J.R.R. Tolkien and The Flat Earth


Was Tolkien, author of the Lord of The Rings and The Silmarillion an insider into the occult and secret societies? It isn’t clear but there sure seem to be a lot of hints and parallels in his work to the flat earth and the book of Genesis and other occult themes.

Eric Dubay, with his “200 proofs” convinced me the earth is flat. Santos Bonacci then introduced the idea that not only do we live on a plane but there are planes beneath us, stacked like a pancake. Modeled after the 7 planets or what the ancients called the 7 heavenly bodies.

Printmaxresdefault (17)

You can see at the top, above the 7 layers sits the throne of God. The first layer is the moon, mercury, venus, sun, mars, jupiter, saturn. 7 heavenly bodies or wandering stars are also represented in levels below this surface level of Earth.

Now to travel up and down the planes can also be called going east or west, which are terms Tolkien used in his work. For example the elves,  the first born of God, go into the West, which is code for going to Mars, but not the planet Mars, but the underground equivalent.


Not much is known about these realms. But from the hollow earth myths we get the legends of Agartha, which seem to match Tolkien, where advanced humanoids (elves?) live in caverns deep below the earth.


According to Youtuber Flat Earth Paradise, Agartha fits into the flat earth scheme by being literally on the underside of our plane, flipped, and powered by the Black Sun in a perpetual twilight.

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This is the symbol of the Black Sun, which is important in occultism and esoterica and you may remember how the Nazi’s employed this symbol along with the swastika, which is also an ancient occult symbol.

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Another way to visualize our expanding cosmology now that we can dump the heliocentric model is the Norse and Hebrew systems.

According to Rosetta Delacroix, “In Norse mythology there is a Tree of Life. (The tree of life is also reflected in the Kabbalah). The tree consists of nine worlds; three worlds each within three realms. The realm directly above Earth is called Asgard (Heaven) and Earth is called Midgard. These are the only two realms with the base of “gard”. Gard means garden. So Asgard is the upper garden and Midgard is the MIDDLE garden or CENTER garden.”

yggdrasil (1)

“…the name for our home ~ Earth. Now if you scramble the letters around it spells Heart. This is NOT a coincidence. It is code telling us the significance of our home. Our home is the HEART of our world. Now where is the heart located in our body? In the center. So our Earth is in the Center. And we know this because we know that man is a microcosm to the macrocosm- our world. Put another way, As above, so below. As without, so within So we know the Earth is in the center. So the Sun can not possibly be in the center.(S0URCE)

The center chakra, the heart chakra is green, the middle color of the rainbow, and corresponds to earth, photosynthesis.


And Tolkien’s Earth is called….MIDDLE Earth! He must have known…

Now according to Bonacci there are Hellish realms down there too, clearly where all the myths of Hell come from, Satan’s strongholds.

Bonacci“Paradise is the earth, it’s the paradise plane, and when humans controlled it, and the true monarchies and human bloodlines, there was peace and balance on earth.  There was a golden age, a silver age, everything was perfect. But when the subterraneans came up, they destroyed that and infiltrated the beautiful Christian and Hindu and Jewish and Muslim traditions which are all the same teachings, they are no different, Krishna is Christ, they are the same philosophy using different words. They coopted these churches and taught an inverted Luciferian brand of this. They’ve been doing it forever. They dwell in the subterranean region of the cosmos because they have been cast down there. Some say they fell from heaven well yeah but it’s the same thing. It’s their choice to stay there because there is a lot of luxury down there, but there is also lot of suffering. But they love the luxury, the lust, the gluttony, and all of the goings on….”

So whether this is the paradise plane that suffered an incursion from another plane, or whether paradise is in a plane above us, Asgard, and we are in Midgard, or the middle plane, is not clear. Funny, I’ve also heard this plane called the Hell plane, with Agartha underneath us as the paradise plane. So there are a few competing theories, yet they all share the same basic structure. Multiple flat planes of existence, either stacked on top of each other like Russian nested dolls, or else held together in by a central pillar or tree trunk or torus field of energy in the middle, what the Norse called the Tree of Yggdrasil, and what Jews call the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah.


Note the middle realm in green, like our Earth, like our heart chakra, in the center of our body, and HEART and EARTH are anagrams.

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  1. I was only about 13 when I first read the Silmarillion. The tales swept me away. I read it again recently and it is still awesome.

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