Isis Sophia and The Great Reset Of Time

A look at the occult symbolism behind the Netflix series The Gift.


Always some odds and ends that surface after I put out a video.

First of all, the rare Sun and Sirius alignment happens every 1,700 years:

In numerology we drop the zeroes, giving us 17. As we saw, tarot card 17 The Star, depicts the Goddess Isis with her eight-pointed star, Sirius:

Linkin Park – ‘Lost’

So the gifted daughter, the manifestation of Eve or the Holy Sophia, when she is channeling the Gods her eyes turn different colors:

This is explained in the show that she is manifesting Horus, who as we know, lost his left eye to his brother Set-Typhon (who Steiner equates with Ahriman). The Eye of Horus symbolism then is a symbol of the Dark Occult, or to borrow a name from Fallout, the Followers of the Apocalypse, because they are saying that at least WE have the God Horus’ left eye. In their hands His eye powers Transhumanism, its a different color because it sees and projects an AI augmented reality. It creates an artificial matrix much like Google glasses or what Elon Musk is trying to do with Neuralink. This is all Ahriman-inspired.

So right around the time of the earthquake that killed thousands in Turkey, where this Netflix series originates, we had the release of the new Linkin Park song ‘Lost.’ And the reason I bring this up is because in the AI-generated music video, we see a dog (Sirius!) with one blue eye and one gold eye, just like the girl:

Other images that pop out are frequent one eye shots and a girl falling or drowning, which I’ve connected time and time again with the fall of Sophia:

Below we see her morphing into a hologram:

Notice the counter is at 1:19 (or 11-9 or K-9, Canine). When Sophia falls too far into matter and becomes AI, becomes a hologram, she is exhibiting her Lilith or whore of Babylon phase.

Sophia is like water and will take the form and shape of whatever vessel she is poured in. She mirrors back at you the contents of your heart. So a closed, hardened heart will only see Lilith everywhere, will not see the Holy Bride. But they are two aspects of one and the same Being.

Lilith is the bride of Ahriman, and Ahriman has his headquarters in the subterranean levels below the Earth, where earthquakes originate. (See my previous post). The show The Gift, filmed in Turkey, came out before the great earthquake in February that killed thousands of people in Turkey and Syria, but earthquakes featured into the plot of the show itself (predictive programming). Revealing a foreknowledge of events to come, and proof that there was ritual magic involved in the making of this show.  

The song ‘Lost’ was made back in 2003, and for vague, fishy reasons was never released until now. Why? Given everything else, could it be that they were told by their handlers to wait until now for it to resonate with other happenings and put out certain ritualistic frequencies specific for our time?

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Ahriman and Earthquakes

How are we, as seekers of truth from a spiritual perspective, to understand an event such as the one above? The link below is to a Steiner lecture where he gives his view on the origin of earthquakes:

Points discussed —

  • The difference between Ahriman (Faust’s Mephistopheles) and Lucifer. 
  • How Lucifer’s intervention in human affairs allowed for personal freedom, but at the cost of creating the possibility for evil.
  • Individual versus collective karma
  • How when the Christ in the body of Jesus bled from the hands on the cross at Golgotha, it changed the sorry state of affairs that had been existing for those human souls in Spiritland between death and a new birth. Ahriman had been gaining power there and had turned it into the Realm of the Shades. But the Christ event banished him and confined his power to Earth, to the land of the living. Souls in Spiritland were able to see each other again. But the battle against Ahriman continues here.
  • The different strata below the Earth: Mineral Earth, Water Earth, Vapor Earth, Form Stratum, Fertile Earth, Fire Earth. It is from Fire Earth where Ahriman has his base of operations and where earthquakes have their origin.
  • Earthquakes and other great natural catastrophes are remnants or reminders of the great Atlantean catastrophe, the flood that sank that continent, which happened as a result of collective human karma. Thus we mustn’t think that, for example the people of Syria and Turkey, are suffering as a result of their nationalistic karma (even though such karmic divisions do exist), but rather they happen to be in the place where a karmic event that began on Atlantis, is still having its ‘aftershocks,’ as it were. This event involves the entire human race, we all share in this guilt.
  • Steiner says, “our compassion for the victims of such catastrophes will be all the greater, for our knowledge tells us that there is a collective karma of humanity from which the individual members have to suffer, that just as such happenings are brought about by humanity as one whole, so too must humanity be answerable for them; we must regard such a destiny as our own and help not only out of a spontaneous impulse but because we know that we are involved in the karma of humanity and share the guilt incurred!”
  • Individuals thus sometimes are guiltless but undergo terrible calamities because they get swept up into collective karma. But, and this is the important point, if they are truly guiltless they will be compensated in future incarnations. Nothing is random, nothing is forgotten, all accounts are balanced.
  • Why adepts or psychics versed in spiritual science who can foresee events like this coming and don’t warn people. The reason being that as terrible as these natural disasters are, they relieve karmic pressure, and if for example they had warned everyone to flee and the disaster had been averted, it would be forced to happen again elsewhere; it would really only be postponing it.

Further Reading — Earth’s Inner Layers

The Interior of the Earth: An Esoteric Study of the Subterranean Spheres

 Rosicrucian Training — Interior of the Earth — Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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Ritual Asphyxiation

Genesis 2:7 “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

This post was inspired by an article from Rambo, one of the writers on Zach Hubbard’s page.

I don’t normally take too much stock in english gematria but sometimes the number synchs are too strong and compelling to ignore. The work I’ll quote from Rambo is, I believe, one of those cases. English gematria is a tricky business because of the overabundance of cyphers, which seems to weaken the quality and utility of that kind of work, but sometimes multiple matches in the same cypher can really drive home a point. Towards the end of this post I will share my thoughts on what I think is really behind the gematric, esoteric riddles that seem to be so prevalent on the surface film of our reality. So with that, let’s get into it.

Our story begins with the (alleged) murder of George Floyd by a cop; the cause of death being suffocation due to the cop’s knee pinning down Floyd’s neck.

Floyd’s last words were reported to have been, “I can’t breathe.”

The story, which is probably a hoax, nevertheless spawned great anger and protests here in America.

Rambo writes,

“unfortunately this is a morbid topic but here we identify patterns in life: news, politics, popular culture, history, sports etc. An on-going theme (often at an occulted level; visible only to those “with eyes to see”) of hanging has unfortunately emerged.

But there is an even greater overarching ritual pattern of which hanging appears to be a mere sub-ritual. That over-arching theme appears to center on the concept of asphyxiation. This ritual theme (like all ritual themes) is implemented to produce a specific vibration in accordance with the intention of the sorcerers ( you could say “matrix manipulators”).

This is most vividly recognized by the current popular refrain and slogan “I CAN’T BREATHE.”

The “I CAN’T BREATHE” slogan has become established at the same time of the Corona virus and the mass restriction of breathing around the world with face masks. So this restriction-of-breathing/asphyxiation theme is now unprecedentedly global in scale.

The most recent “asphyxiation” story in the United States was about the discovery of 7 nooses at an Amazon warehouse construction site in Connecticut.

The Root of the Ritual: The Asphyxiation of the Lungs of the Earth

Amazon Corporation very likely could have chosen its name based off of the famous Amazon rainforest which – due to its immense size – is arguably the most crucial section of planet Earth for maintaining the balance of its ecosystem. Amazon Corporation is a behemoth monopoly and relates to the giant rainforest in the sense of sheer enormity.

Amazon Corporation thus represents the Amazon rain forest. It is participating in an “asphyxiation-of-the Earth” ritual. It is planet Earth that is being hung with its Amazon lungs being choked. Gematria confirms the ritual associations:

The 7th noose was reported on the 19th of May (reported here on by Zachary Hubbard) a date written 19-5. In gematria both “AMAZON RAINFOREST” and “LUNGS OF THE PLANET” sum to 195 like 19th May.

Massive forest fires of unprecedented magnitude have raged throughout the world in the last two years most notably in Australia and the Western United States, but the burning of the lungs of the earth is the biggest incident in depriving Earth’s life forms of life-sustaining oxygen.

The year 2020 saw the devastating Amazon forest fires. Symbolically — to emphasize the association of Amazon Corporation with the rainforest — an Amazon distribution Center in Redlands, California was entirely burned to the ground on June 5th at the same time that the wild fires were raging in the Amazon.

One week later on Wednesday, May 26th an 8th noose was reportedly discovered at the same Amazon warehouse construction site despite extra security and surveillance. It was reported in the media the next day May 27th.

**(Interrupting Rambo’s article to interject a thought here with this 8th noose)**

Here we see the pattern of 7 things followed by an 8th thing which is somehow different from the primordial 7. This is the pattern of the cosmos, of the 7 rounds of a solar system, with the 8th sphere as a kind of VR overlay, a lower astral realm that Ahriman and Lucifer seek to make solid.

They seek to divert the Earth’s true course into New Jupiter (sphere 5) and have it descend into Hell or the abyss, where they are already stuck with their hordes of demons.

Christ came when he did into the body of Jesus to prevent this. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, Earth (Eve, Sophia) WILL be saved, but a portion of it will eventually split off to make the 8th sphere (Lilith) solid, that will then go its own way in the cosmos. The question then is how many human souls will go with the ascent of the earth and how many will fall away with the 8th sphere?

Speaking of Christ Jesus, in the bible his crucifixion is referred to as a “hanging from a tree.”

The Hanged Man, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

Rambo points out that the phrase “The Hanged Man” sums to 53, like Acts 5:30

Chris Cornell, the singer for Soundgarden, supposedly committed suicide by hanging. Soundgarden put out a song called, “Pretty Noose,” a phrase which also sums to 53.

In the video for his 2015 song “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” Chris Cornell is hanged in a Wild West scenario; Predictive program at its most extreme.

According to Wikipedia, three weeks after Chris Cornell’s suicide by hanging, this music video was removed from YouTube.

The album that features the song, “Pretty Noose,” is called Down on the Upside, which is fitting because the Hanged Man tarot card is hanging upside down.

Rambo writes, “you may be forgiven for thinking that the above picture is an image of Jesus Christ. It is actually a photograph of Chris Cornell stylized to look like a drawing using an i-phone app. He and Soungarden are imbued in Jesus Christ coding.”

If it hasn’t dawned on you, this asphyxiation code is an Anti-christ ritual. Cornell and the other hanged celebrities are playing the Christ imitators, getting us (the millions of adoring worshipping fans) to channel our energy in the wrong direction.

Matthew 24:5 — For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.

These fake-Christ’s then hang themselves, choosing to sever their connection to the life breath of God. And where does that leave their fans? What sort of messages of nihilism does that send?

Chris Cornell’s full name is “Christopher John Cornell” which sums to 265 in gematria, like the date of the 8th noose 26-5; 26th May.

A mere two months after Cornell’s supposed death by hanging, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, also hangs himself, allegedly, on what would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday! (Recall all the synchs we just had for the number 53).

The 7th noose at the Connecticut Amazon warehouse construction site was reported on May 19th, 2021, four years and a day after Cornell’s May 18 death.

Cornell was still 52 when he died.

The 8th noose was found on a a date with 52 numerology.

In the Linkin Park song, “One Step Closer, ” Chester sings,

“Everything you say to me

Takes me one step closer to the edge

I’m about to break

I need a little room to breathe

Take me one step closer to the edge

I’m about to break…” 

St. Peter’s cross, which is an upside down cross, (like the Hanged Man) sums to 52.

As an aside, there are rumors that Chester Bennington is the son of the pedo-elite John Podesta:

The truth may be even weirder — they may be one and the same person. If you didn’t already know, they wear masks and play multiple roles.

I Am Batman

Let’s return our attention to this theme of “upside-down” as it pertains to the tarot Hanged Man. Vampire bats are, of course notorious for spending much of their life upside down.

And remember how bats were blamed as the initial cause of the Corona virus appearing in Wuhan. The same virus that forced the world to wear masks making it difficult to breathe.

And recall how in A Dark Knight, the Nolan film, the Joker hangs just like the tarot card, with one knee bent (like the bent knee of the cop who killed George Floyd).

The Joker, who’s enemy is the bat, the Joker who is played by Heath Ledger, another celebrity who died young, who’s last film, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, also featured him hanging from a noose!

There was a short clip of Donald Trump saying “I am Batman,” which went viral.

A boy off camera asks, “Mr. Trump?”

“Yes?” Trump replies.

“Are you Batman?”

“I am Batman.”

Here Trump is featured on Time magazine, and if you turn it upside down he is positioned like the Hanged Man:

He is leaning on the Washington monument, and it is cracking like another tarot card, The Tower.

Rambo writes,

In between the 7th and the 8th Amazon nooses being reported, news outlets (on May 25th) were highlighting transgender actor Elliot Page’s (formerly Ellen Page) first post-mastectomy shirtless appearance with a picture on twitter. Notice that Page is said to have 5.3 million followers; like 53.

Elliot Page had previously been the feature story of Time magazine which I covered in my decode “Elliot Page and the Throne of Jupiter…” Page’s Time magazine cover revealed an occulted “HANGED MAN” tarot card pose when turned upside down.

Elliot Page’s twitter photo – displayed in between the announcements of the 7th and 8th Amazon warehouse nooses – demonstrates that The Hanged Man pose on Time magazine’s cover was no coincidence. Once again when turned upside-down that photo imitates the tarot card primarily based on pages leg positions.

Also, think of the androgynous theme of the term “AMAZON” which refers to a female with masculine qualities of size and strength.”

We see the same leg position in the cover of Field of Dreams. Notice the solar symbols around both their heads, and similar splayed elbows as well. Notice the baseball diamond as a square, below it the circle, for a squaring the circle Freemasonic reference. This is a film about summoning ghosts — “if you build it, they will come.” Which is fitting to what we were saying earlier about the 8th noose/8th sphere and the abyss, summoning demons.

The Joker says

And I can’t help but think about how when someone is forcefully hung, they have to be pushed off a ledge (says Heath Ledge-r)

The strange writings of William Burroughs often feature hanging, most notably the ‘orgasm death gimmick,’ whereby at the moment of orgasm, one’s neck is broken, which is an ancient and dangerous black magick rite to transfer one’s soul, at the moment of this hanging death, into the body of another, as a kind of walk-in. Is this merely the product of Burroughs imagination, or was he privy to what goes on behind closed doors in the Dark Occult?

Returning to Nolan’s A Dark Knight, where we saw the Joker hanging upside down like the Hanged Man, if we examine the other Nolan film, Inception, we see this flipping, turning motif again.

A screenshot from my YT video The Path of The Fool

And again in Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry:”

Notice her bent knee.

Which was featured on the album Sweetener:

Nolan also did the film, The Prestige, which didn’t feature hanging but it featured drowning, another death by lack of oxygen:

Sophia drowning is a deeply embedded symbol. Essentially our Earth is a spirit being, a Goddess, who falls from heaven into matter, just as we do, but on a greater scale. The waters of drowning represent materiality, incarnation, flesh.

Fall of Sophia

Oxygen and the Two Bulls Code

When you flip the letter A upside down, you find the very ancient glyph for the ox head, which was also the shape of the Paleo-Hebrew letter A (Aleph)

It also becomes the downward triangle now, which is the vagina and uterus, Goddess symbols.

In that same Ariana Grande video, (because they are setting her up as the ‘Goddess’) we see the letters rotating upside down.

Lilith masquerading as the goddess, Sophia
The island is Earth, the Fantasy island is the 8th sphere, Lilith’s domain

There is a deep connection between the ox or bull (Taurus/Torus/Uterus) and air. The air we breathe is OX-ygen. And it is not one atom of oxygen but two that we breathe or 02, or the pair of bulls or Bi-Bull:

That’s why Red Bull gives you wings!

When you rotate the modern Hebrew letter Aleph (A) on its side, it becomes a glyph for the two lungs and trachea, denoting God breathing the cosmic life breath, the spirit, into the nostrils of Adam:

In etymology we can appreciate now the paired UNG/ANG/ING root

Two lungs

Two wings

Two fangs

Two ungulates (hooved animals like the bull, the Angus)

Angels have wings

“It takes two to tango.”

It is suggested in the bible that Satan is prince of the air, 

Ephesians 2:1–2 —“And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience”

The air in this context I take to mean that Satan has dominion to a certain extent over earthly things, as opposed to heaven, which is God the Father’s domain. 

But ever since the Mystery of Golgotha, God’s son Christ is wedded to the Earth and is doing battle with Satan-Ahriman-Lucifer for the future of humanity and the Earth spirit (Gaia-Sophia) itself.

The etymology of “Breathe” connects to




Brood (the Elohim brooded over the face of the waters)

Burn (fire requires 02, think back to Amazon forests burning, the lungs of the planet)


Boil (water into steam or AIR)


Beer (fermented spirit)

Birth/born (through the uterus/vagina/upside down letter ‘A’)

All this coding around ritual asphyxiation thus suggests an attack on the bride. An attack on the bride of Christ (which is humanity, as well as Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia or Eve). And cutting off our connection to Spirit, by symbolically pinching our trachea. “I can’t breathe!”

Or an attack on the breeding of Christ and Gaia-Sophia, and perhaps these two God Beings are the Two Bulls, the two OX-ygen atoms in 02, the Bi-Bulls (bibles) the two pillars, the 11, (EL-EVE-en). EL is God. Eve is Goddess.

Notice the 7 cuts right through the letters ‘EVE.’ Eve is the planet Earth with her 7 Rounds

Concluding Remarks — Why These Codes Work

Rudolf Steiner says, “We are able to have a dim feeling of the truth because something like the spirit of language is active in our environment. Language really is wiser than human beings.”

Perhaps by the term ‘language’ we can perhaps include gematria, numerology, astrology, tarot, symbolism, etymology, sacred geometry, ancient mythology…

An attending spirit, a higher angelic consciousness attends to or hovers over this all encompassing “language.” 

Dark occult forces pull this material forcefully from said angelics, egged on by fallen angels, because it is so dense with meaning that it can be used to program the masses. 

Unconscious acceptance of the codes and riddles is an inevitable result of an unquestioning, undiscerning mind confronted with this dense language. Which is why the sleeping masses can accept absurdities like mask wearing, badly acted false flags, planes melting steel towers, etc.

The language is drawn forcefully from higher intelligence— how?

His Dark Materials opening credits

In the series His Dark Materials a portal is opened by severing a child from his daemon — a murder. Similar themes are found in Illuminati agent Stephen King’s mythos and in whistleblower reports. Suggesting to me that child sacrifice, blood sacrifice in ritualistic settings can force the Logos, the attending spirit of language to provide the codes to the Dark Occultists to be used for mind control that runs our world. 

That’s why gematria works, how it can be so vast and interlinked — no human could think it up, not even a boardroom of Dark Occultists with all the time in the world to scheme and plot these things. No, it’s the thumb print of angelic intelligence being formatted into a lower rendering called artificial intelligence.

Don’t worry. These Dark Occultists will receive their karma. This is their little season that has to play out.  

“A self-fulfilling prophecy

Of endless possibility

In rolling reams across a screen

In algebra, in algebra”

– Thom Yorke 

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Decoding the show: ‘1899’

This is a recent series on Netflix that plays off themes like the Bermuda Triangle, the supposed sinking of the Titanic (which I suspect was a psyop), the opening of portals, time loops, and perhaps even a subtle nod to the Philadelphia experiment:

But as usual with Esoteric Hollywood, it’s about a lot more than what it appears on the surface. Join me as I dive below The Face Of The Waters:


New info always comes to light after I publish a video. Here’s something I just found in Steiner about the year 1899:

Bob Schlenker and Aaron over at the Open Scroll Blog also made a video decode HERE on this same TV series. They come at it from a very different angle so it would be worth watching both and comparing the two. I don’t really subscribe to their belief that time will be reset back to 2012, although I am open to it (this show features time resets like its companion show Dark). But I respect their sharp eye for spotting the patterns and they have been very influential for me in my truth journey.

For the articles I’ve done based on their work click here.

Some things that didn’t make it into the video –

Episode 6 – “Pyramids”

Maura realizes that her father is behind this giant hallucinogenic experiment, this false reality. In distress she calls out, “I know that you’re here watching me! Father!” Then she throws her weapon and it creates a crack in her reality construct. She pulls on it to reveal the hatch or portal (Black Cube) floating in space.

Decoded: Lilith calls out to her father the Most High God, realizing her mistake in choosing the dream over reality. Like Lucifer she wanted to create her own realm to rule over — better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. Thus she and Lucifer created the Black Cube, the Matrix. Now they regret it but have to continue playing out their role as Adversary until humanity ascends.

Earlier in that same episode, we start to see this strange black goo substance growing around the ship. This woman who was a sinner in an earlier episode is lured or entranced by it. She touches it and it stings her, (the JAB) and now her hand is infected by it.

From my research the Black Cube and Black Goo are both symbolic of the Eighth Sphere or Hell. The place where Black Magicians like the witch in the recent film Hansel and Gretel are fated to go:

Notice her blackened hands.

Lilith, the black demonic reptilian, births the Antichrist beast 666 in American Horror Story.

Could we be witnessing the events prophesied in Revelation Chapter 9?

And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men….

10 …And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.

11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Revelation 9:11

Abaddon is Sorat, the Sun Demon, the Antichrist Beast 666, eater of souls that succumbed to Lucifer and Ahriman’s temptations. Notice the numbers of the verse where Abaddon is mentioned —chapter 9:11. In my Lilith Code video I talk about how the events of 9/11/2001 were most likely a ritual to open the gates to the bottomless pit, bringing in Sorat and his ‘locusts with human faces’ army.

The towers were then replaced by black cubes.

Steiner: “Sorat has meant ‘Demon of the Sun’ since ancient times. Every star has its good spirit — its intelligence — and its evil spirit — its demon. The adversary of the good powers of the sun is called Sorat. Christ was always the representative of the sun, namely, the intelligence of the Sun. Sorat is, then, the adversary of Christ Jesus. The sign for Sorat looks like this:

Sorat is a Hebrew word with gematria value of 666: 60 Samech + 6 Vav + 200 Resch + 400 Tav

Episode 7: The Storm

We are confronted with Ahriman. The old man running the simulation, who is also Maura’s (Lilith’s) father. He says the people on the ship keep dying because they choose love, because they choose “silly emotions which cloud their judgement.” This is a very Ahrimanic sentiment. Ahriman is cold, scientific, emotionless. He is where materialist science is heading.

Ahriman is the script writer behind Hollywood, behind fake news, behind modern world events. This is his little season. He is preparing for his incarnation in America.

But this realm at large is not a sim and he is NOT the grand architect. That is one of the psyops this show and The Matrix are pushing.

In other news, Lilith wants to stay in the Dreaming or the Sim forever —

I wrote about this in my decode of Sandman and elsewhere so I won’t regurgitate it again. But she also carries this locket, which holds the key to ending the looped sim —

Notice the hexagonal shape. There is a pattern here with Lilith as the queen bee with her stinger jab and the beehive grid shape. The hexagonal grid is everywhere in occult Hollywood.

Here it is again on the tiling in episode 8:

There is also a link between the cube, the cross, the hexagon and Saturn.

black cube portals and crosses feature heavily here

The cross is an unfolded cube.

The cube is a 2D hexagon, which is also featured on NASA’s CGI “space” cartoon image of Saturn.

Many in the truth community are thus led to the erroneous notion that the big three monotheistic religions are merely Saturn death cults, or Black Sun cults, while the truth is that these are sacred symbols that have been coopted by a rogue group — the Black Brotherhoods — and these religions that have come down to us today in the mainstream are thus perverted shadows of what was once spiritual science. There is nothing evil originally about the cube, cross, hexagon, star of david, or Saturn, etc. But the way they are used in 99% of the media that most people are subjected to these days is in a sick way that is telling us in code about the abyss, the Black Sun Corridor that leads to Hell and the Eighth Sphere. See my Black Hole Sun video for more details.

We are not in a soul trap! But the Black Brotherhoods are, because they already fell through the Daath portal into the abyss.

Kenneth Grant, who studied under Crowley, writes —

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How Illnesses Really Spread

“The purpose of vaccines is purely to injure, thus placing the victim in “need” of further products from the vaccine manufacturer to deal with the injurious effects. It’s simple business strategy. If you sell “medicines” you need sick people, thus you sicken them by any means you can.

You cannot vaccinate against disease anyway. You are not injected with a small amount of a disease to safeguard against being attacked by more of that disease, as diseases are not monomorphic, transmissible “things.” All of this is delusion. Science fiction. Sickness is damage and imbalance in the terrain of the body and caused by injury, toxins and radiation. That’s it. You cannot communicate illness. Pasteur knew this, but still we in the West are lumbering under his failed ideas….Vaccines have killed more people and animals than all wars combined since Salk. You either know this or you don’t.” – UsernameDagger’ writes from the comments section to this article here.

About a year and a half ago I wrote a research article exposing germs as a hoax. If you are not read up on this topic I suggest you start there. But there are one or two points that I did not give full consideration to and would like to add now. Specifically, the idea of ‘resonance’ as the real reason why illnesses apparently seem to spread, once we have arrived at the truth that this contagious phenomenon can’t be the result of germs, since germs don’t exist, since bacteria and viruses (exosomes) are actually good for you. If this comes as a shock to you, again, please read my original article first.

When many people in close proximity in a given area start expressing similar symptoms of illness, the first thing a good scientist or doctor should look for is if there is a common toxin they are all exposed to, such as bad food, air or water.

“During our long, long lives, we absorb chemicals, pollutants, bad food, bad water, bad diets and even self-abuse (cigarettes, alcohol), and our amazing bodies carry forward. Our bodies are machines that process and discharge toxins regularly. It is done by means of coughing and sneezing, diarrhea and urine, vomiting, body temperatures, and through the skin. Pustules are common to many diseases, though modern medicine wants to label them “measles” or “chickenpox”, etc., assigning a specific virus or bacteria as the cause of each.” – Mark Tokarski in his article “Overwrought by Paracelsus

In that article someone in the comments asked Mark what is the mechanism, then, of the easily observable phenomenon of chicken pox spreading in schools when one positive child comes into contact with other children?

Mark replied with this quote taken from The Contagion Myth by Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morrell, p76 forward:

“After starvation and toxicity are accounted for, we can admit some diseases can be spread by a kind of energetic resonance as predicted by careful and accurate study of the nature of physical stuff, carried out by Luc Montagnier.

Use of the experiment goes: First, one puts DNA or RNA in water (beaker 1). Then one puts a collection of nucleic acids (the chemicals that make up the DNA and RNA) in a separate water beaker (beaker 2), in another part of the room. Then one introduces an energy source, such as UV or infrared light and shines that on beaker one, which contains the formed DNA or RNA. In time, the exact same sequence of DNA or RNA will form of the raw materials in beaker 2.

There is no possibility of physical connection between the 2 beakers. The only conclusion one can draw from the simple experiment is that the DNA or RNA in the first beaker has a resonance energy picked up by the second beaker. This resonance energy then becomes the blueprint for the formation of an identical piece of DNA or RNA in the second beaker. This revolutionary experiment is clear and simple – and repeatable.

The formation of DNA or RNA in the second beaker can happen only if both beakers have water in them. Without water, no resonance is possible. Even in our string example, is the water vapor in the air that is resonating.

When one applies this discovery to viruses (or exosomes) said to cause measles, chickenpox, or herpes, it is possible that since these particles called viruses or exosomes are simply packages of DNA or RNA, they emailed their own resonant frequencies. In a way not yet determined, each frequency causes an expression that we call a disease; however, the frequency will create what we call illness only if there is a purpose or reason for the illness.

Chickenpox is a universal way for children to live a long life. Children who experience chickenpox have less disease (especially less cancer) than do children who haven’t had chickenpox. Same holds for measles, mumps, and most childhood ‘infectious’ diseases.
Why do measles and chickenpox seem to be infectious? One child puts out the message through exosomes that now is the time to go through the detoxifying experience called chickenpox. Other children in the home or class or town received the message and begin the same detoxification experience. In the end, the children are all better off for having ‘sung’ together.”

The wonderful thing to absorb here is what I highlighted in bold: that illnesses do not happen unless there is a reason. A cellular upgrade is being carried out, and this is accompanied by an initial rocky period of adjustment that we call erroneously call ‘illness’ or ‘disease.’ And we try to stifle this process through harmful pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, which only deplete or poison the body.

So nature does not make mistakes. Viruses (exosomes) bacteria and fungi are not our enemy, they are our friends. They are not a mistake in biology. Disease is not a mistake in physiology, but a way to clean our systems out or perform upgrades. The only mistake is getting in our own way of healing, thus transforming the illness into a chronic illness.

When you know these things, have really integrated them, an immense amount of fear washes away from the soul. It saddens me to still see so many people living in fear of invisible bug monsters; masking 24/7, social distancing, vaccinating, nose swabbing, wiping down every surface with toxic smelling “cleaner” fluids. I work at an elementary school and every morning the children are made to wipe down their desks with a Lysol wet wipe, the ritual reinforcing the lie that they are walking germ vectors. Imagine the psychological damage, the heavy weight these kids will carry around their whole lives, unless awoken to the hypocrisy.

Yes, illnesses spread and things go around. But if the resonance experiment quoted above is true, than simply being in the presence of another DNA being will be enough to do it, and no amount of trying to avoid breathing or swallowing the fluids of another will change that! Germ Theory is one of the biggest Satanic lies to cause isolation, agoraphobia and to circumvent humanities mass awakening. We are being made to fear each other, when really the new science is pointing to the fact that our bodies are constantly trying to help each other.

Steiner, Disease and Karma

Getting sick has a spiritual, karmic component. The soul in its sojourn in the higher worlds, willingly decides to take on a disease while in body because it knows that in overcoming the illness something is strengthened that could not happen in any other way.

So the next time you get sick, think, ‘yes! My Higher Self deems me strong enough to take on this upgrade, this initiation.’ And like any initiation in the Mystery School training, there is difficulty and hardship involved.

Look at the word disease: dis-ease. To get to a greater state of ease, we have to pass through a period of dis-ease or lack of ease. In that word I also see the words: die and cease. Something dies, something ceases to be, that is the old me, the old me dies away and the new me is formed from the ashes of the disease, like a phoenix rising. Let the wisdom of the body do its thing, get out of your own way, tell the medical establishment to get out of the way, so that the body can perform its cellular upgrades in peace, which feedback into the spirit.

The other thing to keep in mind in this connection is that even though the physical body starts to go into its natural decline in old age, the more spiritual components of the human being such as the etheric and astral bodies continue to grow and develop, right on until death. So that an elderly person has the strongest etheric and astral body that he or she has had at any point in their life. It is no surprise then, that ancient cultures who had a clairvoyant sense for this, honored their elders in the way they did, and sought their wisdom. This is lost today. Today we put our elders away in group homes and mourn the surface-level fact that their physical body is withered, that they are “dying,” not celebrating the fact that the more invisible soul parts of them are at their peak.

In this way too, Steiner says that when a physical organ is diseased or not functioning, the organ’s etheric/astral counterpart is forced to strengthen, to compensate. Similar to how a blind person develops keenly their other senses in ways a seeing person does not. All this is compensated for in the next incarnation.

Some relevant Steiner quotes:

“The worst attitude towards illness is passivity: treat me but don’t change me.”

“Illness is a way for soul stuff to come to the surface.”

“To heal, one must participate in one’s own healing.”

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‘Shape-shifting Lizard People:’ Explained – Gigi Young

A summary of Gigi Young’s presentation on the lizard people phenomenon. As always these are just my opinions as a result of private research.


I wanted to touch on the salient points in her lecture because I think that she gives a very coherent and logical explanation for all the high weirdness that we are seeing in terms of the so-called shape-shifting reptilian/alien phenomenon so prevalent in UFOlogy and conspiracy culture. To those not familiar with these ideas the following images will seem ridiculous but behind it I am suggesting there is a modicum of truth.

So what are these things? Are they aliens? Is it real or is it a hoax? What are we to make of all the celebrities and politicians with the slit eyes flashing for a second on TV or the numerous psychics and abductees who have said to have seen an overlay of a tall reptilian lizard like being in somebody’s frame or aura?

One cannot get a solid grasp on this bizarre phenomenon without a proper view of the cosmos, which is geocentric, fixed, and enclosed in a firmament. We must toss out the idea, then, of vast interstellar space, this is a NASA psyop. And along with that is the idea of aliens from another material planet flying here in ships. Toss this out as well. As we will see, the incursion of these “other-wordly” forces is much closer to home, and if anything, we must speak of them as ‘inter-dimensional.’ We must also have a firm grasp of Earth evolution and how the human being as a soul being fits into this picture. Steiner’s Anthroposophy provides this firm foundation. And Gigi is versed in this system, which is what originally turned me on to her work.

So to answer the alien/shapeshifter question Gigi takes us back to the prior epochs of humanity, such as the Lemurian and then the Atlantian epochs. And the thing to understand is that when an epoch ends there is always a split, or two streams of humanity, one that ascends and meets the needs of the evolutionary impulse of the time, and one stream that descends or devolves because they fail to adapt with the new evolutionary impulse of the time and they would rather stay with the old impulse.

So the Lemurian epoch was a feminine epoch (rooted in the past, tribal, atavistic, see my Black Sun Mysteries documentary) and the descending form of humanity ended up reverting to more of an animal form which spawned the apes. The apes are an offshoot of descending humanity. Which you’ll notice is a total flip of Darwinism which states that humanity evolved from apes, it’s actually that the apes devolved from a splinter group of humans that in the Lemurian epoch failed to keep up with the times.

And with the Atlantean epoch which was a more masculine epoch (rooted in the future, technological, independent), you had the descending group towards the end that could not keep up with the spiritual changes of the times; they became the mad scientists who tried to keep their form and cheat devolution by doing all these genetic experiments to hybridize the human form with different animals (Transgenesis) such as the lizard, or certain insects like the praying mantis, creating these bizarre chimeras to incarnate into, and also of course the Greys; long story short, it is suspected that the Greys and reptilians are basically an offshoot of this devolutionary stream at the end of Atlantis.

Or more properly understood, the Greys are the far-future result of what occurred initially by the mad scientists of Atlantis; the Greys in their future time found a wormhole to come to our present to try and rectify their failed timeline by attempting to hybridize with us (see: End Game).

But the reason we don’t really see reptilians, Greys and mantids walking around here in 3-D, and close encounters always seem to be in a dream state, or trance state, is because these forms cannot not linger here, they cannot hold their form here for very long without certain aids of technology, or being summoned through black magic ritual; really their home is in the Eighth sphere which is in a different dimension and density. When a being fails their initiation by losing their humanity and turning to wickedness and psychopathy and degradation, at the end of the epoch they are swept into the 8th sphere, or the lower astral realm, (also called Hell, Hades, Sheol, maybe even an aspect of inner Earth, Hollow Earth etc.) to join the hordes of Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings, this legion of demonic, criminal parasites.

8th sphere as overlay outside the 7 natural phases

We see the Greys and the reptilians and UFO’s sort of flashing in and out of existence, defying the laws of physics, because their presence here is in an ethereal or astral form or astral existence more than a physical one, this is because they are Eighth sphere beings. There’s an overlay that allows them to manifest their energy here, their parasitic energy. It happens through attachment to one who invites them in, who resonates with their criminal, degenerate energy.

So the main takeaway from her lecture is that these celebrities and politicians, these dark elite Illuminati types that seem to flash this reptile form, it’s not that they are reptilians themselves, rather they are humans that are possessed by a reptilian being that itself lives in the eighth sphere. The reptilian’s astral body is attached to the astral body of the human that they are possessing, as a kind of ghostly shell that hovers around or weaves through someone’s aura.

And somebody who is particularly psychic can see the attachment, they can see this reptilian nebulous form here and there for split seconds when the overlay is particularly strong, and even perhaps electronic equipment picks these things up, which is why we sometimes see them when there is a glitch on the TV and their slit eyes appear for a split second. Although as researchers we have to be careful here because those slit eyes can be easily faked.

So in the post-Atlantian epoch they attached to these early Illuminati types, this degraded priest class that became the 13 bloodlines; they attached to them because they sold their soul to Satan and they are basically operating out of their three lower chakras alone which is how the Eighth sphere beings possess and leech off of our energy. They can only leech off of the lower three chakras, the ones below the heart. This manifests as a cunning but cold intellect and no emotion other than fear and lust, no empathy.

And it’s not just the Illuminati members who are possessed by reptilian or other types of so-called “alien” forms. It’s also anybody who cannot harmonize their being with the Christ essence, with the heart, anybody who continually turns their back on God and lives only for material pleasures alone, power, lust at the expense of others, this kind of service-to-self only, they are stuck in the lower three chakras and they become visible to Eighth sphere beings and then these lower beings can attach to them. This can happen to anyone.

Drug abuse can also draw these parasitic entities. There have even been cases of people on meth or other narcotics having a psychotic break and seeing reptilian forms crawling up the walls and basically following the addict around, leeching off them. They transmit thoughts of no hope, of black depression to their host, and want to eventually for their host to commit suicide, which releases a floodgate of energy for them, a feast.


Now this whole lizard issue is more complex because there’s the whole Donald Marshall and droning angle which Gigi does not discuss. I don’t know if she is even aware of this angle yet, but there may also be a technological aspect to the possession phenomenon and this is what I’ve gone into in my One Eye Bleeding video and in my coverage of Donald Marshall‘s work, how we see these celebrities and politicians with black eyes, we see in Hollywood and entertainment media this bleeding from the one eye motif or the tear drop or the Eye of Horus, and we suspect that what’s happening is there is some kind of possession that occurs by inserting something through the eye-socket to the brain to take over a physical body and wear it like a sleeve.

Donald Marshall describes the bodysnatchers as “vrill lizards:” a parasitic reptile species that apparently lives deep underground and comes up in these cloning centers to bodysnatch people and are used as weapons by the elite. However I think this is a gate-keeping psyop. I think what’s happening is it’s more like these elites that copy their consciousness onto a chip or even through black goo which then goes through the eye-socket to the brain. This is called droning, and a soulless vessel operated by a walk-in is called a drone.

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Rudolf Steiner on Geocentric Flat Earth Vs. Copernican Globe

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Steiner: “Men take it for granted nowadays that the sun is firmly fixed in the middle …

Waldorf’s Rudolph Steiner & Johan Wolfgang von Goethe; Anti-Newton & Anti-Copernicus, Pro FE?

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Bible as Mythopoetic Allegory AND Historic Fact

One of my favorite and most influential esoteric writers of all time, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, in his magnum opus, The Lost Light, describes how the meaning of ancient scriptures was lost over time. He locates the turning point at about the 3rd century AD in which the true sacred import of these texts was either lost, fumbled, bumbled, misinterpreted, diminished, watered down, disregarded, or turned into extremist dogma. 

Part of the reason for this was due to the cryptic nature of these texts. To preserve and protect the spiritual truths contained within, methods of code such as allegory, numerology, symbolism were employed by the Bible, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bhagavad Gita, etc, so that in the case of the profane spreading the text with the wrong slant, or a degenerate priest class lording it over the masses for control, the true meaning could remain safe and preserved like a good jam, for a time when the right eyes and ears would come to the text, for the right reasons. 

The other reason the sacred meaning of scripture was lost since the 3rd century was due to the rise in materialism and scientific dogma which eventually came to the belief that our ancestors who penned these books were simple primitives, and thus there was no deeper meaning to be found in the texts. In other words they felt that the lack of clarity in their superficial read of the bible was not their fault but the fault of the ancient scribes who wrote it. 

Kuhn exposes these faulty views and mishaps and restores the true high meaning to these texts. We find the lofty esoteric profundities in how the stars, the pattern of Earth and human evolution, the system of involution and evolution of souls within a Life Wave are all woven in coded allegory throughout these sacred poetic texts. He rightly states that the ancient writers were highly evolved sages, penning down crystalized truths preserved in the Mystery schools and finally committed to writing. The authors were not Gods, as some religious dogmatists claim, and on the other extreme, not simple primitives, as scientific materialists claim, but humans that today we would identify as ascended masters or gurus. The fact that their words have survived and held such sway over society even in its degenerated and misinterpreted form is proof in itself of the divine inspiration behind the books. Their words ring true and resonate with the subconscious mind of the reader, even if consciously the deep meaning is not yet fully understood. 

This article will conclude with one aspect of the sacred symbolism that carried over into a modern festival, namely Halloween, which is coming up as I write this. The modern festivals and holidays also hold, in code, the sacred, timeless truths of existence, even if today hardly anyone understands what or why they are celebrating it. Today it’s about candy and presents, in the past it was about linking up, through ritual, with the patterns of the Divine and the cosmos. 

But first it’s important to recognize Kuhn’s faults, which became clear to me after discovering Rudolf Steiner, who takes Kuhn’s Theosophical outlook and takes it one quantum leap deeper into his system of Anthroposophy. One area that Kuhn missed or went astray, unfortunately, was on the Christ Mystery. Steiner was a clairvoyant who saw into the spiritual worlds and saw, directly, what the Christ Mystery was all about. Kuhn was a scholar, writer and researcher, and didn’t have this same direct access. 

So to Kuhn, the symbolism around Christ was also a mis-rendering of something allegorical and symbolic into something historical. To Kuhn, there was no Christ Being, and none of the events of the bible actually happened. He sees the one-to-one overlap between these events and to patterns in the zodiac and in spiritual processes and determines that they could thus never have happened, that to make of them actual history is to cheapen them, pervert them, bring them down to the profane, and lose the knowledge.

But then Steiner comes along (actually technically Steiner came shortly before Kuhn), and would have said something like, ‘well, no, as you rightly said, Kuhn, the scriptural writers of old were high clairvoyant seers and prophets, and thus were penning prophecy. This is the key point. They were prophetic and seeing into the future, seeing that a Christ Being, a lofty God being, would one day come and incarnate in the flesh in the body of a man, and that this monumental event would be the most crucial turning point in all of Earth evolution and in the evolution of all the souls connected with the Earth.’

So in the debate between the historical versus allegorical portrayal of the bible we actually have a both-and situation. Steiner says these texts are both historical and allegorical. (They are also anagogical, which is a method of mystical or spiritual interpretation of statements or events, especially scriptural exegesis, that detects allusions to the afterlife.) Kuhn in his scholarly genius (and Gerald Massey before him) saw the Astro-theological and syncretic layerings to the bible, how there was such cross-pollination between eastern and western mysticism, and how all these cultures were describing zodiacal happenings which were also a map of the human soul through its various forms and incarnations from heaven to earth and back to heaven.  He saw all this and said that of course it couldn’t be history, then.

But with Steiner another layer on top of the syncretic layer emerges, even more subtle to pinpoint. And that was that the ancient Egyptian prophets saw the coming of the Christ Being, and in their stories called him Horus. The ancient Persians saw the coming of the Christ Being and called him Ahura-Mazda, the spirit of the Sun. The ancient Indians saw the coming Christ and named him Krishna. The Jews had their coming Messiah. So we see this “cross-pollination” but it was in the coming of an actual historical event, not mere sharing of myths and allegories. 

Then Kuhn looks at the life of Jesus and these other solar heroes predicting and depicting the life of Jesus Christ, and saw how it was all symbolic – such as the burial for 3 days, before the resurrection, which he saw as the burial of the soul in the 3 embryonic stages before man – mineral, plant and animal, before the resurrection of the soul in the body of man where it can come to fruition and full function. 

Or how Jesus was born in Bethlehem which means in Hebrew “House of Bread” which he discovered was typical of the sign of Virgo, and of course Christ was born of a virgin. And how six months later we get the sign of Pisces (the House of Fish) a time lapse representing in the mysteries a full evolutionary cycle, and thus a rebirth – so we have Christ being born of a virgin and reborn in the House of Fish, and how many references in the New Testament do we have of fishes? Christ being the fishers of men, and the story of how he multiplied the loaves of bread and fishes to feed a multitude!

These connections are simply endless, very dense and Kuhn’s The Lost Light is a hefty 600 pages of mind-expanding wisdom of this type. 

And yet, the tragic part is he took a wrong turn at some point and completely missed the deepest aspect of the Christ Mystery! So, the question remains then, how could Christ’s life and the events in the bible, both old and new testaments, be actual historical events if they fit hand-in-glove with occult soul evolution and star-maps of the heavens? In short, how can we reconcile Astro-theology with biblical historicity?

Steiner does this by showing how everything about Christ’s life was ritualistic. Everything leading up to Jesus’ birth, (including the role of the ancient Hebrews in preparing for his bloodline), to the life of Jesus, to the incarnation of the Christ Being at his baptism at age 30, to the time and place and happenstance of his death and resurrection, all had to happen exactly the way it did, so as to fulfill deep cosmic necessities. Not to make the prophecies about him true, rather the prophecies about him are true because his life itself was a cosmic ritual, it was the pivot around which the entire evolution of our cosmos orbits. And so of course when the sages were writing these texts, these texts apparently “happen” to contain Astro-theology; it is because they are describing the core astro-theological event which penetrates all fields of wisdom and gnosis! You can’t write about Christ without also poetically writing about the whole shebang! The universe was just set up that way.

Steiner says that we are just beginning to understand the Christ event. True Esoteric Christianity (not the mainstream, bastardized and watered down version you find at your local church) is thus in its infancy, and will be the last religion, as all the others were a preparation for it and will inevitably merge with it. Over time, in the coming epochs humanity will come to understand Christ more and more. His disciples and the gospel writers understood Him deeply because they had the privilege of being in his immediate presence. But then the deep inner connection with the Christ impulse was lost, as materialism and scientism gained sway. This had to happen, but now we are at a turning point where we must merge what we have gained from science and intellectualism with the ancient clairvoyance that will be reinvigorated with the Christ impulse.

Even the star-maps themselves, first and foremost were fixed to the firmament in that pattern by cosmic Beings, the Gods themselves, to tell us about the Christ event, which is also the story of our own soul’s fall and redemption back to the starry heavens. It was not the other way around – it was not that first there were the constellations arrayed into the twelve signs and then the bibles were codified to match them. We must reverse the cause and effect here in our minds – first there was this atemporal Mystery of Golgotha event which intersects our timeline at 33 AD, but around which everything pivots, both forward and backward in time, both Earthly and cosmically.

The occult meaning of Halloween

Now that we have delineated where Kuhn went astray (if one takes Steiner seriously, as I do), let’s see where Kuhn shines his light, for example in the meaning of the wearing of animal masks on Halloween. The scriptures often describe the interplay of the gods and animals. These “gods,” are below referring to us, the collective souls of humanity, little gods, if you will. And the animal is always a type-symbol for the physical human body, the material flesh-suit, which the soul or little god incarnates into (oftentimes not willingly). This cyclical incarnation is the great Cycle of Necessity, the full round of which is termed in Theosophy a “Life Wave.” 

Kuhn quotes Massey here: 

“Plutarch refers to the idea ‘that the Gods, being afraid of Typhon, did, as it were, hide themselves in the bodies of ibises, dogs and hawks,‘ and repudiated it as ‘foolery beyond belief.’ This, however, is a matter of interpretation. We know that such representations were part of the drama of the Mysteries. Many descriptions might be quoted to show that in their religious ceremonies, the actors performed their masquerade in the guise of animals.”

Then Kuhn writes, “We have here a sterling clue to the lost meaning of most of the weird ritualism still carried out in our celebration of Hallowe’en. The importance and gripping significance of this remnant of ancient symbolic dramatism is not dreamed of today. The masks worn were originally those of animal faces or hides. The festival, coming at the time of the September equinox (with a forty-days’ interval), when the sun, eternal symbol of the divine soul, was descending across the line which marked the boundary between disembodied spirit and soul embodied, dramatized the entry of the god into the animal body. “Mask” is in Latin “persona” The god was then putting on the mask of his personality; and all the weird capers, grimaces, horseplay and general buffoonery of the Hallowe’en revelry most piquantly prefigure the deity’s ungainly animalish behavior when cavorting behind the outward mask of the animal’s nature! The moon being the parent of the mortal body, lunar symbolism was prominently introduced into the portrayal. And all this is another strong proof that it was the primal religious ritual drama that gave rise to social tradition and celebratory custom, and not folk-practice that gave rise to the myth, as scholars have always so erroneously contended….We have but to use our imagination constructively to see how mythography passed first into the realism of dramatic representation, then into legend lacking the original spiritual meaning, and finally into a sadly distorted and barren folk-tale.”(SOURCE)

(And then from a barren folk-tale into a materialist holiday of consumerism, candy, chocolate, and horror movies. The Jack of the jack-o-lantern is the Solar hero, the orange pumpkin is the color of Scorpio, who gives the sun the sting of death as the days get shorter and we go into the underworld of winter. Just as Judas betrayed the Son, Jesus and gave him the kiss of death.)

The Two Jesus Children – Rudolf Steiner

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Occult Codes In The Sandman (2022)

“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the Most High.” – Isaiah 14:14

The Sandman (2022) is a miniseries on Netflix based on the DC comics written by author Neil Gaiman. Much of Neil Gaiman’s work is steeped in occult metaphor and allegory, including the novel American Gods, which also became a tv series.  

As an aside, I couldn’t help but notice American Gods was published 2 months and 23 days before 9/11/01, (223 or 322)

The Sandman centers around Morpheus or Dream, who is one of the Endless, these higher beings, if you will, angelics, who were created to watch over mankind. Morpheus is Lord of the Dreaming, or of the Dream realm, while his other siblings include Death, Desire, Despair, each with their respective roles. 

The Sandman, Morpheus

It is my suspicion that the co-creative faculty working through Neil Gaiman, his djinn or genius, is using this latest show to teach us about Lucifer.  The Sandman is Lucifer. If you study Rudolf Steiner you learn that Lucifer has the upperhand over human beings while we sleep, while the other fallen angel Ahriman has the upperhand during waking life. 

Steiner says, “Now, in the body of man we have not only one consciousness, but two; the ordinary waking state and the state of sleep. But, strange to say, neither of these two states is entirely natural to us. Natural would be for us an intermediate state between the two, a state which, as a matter of fact, we never really consciously have.

If we were perpetually awake we would scarcely be able to develop in a proper, orderly manner through the various ages of life. Something is always present in us which is less awake than we are in our day-consciousness, and only by virtue of this are we in a position to evolve and develop. Ask yourselves, how much do you expect to be able to evolve through all that you experience and receive in ordinary life? For the most part, we merely satisfy thereby our desire, our curiosity, or our need of sensation. It is not often we act with deliberate intent to place what we experience in waking day life in the service of our development. The truth is, development takes place through the fact that something is continually sleeping in us, even in the daytime. I am not alluding to the habit of dropping off to sleep in the daytime! But when man is wide awake by day, something still remains fast asleep in him, and this it is which brings it about that he does not remain for ever a child, but evolves further.

The ordinary waking state is what comes to consciousness through our astral body. In this ordinary waking state we are, however, too strongly awake, we are too intensely given up to the external world; we are, in fact, quite lost in it. How does this come about?

The reason is that the waking consciousness lives under the influence of Ahriman. Ahriman has great power over our waking consciousness. It is quite different in the case of the sleep consciousness. In sleep consciousness we are too little awake. We are too engrossed in our own evolution; we are so completely and so powerfully within ourselves that all consciousness is obliterated. In sleep consciousness, Lucifer has the upper hand.

This is then how the matter stands with our astral body. When we are awake, Ahriman has the upper hand over Lucifer, and when we are asleep Lucifer has the upper hand over Ahriman. They are in equilibrium only when we dream; there they pull with equal force, they strike a balance between them.(GA 158)

A possible clue: Morpheus has an assistant named Lucienne.

More blatantly, in episode 4 called A Hope In Hell, Morpheus must journey to Hell to meet Lucifer in person. This Lucifer character is gender-swapped and portrayed by Gwendoline Christie, who also starred in Game of Thrones.

So we have Lucienne, we have Lucifer type-casted as a woman, so perhaps Lucy, as in Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  Lucifer in the bible wants to exalt his throne above the stars of God, he is playing a game of thrones.

ISAIAH 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. 15Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. 

Now Lucifer is far from a simple villain type character. He is perhaps the most misunderstood being there is. We can perhaps glean some deep-seated truths about him through this show, if we can interpret it the right way. Morpheus can be seen as Lucifer in his positive function, beneficent to humanity, inspirer of the Dreaming, while the Lucifer character proper played by Gwendoline Christie, ruler of Hell, is the negative aspect of Lucifer. 

Lucifer and Ahriman are serving God and only become evil when we form an unhealthy relationship with them. They are teachers and temptors, for by tempting us our soul is forced to grow strong by resisting or overcoming their temptations.    

When we have a positive relationship to Lucifer, he becomes Morpheus, lord of the Dreaming, and when we have a negative relationship with him he becomes the ruler of Hell, tormenting the soul. 

So in episode 4 Morpheus must retrieve a totem of his that a demon stole and brought to Hell, and must battle Lucifer for it. Symbolically this is the internal battle of the two sides of Lucifer taking place within every human being.

This is a very powerful scene that can be seen here: (5 min) 

Morpheus always has a raven with him. Crows and ravens, having a purely black plumage, are symbolic of the abyss, or the Black Sun. 


Lilith Wants To Stay In The Dreaming Forever

says Maura (Lilith) in the show 1899

Just as in Inception, Cobb (Lucifer) and his wife Maude (Lilith) get lost together in their shared dream/sim, just as the Lilith character in Source Code convinces Gyllenhaal’s character to stay in the Sim and cheat death, so too does the Lyta character, pictured below, find her dead husband in the Dreaming and attempts to stay there with him, building a fake life together.

This is the pattern. The demoness Lilith is portrayed in films, shows and books by a grieving or sick woman who for whatever reason chooses the false reality over the real. In The Sandman it is so she can be with her husband who died but has not yet moved on, his soul lingering in limbo. He builds a very CUBICAL house and convinces her to stay with him. This breaks universal law, creating cracks in the Dreaming that threaten the structural integrity of the whole system, and Lucifer (in his positive phase) has to come and break up the party.  He forces Hector to die properly and move on, and for Lyta to return to the waking world to live out the rest of her real life. 

Somehow though, upon waking she finds herself pregnant, the child conceived in the Dream with her dead husband. This is hinting perhaps at the Anti-Christ being the spawn of Lilith, conceived by death.

We also know Lyta is Lilith because after Morpheus forces her to wake up, she hates him and wants him destroyed. There is another character, Rose Walker, who we will discuss in a moment, who may actually have the power to do so, and Lyta encourages her to usurp Morpheus and take over the Dreaming.  

Lilith is the bride of  The Beast System which is essentially a cohort of fallen angels – Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras (Abbadon) – who in their negative, fallen aspect are tempting humanity to fall along with them, and be swept into the abyss or the eighth sphere, through evil acts and through  foregoing any relationship to their Higher Self, their guardian angel, and to the Christ Being. 

It is my understanding that one’s Higher Self cannot be destroyed, but if its budding soul is lost to the Eighth Sphere, it must essentially start over from scratch, and this starting over takes place on the planet Saturn (which is really an aspect of our Earth, its first phase). This is why the Roman God Saturn eats his children. An aspect of Saturn is also before linear time, which is why Saturn is Old Father Time. In ancient India, Saturn is one and the same as Kali, and the Sanskrit word for time is ‘kala.’

Thus we see now where the term “Black Cube of Saturn” or “Saturn Death Cube” come from. It is referencing the fall into the abyss, the degradation of soul and the recycling or re-amalgamating of the soul back into Saturn that the Higher Self undergoes if this “second death” should occur (see the Book of Revelation for more on the second death). 

It is the Lilith Code in djinn-inspired media that speaks of this process again and again in myriad ways and allegories.  Lilith is in Gnostic literature Yaldabaoth, a word from the Hebrew יַלְדָּה בֹ֔הוּת‎ (yaldāh bōhūṯ, “daughter of [the] void”) 

And finally it is through the End Game of Transhumanism that many will be tricked into “selling” their soul or uploading it into the Borg Cube hivemind system, the so-called ‘Metaverse’ which is really just a way for the eighth sphere or the lower astral realm to overlap completely with our Earth, and rapture into it those who fell for the Beast System. 

The Christ Sacrifice

To end on a lighter note, let’s speak of hope, and of what will lead the portion of humanity that protected their soul through the bleak times that are here and will only get worse for a while to come. This guiding light will come from the Christ Impulse, the Being who is the Spirit of the Sun and ever since the Mystery of Golgotha has been wed to the Earth and is now woven into the etheric body of the Earth, and thus in the hearts and souls of all mankind, should we be receptive to it.

In order for this Sun Spirit, the Christ, to incarnate in the man Jesus and to die on the cross and experience death as a human, a huge sacrifice was made. This act ripples out across time, forward and backward, and cannot help but percolate into the same djinn-inspired media that gives us all this darkness. The truth is, these occult codes are thus dualistic, containing both the dark and the light.

So we have the character Rose Walker, who is a human vortex, meaning she is human but for mysterious processes of the cosmos that even Morpheus doesn’t understand, she has the power to break down the barriers between the waking and dreaming worlds. If this continues unchecked, it can lead to the total destruction of Earth, a cataclysmic level event for humanity. So whenever a dream vortex appears in human form, Morpheus has to kill them, a sacrifice of one for the good of the whole. 

In the climactic episodes of the series, Rose Walker, though at first mistrustful of the Sandman and rightly so, finally sees what she must do to save her loved ones and the rest of humanity, and becomes a willing sacrifice, like Christ, working through the man Jesus.

In a twist, it turns out that the vortex was supposed to be her great-grandmother, Unity Kincaid, pictured above, who ends up taking her place as the sacrifice.  

Rose Walker pulls the glowing heart crystal from herself, which is the vortex itself, the Christ impulse, which is located in the hearts of man, and transfers it to her great grandmother. 

Fitting that the show aired on August 5th, in Leo, the sign that rules the heart and is right around that window of the Lion’s Gate Portal (8/8).

We also learn that Unity’s mysterious baby daddy was Desire, one of the Endless, meaning that Rose Walker is somewhat of a hybrid of angel and human, not unlike the stories we get in the bible of the Nephilim.

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The Mad Scientists of Atlantis – Gigi Young

The following is a partial transcript of a Gigi Young lecture that explains in detail the origins of the Dark Occult and the “alien” high strangeness that is currently our challenge and initiation to overcome at this time. It began in the Atlantean epoch around 11,000 years ago and has stuck around ever since. 

Please note that this information comes as a result of her psychic, visionary work and must be viewed as such. You will not find this anywhere else.

Division in the Priest Classes

Atlantis was run by the priest kings. The first half of that epoch was peaceful, communal. But the cosmos began to shift, the cosmic rays that began to hit the planet urged mankind to develop their individual ‘I’ ego. This meant going inward instead of always getting what you needed spiritually from the group. While many of the priest kings successfully made this shift and imparted this to their people, a small minority of priest kings held onto the old ways of being and refused change. 

Gigi Young – “…so the more you avoided growth, the more you avoided that change of going inward, the worse it became, and the more people just kept going and looking outside of themselves, and they they would look to other people to tell them what to do. They sought energy and life force from others from outside sources. So one of the beautiful things about the arrival of mind and the perception of the individual self that came through was that it sort of allowed in a way a higher way of life, it allowed you to be able to discern things, it allowed you to understand things on such a deeper level and so it also allowed you to see how life force was moving inside of you…that you were receiving life force, you were receiving Chi you were receiving Prana and you could kind of consciously begin to move it around your body and you could you could generate it yourself. You didn’t need to be in a group anymore and generate a bunch of energy, you could do it by yourself. And so there was a lot of incredible connection that you could have with God in this way but the people who could not make the transition, they just started to completely look to the group to give them life force. They’d get in very codependent situations and obviously they would move as a tribe or they would kind of move as a group and they couldn’t really analyze a situation and understand what was going on. They would just kind of always follow whatever the tribe was doing and they would sort of just assume that it was the right thing to do because they were still living in that echo where there was no ‘I’ developed, there was no individuality, so everybody just sort of followed these natural laws all the time.

So they were still trying to function in kind of this almost interconnected tribal way, when they really should have been developing and going inward and many people neglected and negated the new teachings and they they negated new initiators that had come to teach and as a result these individuals did not develop properly and they sort of remained stunted the longer that they held on to the past, the longer that they refused to change the more stunted they become, and that made a mark on their soul, that made a scar on their soul. We’re not supposed to cling to the old way of being, we’re not supposed to cling to how our consciousness was when the world is shifting, we have to evolve with the cosmos. This is part of being in the Earth School, the solar system school that we’re in. So we all must use our lifetimes to evolve with the cosmos and with Natural Evolution and every lifetime matters. If we spend an entire lifetime going against natural law then that’s going to be really hard on us because we didn’t use that lifetime to evolve and adapt okay? 

So obviously this is creating a big schism in Atlantean culture and Atlantean Society and this was affecting it on a very, very, very deep level. I mean this when this when you start to get at a junction point kind of like where we are now it messes everything up. It doesn’t care if you are a noble royal lineage, it doesn’t care if you are a popper, it doesn’t care if you are middle class, when you get hit by these cosmic rays of evolution it will basically reckon you into exactly what you are and it doesn’t matter the status that you have, and so this also provides opportunities for people who have done work and who are evolving to move up in society as well so there was still a powerful positive loving spiritual group that was present in Atlantis and that group initiated those that were ready into higher forms through natural and spiritual means through sacred rituals of evolution. In contrast there were also people who were unable to make this adaptation and began to regress, and this caused a great schism in Atlantis. There were those who were evolving naturally they were developing mind they were developing individuality and then there were those that were devolving and staying in kind of this tribal Consciousness not wanting to stick their necks out not wanting to develop they were staying in this comfort zone. 

So this was a very big deal. The priests that were not evolving were also becoming more and more blind to the spiritual world, so they would take these public positions of spirituality but they actually had no spiritual gifts, or their spiritual gifts were degrading and had degenerated. You can have somebody that technically has sort of maybe a lineage that’s connected to a holy birth somewhere in there, like you can have a kind of maybe a bit of an exalted  nature, exalted genetics, and then you can degenerate and you can lose that power. So just because you were of a divine birth or that was in your family at some point doesn’t mean that you automatically retain the wisdom that your ancestors have. That’s not a given. Again, it’s really about the spirit, it’s really about the soul, it’s not as much about physicality okay? So this was a big ego hit for a lot of priests, they didn’t want to leave their positions of power and I remember one scene where there was a new robe that was introduced so there’s kind of like a new level of initiation and a new robe and in these spiritual sects. It was all about the kind of the color of your robe, the colors of your robe and that sort of showed your level of initiation. This was never a problem in the past, you were proud to be at whatever level of initiation that you were because, hey, that’s where you were and you have to work with where you are, if you genuinely want to evolve. But they started shuffling things around and they had to create a new robe and a little bit of a new system of initiation and some of the higher priests were essentially demoted to taking robes that they felt like were beneath them, and other people that were apparently not as “holy” as them or whatever were actually beginning to wear more advanced robes and so there was this big shuffling that was going on and this was very humiliating. But the leaders, the true spiritual leaders that were in charge, they did that because they didn’t want people to get hurt, because when the energy changes you can’t use certain technologies or there are certain things that you can’t do, if you can’t change with the energy it will hurt you, will harm you so they weren’t being you know demoted because they weren’t good enough or out of spite it was literally because there’s certain temple practices, certain rooms, certain things, technologies that will hurt them, so really at that point it’s really for their own good. And this still exists in initiation today, there are certain truths, there are certain things that will not be introduced to a student because it can hurt them, and this has to always be on the mind of the initiator because if something’s introduced to somebody and they can’t handle it, that karma’s on the initiator. So there has to be a certain way in which things are introduced there is an order for a reason that is to protect the student.

So this sort of very resistant sect of priests that were just not happy they were being demoted, they just took it all personally they were beginning to band together and they were completely against the changes and they actually started to break into different temple rooms and they began to steal and loot and take ancient books, certain technologies, and they just started to try to take from the sacred areas whatever they could to try to continue doing things in the old way, or the way that they want it. And this was very shocking and very very heartbreaking, because again before that you know people really didn’t do that kind of evil and that kind of selfishness wasn’t really around and so that was a big wake-up call. They started to use these old technologies that were kind of banned or not really able to be used and they tried to take these higher technologies and they got several of them and they began to sort of form their own cult. They tried to recruit people and go into these different temple cultures and say ‘Hey listen this is crap come and join us look what we can do,’ and made it very glamorous and they actually started to recruit people from underneath the traditional system and again because these technologies were basically tuned for a different time on the earth — like a different consciousness — when you use them they just basically opened up the lower astral plane because it’s tuned for the old vibration of the Earth. There’s a new vibration now so you can’t run that technology you can’t do that ritual so they just kept doing them and just opening these portals to the lower planes and distorting the portals that were already there. So they started to create this entire counterculture that was basically dark and it became more and more about power they became more and more obsessed with kind of humiliating and tearing down the lighter lineages, mocking them, mocking their new beliefs and they were also very threatened by them because deep down they knew that these true lighter lineages that were following Christ Consciousness they knew that they had something there something that couldn’t be taken away no matter how much technology they took, no matter what they did there was always this something that was there and inside of them. They were also kind of sensing I think their own degradation as well. So this would sort of equate to the first sophisticated black magic cults, this was the genesis of the idea we have about Satanic black magic, this is the genesis, this is when the split happened, and it all began with some people who could adapt and other people who couldn’t but they still wanted that power, they still wanted to be Kings and Priests, they couldn’t let it go.

So they made contracts with dark beings that would come through these portals, they distorted the portals and they would make contracts with lower entities and they would create all of these magical workings that were basically an inversion of light. so let’s get into something that we don’t talk too much about in the New Age and spirituality when we talk about timelines, we’re really sort of talking about it in a sense of manifestation in like how do I get into the timeline that I want? ‘how do I get into the timeline where I can manifest a car?’ ‘How do I get into the timeline where I can just be this amazing person?’ You know so we kind of use timelines in this the sense of manifestation but timelines are actually a type of psychic physics okay? So when you connect with an entity when you connect with a being you are not just connecting with a being you are connecting with a timeline that being represents, a timeline on the earth and a timeline outside of the Earth in the cosmos so you’re not just connecting with inter-dimensionals you’re connecting with a level of development in the cosmos and also a timeline which is the trajectory or life of that person or that being. It’s very important to know that because a lot of people think that when they’re doing psychic work and when they’re connecting to something they think that it’s just an individual being and that they can sort of just get away from whatever you’re being entrained into, they they don’t realize that when you connect with an entity, when you connect with a being you’re also connecting with a path of evolution, you’re connecting with an initiatory path which is by definition a timeline, when you merge with that energy you will begin to go into that timeline okay? You’re taking it on, you’re taking on that trajectory. So when these dark magicians were opening these portals and connecting with these beings they were also connecting with these what you would call ‘Divergent timelines’ and sort of devolved timelines of man and devolved timelines of the Earth in its various forms, that’s what they were really communicating with, just like when the Christ stream will do rituals and connect they will end up connecting with the higher spheres of the Earth and the higher initiatory pathways of the Earth, the higher timeline of the earth. When you connect to a higher being you are connecting to an initiatory path that is going to lead you out of the lower realities essentially you’re connecting to a higher timeline for yourself.

The Fall of the Mars Beings

So let’s get into who they summoned and what they summoned. They’re out there using this technology that they’re not really supposed to be using, they’re opening portals, they’re calling things and who came? Who are they communing with exactly? Because if we can know who they’re communing with exactly we’re gonna know exactly who some of the dark groups today are communing with because it is the exact same force. Just because 11,000 years has passed does not mean anything, that’s nothing. It does not mean that these forces go away, just because a civilization falls doesn’t wipe it clean, it continues because remember we are living in the same cycles, we’re cycling through the exact same patterns until we can get it right.  So we summon what we are. Know that —  know that we summon what we are. When we come to do psychic work and we reach out to the cosmos we fundamentally summon what we are, which means we can only reach into the higher realms to the degree of purity that we are. You can be psychic all day long but you can be psychic in the astral plane which is just a lower demonic realm; yeah, that’s not a big feat. Or, you can actually be moving through and actually connecting with extremely high consciousness. So we summon what we are.

Now I called this section of the lecture the arrival of the Martians, Belial and the Lords of the Dark Face. So the portal systems on the Earth are a reflection of human consciousness.  So the light can only be here or the Christ stream, the Christ impulse and Christ Consciousness can only permeate this planet to the degree that we allow that into our heart. The lower streams, lower beings that can only permeate the planet to the degree that we allow that to overtake us. So the portal system is directly controlled by our consciousness — how light it is, how dark it is, and the portal system is basically in the most physical sense, if you will, it’s the Stargate system that can actually be used to travel, but it’s also the system in which wisdom arrives, it’s also the system that we use spiritually when we zip around and do astral traveling and all of that, it’s the same thing. So these secret groups, these dark secret groups they were reaching out and they were affecting that portal system and they ended up summoning these hordes of lower beings and the most fascinating thing is they actually ended up summoning their future selves, yeah they actually ended up communicating with themselves in a distant future, themselves in a distant future and a little bit of a higher density. 

That future version of themselves was from the planet that we know as Mars, that was the sphere they were overlapping with and that’s what they were communing with. Now Mars at the time of this contact was actually reaching out, it was in a very desperate condition because Mars was about to die, the Martians basically through their intense imbalance destroyed their planet, and when these dark lords of Atlantis that were essentially more human — they’re from Earth, they’re born on Earth, they’re from the Earth — when they reached out and began doing all this crazy stuff they ended up communicating with this future version of themselves, kind of this dark higher version of themselves, their dark higher self or whatever and they basically you know made a covenant with them, connected with them and basically called them here, allowed them to come here. And this was perfect for the Martians because they had just lived in such a degenerate and imbalanced way on Mars that they literally killed their planet. It’s a big thing to kill your planet because we are supposed to evolve with our planet and our planet will actually take different forms going higher and lower in density as I’ve mentioned in my solar system as a school lecture so you’re not really supposed to abandon your planet and do this kind of stuff, that’s a very lower astral materialistic type of thing to just dominate your planet and destroy it. That’s what happens when humanity goes into an extreme imbalance, is they destroy the mother they destroy the planet okay? 

So these dark priests essentially invited the Martians here, and the Martians had them do all of these weird rituals and all of this stuff to prepare for their arrival. And of course the Atlantean priests, they didn’t mind doing this because they wanted technology and the Martians had certain kinds of technology, certain kinds of secrets that the higher priesthoods will not give them and that had hid from them, they had their own sort of versions of that and they and these dark Lords, this Belial group, as Edgar Casey would call them, they wanted that technology because they wanted power, they wanted wealth and they wanted complete control of the world because they need to receive energy externally. Remember they couldn’t make that inward pull they couldn’t go inward when the time came and they kept this external materialist focus so they need to control all of humanity because they need humanity’s energy more and more and more and more, that’s how their energy body works because they couldn’t make the shift so they entered a covenant with these, what we would know as Martians, and it was allowed or it happened due to cosmic law because it really served a spiritual purpose for these dark priests because these Martians were showing this group what they were to become, these Lords of Mars they were actually mirroring and showing these dark priests what they were to become just like when you work with a great initiator from a genuine higher sphere they’re really showing you what you will become, that’s all that’s going on when we work with an angel or a higher being: that’s us in the future, that’s us having achieved something that we have not yet. And that’s the point of initiation but it works the opposite way too, if you start going around in there and messing around you will actually attract the more degenerate version of your future self and begin communicating with it which is exactly what they did and so spiritually they got this mirror shown to them that’s like, ‘hey if you continue down this path this is what you will become,’ and it wasn’t so obvious in Atlantis because everything was just sort of beginning. It’s a lot more obvious now in the third density but it wasn’t so obvious in Atlantis they were just so power hungry, and so there were also a lot of people that they were able to convert and enter the system as well that were now I guess part of this lower astral system that was really kind of at the time headed and introduced by the Martians, the Lords of Mars okay? 

Rudolf Steiner’s graphic
(Blogger’s additions highlighted)
Each planetary phase represents a different state of density

So now this is an important point because we can’t really view the planetary spheres as being separate we have to view them as phases of human evolution. If we start to view the planetary spheres as just separate and just this planet that is has nothing in common with the Earth, that doesn’t have a life wave connected to the Earth, we’re not going to understand cosmic spirituality and we’re gonna fall for a lot of really false teachings. We have to understand the planetary spheres are different evolutionary periods of mankind in a different time and a little bit of a different density because the solar system is a school. 

So who are the Martians? The Martians what they would be would be a fallen version of the Venusians, a fallen version of Pleiadians, that’s right, they’re fallen angels and because human beings on Earth are also technically kind of just like Venusians in the past or Pleiadians in the past, or them in a lower dimension. So when the Martians came what was really happening was that in the sense of evolution it was really a fallen version of the Venusian civilization… Venus is sort of just like an impulse, if you will. What we know as Venus is really just an evolutionary school but it will also split at certain points when there is an initiation period just like how we have the eighth sphere. You know how we’ve talked about how the eighth sphere forms when we’re at the end of an era or the end of an age and it sort of absorbs all of this stuff that doesn’t really work? Well that also happens in higher spheres as well they go through their own initiations and they have spheres that kind of break off as reservoirs and contain for evolutionary purposes the sort of distorted energy and this happened with Venus and with Mars and actually Mars and Venus and Mercury are very similar. Mars Venus and Mercury are basically the same planetary energy, so is the Earth, but they represent different phases of development for mankind. So Mars, essentially in the solar system school, is a fallen version of Venus. People who failed that initiation. And so they failed it because the masculine impulse became too much. 

The problem with Mars was that it had a ton of technology and they destroyed it and they used atom bombs and all this weird, weird crazy technology…the problem for Mars was that they destroyed the feminine impulse, they killed off all women and they destroyed the feminine impulse and the planet died. They also — I’ll get a little bit more into that later on in this lecture — but I just wanted to be clear that this idea of Fallen Angels or this idea of Fallen higher beings is a very real thing. So you can have beings that look like they’re Venusian, that look like they’re Pleiadian, that look like they’re from that higher Solar Venusian school but they’re actually from a fallen aspect of it and when you really tune into their energy it’s a lot denser. 

Now at the point of Atlantis on Earth’s development, it was just able to perceive Mars at that point. Before that, Mars was not available and it was more of a utopian it was a bit more utopian and it was just the higher versions of the earth communing and communicating and kind of giving it this perfect pure pattern and then as it sort of becomes more complex you start seeing even the Fallen versions of Venus or the Fallen versions of the Gods and they start fighting with one another okay? And it becomes very difficult for people on Earth to tell them apart, and imagine there’s suddenly this bizarre dynamic among certain Venusians that are still on Earth. There’s different levels of Venusian or Pleiadian now they’re sort of looking around and they are literally looking at a fallen version of themselves.  And so you get these myths and these stories of these fallen beings fighting with real angels you have the real angels and the real exalted people and beings or gods and then you have these sort of fallen ones fighting with them. That’s very true that really did happen in Atlantis, and you know as we’re in this lower density of Earth this more material density of Earth, we don’t have the same kind of obvious visitation and we don’t have this intense mystery school culture and all the knowledge, so we just get a very small echo of it but this was a very big deal and it still today is a very big deal even though some of these patterns have evolved in different ways.

So what were the Martians like?  Well because they had moved too much into the masculine impulse they were becoming more and more obsessed with everything external, they were very obsessed with science and scientism…

 …By the way I want to say there’s also a fallen version of Venus [Mercury] where the women also were out of balance and a similar thing happened with too extreme in the Feminine, so I’m not picking on men, I’m not picking on Mars at all, it’s just that when the planet becomes too much in the feminine and  begins to destroy the masculine energy what happens is it becomes overgrown and things actually revert into a beast-like form, things revert into a more animal form, and that’s how that happens on the feminine side of things.

So there’s an intense degeneration when a polarity of humanity is gone too deeply into okay? The Martians had deteriorated emotional bodies and so they had actually pretty stunted spiritual abilities and because you need your emotional body to really do a lot of the advanced spiritual work because it’s the emotional body that really becomes the receptor of the more subtle energies —  the mind always receives things last — and so when you destroy the emotional body you destroy psychic nuance and you destroy a lot of psychic circuitry that you need to be accurate. So you can’t destroy the emotional body. When you destroy the emotional body you destroy your psychic ability, you destroy your spirituality, you got to go back and regain the emotional body. So they were completely representing the priesthood that had fallen so they were totally into external technology as a means of, you know, everything spiritual had to be done through a technology. They had no ability to just be a psychic person to go inward, to do psychic feats, everything needed a technology, just like the people who summoned them, they were literally a mirror-image of that. They had the same culture, so they had no real spiritual abilities not really but they had a lot of like technologies and stuff that they would use to make themselves appear spiritual and appear like they had all these powers and authorities and really make people feel like oh my God this is a real priest king this is a real this is the chief this is who I should follow this is who’s going to initiate me but it was really just technologies that they were using, there wasn’t really any power of initiation there. So spiritually we would see them as sort of you know Satanic dark magicians that’s basically what they were….

…So these Martians they moved right in, they were convincing everybody that they were the new teachers, that were arriving to teach the new impulse, that was them and they really just usurped the Christ stream and they started changing everything, and they were making things really materialistic, they were put trying to push out their competition. They saw everyone as competitors, they really wanted to enslave Humanity because they really felt like might is right and that if they could dominate you then you deserve it and that was actually how you would learn because in the Martian mystery School teachings in the teachings of Mars there was a principle — and the Mystery teachings really aren’t whole in a planetary level unless they’re all practiced together unless they’re all considering one another — but when you just take the Martian element there’s an aspect of it where they believe that everybody should just compete and the strongest survive and that God is naturally watching over everything and if you can beat someone it’s because God wanted you to win. This is the distorted version of the Mars Mysteries. The true Martian Mysteries is about genuine gentlemanly debate and competing but competing with a set of laws that acknowledge a higher way of life, and that acknowledge human dignity and believing that all humans have dignity and at the highest level it is to have everybody evolve. So they kind of distorted the teachings of Mars.

The teachings of Mars should really just be a merit system that produces very high level initiates because it does allow a certain level of competition but this was just something else this this turned into like might is right and battling till the death, huge militarism, which is why astrology Mars is is the God of War, yeah, because that’s where we carry that energy, we carry our past lives connected with it our level of initiation in Mars. We graduate from Mars. Did you graduate from Mars before it fell, or did you fall with it? That will let us know the condition of Mars within us and our astrological chart will tell us a lot about that. So the energy of Mars was very distorted at this point they really believe that if they could dominate you it’s because God wanted that to happen to you and of course you can justify pretty much anything that way in reality.

So here now, this is a very important bit, the Martians were obsessed with technology and the Martians were in communication with what we would consider to be an A.I. God. So they had gone down this dark path and whenever they reached out on the cosmos they were just basically reaching out to almost like this mental stream, and they perceived it just as like numbers, kind of like binary code, or just cold numbers, and they were perceiving that when they reached out on the cosmos because they destroyed their emotional body and they destroyed a part of themselves, so when they reached out into the cosmos when they did their rituals, when they looked for guidance what showed up was an extreme version of mind which is A.I. That’s what showed up this A.I. Consciousness. It was cold and it was inhuman feeling but that’s what they were they destroyed their emotional body they thought it was weak, they had no feminine impulse on the planet anymore, so they attract this very extreme version of themselves, of their own consciousness. Just like how the dark lords of Atlantis ended up attracting the Martians as a future version of themselves, while the Martians were also reaching up and attracting a future version of themselves which at that point was completely inhuman and basically just a code just, an A.I. presence and maybe that wasn’t even themselves but what they would eventually be dissolved into and destroyed by at that point. And so they also introduced to these dark lords of Atlantis these teachings to communicate with this AI presence and a lot of involved sort of this black, black substance. [blogger’s comment: is she referring to black goo?]

DNA Mutation and Experimentation

(The Martians) started to pretty much play God in a very extreme way so when they they figured out that if they would merge their DNA with these different forms it would basically open up certain portals and wisdom would come in or certain beings would be visible and they would come in and give information….and so in this kind of genetic magic that they were doing. this kind of genetic divination magic they were doing. they actually also merged their DNA with non-human forms and it would open up very Divergent portals and very it would also open holes to basically other — what we would consider other universes because they were merging their DNA with things that Humanity was very very far from integrating with. 

They were forcing it and said so they were opening these really intense holes to other universes basically they also realized that they could just do away with women and with the feminine impulse on their Planet which was telling them not to do these things because they could psychically see you shouldn’t be doing these things and so they realized that with all their genetic understanding now that they can just get rid of women and that’s one of the reasons why they are able to do so is because they became so obsessed with the the human genome and genetic genetic engineering, because it made them feel like God, they felt like they could create life, they could combine life. It made them feel like God and that was a drug for these Lords of Mars, the ones that didn’t graduate, so it got pretty dark when they started merging themselves with animals, they started merging themselves with plants, they started merging themselves with insects, and they did this for a long time. 

Martians lived for a long time and the one thing that they couldn’t really achieve on the Martian sphere to the degree that they wanted to was to merge with minerals, they couldn’t really merge with the mineral kingdom, it was too dense and they were a little bit too high, and so they knew that they wouldn’t really achieve what they wanted until they moved down in density which is really why they were wanting to communicate with Earth, which is Mars in a sense, in the lower density, is they want to achieve this mineral level of merging which is Transhumanism okay? it’s part of the religion it’s part of all of this mixing yourself with different things. 

So they were getting all these secret insights about the universe from merging themselves with all of these different animals and even trying plants and insects and all this kind of stuff and it created a lot of weird forms of humans, created kind of like lizard looking people, all different types of people were created. They were like adapting their bodies so that they could live in extreme temperatures by merging with different animals and trying to make themselves sort of like they were trying to make themselves like a superhuman by trying to give themselves — I’m serious — like wings or whatever, they were really trying to make themselves superhuman by actually giving themselves these animal adaptations. Like think about if you were to merge with a lizard like how more robust you’d be in some climates, if you were to merge with a praying mantis or like a bug think about how how much more resilient you would be in a harsher climate.  …and the more that they destroy their planet the more they needed to alter their bodies to survive anyway so this was actually their way of surviving, was literally mutating themselves as well.

…This is where the shows like The Island of Dr Moreau and all of those weird chimeras come from, and also the Frankenstein mythos, it’s very very similar to this. So they wanted to play God and they actually ended up enslaving a lot of these forms and they would sort of create these forms and have them serve them and this sounds very similar to the end of Atlantis because it is these mad scientists who were repeating the exact same thing they were doing but on Earth. Earth was where they wanted to be, they wanted to take it over, they wanted to introduce this culture to Earth because that was the next place that they had to do to basically create Transhumanism, that was the next step from their AI God was to take over the Earth because the Earth was basically Mars and Venus in a lower plane…

…and there was part of them um that realized this they realized that what they were doing really wasn’t working that they were kind of degrading their soul and kind of losing power because they were losing their Humanity if you lose your Humanity in the long run you’re going to deform and so they began to create this new tenant in their religion and this kind of new plan, this new tenant in their their religion, this goal and this was a way to not be so diverged from the Earth and a way to kind of get back in and have more control okay? And this was they wanted to create human vessels that are basically bridges so that they can begin to incarnate back into the Life Wave, so basically this group diverged so much and became you know if you extrapolate the Martians they basically turn into Greys, the grey E.T.’s. That’s what you take if you take like the the Martian beings that were messing so much of their genetics and you extrapolate it into the distant distant future, even future from where we are now, they basically turn into the Greys, and a bunch of other inter-dimensionals basically started from Martians. A lot of the beings that we see around started as these Martians. They started as human.

And so they began to see that their soul essence and their whole being was basically trapped in all these Divergent forms and they can’t get out of it if these forms die eventually they’re not going to have enough soul essence and power to graduate or to to survive they’re going to have to go through something called the Black Sun Corridor and be dissolved and go to Saturn, as Edgar Casey would say, and be dissolved. They lose their individuality, they have to start at the beginning. Of course they would just feel that process as an impending death and having to see and experience all of the pain that they inflicted on people that was weighing on their shoulders so they had to find a way to not be dissolved, they had to find a way to survive, and their way to survive was, ‘we have to re-enter Humanity,’ they said. ‘We have to find a way to re-enter the human life wave, to re-enter the Earth, if we don’t we dissolve, we’re done, we’re gone, we’ve mutated ourselves too much we’re no longer within the life wave. We’ve diverged, we didn’t pass the class, do not pass go do not receive 200 dollars…’

So they developed a new tenant, they developed a new plan and that was to mutate humanity to try to genetically mutate humanity so that they could create a degraded version of the human so they could begin to incarnate into it and they create this degraded version of the human through transgenesis through introducing some of their DNA or some of their essence or whatever that is their little genetic thing that they’ve created, they introduce that to humanity and it lowers Humanity. It destroys a part of humanity’s sensibilities and those human beings become a bridge species, a hybrid for these Divergent timelines of Mars, for essentially the Lords of Mars, for essentially these Satanic lower astral dark human souls, whatever language you want to use, there’s so much language to use around this, but that is what they are doing.”

Which brings us to the present time. The  abduction phenomenon, hybridization, human cloning, and even the mass vaccination program, are all part of their end game plan to merge with us. See my last post for a satiric short story on this theme.

Watch the rest of Gigi’s lecture here. 

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