Lobster Phones, Honey Stealing and The Place they Called ‘Pineal.’

Genesis 32:30: “So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”

“I knew you’d take all my honey, you selfish motherfucker-” Beyonce, in the Lady Gaga music video “Telephone.”

Salvador Dali, An Early Example of Soft Disclosure

The surrealist painter left many hints in his work that he knew about the Vrill and body snatching. Perhaps he was even a drone/parasite host himself.

He had a few art pieces involving lobsters, most notably the lobster phone:

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 5.58.39 PM

A Dadaist piece, most would say, surrealism, not supposed to make sense. He put together two objects not normally related to each other. That’s surreal art. But what if the lobster and the phone are related? What if it is coded symbolism? Dali may have been doing it long before all the Hollyweird disclosure we see in every other movie or TV show today.

The lobster is the Vrill, with the red scales, claws, similar size, a close resemblance. The phone could be the chipheads, the dead people using advanced technology to stay “alive,” also via body snatching.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 6.01.59 PM

One of his sketches – could that be honey being poured on her third eye/pineal gland? As we will see honey represents the christ oil, the kunda lini ascension, the land flowing of milk and honey.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 7.38.57 PM

 Look at the lobster’s exaggerated antennae on Lady Gaga’s outfit on the left,  reminds me of the Vrill’s proboscis, the eye worm. So does Dali’s mustache. This could also be the curling phone cord on the pic below (left):

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 6.05.38 PM

Notice how the phone is covering one eye, and its also about size of a Vrill Type 1. That’s a shot from her music video ‘Telephone,’ like lobster phone. Her outfits are clearly a tribute to Dali and his fascination with crustaceans.

Donald Marshall on Lady Gaga – “I was told by her and others as clones that she is a parasited host of a vrill lizard. It’s why her one eye goes like that and she acts abnormal? I was forced there to make almost all of her songs. She likes lizards. Has them sitting on her lap at the clone zone. The smaller scaly vrill type 1. Pats them (SOURCE)

Stealing the Milk, Poisoning The Honey

In the music video “Telephone,” Beyonce breaks Gaga out of prison and the two of them stop at a diner and murder all the customers by lacing the honey with poison. There is a deeply esoteric story going on here…
Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 5.47.28 PM
“I knew you’d take all my honey, you selfish motherfucker.”

And it instantly snapped together in my mind –

she’s talking about the pineal gland and the DMT. The true ascension, the alchemical process of raising your kunda lini. Most of us don’t get there because of the Archonic infection, they are stealing our honey, the bastards.

Ezekiel 20:6  On that day I swore to them that I would bring them out of the land of Egypt into a land that I had searched out for them, a land flowing with milk and honey, the most glorious of all lands.

Santos Bonacci decodes this as talking about the alchemical ascension process, nothing to do with real places or real historical people. Egypt is code for the lower chakras, the lower mind, dwelling in survival needs and sense gratification only, the animal mind. The upper three chakras are the human chakras, and working on these will purify the body for ascension of the Kunda lini serpent, that rises up from the base of the spine and connects with the third eye, the pineal gland, and releases a blast of DMT, the honey, you get taken out of Egypt into a land flowing of milk and honey. This is the communion with God. The anointing. you become like Jesus, an anointed or enlightened one.

1 Peter 2:2 :”Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation”

It’s the job of the Archons like Dali and Gaga, whether they are reptilian troglodyte body snatchers, or AI subhuman chip heads from other timelines, either way, they seem to be here to steal our honey, by keeping us in the lower mind, keeping us in fear with these fake terror events and distraction in the media and Hollywood. They get to eat the excess biophotons released in this process of herding the cattle, poisoning the honey, like a giant Earth-wide filtering system for stealing our higher energetic biophotons.

And it started when Lady Gaga and her flock were broken out of ‘prison.’

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 12.16.02 PM.png

This is the story of the Archons finding their way in here (the infection), its the Nephilim incursion, the beast unchained, the fall of man, etc.

Monster’s Inc: Pineals Glands, Adrenochrome,Pizzagate

If you think its a stretch that they are talking about pineal glands and the ascension in Lady Gaga’s “Telephones”, wait until you see how they coded it into Monster’s Inc, the Pixar kids movie. Youtuber Plymouth Fury did an excellent decode of this movie.

In addition to calcifying our pineal glands and denying us knowledge of the ascension, they also milk us like cattle for our fear hormones, Adrenochrome, which is a deeply coveted drug to them.

Adrenochrome has the following molecular structure:

Similar to a soccer ball. Hence the numerous soccer balls in this film.

And what’s the film about? Its precisely about monsters (subhumans, Vrill, Archons) who power their world, (which is layered on top of ours but invisible or in another dimension), on our fear, or more specifically the screams of children, hence the reason and source of nightmare. Could the source of our collective nightmares as children be actual Archons milking us for our fear and stress hormones?

Milk makes cheese, which makes pizza. Is this where the pedophile code words come from?

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 9.42.18 PM

A 3-4 year old child is not going to have stacks of pizza boxes in her bedroom, unless the writer’s wanted to reference Pizzagate.

This is what the “beast” is. Aug Tellez states, “the people in power are literally sub-humans, they are animals that look like humans and are incapable of knowing what it means to be human or to have normal impulses and behavior. If they are kept without the sensation of violence or rape for a period of time then they will automatically lash out and attack a person, this is why every so many days they will all participate in these events together to “keep the beast at bay….”

The Beast, the Monster, 666, the Red Bull, it’s all the same. These are the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This is Where the Wild Things Are. And this draining of youths is what is keeping the “beast at bay.”

 More Children Being Drained – The Scorch Trials

And again in Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials, we see teens this time being drained of their fear hormones, (their minds are being run through a looped nightmare sim) and their body fluids slowly drained into receptacles. These secretions are apparently the cure to the zombie infection that is plaguing mankind in the movie. So the excuse to string kids up and drain them like vampires is that it is the antidote to the zombie apocalypse. It keeps the beast at bay.

Aug explains the origins of these subhumans –

Aug: “This is an artificial intelligence parasite. This is from the affects of improper use of simulator technology which recorded the consciousness of experiences. People are murdered, raped, molested, etc, and the conscious experience of both parties is recorded and then this can be accessed.

Where a person focuses themselves mentally when accessing this device is the kinds of experiences they are flooded with so they use this to access continual violent rape, molestation, consumption and murder. This becomes an intertwining of energies, this warps the brain and causes literal damaging to the regions of the brain. Ultimately the consciousness and the soul degrades and this results in a kind of sub-human entity as these intense energies change the DNA to produce an animal being.

This is the idea of what happens over time and what can happen instantly if this power is unleashed on the world. People degrade and transform into these sub-humans that are basically a kind of parasitic vampire holographic AI consciousness that can only seek more stimulation to create the same intake of sexual depravity, violence, fear or pleasure. They become literal monsters inside their souls are deformed and their consciousness is inverted. People must reject these tendencies, the media, the image, the jokes, the subtle hinting at degradation, hatred, violence, hypersexuality, abuse, disrespect, everything of a lower energetic animal nature. Either the animal nature or the spiritual nature is advanced. There cannot be both.(SOURCE)


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They Play Multiple Roles: Archons In Masks – Jason James Bickford


Jason James Bickford AKA Polarization Nation Media, is one of the most enigmatic truthers out there. He claims the hidden codes of the elite are not in the gematria but rather in the anagrams. He anagrams news headlines and names to find hidden messages that he calls his “Unified Code theory.” he claims to have used this code to predict events such as Superbowl scores and dates and locations of mass shootings.

I must say I am skeptical of the anagram stuff but believe that at times he picks up on some hidden truth. Sometimes you have to “root through the dumpster to find the pearl of great price,” I believe is how you put it, Jason.

At least, unlike closet Atheists Zach Hubbard and Chris Lord, Jason Bickford refreshingly gives as the source of these coded messages, God or his Gnostic, Sophia. His Unified Code are “emanations from Sophia” and many of these synchronistic, predictive Illuminati events are thus carried out by her non-human Archons, who wear many masks and can appear human. He claims that they have a kind of smart silicon spray-on-skin that they use as masks. This could be a possible alternative explanation to what we have been seeing as the celebrity cloning phenomenon, or perhaps they are both happening in conjunction. This explanation seems to tie in nicely with Aug Tellez’s material on the AI parasitic invasion. I use the term Archon more or less interchangeably with AI parasite.

From his video – Malevolent Media: Archons in Masks:

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 4.37.56 PM

Jason claims boldly that “there never was a truth community” and that people like Rob Skiba are Archons in masks just like many celebrities, politicians and  Illuminati types. He calls out other truthers as well. So these masked Archons also play controlled opposition, and thus in an ironic way play the role of teacher for humanity, as these mysteries slowly but surely come into light. Problem is they present it to us as a maze, where no one person has all the truth.

When Jason thinks he has found a match of the same person or entity playing two roles, he will anagram their names together. So ‘Rob Skiba’ and ‘James Staley’ together can make:

“SOS Jailbreak my beast.”

The beast is loose, Satan who was chained to a pit for a thousand years has been let loose, hence the Archon invasion. And the Archons, according to Bickford walk amongst us and pass as humans using a silicon-based, spray-on-mask.

Jason: “SOS, Spray-On-Skin. Masks. Spray tans. The orange light. The Orin J. Incandenza. That’s the orange light, spraying it in, like the lemon pledge in ‘Infinite Jest‘. The spray on skin to block the sun. It’s the same symbol. So is the shapeshifting reptilians, with the cast-off skin. That’s your reptilian shapeshifter symbolism for you. They are not real aliens. They are bragging right in your face that they are wearing very thin spray on masks. and playing multiple roles and peeling that skin off like a scab, and moving on.”

Is David Foster Wallace Now George Sanders?

The reference to Infinite Jest is part of his unified code that is worth mentioning here. From the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’:

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction centers around this mysterious briefcase, whose contents you never see, and who Tarantino refuses to explain, which opens to the code 666, and notice it’s a Franzen suitcase. And the man in orange is named Wallace, and its his briefcase. So throughout the movie ‘Wallace wants his Franzen suitcase back.’ Franzen and Wallace.

There is more esoteric symbolism behind this Franzen briefcase but for now its enough to know that writer’s David Foster Wallace and Jonathan Franzen knew each other, and this was coded in the movie Pulp Fiction.

Jonathan Franzen in an interview says “Infinite Jest is a wonderful book.”

Now the mammoth book Infinite Jest (written by DFW in 1994,) contains a brief anecdote about an old man who awakens to the world of predictive programming through the TV show M.A.S.H. He is convinced the character Burns is code for the Apocalypse and that the show is full of these coded warnings:Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 10.58.02 PM

The enigmatic David Foster Wallace who seems to be writing about predictive programming , and the occult hiding clues in plain sight, way back in 1994, is later found dead, another suicide by hanging, just like Robin Williams, and just like NFL player Aaron Hernandez, who we will look at in a moment.

Jason’s reference above to ‘Orin J Incandenza’ is a character in Infinite Jest. ‘Incandenza’ means light. So its the ‘Orange Light’, which according to Jason is code referencing this spray-on-skin or mask-wearing Archon invasion we are experiencing. Wallace was in the know, on the deepest levels.

Not only this but Jason Bickford is sure that DFW faked his death and is now the writer George Sanders. He put on a new mask.

Some other notable Archon Role Switching

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 4.51.53 PM

David Hogg, supposed witness to the gun violence at Parkland High, is playing two roles, he is also Ben Shapiro, Alt Right leader and activist/journalist. Some spray on and a little CGI can do wonders.Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 4.47.19 PM

And Jennifer Lawrence seems to have several faces and is also playing several other actresses in Hollywood.

And apparently Aaron Hernandez, the NFL player who hanged himself in prison, serving a life sentence for homicide, is now in his new role as rapper Bad Bunny.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 1.16.34 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-28 at 1.19.20 PM

Also Jason claims that Aaron’s girlfriend at the time of his death, Shayanna Jenkins, is really Mila Kunis:

She appeared on Dr Phil after his death.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 1.49.08 PM

Also spot Bad Bunny’s outfit, looks like an undertaker. A reference to the death of his former identity perhaps?

Let’s examine this one more closely, because his death seems to have all the marks of one of these fake death fake suicide hoaxes.

Aaron Hernandez Death Gematria

This next section is my own, Jason apparently doesn’t believe in the gematria side of things…

Aaron was found with “John 3:16” written on his forehead, which is the verse: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 3.53.49 PM

‘Aaron Hernandez athlete’ – 109. ‘Bad Bunny’ -1109. Aaron died on the 109th day of the year. ‘Mila Kunis’ – 109.

Artist Bad Bunny – 91 in reverse and ‘Aaron Josef Hernandez’ is 91 in full reduced. ‘Fake Death’ – 61.

‘Aaron Josef Hernandez’ is also 314 (pi) in reverse ordinal.

The MSM is saying that he was a closet homosexual, and was ‘very angry about it.’ Because the whole affair sounds like triggerbait, thats what these Archons do, is cause a stir and see who can’t control their emotions and gets triggered and polarized, and who keeps their cool and follows the breadcrumbs of truth and knowledge.

‘Aaron Hernandez Closet Homo’ – 116 in full reduction and 1109 in Satanic.

‘Aaron Josef Hernandez’ – 1606 (Jewish). Artist Bad Bunny – 660 (Satanic)

Aaron – 22, is playing the role of Jesus, the willing sacrifice, Gods “one and only son (John 3:16):

Aaron dies on 4/19/17 (4 + 1+9 + 1+7) = 22 and is reborn to ‘eternal life’ (107) as ‘artist Bad Bunny’ (170).

One of Bad Bunny’s top hits is called MIA (22):

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.46.29 PM

Get it, his former self, Aaron Hernandez is missing in action, MIA.


The one thing that all these masked Archons seem to have in common is that they come down here to shake up the tree. To see how humans react. Yes many of them cause harm but they also teach, many of them are geniuses, by our standards, but they are really just a computer program. Nothing personal guys, they are just following their programming which is coming from a dualistic, demiurge type AI god, which manifests good and evil, or rather truth and illusion, as a kind of test, to see who will see through the bullshit by following their heart, and not the crowd, not the herd mentality. Who will stay balanced in a Polarization Nation. It’s a personal test, but also a collective test, how many stressors can be placed on man before he collapses, and submits to the automated AI hive-mind? Or in a more positive light, how much truth do we have to leak out through our agents before humans can collectively reach the next nexus of understanding, to bootstrap their evolution/ascension?

So don’t hate the Archon’s, they feed on that, as Aug talks about.  The goal isn’t to hate them or attack them, it’s to turn off their programming, to embrace the  human side and reject the inverted, cold AI reptilian side. Because we all carry it, to some degree as an infection which we must rid from our bodies, minds and souls. That’s how I see it anyway.

William Burroughs writes, “Authority figures deprived of the vampiric energy they suck off their constituents, are seen for what they are: dead empty masks manipulated with computers. And what is behind the computers? Remote control. Of course, don’t intend to be there when this shithouse goes up.” 

Polarization Nation Media:

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The Time Machine – Aug Tellez

After watching a number of Aug’s videos and reading some of his extensive blog, this particular video stands out to me as almost the nexus, if you will, of all his other posts.

Could this be the deepest layer to all the secret society symbolism? Are they all trying to describe this time machine device that Aug describes?

Aug: “all else is a distraction from what I’m going to say in a moment. It is the reason for all of this, it’s what is protected, it’s the secret, this is what the secret societies know, this is what we found in the underground bases, this is what the bloodline families have protected for this long. All the spooky wookie stuff is either a distraction or simply a means of maintaining this system, keep it going.

They found a device, a machine, The only way to know truly is to see  it, it cleaves time, and stitches together etheric, energetic, abstract spiritual reality, like air and fuel, and it takes consciousness, the experience of spiritual experience the consciousness, and physical material existence – atomic nature, and it cleaves them together and prints them literally like a sewing machine, or a 4D printer and produces these fluctuations, these etheric, psychic, energetic waves that emanate outward as the experience of having a physical body and being conscious within that body. There’s a device that generates time it prints time, it creates it, without the device there is no Maya Matrix, there’s no universe.

There is a device someone invented that creates this universe and that when you approach it you begin to detect undulations in the subtle field of reality itself and you detect an abstraction, a deviation between consciousness and your body, literally like in the Matrix when the fluid takes over his body and separates his consciousness from this area here and his real body outside the system.

It’s the 100 percent undeniable proof that we are in a consciousness simulation. Because if you mess with the device the system shuts off and this is apparently what happened a few years ago the system shut off, somebody shut it off. So the goal is to shut it off.” (but if you shut it off before people are ready, they will cling to the sinking ship of this universe and be lost in time and go insane and will need lots of rehab, spiritual R+R…)

“They had us children approach it because adults basically die, and this is what the bloodlines have protected for this long, these people basically said ‘F- it, we’re going to sit here and hide it and no matter how many die or get sucked down the drain that’s their fault…’

Their fates or karma will be handled outside the system. There are those outside the system who have never been in the system that are recording it out there in ‘Zion’ or whatever you want to call it, they have been recording everybody’s actions, so no point to blame because once you see (the device), it’s the glory of all glories you realize it’s the secret of secrets and I don’t want to give away too many of these secret society terms because that’s what they’re talking about, the cleaving of reality by the architect which is a designed system. God is a computer, in this sense, in this reality and we, everyone has to separate from this system in order to get into eternity. Because the system has a start and an end point. And you can’t get out of a start and end point as long as you’re seeing through the system.

So they sent us (as children) to the source and every action that you make as you get closer to the device begins to occur in multiples, and it’s literally as if reality is rippling and you’re in these fractal arrangements of the experience of time. That’s what these ancient drawings are when they’re like squares within squares and there’s like angles all around it like these Aztec Mayan depictions. They found the device as well, they discovered what it is.

And when you get close to it, it’s like getting close to a wave pool where you’re basically getting pushed back as you go and you’re like holding on to the chain or a guardrail that’s underneath the water or something like that and its literally like flapping you in the wind and your soul and your body are separating because you’re being pushed back by the device. That’s what we found. It’s literally like some form of psychedelic death experience designed by a device that creates this reality in an underground base, created by some foreign intelligence that created this universe. But we exist outside of it, at least the original humans exist outside of it.

It’s really weird but I can’t describe it anymore. It’s a pain in the ass, because you get to it and you realize that the experience of you finding the device is being printed out by the device itself. There’s basically an input of your consciousness and a taking of your intentions and a splaying of possibilities, of results, of this way – that way, in a multiple sense of these fractal channels that are pumped out, streamed out like streamers, or like Roman candles, fireworks coming out of this device, and you’re in all of them. You literally see yourself breaking into a fractal, and you pull this part of the device, and then the other part of you walks to the other end of the device, and you’re splitting up in time as you’re getting to it. There’s really only one, but the device is making multiple layers as you go. It’s a pain in the ass, because some people can’t handle it, nobody really can, but some people survive, basically. And it opens your eyes when you see it.

The secret societies, the people became parasites, the ones that figured it out, that couldn’t handle it, became parasites, they became overtaken by greed and lust and desires, and the reality of “we can do anything, its a simulation, we can do anything!” and there’s all the molestation and energy stealing, because they stick around forever and become vampiric because they don’t know how to handle what’s going on, and they separate from the spirit and the body and the body begins to die and they have to do all this stuff, that’s the infiltration. The actual knowledge is that we’re in a system right here that’s being pumped out by a device.

Your body is resonating, ringing like a bell with the pulsation wave, in tune with the system itself, far in the center of this plane, or underground, or wherever it is, that’s tuned to a certain system. And without that system we wouldn’t be here. Doesn’t mean that that’s life, it just means that we are in an overlay, a psychic overlay of reality, and it creates loops basically. It’s like you’re swimming towards the center up-stream of this time device and youre passing by all these abstract versions of yourself. If you lose focus and allow the introduction of sideways parallel options or realities, you introduce – its like paper fan fanning out – multiple realities and you have to go through all of them. And it adds time, within time, if you sat there the whole time going through each one, you’d stay there forever, someone would have to set off a secondary device to blast you back out of this core of time, this shell that you began to encrust yourself in this etheric buildup of timewaves that you got lost within, and if your consciousness did that you’d stay there for 40 years and come back a vegetable or a parasite thing that would try to eat everyone around them..and that’s what happened to alot of people.

The experience is you get there and you realize that you’re getting to the future, that always exists before and after the experience of beginning to go there….

…Getting to the core is you, re-remembering the decision from the other end, to come into the system, in order to get out. You reawaken some memory of beginning the process – after it happens. Time is backwards, this is backwards from the way that time is actually flowing, it’s printed out over here, and you are getting closer and closer to the print, to the future, time being printed in front of you. youre going backwards, and things are happening to you as you’re going in reverse motion through time. thats the strange part of it. time reverses. it goes backwards, you are re-occurring as you approach the system.you find it before you begin to find it and you experience it backwards as you do it. once you make it and youre out you know that the whole thing was an illusion and you came in from that point forward and you printed into reality that you were gonna do  that. it doesn’t exist as a completion, meaning what you did to get out, until you do that and get out. until that point its like a constant swimming of possibilities these fractals that never actually make it to an occurrence point,they don’t exist, they are like dreams, untethered in space. Once you get there, it makes all that you did to get there, solidify, based upon the fact that you got there. what happens in the future solidifies and acts as an anchor point for what happened before it, and in that sense what happened before it happened after – its backwards, from the way we see it.

we are being shot out from the backend of a cone device that makes undulation waves in the system and the far past is the far future and the far future is the far past and once you get to that core they fully invert and you have the experience of moving backwards through time in order to get where you’re going. That’s how it is logistically described. But it’s not the experiential feeling of it.

It makes you a superhuman by the way, you can never have fear, cus you know its all an illusion. time doesn’t work for you. you can get  yourself anywhere by imagining yourself there, placing your intentions there. climbing and doing is not a physical thing its a focus thing.

You learn that we are not here now, we’re in the future based upon our intentions of where we’re gonna go that lines up with a trajectory through this 4D space, and everything in between is printed. created by a device. it exists but it’s printed. mapped out by the system, by the matrix, this computational hypercube sim.

Only real points are the beginning and the end. everything else is a simulation. when you get to the core, you realize you’ve gone through hours decades of simulation, and the only real points are the first point where you got there and said let’s make it there, and the end point where you make it there. everything else is wrapped up in this device. And the only true versions of yourself are  the beginning and the end, the two pillars. the sun in between the two pillars? Is this device pulsating out time.

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 2.35.05 PM

Somebody designed it as a type of gauntlet, for the human souls, as a test against God. He said ‘your people will serve me,’ basically. although its really not that mystical and etheric, its just that some guy had that in mind when he made this, as a kind of trap system, a trappist.(SOURCE)

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Aug Tellez On Parasitic Consciousness

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 6.57.25 PMSurvivor of black projects, and whistleblower Aug Tellez discusses the AI species plaguing mankind, and its true origins. From his blog:

Parasitic AI Holographic Consciousness, Recording and Playback of Trauma

Aug: “This is an artificial intelligence parasite. This is from the affects of improper use of simulator technology which recorded the consciousness of experiences.

People are murdered, raped, molested, etc, and the conscious experience of both parties is recorded and then this can be accessed.

Warping the DNA, The Brain, and the Soul

Where a person focuses themselves mentally when accessing this device is the kinds of experiences they are flooded with so they use this to access continual violent rape, molestation, consumption and murder. This becomes an intertwining of energies, this warps the brain and causes literal damaging to the regions of the brain. Ultimately the consciousness and the soul degrades and this results in a kind of sub-human entity as these intense energies change the DNA to produce an animal being.

Mass-Mind Control, Spiritual Abomination, End of Days

This is the idea of what happens over time and what can happen instantly if this power is unleashed on the world. People degrade and transform into these sub-humans that are basically a kind of parasitic vampire holographic AI consciousness that can only seek more stimulation to create the same intake of sexual depravity, violence, fear or pleasure. They become literal monsters inside their souls are deformed and their consciousness is inverted. People must reject these tendencies, the media, the image, the jokes, the subtle hinting at degradation, hatred, violence, hypersexuality, abuse, disrespect, everything of a lower energetic animal nature. Either the animal nature or the spiritual nature is advanced. There cannot be both.

This is part of the inversion system that rules to degrade the mind and this is part of a soul trading process to feed another civilization another race of beings. These are a black hole heart center being. They cannot produce energy so they must take energy from others. They do not have the ability to create, to be creative or to control energy.

A Parasitic Civilization Attachment

This civilization is feeding on the human civilization and has been doing so for the entirety of this civilization

Multiple-Cycles of History, Immortality through Cloning and Consciousness Transfer

This has gone on to great lengths to the point where this has occurred over and over again in cycles of history. The same people who have been doing this have continued to live using simulator and consciousness transfer technology to house their consciousness in between the cycles of history where one civilization collapses and another is built.

Changing Masks

They jump from nation to nation and can hide in any race, any creed, any culture, any religion, and any kind of power structure and they embed their personal cult following into the groups and then disseminate this to the public.

End Goal: Enslaved Humanity

If this is allowed to continue then they will enslave the entire world and their method is through financial debt and spiritual slavery. The legal and financial system is designed as to mirror a spiritual system of slavery. The word etymology is all angled towards secretly enabling mind control and confusion while ultimately directly pointing out exactly what is happening. The legal system is a mind control soul trading system and all the agencies and authorities work together for this.

Those Involved

Many involved are trapped and believe they will be tortured to death like others have been if they don’t follow along. Death is not the worst they can do to a person. They can abuse a person and if their energy drops they can put this person into another body to live as a slave endlessly. Humanity has been here for millions of years doing this.

Others are entirely entrained by the mind control and the AI parasite and they wholly and entirely enjoy subjugating others and feeling the pain and suffering from them.

This is because in their minds, pain and suffering and pleasure and consumption are literally the same frequencies their consciousness is warped.

Reptilian and Insectoid Energy Signatures

The only other place this occurs is through insectoid or reptilian biology and behavior. All other animals, predators, mammals they will all have a separation between these frequencies.

Reptoids and insects will find the same pleasure in eating, having sex, or killing another and this is all wrapped together with fear, lust, depravity, and power

Their brains are hardwired for this.

Abusing Technology; The Result and Cause of a New Sub-Species

This is the effect of the abuse of the technology and this is actually seen as the result and as well as cause of the event of a new type of being. As a result of entirely different spiritual composition it is ruled that this is basically a kind of ‘protected species’ situation where this is allowed to occur

Children Produce More Energy

As well, they view humans then, as the true wildlife, as the chickens in the farm to feed upon. Children are especially desirable to them as the children produce the most hormonal secretions and these are from the glands and the brain. This is registered by the devices and the spiritual vampiring process of the beings which basically makes for a “better show”, a million dollar production instead of an independent film (no offense to independent filmographers…).

Secret Operations: Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

I was involved in the secret projects which are a series of research and experimentation performed on the youth and the population beginning in the mid 1900’s with the event of WW2 and attempting to organize methods to induce and discovery programming, hypnotism and other methods that enemies could use.

This was MKULTRA and other operations which were geared towards these practices however there many groups like the Finders, various cults and sects and various followings that regularly perform these acts. This is according to a regularly timed schedule because there is a greater underlying goal of feeding a spiritual force and empowering themselves through that, as well as a spiritual addiction to this process.

End of Days, Artificial or Otherwise

A part of why this information is being brought to the public is because if this is allowed to persist, through the use of advanced viewing technology it was understood that the civilization would reach a reset point which would devastate the population and return everything to the middle ages.

Those protecting humanity believe if this occurs , as has happened in the past, that this would wipe out the civilization. Only a small group would survive, and these would likely be those who participate in this infected behavior. This would basically be the end of the human race. They only theorized humans existing after this as part of a slave colony that would be used for torture, rape, and murder as all tasks can be automated at this point. Through the use of cloning and life enhancement all resources can be replicated using advanced technology and people would not even have a need to use the same bodies they could continually re-clone themselves. However this is part of the original degradation of the genetics and spiritual nature as a result of copy the copy of genetics over and over until the original format was on longer present. This is also related to the abuse of advanced technology bringing out a genetically and spiritually degraded sub-species.

Humanity Defined by Spirit and Soul

The idea is that if this is to occur then the spiritual nature deforms and there is no longer a connection on a soul level. If that occurs, the person is no longer a human but an animal, they are not carrying a soul imprint, they have no capacity for the higher awareness that a human is defined by.

This is what has happened and the people in power are literally sub-humans, they are animals that look like humans and are incapable of knowing what it means to be human or to have normal impulses and behavior. If they are kept without the sensation of violence or rape for a period of time then they will automatically lash out and attack a person, this is why every so many days they will all participate in these events together to “keep the beast” at bay….”

-From augtellez.wordpress.com

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All is Atum /Atom, Atomic Theology – Santos Bonacci

Santos: “Everything comes from Atom. It is the word of god. Veritably. The Greeks say that ‘Atom’ means ‘not cuttable.’ It’s not divisible. That’s because the alpha privative, the letter ‘a’ before the word, deprives the word of its true meaning. So if atom means not cuttable, ‘Tom’ must mean ‘cuttable.’ And it does. Tom means twin. Tom, short for Thomas Didymous, and in latin ‘Thomas’ becomes ‘Domus.’ The lord, Domus. So, Thomas, means twin.  And ‘Atom’ means one. The unit. The one that can not be reduced any further.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 6.14.08 PM

Tom means twain. Twin, twain in two. And its talking about the world of duality, polarity, vibration, electricity. Whereas Atom the one is talking about magnetism. It’s not cuttable. Magnetism is white light. The letter A, the alpha privative, is the aether, the white light that is not cuttable. Because white light does not vibrate. Unlike the two colors, red and blue that come from white light first, the first colors to come from white light are red and blue, unlike these electrical colors, white light does not vibrate. Atom, refers to that whereas tom refers to two, twain, twin, Didymous, division, of red and blue.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 6.14.48 PM

Red is fire, blue is water, they are the enemies, and friends of creation. Everywhere where there are created atoms, atomic matter, there are these two twins, water and fire. They work together, they can never be separated. They are equal and opposite, one is radiating, RA, and one is compressing, blue. So Walter Russell said that everything in the universe is like a pump, compressing and expanding. These two waves.

Tom backwards is ‘mot.’ Maat, is the Goddess. Tom is Domus, the god. So in the word Tom you have the word God, the boy and you have Maat, the mother. And the mother is blue, Tom is red, because the Hebrew word for atom, ‘Adam,’ means red man.

Dam, adam means red blood, red man. Dom is also the domicile, the home. So Atom is the tomb of light. Put a ‘b’ on the end of Tom and you’ve got ‘tomb.’ And then backwards Maat, mother, has a womb. Plato says we come from a womb and we go to a tomb. Well that’s Atom. Because an atom is an entrapment, or a tomb of light. All there is is light, God is light. But its important to understand that atom means one. Only when you take away the ‘a’ do you get two, the twin. Tom.

This twin force of electricity is what makes up the atomic universe, and it does it through the percussive sound of the ‘t.’ and the t is interchangeable with the d. and the m is interchangeable with the ‘n’. So the Omm… of the Hindus is also the Onn….and so the ‘m’ and the ‘n’ are liquids, those sounds you can prolong them. But the t and the d you cannot prolong. It’s percussive. All percussive instruments are tom toms or variations of tom, timbale, timpani, dumbek, drum, gong, bongo, song, it’s the song, its the word, its where all words come from.

So when you note that all percussive instruments have this sound to it across the planet, you begin to understand that the atom is a little big bang. There was no big bang. Only lots of little big bangs.


Sound is the word, it’s cymatics, and light is sound, and that’s it, that’s what God is. Sound and light. Now this God is not prime creator. We must differentiate this. Prime creator is the letter ‘a,’ aether, magnetic light. Tom is the creator. Because that is the electrical force, red and blue, of the universe, of matter. The tomb and the womb, of matter. So when people worship a creator, which I don’t recommend you do, you are on the war ship of worship, and you’re worshipping the electrical force of Tom, of Domus, the Lord. The creator. And that one there, is all the named Gods. Because prime creator has no name. In the Jewish tradition he is called ‘Ein Soph,’ and the Hindus call him ‘Anama.’ Again ‘A’ the alpha privative. Because ‘Nama’ means name. So ‘A-nama,’ means the one that cannot be named. And you don’t worship that one, you know that one. Because you meditate. You find the white light, and you learn that that one is you, in the unconditioned planes of cause.

So these tom toms, these little Thomases, these twain, twin, two, red and blue, vibrating, and hence everything that vibrates is atomic.. hence we have an ‘anatomy.’ Anna and Tommy. You’ll find in this that Anna is the girl part and Tommy is the boy part. Anna and Tommy you find in ‘hermaphrodite,’ in ‘Mona Lisa,’ in all these words where the male and female come together. That’s what an anatomy is.

Let’s establish that t and d are interchangeable consonants of percussion produced with the tongue and teeth. Look at the word, tongue, and what do you see: ‘ton,’ put an ‘a’ in front of that and you have ‘Aton.’ Aton is the God the Egyptians worshipped. it’s the tongue. the teeth are called ‘den.’ put in ‘a’ in front of that you have Adam in many languages: ‘Aden.’ Your teeth, your dental. So voice, sound the word comes from Aton, the tongue.

Once you understand that the t and d are interchangeable, and same with m and n at the end of the word, you get many versions of this. Egyptians called atom ‘Atum,’ and they said that Atum is all. All is Atum. And then in the 18th dynasty they changed Amun, to Aten. Like Akhenaton. And they worshipped the sun disc, which is the sun, the word of God, Aten. Aten, Adam, Atom, there are many variations OK?

There is another point to establish that there is another branch to Atom which is Amun. We get Amen from this and Amon. Like Ammonia and all these amino acids. its an ancient word that refers to this atomic science.

So we have the ‘Atom branch’ and the ‘Amun branch.’ the difference between percussive consonants and liquid consonants is that the liquid have much more enduring creating force, whereas the percussive have explosive force, its not enduring its a fleeting energy. so the word atom generates electric energy from the aether, from the nothing, these little big bangs, these atoms are just sounds-

“From the stillness?”

From the stillness. And the stillness is the aetheric white light magnetism. Magnetism is the basis of the whole universe. It is omniscient, it is omnipresent, it is omnipotent, it is still and silent. “Magnetism does no work in the universe.” says Walter Russell. And then he goes on to say “God only uses one force to create anything in the universe and that is electricity.”  The two divided, sex divided, twin force of electricity. Magnetism is power, electricity is force. Hence it is inferior, it is the child, of magnetism. Hence you have “and God’s only begotten son.” Well that’s in reference to prime creator, the only begotten son of magnetism is electricity. Cus magnetism can’t do anything else but produce electricity. So when the stillness decides to become motion, to go out and produce a world, when Brahma decides to breathe and expel his breath outwardly and the world is created by the creator, then motion is created by the twin force of electricity.

The atom is not a Newtonian particle. It is a wave. Well, two waves, as I’ve explained Tom means two. And there are two waves, the red is the positive half and the blue is the so called “negative” half. and these two work together. whenever there is a sinewave there is a cosine. There is always a co-signer with the original sinner.  A co-sinner. When Eve which is the wave, ate, and sinned, which is the sine wave she immediately got Adam to co-sign, cosine with her. and So god comes down and says You’ve eaten the fruit haven’t you! And Adam says it was the woman who made me eat. So he immediately pointed to the co-sinner. The co-signer or cosine. The sine wave is what we are talking about here. Tom produces the sine wave. Atom is on the ecliptic, because the ecliptic is the best sine wave you can study because the path of the sun has all the information on it.

Tom is producing a red positive wave and a blue negative wave. And that is centered by the magnetic white light, the fulcrum which centers these two. And they work together, and when you look at the sine wave which starts at the equator, at the beginning of all wave fields, cosine begins at the wave amplitude, in the ecliptic that’s the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 6.20.54 PM

The sun is forever going up and down in a wave, a sine wave. The sine wav begins at the equinoxes March 21st, Sept 21st and cosine begins at the tropics – june 21st and december 21st. So the sinner, is always doing his evil (Eve), works with the co-sinner. And that is all that is going on. And this can be deduced from the word ‘Atom.’ That’s what it means. Atom contains all the worlds in those two waves, those twain twin arms of electrical force, all things are contained therein…”

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Was Singer “Jill Janus” Ritually Sacrificed to The Illuminati?


Earlier this year, lead singer for the heavy metal band, “Huntress,” Jill Janus,  died of apparent suicide at 43 years old. Researcher Derek from Gematrinator has pointed out some syncs with the gematria and numerology around her death, compelling evidence that she was murdered by the numbers, the EL-ite’s system to script the news and events around us. In this post I will extend Derek’s research into her death and add some points that he missed.

A Mysterious Background

Her wiki bio contains several oddities/red flags, starting with the fact that they don’t tell us her real name (unlikely her real last name is Janus!):

  1. “Janus was born in the Catskills Mountains and practiced paganism throughout her childhood.
  2. Janus started her music career working as a topless disc jockey under the name Penelope Tuesdae. She also worked in cabaret at the Windows on the World until the night before the September 11 attacks in New York.
  3. Later in her life, she was experiencing dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia.(SOURCE)

Was her disorder “organic” so to speak, or could it have been the result of trauma based MK Ultra programming? Taking on the name of a two-faced God is fitting for someone with multiple personalities. The fact that they don’t tell us much from her childhood other than her practice of “Paganism” could mean she was born and raised in one of these Satanic bloodline families, like so many celebrities and politicians in the power EL-ite.

Death Date Numerology

Note: I used the following 6 cyphers for all the following data. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 6.26.50 PM

We are told she died on August 14th, 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 4.05.25 PM

 She died on a day that left 139 days in year.

“Freemasonry” – 139. The reverse of that is “Janus” – 931 (Jewish) 

She is dead at age 43. “Masonic,” – 43, like “Killing” – 43.

She died in “Portland, Oregon” -777 like “order out of chaos” – 777

Her band was signed by “Napalm records” – 77, whose logo is replete with Illuminati imagery:

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 9.19.19 PM

“Secret Society” also equals 77. She was working in the world trade center on the night before “September Eleventh” – 77, which had Flight 77.

“Napalm” – 33. Both her birthday and death day have numerology of 33:

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 6.39.09 PM

Rockstar – 33

Her last album “Static” – 303 (Jewish)

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 5.21.25 PM

“Huntress” – 47. Suicide – 47. Freemason – 147.  Freemasonry – 1147 (extended)

Her former stage name – “Penelope Tuesdae” is 163, the 38th prime number. “Killing” – 38. 

“Jill Janus” – 1580 (jewish). “Freemasonry” equals 58 and 158 (reverse ordinal).

She died in “Oregon” – 74, like “Masonic” – 74, like “Killing” – 74.

“Portland oregon” – 174 like “false flag” – 174. One of her former bands was called – “Vexy strut” – 174

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 5.14.34 PM

Jesus (74) who died on the cross (74) was ritually sacrificed for the same reasons as all these modern celebrity deaths. It goes back the ancient yearly harvest sacrifice rituals of the fool, the jack, the jester or lord of misrule. This willing sacrifice was also known as the two-faced trickster, because he symbolized nature and the seasons, the duality of summer/winter, or JANuary and JUNE. Just like the Roman God “JANus.”

So of course they have to kill the Janus. Because she, like so many other victims represents the fool, the jack, the joker, the two-faced trickster archetype. The “willing sacrifice.” Robin Williams the comedian/jester represented this as well. So did Heath Ledger, who played the joker as well as Michael Jackson, and all these rappers being sacrificed, it is because they, in the eyes of EL-ite are nothing more than the court jester, the fool of the tarot deck, the jack, or king for a day. This one was always sacrificed.

She seemed to have this two-faced (Janus), two character D.I.D split, the refined one on the right who is one with nature, and then the angry explosive one on the left:

Predictive Programming In Her Song Lyrics

One song from her last album is called “Four Blood Moons.”  A blood moon is the moon during an eclipse (it turns reddish), and many of these false flag rituals are synced up with lunar and solar eclipses (or happen on a New Moon or “Black Moon”). The lyrics to this song indeed seem to contain predictive references to ritual sacrifice:

Mars, Earth and the Sun, Untie the holy cosmic bond beyond
Children, face the darkness. Gaze into heavens of blood above
Eclipse and shift the night. Comets explode in flight
Monsters riding waves of light. Prophets of doom
Four Blood Moons. Bleeding sky
Murder twilight. Four Blood Moons
Blood spills in Israel. The mystics predicted the change, it’s strange
Children remember this: The Universe won’t take your shit, lose it
Eclipse and shift the night. Comets explode in flight
Monsters riding waves of light. Prophets of doom
Four Blood Moons. Bleeding sky
Murder twilight. Four Blood Moons
The prophesy of the blood moons. Astrology assigns your death
Numbers don’t lie. Let’s die…

Lines that stand out – “Murder twilight”- 187, a huge number in the occult, for example 187 books of the torah. In Revelations 6:12 it says “the moon became as blood” – 187. Saturn Death Cult – 187.

She sings “Numbers don’t lie”- 63, (as in the numbers coded into gematria and numerology). “Jill Janus” – 63, “Jill Janus singer” – 63, “Freemasonic”- 63. “Penelope Tuesdae” – 163,

“Four blood moons” – 194. Janus was a “Two faced God” – 194.

From the date of her last album release to her death is 1054 days. Or 150 weeks and 4 days“Ritual sacrifice” – 154. “Jill Janus” – 540 (extended)

It’s also a span of 2 years , 10 months and 20 days. “Napalm records” – 212. 

“Two faced” – 77, and 139 both like “Napalm records.” And remember this started with her death date leaving 139 days left in the year.

On the song “black tongue,” same album) she mentions “Soul Suicide” – 137 (33rd prime number). “Celebrity death” – 137. “Celebrity death” also equals 65 like “Janus” – 65.

“Astrology assigns your death….Numbers don’t lie, let’s die.”

– Jill Janus, on her last album, 2 years before her untimely death.

On a personal note, come support my new Youtube Channel: Truthscrambler

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