Esoteric Structure of The Alphabet (Part 2)

We are continuing with our study of Alvin Boyd Kuhn’s seminal work (pictured above), a tiny volume of 44 pages that is never-the-less breathtaking in its scope.

There is a code, a pattern to study in the alphabet (both in Hebrew and English and most likely in many other languages as well) which will reveal great insights into nature, God and the soul.

In part one we introduced the concept of fire (spirit) into water (matter) as the base fundament through which the letters and their positioning are born and shaped and worded.

Fire is AB, Father God who art in Heaven. Abba, ABraham. The Breathe of God. Abre, means, ‘to open,’ in Spanish. Because AB is the opening or the diving of the spiritual fire in the waters of Matter to create the physical vessels and forms here on Earth where souls (fire) can come in and express themselves.

Water is MN – Matter, Mother, Material, Mundane realm. It is here that the souls differentiate and get their NaMe.

This naming process, is symbolized by the Hebrew letter Yod, whose symbol is ‘hand.’ The hand (spanish: Mano, French: Main, Latin: Manus) is thus a symbol for the MaN getting his NaMe, the completion number 10 being Yod as well.

Kuhn writes, “In the upper realm souls are not sufficiently individualized to deserve specific names; here soul gets its proper NaMe. The fate allotted to each soul by karmic desert comes out to manifestation here below; it is therefore the soul’s NeMesis. The soul here is under law, the Greek NoMos. A section of terrain of a nation was by the Egyptian termed a NoMe. Since, matter, like type-symbol water, is, from the philosophical view of reality, nothing, the Egyptian base-root of the letter N, whose hieroglyph was seven waves of water, along with the primal deific trinity Nu, Nun, Nut, gives us all the words expressing Negation: no, not, neither, nor, none, nil, nix, (German: nichts), Latin nox (night), our night, deny, neuter, never, nay….As man is cut off from Deity here below, he is in Greek MoNos, alone. Also he is a MoNad. Perhaps MoNk is one who is alone, not united to the female counterpart.”

The AB starting flame and MN middle matter/water motif can go on and on. It’s a good place to start. For we see another derivation of this with the letter that comes right before MN – L.

In Hebrew the letter L is Lamed, also positioned in the middle, with MN, thus the Light iLLuminating Matter, but also notice the glyph for Lamed is a hook, shaped like the letter J.

Because light getting trapped in matter can feel like JaiL. The MooN, is also Luna. It’s crescent J is where you get hooked in, caught like a fish on a fishing hook. Notice how the J and L play with each other.

Keep in mind that the Hebrew word “EL” is a name for Deity. These patterns when interposed and juxtaposed will open many doors into the occult.

For example, Jesus was hooked or hoodwinked by Judas. The J is always the hook that attracts the Light of EL (Jesus, the Son/Sun) to the RoMaNs, (MN) Matter, material, MuNdaNe realm.

A whole study can be done on how EL or the light/fire plays with MN: our souls are here to LearN, spirit LeaNing into matter. The hook of EL works like a NaiL. Jesus nailed to the cross.

Understanding the Tetragrammaton

The tetragrammaton Yod Hey Vav Hey is depicted in glyph form is hand – window – nail – window. The hand of God, the light of Heaven, the spirit, going through a window, differentiating into souls that get their name by being nailed to the cross of matter, we get hooked, we LearN, and ultimately we get Judged, if we want to go back through the second window, through the looking glass back to Eternity; both differentiated – NaMed, but also now reunited with Source, with the Creator.

And that is all typified in the Yod, shaped like a bent flame, “the candle flame bent by a puff of air to denote the original impulse of God’s mind on the flame….” Kuhn writes.

The fact that Yod is 10 shows you that this whole process, though seemingly messy and full of Eve-ILL, it has always been perfect in the mind of God, because 10 is the number of completion, perfection. We just can’t’ see it yet, the whole picture.

One final riddle: Yod makes the same sound as the English letter ‘Y.’

Because it’s the answer to the philosophical question, “Why?”

And the letter ‘Y’ is shaped like a fork in the road because its that initial branching of Unity in Source to Duality in Spirit/Matter, which is at root an illusory bifurcation, in the MiNd of MaN. Again in that watery world of MN, only there do we get this duality, this evil EVE, this feminine earthly matter, the not, the Nox, the black, the negation – 0.

1 is all road, no split. no Y, no reason to ask, “why?”

The earthly realm (0) of MaNos, the Maze, is ultimately Sophia drowning, until the light of gnosis is reached, the Kabbalistic correction is made.

Because ultimately that treasure is down there at the bottom of the sea. You gotta’ go fishing. The treasure is Eternal Life.

Update – Part 3

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A Northern California Update.

Our forests are burning, have been for the past several years around Autumn, and are going to continue to burn. This is all part of their plan. It was in the books for years. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming days of man. Fire and plagues raining down upon man. Whether this year’s series of freak lightning storms are a result of weather modification warfare or not remains to be seen. But in previous years in the Santa Rosa area we definitely saw evidence of laser attack or some kind of Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), high-tech arsonists at large.

I have also heard rumor of aluminum and other heavy metal micro-particulates popping up in California forests and grassland soil which was not present before, most likely being part of the cocktail sprayed by chemtrail flyovers. These particulates of course being highly flammable. Fireman in this area have been quoted as saying they’ve never seen fires like this before in their 20 year careers. Flames that leap into the sky and cross great distances at mighty speeds. Because it’s unnatural folks.

And it started early this year. It’s like they’re not even waiting until September October November anymore, the ember fire months to do their ritualistic burning. The Fall harvest sacrifice rituals of antiquity being played out again in loosh-harvesting mega-ritual. And the blue pillers plugged into CNN in my area all blaming the fires on global warming thereby being rendered impotent to impact real change.

I feel like I’ve stepped into a post apocalyptic novel.

In Octavia Butler’s 1993 novel “Parable of the Sower ” we have a post apocalyptic scenario, the rich with their tech have long since abandoned the populace to hole up in their heavily guarded island oases. Survivors of societal, financial collapse are living in walled enclaves – if they are lucky – to avoid the cities which are overrun by anarchy and gang warfare. There is a new experimental drug on the streets that makes flame an almost erotic experience, creating arson cults that threaten the lives of the protagonist and her family.

In Lemony Snicker’s children’s books “A Series Of Unfortunate Events,” we have the Baudelaire orphans the target of a group of arsonists led by count Olaf. Their parents died in such a fire.

Just to name a few.

The reality of the real criminal arsonists and liars and puppeteers is much more complicated. Earlier I used the term “unnatural” for these fires and yet this is not quite true. Remember, the psychopaths at large are simply following out cosmic protocol. They themselves are puppets for God. Earth is a difficult place of testing. This is the end of the Iron Age and its going out in flames. It turns out if man does not suffer and is not put under strain, he will stagnate. 

The ten plagues raining down upon us at this time show that the bible was written as a warning for our age, and a clue for overcoming it. We must be the Israelites escaping bondage (material attachment – Egypt, the lower chakras). The fire and constant threat of viral disease are a wake up call to act, to admit that you have been a slave and will continue to bow to your master until you take your power back. 

“The instant you take control, interesting things will start to happen to you.” – Dirk Gently

The covid virus and the increasing fires and smoke in the air are a burning away, forcefully, of all material attachment, and a stripping down to the bare essentials. What do I need to survive? What do I need to stay with God? To stay sane?

You know, Kabbalah has a good teaching where everyday you must live and act in two (seemingly) contradictory ways. One, you must live as though God is acting through you at all times and you cannot possibly do what is considered “outside the will of God.” But second, you must also live as though you and only you is steering your life and your ship, second by second, through a chaotic stream where pre-destiny and fate do not exist, where the future is written by tiny decisions in the present totally dependent on your personal will.

So is it chaos and anarchy and entropy that rule our world? Or is it all happening in the mind of God, according to It’s perfect and divine eternal plan? Well, both, at the same time, you must reconcile those opposites in yourself, and be satisfied with a coincidentia oppositorum.

Because you see, if you polarize to one belief over the other, you end up either killing God, or killing the Self.

So when I get up in the morning I know that I HAVE to be the one to live my life, noone else is going to do it for me. But at night when I go to bed I know that God lived that day the whole time and that it was all pre-written as another way for the Creator to know Itself through its Creation. The fractal mirror of consciousness, the great mystery of the atomic structure of the One Mind or Ego.

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Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet – Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The book shows how the alphabets were designed to depict the central occult theme of fire (spirit) into water (matter).

Spirit into flesh.

Then back to spirit,

Forever changed by Her Waters.

And so in Hebrew we have the first letter Aleph (A) – Fire

Mem, Nun, (M,) and (N) are in the m-iddle of the alphabet, that’s water, matter, marine….

The Hebrew word for water is Mayim. And the glyph for ‘Nun’ is the fish. (That is why Jesus was a fishers of men).

The second to last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Shin (SH) like the sizzle of a fire.

Fire in water, fire out. Fire to begin all alphabets, water in the middle and fire at the end, this is the pattern, as we shall see.

The two opposing forces of fire/water yield a third, a product, or yield, and this is the Holy Spirit. This is the ‘second birth’ of man becoming like God, being born again, stepping into your Eternity field, having been through the densest dregs of materiality, matter, and its swampy watery depths.

I almost drowned in Her Waters. But in the end my soul was saved and baptised in fire, the second birth to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fire in, fire out. 

It’s also the Riddle Of The 101, the two bulls or the Bi-Bull.

But that particular line of coding is already fleshed out in the Astrotheology section of this blog. Now let’s examine,

The Key of the Three Fires

These three aforementioned transition states of fire or spirit are found in the Hebrew alphabet as the three flames – or three Yods.

Yod is the flame of eternity, the central pillar of the 1, blowing in the wind.  The flame is bent by the breath of God, breathing life into Creation. Marking the beginning of linear time.

Yod is also the 10th letter, the number of completion. Made up of ‘one’ (fire, pillar of male propulsive spirit energy), and ‘zero’ (water, negation, womb, birth, matter, cyclical).

To yield a third. This is your basic trinity.

This is shown with the letter Shin, at the end of the alphabet. It’s shaped liked Three Yods, connected by a central bar.

Fire in the middle, Yod, the three fires of Shin at the end, and sure enough, at the beginning we have the first letter Aleph:

Which is none other than Two Yods, one flipped upside down, the two connected by a slash or dividing line. This represents the state of duality man is in, when fire/spirit has met water/matter. The soul incarnates and has to work its way out of matter back to Source, but everything is all topsy-turvy and backwards and flipped here, (we see through a mirror darkly), because noone knows where we came from or where we’re going, save perhaps that Jesus fellow…hmm but I digress.

Thus we have the three fires of 

Yod               Aleph                    Shin

(Y)                 (A)                        (SH)

Speaking of Jesus, YASH-ua’s very name may be embedded in this.

And looking at us in those letters is the word ‘ash,’ another fire word. 

The (F) in f-ire and the (SH) sounds are similar tonally and are the sound of water being dumped on fire, or vice versa: fffsshhfshshfshsh

Fire into water makes ASH – Earth, Matter, rock and soil.

It also creates gas, AIR bubbles that separate the matter and add depth and density and space. Thus the other two elements, air and earth, act to temper the flame and heat the water. This moderation of the hot and cold opposing forces builds the bodies, the vessels of organic life. The water being sea water in the occult symbolizes the blood. The salts of the blood, the RED SEA.

But even these tempered forms of organic matter, these bodies, are all transitory, ever moving.

Form allows spirit (fire) a vehicle with which to see itself in a mirror, as an individualized atomic spiritual Entity in relation to its Creator.

When the form of the body has run its course, the soul returns to the spirit realm, back to fire, the body to ash, dust to dust. But the memories and experiences remain as the very clothing of the soul as it works its way through karmic attachments and so forth, as it continues to grow and purify before its ultimate union with the Source, the Godhead of which we are all co-eternal, like a fractal prism of consciousness. There is the Big Kahuna on top who knows all and cannot be known, and then there are souls like us who share in this One Mind, but are struggling to know and integrate more and more of It, in an ultimately endless quest for greater understanding and merging with the One.

That is all that exists in the universe. The occult is simply the science of these two things – the light and the vessels. The light of the Creator, which is made of the desire to bestow pleasure on his Creation, and the vessels, souls, bowls, that can, to greater or lesser degrees, take in the light. Too much light blinds. Not enough light alienates and deprives.

But thats enough to go on for now.

One more closing tidbit – the letter H is the breathe of God, like Yod. But in Hebrew the glyph for ‘Heh’ means ‘window.’ With the hhhhhhbreathing of God into Creation, souls are given windows into the mind of God.

And thus Abram becomes AbraHam.

And Sara becomes SaraH. As two souls who gained this awakening.

AB-Ram of course being heavily coded as well, with the A-B 1,2 fire, water ((B)irth canal) and the Ram being Aries the first sign of the zodiac, and a fire sign. The initial plunge of fire into water, the charging of the ram, male energy,  which, when it hits water, female energy, it (B)ranches out to form the Tree of Life.

Taoist saying:

Once you learn the esoteric roots of the letters, many words will start to pop out at you and tell their hidden stories. You could spend ages decoding and demystifying words in this way. The alphabet was left behind by God, like the Tarot, and the Torah, and the Bi-Bulls, to provide a means to wake up and remember his Divinity, and the divinity of your very soul.

“By means of the twenty two letters, by giving them a form and shape, by mixing them and combining them in different ways, God made the soul of all that which has been created and all of that which will be.” – Sepher Yetzirah (Kabbalah)

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ParaRIBulitis, Douglas’ Atoms

I made this video to show how esoteric riddles hidden by secret societies pop up in Hollywood and pop culture.

If you find interesting, please subscribe to my new channel.

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An Argument Against Reincarnation Theory – Thomas Burgoyne

In his treatise, The Light of Egypt, Thomas H. Burgoyne, secretary of the Hermetic Order of Luxor, discusses the afterlife, soul evolution, and the origins of evil. In this Hermetic system, which opposes in many ways the views of the Theosophical Society ala Blavatski, or what he calls ‘Esoteric Buddhism,’ reincarnation or the multiplicity of human births on Earth is a false teaching. Your evolving soul (which is part of an even greater Divine Ego), only gets one human life on Earth, and then after death one faces their own self-generated karma in the astral realm, in the hopes of evolving spirally upward to greater states of Being, the final goals being immortality of Soul and reunion with your Twin Soul which is the completed spiritual state of the Angel.

Origins of Evil

However it is not guaranteed that the differentiated soul survives their karma. Souls too corrupt and wicked, who turn their back on Deity (not based on ignorance, but knowingly), are unable to face their karma post-death, which swirl around them like a trapped nightmare for thousands of years. Guilt and shame like fire burning their soul.

The earlier distinction is important here. One result of the astral realm in such a sorry state is ending up as like a child. The other, for the truly wicked, is a devolving into an animal – these ones then become absorbed into the animal soul of the planet, called the Dark Satellite, the 8th Orb in our chain or the Orb of Death. This is their temporary abode as they await Oblivion – dissolution back into Source, back into the In-breath of Brahman. A sleeping, and a forgetting. 

Note that while their soul fails to achieve immortality, the Divine Ego of which even their soul is but one half, never dies and cannot die as it was not created in time (a-temporal, a-tomic), and is thus co-eternal with Deity.

Meanwhile, the black magicians here on Earth get their occult power by acting as mediums for these Once-men, those now dis-incarnate spirits from the 8th Orb (currently close in its ellipse, to Earth), , who have devolved to the level of animal, albeit an animal with cunning intelligence. A hunter-animal. But the cunning is all geared towards self-preservation – the reptile fight-or-flight, which is why are often mistaken as reptilian aliens by the too-literal alt. media.

The 8th Orb in our planetary chain actually represents the animal-soul of Earth. Look at the viciousness of predators in nature and you will get a sense of the orientation of these entities we are up against.

How the Life Wave Works, Involution and Evolution

This is also called the transmigration of Souls. From what I can glean from Burgoyne’s writings, once the Biune Twin Souls bud off from their Divine Ego they each go through 7 State changes in 7 rounds of a Life wave or cycle within a Planetary Chain. These states are: spiritual, celestial, astral, mineral, vegetable, animal, and lastly, human. The soul in its quest for differentiation and complexification gets involved with lower and denser states of Matter (involution) – the densest being the mineral state. From there it begins its evolutionary climb back up to spirit through the vegetable, animal and the human state (the last state clothed in matter). 

The twin souls separately undergo each of these 7 states on different planets in our chain (the classical 7 planets or Elohim of astrology – Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon). Each planet leaves their mark on the Soul, which is why Astrology works. Before we arrive on Earth in our human state (the midway point between the spiritual and material arches of the wave) we undergo countless incarnations in lesser or more simple states, on the other 7 celestial bodies, all in preparation for the human form. The reason why the birth chart is such an accurate rendering of the personality of the individual is because we are born at a time which will harmonize with our growth and development that was achieved on the other planets prior to this earthly life. We are not shaped by our birth chart, rather the birth chart is a record of our development thus far, and a roadmap for further evolution in certain areas.

Rest assured that you have been born in the precise time and location, race, and family to provide the best chance of harmonizing or rounding out your latent soul qualities. 

After our human life, our fleshly reincarnations stop. “Once and only once,” says the holy law of Nature. After this our rebirths will occur in the realm of Spirit. 

The 3 Duads

From The Light of Egypt:

Our human physical life on Earth is actually only the first of 3 States or Duads. The second duad is the Astral realm, and the third is the Realm of Pure Spirit. Only by the 3rd Realm is immortality of the soul assured, because one must first past through the purgatorial Astral realm. Here is where your karma is faced. Karma is not an active force that affects change on Earth, as the Theosophical Buddhists and many others claim. It is a passive force that builds up in each individual as a moral record of their lives. Upon death, one faces all their demons, repressed memories, fears and attachments, and must conquer them. The demons are self-generated, there isn’t a God doing the punishing. God is only in charge of upholding the eternal perfect laws. The Boundless One speaks to your conscience through your Divine Ego. If you followed and listened to your conscience as best as you could in life, your karmic load will be a little easier on you. If you ignored the conscience and lived a life oriented at self-gratification at the cost of others, you will a harder time in the next realm. It is that simple.

In this we finally see the beauty and justice inherent in Nature’s immutable laws. We are fully conscious at every stage of the karmic balancing of the scales, until the final farthing is paid.

We can drop the idea that we are reincarnated into an unlucky situation in order to pay back some karma in a past life that we are not even aware of. This type of system would only be designed by a cruel and unjust God. You wouldn’t punish a child for a crime that they are unaware that they committed.

We can also drop the hideous notion propped up by many in the alt. media that the “unwashed” and unaware masses are duped into eternal Hell by selling their soul to their smartphones or by being uploaded into the Borg hive-mind system, those filling up on vaccines, 5G and other pollutants. ‘Wide is the road to destruction and many are on it,’ Jesus warns. These ones will have a difficult time with their karmic burden in the astral realm, to be sure, however God grants some lenciancy because they were ignorant to the most part of how low their Soul fell. It’s all based on intent. But it is a sad truth that many in this age will be unable to retain something immortal of themselves in the astral and will be whipped about by karma and end up with the consciousness of a child. The soul, having now lost its chance to progressive Immortality will be reabsorbed into their Divine Ego.

When the Twin Souls fail to reunite, for any variety of reasons, the Divine Ego has to now await a new Solar cycle of Life Wave to try again – a new ‘splitting of the Atom’/Adam, the new souls transmigrating again through the 7 States and planets of involution/evolution. This process is what is confused for as “reincarnation,” or multiplicity of human births.

Those who seek immortality strive against such a fate, against such an amnesiac barrier.

This Divine Ego is the part of us that does not incarnate into the growing soul/spirit body until after the final Duad is crossed and the Twin Souls are reunited (the biblical marriage of the lamb, bride and bridegroom, etc.) Thus the Divine Ego is the part of us most closely associated with Source Creation, the black light or the Unconscious or Superconscious Formless One that “sits in profound, pregnant Silence,” as stated in the Kolbrin. We are never not One with that, must of us just forgot.

In the gospel of Thomas, the disciples ask Jesus how to get in heaven: “Do you want us to fast? How should we pray? Should we give to charity? What diet should we observe?”

Jesus said, “Don’t lie, and don’t do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. after all, there is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed.”

Notice he says, “before heaven” all things you did are disclosed. This is the swirl of your memories, your karmic record occurring to you in the 2nd Duad, the Astral plane. Heaven is the third duad. To get there you have to purge everything that was associated with the lower animal drives of the body, to be swallowed up by the animal soul of the planet. None of that can go with you as baggage into Heaven.

One last note that may serve as a clue or key for understanding how all this works. The word ‘soul’ rhymes with bowl. Because they are both containers. The soul collects and stores all the memories of your human life and previous incarnations through the many states and forms you took on your Life Wave journey. At death this bowl is dumped on your head, and you have to make sense of it all without shattering or spilling all over the place; that would lead to ‘soul death’ or the second death, which is just a sleep and a forgetting, of the Divine Ego, which never dies, which your Spirit, which sounds like “spear it,” which is what you have to do with all those karmic threads of the soul/bowl, spear them with the wand or the will of the sword, as an integral, coherent human being with mind intact, through the eye of the hurricane.

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The How-To of Viral Mimetic Warfare and Entity Attachment

Expanded notes from diary, 6/15/20

Smoked some cannabis for the first time in a while and could feel the trip taking me to a dark place. Negative fear pangs, archonic thrusts through my body. A rough turn this has been compared to the last time. Could feel the threat of “eternal Hell” or what Z calls the “infinite shattering” creeping back into my mind.

But then I opened the book I’m reading, Teilhard de Charden’s work entitled The Phenomenon of Man, and through his words I instantly felt a shift. Neurons shifted, brain chemistry shifting to a more positive, hopeful place. 

It was this passage, in his analysis of TOTAL MATTER, he writes,

“B. The Totum

 Now, if we consider this whole [of Matter] more attentively, we quickly see that it is something quite other than a mere entanglement of articulated inter-connections. If one says fabric or network, one thinks of a homogeneous plexus of similar units which it may indeed be impossible to section, but of which it is sufficient to have recognized the basic unit and to have defined the law to be able to understand the whole by repetition : a crystal or arabesque whose laws are valid for whatever space it fills, but which is wholly contained in a single mesh. 

Between such a structure and the structure of matter there is nothing in common. In its different orders of magnitude, matter never repeats its different combinations. For expedience and simplicity we sometimes like to imagine the world as being a series of planetary systems superimposed, the one on the other, and grading from the infinitely small to the infinitely big : Pascal’s two abysses once again. This is only an illusion. The envelopes composing matter are thoroughly heterogeneous the one with regard to the other. First we have a vague circle of electrons and other inferior units ; then a better defined circle of simple bodies in which the elements are distributed as periodic functions of the atom of hydrogen ; farther on another circle, of inexhaustible molecular combinations ; and lastly, jumping or recoiling from the infinitesimal to the infinite, a circle of stars and galaxies. These multiple zones of the cosmos envelope without imitating each other in such a way that we cannot pass from one to another by a simple change of coefficients. Here is no repetition of the same theme on a different scale. The order and the design do not appear except in the whole. The mesh of the universe is the universe itself…(p.45)” 

Each part of matter is heterogeneous from every other part. The pattern changes uniquely at each level of organization of matter. So let’s examine what Z calls the “infinite shattering”. Let’s also keep in mind that we are dealing on the plane of mind and spirit here which is clearly the most complex level, at least that we are aware of currently. Christ is the imagination. Imagination is “the Savior”. Now if matter is heterogeneous and not inert homogeneous bits of the number one, the Totum is not likened to 1’s and 0’s, as in binary computer code –  which is how alt. Media “truthers” like Z want to define the Mom-Sophia Supercomputer Demiurge Maya matrix. 

He says we came into that system to finish Her job – a “dangerous rescue mission.” If we fail we are stuck in Her infinite hell, he says.  Stuck in the ones that are ever dividing into more ones. I say what evidence is there for that, when this realm is clearly part of the Totum. God. Wherever we look, under every rock and microscope.

Clearly, complexity is preserved. That’s how matter works. It doesn’t shatter infinitely in the same way. Thus there is always the element of imagination; a non-dual component. Each level can surprise you, and does not by itself predict the next level. It surprised the first scientist or shaman who penetrated that level of matter. For example obtaining knowledge of the subatomic or quantum realms always brings a shock and awe value to the discoverer.  There is no reason to expect any different, ever. Why would matter suddenly switch as though we are stretching it too thin, why would the data field suddenly switch one day into ones and zeros; code that is predictable or homogenous at all levels? To suspect such a day and to predict of it is just hearsay, and superstition as far as I am concerned, and I think I can think of a few writers/philosophers to back that assertion up. Sure there is an entropic, stretching thin or cooling quality to the universe, but this is only on a superficial level, not taking into account the quantum realms or the human realm of spirit and imagination, which is ever increasing in connectivity and complexity, in reverse of entropy.

So I hope you see the clever mind game Z is playing for you to set a fear-based neurological trap, amid a bed of valid information about the  magnetic poetry of the system we’re in. 

Sure, I’ll give him that. He was like a brother of Jason Bickford when it came to that. He would decode the matrix pretty well. Dammit, he was fascinating. But so many of those insider whistle-blower types are. They  invariably come from so-called “elite” bloodlines apparently. They probably all play this game of setting nihilistic stink bombs in each other’s faces. Through ritual abuse, at a young age. These tricks are codified, visual, symbol and word based.

The info is fixed through words, and stories. And energy. Vibes. An idea can be planted virally by listening to another person who knows these codified tricks for making people believe them, and then they can exercise a certain degree of control over them. Cult leader tactics.

It’s all about who you believe. And what takes hold in the mind, what you allow to take root. Like the film Inception. People can go into your subconscious with their words or symbols or even the written word. They can infect you with ideas that seem perfectly valid but lead ever so seductively into dark places of panic, fear, loathing, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Read page 45 of Mouravieff again and again. As long as it takes to have faith and hope reworked into your mind. To do proper battle with the demon ideas in your subconscious. We are in the age of information warfare. And it’s in full swing. The majority are currently in this fear-box that is mimetically viral, not bio-chemically viral, as the mainstream media news COVID psyop is making it seem to be. It is viral warfare, to be sure, but it’s taking place on the level of the mind. It’s information/Inception warfare. So the blue-pillers are in incepted with Corona/racism/random-acts-of-violence false-flag programs leading to nihilism, hatred, agoraphobia, and chaos.

And the red pillers are more tricky and nuanced, but still often they get boxed into fear programs. Such as the one espoused by Z, or Aug Tellez, or Donald Marshall , or David Icke, etc., etc.

But then you find someone like Lily Kolosova, who is a breath of fresh air. And then you read Goddard and Carl Jung who are much more optimistic. And the shrewd scientific mind of de Chardin who in two paragraphs deprograms the Infinite Shattering/eternal-hell-fear-box with his simple but beautiful formula for Matter itself. Is not God in all the unique levels of organized matter? Why should we expect it to be any different, ever? Especially since what really matters about matter is happening on the most complex and cherished level, that of mind and spirit? That of intuition, dreams, visions and emotions, of love. In short, of imagination. The power of awareness of God everywhere you look. That’s Christ. That’s the Christ within. The son that must be born again. Baptized in fire, of spirit. Born into your own anchored eternity. Writing your own timeline with your own unique God code. The Totum flowing through you. Earth seed. 

“God is change,” Octavia Butler writes. And we all yield to it.

And when two polar beings do that together, they can write a whole universe.

It’s only hearsay and rumors that the capability inherent in phenomena should ever lose the ability to do that (Hell cages). Just because at some point in the future it gets pushed too far? That theory only holds up in an unconscious, dead universe, or one where God is inherently sadistic to his own creation. I don’t see enough evidence for either of these hypothetical scenarios.

Even if something like that is true with the notion of a time limit for the evolution of man, it applies to the cosmic system of octaves. Which itself is infinite according to its own laws. And our souls are immortal, and since we clearly incarnated into this particular octave, should it be doomed to the fire, no reason to believe it couldn’t happen again. 

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” said Edward Hickson.

Satan’s mill will always be running. But it runs on human suffering, and you can choose to take part in it or not. It’s all about a shift in perspective. Accept only good ideas. Imaginative ideas, ideas containing the element of the unlimited: the Totum.

Think only thoughts recognizing the infinite connection to the ineffable Totum of reality. Endless variation on all levels of matter. Flesh and spirit in an infinite dance of variety. A male and female dance. Marking time with a unique stamp. 

Time travel.

It’s kind of like on the astral plane these clever cult leaders with their fear programs are walking around pants off and an erection and the words spray-painted on their chest “can I stick this in your ass?”

It’s going to destroy you. If you let it. Laura is infected with one of these fear-box programs as well. I suspect these programs are at root an entity attachment. She believes the technological mark of the beast is going to send most people on this planet into infinite Hell. There we are again with this no-hope-endless-doom-fear-box.

The meme, the idea, is the entity’s fishing hook and bait, and where an idea sticks, through plausiblity and repetition, that’s when they can attach and start sucking. Their idea has been ‘incepted.’

“Be careful,” Laura warned me after reading through Z’s material. “You are still writing your own Akashic record.” So she recognized his demon, but can’t see her own.

Well I’ll write my way out of Hell, if I have to. Just like Burroughs did. And de Chardin, apparently. And Blake. And Goddard. All the greats. The ones who wrote such rich words of hope and promise. How can my intuition steer me back to Z and his looshing? Why does his message still sometimes exert control over me? George recognized a “dark cult element” to Z right away. 

“See, all that, is paladin thinking.” Z would counter. He would claim that George and Laura are in the yum-yum drip phase. Living in denial, in wishful thinking because it ‘feels good.’

So says paladin Samuel L Jackson in the film ‘Jumper.’ Paladins are assigned to kill, sidetrack, or gate-keep humans who are red-pilling.

At the frontier of death and oblivion now. Goddard says when you die you awaken from a dream or meditation. You’re 20 years old in a body that looks like you. But Mouravieff says that destination only comes rarely through intense inner esoteric work. Otherwise, he says, you reincarnate back in the same body with the same set of parents in the same year as before – the time loop film of your life – the Groundhog’s Day effect or the Ouroboros. (See Gurdjieff’s theory of ‘recurrence.’)

But fear comes from knowledge or innerstanding or gnosis of “the wrath of God.” There is a lake of fire, and an unknown behind it. Man, standing at the edge of this abyss, feeling the heat of the flames lap at his feet, assumes the fire is eternal, or else that he is “marked for total disposal in the ovens,” as Burroughs put it.

“Erase it completely.” Says the villain in the new Blade Runner. All traces of the sons of God. The Adamic race. Total disposal.

Fear programs for viral looshing come from the unknown in regards to our possible fate on the level of soul when confronted with the idea of a cage. Not the fear of death. Those are temporary states. Fear of an unlimited cage, to be continually trapped in the Demiurge fear box. Red pillers as well as religious fanatics get caught in these traps all the time, using direct bible quotes as evidence. As well, alt. media tycoons David Icke or Sitchin programs can send you there. Aug Tellez can send you there. Even though Aug sometimes has some contradictory, positive messages. Aug is a mixed bag. Z ‘doesn’t recommend listening to Aug.’ Direct quote. But Aug doesn’t recommend Z, and calls him “a hoax,” working with a team. Information warfare. “The narcissists collapsing within,” replies Lily Kolosova. The rats jumping ship, ratting each other out, in their panic.

The mind/emotion system has to be “born again” out of the muck and mire of weaponized viral information systems. We can see this clearly in Hideo Kojima’s video game ‘Metal Gear Solid 5.’ Your character goes to a “factory of death” a closely guarded black-ops warehouse in the forest,  where victims, the local Africans, are strapped into filthy cots, sick and comatose with plague, throats wired up to tape recorders playing looped messages into their brains. Messages no doubt of a negative, viral nature. I assume messages playing up the “wrath of God,” convincing them that He plans to trick and trap them in neurological fear boxes forever. Messages about eternal fire and brimstone. No way out.

(An interesting side note: there was a racial genocide component to that plot-point because the mimetic virus, the ‘words that kill’ could target specific languages, thus people who don’t speak that particular language are immune to the looped messages and wouldn’t develop the virus.)

There is a way to detox from this shit, these information viruses. Take borax and Epsom salt baths. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Don’t get their vaccines. Turn off 5G and constant Wi-Fi. Get out of their beams and blue light, out into nature. Get lots of sleep. Crystals, orgonite, indoor plants, sound healing. If you use cannabis use it once a week as a sacrament, not more. Meditate and do Chi Gung daily. Be very careful about who you listen to as a valid source of information, especially in the occult/esoteric/conspiracy world. I’ve learned the hard way that this is a dangerous arena fraught with hideous dead-ends.

Write it out. Write your way out of hell. And read the greats. I’ve already listed them, but there are more. But don’t trust any of them in totum, only trust your own self-initiatory process.

Even the Bible itself, contains both the keys of Heaven and Hell. The book is a paradox. That’s because it’s the bi-bull, the two bulls or pair-of-bulls/parables. It sends you to Hell and then provides the way out of said Hell, if you know how to interpret the book correctly. Learn the codes. There are different keys for reading the damn thing.

Neville Goddard has found a really good key for that book. Often you need the help of a school (or teacher who has been through initiation themselves). You can’t really do it on your own, at least at first. Different schools provide keys to different doors. Some doors lead to heaven. Some lead to hell. Some have mixed keys that lead up and down and back around. Z’s key sends you to hell. So you overcome it. And you find a better key. Z’s key is powerful though because he keys you into the same symbolism of Hollywood’s dark magicians, the Time Warners, and the Watch-Out-Ski’s Bros. Warning you about their desired transhumanist timeline. He knows their occult lingo backwards and forwards and how these dark wizards twist the biblical narrative to one that blames the Divine Feminine Sophia and portrays her as seeking Oblivion, a crazy suicide trip that we are all wrapped up in. His code IS valid, and self-evident (see the ‘Z’ Files tab), but it’s mostly reliant on Dark Wizard Hollywood poetry to really get the full effect. Thus it needs to be propped up on stories which themselves are coming from a shady source. Can’t rely on Hollywood to bring us reliable information, or should I say, information that is safe from demon-entity attachments. Trusting Hollywood codes is like trusting gossip you hear from some back-alley drug dealer.*

(*UPDATE, 6/23To reiterate this important point, the system Z talks about is valid, but unreliable. This means that it appears to be present in many phenomena, because it is built on symbols and archetypes that are indeed THERE, however it is a clever twisting of said symbols to fit an agenda or narrative that will send you to Hell, through the act of belief. I suspect that his system comes from a sect of Kabbalism that once held the divine gnosis but got perverted or corrupted over time by overly patriarchal influences and a disconnect from the divine feminine, which is reflected in our culture as the fall of Sophia. But a simple understanding of symbols will show that Sophia represents wisdom, and her fall means the loss of this all-knowing wisdom that every soul must go through as it descends into matter, and gets involved with what Burgoine calls the “involution” process. This is a divine process of each soul monad differentiating from the ALL, gaining its own individuality.)

Now, back to using pop culture as evidence for his ideas – Laura did catch on to that quite quickly, and I didn’t want to listen to her, at the time. But she is carrying her own demon attachments, unfortunately, even though she does share some good information. so you see, none of these bloodline or cult people, even the ones who disavow the programs, are simple folk. They have strong keys of mimetic, neurologically powerful ideas, but many of them knowingly or unknowingly will trap you in a new Hell, even while helping you out of the mainstream, blue-pill Hell. It’s weird and confusing. They mix it all up, the two columns –

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Is There a Time Limit For the Evolution of Humanity?

Eowyn: “I fear neither death nor pain.”

Aragorn: “What do you fear, my lady?”

Eowyn: “A cage.”


If the answer is “yes” to the question posed in the title, then this may be one of the primary reasons why esoteric knowledge has long remained hidden from the majority, and has been carefully guarded by mystery schools and encrypted into the sacred texts behind parabolic veils. If it got out that there was a time limit, on the cosmic level, at which man must meet certain qualifications to be saved from “the wrath of God,” than one could see how this might easily incite mass panic, and promote cultish saviour groups of all kinds, splintering off and fighting with each other. (Not that this last thing doesn’t happen anyway).

However, now we are entering a new era. Astrologists and New Agey types call it the Age of Aquarius, and I have no problem with that, but Mouravieff, who represents the Eastern Orthodox Esoteric Wisdom Systems of the early Church Fathers, called this new age the ‘Cycle of the Holy Spirit.’ The commonality between the two names for this new era is that now all secrets must be revealed; no more can esoteric knowledge remain locked up in wisdom systems and secret societies. All must be plain as day for even the layman. All cards must be on the table. The Trump card must be played, and is being played. Aquarius, with his water pitcher washes away the grime of illusion to reveal the truth gems hidden beneath. 

The previous age of Pisces was always dualistic, with the two fish, one fish representing truth, the other representing lies and illusion. Both were accepted and karmically allowed. This 2000 year Pisces period, starting with the birth of Christ, corresponded with what Mouravieff calls the ‘Cycle of the Son,’ which was preceded by the 2000 year, ‘Cycle of the Father’ during the times chronicled in the Old Testament.

So we see distinct “flavors,” if you will, of each cycle. During the Cycle of the Father, we saw the harsh rulership of Yahweh, the Father-God, who demanded that his chosen people have undying devotion to him, even at the cost of inflicting upon them great suffering. However, from Yahweh we are taught faith.

If you read Carl Jung’s essay entitled, “Answer To Job,” you see a shift in this Diety happening after the Book of Job. This is a horrible chapter where we see God inflicting harsh punishment to a very pious, God-fearing man named Job. Why? Because Satan dared him to, saying that even this pious man would turn his back on the Lord if struck by misfortune – thus Job experiences death of loved ones, famine and disease. But Job proves loyal to the end. Jung shows how Yahweh has a marked change of heart after this episode. He loses the fiery, harsh temperament, and it is not too long after, that the Old Testament closes and the New Testament begins with the birth of Christ. From here on out, God the Father is one portrayed by his son as one of love, and his son, as a symbol of hope and salvation. We no longer see the hot-tempered jealous God that permeated the Old Testament and the times of Moses and Abraham.

Thus we have the following formula – 

Age of Aries – Old Testament – Cycle of the Father – Faith/devotion

Age of Pisces – New Testament – Cycle of the Son – Hope/salvation

And now we enter the final cycle, the Age of Aquarius, and the Cycle of the Holy Spirit, where faith and hope must be the tools we employ to reach gnosis, the gateway to true love. 

Now is where we get into the scary part, the notion of an end of the world, a time limit, a deadline. Mouravieff talks about how the incarnation of God in the form of Jesus, really was an act of staving off a kind of apocalypse, due to the failure on the part of man to transcend his fallen state.

The incarnation of Christ was God’s ‘answer to Job’ according to Jung. By remaining a loyal God-fearing man even after the horrid trials and tribulations inflicted on him by God who was simply trying to win a bet posed to him by Satan, Job morally “one-upped” God, kind of making God look foolish. God’s change of heart due to Job’s moral superiority results in his desire to become man, born of flesh. But he takes great pains to incarnate without the sin of the fall of man. Thus he is born of a virgin, and as a result Jesus is never quite a man, but remains a God-man, impervious to Satanic influences. Nevertheless his appearance into history serves a purpose of setting the table for the final act, which begins now.

In the cycle of the Holy Spirit, we can expect no more incarnations from above. No more saviours, no more stop-gap failsafes. Man, imperfect, fleshly Adamic man, must evolve his spirit through the esoteric path, cross the Threshold, and undergo the “second birth,” the individual resurrection, which Christ taught. Preacher Neville Goddard talks about this at great length, how Christ must be born from within the individual. There must be a new elite of men and women at the onset of this new cycle who have undergone this process, who can then be the catalyst for the rest of humanity. These elite must be the role models, the shamans, showing the way, but in the end, everyone must do their own inner work, face their own demons, and come out of the tunnel, on the other end of the threshold. On the cosmic level, this really DOES need to happen collectively within a certain time frame, otherwise the whole system collapses, and what St. Peter warned about will occur: “the day of the lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. (2 Peter 3:10)”

Man was saved from this fiery fate at the start of the Cycle of the Son by the birth of Chrst, as a kind of stop-gap measure, but that was our last helping hand from above. Now it is up to us to incarnate Christ from within, at the start of this new cycle. We had the chance at the beginning of the Cycle of the Son to complete this task, but we failed miserably. The chosen ones, the elite of their time, were put before this test, to face their demons and cross the threshold and undergo the transformation to the second birth. Only John the Baptist succeeded. King Herod gave in to jealousy and had him beheaded. And Caiaphas, the Chief Priest thought to exploit the preachings of Jesus for political ends. This event is known as the catastrophe of Golgotha.

Mouravieff writes, “Today, having come to the end of the Cycle of the Son, humanity is again faced, at the moment when the irreversible passing of Time has drawn it towards the DO of its octave, with a choice; an ultimate option. Either it rapidly liquidates a karmic tare grown heavier during twenty centuries and makes itself the servant of the Accomplishment during the Era of the Holy Spirit, or else it repeats the error of the chosen people and dooms itself to the fire. This is the choice offered by St. Peter in his second epistle. These are the consequences of the catastrophe of Golgotha.”

He continues, about the failure at Golgotha, “Thus the chosen people, instead of crossing the second Threshold together as was foreseen, suffered a fall in which the whole of humanity was involved. About forty years after the death of the Saviour the temple of Solomon was destroyed and the diaspora commenced. Due to the fall of its esoteric pathfinders, the whole of humanity was dragged along and has been marking time through the Cycle of the Son.”

He also points out that interestingly since it was the Jews who were the chosen ones put before this test at Golgotha, and failed, have since been cursed –  persecuted and forced from one land to another, ever since. In this new cycle, the battleground is happening in Christianity, and all truly esoteric Jews must accept Christ and move into the Christian arena at this time, where the last test will take place. To stay in Judaism is stagnation, as Christianity and Judaism cannot be separated; Christianity is in fact the conclusion of the latter. The Old Testament set the table, but the New Testament is the meal itself. (All true esoterically initiated Jewish Kabbalists know this, and there is ample evidence in the Old Testament that predicted the coming of Christ).

Now it’s of the utmost importance at this point to refrain from panic about the possibility of humanity being doomed to the fire, should we fail in this final task. It is easy to panic when faced with the idea that we don’t have all the time in the world to collectively get it right. The first reason not panic: individuals who do their own inner work and cross the second Threshold into the second birth are safe, anchored in their eternity, and become involved in the higher octaves of reality. Unfortunately this appears to be rare, and sometimes these individuals consciously choose to reincarnate back here to help humanity. A second reason not to panic is that, as bad as things may seem on the surface right now, we are in a better position at the start of this cycle than we were at the start of the previous one. This is due to the fact that the wisdom of Christ has spread throughout the world, whereas previously the wisdom was only in the hands of a chosen few. 

Also, thanks to the technological advances of man, information and communication can spread more rapidly across great distances, and knowledge can be pooled and shared like never before. As well, technology has allowed for more leisure time for esoteric study, whereas in previous eras man was burdened by the plow and working the fields. The problem however, is that the great leaps in technological progress have not been accompanied by the same kind of leaps in the field of morality, thus we see the great risks of technology being misused for violence and ill. The new elite who cross the second Threshold must be the beacons of moral standards to the rest of humanity to follow.

Mouravieff writes, “Is there a ruling class and an elite – the distinction is essential – capable of leading (humanity) through this passage? This is an agonizing question for all who are conscious of its urgency. Many of us can feel its urgency yet prefer  to turn back towards the past. Basing our judgement on what has gone before, we continue to count on the forbearance God showed us on the two previous falls. This is an error. Humanity has exhausted its credit. Its actions today must fulfil divine expectations.”

Now I’ve always been somewhat an anxious individual, and my mind immediately goes to the “worst case scenario” in things. So naturally, if you are like me you want to know what the fate of the soul of man should be if “doomed to the fire;” if we fail in this great cosmic task by the appointed time. Mouravieff frustratingly does not go into much detail about this innate possibility. But he does offer this brief consolation, which is line with the Hermetic principles; I will share it in its entirety here: 

Mouravieff writes on page 45 of his book Gnosis, Volume 2, “To admit that man is endowed with an immortal Soul as well as a body is to admit that his Soul has incarnated. If we consider the Soul to be immortal, it is not illogical to think that this faculty of incarnation can be used by it again, once or many times: we do not see why we should discard the argument of recurrence that is applicable to so many natural phenomena. Once we accept, with all Christian Churches, the principle of the immortality of the Soul, it would be difficult to understand why we have only one single territorial life which, in the great  majority of cases, simply wanders from one error to another before ending in moral bankruptcy and then physical death. How can we believe in the silence and inaction of this Soul before and after its ephemeral terrestrial life – and this in a Cosmos where everything vibrates in perpetual pulsation, caught up in movement that consciously strains towards a goal? This immobilization of energy, whether it occurs in an empyrean heaven or among the flames of hell, will always appear paradoxical in a Universe where everything is based on the interdependencies of the elements and on economy of energy.”

I read the above passage whenever I begin to despair at the fallen state of humanity, and to lose faith and hope, and it provides comfort.

To this we may add what William Blake said, “Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.”

Like Eowyn, I don’t fear death, I fear a cage. I fear getting lost. I fear immobilization. Can I trust that God abhors these things as well, as possible fates for his children?

And can I trust the seven Hermetic principles of old, which are all about the eternal inbreathing and out-breathing of Brahman, the Absolute. We are all caught up in this ever-lasting flux, and it does not make sense that we would ever remain trapped in one State or another. And even if we succeed in moving humanity to the next great Octave, there we will face new goals and challenges, albeit on a different scale of things.

Again I must stress that what I am revealing here has been hidden in mystery schools for its very distressing nature. For example in esoteric Kabbalah, it is not recommended to undergo high level initiation until age 40. When faced with this information, and not properly grounded in faith and hope, one can easily fall into deep fear and depression. It is something I struggle with now everyday, even as I type these words. I can see that there has been a vast, destructive cover-up in Christianity that we have already been saved by Christ’s sacrifice. That act of Christ was merely a stop-gap temporary measure; a way forward, but not a solution in-and-of-itself. 

The only consolation is to sincerely believe that the human Soul rests in the bosom of the eternal All, which is Love. And that only those poor tormented Souls that have become too wretched and corrupted are granted annihilation, and even this is by their own free choice. Perhaps what burns in the fire as described by St. Peter is simply that part of us that must be purged so that we realign or reconcile with the grace of God.

What we must use to stay centered and balanced when faced with this vast, existential uncertainty, is ironically enough, the lessons learned in the two previous ages where man failed in its task: faith, and hope. Faith that we are given a task by God-the-Father that is doable, and that we are NOT stuck in an absurd situation as a result of some kind of cosmic error or mistake, or Demiurgic trick. And second, we must have hope, as taught by Christ-the-Son, that we can and WILL accomplish this task. Just as one cannot learn to draw without sitting down and drawing, one cannot accomplish this esoteric feat without acting AS IF we already accomplished it. THAT is hope, and also how the Law of Attraction works (see the work of Neville Goddard). Faith and hope are the pillars we must use to climb the ladder to gnosis, the theme of this third era.

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Arriving at A Death Cure (Pt.2) – The ‘Zombie’ Symbol

Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The following is a transcription of a voice memo I recorded in a flash of insight, which is always a sign that the Holy Spirit is working through me. It came after watching Lily Kolosova’s recent youtube video entitled “End Times – Babylon is Fallen

Zombies as they appear in cultural media is code or predictive programming for the Mark of the Beast – the coming Covid vaccine-paired-with-microchip. This is not a genocide program per se, it’s a program to turn the human body into a remotely controllable puppet. The vaccine/biochip is going to interact with 5G and nanotech, and chemtrails, it’s all wrapped into one big agenda with human puppetry as the end goal. And what controls the puppets, according to Lily, is a species of dead consciousness, the death cult, this dying timeline of non-human entities. Were they once human? Are they from a different realm? Where do demons come from? Because they must have in some sense come from God, but clearly they rejected God. (see part 1 for more as to their possible origin).

So we have many films depicting the zombie apocalypse, and then the many post-apocalyptic films after the zombie apocalypse or after some kind of huge wave of death and destruction, and then they rebuild society. In one such film, Divergent, they show you exactly what they are planning. I wrote on this in an earlier post:

Here they’ve injected a serum into the soldier faction, turning them all into unconscious soldier-slaves. Of course their soul is still in there, it’s not an eternal fate. This notion pushed by many on the alt. media is what I was worried about for a while, that the ‘Mark of the Beast’ vaccine was a one way ticket to eternal damnation, (an opinion derived at from reading the Book of Revelation too literally, perhaps). But no, it’s a temporary Hell, this is all going to collapse. It’s going to collapse in on itself because like Rome, it gets too top-heavy with its own hubris. All major controlling oligarchies collapse from within in this way. They are going to turn on each other, because that’s all the narcissistic personality knows, is power play and competition. So even though they are united against humanity, they are so selfish that they turn on each other. We have seen this in the alt. media with one member of controlled opposition calling out another member of controlled opposition so that they can get into the limelight as the “REAL” whistleblower. This is going to be their downfall as more and more people wake up to the sheer amount of gatekeepers and shills out there, pushing half-truths, selling fear porn.

So they put their agendas out in these science fiction films. The whole alien motif was one idea – to have a fake alien invasion – but for the same end purpose, to inject everyone with the Mark of the Beast. But the zombie thing was another idea, and obviously with this corona virus its the one they are going with. It’s obviously a little more believable; you don’t need an alien invasion, all you need is a pho-virus, and a vaccine to come out a little while later. People are waking up to the fact that it is highly inorganic the speed at which this vaccine is being rolled out. Normally with a real viral situation, vaccines take years to produce and go through rigorous testing.

And who is pushing the vaccine most? Bill Gates. Bill Gates is not even from a medical background, he’s the owner of microsoft. Micro – meaning nano. Soft – meaning flesh. Thus ‘microsoft’ is nanotech in the flesh. It’s right there. All technology since the 40’s apart from maybe Tesla’s work, which was suppressed, is leading to this. Look at Apple, the other major tech company, taking a bite out of the forbidden apple, the fall of man, being persuaded by the fallen angels. Same guys, this parasitic consciousness that’s been with us for so long.

So check out Lily Kolosova’s video, its the most uplifting video on current events I’ve seen in a while. Obviously if you refuse the vaccine then you are labeled Divergent, the few members of that futuristic society who are immune to the injections. Because you stand in your truth, you stand in the light of the Christ consciousness within. I was worried for all this time about my own family because – being bought and sold by the mainstream bill of lies – they are going to line up for that vaccine, they are clueless. I was worried about their eternal soul: was it going to be forever damaged by this mark of the beast, as some have voiced this sentiment? But Lily says that with the inevitable collapse of this trans-humanist timeline, all the nanotech, all the technology is going to go poof! Be destroyed right along with them, or at least rendered inactive. The nanos act as a receiver and once 5G is turned off, they won’t have anything to receive. And the poor souls, the blue-pillers who become puppets, their soul is still in there, and their body is still capable of healing. The nanobots can be purged from the body via detox, etc. It won’t be pretty, but they’ll survive.

But meanwhile, we are under constant attack, mostly subliminally and chemically, we do need to cleanse our minds, bodies and souls. We need to turn off mainstream news, we need to go within, we need to follow the esoteric path. we need to do as much reading into spiritual disciplines as we possibly can. And then we need to speak out, and help bring this collapse on, by showing them that more and more are realizing what they are doing. It would be a mistake to assume we can wait just for them to collapse from within.

One final note: a positive sign that things are not going exactly as they planned. They thought that by now they would have been able to outlaw guns in America. That was one of the reasons for all the fake mass shootings starting with Columbine. And yet that agenda failed. This is going to make forced vaccination and other impositions more difficult for them, which is why Trump had to hire a military goon to spearhead the vaccine program.

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Arriving At A ‘Death Cure,’ and Embedded Time Language In Film

John 3:3 – Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Movies such as the ‘Maze Runner‘ trilogy, which are highly symbolic and full of esoteric easter eggs, are designed in this way to help one develop what Neville Goddard coined ‘second sight.’ Second sight is the skill of interpreting everything you see, hear or witness as a symbol. It is the act of impregnating your sense-reality with meaning at every turn. Nothing is seen as random. Every stimulus that crosses your path is code sent from above, to deliver a message, to help you grow. Sent from whom, you may ask. God? Perhaps. Or maybe its sent from your own Being, your Higher Self outside this time-space continuum.

In either case, many modern movies, TV shows and books, especially the big budget ones put out by Hollywood and the like, are acting in the same capacity as scripture. They follow a consistent code or symbol-language that will fly under the radar of the uninitiated. For them, watching a movie like ‘Maze Runner’ is akin to reading the bible exoterically; they are entertained by the surface-level story, and then it is quickly forgotten or seen as irrelevant in their everyday life. But for those with second sight, and especially those who study the consistent symbol language, one finds a deeply esoteric story which is not a story at all, but a set of instructions for evolving the spirit to become a Christed One.

Goddard shows how the Old and New Testaments, culminating in the life of Jesus Christ, are really about the psychological process that happens in the psyche of the individual undergoing this initiation into ‘God-hood,’ or, conversely, God-becoming-man. We’ve seen how many modern films draw on the same symbol-set; one learns to identify the character playing Christ, or the hero, and often the same supporting cast of characters show up, his disciples and adversaries, as well as similar themes, metaphors and plot motifs.

The Maze Runner series is no exception and is in fact very dense with these symbols. In this post we are going to look at the opening scene of the third installment: “The Death Cure.” Armed with the tools provided by Mouravieff’s Gnosis, the hidden esotericism is becoming clear as day. Of course, there are multiple levels or angles to interpretation at any point, and two different initiates employing second sight to the same film can derive different but equally valid meaning.

The Death Cure

Opening shot: two members of the rescue squad are checking their watches:

We begin with time imagery, and the phrase, “they’re late.” So right away we know that on a deeper level the writers are relaying a spiritual message about the nature of time.

The leader of the pack, Thomas, (who is also in the Christ role throughout the series), is attempting a hijack on a train. The train carries captive children, who are valuable to the elites because they are immune to the zombie virus. They contain the hope of a cure, but at the expense of draining their vitality like vampires. We will get into what this all means farther on.

Thomsa boarding the train triggers a response: the train operators call in a military chopper.

The train moving along a linear track represents a life-time, but more specifically an unexamined life, because the train carries children which represent ignorance or nescience. It is the life of someone who hasn’t awakened the Christ within; their life moves along a linear, scripted track, versus a multi-dimensional one. Thomas, as Christ, is attempting a rescue of the captive children, who have the potential to wake up to their inner Godhood, through the esoteric path.

Matthew 18:3 And [Jesus] said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven

This oft misunderstood passage means that to undergo the esoteric work, you need to humble yourself to that of a child, forget all the mind control propaganda you learned in school or on the mainstream news. Only one who has become spiritually bankrupt through a major upheaval in life is jostled enough into awakening and undergoing this difficult journey. The comforted sleep on, watching CNN and football and staying on the linear train. Their inner child is stifled, their outer child rules on their level of maturity. In Jungian language, they never begin to assemble and integrate products of their unconscious, the process of individuation. Therefore their conscious mind, though they believe it to be rational and heavily guarded by the irrational subconscious, is nevertheless secretly ruled by their unconscious fears, motives and desires.

But as Thomas boards the train, the guards call for reinforcements in the helicopter. The chopper represents Satan, the impedance, because whenever you begin to awaken to the esoteric path, your scripted time-line begins to alter, because you are now writing your own script. This trips a wire, Satan’s alarm goes off, and he begins to work through people and events to try and get you back on track. Satan in this regard is nothing more than the personification of a general law of the universe: to keep the whole intact, at the price of individual freedom. There is naturally some value in this, it maintains stability and avoids eruptions of chaos and anarchy, but there is another law, according to Mouravieff, called the Law of Exception, where individual cells within the whole body can choose a radically individualized path.

The bible speaks of this force called the General Law which can be seen as Satan setting up stumbling blocks in the initiates journey, as these blocks often come from the very loved ones in the initiate’s life:

Matthew 10:34 – “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn

“ ‘a man against his father,

a daughter against her mother,

a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—

a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ 

Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”

Members of your own family who are not on the path will take issue with your new values and beliefs as it naturally threatens their tenuous hold on stability. Satan is being channeled through them, through the General Law.

Now let me share the shot that inspired this post. As usual, it was a number, as symbolic numbers are some of the easiest and most abundant ways the elites in Hollywood share their secret messages:

Code 88, on the train car, where Thomas is yelling “Hurry!” Code 88 has multiple meanings, written about HERE in more detail, but in respects to the theme of time, and the linear train track of a life unexamined, it is a sideways infinity symbol. The unexamined life actually goes in one big circle, from birth to death, leading right back to another birth in the same set of conditions as before (this theory can be traced back to Gurdjieff’s theory of recurrence). This, according to Mouravieff, is called the film of your life, and every human is born with one, like a pre-made script. He will play that script out until the end of time, assuming he sticks to the General Law and is self-satisfied with his desires and continues to lie to himself. But once he begins the esoteric path, the circle becomes a spiral, leading onward and upward towards freedom from the birth-death cycle of the film.

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Hurry!” Thomas-as-Christ yells to his friend, who is trying to disable the train car, car 88. Christ as a symbol for an expert of the esoteric path and the way to liberation, is there to help the initiate, encouraging him to ‘hurry up;’ to not get distracted by the General Law and its impediments. His friend replies, “Don’t rush me!” Which is more time language, again adding to the power of the 88 time symbol.

Interestingly, on August 8th, or 8/8, we have what in astrology is called ‘the Lions-gate portal,’ where the sun and Sirius are in close alignment. It’s the lion because it is in the sign of Leo.

To review some notes from my post on Code 88:

Clearly this astrological alignment is important to film wizards in Hollywood.

Famously in the film Back to the Future, it takes the Doc’s delorean going to 88 M.P.H. to allow for time travel:

And youtuber William Sullivan pointed this out:

More connections to time. And of course 144 is in the Book of Revelation as the mysterious 144,000 sealed ones or the ‘Elect.’

As Thomas’ friend is climbing the train we see another embedded infinity symbol:

In a recent Marty Leeds lecture he displayed a screenshot from a Freemasonic dictionary concerning the Sanksrit way to spell ‘AUM.’ Look at how the second letter, ‘U’ is shaped:

Where ‘A’ is the Creator, ‘U’ is the Preserver, and ‘M’ is the Destroyer. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

So the letter U, shaped like an infinity symbol, is Vishnu, the Preserver, which may correspond to Satan as a personification of the General Law in Christian Esoteric Orthodoxy, keeping the film of your life preserved in a circle, rather than allowing upward spiral mobility towards freedom, towards the ‘second birth,’ (what the bible calls ‘being born again.‘) This may be why Brahma and Shiva are needed, to balance the preserving force with a certain degree of movement and change. The train needs to be derailed, to wake you up properly, and the captive children – the contents of your unmanifested unconscious – freed.

This being born again, born of spirit, is the end goal of all esoteric work. It is the REAL death cure.

Viral Looshing

The opening train scene ends with Thomas’ crew freeing one train car, but several other cars holding captives were left behind, one of which contained their friend Minho, who was with them in the maze from film one. Thus another infiltration and rescue mission is planned to get Minho out from the facility to which the children are brought.

It’s worthwhile at this point to close with a reminder of the symbolism behind what the ‘milking’ of these children is all about. Remember, they have a rare body-type that renders them immune to the virus. But the only way that the elites have figured out how to extract this immunity is by putting these children through an intense fear program. They hook them up to a device and upload a looped nightmare sim into their minds, and collect samples of the adrenaline/adrenochrome thus produced. This becomes their vaccine.

The reference should be obvious: this is the looshing process, with a little bit of Hollywood glamour added to it. This goes beyond Satan as code for the General Law to keep the staus quo in place, and gets into the notion that an actual infiltration has taken place here, an artificial timeline inserted, by a race of dead, dark spirits trapped in limbo, wishing to take over human vessels.

The Kolbrin manuscript gives us a possible clue as to their origin, CRT 7:3 “Herthew [one of the first men] learned that there was a place of gloom, where the air was foul, and malodorous breezes carried pestilence and poisonous particles. This was the source of all maladies and ailments and of the things which cause putrefaction and decay. This place had been closed off to Earth, for it existed in another realm beyond the ken of mortals; but it had been brought into atunement with Earth when a forbidden act was accomplished. Thus the bodies of mortals became susceptible to influences from this baleful place. To this end and similar parts of the Other-world, the wicked would be drawn when they passed through the grim gates of death.”

This realm, an abode for dark spirits, may be the same realm Mouravieff speaks about here, “…By contrast, the realm of level SI is a vast reservoir of psychic entities that have no contact with the higher plane, including amongst them disincarnate Personalities, who normally remain there to await their second Death – the negative equivalent of the second Birth….Orthodox tradition expressly warns seekers against contacts with this realm which is so dangerous and full of the worst illusions. In monastic esoteric practice, special prayers are said to ward off influences of this kind…It often happens that entities belonging to the SI domain seek contact with humans – more particularly with those who wish to establish a contact with the beyond. The aim of these entities is to interfere in terrestrial life; to draw on vitality and so gratify unsatisfied desires that they have carried beyond their physical life.”

In the movie, machines are used to drain adrenaline which is refined loosh, or human vitality, their coveted drug. But in reality, machines like this aren’t even needed. The fear generated by the populace through false flags and Covid-19 is simply harvested in the ether; every time a human is in a fear state his or her emotions are being fed on remotely, if you will.

So clearly at some point in the ancient past contact was established with these entities through black magick, and since then we have become quite overrun with these parasitic spirits. So much so that they have erected a false timeline, the AI or transhumanist timeline. Their goal is to hook humans up to a collective machine interface which will allow their disincarnate spirits full access to the human vehicle.

But since God the Ineffable is one complete, consistent Omniscience, this race of parasites may be acting on the behalf of Shiva the Destroyer, a balancing force for too much Vishnu, the Preserver. Too many of us have been to comfortable in the film of our lives, spinning in our circle, not arriving at Christ. Thus Shiva’s forces of destruction shake the tree, forcing one awake, through shock. And we see it. The Corona virus scam could backfire on those perpetrating it, as more people are forced awake to the lies and manipulation from their so-called ‘governments.’ Coming to grips that their government at the highest levels is a non-human (or no longer human) power elite seeking non-human aims. This will hopefully trigger Brahma, the Creator force within them, to awaken within them a thirst for a higher spiritual understanding, to put the bizarre events around them in a proper context, which is a spiritual war for souls, nothing more, nothing less.

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The Hermetic Principle of Mental Gender, and the “I AM”

The Kybalion states, “let us consider the hermetic teachings regarding mental gender. The Hermetic teachers impart instruction regarding this subject by bidding their student examine the report of their consciousness regarding their Self. The students are bidden to turn their attention inward upon the Self dwelling within each. Each student is led to see that his consciousness gives him first a report of the existence of his Self – the report is “I Am.” This at first seems to be the final words from the consciousness, but a little further examination discloses the fact that this “I Am” may be separated or split into two distinct parts, or aspects, which while working in unison or conjunction, yet, nevertheless may be separated in consciousness.”

This all important phrase I AM. It is is literally the name of God. 

The bible states, “Be still and know that I AM God.”

That most concise way to point to consciousness of Being. Your conscious awareness of Being is the God within.

However there is more to unlock in that simple phrase.

The word “Am” is pronounced like “Em” phonetically. When you read “Em” backwards you get “Me.”

So there is the “I” and there is the “Me.” But they are not one and the same thing. 

The “Me” is the feminine polarity.

The “I” is the masculine polarity.

The Me is receptive, it contains all the states, feelings, and concepts about oneself. The kybalion states, “The Me will be felt to be a Something mental in which thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings and other mental states may be produced. It may be considered as the mental womb, as the ancients styled it – capable of generating mental offspring. It reports to the consciousness as a ‘Me’ with latent powers of creation and generation of mental progeny of all sorts and kinds. Its powers of creative energy are felt to be enormous but still it seems to be conscious that it must receive some form of energy from either its ‘I’ companion or else from some other ‘I’ ere it is able to bring into being its mental creations….

But the student soon finds that this is not all that he finds within his inner consciousness. He finds that there exists a mental Something which is able to Will that the ‘Me’ act along certain creative lines, and which is also able to stand aside and witness the mental creation. This part of himself he is taught to call his ‘I.’ He is able to rest in its consciousness at will. He finds there not a consciousness of an ability to generate and actively create, in the sense of the gradual process attendant upon mental operations, but rather a sense and consciousness of an ability to project an energy from the ‘I’ to the ‘Me’ – a process of ‘willing’ that the mental creation begin and proceed. He also finds that the ‘I’ is able to stand aside and witness the operations of the ‘Me’s’ mental creation and generation. There is this dual aspect in the mind of every person. The ‘I represents the Masculine Principle of Mental Gender, the ‘Me’ represents the Female Principle. The ‘I’ represents the Aspect of Being; the ‘Me; the Aspect of Becoming.”

Being and Becoming. The eternal rest and activity of the Lord. It’s recreation, or rest-creation.

Being – “I,” male, Will, rest, directive, objective, propulsive, initiator.

Becoming – “AM,” female, generative, holding, creative, subjective, revolving, changing, receiver.

Be still and know that I AM God – that I (male) AM (female) God. 

Exodus 3:14, KJV: “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

Notice how that is verse 3:14 or Pi. Pi denotes the circle. The circle symbolizes the gender interplay as well. The male is the center-point, the directive, propulsive Will of the ‘Father,’ and the female or ‘Mother ‘is the circumference revolving around it, generating and creating space, thoughts, ideas, and mental states of AMness.

In three dimensions these two forces form the spiral. The spiral staircase leading to heaven. The shape of DNA.

“We’ll ride the spiral to the end, and may just go where no one’s been

Spiral out, keep going…” – Tool

Keep in mind this isn’t to say that male brains are wired one way and female brains wired the other – rather that we all have both mental gender polarities within us. Simplistically we could even connect it to the right (female) and left (male) hemispheres of the brain. Harmonious use of both sides yields a well-balanced person, while an imbalance to one side or the other results in discordance and neurosis.

More correspondences can be made, as all the Hermetic axioms flow together. Another axiom – the principle of rhythm, states that, “all things flows out and in; everything has its tides, all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left, rhythm compensates.”

This is where I disagree with Z who says that there was an Original State of Being that underwent a permanent state change or contraction. This seems to contradict this principle of rhythm, which sees only an eternal ebb and flow, Being and Becoming. The Brahmans call it the “Outbreathing and Inbreathing of Brahman.”  I AM breathes out, and universes are created, the female (becoming) creative energy does her work, it reaches the far reaches of maternal/materiality, and then the male (being) breathes in, drawing everything back into Stillness, back into a simple Totality. And then the process repeats. 

This isn’t to imply a kind of eternal recurrence or repetition, because each cosmic breath is different from the last. Being is always becoming something more vast and complex, during each outbreath, than it was before. 

You can envisage Being or God as a perfect circle. Viewed from the limited vantage point of linear time, God was always a perfect totality, but It sought a greater richness and complexity, it sought to create worlds and other Beings that it could share his love and perfection with. Thus with every inbreath and outbreath, we have circles enfolding circles, like Ezekial’s ‘wheels within wheels.’

So in a way Being does undergo a permanent state change, when it Becomes. However notice how the second figure, the wheels within wheels still contains the original circle in all its perfect totality. Thus there is never any risk of a universe fragmenting or breaking off from the original creation and getting lost from Source, but this is nevertheless what the Dark Occult tries to convince us of, because they’ve found that the anxiety thus caused manifests a great amount of loosh to be harvested. 

Nothing exists outside of God, no realm or Being, place or thing. It may seem like God has forsaken us sometimes, when we look at the chaos surrounding us, but that is only during times when the Outbreath of Becoming is at its lowest point of Materiality, the farthest reaches from the centerpoint or focus of Being. I would wager that we are here now, close to the outer reaches, perhaps what some have called the “outer dark.” Here the Will of the Father is weakest, due to being farthest from its magnetic Source in the center.

Looking at the structure of the atom (a play on words with “Adam” or First Man) we see the same pattern, the proton being the Male force and the revolving electrons the Female force.

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