The Lilith Code

A Truthscrambler documentary video:

Video Correction:

The old man in the WeekNd music video ‘Gasoline’ is not his father as I assumed in the video, it is rather his future self. So the old man who is the aged Weeknd as an old man, dies, crashes his vehicle, and receives his KAR-ma, (car-ma) and karma’s a bitch, since he, as a young man sold his soul to become the Weeknd, he wasn’t thinking about the future but was only living for the weekend, so at death he pays the price, he goes to Hell (the abyss), goes to the reptilian demon sex orgy in the Saturn Cube. 

Now, we see this playing out in two time streams simultaneously, it’s brilliant how they did it. We see the young Weeknd in the process of selling his soul, he is at the celebrity sex orgy, the elite club that he bought a ticket for by signing a contract with the wicked music industry which is run by Lucifer and Lilith. 

The Weeknd gets scratched by the long fingernail of one of the women he was dancing with. That’s the jab. She grins wickedly as he recoils in pain and surprise. The false light flickers off and we see her demonic face for a split second. Right then the lyrics go,

I’m staring into the abyss
I’m looking at myself again

Her nails contained Lilith’s poison, the black goo mind control. Now he is totally in line with his superiors, with the Illuminati agenda. Now he goes and beats up the old man (his soul at death), the older version of himself, symbolizing the fact that the karmic repercussions of his, and all other sell-out celebrities and power-elite contracts with the devil are only felt years later when they die and face judgement day and get sent to Hell, they fall into the abyss as discussed in Revelation, to be with the hordes of Luciferic and Ahrimanic demons, the locusts with human faces.

So the video is an overlap of the day he sold his soul and the day he died decades later as the old man crashing his kar-ma.

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  2. SharineWonders says:

    Hi Gabe. This was an enlightening video! I can see that a lot of work went into creating it, so THANK YOU for sharing it with us.

    I was so deeply inspired that I wrote and posted an article related to Lilith and Lucifer on my Substack blog:

    Please let me know if you feel that I integrated (or not) your ideas into mine in a coherent, cohesive, and constructive way.

    • Hi Sharine,
      I feel honored that you took the time to do this article, thank you. I think you pretty much nailed all the important points. Of course much of this material remains somewhat speculative, as we are dealing with invisible cosmic forces, however by collaborating and collating our work as a truth community I believe we are inching closer and closer to eternal truths.
      I am glad you brought up Abaddon/A bad Don, as this had occurred to me as well but never made it into the video.
      I also like your point about Operation Warp Speed – Op War Seed, as it is indeed a war on the seed of humanity.
      You wrote “Teacher and artist Aurora has called these anti-life impressions “consciousness residues,” since they reside as energy-depleting traumas along ancestral and individual soul timelines.” This is interesting because Steiner talked about how Lucifer in ancient times served a beneficent function for humanity, and that evil as a result of his impulse only results when man remains in these ancient outmoded frames of being. It is important to keep this in mind because it is so easy to villainize these characters but this is not the point; we must learn from them and then move past them, evolve beyond them, and thus carry them along, as the parasite cling-ons that they are, for the good of the whole cosmos and evolution as a whole. Steiner never really mentioned Lilith but I imagine the same holds true for her.
      Until this is done THEY are the ones trapped in the cube, Lilith’s mothership.

      • Hi Gabe,

        We’re doing good work, especially when we synthesize our perspectives and perceptions!

        I have no doubt that “Lucifer” — prior to his falling — was a beautiful, powerful ally for all life on Earth. After all, Lucifer is the morning star and evening star, which refers to Venus. Oddly, though, I have read that Venus was messed with by the archons, who turned it from an entity of beauty, pleasure, and euphoria into the “fallen Lucifer” aspects that you and I and so many others discuss.

        I think that Steiner inadvertently mentioned Lilith in his prescient inner-standing with regard to the sou/spirit-killing jabs.

        Yes, Lilith and Lucifer are trapped in the cube. It is my current comprehension that they will REMAIN TRAPPED until “the wheat is separated from the chaff” and full-spectrum living breathing men and women — the true individuated sparks and sparkle of the Divine — ascend as we know we must.

      • You wrote, “I think that Steiner inadvertently mentioned Lilith in his prescient inner-standing with regard to the sou/spirit-killing jabs.”

        It’s important to distinguish between the soul and the spirit. Using Steiner’s definitions, the soul is the mediator between the spirit and the body/physical world, and once its job is done, dissolves into the soul world, just as before that, at death, the body dissolves into the mineral world.

        Thus only the spirit is immortal. Not only this, but it is my belief that the spirit cannot be killed, as it was never born, it simply IS, it’s co-eternal with Deity, it’s pure, empty awareness, the pneuma from which all phenomena result. We can only point to it in these paradoxes because it, like the Godhead exists outside of space and time.

        Now the question arises, can the soul be killed or injured by the jab, or by other methods, and what then happens to the spirit? Steiner used a metaphor of a great concert pianist (spirit), who gets arthritis in his hands (soul) and can no longer play the piano (body). The pianist himself has not changed, and the ability to make beautiful music still exists in his mind, in his muscle memory, but his hands (soul) are no longer able to translate this ability to the physical world, the body, which is the piano itself. If the soul dies, the spirit is not injured but it is no longer able to interface with the soul world and through that, the physical world. In Theosophy we learn that everything in the cosmos goes through cycles of involution and evolution, so my understanding is that the spirit would have to wait for a new cosmic cycle to birth a new soul.

        I reckon that when the Darkside conquers a soul, when they “trap souls in the cube,” what is happening is that the soul in question gets copied or cloned. The original soul dissolves into the soul world, but the clone-soul remains and is used as a power source for them, for the locusts, they wear the clone-soul like a garment. Perhaps all the NPC’s we are seeing are running on this copied, clone-soul energy; the clone-soul is the ghost-in-the-shell.

  3. I’m so glad to have your commentary on his stuff these days. I’ve been following him for years and most people can’t get past how unapologetic and brazen his style is.

    We’re never going to agree on everything and I can understand why it’s hard to get on board with statements like “there are only 10 real humans left” but I think you’ve realized the hidden brilliance in his analysis much like I have.

    I call him YBD so I don’t have to type out YahushuaBenDavid every time. He hasn’t gone by that name in a while though. His opinions on things have progressively changed just like the rest of ours.

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