Max Spiers Awakening from MK Ultra

Miles Johnston: want to talk about MK Ultra switching off at 30?

max-spiersMax: In March of 2008 I was living in a shared house in the north part of San Fernando valley, Los Angeles, I never had voices in my head. Never before, this was more like I had an understanding. This was just after Heath Ledger died. He played the Joker in Batman and died on Jan. 22, which is interesting because the number 22 is in sync with the Joker tarot card, and being a joker and and all that. I’m suggesting that the batman movies have some kind of ritual magic involved.

Why was Heath Ledger murdered? His real father wasn’t the father who was shown to the public. His real father was a famous actor who did a lot of theater in the 50’s and 60’s. Can’t remember his name.

So in March some strange things started happening to me. I had some vivid dreams and I was taken out of my body and shown that my life was not what I thought it was. For 2 weeks time I was being shown childhood memories of being taken to underground facilities, some in Sussex, some in Kent. Some with people i knew from school but had no idea the they were involved at all.

I just remember all of sudden being in the van (as a child). They would take us on a minibus in a dazed sate, then go somewhere and blackout again. I was seeing this memory from the corner of the room in my OBE, I could see what was happening. We were being given tests. There was a woman at the front, she was very well dressed, as though she was a banker or businesswoman. It was underground. I was lying down on mat along with these 5 other kids, some boys some girls. We were in a dazed state, not communicating with each other. It was very cold, there was no warmth coming from the people who were there. someone would bring round a – not a rubiks cube  – but its called rubiks magic, it unfolds and you fold, it, it tests spacial cognitive performance, I had no clue what I was supposed to do. They said just do it. So when I touched it I somehow knew what to do and I did it really fast.

It doesn’t fit with the timeline of what I thought my life was. Who allowed that? Where were my parent at the time?

When I was living in Sussex as a child I had a very close friend named Merideth Kennedy, both her parents were scientists and they would take her and I to Sussex University Lab, we’d get there in the car and the mother or father would leave, and we’d be left in the car and some strange things would happen the car – I  kept thinking the car was rolling, got dizzy… I have flashes of going into the lab. Recently I looked into it more. Sussex University is an arm of Tavistock, and Merideth’s mother also worked for Stanford research, she’d go back and forth from each one and Stanford is continuing what Tavistock has done, which began by Freud and some of the other ones there, so that they could completely understand how to split the mind, and program one personality into the left brain and one into the right brain. Kind of similar to trauma based mind control where you create alters but this was very specific.

So they could do that without the trauma? is trauma a crude way of doing it? They are interested in trying out all different types. This particular one which was done by a doctor Robert Perry, one of the Nazi scientists and what he was trying to do was play words, stories, music to one side of the brain, and then play completely separate recordings  to the other side of the brain. It confuses the brain so you can program one and program the other. This creates massive confusion as the child get older cus its not sure whether its coming or going sort of thing. It also triggers addiction. Then they created pharmaceuticals that were specially made for people who had gone through this trauma. Because they knew that these kids were going to search that out and find it and become addicted to it.

Now towards the end of this thing that happened to me in March, I was spending time with a male and female who were 20 years older than me, they were assets, the male was James Chandler. Mid-to-late 50’s. Grew up on an air-force base. Now “Chandler” take the H off and its “handler.” Now when I was going through this onslaught of memories coming back in March he would ask if I could come round here. I would wake up and look at the foot of my car showing receipts that I had gone out at 3 and 5 in the morning and bought something. I had absolutely no clue of doing this.

So I went to these peoples house. They said “Max lay down you don’t seem well,” I was bright red. I layed down on the couch put my head on the cushion and felt like i had sunk into the ground and became paralyzed, couldn’t move my arms and legs. i could hear bells ringing incense smelling. i heard a chain and incense being spun around. i heard the changing of clothes. i heard them talking about how they’d been waiting to place an entity that had been locked down for a very long period of time, into me. i was stripped naked, some sort of sex magic going on in the ritual. what i saw in my minds eye was an enormous sort of minotaur looking being, with 2 horns, muscular red, green, it had been shackled by its ankles and wrists, i could smell burning rock, very strongly. but i couldn’t move. i saw what ever was going was projected, layered, slowly, i heard chanting and words that were being said and that was layered and attached to my chakra energy points, cus’ I was at my weak point, they generally go for you when you’re at you’re weak point.

Next thing I know I’m sitting back on the couch and the next thing I know I’m feeling extremely powerful I feel like I want to jump up and run a marathon. The woman came in and said “Max you haven’t been doing too well, drink this.” I had a feeling that if I drank it, it would reinforce whatever they had done. I spilt it on the ground. She panicked went back and got another one. This one I drank. And again I felt like my strength was increased 5,6 times.

When I tried to eat a sandwich, they bought me a subway of all things, it tasted like burning metal every time. I spat it on the ground. A voice says “you’ve been tasting that because what is inside you has been biting on chains for thousands and thousands of years and now you have taken on that but not too worry it will only last three days and you’ll feel fine again.”

Later on, I felt that whatever was inside me was rejected, couldn’t stick, moved out, at that point James Chandler brought a picture of someone whose related to me and said, “if it doesn’t stick in you, it will stick in him. And don’t worry about that, it’s failed for you and as its failed, you need to be taken out.” I had this terrible fear that they were going to kill me. I went back into the other room and crashed out on the couch again. When I fell asleep again I could see two Nazi officers standing on either side of me and told me that whats going on right now is 100 year war battles. For the last thousand years. At the turn of every century these wars are won or lost. And each time this particular faction had been winning time after time. All the world cup wins and formula 1 wins were all set up to show how much in power they are. They showed me the seals for where they’d won. There were gold seals stacked one on top of another. And the final battle was happening now. And they were already in a position to win. And they were thanking me and I was like look I don’t know I haven’t done anything. “Thats because i don’t remember yet, they said.

Then I crashed out asleep again, and there was a thing like a gargoyle as large as this room, pulled me away from this earth and I saw the Earth from above and there were rings around the earth. And this thing pointed out that each of these rings is a thought prison. And he said it does not matter which one of these rings people get caught up in whether its Scientology, Christianity, whether it’s Atheism, it doesn’t make a difference  – as long as you are magnetically drawn to one – we have you.  He explained how they were layered around the planet. He explained how they were made. They were made with the will of the creator beings that want to keep this place together.

So is this the Archon? Or is there a name? Or does a name make any particular difference? I feel the ones I was talking to, were connected to the Alpha Draconis star system. I do believe that the Dracos and the Aldebaran group are at war, and its been ongoing for eons and eons. And the Aldebaran group are from the star that is the bullseye of the Taurus constellation where you see the red left eye, that’s why you see the one-eye symbolism. It’s an acknowledgement to the Aldebaran people. It’s called the Royal Star. The British Royal Family are connected to the Aldebaran group. When you’re talking bad or good or evil its a little difficult at that point I think  it’s the perspective of the person, since they’re not actually human, from a human perspective it makes no moral sense.

So they have been using the sun which is Helios which is the real name of the sun, the sun is the entrance point to the 3d realm here. They’re using that as a vortex in-out point, thats the significance of the 39 steps. And also Saturn you mentioned earlier was our original sun? Yes Saturn got pushed out it was a better and more efficient sun, they somehow caught and imprisoned it. The ring around it is it’s imprisonment. Saturn isn’t bad, its where they take the name Satan, cus’ its the controlling force, it’s Capricorn.

Is this related to The Ring-makers of Saturn? Yes and Lord of the Rings and the principle is one ring to rule them all this wold be the ring around saturn.

Which of course was a key thing in 2001 – and there were no planes which hit the building it was a hologram.

Why do you switch to that?

Because  I was thinking about Sept. 11 2001 and how they were testing out project blue-beam, which was something they’ve been trying to do it for a while. Michael Talbot wrote that brilliant book called “the holographic universe.” and it gives absolute proof that this particular frequency we’re living in is totally holographic and you can build here through will. If you want to build here you use will and manifest it that way. That’s holographic.

What they have been for a while is going to Iraq which is actually Sumer, there there is actually information and ornaments and the spoken word, when they say the “spoken word” they mean a certain frequency which holds all this together. They were attacking on 9/11 to go into the museums, to test that out, yes absolutely. And there were only a few people who know how to translate what has been going on. And obviously, they call it Babylon, the cradle of civilization – it obviously isn’t – its the cradle of the known timeline we have now.

This is the whole point of Andy Powers book because the Arish, the people on these islands were the ones that re-civilized Africa and met those who reemerged from Giza…

I think its important to bring up the Tribe of Dan, because thats the line that comes all the way from the Sorcerers of Atlantis coming from Sumer, Egypt, South of France, all the way to Denmark,theres a huge amount in Denmark,  and finally to Ireland. They’re all in Ireland. Danny Boy is really about ol’ Dan.

What I was really looking at for the longest time was the Priori of Scion. And I think if you can break down what’s going on there,you can have a good grasp on things.  So OK the holy grail is not a literal object, the spear of destiny – not a literal object. The spear is symbolic of a phallus, and the grail is symbolic of a vagina.

Why all the symbolism? Because those beings communicate in that way not in the linear way. Their language is though symbols. Even through hieroglyphs. Thats how they communicate its a much more efficient way of getting across information than using the western alphabet which is crap in comparison.

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