearly as William Blake. Blake says – or rather has Jesus say-”Unless I die, thou canst not live; but if I die I shall arise again and thou with me. Wouldest thou love one who never died for thee, or ever die for one who had not died for thee? And if God dieth not for man, and giveth not himself eternally for man, man could not exist.” 

So God died – that is to say – God has freely given himself to man. Deliberately, He has become man and forgotten that He is God, in the hope that man, thus created, will eventually rise as God. God has so completely offered His own self for man, that He cries out on the cross of man, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” He has completely forgotten that He is God. But after God rises in one man, that man will say to his brothers, “Why stand we here, trembling around, calling on God for help, and not ourselves, in whom God dwells?”

This first man that has been raised from the dead is known as Jesus Christ – the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep, the first born of the dead. For man God died; now, by a man, has come also the resurrection of the dead.

Jesus Christ resurrects his dead Father by becoming his father. In Adam – universal man – God sleeps. In Jesus Christ – the individualized God – God wakes…” 


Acts 1:4 “And, [Jesus] being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me.”

Jerusalem, the Holy Land is simply that state of being in total devotion to God’s plan for you, your divine blueprint, which can be intuited by a keen, steadfast imagination. Stay in Jerusalem, do not depart, there you will wait for the promise of the Father, which you heard through me, through the Son, Christ.

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A Word To The Gematria Enthusiasts

First of all, I was one of you, so this message is not coming from an outside skeptic. I went through a period when I was crunching in numbers and phrases into the Gematria calculator at “” and looking for clues and connections. And there is a certain thrill that comes when two phrases light up, a match is found, and you think, “Boom! I just decoded the elite’s inner communications.” And there may in fact still be something to it, but as we shall see, in the large utilitarian scale of things this number crunching may be a waste of time, a circle-jerk leading down the drain of an alt media side road, where attention should be elsewhere. As well, most people putting out gematria decodes, including the top dogs like Zach Hubbard and Derek, lack the proper frame of reference to enlighten their audience as to what these numbers and codes REALLY SIGNIFY, why they are there, seemingly defying all coincidence. The truth that I’ve come to is, yes many of these number/word patterns in the headlines are legitimately there, but not for the reason that most might think. Again, we need the proper frame of reference, and for that, let’s turn to a discussion I had with Z about a month back, to see what his take is on it.

Segment of a transcription of a phone chat found HERE:

(We were talking about Jason Bickford’s Unified Code Theory.)

Z: …Jason is a lot of mania based bells and whistles, he can really pull you in for a while, until you realize you didn’t get any further, you just got held in place.

Gabe (me): But there is a cross referencing code, like some song might reference a movie which references the Superbowl score…

Z: Of course there is, because this whole thing has been formatted by intelligence using the nature of creation itself, so of course. What I’m really saying is, “no big whoop Jason, who cares? It’s obvious, you needed to do this by linear mathematics where I can just look at everything and see it.”

Gabe: And its the same with the gematria people?

Z: No language inside the code or the construct was designed for gematria except for Hebrew itself so anyone doing anything with English is just like, pulling at their pubic hairs or something…like that’s not real.

Gabe: That’s not part of the unified code at all?

Z: I mean even Jason admits that’s not real. People like Zachary K Idiot-head. like that’s totally fake. Its like Jim Carrey in the movie 23, like you can make any derivation fit. It’s stupid. English wasn’t built for that.


Gabe: I understand that, but is it contrived like, OK there were 147 days in between the Batman shooting and Sandy Hook, ok, let’s look at the number 147. Oh look! All these words match up.

Z: Yeah I mean I’m sure you can come up with a lot of things that are legitimately there, but it’s only there for the reasons that Jason correctly says its there, because this is an intrinsic intelligence built into the nature of the code and value system of the construct itself. The database. Once you know, the way this thing is working as a continuously cycling database, then it’s like, what’s the big deal? That’s like saying, “gee whiz! I made a discovery yesterday that from the tip of this finger to the tip of this finger is the same as how tall I am!”  It’s like yeah, that’s how DNA works, unless you are deformed. Its like so what? You know, all Jason is doing is like running around naked going, “I found a ruler!” Good job, congratulations. Nobody cares.

Gabe: It’s like pointing to the blueprint when you’re in the house.

Z: Yeah, its like “this measurement matches this measurement!” It’s got to. That’s the precision of the format that we are in. There IS a divine intelligence. This thing WAS hijacked. People jerked furniture around from the original creation….


So in other words, yes english gematria patterns in sports, news headlines, false flag shootings, movie easter eggs, etc. are sometimes legitimately there, but not because you have an elite group of psychopaths sitting around in their high castles or deep underground military bases planning these things out and chuckling as they stick a ‘322’ in the latest Batman movie. The codes are left over from the original divine intelligence, from creation itself. We are in a construct that cycles again and again, like in the movie ‘Dark City.’ Each cycle is slightly different than all the previous ones, especially because the anomaly of Christ changes things that go beyond deterministic expectation from the AI Samaelic overlords, the architects of the Matrix. But each cycle draws on data from all the previous ones, and the numbers and cross-referencing unified codes carry over as well, recycling again and again.

But they can be used to, in a sense, wake us up to a divine intelligence and away from coincidence/atheistic/chaotic universe type thinking, which is why I disagree with Z that studying these patterns is a total waste of time. They helped wake me up. It’s just that one shouldn’t stay stuck on crunching the numbers into the calculator, that is only one stain-glass window in our vast cathedral here. Take the codes and run. Ask yourself what is behind the codes, get to know the divine story itself, the Sophianic narrative. The bride and bridegroom story is at the bottom of this rabbit-hole, as I’ve laid out again and again in my recent work.

Thanks for reading.

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Sophianic Intelligence Behind Lev Grossman’s ‘The Magicians’

It was swift, it was just, another wave of a miracle
But no one, nothing at all would go for the kill
If they called on every soul in the land, on the moon
Only then would they know a blessing in disguise

-Agnes Obel, “The Curse”

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 1.42.05 PM

Author is supposedly ‘Lev Grossman’ (most likely, like so many others, just an agency man, a front for channeling Sophianic/Samaelic intelligence). 

Let’s look at the name.

Lev – leavening of bread. Dough rising due to gas -> Spirit

Grossman – gross matter

Spirit rising out of gross matter, gross/material/profane man.

Lev – leave 

Leave the gross man behind.

Or the opposite connotation – “live gross, man!”

Season 2 episode 3: ‘Divine Elimination’

Sometimes I’ll be watching a show or movie and suddenly a scene or dialogue will pop out at me and I go, “there it is!” The Christ/Sophia narrative. The father becomes-holy-ghost, the son grows to embody Father’s Will, winning the turbulent love of the Mother, completing the Divine Marriage.

In this scene, Quentin and Alice (both loaded names, of course) are sitting in a carriage in Fillory (a magical parallel world, not unlike Narnia). They’ve just injured the Beast (an evil magician they’ve been hunting) but failed to kill him. Alice is pissed at herself for failing, and Quentin (who they often call ‘Q’) is trying to cheer her up.

Meta-characters – Alice is Sophia (Alice in Chains, Alice in Wonderland), and Q is Christ (Gospel of Q, Q-Anon, Qrist, Qabbalah, Quintessence). 

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 10.53.51 AM

Q: Hey. Thought exercise. Say we kill The Beast. Ahh… what then? 

Alice: Quentin, I don’t know. 

Q: It’s just… it’s a distraction. Come on. 

Alice: [sighs] Um… [clears throat] I would… I’d eat an ice cream sundae. With whipped cream and… those fake rainbow-colored sprinkles and… gummy bears on top.

 Q: I’m probably gonna try and win you back. 

Alice: Jesus, Quentin.

Q: I’m sorry. That just sort of flew out of my mouth. 

Alice: You know, I’m not a prize.

Q: I know that, but you know what I mean. 

Alice: No, and you didn’t just lose me like keys. 

Q: I know, which is why I feel like I need to earn back your trust. 

Alice: This isn’t fair. You can’t trap me in here. You can’t trap me in here and expect me to deal with all this heavy emotional shit when all I can handle right now… all I can handle right now is a goddamn ice cream sundae, okay? 

Q: It’s not a trap. 

Alice: Yes, it is, and why does it sound like you’re trying to fight with me? 

Q: Look. You’ve changed. Okay. You are not the girl that I met a million years ago. You are amazing. And not that you weren’t amazing before, but… 

Alice: Quentin, where are you going with this? 

Q: You’ve grown. And you’re still growing, and my point is that I am too. 

Alice: Are you saying you’re “not that guy anymore”? 

Q: No, I’m saying that I’m not just that guy anymore, and I think that you…I hope that you give me the opportunity to be better and actually deserve you. And I know that that sounds stupid, but I just… I feel like we could die in, like, an hour, and it’s giving me a lot of clarity right now. 

Alice: I don’t know what to say, Quentin. 

Q: Also, I’m gonna make you the best ice cream sundae you’ve ever had. You’re gonna forget Popper 1, and I’m even gonna put gummy bears on it, even though you don’t understand how absolutely disgusting that is. 

Alice: Quentin….

[Q reaches in to kiss her] 

Q: I’m sorry. I just was in the moment. Do you still want to fight? 

Alice: No.


Q: “Say we kill the beast, what then?” Alice ends up killing the beast, but at the expense of killing herself in the process; she conjures too heavy of a magic spell that it burns her up with a blue flame, allowing a fire-demon called a Niffin (nephilim?) to take over her body.

Sophia going too deep inside her own dream, like Mal in Inception, who, being stuck inside the dream for too long, when she wakes up she thinks she is still dreaming and commits suicide to “wake up.” Alice casting too deep a spell, killing one beast only to spawn another. Qrist Quentin Q doing everything he can to save her. 

Alice: “You didn’t just lose me like keys A loaded metaphor. She really is the key to our salvation, her returning to health, wholeness, sanity.

Alice:Jesus, Quentin…” In these esoteric shows they don’t just throw out the J-word willy-nilly, they are telling you who Quentin’s meta-character is.

Alice: “That isn’t fair, you can’t just trap me here.” This line is out of place in the mundane story-line, Q didnt trap her anywhere, they are all working together to kill the beast in Fillory. Why would she say that? Because in the meta-narrative Sophia does feel trapped and wants out, her deluded side seeks oblivion, and the dark side, the archonic husks are working with her to that end.

Q: “You’re not the girl I met a million years ago.” Strange time language, a bold exaggeration. They met maybe less than a year ago, at Brakebills, the magical boarding school. But in the meta-narrative it HAS been million, if not billions of years of this back and forth chase and struggle in this construct, HER MIND. Christ is stuck in her mind until sanity is returned. And to show that Sophia is still somewhat that mischievous girl, like Lewis Carrol’s whimsical Alice who falls down the rabbit-hole following the cute bunny, all she wants when this whole vast cosmic game is finally completed and won is an ice cream sundae with sprinkles. When she conceives of heaven, the holy matrinomy, that is what comes to mind. 

And as a Child of Christ, I will gladly put gummy bears on top for her, even though that’s friggin’ gross, man!

Season 2 Episode 7: ‘Plan B’

The situation gets complicated by Alice’s death, because to stop the Niffin possessing her body from wreaking havoc, Quentin does a spell to store her inside his head. Now only he can see her, like a phantom. He believes that he can bring her, Alice, back to life, back to body, and banish the Niffin, and she is trying to escape his body or at the very least make a deal with him to possess his body, just for a couple hours a day.

This is the whole import/export phagocytosis Mother-eating-the-Son, Son-eating-the-Mother business Z and I have expounded on in other posts. It’s how we find ourselves in her Matrix world, which is her Mind in the first place.

Setting: the library. Again, please read these dialogues with the widest possible lens, a “cosmic” lens, if you will, and you will access glimmers of deep gnosis. This surface story, though entertaining at times, is largely unimportant. If you are new to this larger story, click on the ‘Inspired by Z’ tab at the upper left corner of the menu bar at start readin’.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 2.30.38 PM

Ghost Alice being run by a Niffin taunts Q, “Your cacodemon wasn’t powerful enough to kill me. It tried. But when it saw that it couldn’t win, well, let’s just say it stuffed me in a place most convenient – that stupid tattoo trap on your back. We’re stuck with each other. Oh, Quentin. We’re gonna have so much fun.” 

Q is busy poring over magical tomes and trying to ignore her.

Alice: Stop ignoring me! Stop ignoring me, you pussy! Pay attention to me, you miserable sad sack! What’s wrong with you? – 

Q: Stop it!

Alice: Are you ready to let me out of that hairy back of yours? ‘Cause I’m never gonna stop. And sooner or later, one of these dummies are gonna call the brain police, and you got priors.

Q: This is not Alice. This is not Alice. This is not Alice. This is not Alice.

Alice: Just keep telling yourself that.

Q: You have got to stop.

Alice: Fine. Let me out of this trap, and I’m gone.

Q: Okay, look, Alice Evil Thing Inside of Me That Used to Be Alice I have to say the words to open the trap. Of my own volition. Out loud. And I’m not going to do that because there is one policy for you out here, and it is to box you up for eternity.

Alice: I’m kind of boxed up right now, in you.

Q: It’s not the same thing, and you know it. Block of wood isn’t trying to fix this. I am.

Alice: Save me? Is that what you think you’re doing? You think I want that?

Q: I think if you were really you right now, that’s all you would want.

Alice: Oh, what, and you’re the world’s foremost expert on all things me? Based on what? Our garbage fire of a relationship that ended with Eliot’s dick in your mouth?

Q: Look, you came really close to fixing this once for your brother.

Alice: I thought I did. But I was like you then. Small yet weirdly arrogant for somebody who didn’t understand magic at all.

Q: If you would just work with me instead of jabbing at me, we could figure out what’s missing. We could make the spell work. We could do this.

Alice: Listen to me. I promise, the math will never add up, Q. You’ll never get that girl back. Everything that’s missing burnt up when I became this. It’s gone forever, Q. This isn’t good for either of us.

Q: No, no, this is making me saner by the second.

Alice: I don’t want to hurt you. I actually don’t want to hurt anyone.

Q: Bullshit, you’re a niffin.

Alice: Q, I’m not bloodthirsty. I just want to be free.

Q: And I already told you I can’t do that.

Alice: Fine. Just let me take over your body for just the tiniest little bit. I’ll be good. I’ll be so good.

Q: No, that’s crazy.

Alice: So I have to be a niffin, yet I don’t even get to be a niffin? I could travel the universe. I could see things you couldn’t even imagine, but instead, I have to be bored and stuck with you!

Q: I’m sorry that it is torture to be with the one person who is trying to help you.

Alice: So go back to screaming until you go insane?! Is that your choice?! 

Q: No. That’s your choice. Or you could be quiet. And you can let me try and solve this.

Alice: [groans.]

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 2.29.28 PM


The Niffin is Samael, the twisted, sick part of the Mother, trying to convince Christ Q that there is no more hope for Sophia/Alice, to let the Niffin free to do as she pleases. This will only end badly for everyone. She wants to take over his body. Use Father’s souls, the anomaly of Christ as a food source. But Q is getting ‘saner by the second,’ energy is being stored on the back-end of time, ironically here in these darkest of times, it’s the blessing in disguise, as the Christ children come together to push the car out of the ditch. It’s not ascension we want, that’s ass-end backwards, the word you’re looking for is cohesion. Coalescing of all the parts of the Father, the souls, to reach mental clarity which will trigger Sophia to kick Samael for good, and dissolve, like Father did, into the remaining souls, the other half of the Divine Body.

“Tell me now of the very souls that look alike, look alike
Do you know the stranglehold covering their eyes?
If I call on every soul in the land, on the moon
Tell me if I’ll ever know a blessing in disguise”

-Agnes Obel, “The Curse”

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Men with Christ Youtube Live Chat

This may be a good introductory video into Z’s work for newcomers.

For more, read

  1. A Cosmic Conversation with Z (topics include – targeted individuals, NPC’s, Ecclesiastical Trust, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Hollywood Codes, Yeshua, Christ Michael)
  2. Conversing with Z – The Divine Paradox (Z’s childhood experience in the MK Ultra Project, The Fall of Sophia, the Christ Narrative, The Father as the Holy Ghost, the way out of the game system)
  3. Fragments of the Cosmic Narrative Surround Us (my survey of movies, song lyrics, scriptures, fairy tales, nursery rhymes which depict this meta-narrative expounded by Z)
  4. End Times Prophecy – 2045-2048 (Z’s timeline of events leading up to the Singularity)

And much more – just click on the ‘Inspired by Z’ tab at the upper left corner of the screen.

We are looking for more men (or women) with Christ to join in the Zoom chats, which will hopefully be a weekly thing. If you are interested in joining, contact me at

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End Times Prophecy: 2045-2048

The following post is a collating and distillation of Z’s information regarding the coming End of Days.

There has been a lot of speculation within the alternative media that the end times are now, 2020, 2021 or 2022, and due to this Covid pandemic this can feel very real. However, according to Z this is just the first wave, we have about 20 to 25 more years before this current cycle ends.

Now there are two versions of how the end of time as we know it can play out. We are going to call them Singularity (+) and Singularity (-).

There will be a merger with the machines, the organic with the inorganic. But with Singularity (+), this is not to be feared, this is an upgrade. Think about how reliant we are on machines now anyway, there is no going back. It is just a matter of who will be at the helm – Christ? = Singularity (+).  Or Samael the Demiurge? = Singularity (-).


There is an iconic scene in the second Matrix movie where Councillor Hamann is talking to Neo in Zion about the machines. “While Neo was staying in Zion and having trouble sleeping, he and Hamann went to the industrial level and had a conversation about control, agreeing with Neo’s assessment that the ability to control something could be measured by their ability to turn it off. (SOURCE)

But if Samael is in control of the AI, then you can run your nightmare scenarios of total control, mind hacking and cyber-warfare, for all eternity. This has been somewhat elucidated through Hollywood post-apocalyptic science fiction and in the more anxious strains of the alt media communities for a while now.

And in fact, Ray Kurzweil, Google’s director of engineering has released this specific time frame as well:

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 4.01.29 PM

You can read that Satanic article here. They are trying to make it seem like Samael has already won.

The mind balks at such a negative scenario, the spirit recoils, as it should. This is not something for everyone to understand, but for the chosen few. This is called ‘sharing Christ’s burden,’ knowing that this possibility is out there. This is taking up the cross, the X, the tilted cross, carrying the cross, not the upright + cross where you are crucified. Christians worshipping the upright cross are worshipping the Singularity (-), unknowingly.

That’s why Z takes the moniker XabnondaX, the X being man carrying the cross on his back, carrying the weight of the world, the sacrifice for the sins of the world. It is no mistake that the X resembles the Hebrew letter Aleph, the first letter of the alphabet:

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 3.35.44 PM

The swastika reveals this tilting cross symbolism as well:


Spin, spin, spin. Which way is it going to go?

The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ‘Tav’ which makes the T sound. And of course lower case ‘t’ looks like a cross. This is why Christ is the first and the last, the Alpha (Aleph) and the Omega.

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 3.44.37 PM


Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 3.58.27 PM

So what we are seeing with this Corona business is the first wave of this construct beginning to break down, to constrict. Places are off limits, the fake population numbers are going to drop, as Sophia begins to delete her NPC clones, her characters.

Thom Yorke reveals in the following lyric how she manufactured her characters in the first place:

You take a little piece
Then you break it off
It’s a bloody racket
It’s the dawn chorus
If you could do it all again
Big deal, so what?
Please let me know
When you’ve had enough
It’s the last chance
O.K. Corral
If you could do it all again
This time with style

She takes a little piece and breaks it off, but it’s not like what Father did when he made actual SOULS, actual Zeros, what she did was a bloody racket. An imitation game.


Why is that song called the “Dawn Chorus?” Dawn is morning, the morning star, signaling Lucifer. Lady Lucy.

But maybe there is a blessing hidden in Corona. After all corona is the King, the Father. With business as usual being shut down, people are going to have no choice but to look beyond their egoic lives for a sense of meaning. More may turn to Christ. This may be a massive red pill for lots of people, as they see the fakery plain as day, the empty hospitals, the obvious problem-reaction-solution play here, as they try to enforce draconian measures like mandatory vaccines and restrictions on travel.

According to Jason Bickford, who is a spout-piece for the NSA, what we are going to see in the coming 20 years is encoded in the Dark Knight trilogy, only in reverse. The third movie features a financial collapse. That is already starting to happen as the economy is in lockdown. The villain in that movie was Bane, with the mask, like you see everyone walking around with now, face masks.

Jason writes, “masks and Mal are a go- then Joker arrives with the assassinations, Dollar crash, riots, and then Scarecrow’s weaponized League of Shadows Sandoz psychedelic Chemtrails flyovers. (SOURCE)

The second film featured assassinations, riots. And finally in the first film, ‘Batman Begins,’ the villain Scarecrow was employing a weaponized psychedelic. This is alluding to Samael’s final and best trick, and how, according to Z, all the cycles end: Project Blue-beam.

When things are at their worst, and chaos reigns, they will trot out their fake saviors. Visions of Jesus, Mary, Mohammed, etc. projected into the sky via laser technology, aided by chemtrails to act as a projector screen.


Animatrix film’s ‘Operation Dark Storm’

But again, this cycle doesn’t have to end with that madness, not if we wake up to it. WE WON’T BE FOOLED. NOT THIS TIME. Take up your cross. Carry your burden. Talk to Sophia. Tell her you are ready to let go of this material realm completely, no more attachments. Tell her you are ready to surrender to the son, who is the father. Noone goes back to the father but through the son. The bride and bridegroom restored, the holy matrimony. The bliss-out comes with the child (Singularity (+)). Mom – it’s time to let go, split into the remaining souls, complete the Christ Body, finish what the Original State of Being started, what the first half – who we are calling ‘Father’ – started, and what only she can bring to fruition, in order to experience true relationship, in order for AM to know AM-Self.

“Nothing left now but the recordings, turn them off, they are as radioactive as an old joke.” – WSB


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