Ole Dammegard on False Flags, Hoaxes, Predictive Programming, Manchester

In today’s world where truth is stranger than fiction, Ole Dammegard is one of the best detectives of truth. He shows how many of these recent so-called “terrorist attacks” are nothing more than false flag hoaxes, psyops, or what he calls “media events” because they are just that, spectacles for the mainstream media to put forth a narrative of Muslim radical terror. This keeps us in the dark of the true criminals (psychopathic dark occultists/ Luciferian, Illuminati secret societies) and their New World Order agenda.

Here Ole appears on Jim Fetzer’s show “The Real Deal,” June 24th 2017:

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Ole: One of the things that I’ve become aware of lately that I have not understood for a long time is why they are using all these vehicles to attack, trucks, cars. And I believe that what we are seeing is part of the new world order agenda where they are preparing use for so-called smart cities where everything is automated, driverless autonomous trucks, where everything is in perfect condition and it’s protection for us, but at the same time it’s going to be like a golden cage, a golden prison where we will be totally in control by them, everything will be digitalized and so on.

I saw this documentary called “what the world will be looked like in 2050,” and they were showing these autonomous trucks driving around with no drivers and it turns out it’s the Scottish company Scania that is one of the leading companies preparing this. It’s interesting that this series of trucks are identical to the truck in the Berlin truck attack. Right after this thing happened in Berlin, Scania came out saying, “well thank god that thanks to our new braking system so few people were killed in Berlin.” So they turned it around and used it. so often we see this product placement right in the middle of these operations. I believe that is the reason we see all these vehicle attacks and their solution is these non-driver vehicles. It’s part of building a prison around us without us understanding it. “it’s part of our protection” they keep saying all the time.

There are clues left for every single upcoming media event. In Sweden after the Stockholm truck attack where it slammed into this shop, there are some videos taken that I believe are part of the operation, not real, and right by the truck there is a guy standing who doesn’t leave, even though everyone else starts running. And he’s got a backpack on that has the slogan for the Dortmund football team. Well the Dortmund football team then had a bomb explosion on their bus. And on the back of the bus it says “heja BVB!” which is Swedish not German, which is exactly what it said on the backpack of this guy. On the bus it also says “Dortmund fahrt man.” This is a vehicle brand but it is also the exact name of the Manchester stadium where the next one just happened a few weeks later.

The next one was Ariana Grande, if anyone looks into how they use rock stars and popstars and so on, she and Nicki Minaj are very much part of these things, and she was holding this concert with 21,000 in this stadium, sold out, and yet none of these teenagers managed to record the explosion on video, except a few blurry ones, this is just not real. What I believe happened, this is a theory, but nowadays when they sell tickets to concerts they do it online. So what they did here was say “ok now we are going to release the tickets,” and then 2 hours later they just close down the phone lines and say “oh sorry, sold out.” But they didn’t sell a single ticket. I believe the stadium was totally empty. And this is why you’ll see the parking lot was more or less empty. You only see crisis actors being carried out. Very few people around the whole scenario. As usual you can see without the shoes, and one pant leg off, this Freemasonic symbolism that we talked about before.


I think it’s part of them having to tell us its fake. The law of karma the way they interpret it is they need to tell us in plain sight what is going to go down, and if we do not react then the bad karma is on our shoulders. So that is why they leave all of these clues.

images (7)

So of course a year before this, and also month before this, there was drill in Manchester, about a mile from the stadium, and the same photographer that was at the drill was the guy who took the photos outside this whole thing, Joel Goodman.

Manchester Arena incidentThe Manchester firefighters, when they heard about this, they just wanted to get going, but they were stopped and told to stand down and wait, and they’ve been very upset about this, there have been a whole lot of things in the news with them, they’re devastated that they couldn’t help save lives, and so on. This is what we see so often when these kind of operations go on, normal decent honest police, military and firefighters are told to stand down and stay away, because this is not a real event, this is an ongoing operation.

Jim: “this is like the priests in Boston, being kept by the police from going to the aid of the wounded which would have blown their cover because none of them were actually wounded.”

It’s the same Jim, it’s the same, I keep repeating this thing. They’re doing it again and again. So afterwards the Queen of England came to congratulate the people at the hospital saying oh my god you are so amazing. And then two of the nurses said to the queen well we had a drill a month ago and it went like clockwork.

And we see some of the victims where the Queen comes and says oh I hope you’re doing great, and the kids are wearing civilian clothing. If you were the victim of a bomb incident, wouldn’t you be dressed in hospital clothes? Also one thing I want to point out, when you see royalty being involved in a press conference or at funerals, most of the time they are reported by a company called ITM, not ITV news, so it’s not a real news channel, ITM does soap operas and so on, I think this is very revealing. Check the logo, it’s shown on TV as real news but then the logo comes up, so I believe what we are seeing is staged theater events, you know like, “action,” and then, “cut.” And then it’s used as news media.

But Manchester is a tricky one; the whole area is in absolute shock, there is said to have been so many children killed, when you start pointing fingers or criticizing anything when children or women are involved you get your head chopped off, so I am still very confused around how they did it, but I can say for certain, the official story, absolutely not true. But I believe when these drills are taking place beforehand, that is where the footage is shot that is then used as live footage, and then there is something happening at the time of the event but it not what we shown.  So maybe something went off there, maybe there was an explosion, maybe some people got killed, but not the way we are being told.

And do you remember Christina Grimmie, the singer that was allegedly killed one week before the Orlando mass shooting, the pulse shooting, it was said that she was on stage with her band “before you exit,” and this was right before the Brexit referendum, before you exit…Brexit?

Anyway it is said that she was on stage and she was going to go down and sign some autographs and just before she left to meet her audience, she wrote this twitter message saying “shoot me down bang bang, shoot me down bang bang.” And then she went out and was shot with three shots, by a crazy fan they say. But there is no footage of it, really blurry, many examples of duping delight at the funeral where people in the background are just standing laughing right out.

blogger note: notice the one eye symbolism in the pic on the left.

And then right before the Manchester one, one of the victims tweeted just before, “I miss you so much Ariana, can’t wait to see you, it’s going to kill me.” And then she got killed… but before she got killed she wrote on her twitter “kill me kill me, please kill me they are coming to Manchester tomorrow.” I think these things are bizarre.


And believe it or not you’ve got the Sandy Hook woman there at Manchester, if you look at the facial match, they don’t look exactly, but if you check the distance between the eye, this is 5 years afterwards and she’s gained some weight, I don’t know, but some people claim that it’s her.

crisis actor girlmaxresdefault (3)






So also, there are all of these subliminal messages pumped out in the propaganda around it, before this whole thing there was this Islamic show of strength in Manchester where all of these Muslims were gathered in a town square in Manchester doing this very old ritual, where they take off their shirts, sometimes they whip themselves, but it’s part of their religion, it’s not an aggression against the western world, not at all, I’ve seen it in Iran and so on. But anyway this got spread out and people got freaked out because it looks weird and strange, and right in the middle of this footage, is that shop sign where it says “Ariana” the same artist that was on stage in Manchester.

And when they did an extra concert for the victims of this whole thing, Ariana couldn’t help herself laughing. She went into a giggle, when she was talking about this girl that I told you about before, the “kill me kill me kill me,” girl, Callander her name is Callander even, Ariana said “well she asked me to sing this hit,” and when she said this she started laughing, and it’s not crying, its laughing!

Watch Ariana giggling while talking about the victims. This is called “duping delight,” because she can’t help laughing that she is taking part in duping the masses

so called isis member

And here, of course ISIS took responsibility right after this, put out this video but its a horrible Arabic accent, it sounds so English, broken English, and you do a suicide thing and bring an ID, but then you have to cover your face here? I mean c’mon.

salman abedi-manchester-terrorista

Then you have here the guy that they claimed did it, (Salman Abedi) in younger years, but if you see, they are on the beach, the sun comes from this angle, and on all of them the shadow comes down and to the right, down to the right, but for Salman it goes down and to the left, clearly Photoshop. It’s exactly the thing they messed up with Lee Harvey Oswald.


Another clue hidden in plain sight, the only picture where they show people on the inside hurt, and none of them is a teenage girl, all of them are middle-aged men, and there are only two middle aged men among the so-called victims, notice the track of what appears to be blood. I tell you that photo is not from when this thing is said to have happened, it’s from the drill, so why did they paint that?

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 9.45.32 PM

So I had that it mind, and then when the London bridge thing happened, afterwards there was a camera walking around, they were filming on the street, and they were panning across the car, and the camera stayed on the car for like 20 seconds before moving on, so I said, “whoa whoa hang on, what’s that?” So you’ve got the two red stripes again, and the license plate says “KEII NXT,” NXT looks like next, so I think it could be telling us what’s coming next. So I went on facebook saying “help, this could be a possible clue, what does it mean?” Also we tracked down this vehicle and it turns out that it has changed license plate numbers four times, but not to something fancy like MR COOL or something like that, but to normal numbers.  And it’s registered in the same area as some of the biggest film companies in London is, I truly believe that vehicle is used in film sets, and these things. So this was the original plate, and then after three changes they changed it back to this one. Some people said maybe its Canary wharf, the financial center in London that was also very central to the 7/7 bombings. So I put it out there please be aware of Canary Wharf.


But then what happened? This happened, (Grenfeld tower fire) in Kensington post code 11. Which is KE 11, exactly where this building was.

Jim:“Ole you are so good at this, I gotta say!”

Ole: I just feel awful that we were not able to predict this one in time, but then again how?…

He goes on to break down some inconsistencies, coded images, and duping delight for Grenfeld, as well as the London Bridge attack. To watch the full video go here:


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5 Responses to Ole Dammegard on False Flags, Hoaxes, Predictive Programming, Manchester

  1. Smith says:

    I can’t believe that coded licence plate that predicts the Greenfell tower fire… freemasons are crafty little fuckers

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  3. lowand123 says:

    also the manchester one love symbol has a illuminati triangle in it! the number 22 is significant it means God gives light to israel! the freemasons use numbers like 11, 33 in their agenda, but 22 is also used in many incidents

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