Down the Daathian Rabbit Hole: The Reaping, The Raping

Have you ever stopped to wonder why of all creatures it’s the rabbit’s hole we go into in the classic Alice in Wonderland tale?

The post will reveal esoteric underpinning to the rabbit zootype through its etymology. It will takes us to the rabbi, reap, rape, hare, Horus, whore, hole. And we will find a connection to Labor Day, which is today (the first Monday in Sept(7)-ember, in Virgo), for Alice is the virgin Queen, who, like Persephone gets abducted or raped by Hades, Lord of the Underworld. She is impregnated and goes into labor six months later, in Pisces, or the House of Bread (Beit Lechem or Bethlehem).

To understand the fall down the hole, it is necessary to dive into Qabalah. In previous posts we discussed the hidden sephirah in the Tree of Life known as Daath which means knowledge or gnosis. Daath marks the threshold or abyss between the upper and lower worlds – between the ineffable Godhead Trinity, and the rest of Creation:

The Daathian, Typhonian portal to the abyss is also the wellspring of all occult magick, both good and bad, angelic and demonic. Messing around with it willy-nilly can turn a man into an animal.

Ken Grant, in Nightside of Eden writes, 

And in Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, Grant writes of harnessing this power ritualistically:

The formula, he says, was known in Egypt under the monikers of the “Ape of Thoth” or the “Dog of Set:”

In astronomy, Lepus the hare is chased by Orion and his hunting dog Sirius.

The incarnation, the fall, is one down the Daathian portal – through the extra-dimensional aperture of the abyss, the fall from the Edenic state (heaven, Kether, spark of the Divine Self) to a realm full of animals (Earth), dogs and hares and hunters. We are hunting for the reunification with that Divine spark, just as Isis hunts for Osiris’ missing phallus – nature seeks the spiritual principle.

Animals typified this threshold because the difference between animal and man is the same gulf separating man from God (at least, in this level of manifest creation).

Note all the Daathian portals or wormholes behind him

Alice goes down the rabbit hole following the white rabbit. The rabbit is always late – in a hurry (Horus), because the fall is one into time. Alice ends up in a dream world; in Wonderland time-space obeys different laws, a nod to the occult, magick forces beyond this threshold.

The hare is the whore because this species is known for their rapid rate of reproduction:

Screenshot credit: Truthiracy

The hare is white, same color as the pale horse in Revelation 6:2:

“And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown [Kether] was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”

Remove the ‘t’ is rabbit and you have ‘rabbi.’ The rabbi reproduces rapidly the word of God, the word of the master:

“Rabbi” is spelled Resh (head), Beth (house), Yod (cosmic fire). The head is the house of the cosmic fire. Of course this would be “the master.”

The reaping of the summer harvest happens in Virgo, the raping of the virgin (thus sending her into labor on Labor Day.  She is robbed of her virginity; the raping of the land, when the fruits of the harvest are reaped. Virgo is the grain Goddess, in Greek myth she is Demeter, whose daughter Persephone was abducted or raped by Hades (from the Latin raptus, meaning “seized” or “carried off”). To be saved from the underworld one must repent. The soul returning to Heaven is the rapture.

Alvin Boyd Kuhn writes, of Horus who also was born immaculately:

 “Horus the infant is the child of the Virgin, i.e., matter, or body, produced under natural conditions before the principle of mind (the male element) has unfolded and united with matter to generate the spiritual man. Horus the elder is the child become the man, graduated from the care of mother nature, and having germinated the seed of intellect and spirit into growth and function. Massey is the first to have made this determination clearly, but his work has been left in desuetude. The god Kephr, the world-builder, was symboled by the male beetle or scarabaeus which, the Egyptians alleged, procreated without the aid of the female. This is the type, not of virgin pure matter, but of virgin pure spirit, before union with the female or mother matter in incarnate life.

Astronomically the first Horus or natural man was the child of the Virgin in the sign Virgo; and six months later – which in zodiacal symbology would be at the entire completion of the incarnational cycle – in the sign of Pisces the second Horus, second Adam or the Christ, is reborn of the Fish-mother, or in the house of the Fishes. And in the Gospels Jesus the Christ is born with all the varied forms of the fish-type, as Ichthys the Fish, son of Nun (the Fish in Hebrew), and with twelve “fishermen” as disciples.”

The hourglass of time with 12 hours (Horus) in a day, 12 signs of the zodiac:  

The hourglass shaped like the hyperbola (the two bulls of spirit and matter), is separated by the throat, ruled by Taurus (torus), where resides Daath. Because the throat of God speaks the word and makes it flesh. The throat is one and the same as the rabbit hole, the fall into wonderland, the soul into body, through the aperture:

The rabbit is symbolic of nature’s fecundity but can have a negative connotation (rape), that is, Mother Nature overproduces and her fruits rot in the ground without the crowning Father spirit. The sun, Ra, is of course the most divine aperture for the light of the supernal Triad to shine through. Perhaps when the white rabbit proclaims “I’m late!” and panics, it is because that is Mother Nature missing her period because she is pregnant with the sun’s rays and going into labor.

This process repeats.

The r-b, r-p etymological code comes up elsewhere –

Rap music is the word spoken rapidly. A rap sheet is a list of crimes (a list of rapes).

Earlier Kuhn spoke of the, ”scarab.”

Reaping the summer harvest is done with a hoe, like a ho’ which is slang for whore. Digging holes. The other tool is a sickle, which ties to old man time, the grim reaper, who is Death (Daath).  A rapier is a sword. The sword is the phallic hyperbola (hourglass) of the torus.

Daath is a rip in space-time (hole to the abyss). Death rips the soul from the body.

Daath connects the upper and lower worlds, and a rope is used to tie separate things together.

Rope backwards is Poor, and the Hebrew word for poor is Dal. In Qabalah, the letter Daleth means the poor man, which is the first Adam, man of the Earth, before his spiritual intellect has germinated. Rape backwards is also pair, because again, Daath connects the pair of Edens, upper and lower, and the first Horus and second Horus are a pair/pear:

We incarnate into time by going through the center or bull’s eye of the torus, which is Daath, which means birth and death, and through the incarnation, our Higher Self peers into matter, but does not become wholly immersed (or dependent on) matter, that is just an appearance.

This incarnation is portentous (meaning ominous, or a warning) because you are agreeing to take on a body that will decay in time (it will be raped by time, but there will also be a positive reaping). The spiritual benefits are what are reaped – that is, if you gathered the treasures that will not rust or rot – 

Matthew 6:19 – “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth

and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

20: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor

rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.”

 The poor man eats porridge, which in Sanskirt is called “Dal.” From Alphabet of Kabbalah:

“The letter ד Daleth represents a poor man or woman.  In Hebrew, the word for poor is דל dal.  In Arabic, the letter ‘D’ is Dal.  In Sanskrit, the basic food eaten by poor people is called dal.  “Poor” is where we get the word “porridge” in English.  We all look at such food as if we are above that. Thus, we want to eat expensive, rich food, as if it proves our value. But the truth is that as rich as we may be in the physical world, and no matter how good our food is, if we do not have God within, then we are poor spiritually.  We do not have God within.  What we have within is desire, ego, fear, resentment, attachment.  We are a poor man, darkened, burdened with terrible karma:   This is why we suffer.

There is a way to change this, because the ד Daleth is the doorway, and every door goes two ways.  We have the potential to change if we are serious, if we are humble, if we put ourselves in the hands of our Innermost Being…God, the Buddha:

He raiseth up the דל dal [poor] out of the dust [the dust Adam is made from], [and] lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set [them] among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory… – 1 Samuel 2:8”

September is so named for once being the seventh month, and the number 7 graphically looks like the harvest sickle and like the letter Daleth, which means a door or portal:

Virgo in September and the occult meaning behind Labor Day comes from the ancient festival of the “Assumption of the Virgin.” Kuhn elaborates,

“A Norse myth tells of the division of a single primal world into two halves, or the separation of the two waters of the firmament, as in Genesis. The one was a world of water, the other of air, and the beings in the lower water ascend by night to breathe the pure air of the upper half; and it is said the sun consumes them like vapor. This would restate the Assumption of the Virgin, the festival of the old astronomical phenomenon of August and early September, when the sun absorbs the constellation of the Virgin, emblematic of the dissolution of all physical worlds in the bosom of the Absolute. It might be said that after every day and every incarnation man ascends to inhale refreshing draughts of spiritual air on an upper plane. Without this frequent release and relief he could not support prolonged existence in the denser world below.”

The dissolution of all forms (virgin, water-into-steam) back to Source (sun, heat) at the end of a cosmic cycle. This is the raptus, the carrying off, the stealing away, just as the soul is stolen away from the body after death, in a puff of smoke.

Nuit, the black Goddess of the abyss, is thus where we get the word “net” because like a fisherman she catches all the souls in her net to be absorbed back into the All.

And its fitting that the festival is celebrated shortly after the summer solstice, because the sun has just begun its slow decline to death in winter, when night (net, Nuit, abyss) wins, for its appointed period (menstruation; death-as-dissolution-of-form). When her period is over, and a new spiritual cycle begins, the white rabbit declares, “I’m late!” (for my period, I’m pregnant with new life, new birth, a new cycle in time). : 3dRose Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Im Late - John Tenniel  Illustration, Greeting Cards, Set of 6 (gc_193791_1) : Office Products



Seeing a lot of people wearing purple, orange and red, this time of year. These colors resonate with the fall in Libra. People are unconscious of the color code, yet are drawn to certain colors at certain times. The code is as follows, with the character of Jack, the sun, as the solar hero who makes his annual journey:

It occurred to me today that the jack rabbit completes the jack-round-the-year, through pagan festivals holding onto the old esoteric knowledge, veiled cryptically in ritual and holiday. Jack is the sun, Ra, which is why a jack (ra)bbit is a bit-of-Ra. A bit of the sun’s rays, which grow the crops through the hot summer.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.55.07 AM

For more occult numerology and etymology as it pertains to certain zootypes, see my ebook (roughly 50 pages) Zootypes: Guides for the Soul


Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Who is This King of Glory? and The Lost Light

Truthiracy, REvelation of RE Part 6 White Rabbit Schooling

Mixed Authors,, Alphabet of Kabbalah, Courses and Lectures

Part 2 – The Hebrew Letter Daleth is The Door To Wisdom

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10 Responses to Down the Daathian Rabbit Hole: The Reaping, The Raping

  1. Thank you for the great research and dissemination! Language is fascinating, especially when we see how it has been / is used to cast spells.

  2. Kenneth T. says:

    People get excited (off) on the Bible – I’m more interested in “this” stuff.
    I don’t understand a lot, but when “rabbit holes” are mentioned – I get excited and pay attention.

  3. This beautiful post could also be renamed “the straight and narrow path.” Awesome work and collection of thoughts…. bringing the pieces together.
    I have been thoughtfully extracting meaning from the movie “Meet the PARents…” The PAIR/PEAR-ents… ‘Greg” the son/sun drives a (you guessed it) Ford Taurus on scene. The movie starts with the song “When you’re a FOOL in love.” The fool, the poor man… We all come here as poor fools.

    • Very good, and thank you. Hope to hear more about ‘Meet the Parents.’ We come here as poor fools eating porridge, the gruel (life is grueling), the grits (gotta have grit), the meal (M-L liquids).
      “Fool” comes from the latin: follis, which is a ‘bag of wind.’ A fart in the wind, that’s the poor man who has yet to cultivate spirit. This cultivation is akin to fermentation – which is why alcohols are called ‘spirits.’ Leavened bread is made with yeast, which ferments and creates AIR pockets in the bread.

      • Excellent! I greatly enjoy your etymological and aural analyses! As I mentioned earlier, words are NOT JUST random consonant/vowel assignments: They are SPELLS, and the more we DIS-spell them, the more we can unplug from the matrix!

  4. Wow, amazing write-up! I’ve been a long-time reader and can’t thank you enough for what you share. When you mentioned the abyss my jaw dropped. I had a channeling session and was shown the abyss, the movie, and now I see how it clicks together. I have that video and much more on YouTube at AngelsandSouls. They have me shadowbanned but still won’t stop what’s in our skies zipping all about, angel orbs, angels, crazy I know but they’ve crossed over here.

  5. taylordurden1991 says:

    What is your take on Alvin Boyd Kuhn’s work concerning the true meaning of death (the material life being the true death/hades/underworld/etc and how an ‘other’ darker/evil realm would exist in relation to that.

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