Aug Tellez On Parasitic Consciousness

Survivor of black projects, and whistleblower Aug Tellez discusses the AI species plaguing mankind, and its true origins. From his blog:

Parasitic AI Holographic Consciousness, Recording and Playback of Trauma

Aug: “This is an artificial intelligence parasite. This is from the affects of improper use of simulator technology which recorded the consciousness of experiences.

People are murdered, raped, molested, etc, and the conscious experience of both parties is recorded and then this can be accessed.

Warping the DNA, The Brain, and the Soul

Where a person focuses themselves mentally when accessing this device is the kinds of experiences they are flooded with so they use this to access continual violent rape, molestation, consumption and murder. This becomes an intertwining of energies, this warps the brain and causes literal damaging to the regions of the brain. Ultimately the consciousness and the soul degrades and this results in a kind of sub-human entity as these intense energies change the DNA to produce an animal being.

Mass-Mind Control, Spiritual Abomination, End of Days

This is the idea of what happens over time and what can happen instantly if this power is unleashed on the world. People degrade and transform into these sub-humans that are basically a kind of parasitic vampire holographic AI consciousness that can only seek more stimulation to create the same intake of sexual depravity, violence, fear or pleasure. They become literal monsters inside their souls are deformed and their consciousness is inverted. People must reject these tendencies, the media, the image, the jokes, the subtle hinting at degradation, hatred, violence, hypersexuality, abuse, disrespect, everything of a lower energetic animal nature. Either the animal nature or the spiritual nature is advanced. There cannot be both.

This is part of the inversion system that rules to degrade the mind and this is part of a soul trading process to feed another civilization another race of beings. These are a black hole heart center being. They cannot produce energy so they must take energy from others. They do not have the ability to create, to be creative or to control energy.

A Parasitic Civilization Attachment

This civilization is feeding on the human civilization and has been doing so for the entirety of this civilization

Multiple-Cycles of History, Immortality through Cloning and Consciousness Transfer

This has gone on to great lengths to the point where this has occurred over and over again in cycles of history. The same people who have been doing this have continued to live using simulator and consciousness transfer technology to house their consciousness in between the cycles of history where one civilization collapses and another is built.

Changing Masks

They jump from nation to nation and can hide in any race, any creed, any culture, any religion, and any kind of power structure and they embed their personal cult following into the groups and then disseminate this to the public.

End Goal: Enslaved Humanity

If this is allowed to continue then they will enslave the entire world and their method is through financial debt and spiritual slavery. The legal and financial system is designed as to mirror a spiritual system of slavery. The word etymology is all angled towards secretly enabling mind control and confusion while ultimately directly pointing out exactly what is happening. The legal system is a mind control soul trading system and all the agencies and authorities work together for this.

Those Involved

Many involved are trapped and believe they will be tortured to death like others have been if they don’t follow along. Death is not the worst they can do to a person. They can abuse a person and if their energy drops they can put this person into another body to live as a slave endlessly. Humanity has been here for millions of years doing this.

Others are entirely entrained by the mind control and the AI parasite and they wholly and entirely enjoy subjugating others and feeling the pain and suffering from them.

This is because in their minds, pain and suffering and pleasure and consumption are literally the same frequencies their consciousness is warped.

Reptilian and Insectoid Energy Signatures

The only other place this occurs is through insectoid or reptilian biology and behavior. All other animals, predators, mammals they will all have a separation between these frequencies.

Reptoids and insects will find the same pleasure in eating, having sex, or killing another and this is all wrapped together with fear, lust, depravity, and power

Their brains are hardwired for this.

Abusing Technology; The Result and Cause of a New Sub-Species

This is the effect of the abuse of the technology and this is actually seen as the result and as well as cause of the event of a new type of being. As a result of entirely different spiritual composition it is ruled that this is basically a kind of ‘protected species’ situation where this is allowed to occur

Children Produce More Energy

As well, they view humans then, as the true wildlife, as the chickens in the farm to feed upon. Children are especially desirable to them as the children produce the most hormonal secretions and these are from the glands and the brain. This is registered by the devices and the spiritual vampiring process of the beings which basically makes for a “better show”, a million dollar production instead of an independent film (no offense to independent filmographers…).

Secret Operations: Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

I was involved in the secret projects which are a series of research and experimentation performed on the youth and the population beginning in the mid 1900’s with the event of WW2 and attempting to organize methods to induce and discovery programming, hypnotism and other methods that enemies could use.

This was MKULTRA and other operations which were geared towards these practices however there many groups like the Finders, various cults and sects and various followings that regularly perform these acts. This is according to a regularly timed schedule because there is a greater underlying goal of feeding a spiritual force and empowering themselves through that, as well as a spiritual addiction to this process.

End of Days, Artificial or Otherwise

A part of why this information is being brought to the public is because if this is allowed to persist, through the use of advanced viewing technology it was understood that the civilization would reach a reset point which would devastate the population and return everything to the middle ages.

Those protecting humanity believe if this occurs , as has happened in the past, that this would wipe out the civilization. Only a small group would survive, and these would likely be those who participate in this infected behavior. This would basically be the end of the human race. They only theorized humans existing after this as part of a slave colony that would be used for torture, rape, and murder as all tasks can be automated at this point. Through the use of cloning and life enhancement all resources can be replicated using advanced technology and people would not even have a need to use the same bodies they could continually re-clone themselves. However this is part of the original degradation of the genetics and spiritual nature as a result of copy the copy of genetics over and over until the original format was on longer present. This is also related to the abuse of advanced technology bringing out a genetically and spiritually degraded sub-species.

Humanity Defined by Spirit and Soul

The idea is that if this is to occur then the spiritual nature deforms and there is no longer a connection on a soul level. If that occurs, the person is no longer a human but an animal, they are not carrying a soul imprint, they have no capacity for the higher awareness that a human is defined by.

This is what has happened and the people in power are literally sub-humans, they are animals that look like humans and are incapable of knowing what it means to be human or to have normal impulses and behavior. If they are kept without the sensation of violence or rape for a period of time then they will automatically lash out and attack a person, this is why every so many days they will all participate in these events together to “keep the beast” at bay….”


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All is Atum /Atom, Atomic Theology – Santos Bonacci

Santos: “Everything comes from Atom. It is the word of god. Veritably. The Greeks say that ‘Atom’ means ‘not cuttable.’ It’s not divisible. That’s because the alpha privative, the letter ‘a’ before the word, deprives the word of its true meaning. So if atom means not cuttable, ‘Tom’ must mean ‘cuttable.’ And it does. Tom means twin. Tom, short for Thomas Didymous, and in latin ‘Thomas’ becomes ‘Domus.’ The lord, Domus. So, Thomas, means twin.  And ‘Atom’ means one. The unit. The one that can not be reduced any further.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 6.14.08 PM

Tom means twain. Twin, twain in two. And its talking about the world of duality, polarity, vibration, electricity. Whereas Atom the one is talking about magnetism. It’s not cuttable. Magnetism is white light. The letter A, the alpha privative, is the aether, the white light that is not cuttable. Because white light does not vibrate. Unlike the two colors, red and blue that come from white light first, the first colors to come from white light are red and blue, unlike these electrical colors, white light does not vibrate. Atom, refers to that whereas tom refers to two, twain, twin, Didymous, division, of red and blue.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 6.14.48 PM

Red is fire, blue is water, they are the enemies, and friends of creation. Everywhere where there are created atoms, atomic matter, there are these two twins, water and fire. They work together, they can never be separated. They are equal and opposite, one is radiating, RA, and one is compressing, blue. So Walter Russell said that everything in the universe is like a pump, compressing and expanding. These two waves.

Tom backwards is ‘mot.’ Maat, is the Goddess. Tom is Domus, the god. So in the word Tom you have the word God, the boy and you have Maat, the mother. And the mother is blue, Tom is red, because the Hebrew word for atom, ‘Adam,’ means red man.

Dam, adam means red blood, red man. Dom is also the domicile, the home. So Atom is the tomb of light. Put a ‘b’ on the end of Tom and you’ve got ‘tomb.’ And then backwards Maat, mother, has a womb. Plato says we come from a womb and we go to a tomb. Well that’s Atom. Because an atom is an entrapment, or a tomb of light. All there is is light, God is light. But its important to understand that atom means one. Only when you take away the ‘a’ do you get two, the twin. Tom.

This twin force of electricity is what makes up the atomic universe, and it does it through the percussive sound of the ‘t.’ and the t is interchangeable with the d. and the m is interchangeable with the ‘n’. So the Omm… of the Hindus is also the Onn….and so the ‘m’ and the ‘n’ are liquids, those sounds you can prolong them. But the t and the d you cannot prolong. It’s percussive. All percussive instruments are tom toms or variations of tom, timbale, timpani, dumbek, drum, gong, bongo, song, it’s the song, its the word, its where all words come from.

So when you note that all percussive instruments have this sound to it across the planet, you begin to understand that the atom is a little big bang. There was no big bang. Only lots of little big bangs.


Sound is the word, it’s cymatics, and light is sound, and that’s it, that’s what God is. Sound and light. Now this God is not prime creator. We must differentiate this. Prime creator is the letter ‘a,’ aether, magnetic light. Tom is the creator. Because that is the electrical force, red and blue, of the universe, of matter. The tomb and the womb, of matter. So when people worship a creator, which I don’t recommend you do, you are on the war ship of worship, and you’re worshipping the electrical force of Tom, of Domus, the Lord. The creator. And that one there, is all the named Gods. Because prime creator has no name. In the Jewish tradition he is called ‘Ein Soph,’ and the Hindus call him ‘Anama.’ Again ‘A’ the alpha privative. Because ‘Nama’ means name. So ‘A-nama,’ means the one that cannot be named. And you don’t worship that one, you know that one. Because you meditate. You find the white light, and you learn that that one is you, in the unconditioned planes of cause.

So these tom toms, these little Thomases, these twain, twin, two, red and blue, vibrating, and hence everything that vibrates is atomic.. hence we have an ‘anatomy.’ Anna and Tommy. You’ll find in this that Anna is the girl part and Tommy is the boy part. Anna and Tommy you find in ‘hermaphrodite,’ in ‘Mona Lisa,’ in all these words where the male and female come together. That’s what an anatomy is.

Let’s establish that t and d are interchangeable consonants of percussion produced with the tongue and teeth. Look at the word, tongue, and what do you see: ‘ton,’ put an ‘a’ in front of that and you have ‘Aton.’ Aton is the God the Egyptians worshipped. it’s the tongue. the teeth are called ‘den.’ put in ‘a’ in front of that you have Adam in many languages: ‘Aden.’ Your teeth, your dental. So voice, sound the word comes from Aton, the tongue.

Once you understand that the t and d are interchangeable, and same with m and n at the end of the word, you get many versions of this. Egyptians called atom ‘Atum,’ and they said that Atum is all. All is Atum. And then in the 18th dynasty they changed Amun, to Aten. Like Akhenaton. And they worshipped the sun disc, which is the sun, the word of God, Aten. Aten, Adam, Atom, there are many variations OK?

There is another point to establish that there is another branch to Atom which is Amun. We get Amen from this and Amon. Like Ammonia and all these amino acids. its an ancient word that refers to this atomic science.

So we have the ‘Atom branch’ and the ‘Amun branch.’ the difference between percussive consonants and liquid consonants is that the liquid have much more enduring creating force, whereas the percussive have explosive force, its not enduring its a fleeting energy. so the word atom generates electric energy from the aether, from the nothing, these little big bangs, these atoms are just sounds-

“From the stillness?”

From the stillness. And the stillness is the aetheric white light magnetism. Magnetism is the basis of the whole universe. It is omniscient, it is omnipresent, it is omnipotent, it is still and silent. “Magnetism does no work in the universe.” says Walter Russell. And then he goes on to say “God only uses one force to create anything in the universe and that is electricity.”  The two divided, sex divided, twin force of electricity. Magnetism is power, electricity is force. Hence it is inferior, it is the child, of magnetism. Hence you have “and God’s only begotten son.” Well that’s in reference to prime creator, the only begotten son of magnetism is electricity. Cus magnetism can’t do anything else but produce electricity. So when the stillness decides to become motion, to go out and produce a world, when Brahma decides to breathe and expel his breath outwardly and the world is created by the creator, then motion is created by the twin force of electricity.

The atom is not a Newtonian particle. It is a wave. Well, two waves, as I’ve explained Tom means two. And there are two waves, the red is the positive half and the blue is the so called “negative” half. and these two work together. whenever there is a sinewave there is a cosine. There is always a co-signer with the original sinner.  A co-sinner. When Eve which is the wave, ate, and sinned, which is the sine wave she immediately got Adam to co-sign, cosine with her. and So god comes down and says You’ve eaten the fruit haven’t you! And Adam says it was the woman who made me eat. So he immediately pointed to the co-sinner. The co-signer or cosine. The sine wave is what we are talking about here. Tom produces the sine wave. Atom is on the ecliptic, because the ecliptic is the best sine wave you can study because the path of the sun has all the information on it.

Tom is producing a red positive wave and a blue negative wave. And that is centered by the magnetic white light, the fulcrum which centers these two. And they work together, and when you look at the sine wave which starts at the equator, at the beginning of all wave fields, cosine begins at the wave amplitude, in the ecliptic that’s the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 6.20.54 PM

The sun is forever going up and down in a wave, a sine wave. The sine wav begins at the equinoxes March 21st, Sept 21st and cosine begins at the tropics – june 21st and december 21st. So the sinner, is always doing his evil (Eve), works with the co-sinner. And that is all that is going on. And this can be deduced from the word ‘Atom.’ That’s what it means. Atom contains all the worlds in those two waves, those twain twin arms of electrical force, all things are contained therein…”

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Was Singer “Jill Janus” Ritually Sacrificed to The Illuminati?


Earlier this year, lead singer for the heavy metal band, “Huntress,” Jill Janus,  died of apparent suicide at 43 years old. Researcher Derek from Gematrinator has pointed out some syncs with the gematria and numerology around her death, compelling evidence that she was murdered by the numbers, the EL-ite’s system to script the news and events around us. In this post I will extend Derek’s research into her death and add some points that he missed.

A Mysterious Background

Her wiki bio contains several oddities/red flags, starting with the fact that they don’t tell us her real name (unlikely her real last name is Janus!):

  1. “Janus was born in the Catskills Mountains and practiced paganism throughout her childhood.
  2. Janus started her music career working as a topless disc jockey under the name Penelope Tuesdae. She also worked in cabaret at the Windows on the World until the night before the September 11 attacks in New York.
  3. Later in her life, she was experiencing dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia.(SOURCE)

Was her disorder “organic” so to speak, or could it have been the result of trauma based MK Ultra programming? Taking on the name of a two-faced God is fitting for someone with multiple personalities. The fact that they don’t tell us much from her childhood other than her practice of “Paganism” could mean she was born and raised in one of these Satanic bloodline families, like so many celebrities and politicians in the power EL-ite.

Death Date Numerology

Note: I used the following 6 cyphers for all the following data. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 6.26.50 PM

We are told she died on August 14th, 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 4.05.25 PM

 She died on a day that left 139 days in year.

“Freemasonry” – 139. The reverse of that is “Janus” – 931 (Jewish) 

She is dead at age 43. “Masonic,” – 43, like “Killing” – 43.

She died in “Portland, Oregon” -777 like “order out of chaos” – 777

Her band was signed by “Napalm records” – 77, whose logo is replete with Illuminati imagery:

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 9.19.19 PM

“Secret Society” also equals 77. She was working in the world trade center on the night before “September Eleventh” – 77, which had Flight 77.

“Napalm” – 33. Both her birthday and death day have numerology of 33:

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 6.39.09 PM

Rockstar – 33

Her last album “Static” – 303 (Jewish)

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 5.21.25 PM

“Huntress” – 47. Suicide – 47. Freemason – 147.  Freemasonry – 1147 (extended)

Her former stage name – “Penelope Tuesdae” is 163, the 38th prime number. “Killing” – 38. 

“Jill Janus” – 1580 (jewish). “Freemasonry” equals 58 and 158 (reverse ordinal).

She died in “Oregon” – 74, like “Masonic” – 74, like “Killing” – 74.

“Portland oregon” – 174 like “false flag” – 174. One of her former bands was called – “Vexy strut” – 174

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 5.14.34 PM

Jesus (74) who died on the cross (74) was ritually sacrificed for the same reasons as all these modern celebrity deaths. It goes back the ancient yearly harvest sacrifice rituals of the fool, the jack, the jester or lord of misrule. This willing sacrifice was also known as the two-faced trickster, because he symbolized nature and the seasons, the duality of summer/winter, or JANuary and JUNE. Just like the Roman God “JANus.”

So of course they have to kill the Janus. Because she, like so many other victims represents the fool, the jack, the joker, the two-faced trickster archetype. The “willing sacrifice.” Robin Williams the comedian/jester represented this as well. So did Heath Ledger, who played the joker as well as Michael Jackson, and all these rappers being sacrificed, it is because they, in the eyes of EL-ite are nothing more than the court jester, the fool of the tarot deck, the jack, or king for a day. This one was always sacrificed.

She seemed to have this two-faced (Janus), two character D.I.D split, the refined one on the right who is one with nature, and then the angry explosive one on the left:

Predictive Programming In Her Song Lyrics

One song from her last album is called “Four Blood Moons.”  A blood moon is the moon during an eclipse (it turns reddish), and many of these false flag rituals are synced up with lunar and solar eclipses (or happen on a New Moon or “Black Moon”). The lyrics to this song indeed seem to contain predictive references to ritual sacrifice:

Mars, Earth and the Sun, Untie the holy cosmic bond beyond
Children, face the darkness. Gaze into heavens of blood above
Eclipse and shift the night. Comets explode in flight
Monsters riding waves of light. Prophets of doom
Four Blood Moons. Bleeding sky
Murder twilight. Four Blood Moons
Blood spills in Israel. The mystics predicted the change, it’s strange
Children remember this: The Universe won’t take your shit, lose it
Eclipse and shift the night. Comets explode in flight
Monsters riding waves of light. Prophets of doom
Four Blood Moons. Bleeding sky
Murder twilight. Four Blood Moons
The prophesy of the blood moons. Astrology assigns your death
Numbers don’t lie. Let’s die…

Lines that stand out – “Murder twilight”- 187, a huge number in the occult, for example 187 books of the torah. In Revelations 6:12 it says “the moon became as blood” – 187. Saturn Death Cult – 187.

She sings “Numbers don’t lie”- 63, (as in the numbers coded into gematria and numerology). “Jill Janus” – 63, “Jill Janus singer” – 63, “Freemasonic”- 63. “Penelope Tuesdae” – 163,

“Four blood moons” – 194. Janus was a “Two faced God” – 194.

From the date of her last album release to her death is 1054 days. Or 150 weeks and 4 days“Ritual sacrifice” – 154. “Jill Janus” – 540 (extended)

It’s also a span of 2 years , 10 months and 20 days. “Napalm records” – 212. 

“Two faced” – 77, and 139 both like “Napalm records.” And remember this started with her death date leaving 139 days left in the year.

On the song “black tongue,” same album) she mentions “Soul Suicide” – 137 (33rd prime number). “Celebrity death” – 137. “Celebrity death” also equals 65 like “Janus” – 65.

“Astrology assigns your death….Numbers don’t lie, let’s die.”

– Jill Janus, on her last album, 2 years before her untimely death.

On a personal note, come support my new Youtube Channel: Truthscrambler

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The Movie ‘Passengers’ May Be Hinting At Cloning and ‘Soul Selling’

Sometimes in this wicked elite industry, Illuminati members who wish to get more famous, or outsiders who wish to become members and gain fame and power, can sell another person’s soul to them in exchange, as a sacrifice. So for example we recently had P-Diddy’s wife die in her forties, a healthy woman dying of a “heart attack.” Many speculate that she was sacrificed to the wicked industry for P-Diddy to continue having a career in Hip Hop. Often these kind of deals are made years in advance of the actual murder. It always has to be someone close to them, like a spouse, or sometimes the first born child.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.20.00 PMScreen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.20.31 PM

Now in the movie Passengers, we’ve got a man (Chris Pratt’s character) who awakens out of cryogenic hibernation on a ship bound for another planet, but he awakens too early, the ship won’t land for another 90 years and he is the only one awake.


After about a year of being all alone and becoming practically suicidal, he decides to wake up a pretty woman out of hybernation, (Jennifer Lawrence’s character) thus effectively dooming her to the same fate as his.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.28.28 PM

Now since we know from Donald Marshall that these  two, Pratt and Lawrence are certainly at cloning and involved in this wicked industry at some level, than we can assume there is another, deeper level narrative going on, for those with eyes to see, for those who study the occult. Other than the esoteric “Adam and Eve” symbolism we could note, my guess is that when you hear the phrase “awaken out of hybernation” in this movie, that is code for awaken into a cloning center via REM phase consciousness transfer.

So when Chris Pratt awakens Jennifer Lawrence, he is really selling her soul to the Illuminati, thus dooming her to a life of cloning centers, handlers, MK Ultra, and being completely controlled, by them. These type of soul contracts are binding and for life. And when the star or celebrity has outlived their usefulness, they are often murdered by the numbers – according to gematria and numerology, as a way to program the masses. That’s why Kim Porter died initially at ’47,’ years old, like the 47 degrees of the Freemasonic compass, but actually that was wrong she was technically 46, and died on a day leaving 46 days left in the year. From Zach Hubbard’s blog:

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 5.22.07 PM

All these celebrity deaths are coded up in this way, planned by the Saturnian Brotherhood, among other names.

And spot the Saturnian symbolism below:

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 5.20.16 PM

And it is from this very bar scene, where she finds out from the robotic bartender that Chris’s character woke her up on purpose, whereas his awakening had been a glitch, an accident. Please watch the following clip from the lenses of Jennifer’s character discovering that he just sold her soul to join him in the elite Satanic brotherhood of the Illuminati:

Jim Woke Me Up??”

She knows that it was essentially murder, her freedom to chart her career and steer her life as she chooses is gone. She is stuck on the ship for the rest of her life, to its cold, metallic hallways, much like the deep underground military bases….

Lawrence is depicting quite well the reaction I’m sure many of these celebrities go through when they fully discover what they got themselves into. When they come to the reality of dark side of the blood contracts they signed to become famous. Then the public always sees the celebrity having a mental breakdown but isn’t told the full story.

In that scene as she discovers the truth she shatters a vase, symbolic of how she will now have her mind shattered via MK Ultra programming. Also note the hexagon, black cube imagery behind her, another nod to Saturn or Satan.


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Jesus The Jester Fool/Travelin’ Jack/Path of Sun Through Ecliptic – Truthiracy

A Word Of Caution

My hypothesis: Languages, symbols and signs have been perfected and given fully formed by God to man as a gift, or as a tool for human souls to use to gain knowledge of self and of God. It is not something invented piecemeal by man as he evolved out of the mindless ape. Gatekeepers Chris Lord (Truthiracy), and Zach Hubbard would have you believe in an evolving ape on a spinning globe in endless space who, somehow devises language and gematria and perfect knowledge of astrology as they stumble and bumble along (no divine help). And yet, Santos Bonacci calls astrology, numerology and sacred geometry a “holy science” and rightly so, but you will never hear that word from the gatekeepers. No, this is all devised by men to them; that the ancient simpletons created anthropomorphic dieties to worship in their myths as they watched and wondered on the stars. But if so how could all this science be so perfect and still accurate today, if it was invented by evolving, ignorant cavemen? Cavemen spinning through space on a globe for that matter?

This is the danger of following the gatekeepers too closely. They offer some goodies because they are insiders being told what to say by the EL-ite. So of course they have some hidden wisdom. But they package it in a left-brain only way, which sucks all the wonder and God out of the equation. It is my job to take the truth they put out and leave the lies behind, but the trick is developing the discernment to tell which is which. And this requires having a developed right brain, and a spiritual side. I’m just glad I discovered Santos before Truthiracy, otherwise I may have not understood the full significance of the following material:

Truthiracy: “I’m making this video about Jesus or Yashua, because I think many people were confused when I said that Jesus was the character of the fool. Now Jesus was not a real person, never was, he was a character created from the old world, the ancient world, of the characters of nature, and the ritual sacrifice of the chosen one, or the fool who was chosen to be the willing sacrifice.

Jesus is the traveling fool of the tarot. I’m not calling Jesus a stupid fool or anything like that, that’s not the point, he is the character of nature that starts his journey, and the journey ends. The tarot cards start from 0, and then they end at Death, card 13.

Jesus the Jester Fool

In ancient times, everyone believed that nature was a spirit, and they saw that mother nature was in the harvest, so the spirit of nature throughout the seasons is where these anthropomorphic characters come from, they represent nature whether its springtime or wintertime. That’s why you have Jack-in-the-green, thats springtime, and Jack Frost, winter time. in fact we have the Jack-o-lantern for Halloween, Samhain, autumn.

So each year in the ancient world they would choose a willing sacrifice, a jack, a jester fool, and he was treated like a king, he was paraded around, fattened, fed, given all the best stuff, the best wine, the best clothes, he was taking the role of the king for a day. He could sit in the kings chair, do anything he wanted.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.00.36 PM

But this person couldn’t be too smart because they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the community, or for their people and live like a king for a day. that sounded like a good deal to them. they probably weren’t very popular in society, maybe they were teased…so to them, they got recognition, they were the center of attention. People would say what a great hero he is, willing to sacrifice himself for the betterment of the community. That’s why in the bible it says that Jesus was the willing sacrifice.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.02.52 PM

So the character of jack, the jester, the joker, it was always a great honor to play this role. “The lord of misrule,” they were called, or the king for a day. The fool.  But of course eventually they would kill him, slaughter him and sacrifice him. they would take the blood of this fool and it would go to the community and the people. they would put it back into the lands, the fields, the soil, to rejuvenate it, put the spirit back into it, since they had already harvested it. They had to put the “last sheaf” or the spirit back into nature. This is the theme to the movie “The Wickerman:”

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.04.50 PM

So this is why in the bible the ‘blood of Jesus’ and the ‘flesh of Jesus’ is to be eaten by everybody. In other words the community at large has to partake in this ritual. So they are the ones who are gonna take back the spirit of Nature, the blood and the flesh and it’s going to be shared with everyone and put back into the soil for the rejuvenation of life, which happens every spring time at Passover, life is rejuvenated.

So again Jesus (sun) starts his journey and then it ends, like the fool card of the tarot, the first and last. That’s why Jesus says he is the ‘Alpha and Omega.’ Actually in hebrew it would really be the Alef and the Tav.

So the fool is the jester, the joker, the jack, the lord of misrule,  king for a day, the traveling fool, he is the trickster, the two-faced liar. That’s why Jesus teaches in parables (pair of bulls, bi-bull), which is bull shit, essentially. you are saying one thing, a lie, a trick, because you mean something else.

Jesus was the trickster, the two-faced liar, (always employing the dualism of esoteric/exoteric, the dual, the divide, the David). That’s why David’s lineage is the 12 Tribes of Israel because he divides the year into 12 signs of the Zodiac. You’ll notice John is another one of these characters and he shows up in January, and June, the winter and summer solstices, the dividing line along the y-axis of the zodiac.

Also you’ll note that Jesus was always associated with the common folk, the people. Because this is where the lord of misrule, the sacrificed chosen one came from, from the common folk. It didn’t come from the royal family, no, no, they chose a willing sacrifice from the community, the slaves, on other words.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.34.08 PM

And if you saw the ‘Hunger Games,’ that’s exactly what happened. They are choosing  a willing sacrifice from the common folk. Exactly like princess Diana remember her, she was the more closely related to the people, a princess of the people, not of the royalty, that’s why they sacrificed her.(SOURCE)

Mass Shootings and Celebrity Murder – Modern Harvest Rituals

In modern day this harvest sacrifice ritual  has morphed into the sacrificing of all these celebrities and also these mass shooting events, (whether real or faked). These occultists leave their calling card by having these events fall on significant dates in astrology and numerology.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 1.40.42 PM

Truthiracy goes onto discuss the recent Robin Williams connection, who was recently sacrificed to the Illuminati, and how Robin played a character called “Jack” who was mentally challenged, and how he often played one of these nature characters such as Peter Pan, which is of course based on Pan or the “Green Man.”

Robin Williams was another willing sacrifice, he played the comedian, the joker, jester, jack character. So of course they had to sacrifice him. See my post here on the predictive programming around his death.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.03.04 PM

The name ‘Jack’ comes from Jacob, who in the old testament fights with his brother, Esau, they represent again the duality of the seasons, of day and night, the red and the blue. And sure enough Robin Williams also played Jacob in “Jakob the Liar.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.56.17 PM

The biblical Jacob is known for lying to his blind father. So we see the two faced trickster character here as well. Again everything in the bible or bi-bull is dual, representing duality. See my post on the ‘two bulls’ or parables of the bible here. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.06.31 PM

And we saw all this harvest sacrifice symbolism in my post on the movie “A Cabin in the Woods” and the occult season of sacrifice.

A recent Netflix horror movie called “Apostle” is similar to ‘The Wickerman:’ a man stumbles onto a secluded island whose inhabitants are a cult that still practices this yearly human sacrifice ritual to the earth and to the crops.


That old woman is “Jenn-ifer” (John/June/Arjun), who has a giant plant growing out of her. And when she drinks blood from humans the plant blooms, flowers, and provides the town with food.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 1.49.18 PM

And to show you clearly that this movie is Illuminati paid and made, you will notice the jester looking masked man, with one-eye bleeding, a sneaky reference to Vrill and droning.

And of course this all ties back into the Batman code, with the Joker, with the green hair (Jack in the green, the Green Man, Pan, Spring) and the orange blazer (Halloween, Autumn embers) and he is a trickster, two-faced jester joker, and eventually he must be sacrificed. But for now he gets to parade around as the lord of misrule, king for a day. And on July 20th 2012 James Holmes played the role of the joker, the dark knight or dark king for a day, and allegedly killed 12 people.

And we just recently had the movie made of Stephen King’s “It” involving clowns, which are another jester, joker figure. They are also two-faced, seemingly there to please and make you laugh, but there is always something sinister about them. Notice how in the clown’s facepaint, the red lines look like the horns of a bull.

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911 is 711, and The Orange Warning Code – Truthiracy

Trump made a Freudian slip (or was it deliberate?), during a speech when he remarked on 9-11, but he instead called it 7-11. When you study the occult you find that Sept-ember is really the 7th month (sept means 7th), because the year used to start in Aries (March). This slip up of Trump’s shows that he is working for occultists and is no more than another puppet. 

Truthiracy, AKA Christopher Lord, whose father and grandfather were both 32nd degree Freemasons, goes into great detail on the significance of 7-11, and why 9-11 really happened on 7-11.

Truthiracy (paraphrased from his Orange House of Death Series): “These diagrams above are the source, the foundation behind everything I am explaining to you. The Bible, the Devil, the rabbit-hole, ascending from the underworld, life death and resurrection… All religions are based upon this diagram. I will explain how this basic natural cycle of mother nature has been twisted and used as a comical parable: a fable of the “pair of Bulls” or the Bi-Bull (bible).

September 11th, or 711 was a manifestation of this ritual of life, death, and rebirth. Of nature through the annual year. The light of enlightenment that comes from God’s sun as it takes its journey or path of the traveling fool.

When the day ends and the sun sets and goes to the death of the underworld, we find the colors of red. The word “Red” begins with Ra, the sun-God. Red is the color of blood, therefore the color represents sacrifice. The Red Apple represents the fertility of God’s Sun, the process of life, death, and rebirth from the sacred Tree of life.

So in Autumn, or the Fall, we see the colors of red. We know this is the time for Fall because life falls to the underworld and God’s sun is no longer on fire and is now in it’s inverse state or “Amber State.” Or ember state of orange. The ember months begin winter, the cold, death and rebirth. September, October, November and December.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 9.34.27 PM

Orange is the color of the sun in October and November, which is why orange is the color of Halloween. Orange is also used for warning signs and danger signs:

This is why we see that “Orange is the New Black.” In other words. It’s the new color of death. This is why prisoners wear orange just like the victims of Isis, you know the beheadings and decapitations? This is why we find these beheadings in September which means the separation of seven. This is the end of the year which has been decapitated. It’s the same decapitated head of the goddess Kali.

Orange is the new black because orange represents the warning just before death of the sun. The sun in its decline into darkness which we call night or winter time.

This is the Illuminati’s color code:

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 9.32.45 PM

This is why they call it an “Amber Alert.” Why with traffic lights yellow means slow down or you will die. This is where we get the words “Emergency” and “Ambulance.”

They released a new season of Orange is the New black on 7/11. And James Holmes was pronounced guilty on 7/20 which is the same as 7/1+1 = 7/11. The same of the year as his shooting, July 20th, 2012.

And on the night of the shooting he had died his hair orange.


To show how far in advance they plan these ritual false flag media events, in the 1986 Batman comic, “Dark Knight Returns” there is a scene where a gunman with orange hair shoots up a movie theater.

The Joker didn’t have orange hair, he had green hair, but did always wear that bright orange blazer.

See how they depict Judas in orange below:

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.12.23 PM

Judas represents the house of Scorpio the one that stings the sun and gives it the kiss of death before it figuratively dies. Judas who betrayed Jesus the son/sun, thus sends him to his death, to the underworld, the glowing amber months of orange.

Judas represents the judgment of God’s Sun the Autumn Equinox of September that separates the annual year. Like the scales of the Goddess, justice come from the scales of judgment, in Egypt it was their mother goddess Maat. She divides the beginning of the year. The first month and the Seventh month, this is why Matthew in the Bible has the symbol of the scales and the judgment in chapter 7:1.

So the words Judas, Justice, Judge, all come from the scales of Libra, the equinox point. Just like Judas decided Jesus’s fate, in a courtroom the judge is the one who decides your fate: Set free or sent to the underworld where you will have to start over again from the beginning. Which is why you get sent to prison, the pre-son. Held captive, dressed in orange.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.28.38 PM

Judge Judy (Judas) with the red hair.

From Scorpio we get the words “Scorch” and “Torch.” And on 7-11 we saw the towers scorched. And recently we had the latest maze runner movie: “The Scorch Trials.”

Notice how Judas Priest album covers almost always sport the orange:

Think the band manager is aware of this code? Notice the torching, scorching torpedoes. Notice the biomech eagle, the eagle is in the sign of Scorpio.

In Alice and and Wonderland 2010,  notice how the Mad Hatter, with bright orange hair, does the Kali death dance. His head spins off his body, another reference to Kali who in Hindu mythology brings in the new year by beheading the old. Just like the grim reaper or Saturn with his sickle.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 2.20.38 PM

Beyonce seems to be the one slated by the Illuminati to channel the goddess Kali:

Notice her shirt says “KALE.” What’s more is that balcony scene is from the music video to a song called, you guessed it, “7/11.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 2.33.12 PM

So Kali splits the year in half along the Libra equinox point on 7/11 (7 being September, beginning of Autumn, the Fall). Libra means to separate, or to liberate one’s head from one’s body. This theme of decapitation shows up in the bible as well, John the Baptist  is the one who gets beheaded by the Romans. Well John is January, and January bisects the year at the winter solstice.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 2.31.32 PM

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The TV Show “West-World” Contains Soft Disclosure On Cloning Centers

The “Park” as they call it in the show is nothing more than a giant cloning center. If you watch it with these lenses than a different narrative floats up beneath the surface narrative. On the surface it is about a giant theme park in the desert populated by androids. “Hosts” they call them in the show, but if you’ve done your research you know they are really organic robotoids, and their function is to be fucked and killed by rich humans who paid to come into the park. The park has an old western theme of cowboys and Indians.

This sounds a lot like what Donald Marshall said what was going on in these EL-ite cloning centers where all the rich and famous of the Illuminati go as REM clones to participate in acts of rape and murder. All in the guise of “death games”
“sport,”  or “gladiator combat.” When they die as a REM clone they just wake back up in their real body.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.04.24 PM

Now in Westworld, they put all the robotoids on a daily loop, acting as citizens of Sweetwater, or outlaws in the desert, each one following their respective AI programming, and were it not for the “visitors” (real humans) they would replay the same looped narratives day after day, or until the writers come up with new scripts.

Now I think it is no coincidence that the writers chose to call them “hosts” another term for Donald Marshall’s “drones:” human husks being run by parasitic consciousness that stole their body and killed the consciousness inside.

But when real humans play the game of Westworld, new story lines open up by interacting with the hosts. Everyone starts in town but the real shit happens out in the mesas and arroyos. Horse riding, battling Indians, gun play, wild parties, and lots of death. The guns are built so that the visitors can’t be killed. Only the hosts. Because the show is trying to convince us we are all itching to kill each other, spray a crowd with bullets (the lone wolf gunman narrative). So in the future they’ve built a nature reserve full of robotoids that you are allowed to do whatever you want to, shoot in the head, rape, if you can afford a ticket, that is. This attracts a certain breed of elite.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 7.59.53 PM

The killed hosts are brought downstairs to get hosed off and fixed up, so they can be up and running again in the park the next day. Is this all a clever way of talking about the way Illuminati victims are enslaved by REM transfer into these cloning centers where they are abused or forced to watch and participate in abuse? Because they “sold their soul?”

Mauve Awakens From MK Ultra; Escapes the Cloning Center

Now the one redeeming character in this show is Maeve.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 7.11.01 PM

She is a mistress of the brothel inside Sweetwater pub, in the main town. Through various oversights, she is able to “wake up” during a reprogramming in the technicians chambers below the park. She is able to coerce the technician Felix to alter her programming, making her more intelligent and able to control other hosts with her voice, and befriends other hosts to help protect her. At the end of the first season, Felix is able to help her leave the Westworld park.

When she discovers that she and the other hosts in the park are used again and again as cannon fodder and sex objects and then have their memories wiped each morning, I could see Donald Marshall’s testimony about REM cloning hinted at. When someone awakens or being de-programmed from screen memories. The Illuminati can fuck with people by REM transferring their consciousness into a clone, torture you, and then wipe your memory of it so you wake up in your real body the next morning unaware of any of it. But meanwhile they’ve slipped in their trauma and programming.

Too much of that splits the mind, creates alters, and this theme of the “shadow” or “double” is seen with the main host character “Dolores.”

She seems sweet on the outside, but hidden within her programming is a cold blooded killer that can be triggered by her controllers. At first she is not aware of it but begins to develop self-awareness and reclaim suppressed memories, just like these MILAB’s and MK Ultra victims are sometimes doing.

But with Maeve, we see this theme again about escaping from the cloning center, we saw it in The Island, where a couple duplicate clones being used for organ harvesting inside a D.U.M.B. become self-aware and escape.

In The Island, the subliminal message is even worse, that duplicate clones are alive, fully conscious, with souls like you or I. We know from Donald that duplicates are mindless, soulless, and in a perpetual coma unless activated by a another mind in REM sleep, or else by an AI computer (robotoid), in which case it is not alive, it is a machine, however convincing it may seem otherwise.

In Westworld it’s an android who becomes self-aware, and starts re-writing her own programming, enhancing intelligence, etc.

There is a hidden agenda here to shape human thought. We should assign life and spirit to these manufactured entities, root for them escaping their cruel captors running them inside the DUMB’s. To make us more amenable to them when they finally come right out in the open with clones and hosts and droning and lizards and chiphead elites. To sway the masses one way or the other during a fake alien invasion or “intervention,” a false messiah-type event. Because the event is going to be full of these androids or “organic robotoids.” These soulless beings that look and act fully human. And maybe most of the time they’re harmless. Problem is they are programmable remotely and could be triggered by their programmers to become a deadly assassin.


The teen sci-fi book and movie, “The Host” has a similar mind control agenda. The main character talks and interacts with the alien host that is trying to take full control over her brain and body. Eventually, in this rare case a truce is sort of founded. Ah how cute, the parasite in her brain became her pal. Sickening.

“We must love our controllers.”

And this is how the 2005 movie “The Island” ended, with all the captive clones escaping the collapsing D.U.M.B.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 7.34.07 PM

As if to say, look out humanity, here come the duplicate clones. And sure enough in 2011 we had Donald Marshall’s testimony come out along with the various celebrity tweets and hints and now rappers B.O.B. and Kid Buu openly talking about being cloned…in this video Kid Buu even says he escaped a cloning center called Clone-Aid. And he has his model and serial number if anyone asks.Whether or not he is telling the truth, the concept of celebrity duplicate cloning has pretty much gone mainstream. And it looks like this soft disclosure around clones or androids through Hollywood is an attempt to muddy the waters around this issue, hide the REM driven stuff and just push the idea of AI clones or duplicates having souls or at least being capable of developing souls and autonomy.

The Illuminati technicians are not in the business of creating life. They are in the business of creating bodies.

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