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Rudolf Steiner on Geocentric Flat Earth Vs. Copernican Globe

Reblogged from APlaneTruth’s blog. Steiner: “Men take it for granted nowadays that the sun is firmly fixed in the middle … Waldorf’s Rudolph Steiner & Johan Wolfgang von Goethe; Anti-Newton & Anti-Copernicus, Pro FE?

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The Biggest Psyops are Twisted Forms of Qabalistic Teachings

Heliocentric Cosmology The sun in the center of the solar system hoax is likely pulled from the Tree of Life diagram above. In Qabalah, each sephiroth has a ruling planet. Notice how the sixth sephiroth, Tiphareth is ruled by the … Continue reading

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Why the Elite Made The Sun So Big

If you aren’t turned off by the annoying gatekeepers of flat earth and actually study the model put forth, the sun and moon are the same size. That’s the gold and silver coins in the sky, the moon-eye which we … Continue reading

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‘To Know The End Is To Know Yourself’

(Title is lyrics to a Monuments song). Suffering is the raw material (lead/Saturn)  that can be transmuted into creative inspiration (gold). Saturn, the keeper of time, demands suffering of his initiates. But in return his rewards are the greatest of … Continue reading

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