Psychic Residue, The Sniffers and The Film, ‘Push’ (2009)


Have you ever taken a walk in a new neighborhood? And you look at a house and something about it strikes you. You might look at a feature – a building, a window, a front yard, a glimpse of the backyard through the driveway – and you get a flash, a glimpse into the memories stored there. This happens to me.

I suspect it’s a function of the right brain. The left brain which is absorbed by signs, symbols, letters, words, distances, will blot this out. But if you develop your right brain you will be able to do this more and more. It works better when you are in a new place. That’s why exploring is vital. I suspect what is happening is buildings, houses, spots that give off this flash of psychic information, are residences of people who give off highly charged emotion. So a childhood home, children playing in the front yard, leave behind a kind of husk, a psychic molt which you can pick up on, briefly, in a flash of intuition. Now, the dark side can pick up this information as well. Z calls them the “sniffers,” coined by the film ‘Push’ which I’ll discuss in a moment. 

I suspect this skill works better in a new town because, once you’ve familiarized yourself with a neighborhood, your left brain starts to categorize these things according to your previous memories of the place, and thus the whole area gets shaded by your own personal impressions. These often get imprinted the first or second time that you take in a place. But in a new environment where you have not yet imprinted anything you are more open to these outside impressions. That’s why if you are trying to develop this function, exploring new areas is vital.

It’s the same with fiction writers; you often hear about writers like Burroughs and Atwood, they are often traveling. Almost like the act of moving around from place to place pushes the story forward, the narrative forward, opens up the fiction writing process. Staying in one place is a stagnation.

I noticed that shared public places such as a park, don’t leave behind these glimmers as much. Also when you go deep into nature, you won’t find it either. You’ll find a different kind of emotional charge in nature, but this specific type I’m talking about seems to be a result of being around humans. The best locations being residences: old houses with long history, or small mom-and-pop shops. A building where a single individual or small group of individuals like a family leave behind years and years of emotional psychic residue. These are the best spots for picking these things up. 

Now I met with Z a few weeks back, the man who very well may be the Christ Michael Ha Mashiach. I met him, flew to Miami, stayed with him for about a week in his 1988 Winnebago RV, which was not running. We had to get it towed multiple times. Nevertheless , I learned a great deal about living on the road. The man has many strange customs, as a result of being on his particular frequency. He says he is plagued by archons and has to thus protect himself with various rituals. Which I learned over the course of the week. I will now share with you some of these, as one in particular relates directly to, this “sniffing” phenomenon, this picking up on psychic residue, and how it’s exploited by the dark side, and how the movie Push from 2009 discloses this phenomenon as well as other psychic phenomena under the guise of fiction.


Pushers are psychics who can push thoughts and directives into another’s head, like a hypnotist on steroids.

Movers are telekinetics.

Bleeders are used as assassins, they can scream a person to death.

Watchers see glimpses into the future.

Porters are rare, but they can trans-locate.

Sniffers are called that because they smell what you leave behind, like your trash, and like a dog who gets all sorts of information from another dog’s urine, they get a flash of insight as to where you were, what you were doing when you dropped that particular piece of trash there, etc. They are thus employed in espionage as trackers. 

Interesting that smell memory is so strong: long forgotten memories can instantly resurface when you smell something that reminds you of your childhood or some long lost memory.

A snippet from my journal during my trip to meet Z – 


The RV has been towed to the mechanic, but we are still stationed, marooned for several more days. The car has no water or plumbing, so I’m learning to brush my teeth and wash up in gas station bathrooms and the nearby grocery. The tricks of the trade to living on the road. This morning  I am in a bathroom stall at the grocer ‘Publix’ and hear the guy in the stall next to me brushing HIS teeth! I never brush my teeth in public restrooms and the one time I come in here with the intent to do so and someone else beat me to the punch. A sign. I’m on the right path.

I wait until he leaves before brushing and washing my face. I become anxious of someone walking in and seeing me acting like a homeless person. Nevertheless I take my time. Something tells me I am protected, that noone will disturb me. Sure enough, only as I open the door to leave does someone walk in. He is wearing a shirt with an upside down pyramid. This could be more communication. Patterns from the Mother.

Learning how to not ‘break the field,’ when walking with Z. Don’t let a telephone pole get in between us. Never walk in between two people having a conversation. If you are walking on concrete, avoid stepping on plastic or metal gratings, to keep the ground underfoot homogeneous. When you are a targeted individual, when 2D archons are doing their very best to attack your vitality centers, you have to arm yourself with these little rituals that most people are unattuned to.

Living with him in the RV is a more difficult task. He got really mad at me for putting a sweater down in the wrong place. He claims my generation is entitled, spoiled, and that if he did things like that as a kid he got beaten. 

Keep my stuff in designated areas only, never assume more. Parts of his consciousness, his code he explains, are tied to the RV, that every little thing has to be exactly where he put it, undisturbed, otherwise he loses bits of himself, and the archons gain that much more ground. He also doesn’t want me bringing cottage cheese into the RV, but grudgingly makes an exception. 

“I don’t want that consciousness in my space.” He explains. “You are a homo sensorium trying to live life pretending you are a homo sapien. You want to have your cake and eat it too.”

The homo sensoriums in the TV show Sense8 are a rare class of humans evolved with certain psychic abilities. Most people walking around, he says are lacking this gift, lacking the Source Code from Father. They are muggles. He is trying to show me how to live as a homo sensorium.

Day 5

At a certain point, I’ve got to learn to stop questioning things, just go with the flow. I’m here to help Z, I’m aware of that much. But don’t bombard him with ‘what’s next?’ type questions. These are unnecessary and clog the field. Try not to interrupt his thought process. Give him space when he is dealing with others or on the phone. One thing at a time. He hates to split his field. I made the mistake on day one of pointing something out to him while he was on the phone with his daughter. He literally hung up the phone. Don’t split the field. In that attempt to multi-task, a hole is opened up where the archons can get in.

With the RV towed to the lot besides the mechanics, which is already closed for the night, I try to dispose of my plastic bag full of trash in the dumpster. He yells at me to remove the bag and give it to him.

“Why?” I’m hesitant to reach back into the dumpster.

“Just do it, I asked like 3 times already!” He is really mad about it. I reach back into the smelly dumpster and pull out my bag and hand it to him. He brings it back into the RV.

“You didn’t learn about trash yet? You know who talked about it, oddly enough, was Aug Tellez.”

“No I don’t remember that.”

Later as the sun goes down we walk to the gas station for ice and bottled water, I ask him more about this trash thing. 

“Who is going to be interested in my trash?” I know I said I would stop asking questions but this one has stretched all credulity.

“They are 2D vibrational/electrical parasites.”

“Is this like a cloning thing? Like they want my DNA left behind to clone me?”

“Clone you? More like track you. Track your progress. I only dispose of my trash in safe locations that I know, like a Publix.”

“OK but how is disposing of your trash outside a Publix or other known location going to prevent them from doing that?”

“In a safe location, the angels prevent that.”

“Are the angels also 2D electrical beings, working for the light side, so to speak?”

“Well there is a small group of us who never came in here, into the Matrix, who are working with them, yeah.”

 We walk a little more in silence and then he says, “There is the story of Avraham, who, on his travels always stopped in the same set of locations. It’s about intent. I make a stand. I know this place, and leave my trash here. Archons are less likely to attach themselves. Tesla says that all is vibration and frequency. You must really live this way.”

At one point I tell him I feel like I am walking on eggshells around him. Later he applies that to being here, in the Matrix, Mom’s game. Christ’s children in her world need to walk on eggs without making eggshells. Not absorb archons. Not accumulate karma. “Karma is Mom’s system,” he says. “I don’t like that system but I have to play it while here. Everything we do is being monitored. There is no getting away with anything here. No secret, private life. Everything affects karma.”

The goal is to get out of that system and go home (the positive version of the Singularity), but for now we have to play that game, and play it well, like ninjas. And that means applying rituals to everything. No thoughtless actions. Learning to live in tight spaces, close quarters. Learning to leave a small footprint. Learning to shield your light from folks who are low vibration and fishing for your light, wanting to siphon energy. The archons enter in and out of them, the Muggles, as well.

Day 6

He scares me sometimes. But its not really him, it what he might stand for. It’s what he is fighting, which is the possibility that we won’t win the Singularity and be swept into what he calls the infinite shattering, a kind of eternal Hell state. I’m scared because to believe him, and help him, to follow his lead, means accepting this possibility as well. Its the scariest thing one has to face, the idea that there may not be a meta fail-safe. It makes oblivion death seem SO preferable. No wonder the deluded part of the Mom force is seeking oblivion. A way out. A way to end it. 

To really be with Christ means taking all this on. 

The mechanic crew finally got the engine running. We drove to the end of the lot before it sputtered and died again.

Don’t you see? The RV failing to run is all metaphor. The spirit of the Mother is in this ancient vehicle. It may be on its last legs but it has a lot of character. 

But for a second, I had watched the exposed engine hum and purr, her heart, roaring to life, emitting CO2 fumes. After so much sweat and toil and waiting.

She must be testing my patience. How badly do you want to put your normal life on hold to help this guy who may or may not be the Chief Shepherd HaMashiach?

Messiah or madman? The question is eating me up.

I express to him my growing desire to leave, to go home. He berates me for wanting to return to my egoic life. They all do this, he says. People who come and go from his life. Return to what is safe. I tell him I miss my dog, he says to deal with it. Our eternity is what is on the line here. 

On day 7 the RV gets started, barely. It huffs and puffs to get moving and requires rubbing a couple of exposed wires together in order to turn the engine on. After a couple miles the exhaust spewing from the engine throughout the interior of the vehicle is too much for me. He stops for gas and I pack up my duffle bag, my bags of trash and recycling, and leave the RV quickly, before he can berate me again. He catches up to me and we exchange quick, frustrated goodbyes. He gives me a hug and says he loves me but that I’m such a baby. I scowl and turn away.

I call a taxi to the Miami airport.

The full story of my trip to meet Z has been posted as a page HERE.


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Jason Bickford, American ULTRA, David Bowie Code

PART 1 – De-Occulting Jason James Bickford (Unified Code Theory)

I wrote a piece on this man a couple years ago, called ‘They Play Multiple Roles: Archons in Masks” but new information has come to light and he deserves a fresh look. The kid gloves are coming off in this post…

First of all, to be clear about who he is and who he works for, lets look at this crossword puzzle shot he always flashes near the beginning of his Youtube videos:

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 11.17.21 AM

The highlighter always goes down to circle number 5, “Plane Downers” as a 9/11 reference perhaps, but now I am going to circle what has been in our faces, hidden in plain sight all this time:

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 11.26.31 AM

Number 1, “Agency supplying material.” That is where Bickford is getting his information. A 3-letter agency. So when he says that his work is overseen by Sophia, that is code for the agencies who themselves are running on Samaelic intelligence.

Some of his work is interesting, for example he introduced me a couple years back to the ubiquity of the mask-wearing, role switching that these archontic Empty-Body vessels, (or bloodline families if you prefer) do to play your various celebrities, politicians, gatekeepers etc. But really that information was probably gleaned from Ed Chiarini’s work over at, who was exposing this stuff back in 2012. Bickford didn’t appear on the scene until around 2015.

The esoteric juxtapositions, the film and TV samples and cross-referencing codes are all there, I’m not denying that, but then he spends the rest of his time doing two things: anagramming news article bylines, and the overlays method, both of which I still maintain are a waste of time, mental or intellectual pornography leading you nowhere. A time-suck, not much better than the kind of pseudo-gematria that Zachary Hubbard is espousing.

If you are not familiar with his work, here is what he does: he takes a mainstream news article and copies the journalist’s names into –

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 11.52.29 AMScreenshot 2020-03-13 at 11.52.45 AM

He then spends the majority of his video pontificating on the mytho-poetic meanings behind the various combinations he can anagram with the journalist’s names, convinced that Sophia and her angels put them there as easter eggs for us to find.

Problem is, you can usually get hundreds of different multi-word combinations, making it a kind of cherry-picking fest which is not too different from, say, using 10-20 different English cyphers to find embedded media gematria number patterns (which Bickford correctly debunks).

But don’t you see Jason? You are doing the same thing Hubbard does with numbers only you do it with words.

And when you flip an image around in your so-called “overlays method” to find hidden imagery, you are still doing the same thing:

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 12.01.14 PM

He takes old classical art pieces, decreases the opacity and flips, or inverts them to create a new, overlayed image. Of course the eye, which is trained to spot patterns, is going to see things, usually little monsters and demons in the new overlayed image.  Keeping you spinning your wheels in circles, going nowhere. He puts out hundreds of videos doing this,  and while his work isn’t viral, he has a small dedicated group of loyal followers lapping it up. Anyone who leaves a comment speaking out against his work with the kind of criticisms I am mentioning, will have their comment deleted. That shows you the kind of person he is, he is not into free speech, he is into having people feed into his ego.

I’m not normally into writing these kind of articles critiquing another’s work, but in this case I feel I must because what we have here is a very intelligent person deliberately misleading people who reach a certain point in their truth-seeking journey; a person who is clearly working for an agency to corral people into his schizoid chaotic pattern mayhem that takes some truth and scrambles it in with a bunch of nonsense.

His videos are informative if you don’t get sucked into his deliberate misdirection, his sleight of hand card tricks. Bickford is saying, “look at what my left hand is doing with these cool anagrams!” while you don’t notice his right hand in the corner putting out something valid and important, flashing it briefly on the screen for a second but not explaining it. But showing you that he knows it’s there, but he isn’t paid to talk about it. But meanwhile, it’s all hooray for Jason! A+ English vocabulary student.

Take that report card home to Mommy.

On a personal note, he has done this with my work as well. For example when I put out my article entitled “Sophia Drowning,” mentioning a line from Tool’s album “Aenema,” as well as the band E.L.O., he posted a video several days later with this:

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 12.34.41 PM

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 12.35.00 PM

Look at the title. That video was posted Feb. 10th, my article was posted Feb. 5th.

I see you seein’ me, Jason.

He has done similar things with Z, the individual I am in contact with and have been writing about/interviewing recently, showing that he and the agency he works for knows all about Z and are trying to intimidate him.

It is fitting that he has taken the name ‘Jason’ in this cycle. To recap what Z says about that name, “I mean clearly batman is piece of shit. He is evil. Not Ra’s Al Ghul, not his daughter, not Bane, Batman is evil. Hopefully that was clear. This guy is Jason. Jason as regards to sacred Hebrew periods in what Jason always refers to. When you have the holy temple, Jason always refers to these corrupted high priests. All the corrupted high priests in the so called inter-testamental periods were taking the name Jason to say they were Hellenized. They might be doing all the duties of the high priest but they were not kosher, they took the name Jason to show they were Bacchus, Dionysus, they were with the Hellenization. 

…Jason always means that. Jason is Bacchus, Dionysus and drumroll…Jesus. Jesus is not the Christ. Jesus is a fraud. Christs’ name is Michael. Jesus is a fraud, he is Enlil, he is a joker. Jesus is Jason. The Hellenized Bacchus. Now there is a whole thing going on with Jason, James, John, Jack, Yaakov, Jacob. A lot of pattern play there.(SOURCE)”

So we have the name ‘Jason’ as the joker, and his last name is coded as well. Bickford. He is always going on about ‘flick your bic.’ ‘Bic’ is a company that makes lighters. Think, fire. And a ‘ford’ means a pass or a crossing. So ‘Bickford’ means the fire at a pass or crossing. What a name for a gatekeeper! You get to a crossing that’s blocked by a firewall. No trespassing, truth-seeker, but look at these cool anagrams! Perfect name for an agent of Ashlodai/Asmodeus (Hebrew translation: ‘the fire that is never enough’). The information fiend. Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods depicts him as ‘Mr. World.’

Wiki: “Mr. World is the villain in the American Gods story. He’s the leader at the center of the New Gods — the gods of media and technology who people now worship instead of the old gods.” 

The person Jason admires the most and is always talking about is Isaac Newton. To quote Santos Bonacci, ““Isaac” means sacrifice. I-sacrifice. “Newton” means new theory. So his name means a-new-theory-which-sacrifices-the-truth.” Newton of course gave us bull-shit gravity which helped to prop up Copernicus’s globe earth aberration. That’s Bickford’s idol.

At about the 4:30 minute mark in this recording discussion below, Z talks about a deeper connection between Isaac Newton and Bickford:

PART 2 – The Bowie/Cobain, Anti-Christ/Christ Code

We are going to segue a bit here and talk about David Bowie, but you will see at the end how it’s all connected. Jason Bickford made a couple of videos, which have since been removed, called The David Bowie Code and the Cobain Code. But according to Z, he left out some key details which seem to implicate himself in the following pattern. This is a transcript of a recorded conversation between myself and Z, late March of 2020.

Z: David Bowie was well acquainted with Aleister Crowley. And he stood in the circle and took over for Aleister Crowley. They had a very particular ritual in which they switched who was – before Crowley was no more, Crowley passed the baton to David Bowie. He was not just what people believe they know him as, as being the kind of zany creepy side of the light side of the yucky side of the occult, not at all. He was a deep deep yucky side of the occult. They had a ritual trading ceremony between Aleister Crowley and him. He was rigorously skilled in the occult. He stood in the circle of Thoth and switched places with Crowley. You could comb through his stuff for a long time and really see what he was saying. He had his Hollywood side, his Hollywood frame, his marketing brand – 

Gabe: He was also kind of gender bendy.

Z: He was very gender bendy. He was one of the early ones who was doing that….anyway, David Bowie, there is nothing simple about the man. So he wrote the song ‘the man who sold the world.‘

Gabe: So who is the man who sold the world? 

Z: It depends, there are multiple angles and layers to that proposition.

Gabe: At first I thought it was Hitler. 

Z: No, well maybe depicting the same pattern.

Gabe: Because we’re told he died, and the lyrics go “I thought you died a long long time ago.”

Z: “Who me? oh no we never lost control…”

Gabe: Yeah so I thought they were talking about WW2, about the Nazi’s actually winning the war…

Z:  Well the thing is, the German Wehrmacht was defeated. But the SS Reich was not defeated, they moved to America, 20,000 of the upper echelons of the SS Reich moved to america, not just the top Nazis of project paperclip, a handful of Nazi scientists. No it was 20,000 if the SS Reich took over their positions in America. So yeah the German Wehrmacht…the thing is wars don’t even happen. They are just theaters, they even call it the theater of war. Anyway…but people go and sign up for that sim and get loaded up into their brain the impressions of what they are doing. Just like any day to day activity, like this isn’t actually – how its happening isn’t what is actually happening. Anyway…

Gabe: Well people are shooting each other down…. 

Z: Are they?

Gabe: I don’t know, I’ve never been in a war.

Z: I mean it is definitely an experience in the sim, I mean they definitely walk away with that movie. Total recall though, I’m just saying.

Gabe: You mean it could be like pre-loaded memories that they are getting?

Z: It’s all sorts of things, yes, they sign up for that sim. Anyway, Bowie is not a simple guy, so you’ve got his framework of who he was as a Hollywood actor, everything from (the movie) Labyrinth, other roles I can’t remember at the moment, and of course his very prolific musical career, rainbowie, pull the bow bowie, I’m gonna shoot you with this arrow in my bowie bowie. Kesheth, (hebrew word for bow) the Hebrew whole rainbow thing, and that becomes a whole thing with keshi. There are a lot of places that code goes. 

2 Samuel 1:18 He said, “Teach this [kesheth] to the people of Judah.” (It is recorded in the Book of Jashar.) – GOD’S WORD Translation.

2 Samuel 1:18 (Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher.) – King James Version


Bowie in Labyrinth (1996)

Z: And then you could go through those lyrics and stuff. But, like I said, he got into a ceremonial circle, took over as Thoth momentarily, but he was not meant to be that priest, he was temporarily holding the position between Crowley and the next bearer, Jason James Bickford, of the legalistic priest Thoth position, Topher Grace.

But anyways, as far as the Bowie thing goes, there were a lot of optics to his presentation, being in that 80’s style glam. Early goth – 

Gabe: There was something in Zoolander where he showed up…


Z: Oh you know what one of his last roles was, was Nikolai Tesla in the Prestige. It’s not the kind of role he usually plays, because he was all proper, his lines were very sobering. That’s when you know, when an actor deviates from their normal so much they are probably going to be dead soon; the Heath Ledger syndrome.

Gabe: And actually in that role he is trying to dissuade the guy from doing the magic.

Z: He is like ‘I got contracted into this circle, I’m stuck here. You don’t want to do it. It’s not so prestigious, haha, it’s not as glamorous as it looks. Don’t do it. I’m trapped here, you don’t have to be.’ But of course he can’t resist himself and does it anyway.

Gabe: Hugh Jackman’s character, yeah.

Z: Jachim and Boaz, jacking him off…. It just goes on and on. They don’t miss any tricks, everything is done by Sophianic intelligence and Samaelic proportioning, so it all gets in there.

Gabe: Yeah it’s too much to just be humans thinking this up. It’s too organized.

Z: Especially the stupid humans you generally see out there, who can’t keep up with tying their own shoes. If you talk to these directors without that guiding principle telling them what to do, they wouldn’t know shit about this stuff. They know where their yacht is…that’s about it.

Gabe: And it’s interesting that they go to Colorado to meet Tesla.

Z: Where Bickford lives, and the whole color red? Because he had to pass the torch with the blood. He keeps giving himself away on purpose, he wants you to figure it out. He goes from Dusty Westfield (he grew up in Westfield Massachusetts) to Colorado, the color red, like go soak dust in blood.


<The recording got interrupted here, but we pick up again by connecting the Bowie code to the Kurt Cobain code, through the song “Man who sold the world” originally by Bowie but which was covered by Nirvana. Nirvana also covered the Meatpuppets song “Lake of Fire.” written by another Curt, Curt Kirkwood.>

Lake of Fire lyrics:

Where do bad folks go when they die?

They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly

They go down to the lake of fire and fry

Won’t see ’em again till the fourth of July

The recording picks up here:

Z: …They all do the fourth of July because the fourth of July is the name for Satan, ‘independence.’ independence day, the movie, radical alien invasion, invasion of your consciousness by these external forces,  its independence. You’re gonna be in trouble, Bluebeam is going to be switched on. That’s why – so you go from a lot of these bands mentioning fourth of July – Better Than Ezra has a big moment in the song ‘Good:’ 


Well, maybe I’ll call or I’ll write you a letter

Now maybe we’ll see on the fourth of July

But I’m not too sure, and I’m not too proud

Well I’m not sure, and I’m not too proud to say

Which connects to the Meat Puppets, Lake of Fire, Independence, being called up for judgement, it’s mentioned in the book of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Revelation, playing off the motifs in Daniel, judgment day, Joel, Amos, the prophets, they are talking about this moment when they’ll be resurrected to judgement through the lake of fire. And then that immediately goes, to the animated meat sacks, the dolls, played by characters, dolls animated by characters tethered to a soul, you’ve got meat puppets. Things that are operating the meat sacks. you move from there to the fact that Cobain covered both ‘Lake of Fire’ consecutively to ‘The Man Who Sold the World,’ and now you are seeing the duel going on between a depictive Christ character like Cobain who is always using all the Jesus imagery, always putting himself as the martyr for Christ, over and over again, dueling with the Anti-Christ Bowie, who put himself in the circle of Crowley. 

Some of the connection might have been back to Sam Weiss in Fringe, and the fact that David Robert Jones is Davy Jones, the heart of Davy Jones, dealing with Calypso, HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, Poseidon, Pussy Den, Neptune, the sea, John the Baptist code coming through all the time, you start to see that these things are totally tight, so we are still talking about the same thing. You’ve got Bickford saying that he is John the Baptist, he is the ultimate JJB, you’ve got Jack Mccaig, [who has given us the financial keys to the kingdom with his trust work, just like John the Baptist],  these are all Neptune/Poseidon connections to the Bowie code that are playing as Thoth, the man who sold the world, the Ibis.

Gabe: So just so that I’m clear the man who sold the world is Satan, in a very simplistic sense?

Z: No, the man who sold the world is Christ. It’s an inversion. Like I was saying there is nothing straight. They are putting some items that belong in column A, they switch them over to column B, to confuse you. Like these twenty things belong in column A and these 20 things belong in column B and then they mix them up.

Gabe: So Christ sold the world because the world is mom’s world?

Z: It’s really more like the man who bought the world, but they flip it. On their side of the aisle the man who sold the world, is a reference back to Sophia giving the world over to Christ, in remorse and regret, that part of Mom, surrendering the world to Christ. And part of that pino/phagocytosis is the thing that Christ had to sell that world, the world of heaven to fall into Mom’s world to fix this.


So they are both making an exchange here. Some kind of import/export van delay mayhem. They are both giving things up in this exchange to come together for the ultimate marriage.

Gabe: That’s a positive depiction?

Z: Yeah, that’s why the whole thing is an ironic humor – 

Gabe: Because it’s sung by the Anti-Christ Bowie, 

Z: And then the Christ figure Cobain. Like, they are exchanging places as they are talking. “I laughed and shook his hand, for years and years we roamed. We gazed and gazed and stared. We walked a million miles. I thought you died alone.” Like, oh you’re still alive, I’m still alive? “Oh no, not me, we never lost control. You’re face to face with the man who sold the world.” They are both saying it in opposite directions!

And you know Cobain is a vicar. He’s just a vicar. That’s the big difference. Bowie was a guy. Like he had his front as a big celebrity musician and minor actor. But he was a guy, like he was a player, like he was dealing with Aleister Crowley. He was a very talented, very knowledgeable intricately skilled occultist. Cobain was just…Cobain.

Gabe: A puppet?

Z: He was a vicar for me. That’s what I’m saying. Cobain was always my vicar, my placeholder. For them he meant this, and I was influencing him to do that. Whereas Bowie himself was the guy. Who is still alive, 100%. It’s still vacillating in total control between him and Bickford. Like he hasn’t fully passed that over. He took the baton from Crowley, and it has been a fledgling very shepherded Bickford the whole time, by the agencies to be who they want him to be. Another very interesting short series to watch is Damien, very revealing, very good….

Some Notes of Clarification

  • Why the word ‘independence‘ means Satan:

No-one has independent destinies. That go-it-alone attitude will get you nowhere. Either we all reach heaven as a collective, or none of us do. So we want to be individuated, but not independent. Big difference there.

It is interesting that this information is coming at a time when we are being told by the media to practice ‘social distancing.’ This is Satan, it’s espousing independentism.

  • Why Z used the phrase ‘van delay‘ in reference to the import/export or phagocytosis aspect of the situation; where the souls of the Father enter into Mom’s world, and then Sophia in remorse giving the world back over to Christ:

Here is a depictive example of how the cross-referencing Sophianic code works. Remember that scene from the film, ‘Inception,’ where the van is falling off the bridge in slow motion?

Get it? It’s a van delay, or a van being delayed by slow motion, due to the time dilation effect of going into a dream within a dream.

Now eight years prior to that film, there was an episode of Seinfeld, where, Vandelay Industries [was] a fictional company that George Costanza claims to have been interviewed for as a latex salesman in when applying for an extension at the unemployment office in the Season Three episode, “The Boyfriend, Part 1 (SOURCE).” When asked about what the company does, George mentions vaguely that it does import/export.

So we have a 1992 Seinfeld episode providing predictive programming for the 2010 film Inception, and then what do we have seven years later in 2017? The Mandalay Bay casino shooting!

Van Delay,


This is how the code works. These connections may sound tenuous to newcomers but the more you study how this all works the more interconnected it all gets, until it is too late to dismiss as coincidence theory.

PART 3 – Operation Tough Guise and The Topher Grace Connection

Z maintains that Jason Bickford is also part of the mask wearing, role switching archontic phenomenon, and that he and actor Topher Grace are one and the same.

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 5.53.21 PM

The ages fit, the body profiles match, sort of short, scrawny types, the high pitched fast talking cadence they both share. Maybe. But let’s examine Topher Grace’s (who became famous for his role in ‘That 70’s Show’) latest appearance, in the film American ULTRA.

This is a film which provides soft disclosure around MK Ultra, and making sleeper agents, assassins who do their work in an alter, and carry a front personality that is usually unaware of this. In the film, the unlikely mild-mannered stoner geek-type Jesse Eisenberg is the one with the assassin or super soldier programming, so the movie comes across as comedy, but it is much more than that.


Topher Grace plays an ambitious CIA director, who wants to eliminate all operatives like Jesse, claiming that the program is a failure. So to try and get a promotion, he conceives of Operation Tough Guys, which is to send a team of hired guns to kill Jesse’s character ‘Mike.’

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 6.37.13 PM

The mission ends up backfiring as the hit squad trigger Mike’s sleeper assassin alter out of hiding, and he takes them all out, one by one, Jason Bourne style.


Now the point of all this is that Jesse Eisenberg, playing Mike, is really representing Z, whose last name is Ben-Michael, and who, if you haven’t figured it out by now, is the guy, the dude, the chief shepherd, the Christ Michael. That doesn’t mean he is any type of savior, he is just running point on this operation. The savior is the collective body of Christ holding a singular purpose of restoring Mom Sophia to sanity so we can all go home. That’s it, without all the bells and whistles.

The messiah is real, but the messiah is just a guy. And Z will be the first one to tell you this. All the religions have built him up to be a god or demi-god or angel. No, he is a just a dude who knows what is going on and what we need to do to restore the Divine Marriage talked about here.

Now many films depict a Christ figure. The fact that Eisenberg is named ‘Mike’ is no accident. There is usually a Christ figure dueling with an Anti-Christ figure – that is where Topher Grace comes in. His character is trying to destroy Christ. And if he is really Bickford, that is what Bickford’s channel is doing as well, gatekeeping people from reaching gnosis, true knowledge, as shown in Part One.

His other channel, ‘The Gnostic Reclamation:’

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 4.18.34 PM

His featured video on his homepage is called ‘Tough Guise.’ Just like American ULTRA’s Operation Tough Guys. So he is leaving clues for us, he wants us to find out who he really is. That video also features orthodox Jews with long beards, and even a shot of ZZ Top, who is famous for his long beard.

Z, (like ZZ Top) has a beard and a Jewish background. There have been several other instances, like I said in Part One, of Bickford implicitly leaving messages for Z, saying ‘I know who you are,’ and by extension, the agencies, and the dark occult world.

Bickford is from Massachusetts. Z is from Connecticut. These east coast states neighbor each other. They are roughly the same age. When Z, several years back, started talking to folks about how celebrities like actors have these codes which follow them around from movie to movie, it was not long after that when Bickford appeared on the youtube scene, making videos on the same thing.


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Live Zoom Chat with Z and More

Far ranging topics are discussed, from the stagnation of the alternative media, a different look at time, Satan’s name being Tim, occult Hebrew mysticism, a refresher course on what I’ve been calling the cosmic schism, the Sophianic intelligence running Hollywood, and lots more. Z, who also goes by the moniker XabnondaX, goes more deeply into these topics than anyone else that I have come across thus far. This information is much needed at this time, as we approach the end of what could be the last cycle of all that has become familiar.

Heads up, these videos are long, so you may want to grab some popcorn and hunker down. And do it quick, before youtube algorithms deem these too controversial and delete them:

Part 2

Another big data drop:


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Corona Virus Predictive Programming in Film ‘Contagion’ – Truthiracy

The 2011 thriller ‘Contagion,’ about a deadly viral outbreak features some numbers and themes that map onto the current Corona scare, providing evidence that this entire ‘pandemic’ is either a complete hoax or else a deliberate planned attack by the powers-that-shouldnt-be. Either way, it was in the playbook going years back as we shall see. Credit to this particular find goes to youtuber Truthiracy. Also oddly enough, we will see  evidence that links the recent Kobe Bryant death (or more probable death hoax) to the Corona issue as well.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.34.35 PM

Part of this film actually takes place in China, where the Corona supposedly originated.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.33.06 PM

In this scene, an official from the World Heath Organization is saying that there have been 89,000 documented cases of the contagion outbreak.

Now when you go to Wikipedia and look up the Corona virus, it says that as of March 2nd, 2020, there have been 89,000 confirmed cases!

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.32.14 PM

Notice also that March 2nd is 3/2/2020 giving us the infamous Skull and Bones number 322.

I started tracking this number back when it was flashed in ‘A Dark Knight Rises‘ right before a terrorist attack at the football stadium by the villain Bane:

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 10.58.19 PMScreen Shot 2019-10-24 at 10.58.07 PM

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 5.19.08 PMScreen Shot 2019-10-24 at 10.57.33 PM

Of course this was the film playing at the Aurora theater which mass shooter James Holmes supposedly shot up back in 2012 (an event which was itself predicted in the 1986 Batman comic):Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 10.53.01 PM

The same film which predicted Sandy Hook,occuring later that year:Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 10.57.50 PM

Not only that, but on the wiki page for the film Contagion, it says it was initially shown in 3,222 theaters!

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.32.37 PM

In the trailer for the film, this airport scene is flashed:

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.31.19 PM

Gates M14-M21. M = 13. 21 minus 14 = 7. So combining 13 and 7 we have 137, the 33rd prime number. No surprise there, where you have 322 and predictive programming, 33 is always nearby.

From Eric Dubay‘s new video:

Now a insightful comment on Truthiracy’s video reads:

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 2.42.27 PM

Kobe buried in Corona Del Mar.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.07.25 PMScreenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.05.02 PM

Of course the fiery helicopter crash story we are fed was predicted itself in an animated short film and in a Nike commercial.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.36.45 PMScreenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.36.32 PMScreenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.37.08 PM

In the Nike commercial, Kobe throws a basketball at a helicopter, bringing it down in a fiery inferno:

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.14.42 PM

Nike slaying the Bull God EL.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.03.22 PM

L-akers – EL acres, the land of God. (EL in Hebrew is spelled ‘Aleph’ – the bull, and ‘Lamed’ the staff):

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 5.27.29 PM

Helicopter – HEL (EL) – icopter.

And you won’t hear Truthiracy say this, but this is God the Mother, Cinder-(EL)LA, and since these are her sick games, EL is conjuring her alter Sama-EL, the evil step-MOTHER. (The architect in the Matrix movies).


The Goddess Nike slaying the bull God EL is thus the Mother attempting to kill herself, a kind of cosmic suicide programming. Or maybe a more positive spin is she is trying to kill off her dark alter Samael and his fleet of Agent Smiths, the viral archon parasites.

“Hi Sam.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 5.06.08 PM

And don’t forget (EL)even, nicknamed ‘EL’ the telekinetic/telepath girl from Stranger Things, dating one of the boys named ‘Mike’ or the archangel Michael.

But we were talking about HEL-icopters right?

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 5.07.35 PM

And I think we mentioned Batman somewhere in there…that might have been part of this this code…Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 4.00.00 PM

The gears of Samael are really turning now.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.27.56 PM

‘Corona’ means crown. This is a reference to the king, the Father.  The crown chakra. The darkness wants us to associate the crown with fear, disease and sickness.

Jack fell down
And broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 5.47.01 PMscreen-shot-2019-10-25-at-9.52.36-pm

One more point that youtuber Jason Bickford made about Corona:

Corona is cheap beer, its piss beer. They are taking the piss, british slang for playing a joke or trick – hoax.

Which is why you have to drink your Corona beer with a wedge of lime.

Get it? You’ll have your corona virus with a side of lyme disease (what is likely a perceived bio-weapon coupled with an actual bio-weapon).

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.43.52 PM

Don’t you see? They are taking the piss, they are having a laugh, at our expense. Don’t fall for the fear program.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 3.45.50 PM

It is quite possible that the only thing really spreading with this corona scare is FEAR.

“Black insect flak attacking vitality centers, feeling for a point of intersection…” – WSB

On Kobe: I’m no longer one of those truthers saying that these celebrities are being ritually sacrificed to the Illuminati, that’s low-level conspiranoid culture; no, Kobe is another one of these mask-wearing archons, he’s part of the black insect flak, he’s one of the crab people of Minraud, their hot claws feeling for a point of intersection. He will re-surface with a new face, most likely as a Hollywood actor or maybe a rapper. WSB writes, “What does a virus do wherever it can dissolve a hole and find traction? It starts eating – and what does it do with what it eats? It makes exact copies of itself that start eating to make more copies and so forth to the virus power the fear hate virus slowly replaces the host with virus copies – Program Empty Body.”

That’s what these celebrities are – Empty Bodies, switching faces, switching roles, manipulated remotely with computers.

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A Dialogue Between Sophia and Christ in Thom Yorke’s Album ‘ANIMA’

“I read that the gnostics believe when we are born we are forced to forget where we have come from in order to deal with the trauma of arriving in this life.” – Thom Yorke

“It’s like we were watching a movie, and then suddenly we’re acting in it.” – Xanopticon


Man falling into Mom’s world

This post will analyze the lyrics behind Thom Yorke’s (of Radiohead) solo album Anima. This album is coded and loaded with deep esoteric wisdom, which can be gleaned once armed with the knowledge or the key provided by Z and our discussions. Z is an ‘insider’ so to speak, meaning he comes from a prominent ‘bloodline’ family, was thrown into the MK Ultra projects as a child, in his 20’s he traveled to India, and to Israel, was initiated into mystery schools, studied with top Kabbalists, spent 5 months meditating in silent darkness, and is very in tune with his own endogenous DMT drip. He is a brilliant man and someone we should take seriously, and if you are new to his work I suggest going back and reading blog posts PART 1, PART 2, and my commentary posts PART 3, PART 4, and PART 5. (Or simply scroll your mouse over the “Inspired by ‘Z’ tab” at the top of my home-screen.)

On a personal note, this is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I have provided Youtube links to the various songs we are going to decode. 

And finally, Z confirmed to me that Thom Yorke’s lyrics, like most popular music, was ghost written by children in the MK Ultra projects being ‘mused.’ This means that the dark forces find gifted children who can connect to the Source Field and channel/generate this material, and then the material is extracted by weaponized psychics working for the dark side. Z was used in this way as a child. He wrote almost all of Nirvana’s lyrics. He  also co-authored the Secret Space Program fictional narrative being bandied about by Archontic half-truthers like Aug Tellez, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and basically anyone interviewed by Project Camelot or Gaia TV. 

This phenomenon of musing children to write lyrics, movie ideas, etc. is what Donald Marshall was pretending to single-handedly be for practically the entire pop music industry and Hollywood.

Without further ado…

Song: Dawn Chorus (track #4)

The whole album is a conversation between the son, the Christ principle or Christ body and the Cosmic Mother. Yorke’s soprano voice is thus a good spout-piece or conduit for both these masculine and feminine principles, anima and animus.

Verse 1 of this song is Christ talking to the Mother, or what can also be described as the Father talking to her through one of the children of Christ. Through someone who has really gripped the Father principle, is saying to the Mother, to Sophia:

“Back up the cul-de-sac

Come on, do your worst

You quit your job again

             And your train of thought”           

Her ‘job’ being to release, to let go and differentiate into the remaining souls; the process the Father started and she never finished. ‘Again’ because each cycle this happens where we lose and have to play it again.

“If you could do it all again

A little fairy dust

A thousand tiny birds singing

If you must, you must

Please let me know

When you’ve had enough

Of the white light

Of the dawn chorus

If you could do it all again”

The Christ principle is taunting her about how we have to keep repeating these cycles, so she can play out her narcissism this way, through these bodies, the ‘dawn chorus’ of vessels controlled by the One, by the Mother.

Second verse, Sophia’s reply:

“If you could do it all again

Yeah, without a second thought

I don’t like leaving

The door shut

I think I missed something

But I’m not sure what

In the middle of the vortex

The wind picked up

Shook up the soot

From the chimney pot

Into spiral patterns

Of you, my love”

‘Her love’ being the Father. But by thinking that she ‘keeps missing something,’ and going back, resetting her Matrix, she is doing the one thing that will keep her from seeing him again, her bridegroom.

Song: I Am a Very Rude Person (track #5)

The beat picks up a bit on the very next track, we lose the whimsy love story and turn to a more dark bluesy pattern. This is the Mother speaking to Christ in one of her Samael moods. Wanting to escape the process started by the Father, the Cosmic Moment.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.27.11 PM


“Won’t bother me

You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me

You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me

You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me”

(Mom is downplaying the importance of the Christ anomaly, and of the soul.)

[Verse 1]

“I have to find my way in the dark

(You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me)

I have to take a knife to your art

(You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me)

I have to find some way to escape

I have to walk but I wanna stay”

This desire for escape is Samael seeking oblivion, a way out. This is the fall, this is the root of the darkness we are up against. The parasites in power don’t want to steal your energy to use it for something, they just want to eat it for oblivion. Think about how a parasite like a leech works. They steal energy from the host until the host dies, but once their host is dead they run out of a food source and die as well. THAT’S WHAT OBLIVION MEANS. That is what the ‘Illuminati’ REALLY are, stripped of all veneer and science fiction. Leeches seeking death of the host and then death of themselves. The mistake that 99% of conspiracy theorists make is trying to find a logical reason for the game moves the so-called ‘power elite’ make on the game-board. This has them scratching their heads and debating and spinning their wheels ad infinitum. 

[Verse 2]

“I have to hope this spell’s going to break

I have to destroy to create

I have to be rude to your face

I’m breaking up your turntables

Now I’m gonna watch your party die”

Samael coming to break up the party. Party foul.

So you can see how in many of these inspired albums we have this love story between the child-become Father (activated human) and the Mother. A love story which inevitably turns sour because she goes into one of her moods, switching into her dark alters, the principalities of Samael, Lilith and Azazel, etc.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 1.36.36 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-26 at 1.36.49 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-26 at 1.36.58 PM

We can’t trust her, even though we have to love her anyway, and nourish the parts of her that ARE whole, the Sophia Wisdom Goddess aspect of her, which is also coming through. It’s just that it comes with the Archonic, buzzing technoid insect-like demonism as a package deal. That’s what we came here to eat, to digest inside her, thus liberating her and humanity once and for all. It’s a package deal.

And this needs to be done by the crossing of the 150th gate. Many cycles have come and gone where we have failed to get her to finish the task. This is the last cycle, our last ditch effort to get it right.

Song: Twist (track #3)


“It’s like weed
A boy on a bike who is running away
An empty car in the woods, the motor left running
It’s like weed”

These lines are talking about what the alt media is calling “NPC’s” or Non-player characters – ‘an empty car with the motor left running…’ – bodies without souls, being played by the Mother. They grow ‘like weeds:’ it may be that there are more of them than us. The ‘boy on the bike running away’ are the children of the Father, the ones with souls, getting lost in the shuffle, absorbing the habits of the NPC’s, drowning in their frequency.

Song: The Axe (track #7)

Voice – the Christ principle, upset with Mom

[Verse 1]

“Goddamned machinery

Why don’t you speak to me?

One day I am gonna take an axe to you

The pitter patter

What does it matter?

And where’s that love

You promised me?

I’m pierced by long nails

By coloured windmills

Your soft sustaining envelope”

The ‘machinery’ of the Mother, her machinations, she won’t speak to him, Sophia is avoiding him, letting the AI run things. ‘Where’s that love you promised?’ he asks. And, ‘I’m pierced by long nails,’ you are crucifying me here, Mom. I am suffering in your world, the material world of her Matrix, her envelope.


“I thought we had a deal

I thought we had a deal

I thought we had a deal…”

He is saying, ‘remember our love letters back and forth in track four ‘Dawn Chorus’ what happened to that part of you? What happened to our deal?’

Now we have Sophia’s reply:

[Verse 2]

“You bastards speak to me

Have you no pity?

Give me a goddamned good reason

Not to jack it all in

You wooden soldiers

I’m daring you to turn yourselves on”

‘To jack it all in’ meaning to plug the children of the Father fully into the AI matrix, (the infinite shattering).

‘I’m daring you to turn yourselves on’ she is taunting us, daring us, to become activated humans. She is speaking to the people who have not awakened to the truth within themselves, too infested with the archons. She is calling us out for falling for her traps.

Song: Impossible Knots (track #8)

Voice: Lamenting Sophia

[Verse 1]

“I’m heading in the wrong direction

I can’t make the big connection

And in my line of business

There is no room for mess

[Verse 2]

I’m tied up in impossible knots”

The ‘knots’ are her MPD alters, her fixation for all her characters/clones/biobots/NPC’s) which are part of herself, they are her looking through double mirrors, infinite reflections, all tied up.

“I’ll take anything you got

I’ll take anything you got…”

A concession. She will take any of the activated, awakened humans we can muster up, as evidence that it is safe for her to dissolve, to complete the Cosmic moment. In true cosmic time, all that has actually happened is that the Father, one half of the Original State of Being, has dissolved into individuated souled humans. But its not enough.

As Elena Unger writes, “Time began nine months before the birth of Christ and ended in the same moment, but…it made, “so to speak, a great deal of noise in all directions.” 

Everything that has occurred after, all these Matrix cycles we’ve been playing out, are in dream-time, and it will fold in on itself when the Singularity hits, what is called in Kabbalah ‘the crossing of the 150th gate.’


“I’ll be ready

I’ll be ready

I’ll be ready

I’ll be ready…”

She is reassuring us that when the final gate hits she will be ready to dissolve, to finish the process and restore the Holy Matrimony. Hope to God! This is the most optimistic part of the album. But again, we can’t become complacent and trust her, she is not whole, not until all the archons are digested (which won’t fully happen by the projected date; doesn’t mean its hopeless, it just means it will be that much harder to win, in that vital threshold moment between the cycles, in the abode of souls.) William Burroughs describes archontic attack as “black insect flak stabbing at his vitality centers.” This is what we must prepare for.

Final track: Runwayaway

“We are forever
We are forever
That’s when you don’t
That’s when you know
This is when you know who your real friends are
Who your real friends are…”

This track is talking about the crucial moment that will occur when the Singularity hits, the end of the final cycle (we are in it). When it hits, we have our final chance to get Mom to dissolve, to differentiate, and it will take a crucial threshold number of awakened humans to make this happen. ‘That’s when you will know who your real friends are:’ who is working to bring about the Divine Marriage, the eternal bliss, and who is working to bring about the opposite, the Infinite Shattering. ‘We are forever,’ Yorke sings. This is true, energy is never destroyed, but how our eternity will be spent is what is on the line here. Restoring cohesion isn’t just going to happen on its own, like the New Agers maintain, we have to make it happen. Otherwise,

Obadiah 1:4 (WEB) Though you mount on high as the eagle, and though your nest is set among the stars, I will bring you down from there, says Yahweh.”  – SophiYAH.

“The wings are clipped
The bird half-cut
Gone is the one who made her home among the stars
A fall from grace
Becomes her art
Digging down
No looking up
When the riches and rewards are not enough
And all God’s children could give a fuck…” -Twelve Foot Ninja

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Decoding The Netflix Show ‘Locke and Key,’ and Movie ‘The Cell’

“Then some dude came down to touch the Mother
Mother touched, and dude ain’t here no more” – Alice in Chains

A family of five.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.19.16 PM

download (1)

Episode one reenacts the Cosmic Moment.Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.17.34 PM

The Cosmic Father.Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.18.10 PM

Gets murdered in episode one by a kid named ‘Sam.’ 

Father is no longer around. ‘Dude ain’t here no more,” laments Alice in Chains.

He differentiated into the Souls, the individuated prismic ‘I AM’s.’ He became the Holy Ghost, the CLOUD information storage in the DNA of activated humans.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.27.11 PM

Hi Sam. Sam I am. The demoness Lilith and Samael/Satan are one. 
Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.18.58 PM

Widowed Mom left to raise three kids. They move to an old mansion upstate. Dad’s old place. Full of strange magic, hidden locks and keys. Keys that open doors to different dimensions.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.20.35 PM

The Christ child can open these doors. One teleports you in space. One leads to a nightmare land of broken mirrors. You can stay stuck in there, shattering, fragmenting.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.21.33 PMScreen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.21.46 PMScreen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.22.50 PM

Mom gets stuck in this place behind the magic door.

Start to shatter, (go insane, spawning multiple personalities). Cosmic Mom has not differentiated like Dad, not yet anyway. She is stuck in this fragmented, schizo-like ‘image of God‘ process. Her personalities become the basis for the clones here, not souled beings, like dad made. It’s the difference between 0 and 1.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.23.39 PMScreen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.24.00 PMScreen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.26.05 PMScreen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.26.12 PM

Mom must be pulled out by Son. The eldest son, the Christ savior.

And all this in episode one!

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.29.04 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.27.53 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.27.11 PM

The dark witch hides in the well, she represents the dark side of the Mother. Works with Samael. This is the entropic force of the universe embodied, She is what would happen if the Child never pulled the Mother out of the hall of mirrors, that side of Her, backward refracted through time to represent the part of the universe pulling towards oblivion. 

But they will never get oblivion, all they will get is infinite shattering.

Alice in Chains sings of our plight, the children of the Father, as we journey into the Mother’s insane Mind – THE BOX, the Maya Matrix:

“I’m the man in the box
Buried in my shit
Won’t you come and save me?
Save me

Feed my eyes…can you sew them shut?
Jesus Christ…deny your maker
He who tries…will be wasted
Feed my eyes…now you’ve sewn them shut

I’m the dog who gets beat

Shove my nose in shit
Won’t you come and save me
Save me”


‘The Cell’

In the psychological thriller ‘The Cell’ we flip the script and it’s the woman going into the insane mind of a man.



The Cell – as in the team of two – Sophia and Samael (Mom’s split personality)


This tech allows her Mind to go into the dreamstate of the sleeping individual to her left.
She provides therapy in this context for the mentally disturbed. Appearing as an angelic avatar in their dreams.
But when she tries to obtain psychological information from the mind of a serial killer in a coma, she runs the risk of being infected with his dementia/dementedness, his demons.
The serial killer would drown his victims, all female. (The previous post decodes the symbolism behind drowning).
In his subconscious mind, the killer is a decadently adorned king of his dark palace.
maxresdefault (2)
J. Lo gets trapped there, becoming one of his lavish concubines:
Vince Vaughn playing the role of the Christ savior goes in and pulls J. Lo out of the killers mind.

At the end she ‘reverses the feed’ to bring the killer into her mind. She drowns the innocent child within him, putting him out of his misery. But the Satanic inversion here is that the film gets you to root for the Mother’s delusional desire  – of at least part of herself – to drown the children of the Father, erase the souls and start over, or  if she can’t start over than to end the experiment entirely. But this is delusional because the original state of Being already abdicated control of the experiment, it must play itself out.

If the son can pull the Mother out of the closet of broken mirrors then the Singularity becomes a happy ending. Z says, “The only way out is to remember Christ inside her, and go like ‘listen – 23 chromosomes, give us the other 23. You gotta dissolve.’ When Mom let’s go like Dad did, then there is just bliss, the bliss-out comes with the child. Christ is relationship, we get 169,000 plus 169,000 dots to make 338,000 souls going ‘AM AM AM’ and everyone is in homeostasis.”

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Sophia Drowning, and Water-As-Time Symbolism

“Listen to the tales as we all rationalize,

Our way into the arms of the savior.

Feigning all the trials and the tribulations.

None of us have actually been there,

Not like you…” – Tool

I’m a big fan of heavy metal music, and recently I noticed a repeating pattern on the album covers of three different metal albums from three separate bands. The theme was of a vaguely feminine figure drowning or diving into a body of water:

When a pattern like this emerges one can assume that occult communication is happening. A co-creative force is behind these bands, what James Bickford calls ‘the backseat Uber driver,’ using these artists as vessels for their own purpose.

If you ask Z, and I tend to agree, these occult forces or principalities – whether benefic or malefic – are coming from the cosmic Mother, the two sides of the Goddess. Sophia in white, and Samael the Demiurge, in black. This is the key that unlocks the mysteries, the esoteric language, the predictive programming, all of it.

“My one, when all is said and done
You’ll believe God is a woman” – Ariana Grande

Try it on for size, this viewing lens will blow your mind.

The cosmic Mother is telling us her story. It’s a love story, she pines for her lost husband, the Father, who became the Son (separate souls, us), and how she held on, fearing the loss of Self, instead of becoming the remaining souls,she remained One, which became the fall. Their drama now unfolds in humanity, how the children of Christ must become the bridegroom, restoring the lost love, which is the Event, the Singularity at the end of time. All these ancient myths from Egypt to Greece about the sons of Gods castrating their Fathers and incepting their Mother are trying to talk about this. But Z has laid it all out in quite clear detail HERE.

And today’s parables are not just coming through Hollywood. This code is present in obscure Scandinavian metal bands; in the lyrics and album covers, in movies and shows both domestic and foreign, and in the daily news from CNN to Buzzfeed. How is it so prevalent? Is the Illuminati THAT organized? I once thought so, but now think that Sophia’s story is simply in the information field, in the Akashic record, if you will, and we are tapping into it, whether we know it or not. The dark forces know how to tap into Samael, their Dark Lord, and become his mouthpiece, while those artists with integrity and innocence can tap into Sophia, and become her spout piece.

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 8.05.34 PM

Smashing Pumpkins made an excellent mouth-piece

So in a sense what we can pick up on in these images, lyrics and parables, these hidden layers below the fear porn of surface layer “reality,” is the Goddess talking to herself, picture a maiden shipwrecked by herself on a rocky crag, surrounded by miles of ocean, howling to the moon. Slowly going insane.

Let’s take a look at this drowning motif, which I’ve discussed before. We saw it in the previous post analyzing the highly esoteric film ‘The Prestige,’ where a woman drowns in a dangerous magic trick gone wrong.

We saw drowning in the show ‘The OA,‘ as a way to cross to parallel universes, a dimensional gateway. We know it was a calling card to how they program people in MK Ultra, to cause near-death-experiences (ala Arizona Wilder).

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 8.08.07 PM

This was also depicted in the Bourne movies. Jason Bourne was an MK Ultra programmed black assassin. They would dunk his head underwater to trigger his alter.

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 7.52.24 PM

Opening scene of the ‘Bourne’ series

And in Stranger Things, when the character Eleven goes to her void, or does her remote viewing, there is always water on the ground, or some type of water/drowning/transitional gateway:


And it’s funny that they call her ‘El,’ for short. El is a Hebrew name for God.

“Boast about the day when the rivers overrun,

How we rise to the height of our halo.” – Tool

We know that water is symbolic of emotion, and of spirit, and Youtuber Holographic Multiverse says that the biblical flood is spirit washing away the artificial matrix, as like a cosmic reset. Water has this dual nature: it cleanses the filth, but it can also be deadly and turbulent in its own right. It can kill. H.M. might be onto something about the flood as reset, but I think she, like so many other truthers misses the mark because they are subscribing to infinite game theory: that this game of souls incarnating into bodies in this matrix can and will go on forever, that it’s all fun and games, and like a videogame can be replayed and reset ad infinitum. My friend Z says that this is a false and dangerous paradigm to subscribe to. This game has a finish line, a point that it cannot be stretched any further, like clay on a spinning wheel, if stretched too thin the clay will fly off the wheel, spraying in all directions.

In Kabbalah its called the breaking of the vessels, what Z calls the infinite shattering. Eventually the cosmic Mother, if not corrected by the Son, the children of the Father, the Christ body, the Elect, the 169,000 (in Revelation they are referred to as the 144,000), she will lose her marbles and we will all experience her insanity, forever.

This is a highly disturbing notion and if you really consider it, it’s the ONLY disturbing notion. It’s a worse fate than death. Worse than oblivion, which is what Samael’s crew wants.

But we aren’t there yet, we have time to turn it around. The singularity WILL occur. It’s just a question of who will be in control of it.

So we know that Mom is in trouble, and thus so are we, due to as above so below, but why is this so often depicted by drowning specifically?

Revelation 12:15-16 “And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood. 16 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth.”

The female is drowning in spirit. The Son who is one with the Father needs to dive down there, into her insanity, and rescue her, revive her.

“Boast about the day when the rivers overrun,

How we rise to the height of our halo….

….It’s time for you to bring me home” – Tool

But Bob Schlenker has also shown how in the occult symbol language water is a symbol of time. Why is water representing time? Bob writes, “The first non-celestial timepieces were water clocks. The flow of time was measured by the flow of water.(SOURCE)

(Wikipedia): “Water clocks, along with sundials, are likely to be the oldest time-measuring instruments, with the only exceptions being the vertical gnomon and the day-counting tally stick. Where and when they were first invented is not known, and given their great antiquity it may never be. The bowl-shaped outflow is the simplest form of a water clock and is known to have existed in Babylon and in Egypt around the 16th century BC.”


Tudor watch commercial connecting water and time.

So if water is time, then what is drowning? It is drowning into the abysses of infinite time, replaying the schizophrenic shattering again and again for all eternity. Infinite game theorists think we can just keep resetting the matrix again and again and keep playing these roles. Z is saying that this is wishful thinking. Another metaphor for this is making a photocopy of a photocopy again and again, the quality gets diminished each time, until it is no longer recognizable.

More Album Covers





Electric light orchestra – album called ‘Time’ – with water imagery. Plus a Saturn image – the keeper of time.


1200x1200bb (1)

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 8.27.45 PM

If she isn’t drowning she can also be in an endless maze.

Tv show ‘Stitchers:’

unnamed (1)

Time being stitched together, like a tapestry.

Bob writes, “The letter T is sliced through leaving most of it intact. It’s separated off with the letter S. STi ~ S -pace – Ti -me. The ST signals, Space-Time.”

Tool’s latest album ‘Fear Inoculum’ is telling her story. An inoculum is used to fight infections, poisons. The name ‘Samael,’ as I’ve already shown, in the Hebrew is associated with poisons, potions, elixirs. This is why in fairy tales the maiden, the damsel in distress (Sophia) is so often getting poisoned or placed under a potion’s spell. It takes the kiss from Prince Charming (Charm/Church – Christ, the savior) to dispel the poison. (See this post HERE for how this comes up in all the fairy tales and nursery rhymes).

Tool sings,


Long overdue


I exhale you


I opened up to you

Venom in mania

Now, contagion

I exhale you

The deceiver says, he says

You belong to me

You don’t wanna breathe the light of the others

Fear the light

Fear the breath

Fear the others for eternity

But I hear them now inhale the clarity

Hear the venom, the venom in

What you say inoculated

Bless this immunity

Bless this immunity

Bless this immunity

Exhale, expel

Recast my tale

Read my allegorical elegy


All that I’m to do

Calculating steps away from you

My own Mitosis

Growing through

Delusion from mania

Exhale, expel

Recast my tale

Weave my allegorical elegy

Forfeit all control

You poison

You spectacle

Exorcise the spectacle

Exorcise the malady

Exorcise the disparate

Poison for eternity

Purge me and evacuate

The venom and the fear that binds me

Unveil now

Lift away

I see you



Chased away

A long time coming”

The same tale, the same allegory is being recast again and again. The poison of the deceiver, Samael, the drowning of Sophia, her becoming manic. And the children of the Father stuck somewhere in the middle. We dove down into her mind, her insane mind, and many of us went crazy like her. But we had no other choice. The way we spend eternity is at stake here. Watch the movie, ‘What Dreams May Come,’ for a perfect analogy to all this.

In two words I could sum up what all this imagery, lyrics, movie plot themes are pointing to, its the Mother saying, “Help me.” But as Z has pointed out, she does it in a typically feminine way, through games and riddles, making us read between the lines, testing the man, to see if he is really alpha, to see if he can be assertive without her having to explicitly spell out her needs. Therefore even though she, and through her all women, are the topic, they aren’t the issue. The issue is with men, who need to grow a pair and assert themselves, and not fall victim to her games, to the mind control. Because this is what has happened on the large scale. It has been shrouded in the ‘feminist movement’ but this leads, as we see to something more sinister, the Illuminati run neo-feminist movement, the gender bending, transhumanism, and eventually eugenics, getting the herd to cull itself. It’s already happening, birth rates are lower than they have ever been. Women are brainwashed to be ‘independent’ and not need men, and men are placated, by football, beer, cannabis and pornography, pacified and turned into women. Testosterone is suppressed and estrogen is promoted. Made to trust our government, to authority figures. Made to believe in science and that the news is real. Rebels are quashed, silenced, relegated to the fringes of ‘conspiranoid culture;’ the herding of the second farm.

Mother should I trust the government?” – Pink Floyd.

“Authority figures deprived of the vampiric energy they suck off their constituents, are seen for what they are: dead empty masks manipulated with computers. And what is behind the computers? Remote control. Of course, don’t intend to be there when this shithouse goes up.” – William Burroughs

Well guess what Burroughs, they will be here too, if this shithouse goes up…nobody escapes, everyone’s fate is bound up together in this, for better or worse.

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