A Northern California Update.

Our forests are burning, have been for the past several years around Autumn, and are going to continue to burn. This is all part of their plan. It was in the books for years. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming days of man. Fire and plagues raining down upon man. Whether this year’s series of freak lightning storms are a result of weather modification warfare or not remains to be seen. But in previous years in the Santa Rosa area we definitely saw evidence of laser attack or some kind of Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), high-tech arsonists at large.

I have also heard rumor of aluminum and other heavy metal micro-particulates popping up in California forests and grassland soil which was not present before, most likely being part of the cocktail sprayed by chemtrail flyovers. These particulates of course being highly flammable. Fireman in this area have been quoted as saying they’ve never seen fires like this before in their 20 year careers. Flames that leap into the sky and cross great distances at mighty speeds. Because it’s unnatural folks.

And it started early this year. It’s like they’re not even waiting until September October November anymore, the ember fire months to do their ritualistic burning. The Fall harvest sacrifice rituals of antiquity being played out again in loosh-harvesting mega-ritual. And the blue pillers plugged into CNN in my area all blaming the fires on global warming thereby being rendered impotent to impact real change.

I feel like I’ve stepped into a post apocalyptic novel.

In Octavia Butler’s 1993 novel “Parable of the Sower ” we have a post apocalyptic scenario, the rich with their tech have long since abandoned the populace to hole up in their heavily guarded island oases. Survivors of societal, financial collapse are living in walled enclaves – if they are lucky – to avoid the cities which are overrun by anarchy and gang warfare. There is a new experimental drug on the streets that makes flame an almost erotic experience, creating arson cults that threaten the lives of the protagonist and her family.

In Lemony Snicker’s children’s books “A Series Of Unfortunate Events,” we have the Baudelaire orphans the target of a group of arsonists led by count Olaf. Their parents died in such a fire.

Just to name a few.

The reality of the real criminal arsonists and liars and puppeteers is much more complicated. Earlier I used the term “unnatural” for these fires and yet this is not quite true. Remember, the psychopaths at large are simply following out cosmic protocol. They themselves are puppets for God. Earth is a difficult place of testing. This is the end of the Iron Age and its going out in flames. It turns out if man does not suffer and is not put under strain, he will stagnate. 

The ten plagues raining down upon us at this time show that the bible was written as a warning for our age, and a clue for overcoming it. We must be the Israelites escaping bondage (material attachment – Egypt, the lower chakras). The fire and constant threat of viral disease are a wake up call to act, to admit that you have been a slave and will continue to bow to your master until you take your power back. 

“The instant you take control, interesting things will start to happen to you.” – Dirk Gently

The covid virus and the increasing fires and smoke in the air are a burning away, forcibly, of all material attachment, and a stripping down to the bare essentials. What do I need to survive? What do I need to stay with God? To stay sane?

You know, Kabbalah has a good teaching where everyday you must live and act in two (seemingly) contradictory ways. One, you must live as though God is acting through you at all times and you cannot possibly do what is considered “outside the will of God.” But second, you must also live as though you and only you is steering your life and your ship, second by second, through a chaotic stream where pre-destiny and fate do not exist, where the future is written by tiny decisions in the present totally dependent on your personal will.

So is it chaos and anarchy and entropy that rule our world? Or is it all happening in the mind of God, according to It’s perfect and divine eternal plan? Well, both, at the same time, you must reconcile those opposites in yourself, and be satisfied with a coincidentia oppositorum.

Because you see, if you polarize to one belief over the other, you end up either killing God, or killing the Self.

So when I get up in the morning I know that I HAVE to be the one to live my life, noone else is going to do it for me. But at night when I go to bed I know that God lived that day the whole time and that it was all pre-written as another way for the Creator to know Itself through its Creation. The fractal mirror of consciousness, the great mystery of the atomic structure of the One Mind or Ego.

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10 Responses to A Northern California Update.

  1. Vivi_Cisne says:

    Beautifully said. It’s all God and all us at the same time. Some call this time “the great harvest” as it is the end of a cycle and a graduation of sorts for those who learned the lessons to graduate on to the next step and closer to the creator of all. For those who remained in a negative polarity there will be a 4th density negative polarity realm for them to pay out their karmic duties. For those lukewarm, I’m guessing they will enter another 3rd density realm where they will once again have the opportunity to learn the lessons they didn’t and get the chance to move on once that cycle is over. At least that’s what has resonated with me about everything going on. It’s simple yet so complex at the same time.

  2. george says:

    there is no testing

    only parasites rule in this realm and their aborted father yaldidouchebag

    we take back our power as free spirits who were lured here then chained

    no more

    • Perhaps being “lured here and chained” (which I don’t necessarily agree with) is the test itself? Otherwise your script denies omniscience.

      • George says:

        We are not chained? Don’t pay taxes, don’t work, don’t have money see what happens, chains come in all forms

        I don’t acknowledge contracts of schooling or otherwise that that involves mind wipes for ominescence

        Smells like fraud

        On a massive level

      • I agree that we are chained while in this realm. I just don’t see our being here as a mistake due to some kind of trap. That’s what the gatekeepers want us thinking. Trapped and looshed. The chains are put by omniscience to force man to evolve. To see it any other way is to accept metaphysical chaos, which I simply refuse to do. None of the hermetic wisdom schools or Kabbalists subscribe to what you are postulating. That’s a recent post-gnostic view pushed by aug tellez and those like him.

      • George says:

        How do you equate looshing and metaphysical chaos? If there are gatekeepers then this is a prison. Prisons can be broken. both Kabbalists and aug are enslaved in their own way sides of a coin.

      • I believe Kabbalah at root is a pure science, that got corrupted by the gatekeepers along the way, like most sacred schools of knowledge. Yes there is looshing, but no I don’t believe it to be a result of metaphysical chaos. We’re here for a reason. Not because we got swallowed up by a demented god. That’s all my point was. We’re in the prison to break out of the prison.

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  4. How cool is it to find someone who speaks a similar “language!” “Know thy self and you will know God” It really doesn’t get any clearer than that but I find that judgment holds a lot of us back, so we don’t get to know either. Glad, you’re here and sharing.

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