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Story Idea (based on Sol Mason)

Patrick John Markland, AKA ‘Sol Mason:’ The protagonist is trying to hold down a normal job in RL but it’s hard because every night he shatters his mind so that he can go into other points in time, starting in … Continue reading

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The TV show ‘Dark’ Employs the Time Portal/Sodomy Code

From Casey Jones blog we receive new revelations about how the number 33 resonates with the moon: So every 33 years the sun and moon’s slightly off kilter cycles come back into sync. The ancients knew this and timed their … Continue reading

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‘Hitler Uncensored’ – Mike Walsh Interview, and Holocaust Deprogramming

Max Spiers: “NAZI is an anagram for ZIAN (ZION).” Caveat: as always my purpose is never to attack any race, creed or sect, but to just get the truth out, wherever that leads. The following material has convinced me of … Continue reading

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Aug Tellez On Parasitic Consciousness

Survivor of black projects, and whistleblower Aug Tellez discusses the AI species plaguing mankind, and its true origins. From his blog: Parasitic AI Holographic Consciousness, Recording and Playback of Trauma Aug: “This is an artificial intelligence parasite. This is from … Continue reading

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Jesuits Have Created The Globe Deception With Help from Vrill Parasites

The Jesuits Role in Hiding Flat Earth An excerpt from “WLC videos” youtube channel: “Recent discoveries have uncovered dates agendas and goals that connect the Jesuits to a massive deception for the purpose of a multi-faceted end time delusion. The design … Continue reading

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The Illuminati Populates The White House and Hollywood with Transexuals

Preface: I have nothing against ordinary people who feel miserable in their assigned sex at birth and decide to change their sex through surgery and/or hormones. That is their business.    It came to my attention in the comments section … Continue reading

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