Jay Weidner – The Illuminati got Stanley Kubrick To Fake The Apollo Landings

download54Jay Weidner: Stanley Kubrick made a series of low budget movies in the 50’s and they were very well done. Didn’t really have any hit films until Dr Strangelove. 13 years into his career. He made 4-5 films that bombed even though the critics really liked them. The thing that happened with Dr Strangelove was that the pentagon read his script, he wanted to get their help so he could use their b-52’s and the planes that drop bombs, but they read it and said you’re satirizing us, we’re not going to help you at all. So Stanley was forced to create the inside and outside of the b-52 bombers without any technical assistance from anybody. What he did was get a copy of aviation weekly and took all the pictures of b-52’s and gave them to his art director and they sat down and carefully made the inside of a b-52. Right near the end of shooting the airforce got wind that he had done this, and asked to come visit the set.And Stanley was a nervous man when this happened, and they showed up on the set, and they were blown away. They could not believe the detail he had extracted from these photographs. And when they left, Stanley remarked to his art director that he was worried they may come back and arrest him, for stealing secrets, but of course they left the photographs out, so whose fault is it anyway?

So everything up to now has been fact, and here my theory is that these two airforce gentlemen went back to their superiors the Joint Chief of Staff, all being very interested in this hollywood director, and they said that this is not a normal film maker. We gotta keep our eye on this guy. This was mid 1963.

download (26)

The movie is finally released in late 1963 to critical and audience acclaim, and my theory was that the military sent some people out to watch the film and were stunned by the inside of the b-52, but what really cooked their noodle was the outside shots of the b-52 flying over Siberia. Since he had no access to a b-52 they didn’t understand how he made it look so real. What he had done was create a scale model and using a little known system called front-screen projection, he projected the b-52 in front of the screen with the Siberian landscape below, and added little touches like the steam coming out of the engines, little details most hollywood directors didn’t trip about. So they were blown away by the technical aspects of Dr Strangelove.

kubrick-myths.jpgI believe that Kubrick’s legacy started there. In that moment. They had been given orders, NASA, which is part of the Navy, had been given orders by John F Kennedy in 1961 that they were to get to the moon before the 60’s was out. I think they knew, by the beginning of 1964 that they could not do this with conventional rocket technology, I think Werner Von Braun, and all the German scientists oversold themselves, in escaping the clutches of the Nuremberg trials. And they came in and couldn’t do it. However a side theory, there is according to Joseph Farrell, he investigated all the Nazi technology in his books and he discovered that actually Hitler had a secret base in the mountains somewhere where they were working on higher-dimensional physics. He believes that they discovered anti-gravity by the 40’s. Not in time to save the 3rd Reich, thank goodness, but they had solved the problems, by late 44. The Allies and the Russians scooped up all these secret scientists, and split them up, some to Russia and some to the states, and they started working on all these secret projects , here in New Mexico.

My theory, and I have FBI documents to back this up. Kennedy got wind, in 61, of this technology.  Marilyn Monroe, which was his girlfriend, told someone at a party, that she had seen the “alien” technology and that it was mind-blowing. We have FBI freedom of information documents, to prove this. So I am extrapolating that Kennedy saw this technology and wanted it released. He knew that the rocket technology could not get men to the moon and land and take off. So he did what is in chess called a gambit. Which is the speech that he made, saying he wanted NASA to get to the moon by the late 60’s, knowing full well that they could not achieve this goal with standard rocketry. He was trying to force their hand to release their technology. Because it would mean that the Earth wouldn’t need nuclear reactors, because its free energy. We wouldn’t need pollution, oil, all these things would go away when this technology was released. He was really a good guy and in my opinion the last real president of the United States. He was trying to get this out. Using this trick. NASA, knowing that they could not achieve this goal, that they were in deep trouble, tried to devise a way not to release the technology, while making it look like standard rocketry was going to do the job.

imagekennedy and marilyn

The only known photograph of JFK and Marilyn

So enter Stanley Kubrick. The Pentagon saw Dr Strangelove in 1963 when all this was coming to a head, and must of said: ‘How are we going to do this? We are not going to release the technologies…Kennedy had just been assassinated, conveniently, so that we don’t have to worry about him anymore, squawking and trying got do his tricks to get us to release this technology. So what do we do?’

download (27)So they decided to fake it. and they would hire Stanley Kubrick to do the faking. Because from a technical side, he was the most advanced film maker in the world, and understood the technology. So they made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. If he said no, he probably wouldn’t have lived. So he had to say Yes, and at that point he began, and this is speculation again he began to devise a science fiction film called Voyage To The Stars, with Arthur C Clark, and he used the making of this (which later became 2001: A Space Odyssey) to act as a R and D, and a cover for the shooting of the Apollo imagery. He used front-screen projection, which he was a master at, for both the ape scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and to fake the Apollo landings. What is interesting about the Apollo landings there an artistic and technical arch, that is completely obvious if you watch the videos. Apollo 11 is crude, there is only a black background, it’s obviously a set. The camera in Apollo 12 conveniently broke, as soon as they landed, so there is no footage, Apollo 13 got in trouble and couldn’t land on the moon. Apollo 14,15,16 are the last ones. 14 is crude, but by 17 its fantastic, Stanley Kubrick is really showing off. And so he used front screen projection and many other techniques, including making gigantic blow-ups of the lunar landscape, and placing it on a set behind the actors, he achieved his goal, took 4 years to do both the movie and the lunar landings, he shot them all in 70 mm, and then the apollo landings were reduced down to crappy videotape. Which we all apollo-16possess. unfortunately NASA has lost all the original footage, I guess it wasn’t important to them… So that’s all conviently lost forever, so we can never really go back and look. So basically I was forced to use what little evidence that’s stiill here, to draw my conclusions. I admit I don’t have the smoking gun to prove that Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo landings, but I have so much ancillary evidence. The closest thing I have to a smoking gun is his movie The Shining. In the movie every time Stanley Kubrick is deviating from the the Stephen King book, I think Stanely is telling the story of his travails of making the Apollo footage, keeping it hidden from his wife and everyone, and not taking credit for it. Which I know Stanley really wanted to do. And I’ll go one step farther, being an ex Hollywood screen writer, I believe that this is common knowledge in the upper circles of Hollywood. I believe Steven Spielberg knows it, I believe many people know that Stanley Kubrick is the guy behind it.

And we can find examples of this in several other films, the most important being Wag The Dog, in which Dustin Hoffman plays a Hollywood producer named Stanley, who is hired by the CIA to fake an incident, and then at the end of the film Hoffman begins saying “this is my greatest work, I want credit for it.” and then he disappears.

The other more recent film Toy Story could be an allegory as well. Buzz Lightyear, notice his name (Buzz Aldrin) is a toy astronaut who thinks he is a big huge hero but then one day he’s  watching the TV in the big huge house he lives in, and sees an ad for himself and realizes he is not an astronaut, he is a total fraud. And he walks up to the railing in the house which has the same exact carpet that Danny is sitting on in the Shining, and Buzz Aldrin climbs to the top of the railing and sees the moon, and tries to take off, falls to the ground and breaks. I believe someone involved in the making of Toy Story knows that the whole thing was fake, knows that Stanley Kubrick did it, knows that Stanely Kubrick hid the clues in The Shining, and they therefore lifted the clues and placed them in Toy Story.

“So the astronauts have been heavily brainwashed, according to other interviews you’ve given. Some kind of mind control situation where any time the Apollo moon landings are talked about they go into some kind of nausea or reaction, can you talk to us about that?”

Sure I call it he got ‘Clockwork Oranged.’ Which is what he did after 2001, in which the protagonist Alex is arrested, and put in a mind control program, where he is given a drug and forced to watch movies of sex and violence so that forever for the rest of his life, whenever he comes up against a sexual situation or violent situation, he gets sick and nauseated and throws up. Now if you read Buzz Aldrin’s book Return to Earth, his autobiography, he talks about how on  the one-year anniversary of the Apollo landing he was at a Vegas news conference, and the reporters, you know know they were asking silly questions about the apollo landings, but one of the reporters though, looked buzz right in the eye and says, “c’mon buzz, tell us what really happened on the moon.” And Buzz said his head began spinning, he was feeling nauseated, wanted to get sick, and went in the alley and vomited, and then shook for an hour and a half. Why is Buzz telling us this? Because he wants us to know.

And so he will never admit that he didn’t go to the moon because he can’t, this is the same thing with Neil Armstrong, he came back to the US, and you would think, he could have been a senator, a congressman, or even president. He was good-looking, he was well spoken, he was a hero. But what did he do when he got back? He went to his ranch in Ohio, and I think he did two interviews for the rest of his life. He is dead now, so we can’t find out. But he wasn’t even going to try, to do it. and he never answered any questions about the apollo landings. One of the most telling things though, and you can see this on Youtube, the press conference right after the apollo astronauts landed on earth, and they are sitting there in the press conference and it looked like their dad or their dog just died. I mean, this does not look like three guys who just got back from the most heroic mission ever on earth. They look like three depressed, scared people who really don’t like to lie. And to me that’s the most telling thing of all.

Watch the rest here:


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Michael Tsarion – John Dee and The Macrobes

From the lecture: The Earth Is in Quarantine.  (Part 1 here)

Tsarion: Let me draw a picture for you about a specific time in England, in the 17th century at the time of the Tudor dynasty, a big agenda took place, and it had to do with a character named Sir John Dee. And he worked for the British government, and he was also the ambassador to the court of King James and Queen Elizabeth I, and when he wrote back to the queen, he wrote his signature “007.” because he was the head of MI5, British secret service comes at the end of the Tudor dynasty in the 15th century. Ian Flemming the author of James Bond was a member of the secret service, and when he retired he wrote about his organization. The movies also tell you amazing stories, if you know how to watch them.

mi5logoNotice MI5’s logo, with the pyramid and the eye on top? Well John Dee was a great occultist, sacred geometrist, and court astrologist to Queen Elizabeth. And he was a Rosicrucian, which is why in every capital of the world you have the rose garden, it’s the Tudor rose.

John dee was the man around the time when they actually discovered, there is a barrier up there (the earth is in quarantine: there is a barrier around the planet). They had telescopes and some primitive flying ships. and they tried to leave the planet and couldn’t do it. These technocrats realized they have a serious problem here, no matter what we build, there is a blinkin’ star gate up there. so they were in turmoil, they were in a dilemma, imprisoned in this planet. Remember in the Bible it says “and God will chain the beast to the pit for a thousand years.” Satan being chained to a pit. they realized they couldn’t get out. So John Dee said we need another approach. And he contacted his patrons, the queen of england and her coterie, these original Illuminati types. and he said we need to go to another higher form of intelligence, not extra-terrestrial, but pan-dimensional. they may be able to help us with this. this wasnt the first time a portal would be opened on our earth and it wouldn’t be the last. John Dee contacted some beings that CS Lewis refers to as the Macrobes.

he said that under our level of perception we have the microbes., well CS lewis says there’s another level above us which is the same, we can’t see it with our physical instruments, the instrument of knowing that is the human intuition, or imagination. Well, John Dee being an occultist, a magician of very great power, opened a portal in england in the 15th century and contacted beings of a higher intelligence, these Macrobes. And macrobes don’t actually like being pestered by inferior beings such as himself. And we can’t say if they’re good or they’re bad, those terms don’t work with this sort. But as his mind is nearly frazzled with their interaction, they actually did say “oh whats your problem? oh yeah well we can fix that.” So he said, “Let’s do it.”

But the only trouble was that in order to do it, the information they had to pour through his consciousness, would take literally thousands of years to manifest in real-time. This work was called Enochian magick by the way. It was too big for his consciousness so he had to get all his counterparts in Europe to get on the ball with this, so all these black nobility families and Illuminati families were all working simultaneously at the same time, but obviously history would catch on to this, so they sold it back to us as the “renaissance” and everyone was into it, like a vogue thing. So they put it in this quaint way. The real story was that these scholars were working on this vast amount of knowledge pouring in day and night though the psychics of the world working for these royal families of the world, Cornelius Agrippa and these guys, writing it down.

And then later on it was discovered that it’s so much information, and hard to practicalize, and they don’t even really know what it is, because its advanced science, way beyond what this guy could translate. But it was realized that having individual geniuses working in their little garrisons was not good enough, you have to bring it together, places where scholars could come. and we call these universe-cities, or universities. or colleges, where you collage information. It’s not for you, me and grandma to get a degree. They don’t care about us. Just fifty years ago your fathers didn’t have the privilege of education, they were sweating on the fields, wondering what life was about.

But they found out that to get what you need, you needed to basically use the entire planets mineral resources to pay the people; it’s a business, to build these super technologies. And isn’t it that time, the 14th and 15th century we have the rise of the British empire, this little country spreading its tentacles around the world, isn’t it that time we have the stock exchange rising, the cultural and agricultural revolution rising, so many things out of this time, the new science of Francis Bacon and Newton, and Copernicus, and Kepler? All looks very divided doesn’t it? Well because we are learning it from the universities put together by them in the first place, who know how to disseminate knowledge so that you won’t see the overall pattern, but the few at the top of the pyramid know whats really going on. Just visit England sometime, and you will see: 90% of the stately homes in England today were built around the 16th century. Before that the kings were shivering in their castles, they didn’t even have glass for the windows. Yet suddenly something happens.

But the empire arose and they sent out their pirates. Their emissaries from the Hudson Bay company and the East India company, to the four corners of the world to enslave the world to get the mineral resources, to get the gold you see? To bring it all back for one agenda orchestrated by very few people of the Tudor Dynasty. America’s destiny is very much wrapped up in this. Through the Hudson bay co. and the Russell trust, this country was taken over by pirates. “Pyro-te” fire, the fire ones, the illuminati, the ones who have the fire, just study the pirates alone. Some of these pirate leaders had magical powers, they were also extremely brutal and ruthless.

Now, the Macrobes, they don’t nothing for free. First of all they told John Dee and his cohorts to get the key to the stargate you have to do two things: the first thing is find out how to make matter from energy. But you are too stupid to know how to do that, so we have to teach you how to do the opposite first, which is how to release energy from matter. And that alone is gong to take you 500 years. Remember when Oppenheimer split the atom, that was when they patted themselves on the back because phase 1 was accomplished. Now they are doing the opposite: how to create matter from energy. Which is what the Macrobes told them they need to do to get out of the stargate. MIT, SRI, Sun Corp are just fronts for that particular agenda.

The second key involved the element Silicon. You are talking to John Dee in the 14th-15th century, he’s not gonna know what any of this means. What we are calling the “Silicon Revolution” is the end game being played out.

But the macrobes don’t do anything for nothing.  so john dee goes, “well what do you want? In return for your knowledge?” They said, “we want blood.” Just like any vampire right, blood is energy. When you study the occult, you find that blood is energy. So John Dee goes “oh, well how much do you want and where do you want it?” When and where? So the macrobes said, “well we want sacrifices.” Well isn’t it around that time in the 16th century that the wars begin? Not battles between two maniac kings with 100 knights, but wars? not only the ships and the trade routes and debauchery, but africa, think about what they did to that continent alone? think about they’ve done in america. Why do all the soldiers wear occult symbols? Because in order to have a ritual death, even if it’s your common garden black magician whose going to kill a cat. They have to draw the right circle, do it under the right constellation, do it with the right timing. Think of a mass on a huge level that has to send up energy to these beings. It doesn’t count as a ritual sacrifice unless certain things are done properly. So the location is very important, and the timing, the ritual centers, our cities are actually ritual centers. Do you know there are 23 zodiacs sequestered into Washington DC alone.

So when you see these ritual centers, these cities the geometries that’s been proven to be involved with them, they are designed specially for a reason, those monuments and obelisks you see, to enhance grid energy, to be sacrificial sites.  Lady Diana Spencer was killed not far from the Eiffel tower, at the 13th pillar, almost 100 years to the day that Jack the Ripper killed his first victim, a virgin, right? Lady Diana represented the virgin, in occult terms.  The whores that Jack the Ripper killed represented in esoteric terms “the willing victim” or a sacrificial victim. The 31st of january is when the sign of Virgo goes into the underworld, on that day, the virgin descends into the underworld, so they take out the virgin then.

They are not going to use solar astrology, because the average astrologer would get on to this. They use other kinds of astrology which are more esoteric, I go into this in my work. How geometry and sacred geometry is used in designs of cities, and how assassinations of JFK and other people are entirely based on this. And how American designs of cities are built like a silicon chip.

Watch the full lecture here:

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John Lash – The Gnostic Myth Of Sophia and The Birth Of The Archons


Writer, researcher John Lamb Lash interviewed on TheHighersideChats (THC).

Lash: “Many of us have come to understand the simple fact that if something is repressed, it is probably important for human survival and that certainly applies to the intel of the Gnostics and what I call the Sophianic myth of the mysteries, the pre-Christian pagan mysteries. Historically speaking the story of the Aeon ‘Sophia’ which you can consider as a narrative, has been the single most repressed piece of knowledge in all of human history. And we have been very lucky to have been able to recover this piece of knowledge from the mystery schools, this gem of a narrative because of documents discovered in Egypt in 1945 and other materials, very meager, as you know scant materials in a rather shambolic and disordered condition, but none the less if you apply discipline to organize those materials as I’ve done, and if you pull together the plot it turns out that the material from the Gnostics contains the single and comprehensive description of the origin of humanity and of life on this planet. The single coherent description. And this is kind of a shock, that even though I can say it in plain English it doesn’t necessary register on people’s minds. But that is a fact, it’s not a claim I’m making about the gnostic explanation of how humanity originated, and the origin of ET or alien intrusion on our world, the origin of the planet itself, the origin of the 3 Abrahamic religions and all this. I’m not just making a claim that I think it is better than any other. It is the only complete and coherent explanation of those things that exists, and that is a fact.

This narrative is not something that can be spoon-fed to the human mind. Some of you may be hearing about this narrative for the first time. Some of you may already be familiar with my work. The Gnostic intel in the Sophianic narrative cannot be received merely as information, in a passive manner. The nature of this information is so powerful it’s like a psychoactive plant influencing with your mind. When you take a psychoactive plant you must interact with the intelligence of that plant. Well likewise the Sophianic narrative is like a living entity. It is so powerful that if you are going to take it on you must realize that you cannot be a passive recipient but a participant, who evolves and develops this information, actively.

The four key factors of the Sophianic myth can be outlined simply because the nature of the human mind is to seek answers. They may be a lot of people on the planet who are not interested in the answers to certain ultimate questions. Those human animals who are still awake and functioning as intelligent creatures are certainly going to have the craving to ask certain questions. What are these questions?

  • Where does human life originate?
  • How did the planet earth itself come to exist?
  • Are there alien or external entities who are inimical to the human species and pray and attack on the human species?
  • What is it about the human mind that has brought us to situation in the world today where many things in our social order seem to be going very badly wrong? How did humanity get on such as track to self-destruction?

The Sophianic narrative answers these questions in a coherent and very lucid manner. If you are not satisfied with the answers that might come from religion, and you are still looking might do well to look at what the Gnostics said. So now I will tell you. OK?

First of all, what I call the Sophianic myth is really the story about a Goddess. It’s a narrative about a central character and that character is not a God, it’s a female divine being on the cosmic or galactic level. And her name is Sophia which means ‘wisdom.’ We could give her other names but this is the traditional name given to us by the intel.

The story that contains the answers to these ultimate questions is really her biography. Human beings love stories. This is a story, it’s not a made-up story I must emphasize.  It’s a story that was constructed through many centuries of careful investigation and teamwork by shamans who were capable of investigating such mysteries. And so it is a story that comes from a source of high authenticity. So what the Gnostics told us, these ancient seers, or shamans, was that in order to understand what we are doing on this planet we have to go back to the origin of human species or the human genome which they called the Anthropos, a Greek word, you can translate it as the seed of genome of the Anthropine species. We are the Anthropine species. So how did that species originate? In the core of the galaxy of which we are currently located. So the first thing you could say or do when considering this creation story is that it is set in our galaxy. The setting is important, think of any novel you’ve read or movie you’ve watched. It has to be in a setting. The Gnostics tell you precisely what the setting is, it’s not the universe at large or some place beyond time and space where everything miraculously originates. No. The setting is in the galaxy that we are in. Human beings living today have one thing in common we are all inhabiting a planet. That planet belongs to a solar system, a central system and that solar system is embedded in a galaxy. We are in fact embedded in the third arm of a lenticular spiral galaxy. And it has 4 encircling arms, like a pinwheel. That is the cosmic setting of the Sophianic myth. It does not purport to explain how galaxies originated, and we know there are billions of such galaxies as we know today. It simply goes to our galaxy and to the core of our galaxy.

According to the Gnostic seers who investigated the universe with their minds, at the center of our galaxy at the hub which is about 26 thousand light years from where we are, we are out in the limbs, there at the hub is a huge mass of luminosity. And this is something that astrophysicists would also say. This whole galaxy is alive in two different ways. The way it appears as the core of the galaxy which they called the Pleroma, is different from the way life appears in the four circling arms, called the galactic arms. But there is life all through the galaxy. What they taught was that beings, actual living self-conscious beings, divine beings, Gods and Goddesses if you will, capable of acts of will, of perception, seeing feeling, sensing, just like other living creatures, inhabit the core of the galaxy. So the core of the galaxy in which there are no stars and no planets but only a kind of unformed vast ball of stellar luminosity. This was the habitat of these beings which they called Aeons. So Aeon is the Gnostic word for a God, and they discerned that there are male and female gendered Gods. And that is not so hard to understand because if you think of the Aeons as powerful currents, torrents of Energy, that they would be comparable to positively and negatively charged fields.

So these beings should not be regarded as angelic. Don’t picture them as having any sort of anthropomorphic form. We can ascribe to them feelings, and thought, and will, but if you need to conceive them or visualize them, the best way to do it is as vast torrents or serpent-like currents of energy. They are like great sky dragons and serpents of light, that swim and dance and circulate in the core of the galaxy. This is what the myth says. And the story of humanity begins there. Because the myth says very specifically that these Aeons have a way that they pass their time. They live for countless millions of years, as long as the galaxy lives, and it is their pleasure and way to use their time, to perform experiments. So one way to think of them is as scientists, or like artists and scientists, a combination, who love to create experiments. And one of the ways that they do this is by designing life forms. They design genomic patterns, or what is technically called genomic plasm. And they design these plasms. So if you were to ask a Gnostic where does the human genome originate, they would simply say, it is designed in the galactic core by Aeons, for the purposes of conducting an experiment. This is the explanation they give for the origin of our life form and all other life forms in the galaxy. The DNA of humanity is one consistent plasm of nucleic acid. So this particular genome that came to be manifested as humanity on the Earth was designed according to two Aeons, a male Aeon called Thelete and a female Aeon called Sophia. They gave us these names for the purposes of human intelligence we need names to define things.

THC: “So there is an element at this point, it seems like this plasm has been doled out, to places other than Earth in pervious cycles, and apparently it originated near the Orion nebula, which is interesting because of the Vatican’s interest in the Orion Nebula and all their symbolism hidden in their paintings.”

Well it’s a good point because it brings us to the logical question which follows now: if the human genomic plasm was actually designed by these divine beings in the galactic core, then how did they deploy it so it could unfold in an experiment? Well according to the Gnostic view of our galaxy there is no sentient life or even stars and planets at the core of our galaxy because the massive stellar luminosity at the core is at a constant state of eruption that does support any structures of life, so if life as we know it is going to appear in the galaxy it has to have another environment, so that is what the galactic limbs provide.

The living creature of the Anthropos emerges in the planets in the galactic arms in this way: once the Aeons have designed a creature, a living plasm, they actually project it into the outer arms by a method that can be compared to a device used to fertilize an ovum artificially – a pipet. A long glass nozzle used to capture a sperm when the sperm is then injected into an ovum in artificial insemination. The Aeons emanate a kind of stalk of light from the galactic core and through that stalk they implant the plasm into some place in the galactic limbs and there are many many places that they could do that. So it follows from the logic that there are many life forms evolving all around in our galaxy and there are literally millions of different planets that support life forms in our galaxy.

So in order for this process to develop in a way that is of interest to the Aeons, they like to have the experiment be left to its own development. So they don’t control the experiment after a certain point. Once the human genome was designed it was implanted in the third arm in this spiral galaxy in a particular place, and there are places that are especially favorable to the nesting of these plasms. These places are called molecular clouds. The Orion nebula is a molecular cloud. What scientists now know and to my knowledge this has been only a matter of common knowledge for a bout 10 years, is that these molecular clouds are saturated with water. Well don’t you think that a cloud of water, of mist, its immense by the way, more immense that a solar system, would be an ideal place to deposit this living plasm. Because we know life needs water.

So according to that scenario the Aeons implanted this genome which had been designed by Thelete and Sophia into the molecular cloud of the Orion Nebula and then they just let it be. Well what happens next? Well the Aeons do not control the way the experiment unfolds, they are interested in seeing how it happens according to the conditions provided by the cosmos. They do not interfere, they don’t have a beginning, middle and end plan for these experiments, because they like to leave them open-ended, they respect the freedom of the experiment, it may crash, or it may develop in a beautiful and harmonious way. This is what makes it interesting.

Now, in Gnostic cosmology it’s not correct to say that the Earth is just another planet which happened to arise the galactic arms due to the perpetual conditions of materialization and dematerialization of stars and planets. It’s not correct because the Gnostics said, and it’s from the gospel of Phillip, and its one single line “the world system you inhabit came about due to an anomaly.” Now some scholars translate that last word as a mistake. Due to a mistake, or somethings that was not predicted to happen. It wasn’t a mistake, but the planet did emerge in a bizarre manner. Normally planets arise by a natural process of accretion of matter in the galactic limbs, but the Gnostics say the planet earth was special, an anomaly due to the fact that the Aeon Sophia became so fascinated with how this species would develop, and she became so identified with her creation and with its evolution, that she did something which Aeons do not normally do. She left the galactic core, she plunged out into the arms and became involved in the laws of materialization, gravity, electromagnetism and so forth that work in the arms, and as a result of her fall, this is called “the fall of the Wisdom Goddess,” she herself, turned into the planet earth. So what the Gnostics teach is that we are living on a planet which is a habitat of nature consisting of oceans, forests. rivers, and all of that is actually the materialization of a divinity or Goddess from the galactic core. So the very divinity or goddess that designed us is present right now in this planet, present to us, we can reach her, contact her, know she is present, and communicate and interact with her, and this is an extraordinary situation.  Keep in mind that there are many other planetary laboratories in which this is not the case.


Now finally we come to the even more bizarre phenomenon which is called in the gnostic teachings the “generation of the Archons.” Now as you probably know, but others listening may not know, I introduced the word archons into the discourse about 12 years ago, and since then it’s been taken up by many people, but people need to recognize two things. First of all, I spoke of it the way the Gnostics taught. I didn’t speculate on my own ideas about ET’s. I didn’t use the Sitchin hypothesis. (ET’s engineering the human genome). That is not true. ET’s did not engineer the human genome. The Aeons at the core of the galaxy are our true cosmic parents. What I did was I followed the gnostic intel and I reported on the Archons based on the Gnostic intel. And the second thing that I did which unfortunately many people disregard, is that I stressed that the Gnostics taught that the archons or the ET parasites that prey on humanity, came about as a result of Sophia’s action. That she accidentally produced these Archons. And I can’t think of anyone who used the word Archon today who includes that important piece of information.

“Right you need that whole context to understand what the Archons are. And there is also an element in terms of our solar systems composition that involves the Archons. Maybe you could discuss that.”

Sure let’s make that the last piece of our discussion. The first thing that happened as a result of the plasmic discharge from the galactic core, was that it produced this bizarre species, these insect-like cyborgs called Archons. now if you want to understand this phenomenon you have to investigate the Acari insects, or specifically the abiogenesis of the Acari insects. This was an experiment that was done about 1830 by a man named Andrew Crosse. He produced tiny insects, like mites, by the generation of an electromagnetic field. This is a fact. And I didn’t know this fact when I first reconstructed the Gnostic myth!

images (17)The people who provided us the intel on the Archons and they profiled their nature brilliantly, they described how they abduct souls by night, which you would call ET abductions, they described the appearance as being of a neo-nate form, that is to say a prematurely born fetus with large eyes and a big head, and spindly limbs, all this they described. Well have some respect folks, because the people who gave you that intel also told you where they originated, so don’t ignore that part of the intel. They originated in the solar system before the earth was created, before Sophia herself turned into the earth. And they were given the task, by Sophia, and given the power to organize material and elementary substances into their own habitat, so they created the solar system, independently of the Earth, Sun and Moon. And that solar system that they created that belongs to the Archons is the inorganic part of our solar system, that is to say the inorganic planets: Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, are productions of the Archons and the habitat of the Archons. they live primarily, as far as I can tell in the rings and moons of Saturn. But they are able to travel through the solar system and impinge upon the earth, but they cannot invade the earth, because they cannot live here because oxygen is toxic to them. They are an inorganic species that mainly attacks humanity through telepathic means and by implanting deviant ideas into the human mind. So this is the gnostic message about the Archons, who were created accidentally by our own mother, Sophia.

So what has gone wrong with the divine experiment? Well there are two answers, part of it comes from the Archons and their meddling with the experiment. See the Gnostics claimed that the earth was formed anomalously, and does not belong to the solar system, the earth is a living entity, a living super-organism, captured in an inorganic solar system. The system at large is inorganic, the habitat of the Archons. But the Archons are very intrusive. They do not observe the boundaries of the place where they were put. If they did observe the boundaries they would stay out there, perhaps they would occasionally be detected by human beings with paranormal faculties, but they wouldn’t meddle with us. But the point is they do meddle with us, primarily through entering our minds, and putting foreign implants in our minds. So if you want to understand the role of archons, you have to be able to take on board the concept of what Carlos Castaneda called “a foreign installation.”

“So you were talking about Sophia becoming to earth and being in an inorganic system. There’s also an emphasis on the idea of the sun moon earth system, that it’s like a 3-part system almost like clockwork. And when we talk about the elite they obviously have a synchronization to their events, their false flags, they have codes in their dates, and a lot of people have been speculating why our calendar was reset, at year 1. And I’m curious if this is an Archon plan to get us out of sync with what could be an amazing experience, if we took clues form the sun and moon and the equinox, for how we should be acting.”

Well yeah, the natural opportunity for the human animal on the planet is to synchronize itself with the life rhythms that support our life here, the biorhythms and there are 3 kinds: telluric (motion of earth) lunar biorhythms, (28 day cycle of the moon), and solar biorhythms (4 seasons, and larger rhythm such as sun spot cycles and so on), if we were to observe these rhythms, feel them, respond to them, base our society according to them, then we would live harmoniously in the 3-body system. We are intended by the design of Sophia to live in a 3-body system. We could for instance live in a planetary system that consisted only of a star, the sun, a satellite to the earth, the moon, and the earth. But that 3 body system is captured in the inorganic system of the Archons. So we have two systems operating on us at once. And the tendency of the evil-minded people of the planet is to use the Archontic mindset to take us away from the natural system and put us in an artificial system, the matrix. So when the illuminati use these dates and these codes, they are not really operating and carrying out their nefarious plans according to the natural rhythms, but according to an Archontic system of mind control. That system of mind control that’s called predictive programming, and other things, ‘revelation of the method,’ that would not even work upon us if we lived in a constant interaction with the lunar, solar and terrestrial cycles.

“I’ve heard you describe the lord archon as Jehovah. And there is also this saga that starts with the Zaddikim. Did Jehovah make contact with the Zaddikim?”

Right it appears the Gnostics warned us, about something that happened, not too long ago, I guess around the time of the patriarch Abraham, about 18 hundred BC. Around that time the Archons achieved a great breakthrough into the human mind. Now I want to warn people who have read the works of Zacharias Sitchin and other who claim that these archons hacked in to the human genome. According to the Gnostics they did not succeed to crack into the genome but they did achieve a neural hack. You see the difference? They didn’t biologically crack into the genome because who designed the genome? These cosmic artists and scientists in the galactic core, and they sealed the genome very carefully against intrusion.


However, around 18 hundred BC it appears the overlords – the archons can be considered a hive species. Most of them are drones, the drones are the Whitley Strieber gray alien type, which is called a neo-nate because it resembles a prematurely born fetus. But there are archon overlords or one master of the hive, who is described as Drakona in the Greek Coptic texts, that is a draconic or reptilian form. So there is a reptilian overlord and then there are the Archon drones. This is how you visualize them based on the Gnostic intel, given to us 16 hundred years ago, so they had the scoop on the Archons and ET’s before anyone else on the planet.

They warned us, Irenaeus, in “Against Heresies” in that book he says, “that the lord Archon Yaldabaoth, managed to get access to the mind of a certain part of the human species, the ancient Hebrews. They infected the mind of the Hebrews with an alien virus, with an alien mindset. They chose the Hebrews to be their representative, to wage war on the rest of the human species. By using the ancient Hebrews as their instruments of intrusion. The way they did that is they installed an implant in the brain, a neural hack in to the brains of that particular tribe of people, and as a result there arose a cult, a sect, it didn’t involve all the people of the Hebrew or Jewish racial lineage, but a certain fraction formed a cult called the ‘Zaddikim’ meaning ‘the righteous’ or ‘the superior,’ or ‘the supreme’, and this cult arose around 18 hundred BC and this cult is the germ of salvationist and messianic religion. And it developed first in Judaism, and then it spread to Christianity, and finally to Islam. So all three of the Abrahamic religions derive from the same source, and that is an extraterrestrial implant in the mind. it sounds like a science fiction scenario and yet it is an exact paraphrase of what the Gnostics taught.

This foreign influence takes the form of a religions ideology of salvation, the messiah, the chosen people, and the end-of-the-world scenario. Those ideas which are widespread, do not even belong in the human mind, they are not a product of human mentality, even though they gave been received and translated by our minds, they originated as an alien virus.

Through St Paul, the Archontic virus which had been incubating in the ancient Hebrews in the Zaddikim sect went pandemic in Christianity. So it mutated, and rebooted itself in Christianity, and then rebooted again in more vicious form, in Islam. When you realize these religious ideologies do not originate in the human mind, that is a tremendously incredible awakening.”

Watch the full interview here:

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Ralph Ellis – The Biblical Patriarchs were the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt

This interview is a follow-up on my post on Michael Tsarion’s work on the Hyksos “royal bloodline” that according to him became the ruling elite Illuminati bloodlines of today. I strongly recommend reading that post first here, before reading this one.

According to Ellis, who inspired Tsarion’s work, there has been a major biblical cover-up concerning this Hyksos Dynasty. Again this goes back to the notion of the Bible as a code written for those “with ears to hear.”

Interviewed by Red Ice Radio.

Ellis: the theory I ran with is that the bible is a true history that has been distorted, and we have forgot our true history.

It’s not exactly a cover up or conspiracy, but millennia ago people knew more about this true history more than we do now. I mean if you read Josephus Flavius, he clearly said that the early Israelites were the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt. now thats what I had started on, and here he is agreeing with me entirely. so even in that era, they knew there was this alternative history perhaps. so i think knowledge has been lost.

Red Ice:“When did you stumble upon the connection to Egypt?”

About 15 years ago, when I was researching the exodus, and I came across this alternative exodus, which happens to be similar to the biblical one. And this is from history, nothing to do with the bible. There were a people in Egypt and they were referred to as shepherds. and one of their kings was called Jacob. And they wore earrings, and had hair in ringlets, and were circumcised. And they were involved in a war with the southern Egyptians. And at the same time there was storms and darkness and plagues. And as a result of this there was civil war. And some half million of these people were ejected from Egypt on a big exodus, and ended up in jerusalem. They were kind of a large military force and destroyed Jericho. Does that sound a wee bit familiar? but thats not biblical history thats real history, the history of the Hyksos people of Egypt, they are thought to have been immigrants, we’re not too sure, but they took over lower Egypt which is the northern half, and they set up their own kingship there, so Egypt was divided, as it often was in its history. So these northern pharaohs were called the Hyksos, or Shepherd Kings, and of course all the patriarchs in the bible are called “shepherds.”


Depiction of the Hyksos

So its seems unlikely that there would be two exoduses in history that are so similar. But that one item changes the whole of the bible, because it means that you have to start equating a lot of the old testament text with Egyptian history, and people don’t want to do that because it upsets much of biblical history. And so people shy away from it whether they are theologians, egyptologists, to go off on this tangent. they might lose funding, or its against their religious beliefs.

But if we start looking at the texts, a lot of what its saying actually comes out of Egyptian history. Psalm 104 comes from the hymn to Aton, written by the pharaoh Akhenaton. there are a number of these. The Joseph plot, of Joseph going down into Egypt is basically the same as the tale of two brothers, which is an Egyptian text. The Nile turning red, that comes from the Destruction of Mankind, another Egyptian text. the Lord’s Prayer comes from the Maxims of Ani, the Sermon on the Mount also comes from the Maxims of Ani. especially the bit about where Jesus says “God does not like it if you indulge in vain repetitions.” straight of the Maxims of Ani. Proverbs, a greats section comes out of Amen Imhotep, and its almost word for word. and this is not generally known in the public. well its actually quite well known among people who look at these texts, but they are not generally making it known to the general public.

“It seems like religious authorities should be excited about this, because in a historical sense it would verify the bible, but as you say it’s not received well, why do you think that is?”

Right to me its more authoritative if its based in real history, but there are lots of problems for theologians, because it changes the theology they are trying to teach. It means that the teachings of Jesus are not unique. it means he was just regurgitating old teachings, he was not a unique character but one of a long line of characters teaching these truisms. they turned Jesus into such a unique God figure, that to have him just one in a great line of princes, because I believe he was a prince of Egypt of course. It takes that uniqueness away from him and they will not entertain that. and the Jews have the same problem because the Jews say they are a unique people. That they were persecuted by the Egyptians. And what I’m saying is that they were Egyptians themselves. so the Jews have a problem as well. It means they were not necessarily the persecuted underdogs with a terrible pharaoh chasing them out of the country. They were actually as powerful as the pharaoh himself. because there were two – the pharaoh in the south and the pharaoh in the north. And the northern one was a Jew. Because the Jews were the Hyksos, the northern Egyptians.

So you can imagine that causes quite a few theological problems. the Jews were in Egypt and had a sacred mountain. now where would that sacred mountain be if these people were Egyptian. Because even in the Bible it admits that these people were in Egypt – whose leaders were very powerful. Joseph was prime minister of all Egypt of course. Moses was a prince of Egypt. And according to Josephus and his history, Moses was a top army commander who led the expedition again the Nubians in the South. So these were powerful people who lived in northern Egypt by Cairo. And Joseph with his coat of many colors is obviously a priest. because he married the high priest of Heliopolis’s daughter. and to marry in you’ve got to be part of that association really. That means he must of been substantially Egyptian, you could not become a high priest of Egypt if you did not fully follow the Egyptian religion, if you were not conversant with the language and culture.

But there is a problem with the Bible because these people were living in Heliopolis, and yet nowhere in the whole of the Bible does it mention the pyramids of Giza. Now these were the most marvelous monuments in the whole world. when most people were living in mud huts. Here was a monument that reached 155 meters into the sky. and yet not once is it mentioned. Which is very strange isn’t it? How can you have this great text of Egypt and not mention the pyramids, well they do mention it we have just got the name confused. the great pyramid of Giza is actually called Mount Sinai. Because if you’re going to have a sacred mountain in Egypt, not of simply the Jews but the Hyksos or lower Egyptians, is it going to be in some rocky crag, miles and miles from where they live? Or are you to have a man-made mountain, that reaches up into the sky and made millimeter perfect, that contains mathematical knowledge? These were the sacred mountains!

slideheader26(…He goes on to describe the black basalt stones that used to surround the pyramid, contrasted with the white limestone of the pyramid itself.)

“Is there a connection between the symbolism of the checkered flood of Masonry and Egypt?”

One of the offshoots of Egyptian theology that has been preserved in some sense more precisely that Christianity or Judaism is Masonry. Within a Masonic lodge you have  black and white checkered floor, I’m sure this has come in some way from this black basalt pavement around the great pyramid, and the white limestone stones of the pyramid itself. and of course every masonic temple is formed of a double square, and if you look at the kings chamber its formed of a double square, (twice as long as it is wide). it is also facing east west. Which is the same as a Masonic temple has to face. The long edge is always East – West. The Masonic temple layout is formed from the image of the kings chamber inside the great pyramid.

“Do you think that its possible to connect the image of the all-seeing-eye above the pyramid with this, because I was considering what you were saying about moses going into, or at the top of mount sinai, or in this case inside the pyramid itself. But, isn’t there a connection also between an active volcano and the symbolism of moses? In regards to their being a light on the top of a mountain.”

dollarnote_siegel_hqYes because everything in Egyptian theology was not only dualist but could be read in two ways, and it became convoluted, you can look at it in two fashions. I think the original embolism was that the all seeing eye was associated with the third pyramid, which had a capstone, the unfinished pyramid, and it had the eye of Ra, just like on the one dollar note, and first degree tracing board. but I’m pretty sure it had a platform for Astronomy/Astrology, for viewing the heavens, above all the smog of the fires, people brewing cups of tea on the ground and so forth. and they had the best view of Ra as he came over the horizon. I’m pretty sure the priesthood would have gone to the top of the great pyramid, and they would probably, as part of their ritual, may well have made sacrifices up there as well, kind of like the central american people made sacrifices on top of their pyramids. and so you would then have an image of a large pyramid with smoke coming out of the top of it, a very volcano like image.

However on top of that, the whole of this exodus business occurred, the whole of these plagues and storms occurred because the island of Thera exploded in about 1620 BC. here we have another pyramid as it were, with fire on the top. here we had a real volcano, they used to call the island Tiftu – meaning the island with a pillar. the eruption covered the whole of the eastern Mediterranean in  an ash cloud, and they know that that ash fell in Egypt because they found the layer of ash in northern Egypt. and here again we bring back the links with the old testament, because moses says exactly the same, “exodus 9:8: and the lord said unto Moses and unto Aaron, take you handfuls of ashes from the furnace and let Moses sprinkle it towards the heaven in sight of the pharaoh and it shall become small dust in all of the land in Egypt. so what is that if not the ash fall coming out of Thera? and it is that event that caused the plagues and caused the exodus. so here we have the cause of the exodus. And it was that incident which started the civil war between the Hyksos and these southern Egyptians. we know that because the Hyksos were pushed out of Egypt, only about 50 years after the eruption of Thera. so its pretty obvious that the two incidences are co-incident. in chronology and in the fact that the war of the Egyptians it says that the Hyksos were evicted from Egypt after a great storm came over Egypt. and so effectively the whole of the bible was only written really, because of the Thera eruption, because these people were driven out of Egypt, and lost their homes. and so they wrote down a history of their people, and that became the old testament.

“Fascinating. Would you say the modern world is spawned from Egypt, that our culture is an offshoot of this Hyksos culture?”

Yes, very definitely because it was their downfall, but it was the downfall that made them. it even says that in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” because Egypt was the superpower of that region in 1500BC. and yet a great proportion, the texts say up to a million people, although there is a tendency to exaggerate in these texts, were kicked out of Egypt. and they could have gone anywhere, and I think they did go anywhere. they could have gone by land up to Syria, but they may have gone across the Med on boats as well, and we also know that these Hyksos people were great friends with the Minoans. and it had been the Minoans who had been pushed out of Thera originally and a lot had settled in northern Egypt with the Hyksos. and the Minoans were the great sailers of that era. so now we have a people being pushed out of Egypt, and they have a great navy to do it with. so we can have an exodus across the mediterranean. these people who went out across the mediterranean were the great super power of that era. and they find themselves in places like Sicily, Corsica, and Malta, and the Balearic islands next to Spain, and they find themselves with almost uninhabited lands, and with a people who were culturally and technologically far below them. so they were able to take over these lands and people to show them that the tech that they understood in terms of metallurgy, weapon manufacture and they could turn these people into major rival civilization. and this is why we suddenly see the sudden rise of Greece, the western Med, the Spanish mainland. they all began to blossom in about this era. and i think its because of this infusion of technology and knowledge from these people who had been evicted from Egypt. so they seeded new cultures and new civilizations all across the Med because of this one very event.

“I think it is fascinating that it validates the bible historically, but do you think in regards of the bible that it has been edited and so forth, are you looking into other texts, apocryphal texts?”

I look into all of them. the information is all there, but yes it has been corrupted. so you have to be careful about what it says. and if you read it correctly you will find that the information is 100% correct, and 100% original, verbatim, as it was. you just need to understand what its talking about. one of the classic ones is Joseph coming to Egypt. Joseph goes into Egypt and becomes prime minister as I’d said, then his family comes down, and he’s a bit worried about this, and he says to his brothers as they come down, because he has 11, as you know, and he said, look pharaoh is going to want to speak to you, but whatever you do, don’t say that we are shepherds. you must say that we look after cattle, that we are cattle herders, because if pharaoh finds out that we are shepherds he will throw you out of Egypt, because shepherds are an abomination to Egypt. and you’ve got to think why is he saying this? and the answer is we are not translating this properly. in the bible it is given as a warning about agriculture, about real shepherds and cattle breeders. but it wasn’t, it was all to do with Astrology. and what he was really meaning, was that when you meet pharaoh do not tell him that we are shepherd kings, i.e. the Hyksos, but tell pharaoh instead that we are bull worshippers, not cattle breeders but bull worshippers. because remember the great religion of Egypt was the Attis bull. because shepherds are an abomination to them and they will throw us out of the country yes of course they would have done this because Joseph was a descendant of the Hyksos, who were known as the Shepherds, they were the shepherd pharaohs, well of course the Egyptians would have hated the Hyksos they had just  had a civil war with them, and thrown them out of the country in a great exodus, so no wonder they would have been hated by the southern Egyptians. so it makes sense if you view it in terms of theology, and not agriculture. so this might be, in the bible, an actual verbatim conversation between Joseph and his brothers, regarding the southern pharaoh. so its quite possible that the bible is not only correct, but verbatim correct, because it actually makes sense if you understand the context. and the context is not farmers and looking after sheep, but about the theology of Egypt, between the Attis bull worshippers and the shepherd kings.


and of course this difference between the shepherd kings is all Astrology of course. the era of Taurus ended in about 1800 BC, and that would have been the era of Attis bull worship. and after Taurus is Aries. so there was this change from Taurus to Aries, and I have no doubt that this is why the shepherd kings became known as the shepherd kings, because they went with this new constellation and the southern Egyptians did not, for whatever reason. they were no longer looking that the heavens, they kept on with their old bull worship. but the northern Egyptians had changed and gone on to Aries, which is why they were called the Hyksos.

Watch the whole interview here:

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Zachary Hubbard – The Gematria Effect: Las Vegas False Flag

There are lots of signs, clues and riddles leading conspiricists/truthers like myself to hypothesize the Vegas shooting as a false flag, orchestrated by the Dark Occultists. Lately the most telling sign, to me, is the gematria and numerology of the event. 

From Truth Frequency Radio –

images21Zach: Everyday what comes through the news is scripted: news media, sports games all part of a script. Sports games are predetermined, news is predetermined and it’s all scripted in this code called Kabbalah. And that’s a mysticism that dates back to Babylon, which is now mostly just practiced within Judaism. The core belief is that  God created the world with language by coding the letter with the number. And traditionally its practiced within Hebrew and Greek, but when you learn the code it’s very clear that the English language is built with the same system.

Where I want to start with the letter ‘t’. t is the 20th letter. time = 20 cross = 20 seasons =20. The cross has been used to represent time, and of course the lower case ’t’ looks like a cross.

The other half of the code is running ‘Z’ as one and ‘A’ as 26, the reverse method. ‘Washington DC’ in reverse is 187. If you write out ‘George Washington’ = 187 forwards. ‘Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’ = 187 and they are headquartered in Washington DC. DC was at one time the Catholic colony, controlled by the Jesuits who are also known as the ‘Society of Jesus’ = 187. and that’s why its Virginia and Maryland that surround DC, the Virgin Mary. Right now we have a Jesuit president, Trump who went to Fordham university, we also have the first Jesuit pope supposedly. From Trump’s birthday to the popes birthday is 187 days. And we just saw Trump visit the pope on the 144th day of the year. Jesuit order = 144. Once you know this code you see whats going on in the world. Trump had is GOP convention start in Ohio, July 18th. Written as 18/7, its lot like 187. 187 days before inauguration day, in DC.

Rigged elections, scripted news, scripted sports games, you pay attention to the group of numbers we talk about and see how often they show up on the headlines. Almost the entire code comes back to time, that’s why I started with ‘T’. Go to Dereks website “Gematrinator.com” to see the 4 main cyphers yourself.

Now lets focus on the Las Vegas false flag and see the code in action. I told people to watch out for that weekend, the weekend of Yom Kippur, the holy Jewish day of atonement for your sins, and this happened where? Sin City. Derek?

Derek: “we have the route 91 harvest, just missing a digit from 911. People need to understand how important the calendar is in these events. The date was October 1st which left 91 days in the year. And who just died on the Jesuit orders birthday? Hugh Hefner, at the age of 91. 91 is the 13th triangular number. and this is significant because its the 6th prime number.

If you type in ‘Las Vegas‘ in the reverse order it equals 130. You drop the zeros in numerology, so 130 is like 13. Now in the Barcelona van attack, 4 days before the solar eclipse, and ‘Barcelona Spain’ = 130, 13 people are supposed to have died with 130 injured. The 13th prime number is 41, this Las Vegas shooting occurred 41 days after the solar eclipse. And if you understand what this is all about its  Saturn worship, really, and the moon has a lot to do with that, if you’re wondering how they’re related, its the mathematics. The moon takes 29.5 days to spin around the earth. And it takes Saturn 29.5 years to orbit around the sun. It’s all so perfect. Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, and as we’ve said 13 is the 6th prime number.

41 days after the solar eclipse, the 13th prime number. Now the 41st prime number is 179. If you write out ‘Stephen Craig Paddock,’ it sums to 179. His name is perfectly crafted for this event. The gematria of the city, ‘Paradise, Nevada’, in English extended, where after 9 it goes 10, 20 , 30 and so on, it sums to 741. Saturn too equals 741. This was a Saturn sacrifice ritual. In Jewish gematria ‘Paradise Nevada’ sums to 1001. What was the date of the shooting? 10/01. 1001 days after the Sheriff of Paradise Nevada got sworn in. These sheriffs and mayors who are hiding this stuff always get sworn in on these dates.

The Governors birthday, August 5th, written 5/8 in most parts of the world. This shooting was 58 days after his birthday. Freemasonry = 58. For most of the day they were reporting 58 people dead. The mayor of this as well, Carolyn Goodman, was born on 3/25. ‘Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’ = 325. What happened on 3/25 in Las Vegas earlier this year? There was a false flag shooting on the Las Vegas strip, right off Bellagio drive.

Zach: when the first one happened on 3/25 I put out a video  explaining how the Jesuits controlled the word of sports and news, and sync them up as rituals, at the time of the false flag in Vegas there were two jesuit schools playing each other in college basketball: Xavier and Gonzaga. And the shooting came on the 84th day of the year. Jesuit = 84. Las vegas strip = 84, Mandalay Bay Casino = 84. From the March 25th shooting to the October 1st shooting was a span of 191 days. Society of Jesus = 191. Active shooter = 191. We get active shooters in Vegas on the strip 191 days apart.

I’ve now seen them reporting two different room numbers he was shooting from. Room 132 was the first report, then 135. This came exactly 132 days after the Ariana Grande concert false flag. England = 132. ‘United States of America = 132,’  ‘Catholic church’ = 132 and if you count the whole span of days, it was 133 days. Las Vegas Nevada = 133, like ‘president’ like ‘government’ like ‘white house.’ And when Trump first began campaigning for president, they were a lot of headlines about him being the 133rd richest man in the world. And there was one about him having his 133rd interview on Fox news in his life. And I was wondering why are they carrying that like its a news story?

Derek: so you mentored the shooting was 191 before October 1st. Society of Jesus = 191. Also that shooting on the mayor’s birthday 3/25, was 149 days before the eclipse. Revelation = 149. This whole shooting was a large Revelation riddle, as I’m learning now as I’ve begun decoding the bible, and seeing how they are paying tribute to the numbers from that book everyday. And its kind of easy to see how they are viewing current days as potential end times from the bible. They are certainly having fun with these numbers.

Zach: Now for the kicker, the Jesuit Order turned 477-years-old this year. From the June 12, 2017 false flag in the Orlando night club, “the worst mass shooting in U.S. history,” to the October 1, 2017 shooting, the new worst, was 477 days. Ritual sacrifice = 477.

Listen to the full show here:


or check out Derek’s video here:

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Was Heath Ledger Ritually Murdered By The Illuminati?

Illuminatirex: “Heath Ledger rose to fame following his breakout role in 10 Things I Hate About You opposite Julia Stiles. He went on to star in The Patriot, Monster’s Ball and a Knight’s Tale before being recognize by the Hollywood elite for his role in Brokeback Mountain for which he received multiple nominations. The actor went on to play lucrative part in The Dark Knight and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Unfortunately, Ledger never got to see his last two movies. He was found dead in his SoHo apartment after taking a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs.

In late 2010, actor Randy Quaid, who had worked with Ledger on Brokeback Mountain, applied for asylum in Canada. Quaid claimed that he was fleeing from a group of Hollywood insiders that he called the Star Whackers. According to Quaid, the group routinely murders actors in order to benefit from related insurance settlements.

Randy Quaid specifically attributed Ledger’s death to the Whackers as well as David Carradine’s in Bangkok. He also said that Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan would be the group’s next targets.

Monarch Theories: The Monarch theorists claim that Heath Ledger was a mind control victim – a Monarch slave. His inability to sleep was due the sleep deprivation method used in his programming. Mary-Kate Olsen’s role in the affair was as a courier between the Illuminati and Ledger. (source)

“I remember Heath saying, ‘I’ve got a lot to do. I don’t feel like I have much time … I just don’t think I’m going to be around that long,’ ” his longtime friend, hip-hop artist N’fa Forster-Jones, says in Spike TV’s documentary I Am Heath Ledger, this quote appearing in people magazine. Now why would a healthy 28 year old feel like they are not going to be around that long? It is almost like he knew he was going to be taken out. Friends and family of his said that his mind was always busy, going at a hundred miles an hour, and like the guy never slept.

Max Spiers: Heath Ledger who played the Joker in Batman died on Jan. 22 2008, which is interesting because the number 22 is in sync with the Joker tarot card, and being a joker and all that. I’m suggesting that the batman movies have some kind of ritual magic involved….

His real father wasn’t the father who was shown to the public. His real father was a famous actor who did a lot of theater in the 50’s and 60’s. Can’t remember his name.

All the ritual murders are planned at the birth of the child anyway. So they already know at birth that this child is going to be murdered at a certain time, on the 19th birthday this child is going to be taken out. It happened with Eric Clapton and his child Conner Clapton who fell out the window. So there’s a price for fame and power.”

Could Heath Ledgers death be his price for fame, or even his father’s price for fame? Was it planned all along? Part of a ritual sacrifice to the wicked industry of Hollywood dark occultists? The strongest evidence for this comes from the last two movies of Ledger’s career before his death: The Dark Knight Rises (part of the Batman trilogy) and the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Both movies contain a lot of occult symbolism, some of which connect directly with each other (even though on the surface the two movies are unrelated). For example in the Batman movie he plays the Joker which is a tarot card (the fool), and in the Imaginarium he plays the Hangman, another tarot card. Tarot is a huge part of the occult.

If that isn’t enough of a connection, in his Joker role, there is a scene at the end where he is hanging from a rope by his leg, in the exact same way as the Hangman tarot card.


Here he is hanging from his neck under a bridge in The Imaginarium, where his character is first introduced. Notice the strange Satanic markings on his forehead. The most telling is the Illuminati triangle with the eye inside it.

According to Vigilant Citizen, “The hanging from a bridge scene is inspired by the actual 1982 hanging of Roberto Calvi (dubbed “God’s banker” due to his relations with the Vatican). The hanging took place under the exact same bridge. Although never publicly confirmed, there are strong theories that Roberto Calvi’s death was a symbolic and ritualistic murder carried out by the black masonic lodge called Propaganda Due.”

Vigilant Citizen also points out another link between the two movies: “At one moment the travelling show is parked in the area of Battersea power station (on the cover of Pink Floyd album ‘Animals’) , which was also a location for the film ‘The Dark Knight.’

His character “Tony” is revived from near death but has amnesia upon waking (a nod to MK Ultra split personalities perhaps?).

Tony then becomes a helper in Dr. Parnassus’ Imaginarium, a traveling side-show with surprises. People go behind the mirror and are transported to an alternate dimension of pure imagination. Notice the Masonic checkerboard symbolism here.ledger magic mirror

Vigilant Citizen: “The numerous references to death during the movie could be interpreted as a tribute to Heath Ledger, but, as (the director/writer) Terry Gilliam states, none of the script was rewritten after the tragedy. Here is an excerpt of the director’s interview with Last Broadcast:

The film is terribly poignant film to watch now because of the loss of Heath.

Yes, it is.

And there are the references to death in the film that seem terribly poignant in the light of what happened. Did you re-emphasise any of that after his death?

The references to death were all in the original script, which people don’t understand. They all thought we had written this stuff after Heath had died and no, we didn’t change any of the words. And that to me is what’s so kind of scary and spooky – why was it so prescient? It seemed to be all about death, it’s so much of it. There are forces at work on this film, don’t get me into my mystical mode … but the film made itself and it was co-directed by Heath Ledger!”



There is an eerie scene that takes place inside the Imaginarium where we see little boats with pictures of other celebrities who died young: Princess Diana, James Dean, and Rudolph Valentino.

“All these people … they’re all dead.”

Tony replies:

“Yes … but immortal nevertheless. They won’t get old or fat. They won’t get sick or feeble. They are beyond fear because they are … forever young. They’re gods … and you can join them.”

He then adds:

“Your sacrifice must be pure.”

All of this is said by Johnny Depp, the actor who replaced Heath Ledger after his premature death.

Gilliam: “Everyone said he died young, but I think he was about 150 when he died. This was not a kid. There was wisdom there. I didn’t know where it came from – none of us knew – but everybody that was close to him says the same thing.”

VC: “People close to Ledger observed a strange transformation in him during the filming of Batman: The Dark Knight.”

As we know, The Dark Knight Rises was the movie playing during the Aurora shooting massacre where James Holmes dressed up as the Joker by dying his hair red. Was Max Spiers right in suggesting that there may be some kind of black magic ritual involved with this movie? In an earlier post I laid out evidence linking the Aurora shooting and Sandy Hook, through a scene in the Batman movie here.


I believe the strange premature death of Heath Ledger is another piece of this puzzle.

Check out Vigilant Citizen’s more thorough breakdown of The Imaginarium and Heath Ledger’s possible ritualistic murder here: https://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/the-imaginarium-of-doctor-parnassus-and-heath-ledgers-sacrifice/

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The 33 Code, ‘As Above So Below,’ and The Barcelona Attack

“As below, so above and beyond, I imagine,
drawn beyond the lines of reason.” – Tool

In this post we will look at the mysterious number 33 that pops up everywhere in nature, in the occult, Gematria, and conspiracy research.

As Above So Below

A scientist should begin with nature and all things not man-made: the number 33 codes into our bodies and the planet itself. There are 33 vertebrae in the human spinal column, which connect to 33 nervous system groups. The body resonates 33 octaves above the Schumann resonance or the resonance at which the Earth itself rings like a bell. Occultists would look at this as evidence that our bodies are reflections of the universe itself; the microcosm and the macrocosm are, in the last analysis, equivalent. Small and large are illusions, atomic structure with electrons orbiting nuclei is the same as planets orbiting suns, etc. This is the meaning of “as above so below.”

Mystery schools have been obsessed with the number 33 since their inception, the Kabbalah has 33 paths through the Sephiroth, the Freemasons have 33 degrees, etc.

Bob Fischer in his work covers this in more detail, “Richard Hoagland has connected Scottish Freemasonry with NASA. At Cape Canaveral, the two launch pads of Apollo space missions, the runway 33 is 33 degrees west of north. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is on the moon holding the flag of Freemasonry. Why 33? Jesus is said to have performed 33 miracles, died at age 33. King David, father of Solomon reined for 33 years…The UN emblem divides the Earth into 33 sections. The great seal at the back of the dollar bill. The obverse side, with the eagle, lets count the feathers on the wings, the left 33, the right, 32….”

In Eastern cultures 33 appears as well, according to ridingthebeast.com

  • “The 33 divinities, divided into three classes, invoked in the songs of the Rig-Veda.
  • The Zen books represent us the genius solar surrounded by 33 atmospheric gods.
  • After a fast of 40 days, Buddha left the desert to go to exert his apostolate and he was followed by 33 princes of spirits to which he gave the sacred instruments that are used by the musicians in the pagodas. A legend wants also that 33 “Arhats” spread Buddhism.”

Perversion of the Mystery Teachings

While I believe mystery schools which have employed the 33 code began as a benevolent force preserving ancient key knowledge about the micro- and macrocosms, at some point in history many of the schools were hijacked and coopted by dark forces which we can call the Dark Occult or the Illuminati, and they have been using the 33 code and other ancient symbolism ever since, for sinister reasons, such as terrorizing the masses and implementing their dreaded Orwellian New World Order.

Their favorite method of terror is the infamous false flag. An event has the stamp of being an orchestrated false flag when it happens along astrologically significant dates and times, and when within their headlines by the Illuminati-controlled mainstream media, we see numbers and patterns which employ this 33 code and other numbers that have occult significance.

Again does this mean that gematria, numerology, astrology and the occult in general is evil and demonic? No! These knowledge systems have simply been coopted by sinister forces using them for their own dark agendas. Part of the mind control is getting us to think of the occult as the work of the devil. The occult simply means hidden knowledge. Knowledge is neither good or bad, it is how it is used that carries a moral distinction.

One researcher who goes very deep into the 33 code within recent false flag events is Youtuber Zachary Hubbard. Now a disclaimer about this man. I was born and raised in a Jewish family, so I am bothered to no end by his Anti-Semitic rhetoric, but as a researcher I must separate the man from his work, as I believe a lot of his material is accurate and informative regarding the Gematria code, I just don’t agree that it is a Jewish conspiracy, it is a group of people happy to masquarade as Jews and throw them under the bus, but are really Satanists and Dark Occultists.

(Note: Another very good researcher into this dark Gematria Code is ExtraCapsa’s blog.)

Barcelona Van Attack – Another False Flag?

Let’s look at Hubbard’s break down of the recent terror attack in Barcelona Spain, where a van supposedly rammed into a crowd, to see this 33 Gematria code in action. Keep in mind when you hear about terror attacks that many of them may be false flags (Illuminati orchestrated) and that some of the false flag attacks may not be attacks at all but hoaxes (mainstream media lies or fake news) where no-one was even hurt or killed. Not all false flags are hoaxes however, sometimes real people die, so we must research this area very carefully and not jump to conclusions. A good scientist does not believe anything, but simply holds and tests the weight of a given set of hypotheses, until these hypotheses give ground to new ones….

Hubbard: “In Spain, they are reporting 1 dead, 32 injured. That’s 33 people. What is 33 in the language of Gematria, the ancient practice of coding numbers into words? That’s the number of ‘police’ and ‘false flag,’ (full reduction, Gematrinator.com). 33 is coded into all false flag propaganda in the media. And all these stories come through the ‘Police’ = 33 (full reduction). Police are controlled by ‘Masonry’ = 33 . Masonry is a secret society, Secrecy = 33, like the word Order = 33. In the United States of America, D.C., headquarters of the federal government, Federal = 33. U.S. was founded by Freemasons who came over from Europe such as Spain where today’s terror attack is, think about Christopher Columbus, the Spaniard, C.C. – C is the 3rd letter, (33), he sailed and discovered the Americas which = 33, where the Native Americans already lived which he called Indian = 33. Our entire history has been contrived by this code, these numbers are used in ritualistic fashion to shape our understanding of history and the present. There are other numbers besides 33 but we are focusing on it here. Charlottesville codes 33 as well. This terror hoax pattern will continue until we put a stop to it. I even made a joke about how often they are ramming cars into crowds now. And here we are again. When we saw the early media images there was no sign of a van, no sign of injured people, but there was a lot of police around.

The headline from CNN said “One dead, several hurt in Barcelona terror attack,” which codes in reverse ordinal gematria to 666. 666 is closely related to 33. Genesis = 33 just like the word Birth = 33 just like the word Seed = 33. Genesis means “in the beginning” which equals 137 which is the 33rd prime number. All of these numbers behind the letters comes from a biblical code which comes from the Torah which begins with Genesis. What you need to know about Genesis using the Sumerian cypher which is multiplying x 6 for the ordinal methods, Genesis also equals 666. This is a biblical number from Revelations 13:18 where it is written in the form of an Isopsephy riddle. “Isopsephy” is the Greek practice of coding numbers behind words, and they are thousand of years old. They would write a number and then a riddle, and the person would have to solve for what word that was. In the bible it tells that the number of the beast is 666, ‘Isopsephy,’ what the riddle is, is 666.

So here is how 666 connects to 33. When you write out “thirty three,” it sums to 156 in English Ordinal. When you write out “six six six,” it sums to 156. In Revelations 13:18, 666 is “the number of a man” which equals 156 (english ordinal) and 66 (full reduction). “Here is wisdom” sums to 66 just like “number of the beast,” just like Revelations is the 66th book of the bible, “Mankind” = 66. Mankind was created on the 6th day. In Sumerian, “Humanity” sums to 666. When you know this method you will see through a lot. In Revelations the beast rules for 42 months, when you write out “forty two months” you get 66 (reverse full reduction). The New World Order operates by a code, that you can see through if you learn the language they are speaking which is Gematria, which is Isopsephy.

“Deadly Terror Attack In Spain,” the latest CNN headline, codes to 112, which is the emergency dialing code in Spain and the majority of the world, also true of the U.S you can dial 911 or 112, you will be connected.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 3.59.55 PM

This image is from Turner = 33, just like Cameraman = 33, the people that sell us out on the daily. And you can see the 112 on the emergency vehicle.

The attack also occurred in Las Ramblas, Spain. Las Ramblas codes to 26, which syncs up with the date of the attack 8/17/2017 (8+1+7+2+1+7=26). Like I just explained with Charlottesville, every false flag terror attack is synced up with the date and location in this way, without exception.”

Further Gematria research (47 and 74 are also significant):images 33 gemimages (74) gemimages (11)

Watch the rest here of Hubbard’s video here:

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