How I Lost God (And Found Him Again)

Life Principle #1: Never believe anything somebody tells you without looking into it for yourself first. Examine the available evidence and form your own conclusions. Don’t even believe someone even if they have a fancy degree in science or math or astronomy or law or whatever, because they might be either wrong themselves or lying to you. They may even be Illuminati agents posing as scientists to feed us lies and keep us dumb and not question them.

For example what is the shape of the earth? Anyone?


Round? Really,? How do you know?

Have you ever been to space and verified it for yourself?

Photos from NASA? Yeah but those could be CGI fakes, you never know.

You want my opinion on the shape of the Earth? I thought it was round all my life because that’s what I read in the textbooks and saw in movies and on globe models. But after watching a bunch of Youtube videos with independent people doing independent research, I’ve seen the available evidence, and now think it’s flat.

I was Ready For Flat Earth. Are You?

But I’ve also done my research on the Illuminati and firmly believe that all the textbooks and Hollywood movies and Media News Outlets and NASA pumping out globe earth this, outer space that, are completely controlled by them. The winners write the history books. If you haven’t studied this extensively, for example how fraudulent NASA is, than you are not ready for Flat Earth.

I also believed in the Theory Of Evolution for many years, that all life evolves through random mutation coupled with natural selection, both blind forces tied to laws of chemistry and physics. No creator needed, just the starting materials and enough geologic time.

I’ve come around on this one as well and now believe in a Creator. See in the heliocentric universe teeming with planets, most of which are utterly inhabitable, surrounded by vast reaches of vacuum space, randomly evolved life on Earth seems like a miserable accident and existential joke. And the joke is at our expense. This is where Atheism comes from, the believe in No God. Just blind random chance happenings like the Big Bang and planets hurling through space and evolution through mutations in DNA, itself a blind, lifeless chemical.

I was in this state, for many years, stuck, thinking that life had no meaning and that when we die we just rot in the ground.

In 2012 I had an awakening, not all at once, but the seeds were sown in 2012 with the mass shooting event in Aurora Colorado, during the opening screening of the new Batman movie. The shooter dyed his hair red and supposedly was claiming to be the Joker. This event, when you look into it is so unbelievable and full of Media holes and strange connections and threads and clues, its so absolutely loaded with the Occult, that it woke me from my slumber, and I have been researching this stuff ever since.

One cannot become a flat earther overnight, unless their Occult Onion has already been peeled back sufficiently enough, like mine was. I was ready for Flat Earth, and was convinced after only a couple days of looking into it, because after listening to Robert Stanley and reading Wes Penre and David Icke I was already pretty convinced we were living inside some kind of Matrix or Hologram.

But Flat Earth does throw all the alien visitation stuff under a new harsh light, because there is no “outer space” it’s just the earth, sun, moon and firmament, with the “stars for signs” or holes in the firmament, as written in the bible. From an atheist who wanted nothing to do with religion to this, I tell you I have come full 180.

So without aliens the only way for another non-human, non-earth based creature to get in here is through a wormhole, I’m assuming, but this is only conjecture. Maybe this is what CERN is all about.

I must admit I am highly skeptical now of Project Camelot and Kerry Cassidy. Could this be controlled opposition? Could she and her “whistleblowers” in fact be CIA agents herding the second farm, as it were? David Icke and Michael Tsarion also can’t support Flat Earth because they need ancient alien visitation to make their theories and books work. I have quoted from them and been inspired by their work, but I can’t help but feel like there is some misinformation thrown in there, to keep truthers satisfied but still not getting the real picture. Big Picture – THAT must stay occulted.

But again you can’t buy into Flat Earth if you hold any kind of faith that what we are presented with as Culture and History and Science is not all one big fake fucking lie. See that is what the Aurora Colorado shooting revealed to me in stages:

Down The Rabbit Hole – Stages Of Occult Awakening

  • First that the mainstream media is lying to me, or at least covering up certain key facts in the case, (like were there two shooters or one?)
  • Second that we have to question the lone wolf shooter narrative and entertain the possibility of Patsies, Manchurian Candidates, and mind controlled assassins. Many of the first truthers were awoken in the 60’s with the JFK assassination. The 2012 shooting was my JFK event.
  • That government (CIA) sponsored mind control and torture and brainwashing on unwitting, non-consenting citizens is being done right under our noses and people either don’t know or don’t want to talk about it.
  • That we were lied to about WW2, and the fact that Nazi’s were brought here in Project Paperclip to continue mind control research, rocketry, and possibly even UFO research.
  • At this point I was picked up into what truthers call the “Second Farm” with the alien narrative. Without evidence, I believed. And what little evidence is there, could theoretically be more CGI fakery, or human built, etc – The Nazi’s supposedly picked up UFO and mind control techniques  (and even cloning?) from either downed ET craft or from actually meeting with them and trading with them (selling us out to them.) The bad ET’s, the Draco Reptilians got to drink our blood with impunity in exchange for trade secrets in biotech. The good ET’s, the Nordics are supposedly trying to help us without breaking the laws of non-interference, seemingly a conundrum.
  • Once you discover aliens you quickly discover that there were Ancient Aliens, and Ancient Advanced Civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. You learn that the ET’s have always been around fucking with us, and even had a hand in making us in the first place. According to Zacharius Sitchin we are a hybrid of their DNA and the Hominid that was here when they arrived. So we were genetically accelerated. You can still believe in evolution at this layer in the onion, just that the natural evolution of humanity got warped and modified by highly advanced ET scientists and geneticists.
  • It is at this point that you understand that the movie  “They Live” was in fact a documentary.
  • You also discover that many of the recent shootings and terror attacks since 9/11 were in fact hoaxes and no-one even died. I’ve seen the leaked footage of dummies, mannequins being rushed onto ambulances, I’ve seen footage of crisis actors off screen doing ridiculous things like laughing, or changing out of paramedic clothes and into civilian clothes, when they though noone was looking. I’ve seen all the ridiculously obvious cases of duping delight by “eyewitnesses” after an “attack.”
  • With all the disclosures of human cloning you have to now also question whether these people on TV and Media are real or just soulless robotoids, controlled with an AI brain. Celebrities and politicians are especially suspect. Perhaps even these flesh-and-blood victims of tragedies are robotoids, who knows anymore?
  • One of the deepest layers to all of this is discovering the Gematria, Numerology and interconnected occult symbolism layered in to so many events in media, sports, politics, celebrities, music, movies, entertainment you name it. It is all connected by a self-referencial code which is seen most clearly when you merge letter with number and find patterns this way, or look at the distances between dates of significant events, such as these fake false flag hoaxes or the death of a celebrity.
  • The deeply embedded and perfectly synced up mathematical code seems to suggest that the Illuminati are receiving “divine” help, because it is just too perfect to be concocted by a group of Freemasons who can’t even fake a terror attack anymore without independent Youtubers cracking it in minutes. But the gematria and numerology of everyone’s names and all the dates works out perfectly each time with 33’s and 47’s and 666’s and 911’s and 3.14’s and 227 everywhere? To me this is evidence that language and number itself has been designed by God or gods and given to humanity. (Or more pessimistically – used as a way to control humanity). Burroughs said many times, it was like his main argument, that word was a virus. Language is a virus that replicates inside human hosts, and doesn’t let go. Try going without a thought for a minute – you will find a resistant organism, a voice, the Logos, that doesn’t easily let up.
  • At this point, when you are researching all these malevolent entities that are supposedly very advanced and very good at controlling what and how we think, you are ready to believe that the movie “The Matrix” was in fact a documentary. This is the beginning of the Archon and A.I. dimension. For example aliens may in fact just be another word for what used to be called demons, goblins, or perhaps the Nordics could be angels, and fairies, succubi, Etc. Are we thinking about their origin wrong, is it not Extra-Terrestrial but a Spiritual, almost Metaphysical plane that we are operating on? Could these strange beings and all the legends and lore around them all be merely stemming from projections of the Archons and their AI Hive Mind, The Mind of Lucifer?
  • At this point in my awakening, I found Flat Earth. I will let you research the proofs on your own, they are there, and they make the ball model look pretty ridiculous.

Flat Earth means that aliens, evolution, Atheism, are all impossible. We are put back in the center again, human affairs are important, “created by a creator to be creative” – as Robert Stanley says. We are not on a prison planet, we are being tested, our souls are in education, we are learning good and evil. God had to create the Devil, so that our souls could choose between Him (or Her, the Divine Feminine aspect) or Evil. The ones who choose evil have to repeat the course, here on Earth. It is not about roasting in Hell. This is Hell, we are in Hell already, it is the realm of the physical the flesh, the body. Hell is dualistic, everything here is dual: light/dark, inhale/exhale, sun/moon, yin/yang, male /female, good/evil, truth/hoax. In contrast, Heaven is when you rejoin with God and all the polarities are exploded in a union of opposites. God is the living embodiment of this union of opposites because God is also Everything and Nothing (the Void/Tao).

As Eric Dubay puts it, an Omniscient God can only fill its time by playing hide-and-seek with itself. It is a being that creates other beings and has them forget that they are God and part of God. That is us. We are here, we agreed, our souls agreed to come here and forget that we are All and Everything, that we are all One. We come here to experience separateness, in order to form new novel connections when we bond with others, find a loved one, or acquire knowledge and wisdom within ourselves. Most important is trusting one’s intuition, God’s compass inside each of us, for that is the only thing that we can count on as we navigate through all the Satanic Luciferian False Flag Hoaxes and Fake News and Fake Science. God made these to test our intuition. In that way we help God grow and expand, we help God be pleasantly surprised when a piece of Him/Her wakes up and remembers Itself. That is what we are here on this physical plain to do. Wake up and remember.

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Eric Dubay – The Earth is A Flat Plain

According to writer and researcher Eric Dubay, the Earth is a flat plain, and the spinning ball model of the Earth is a NASA and Freemasonic deception, carried out as the key element in their mind control system. 

Paraphrased from an interview with The HigherSide Chats:

Eric Dubay: Our common sense perception of the earth: it is flat, as far as we can tell. It is motionless, as far as we can tell. And everything in the sky is revolving around us, as far as we can tell. If nobody told us otherwise we’d logically assume the earth was flat, motionless with everything revolving around us.

Now you can prove that this is the case as well, with the horizon when you rise up, no matter how high you go, on the top of mount Everest, or in a balloon, we’ve got independent camera footage from a balloon. The horizon remains flat all the way around and rises to the eye of the camera all the way up. Now of the earth were a ball, no matter how big, the horizon is said to be the curvature of the ball, and as you rose up the horizon would stay where it was, and you’d have to look down, if you were in a hot air balloon, you’d have to look farther and farther down as you went up. And the horizon would be below you. But as far as any independent camera has shown us, (meaning not NASA, or any Freemasonic space agency) the horizon stays totally flat and rises to the eye of the observer. So that’s one proof….

hqdefault (3)

hqdefault (4)Of course you can measure curvature if it actually existed. The only place that curvature exists is in NASA photos and videos and those can be proven to be CGI fakes, and the early ones were literally taken through a round window to make the earth appear round. It’s just photo trickery and brainwashing that’s got us all thinking that we’re on a ball spinning around the sun with a magical force called gravity, its pseudoscience. Real science has confirmed geocentricity and the flat earth for thousands of years. The flat earth was known to ancient cultures all around the world and it is actually a relatively recent phenomenon that people have been believing we’re on a spinning ball going around the sun. Pythagoras first came up with it about 2500 years ago. He is also sometimes considered the first Freemason. And it didn’t go anywhere much from there until 2000 years later, Copernicus picked it up, another Jesuit Freemason, and he really picked things up along with Kepler, and Galileo, Newton, and now Einstein, NASA and Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, they are all part of this Freemasonic club that is building a pseudoscientific worldview to indoctrinate the slave class so that we can be propagandized into doing anything.

This is basically the biggest thing you could possibly lie about. So the psychopaths who control society and are interested in world domination, the best way to brainwash the whole world, is to lie to the whole world about what the world is. What is the earth under your feet? What is in the sky overhead? Where did we come from? This lie has now evolved into the big bang, evolution, heliocentric spinning ball cosmology, when in reality we are not a cosmic accidental sneeze of nothingness turned everything, this is quite obviously intelligently designed. This thing we are experiencing here, this life, this universe.

11015211_10154005253418298_7210128955838251997_nAnother proof: the distance at which the light from lighthouses that can be seen from sea is just way too far for the earth to be a ball 25,000 miles in circumference. A great example is the Notre Dame Spire standing 403 feet from the foot of the tower, and so with the aid of a telescope ships can be seen on the horizon, and captains declare they can see the spire from an amazing 150 miles away. But if the earth were a ball however, the spire should be an entire mile, 5280 feet, below the horizon. So there are a lot of examples like this where the light should be below the horizon, you shouldn’t see it.

image1As well as the fact that canals, railroads, tunnels are never built with curvature in mind whatsoever. That’s not necessary, and if they were, then their plans would be off. In fact, I’ve got quotes in many book from railroad engineers saying how it’s hard enough for railroads to make curves horizontally, let alone if we were on a ball, and railroads would have to be curving up on a ball. Trains were made to be on a level, they just can’t operate that way.


THC:“Well where is the edge? Why aren’t people sailing off the edge?”

1024px-azimuthal_equidistant_projection_sw So in the flat earth model, the North pole is in the middle, and the earth is a disk shape and Antarctica is all the way around, holding the oceans in, so no matter where you are if you go south you will end up in Antarctica. But on the ball model it’s just a little ice continent underneath the ball. Yet in this model it’s all the way around you, holding the oceans in. As for whether there is an edge beyond this ice plateau, this wall that holds everything is 200 feet tall, and once you climb up it’s a plateau of snow that just goes on and on. And the public and myself is ignorant at the moment as to whether there is a barrier, a dome, at some point, or if it is an infinite flat plain and it’s just snow, ice and wind forever. So it’s a mystery as to how the snow actually terminates. These no man’s lands, the north pole and Antarctica, they don’t let us independently explore them. People trying to go without government pre-approval and only going to the places they want you to go, have actually been turned away at gun point, by military vessels, not allowing them to go in. They definitely don’t want us exploring the edges, they keep us in the middle.

THC: “So what about airplanes? People fly from north America to china, all around the globe, or the proposed globe. But this is easy to rectify with your model with the north pole in the center, when you fly, when you think about the rings in a bullseye, it makes it seem like you going around a ball but really you are just going in a circular pattern around a flat plain. If you look at the UN flag, this is the model you are proposing, and it even has an overlay like a bullseye pattern showing you how ships would fly around.”

Un-flag-squareThe UN flag is a flat earth map, and the bullseye over it, if you count the holes its 33, an important number in Freemasonry…so the Freemasons in NASA, in the UN, they are the ones doing this, and meanwhile they laugh about the flat earth, it’s got to be the most ridiculed position ever, and you’d got to think there is a reason for that. Why is the concept of being a flat earther” so ridiculed? There are videos of Obama making jokes about this in his speeches. These are not off the cuff remarks; these are written into his speeches. Why are they doing this? Why are they making sure that people know the flat earth is something to be ridiculed?

“I agree with you on that. I thought that was pretty hair-raising. Because typical people have to assumed that the model of the earth is so rock solid that the flat earth idea is so far past, that it isn’t even on the radar, it shouldn’t even be worth mentioning, considering conventional science. So it is rather odd that that is Obama’s go to…

OK well how about all the satellites orbiting the earth, for GPS systems, cell phones, military radar,  navigation equipment, how do we rectify that?”

Yeah, and they also say there is an International Space Station out there, and there is a Hubble telescope floating out there taking wonderful CGI photoshopped pictures that they send us back with their amazing four hundred mile internet space connection, and now it has gone to a million miles with the new Rosetta mission, the CGI photoshopped pictures from that are just wonderful and well worth the billions of dollars we are spending on them. So the illusion is that there is a space station and satellites just floating out there in infinite space. But you and I know that no matter how high you go, comes right back down. whatever goes up must come down. The illusion is that at some point if you go high enough, this gravity that they say exists, that pulls you back down to earth, suddenly you just pop out of it, and into the vacuum of space. now the vacuum of space cant exists because its connected to the non-vacuum of earth and all the other supposed planets they say exist. So a vacuum must be a closed system. but they claim space is a vacuum, but space is a n open system. so it is philosophically impossible.

The way that they fool us into thinking this is actually plausible is three-fold: first way they do it is in zero G planes, Boeing 747 that do parabolic maneuvers that have a free fall effect that happens for about a minute, where you can be floating in these planes. the second way is through wires harnesses and green screen, for the longer shots. the ISS uses that. The third way for the outside shots they do are in pools, underwater, and this can be confirmed by the fact that there are bubbles rising in some of their shots, and a lot of people on Youtube have dissected a lot of the ISS and other supposed space footage and the space bubbles coming out of their footage, one person wearing scuba gear was even found.

“What about say, all the pilots flying around, and no-one is catching on?”

Yeah and why don’t pilots catch on to the fact that if they wanted to maintain their altitude on a sphere 25,000 miles in circumference, they would have to constantly dip their nose downwards and descend over half a mile every minute. Otherwise they would find themselves higher than expected. You would end up flying out into outer space if you weren’t constantly dipping your nose down. And I’ve talked to pilots, and they never have to do that. But they are just as brainwashed as everyone else, they don’t think if it, or if they do, there is a ready-made answer which is that the atmosphere is being magically dragged along with the spinning ball earth, and it drags planes and everything else with it. They have explanations for everything.


“Yeah we’re told the earth is spinning a thousand miles per hour, which is awfully fast, but a helicopter cannot just hover in the air for twelve hours in St. Louis Missouri and end up in China. But then we are told that in this sphere it all moves relative to itself and you don’t notice those changes. I’m not a physicist and its hard to play devils advocate for their position, but say, if you are driving 90 miles an hour down the freeway, you can play catch with you neighbor and it feels like you are stationary. Or an ant on the dashboard, it doesn’t notice the effect of the vehicle moving at a fast speed. “

But once again it’s explaining away your common sense and your experience which is that you are not moving whatsoever. And so they say, ‘you are moving silly you are just moving at a such a constant velocity that you don’t notice is whatsoever.’ Now even if you are in the best Rolls Royce over the best tar, smoothly going, I close my eyes, I can tell I’m moving and that’s just going 90 miles, not a thousand. Even going up a few floors in an elevator, I can feel that, I have sort of a sensitive stomach…

Watch the full interview here:

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Selling Your Soul Means Waking Up In A Cloning Center – Donald Marshall



Above is an example of what cloning centers look like.

Background Info On Donald

THC (TheHighersideChats):  “In 2011, Donald Marshall unleashed his first public disclosure on the internet with a letter describing his abuses in  a vast underground program of human cloning by parasitic non-human entities in conjunction with the worlds shadowy elite. He detailed several types of cloning done at these underground bases, most notably REM driven clones, where as long as they’ve created a second body for this individual their consciousness can be transported to these hidden husks at the press of a button. Not only is this the elites main method of meet-ups in the modern world, but also the technological solution to their blood lust and desire to torture and abuse children to no end. and since Donalds come forward as an Illuminati whistleblower he hasn’t been shy about naming those from the political and entertainment realms that he has met down below, from Queen Elizabeth to Henry Kissinger, Hilary Clinton and Obama, to Bernie Mac, Tila Tequila, Kurt Cobain and Mila Kunis. But as odd as this all sounds there is a recent trend of celebrities actually tweeting about cloning centers and their own abuses…”

Donald: “REM cloning, when you go to sleep, you get zapped, transferred, your consciousness into a clone, you don’t have dreams anymore, Britney Spears, none of them, have dreams anymore. They just have clone time where they walk around and talk, a little dumber then they normally would be. It’s all very clear, it’s not like dream, slap yourself in the face, you won’t wake up though. And they just got more and more depraved over the years.  I’ve been there since I was five years old, was memory repressed until about 30, and then I remembered, it was like the matrix when it all floods back to you….”

Let’s pause here and note the Hollywood disclosure, if what Donald is saying is true:

REM Driven Cloning Cleverly Hidden in the TV series “Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell”

MV5BOTZkMDViYzQtMGNhNi00N2EyLWI2ZTQtM2FiOWNlNWYyYjEwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjExMjk0ODk@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,705,1000_AL_This British fantasy series that appeared on Netflix is all about magick and the occult. One of these practicing “light” magicians got mixed up in the “dark” arts when his wife becomes gravely ill. Upon her death, he is so stricken he seeks out the dark magician known only as “The Gentleman” who can bring her back, but at a price. He says that “for half her life, her soul is mine.” Not understanding these cryptic words, our protagonist agrees. As it turns out, half her life means her sleeping half, her dreams, in other words, no longer belong to her. Every night upon sleeping Lady Pole is transported to a dark ball or party, where people dance in the courtyard of the Gentleman’s castle, in perpetuity. Lady Pole is forced to dance with the Gentleman, and with other men there.


Could it be that all the attendees at this ball are victims of this dark magician? Tricked into selling their soul, half their life, their sleeping half, to him?

Losing her dreams slowly drives Lady Pole mad in the waking world. She soon fears falling asleep and will do anything to stay awake. As we all know this is detrimental to the health.


Could this be why we often see pictures of celebrities looking gaunt and sleepless? The media spins it as drugs, but perhaps it’s because they are afraid to go to sleep and be sucked into a clone body and forced to participate in depraved rituals and acts of violence and torture.

Lady Pole is also under a spell that forbids her from talking about it, whenever she tries to disclose, she instead spews out old nursery rhymes and gobbledook:

This “being unable to squeal” could be a sneaky reference to the blackmail and pressure put on these victims not to talk about cloning. As we will see, the amount of torture that is at their fingertips has been increased exponentially with REM driven cloning.

James Cameron’s Movie “Avatar” Discloses REM Driven Consciousness Transfer

The other Hollywood disclosure that discloses REM driven cloning, or simply consciousness transfer, is the movie Avatar. The question was posed to Donald on his website:

“Question……….Donald is it similar to the movie Avatar, where the guy gets into a cryogenic type of tube, goes to sleep, and his brain is then wired to a clone of the indigenous alien of the planet they’re visiting, so he is able to walk amongst the tribal aliens while his anchor body is in the ship?”

Donald Marshall………..” exactly…. they made this movie….Inception too…..many….trying to give a veiled warning to the world for when I filled in the blanks.(source)

The protagonist “Jake” goes into the machine and falls asleep.

His consciousness is then woken up in an Avatar clone body made with his own DNA.


So Why Is Donald The Only One Who Can Talk?

Donald: “At 5 I was brought there to be a diddle kid, to be molested by rich old men or women or whatever, but I would cry and they felt bad for me, which is rare because they don’t feel bad much.

So they asked me, is there anything else you can do? Do any singing or dancing? So I starting singing a song. And they said wow that’s great. So I made another song, and soon someone famous used one of my songs, and I became this magical organic jukebox they could kick and a song would come out.

People think im trying to brag, I’m not, it’s actually shameful because I made a lot of money for a lot of evil people, and the propagation of an alien infestation body snatching thing. and this is why I keep getting brought back and why I am still alive.

The first song I wrote was “Lady,” for Kenny Rogers, and sang it there trying to show off for Queen Elizabeth. I sang it right to her. She is a depraved pervert, she was born literally retarded, she is wack, also from being in proximity to scary aliens at cloning your entire life. Everyone at cloning is afraid of her and does what she says. well I didn’t want to go there, after a time i gathered up my courage ad told her i didn’t want to go. she was always setting me up to be a victim. the song making was a bonus. she wanted to make me a victim. She wanted to make it look like I was a bad person so people wouldn’t attempt to speak up for me. Because she has nothing, she basically runs the place, she is not a victim or hostage she runs the place, and everyone is afraid to say that they don’t want to go there, because that would insinuate that they don’t want to be her friend. The entire royal family is there. Charles is crazy too. You see, in the past it was only politicians, it was a meeting place for politicians to discuss worldly affairs, and in the event of emergencies smooth things over. But then everybody started getting bored. So then they started bringing Marylin Monroe and different film stars to make it more exciting. That kept going, it turned into this exclusive club where everyone would go do depraved things and be a “superhero” that can’t die. You can die as a clone and you’ll live in real life. And they have a way of turning off the pain sensors so you can jump down the stairs and break all the bones in your body and look up and laugh and die, and come back into the next clone body. If they have at least two of you made, they can make multiples and leave them to be activated one after the other.

But Elizabeth has no gimmick. When she’s there all she has – I mean, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are there, everybody you can think of, all the biggest people are there. And she is an attention whore, she has nothing, she waves and says “I’m the Queen of England” and she goes “I’m very powerful and rich,” and then she has to sit her fat ass down because she has no talent or skills. So when she found me, she then had a little doggie, that she could control, and walk around on a leash in front of everyone, and say, “look at this magical boy that can sing songs out of thin air!”

THC: “Was it Nicki Minaj, no, Kesha came out and said “Hey! I’m forced to use certain lyrics in my music I dont want to. How does this work? Does it make it more hypnotic? Is there an esoteric element to these lyrics as well?”

I can explain. Nicki Minaj and Kesha both used songs that I was forced to make. Let’s go back to 1980. I was making these songs, and a bunch of freaks there thought there were religious connotations from what I was singing. Some even thought I was being whispered these songs, lyrics and melodies from God, even though a percentage of them don’t even believe in God there. Well after a time, in the 80’s I was making songs for Bon Jovi, only a few on each album. But after a time, people only wanted to listen to those two or three songs. A good example is the Georgia Satellites, they got a song from me called “Keep your hands to yourself” and they were like a one hit wonder, because of that one song, and that was the one song I made for them. He even went onto “Much Music” here in Canada, and said “listen there are other songs on the album why don’t you listen to those to?”

Well I couldn’t come up with ideas sometimes so then Elizabeth and the rest of them would threaten me with being harmed, tortured, literary they can cut the skin off you there. and it feels just like real…it’s a good motivational tool. It worked, eventually I would start singing a song. I referenced this in many songs about getting tortured in dreams, and hearts and souls and stuff, it’s all like vague hints about cloning, some of them aren’t vague at all. Some of them are very obvious, and I did them all to use in the future when I eventually betrayed them and came out publically. However I thought I would only get one shot at this and then they would kill me. But little did I know they were never going to kill me, they want me to talk about this. They are all cowards, no-one wants to be the first person to talk about it, and they are using me as like scape goat to do that. And noone wants to be the first person to corroborate my claims either, because they never know if they are going to be killed. Many have already been killed.”

What “Megadeth” Means

According to Marshall he wrote some songs for the death metal band Megadeth and even appeared on one of their album covers:


Whether or not that is him is not as important perhaps as what he reveals about the hidden meaning of the term “Megadeath” for it is not a name but a term for the worst kind of torture imaginable there. Basically in a nutshell they torture your clone to death and upload your consciousness back into another copy of yourself and repeat the process, again and again. Hence its not just death by torture, but mega – death, or multiple deaths by torture. This technique is precisely what they hold over them, all the celebrities and politicians who go there and wish they didnt have to anymore, who wish to talk, to get this out there and these sick elites found out and arrested for their heinous acts against humanity. They can’t because of fear of mega-death.

We see this theme in the hit TV show Black Mirror, which discloses lots of this stuff, in the guise of futuristic sci-fi. In their last episode of season 4 called “Black Museum” a girl finds a small rustic museum at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere in the American Mid-west. The owner of the museum shows her horrific technological marvels that come with playing with consciousness transfer. The most horrid exhibit reveals a pale ghostly inmate, his consciousness is stuck in his  moment of death – getting fried in the electric chair- and this memory gets repeated back to him on an endless loop – a mind trapped in mega-death. Endless torture, always on.

Corroborating Evidence For The Cloning Centers

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Nicki Minaj, Tila Tequila, B.O.B (who for some reason is talking openly about it on his Youtube channel)

Watch the full interview here:

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Was Taylor Swift Killed and Cloned?

Her 2017 music video “Look What You Made Me Do” certainly seems to imply it, if you watch it with the right lenses.

And the right lenses are the knowledge that cloning and organic robotoids run Hollywood and DC, and that stars who become dissenters/whistleblowers are killed and a fake robotoid clone will be made of them. See my post on how this was done to Dave Chappelle.

The script is always the same for these poor stars, whether they are from an inbred Illuminati bloodline, or an outsider who sold their soul, or a Monarch slave:

  • They sell their soul for money and fame (sometimes not willingly)
  • They become a huge cash cow for the industry
  • After the lavish lifestyle wears off they get tired of the fame, and the 24 hour limelight, and they want out.
  • The Illuminati do not let them out.
  • They start to go off the script, say things they shouldn’t, and even call out certain players in the evil industry.
  • They or their their families are threatened if they continue to squeal.
  • If this behavior continues then they are killed and cloned, replaced, by a robotoid.


According to an unnamed insider from Before Its News:

Taylor and Kanye partnered up to out the illuminati in the industry. When it went down Taylor denied her involvement. Kanye outed her with recordings… he ended up in a straight jacket and she disappeared.

Beyond all that, simply Google ‘ at what age does a human programmed as a Monarch self destruct ?’ From a business point of view she blew up a billion dollar company..

and, they can’t afford to have Taylor Swift out satanic origins of her life and the industry. Regular people would believe her unlike most because of her virgin white image.

They have now successfully replaced her, as well as her ‘image’.”

So these stars who are MK Ultra’d do start to come out of it in their late twenties. The programming breaks down and they become a liability. Looks like Taylor Swift is the latest loose thread they had to tie off.

The video starts right away with her death symbolically coded in the graveyard scene. She sings about her programming wearing off, how she’s had enough of being used by the wicked industry. taylor-swift-look-what-you-made-me-do

I don’t like your little games
Don’t like your tilted stage
The role you made me play
Of the fool, no, I don’t like you

The second verse it is the Illuminati’s reply to her rebellion – the scene changes and suddenly she is no longer a corpse, but lying in a bathtub of diamonds.Her demeanor is different, she is calm and smug. This must be her clone: 


“I don’t like your perfect crime
How you laugh when you lie
You said the gun was mine
Isn’t cool, no, I don’t like you (oh!)

But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time
I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined
I check it once, then I check it twice, oh!

The “perfect crime” is a reference to whistle-blowing with Kanye. When a star starts to squeal and rebel they get their “name underlined in red,” on a list, a list for potential robotoid replacements. The “I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time” line is very telling of the killing and cloning process.


Ooh, look what you made me do
Look what you made me do

This is the Illuminati taunting us, putting the blame for her death back on Taylor Swift and her behavior… “she made us kill and clone her…she shouldn’t have squealed….She should have been a good little sex kitten….” Psychopathic abusive behavior 101.

At a certain point in the song the music freezes and and Taylor’s cell phone rings. She picks it up and says,

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone


 right now”


“Oh, ’cause she’s dead!” (oh!)

In the past I might have interpreted all this as a nod to Alters in DID victims. Now I think it is all about clones. The public will not understand these lyrics. Taylor is dead. Its her representative, or “rep” as written on her shirt, who is speaking on her behalf now.

The video is loaded with other symbolism, such as snakes, which represent the coiled double helix of DNA, which of course alludes to the cloning process:

screenshot-2017-08-30-at-10-40-24-am More references to cloning:

According to Beforeitsnews: “Kanye completely broke down publicly last year after Taylor was allegedly murdered and was forcibly sent to a hospital. He reportedly suffered memory loss and still has not resurfaced. How much do you want to bet he was forced to participate in it? These elites are sick people.

After Kanye appeared with Trump after his breakdown and “hospitalization” (looking dazed and quiet) he disappeared after that and has been missing since…

In May, Kim Kardashian attended the Met Gala alone saying Kanye just decided to stay home. But then why did she post pictures on her instagram acct where he was very obviously photoshopped in? Even her fans were calling her out on it.”

So there you have it, for daring to speak out we have Kanye reprogrammed and now missing, and Taylor probably dead and cloned. More reminders of the binding nature of the contracts made to the wicked Hollywood industry.

(Much of the information for this post was found here):



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Michael Tompkins On ET’s and The Secret Space Program

Retired Aerospace engineer Michael Tompkins is an insider on Extra Terrestrials, Nazi’s Project Paperclip, and the birth of the Secret Space Program. Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

TOMPKINS-ALL-TITLE-696x435Tompkins: What the operatives who were spying on Germany found and brought back was an unbelievable series of situations, when they gave their briefings to Admiral Rico Batta. This was 1942.

All of these disclosure meetings took place at night. The Admiral’s aide would wake me up, sleeping in my barracks. He’d tap me on the shoulder and say “he’s here.” He escorted me across the facility to a tall command center building. There is a small office on top of this, at a naval air force san Diego. These operatives (navy intelligence) brought back this information which is… even Admiral Rico said “I don’t believe one word you’re saying young man.” That came up over and over.

These operatives themselves didn’t believe some of the information they brought back, but they did the best they could, some of the manuals were in hieroglyphics. All of them were in German. They had photographs taken inside research facilities in Germany. Photos of UFOs. Photographs of maintenance people working on UFO’s. Photographs inside UFO’s.

Basically all of these young men were lieutenant’s American German family people. They knew Germany, they dedicated themselves to being spies for the US navy. Everything I’m talking about is on the Navy’s side.

They brought back data, documents, all of it in German or essentially hieroglyphics that we found later on underneath the pyramids. This was information that was not given to Germany E.T.s using English language. Where otherwise many meetings that took place with E.T.s they could give you the information in 10 or 20 different languages. But that’s not what we got.

We then would take that information and put together different packages or proposals which were then disseminated to US secret bases.

The people on this planet don’t know there are ET’s. They don’t there is not only one of them, maybe we’ve got thousands. Maybe billions. To say that we are the only intelligent people in this universe is naïve. But we were naïve to what these naval operatives brought back, to what was my developing of these packages to the 4 top airplane companies. Because they weren’t aerospace, yet.

My mission statement working for Admiral Rico Botta, was a copy of his statement written to him from secretary of the navy Forestal. The Nordics contacted Forestal, and had him selected to initiate this whole thing in the US navy. Then Forestal selects an Australian man, two star Admiral Rico Botta to be the one person to disseminate this data of what was going on in Germany.

Every PHD on this planet, whether for science or medicine have been given incorrect information for thousands of years about the history of this galaxy and universe, given information that was controlled by Draco Reptilian and other ET’s, to not know what was really going on. Every book in every university had misinformation. So when the operatives had to carry this out, they were not asked to study these packages they were directed to study these packages, that this information that got typed up and sent to these research universities and naval laboratories, the facilities out at China lake and under china lake, and at Caltech, people don’t understand or realize what has happened. And I’m not trying to build a story, I’m trying to say hey people, you have been told total incorrect information. From every field.

“Lets get back to you, you’re a kid at this point.”

I’m 18 at this point.

“I assume Forestal and the Nordics chose you. Did you already have contact with the Nordics before then?”

Let’s go back to February 1942. The Los Angeles sighting. One evening my dad says to my brother and I get up and come back here to the deck. Theres this spot just above the trees, above the rooftops. All of a sudden out of this spot of light came this beam, and then it hit the back of the houses, everything was lit up, then it was gone. We went back and had dinner, went to bed. At about 1:30 that night all of the anti aircraft guns started firing, we went outside and looked at a great big thing parked in the air, about 8000 feet altitude. There were 8 searchlights at the bottom of this vehicle. All these shells were bursting at the bottom of this vehicle for an hour and thirty minutes. Meanwhile all these other vehicles were flying around it.

“This was the Battle of LA you’re talking about?”

Yeah. At 2:30 we get bored and go to bed. And it goes on until 5 in the morning. Many of the other people outside watching this from the street stayed up all night long. Now on the other side of you’re planet, at the same time, the Germans were bombing London.

Now about this sighting, no-one got scared, noone got sick, died, the only people killed in this were from our own shrapnel. People watched the same sighting from Santa Barbara, San Diego. The shells bursting at the bottom of them are hitting an electromagnetic shield, and it doesn’t do any damage. We did shoot down two small ones, that were not occupied. Your Navy picked one up, they had an ET vehicle in February of 1942.

“Do you know which ET’s were doing this? Was it the Nordics? Was anyone contacted?”

Nobody came down and talked to the people in these vehicles but probably thousands of people telepathically got information. The bell was rung, in these people. I happened to be one of them. I can’t prove it but –

“Are there others like you? In the secret space program who were somehow contacted, and have had special guidance and knowledge on how to build, and what to do?”

Yes, now I’ve only met three other individuals out of what are probably hundreds.

“And they are all quiet to this day?”

Yes. Now you are hoping that the disclosure movement will get these people to come out and talk about their involvement. That’s what we are all collectively trying to do. Because there are many areas that I don’t know about and that I was not involved in which are extremely important, and people working in this field know this. And they’re not just aerospace engineers, these are top physicists in universities. And top designers in aerospace companies. And they have had the information put in their head, too. But for whatever reason almost everyone who knows this information, has been in some way put in a position that either their family has been threatened, or they have, and don’t want to talk.

“Why are you able to come forward? Who gave you the green light?”

I can’t answer that all I can say is that the easiest way I can say what I am saying is my association with three Nordic people in Douglas, on the Apollo program. Two young ladies and one really good-looking Nordic guy. And working with the three of them for three and a half years who all three denied that they were Nordics. But anyone who was anyone in engineering knew that they were. OK? I never said they were. They never said they were. But if you can just try to visualize, I had a 170 top engineers on the Apollo program working for me, I was engineering section chief at Douglas. I worked my way up. I come up with approaches and concepts, these get implemented by my designers.

1-Tompkins_shows_Naval_officers_his_modelsWhere did some of these ideas come from? I have this very nice looking young lady who never stops kidding, and always stuffing things in my head. So when I presented this complete re-design of the Apollo program to Dr Von Braun and Dr Davis at Redstone, one of the most classified facilities on the planet – I rented a truck. Here was this gray box that could be a nuclear bomb. I’m driving this thing, and I’ve never driven the gears on this in my life, I’m in a 3-piece business suit, and my secretary had told me before I left, “I’ve typed you an authorization as an allowance to go on board the base. But you’re not gonna need it. No one is going to bother you.” So yes I’m driving this truck and she says telepathically “I’ve told you before Billy, just keep going.” And the gates just open. This is one of the most classified places on the planet. And the doors just open? And none of the 4 police guards picked up their rifles and come shooting.

“Is this Nordic mind control?” Yes.

“Are you telling me you’re here today because of Nordic mind control? Are the top admirals letting you come here today because they’ve been persuaded to do so, or because they’ve been mind controlled by Nordics to do so?”

I don’t know, I really don’t know.

“So do the Nordics have some limitations in the way they interfere with planet earth?”

Yes there are federation facilities out in the galaxy where other extra-terrestrials get together and there are many different missions and programs, we’ll talk about one of them, which cruises the galaxy and has up to 30 different ET people on board. And it looks like the moon but it’s a vehicle. When we got to the moon we found out a lot of surprises. The Draco Reptilians were already there. And we knew because we had probes that we sent around the moon, so we knew there were facilities on the backside. But we were in a position where this moon is a not a moon. This is not you’re moon, this is not even you’re planet. This is their laboratory, the Draco Reptilians.

They were parked on the side of the crater. There were 100’s of these 9 foot Reptilians guys, they’re ugly looking, lizard alligator type people. They got the same skin as the lizards got. And terrible looking faces. But then they have the ability to shift, and look like a human. All of them do.

“Do you think Von Braun was a Reptilian?”

No, but your president, yes.

“Oh, which one George Bush senior?”

Yes, and Bill Clinton, and this guy you just got rid of. Obama. They all were. They got this ability to look like real, good-looking people.

“And you’re saying that Trump is not?”

No, he’s not, and he actually knows more about this subject than people realize. But back to your original question. These groups of ET’s who work together, but are at war with other ET’s, they have vehicles that look like a planet. Like our moon is a vehicle. It’s the command center for this arm of the galaxy. There are 4 arms on our galaxy. One of them has planet earth. You’re not downtown where all the action is in the galaxy. You’re in the area which galaxies, as they rotate, throw off. You’re sitting near the tip, and you need to visualize that you are not earth people. Ok? You are ET, nice guys, out there. So you know that this little planet is going to get thrown off. Maybe it will take a couple of weeks yet, but it will. This is why this is happening. 2000 years from now, we will probably be picked up by another galaxy, we’re just floating out there.

These command centers which operate throughout the galaxy to monitor bad guys and attempt to get them to back off, essentially we have nice guys in there and even some bad people in the same vehicle, and they discuss wars and disagreements, but back in their own planetary part of the galaxy they may be at war, with two of the guys in this together. So this is like a center of information, a group of people who are trying to get along for certain specification of certain events. Those guys control your moon because your moon is a command center for this region of the galaxy. Not just the solar system. That’s small potatoes. The thing you call your moon is a massive control center for this whole part of the galaxy.

“Wow, I thought Saturn was like that.”

Saturn has large facilities on it too, but those are other agendas for other people. Ok? Some of which we have. Because we have mining companies, let’s take north american aviation….

They had several missions my group in the secret think tank, came up with 44 separate missions; the Apollo program was not supposed to just go to the moon, pick up some rocks and come back. It was to take us out into our solar system, build naval stations on every habitable planet or its moon. And the next phase was to go to the next 12 closest stars, Alpha Centauri being the first.

“And you are saying its been done?”

That was the plan.

“Did it happen?”

No, it got stopped by the reptilians. They said, ‘no no’.

“So this blocked diagram that the military is all following, that was your design initially, it came through you, but it must have been downloaded to you from the Nordics, saying what earth people would be allowed to do, and what weapons we could build?”

Well it was not for weapons. It was for us, to go out into the galaxy, have communications with other ET’s out there and set up businesses with them. Maybe we could mine stuff for them, maybe we have certain materials they don’t have. Maybe they have things we want to buy. That’s what the first blocked diagram was for. That was what the mission was for. Yes, the Nordics put this stuff in Billy Tompkins mind and he runs with this ball. That’s what our thrust was, it was not military. But then the military picks it up and runs with it…..(end of side 1)

maxresdefault (1) (1)

“OK so it appears that NASA is the first place that was infiltrated by the Nazi’s. and that ideology.”

Yes that’s correct. So Paperclip was not just 10-12 German fellas coming here. It was a massive number of a tremendously massive organization, where a little bit went to Moscow, most of it went to caverns in Antarctica, and maybe 5% to the US. It’s still operating in Antarctica today, using slave labor, to build aircraft carriers, and other ET based vehicles.

“Yeah New Berlin.”

Yeah. Unbelievable….

So our military is funneling black project money into building his secret space program that’s now practically a rogue civilization, so far in advance of us.”

Adding to that we have Solar Warden. It is 8 navy space battle groups with destroyers, cruisers, transports, trucks, all kinds of stuff. They are operating out of Nordic bases. Their families, their children go in Nordic schools and facilities, go to Nordic restaurants for food….

Watch the full interview here (he goes on to discuss anti-aging drugs, reptilian blood sacrifices, and the Nazi-Draco alliance working out of Antarctica):

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Occult Symbolism in “The Maze Runner”

It’s not a prison, it’s a test!” – Thomas from the movie, “Maze Runner.”

This epiphany he has about the maze he and the others are trapped in, struck me as symbolic of the greater metaphor of this “prison-planet” or more technically, a fake/holographic universe that was created by brother Enki/Lucifer, a mad scientist type ET trickster god…but I digress….

maze_runner-1024x614Thomas realizes or remembers why they are there. Not to keep them trapped in an endlessly shifting maze, but to test which of them was bravest, strongest, smartest enough to get them all out. The ones who get out are trusted then to become lead players in the larger society. A similar motif is seen in the futurist society of the Divergent series.

This is oddly similar to what I keep finding in my occult research into the after-life. The soul remains in reincarnation cycles, going around the wheel of Maya or “Illusion”, Lucifer’s “hologram-within-a-hologram”, each life cut off from the others by amnesiac barriers…

But you can get out of this maze. Lucifer’s maze. Only the strongest and bravest and wittiest make it out, only they get to ascend into the higher dimensions outside of this Matrix. It is the Saturn-Moon-Matrix created by the Annunaki, and maintained here by the current Lord Archon Enki. For a while it was him and his brother feuding each other, the Ram Clan and the Serpent Clan, or the “brotherhood of the snake,” conducting jealous petty wars with human beings as pawns and collateral damage. All this is done to maintain duality, the idea of an opposition, but really it’s just Enki, who is one ET in a family of very high dimensional beings. His mother is, according the Wes Penre Papers, Queen Orion, Lady of The Stars, Gaia/Sophia.

So it could be that Enki/Lucifer is not even going to get in trouble karmically for all the pain and misery he has inflicted upon us. Yes they are the sick and twisted jealous gods of the bible which killed scores and scores of men…but what do they care? The souls just get recycled again. They are concerned only with the big picture. To test us, to put our souls through school, and the school is called “Duality” or its long name “The Duality of Good and Evil.” To graduate you must learn how evil is spawned, where it comes from, how it affects you and everyone, and how to ultimately overcome it. Those who do not overcome it fall for the trap of “wicked is good” the slogan of the controllers/overseers of the Maze.

images (19)The pit where new recruits show up

In The Maze Runner, the maze is always shifting. This represents an ever-changing 3D world and society, various stages of human development, always coming into the mother’s womb with amnesia of its own soul journey. And indeed new recruits show up in the pit/womb with full amnesia. Can’t remember who they were before the maze. Thomas catches glimpses of his old memories, during sleep and in hypnagogic states. He represents the seer, the clairvoyant, those sensitive to all things particularly psychic. His kind are prized most highly, by the occult elite, or in this case, the programmers and overseers of the maze.

Not only does the maze shift patterns but there are monsters inside, indeed seven of them, like the seven deadly sins. The monsters are cybernetic, part flesh part machine. They could be symbolic of the gray aliens, the Draco Reptilians, the Mantis Beings, and other Archontic forces, which may in the end turn out to be purely “Matrix Constructs” or Inorganic Clones (bodies without souls) hardwired to do Enki’s bidding. See he can’t walk around or even exist on our level in 3D reality. He and his kind are higher-dimensional beings which have to take on bodies, if they want to interact directly with 3D. But Enki is seeking a way in, to get his mind all the way into 3D, through the “AI Singularity” future timeline he is trying to generate. Where our souls are tricked deeper in the Matrix by merging with the Machine Godmind of Enki. Like a hive mind. It will start by allowing the internet to being uploaded directly to the mind via microchips and nano-tech.

So to get out of the maze, out of the Matrix, you must encounter and overcome these AI cybernetic monsters, which can take many forms. Remember, alien abduction, trauma based mind control are all forms coming from the Archontic forces of Enki. They get away with it because humans have to sell out to them or make a free will choice to summon them, make deals with them. The power they gain always comes with sacrificing other humans. Archontic forces feed off the blood so gained in this exchange. This is how Black Magick has always worked. So the prison planet was created by humans selling out to Them. In exchange for power, fame, money. It may have been encouraged by the twisted trickster devil mind of Enki, who is cold and psychopathic and possibly MPD himself, but the decision was done with the free agency of human souls. This is why we are not ready to ascend and be greeted by the larger galactic community. Because we are stuck, mired in the seven deadly sins, the cybernetic monsters of the maze. And as long as we are in this state we will continue selling out to them. See Lucifer probably has this bet with his mother, he thinks human ascension on a mass scale won’t happen. That his singularity timeline will happen instead. While she, Sophia thinks that ascension on a mass scale will happen. She is probably doing what she can but does not want to break the law of non-interference. We have to grow up and graduate ourselves.

Sometimes Maze Runners are stung by the monsters venom which slowly kills them, but before they die enter a delirious and often violent state. What I found interesting is the venom also gave them their memories back. In their delirium they remembered who put them their and everything before the maze. This is highly symbolic; some of us are awoken before we are ready. This is a common thread in trauma-based mind control. Through rape you can awaken a child’s “Kunda Lini” before it is supposed to and they have an “enlightened understanding,” but it also of course engenders MPD. So if you are stung with this understanding without the proper antidote, the years of proper training and proper context to put this new information in, this truth could destroy you. Because you find out that you’ve been locked in a maze and suppressed and lied to this whole time. If you are awakened too early this knowledge could kill you. Alienate you from society, have you called a paranoid schizophrenic, get you locked up. Could it be that these”crazies” saw through the Matrix, saw the light of the other side, and it blinded them. This is why initiation into magical schools such as Hermetics requires careful stages or degrees of taking in true light and knowledge. Why occult knowledge is just that: hidden knowledge. It wants to stay hidden. Only those with a good heart and true spirit can face the monsters and venoms of the Saturn-Moon Matrix, without being killed or seduced by them, and get out onto the other side.  This is the test. The maze is within. The monsters are unique to you. Find and overcome your own monsters.

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Jay Weidner – The Illuminati got Stanley Kubrick To Fake The Apollo Landings

download54Jay Weidner: Stanley Kubrick made a series of low budget movies in the 50’s and they were very well done. Didn’t really have any hit films until Dr Strangelove. 13 years into his career. He made 4-5 films that bombed even though the critics really liked them. The thing that happened with Dr Strangelove was that the pentagon read his script, he wanted to get their help so he could use their b-52’s and the planes that drop bombs, but they read it and said you’re satirizing us, we’re not going to help you at all. So Stanley was forced to create the inside and outside of the b-52 bombers without any technical assistance from anybody. What he did was get a copy of aviation weekly and took all the pictures of b-52’s and gave them to his art director and they sat down and carefully made the inside of a b-52. Right near the end of shooting the airforce got wind that he had done this, and asked to come visit the set.And Stanley was a nervous man when this happened, and they showed up on the set, and they were blown away. They could not believe the detail he had extracted from these photographs. And when they left, Stanley remarked to his art director that he was worried they may come back and arrest him, for stealing secrets, but of course they left the photographs out, so whose fault is it anyway?

So everything up to now has been fact, and here my theory is that these two airforce gentlemen went back to their superiors the Joint Chief of Staff, all being very interested in this hollywood director, and they said that this is not a normal film maker. We gotta keep our eye on this guy. This was mid 1963.

download (26)

The movie is finally released in late 1963 to critical and audience acclaim, and my theory was that the military sent some people out to watch the film and were stunned by the inside of the b-52, but what really cooked their noodle was the outside shots of the b-52 flying over Siberia. Since he had no access to a b-52 they didn’t understand how he made it look so real. What he had done was create a scale model and using a little known system called front-screen projection, he projected the b-52 in front of the screen with the Siberian landscape below, and added little touches like the steam coming out of the engines, little details most hollywood directors didn’t trip about. So they were blown away by the technical aspects of Dr Strangelove.

kubrick-myths.jpgI believe that Kubrick’s legacy started there. In that moment. They had been given orders, NASA, which is part of the Navy, had been given orders by John F Kennedy in 1961 that they were to get to the moon before the 60’s was out. I think they knew, by the beginning of 1964 that they could not do this with conventional rocket technology, I think Werner Von Braun, and all the German scientists oversold themselves, in escaping the clutches of the Nuremberg trials. And they came in and couldn’t do it. However a side theory, there is according to Joseph Farrell, he investigated all the Nazi technology in his books and he discovered that actually Hitler had a secret base in the mountains somewhere where they were working on higher-dimensional physics. He believes that they discovered anti-gravity by the 40’s. Not in time to save the 3rd Reich, thank goodness, but they had solved the problems, by late 44. The Allies and the Russians scooped up all these secret scientists, and split them up, some to Russia and some to the states, and they started working on all these secret projects , here in New Mexico.

My theory, and I have FBI documents to back this up. Kennedy got wind, in 61, of this technology.  Marilyn Monroe, which was his girlfriend, told someone at a party, that she had seen the “alien” technology and that it was mind-blowing. We have FBI freedom of information documents, to prove this. So I am extrapolating that Kennedy saw this technology and wanted it released. He knew that the rocket technology could not get men to the moon and land and take off. So he did what is in chess called a gambit. Which is the speech that he made, saying he wanted NASA to get to the moon by the late 60’s, knowing full well that they could not achieve this goal with standard rocketry. He was trying to force their hand to release their technology. Because it would mean that the Earth wouldn’t need nuclear reactors, because its free energy. We wouldn’t need pollution, oil, all these things would go away when this technology was released. He was really a good guy and in my opinion the last real president of the United States. He was trying to get this out. Using this trick. NASA, knowing that they could not achieve this goal, that they were in deep trouble, tried to devise a way not to release the technology, while making it look like standard rocketry was going to do the job.

imagekennedy and marilyn

The only known photograph of JFK and Marilyn

So enter Stanley Kubrick. The Pentagon saw Dr Strangelove in 1963 when all this was coming to a head, and must of said: ‘How are we going to do this? We are not going to release the technologies…Kennedy had just been assassinated, conveniently, so that we don’t have to worry about him anymore, squawking and trying got do his tricks to get us to release this technology. So what do we do?’

download (27)So they decided to fake it. and they would hire Stanley Kubrick to do the faking. Because from a technical side, he was the most advanced film maker in the world, and understood the technology. So they made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. If he said no, he probably wouldn’t have lived. So he had to say Yes, and at that point he began, and this is speculation again he began to devise a science fiction film called Voyage To The Stars, with Arthur C Clark, and he used the making of this (which later became 2001: A Space Odyssey) to act as a R and D, and a cover for the shooting of the Apollo imagery. He used front-screen projection, which he was a master at, for both the ape scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and to fake the Apollo landings. What is interesting about the Apollo landings there an artistic and technical arch, that is completely obvious if you watch the videos. Apollo 11 is crude, there is only a black background, it’s obviously a set. The camera in Apollo 12 conveniently broke, as soon as they landed, so there is no footage, Apollo 13 got in trouble and couldn’t land on the moon. Apollo 14,15,16 are the last ones. 14 is crude, but by 17 its fantastic, Stanley Kubrick is really showing off. And so he used front screen projection and many other techniques, including making gigantic blow-ups of the lunar landscape, and placing it on a set behind the actors, he achieved his goal, took 4 years to do both the movie and the lunar landings, he shot them all in 70 mm, and then the apollo landings were reduced down to crappy videotape. Which we all apollo-16possess. unfortunately NASA has lost all the original footage, I guess it wasn’t important to them… So that’s all conviently lost forever, so we can never really go back and look. So basically I was forced to use what little evidence that’s stiill here, to draw my conclusions. I admit I don’t have the smoking gun to prove that Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo landings, but I have so much ancillary evidence. The closest thing I have to a smoking gun is his movie The Shining. In the movie every time Stanley Kubrick is deviating from the the Stephen King book, I think Stanely is telling the story of his travails of making the Apollo footage, keeping it hidden from his wife and everyone, and not taking credit for it. Which I know Stanley really wanted to do. And I’ll go one step farther, being an ex Hollywood screen writer, I believe that this is common knowledge in the upper circles of Hollywood. I believe Steven Spielberg knows it, I believe many people know that Stanley Kubrick is the guy behind it.

And we can find examples of this in several other films, the most important being Wag The Dog, in which Dustin Hoffman plays a Hollywood producer named Stanley, who is hired by the CIA to fake an incident, and then at the end of the film Hoffman begins saying “this is my greatest work, I want credit for it.” and then he disappears.

The other more recent film Toy Story could be an allegory as well. Buzz Lightyear, notice his name (Buzz Aldrin) is a toy astronaut who thinks he is a big huge hero but then one day he’s  watching the TV in the big huge house he lives in, and sees an ad for himself and realizes he is not an astronaut, he is a total fraud. And he walks up to the railing in the house which has the same exact carpet that Danny is sitting on in the Shining, and Buzz Aldrin climbs to the top of the railing and sees the moon, and tries to take off, falls to the ground and breaks. I believe someone involved in the making of Toy Story knows that the whole thing was fake, knows that Stanley Kubrick did it, knows that Stanely Kubrick hid the clues in The Shining, and they therefore lifted the clues and placed them in Toy Story.

“So the astronauts have been heavily brainwashed, according to other interviews you’ve given. Some kind of mind control situation where any time the Apollo moon landings are talked about they go into some kind of nausea or reaction, can you talk to us about that?”

Sure I call it he got ‘Clockwork Oranged.’ Which is what he did after 2001, in which the protagonist Alex is arrested, and put in a mind control program, where he is given a drug and forced to watch movies of sex and violence so that forever for the rest of his life, whenever he comes up against a sexual situation or violent situation, he gets sick and nauseated and throws up. Now if you read Buzz Aldrin’s book Return to Earth, his autobiography, he talks about how on  the one-year anniversary of the Apollo landing he was at a Vegas news conference, and the reporters, you know know they were asking silly questions about the apollo landings, but one of the reporters though, looked buzz right in the eye and says, “c’mon buzz, tell us what really happened on the moon.” And Buzz said his head began spinning, he was feeling nauseated, wanted to get sick, and went in the alley and vomited, and then shook for an hour and a half. Why is Buzz telling us this? Because he wants us to know.

And so he will never admit that he didn’t go to the moon because he can’t, this is the same thing with Neil Armstrong, he came back to the US, and you would think, he could have been a senator, a congressman, or even president. He was good-looking, he was well spoken, he was a hero. But what did he do when he got back? He went to his ranch in Ohio, and I think he did two interviews for the rest of his life. He is dead now, so we can’t find out. But he wasn’t even going to try, to do it. and he never answered any questions about the apollo landings. One of the most telling things though, and you can see this on Youtube, the press conference right after the apollo astronauts landed on earth, and they are sitting there in the press conference and it looked like their dad or their dog just died. I mean, this does not look like three guys who just got back from the most heroic mission ever on earth. They look like three depressed, scared people who really don’t like to lie. And to me that’s the most telling thing of all.

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