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The Biggest Psyops are Twisted Forms of Qabalistic Teachings

Heliocentric Cosmology The sun in the center of the solar system hoax is likely pulled from the Tree of Life diagram above. In Qabalah, each sephiroth has a ruling planet. Notice how the sixth sephiroth, Tiphareth is ruled by the … Continue reading

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Orion and His Dog

Somethin’ for Taurus – the strength of the bull or ox and FIXED EARTH. Fix your best timeline, anchor it here in the physical. *** Ever since I was a child I always wondered why God was backwards for Dog. … Continue reading

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Spiritual Unfoldment Through Tarot

A video series I am putting together, here are parts 1-3. This is about how tarot is used in the western mystery school training to bring about inner gnosis and lead one to higher states of consciousness. Part 1 Part … Continue reading

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