Arriving At A ‘Death Cure,’ and Embedded Time Language In Film

John 3:3 – Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Movies such as the ‘Maze Runner‘ trilogy, which are highly symbolic and full of esoteric easter eggs, are designed in this way to help one develop what Neville Goddard coined ‘second sight.’ Second sight is the skill of interpreting everything you see, hear or witness as a symbol. It is the act of impregnating your sense-reality with meaning at every turn. Nothing is seen as random. Every stimulus that crosses your path is code sent from above, to deliver a message, to help you grow. Sent from whom, you may ask. God? Perhaps. Or maybe its sent from your own Being, your Higher Self outside this time-space continuum.

In either case, many modern movies, TV shows and books, especially the big budget ones put out by Hollywood and the like, are acting in the same capacity as scripture. They follow a consistent code or symbol-language that will fly under the radar of the uninitiated. For them, watching a movie like ‘Maze Runner’ is akin to reading the bible exoterically; they are entertained by the surface-level story, and then it is quickly forgotten or seen as irrelevant in their everyday life. But for those with second sight, and especially those who study the consistent symbol language, one finds a deeply esoteric story which is not a story at all, but a set of instructions for evolving the spirit to become a Christed One.

Goddard shows how the Old and New Testaments, culminating in the life of Jesus Christ, are really about the psychological process that happens in the psyche of the individual undergoing this initiation into ‘God-hood,’ or, conversely, God-becoming-man. We’ve seen how many modern films draw on the same symbol-set; one learns to identify the character playing Christ, or the hero, and often the same supporting cast of characters show up, his disciples and adversaries, as well as similar themes, metaphors and plot motifs.

The Maze Runner series is no exception and is in fact very dense with these symbols. In this post we are going to look at the opening scene of the third installment: “The Death Cure.” Armed with the tools provided by Mouravieff’s Gnosis, the hidden esotericism is becoming clear as day. Of course, there are multiple levels or angles to interpretation at any point, and two different initiates employing second sight to the same film can derive different but equally valid meaning.

The Death Cure

Opening shot: two members of the rescue squad are checking their watches:

We begin with time imagery, and the phrase, “they’re late.” So right away we know that on a deeper level the writers are relaying a spiritual message about the nature of time.

The leader of the pack, Thomas, (who is also in the Christ role throughout the series), is attempting a hijack on a train. The train carries captive children, who are valuable to the elites because they are immune to the zombie virus. They contain the hope of a cure, but at the expense of draining their vitality like vampires. We will get into what this all means farther on.

Thomsa boarding the train triggers a response: the train operators call in a military chopper.

The train moving along a linear track represents a life-time, but more specifically an unexamined life, because the train carries children which represent ignorance or nescience. It is the life of someone who hasn’t awakened the Christ within; their life moves along a linear, scripted track, versus a multi-dimensional one. Thomas, as Christ, is attempting a rescue of the captive children, who have the potential to wake up to their inner Godhood, through the esoteric path.

Matthew 18:3 And [Jesus] said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven

This oft misunderstood passage means that to undergo the esoteric work, you need to humble yourself to that of a child, forget all the mind control propaganda you learned in school or on the mainstream news. Only one who has become spiritually bankrupt through a major upheaval in life is jostled enough into awakening and undergoing this difficult journey. The comforted sleep on, watching CNN and football and staying on the linear train. Their inner child is stifled, their outer child rules on their level of maturity. In Jungian language, they never begin to assemble and integrate products of their unconscious, the process of individuation. Therefore their conscious mind, though they believe it to be rational and heavily guarded by the irrational subconscious, is nevertheless secretly ruled by their unconscious fears, motives and desires.

But as Thomas boards the train, the guards call for reinforcements in the helicopter. The chopper represents Satan, the impedance, because whenever you begin to awaken to the esoteric path, your scripted time-line begins to alter, because you are now writing your own script. This trips a wire, Satan’s alarm goes off, and he begins to work through people and events to try and get you back on track. Satan in this regard is nothing more than the personification of a general law of the universe: to keep the whole intact, at the price of individual freedom. There is naturally some value in this, it maintains stability and avoids eruptions of chaos and anarchy, but there is another law, according to Mouravieff, called the Law of Exception, where individual cells within the whole body can choose a radically individualized path.

The bible speaks of this force called the General Law which can be seen as Satan setting up stumbling blocks in the initiates journey, as these blocks often come from the very loved ones in the initiate’s life:

Matthew 10:34 – “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn

“ ‘a man against his father,

a daughter against her mother,

a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—

a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ 

Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”

Members of your own family who are not on the path will take issue with your new values and beliefs as it naturally threatens their tenuous hold on stability. Satan is being channeled through them, through the General Law.

Now let me share the shot that inspired this post. As usual, it was a number, as symbolic numbers are some of the easiest and most abundant ways the elites in Hollywood share their secret messages:

Code 88, on the train car, where Thomas is yelling “Hurry!” Code 88 has multiple meanings, written about HERE in more detail, but in respects to the theme of time, and the linear train track of a life unexamined, it is a sideways infinity symbol. The unexamined life actually goes in one big circle, from birth to death, leading right back to another birth in the same set of conditions as before (this theory can be traced back to Gurdjieff’s theory of recurrence). This, according to Mouravieff, is called the film of your life, and every human is born with one, like a pre-made script. He will play that script out until the end of time, assuming he sticks to the General Law and is self-satisfied with his desires and continues to lie to himself. But once he begins the esoteric path, the circle becomes a spiral, leading onward and upward towards freedom from the birth-death cycle of the film.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-2020-05-24-at-2.18.56-pm.png

Hurry!” Thomas-as-Christ yells to his friend, who is trying to disable the train car, car 88. Christ as a symbol for an expert of the esoteric path and the way to liberation, is there to help the initiate, encouraging him to ‘hurry up;’ to not get distracted by the General Law and its impediments. His friend replies, “Don’t rush me!” Which is more time language, again adding to the power of the 88 time symbol.

Interestingly, on August 8th, or 8/8, we have what in astrology is called ‘the Lions-gate portal,’ where the sun and Sirius are in close alignment. It’s the lion because it is in the sign of Leo.

To review some notes from my post on Code 88:

Clearly this astrological alignment is important to film wizards in Hollywood.

Famously in the film Back to the Future, it takes the Doc’s delorean going to 88 M.P.H. to allow for time travel:

And youtuber William Sullivan pointed this out:

More connections to time. And of course 144 is in the Book of Revelation as the mysterious 144,000 sealed ones or the ‘Elect.’

As Thomas’ friend is climbing the train we see another embedded infinity symbol:

In a recent Marty Leeds lecture he displayed a screenshot from a Freemasonic dictionary concerning the Sanksrit way to spell ‘AUM.’ Look at how the second letter, ‘U’ is shaped:

Where ‘A’ is the Creator, ‘U’ is the Preserver, and ‘M’ is the Destroyer. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

So the letter U, shaped like an infinity symbol, is Vishnu, the Preserver, which may correspond to Satan as a personification of the General Law in Christian Esoteric Orthodoxy, keeping the film of your life preserved in a circle, rather than allowing upward spiral mobility towards freedom, towards the ‘second birth,’ (what the bible calls ‘being born again.‘) This may be why Brahma and Shiva are needed, to balance the preserving force with a certain degree of movement and change. The train needs to be derailed, to wake you up properly, and the captive children – the contents of your unmanifested unconscious – freed.

This being born again, born of spirit, is the end goal of all esoteric work. It is the REAL death cure.

Viral Looshing

The opening train scene ends with Thomas’ crew freeing one train car, but several other cars holding captives were left behind, one of which contained their friend Minho, who was with them in the maze from film one. Thus another infiltration and rescue mission is planned to get Minho out from the facility to which the children are brought.

It’s worthwhile at this point to close with a reminder of the symbolism behind what the ‘milking’ of these children is all about. Remember, they have a rare body-type that renders them immune to the virus. But the only way that the elites have figured out how to extract this immunity is by putting these children through an intense fear program. They hook them up to a device and upload a looped nightmare sim into their minds, and collect samples of the adrenaline/adrenochrome thus produced. This becomes their vaccine.

The reference should be obvious: this is the looshing process, with a little bit of Hollywood glamour added to it. This goes beyond Satan as code for the General Law to keep the staus quo in place, and gets into the notion that an actual infiltration has taken place here, an artificial timeline inserted, by a race of dead, dark spirits trapped in limbo, wishing to take over human vessels.

The Kolbrin manuscript gives us a possible clue as to their origin, CRT 7:3 “Herthew [one of the first men] learned that there was a place of gloom, where the air was foul, and malodorous breezes carried pestilence and poisonous particles. This was the source of all maladies and ailments and of the things which cause putrefaction and decay. This place had been closed off to Earth, for it existed in another realm beyond the ken of mortals; but it had been brought into atunement with Earth when a forbidden act was accomplished. Thus the bodies of mortals became susceptible to influences from this baleful place. To this end and similar parts of the Other-world, the wicked would be drawn when they passed through the grim gates of death.”

This realm, an abode for dark spirits, may be the same realm Mouravieff speaks about here, “…By contrast, the realm of level SI is a vast reservoir of psychic entities that have no contact with the higher plane, including amongst them disincarnate Personalities, who normally remain there to await their second Death – the negative equivalent of the second Birth….Orthodox tradition expressly warns seekers against contacts with this realm which is so dangerous and full of the worst illusions. In monastic esoteric practice, special prayers are said to ward off influences of this kind…It often happens that entities belonging to the SI domain seek contact with humans – more particularly with those who wish to establish a contact with the beyond. The aim of these entities is to interfere in terrestrial life; to draw on vitality and so gratify unsatisfied desires that they have carried beyond their physical life.”

In the movie, machines are used to drain adrenaline which is refined loosh, or human vitality, their coveted drug. But in reality, machines like this aren’t even needed. The fear generated by the populace through false flags and Covid-19 is simply harvested in the ether; every time a human is in a fear state his or her emotions are being fed on remotely, if you will.

So clearly at some point in the ancient past contact was established with these entities through black magick, and since then we have become quite overrun with these parasitic spirits. So much so that they have erected a false timeline, the AI or transhumanist timeline. Their goal is to hook humans up to a collective machine interface which will allow their disincarnate spirits full access to the human vehicle.

But since God the Ineffable is one complete, consistent Omniscience, this race of parasites may be acting on the behalf of Shiva the Destroyer, a balancing force for too much Vishnu, the Preserver. Too many of us have been to comfortable in the film of our lives, spinning in our circle, not arriving at Christ. Thus Shiva’s forces of destruction shake the tree, forcing one awake, through shock. And we see it. The Corona virus scam could backfire on those perpetrating it, as more people are forced awake to the lies and manipulation from their so-called ‘governments.’ Coming to grips that their government at the highest levels is a non-human (or no longer human) power elite seeking non-human aims. This will hopefully trigger Brahma, the Creator force within them, to awaken within them a thirst for a higher spiritual understanding, to put the bizarre events around them in a proper context, which is a spiritual war for souls, nothing more, nothing less.

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5 Responses to Arriving At A ‘Death Cure,’ and Embedded Time Language In Film

  1. Eddie says:

    Thanks. Ties a lot of things together for me.

  2. I have new content on my “writings” page.
    Have you seen this guy on Youtube?
    I am just trying to help.

    • Yes I am well aware of his work, which is built from Zach Hubbard’s. My feeling is that there is some truth there and also some misdirection and numberphile play that gets lost in abstraction.

  3. Great analyses and conclusions! Covain’t is THE ultimate wake-up call. Frankly, I don’t know if there will be another such alert, except possibly an actual visible (as opposed to spiritual/psychological) war, since the globalists/dark occultists seem intent bringing that to a world near us, and soon. But if someone can’t see through the obvious lies upon lies in this “deadly virus” scam, I don’t know how they could see through something more complex, like 9/11 and its concomitant manufactured war. But I will hold a bit of hope, for I, too, was once unaware of the sheer magnitude and dedicated intentionality of the slavery/trauma system.

    I have not seen Maze Runner, but I noticed right away that the embedded poster above reveals the letters WCKD (obviously for the word WICKED) on the building behind the characters. The wicked radio station, broadcasting all evil, all the time. There they are, hiding in plain sight, once again.

    P.S. I am really digging your posts!

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