LORD – The Doorway to the ‘L & R’

The Lord is the Demiurge, the God of this World, God of Temporality, of Effect, of Weight, Mass, Force and Electricity. But this God needs to always be differentiated from the Source God, which is beyond all these temporal and weighty dualisms. Source is the Holy Father and Mother (black and white light, or di-electricity and magnetism) which come together to conceive the Son – the Sun, The Lord, The EL.

This is the Trinity of all trinities.

The son, EL, manifests as the seven Elohim, the seven colors of the rainbow, which are made from Source Light (non-vibratory). The sun is holy because its a hole into Source.

The word ‘Lord’ is an anagram for DOLR or ‘dollar’. The eye at the top of the pyramid or prism is undivided white light (Source).

When that light bends at different angles or angels, we get the color spectrum, each color vibrating at a different frequency. The seven colors correspond to the seven chakras in the body (microcosm) and the seven inner planets of astrology (macrocosm).

This is the meaning of ‘As Above So Below:’

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 3.02.55 PM

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 2.55.16 PM

Moon – The first lady. Root chakra, red, like the menstral blood, which is synced up with the lunar cycle. Moon, menstral,

Mercury – Sacral, Orange

Venus – Solar Plexus, Yellow

Sun – Heart chakra, green. Green like the color of photosynthesis, the power of the sun, Leo the lionhearted.

Mars – Throat chakra, Blue

Jupiter – Third Eye chakra, Indigo

Saturn – Crown chakra (Cronus), Violet. Notice how royalty always sport the purple. Because they worship the symbols of power – the crown, Cronus, Saturn, Satan.

So the progression of colors through the chakra system, are red-shift at the bottom, blue-shift at the top. Emanating out from green in the middle from the heart of the torus/torso energy field.

Lets return to the word ‘Lord,’ an anagram for D.O.L.R. or Door to the Left and Right. To left (blue-shift) and right (red-shift). The Lord’s name is EL because he keeps you in du-AL-ity, with this constant polarization. Left or right, Up or down, good or evil, truth or lies, republican or democrat, boy or girl, choose, choose, choose, we always gotta choose one or the other.

“And be swift about it, boy, we don’t have time for your philosophy and indecision.”

But behind the door to the L & R is the non-dual realm. Abre la puerta, abracadabra, and open sesame, let’s go through the emerald door, let’s cross the threshold to the infinite, where all dualisms are exploded in the transcendent bliss of the ALL.

To be ready to meet your maker though you have to outwit the Demiurge, which will do its best to keep you vibrating up and down, left and right, back and forth. Santos Bonacci says that if you listen really closely to the sound of ELectricity going through a wire it sounds like this: “lllllrrrrrrrlllllllllrrrlllrlllrllrrlrlrllrllllrrr….”

Still the ripples, still the mind, go within to that place without sense, shed the baggage, the ego, the echo. We are going from electricity to magnetism/magic. That’s the soul journey, what the ancient Chinese divination method calls Qimen Dunjia, translated as ‘Mysterious gates escape technique.’

That’s the ascension, that’s the ticket out of here, out of this birth/death/rebirth cycle in this Matrix. Escape the Matrix Neo, go into the Neocortex, the higher mind, in meditation where there is stillness, leave the vibratory cerebELLum (EL) behind. Go through the pineal gates, meet God face to face, like Jacob, who climbed the ladder, his Kundalini serpent darting up his spine, up the seven chakras and through the mysterious gates at the crown chakra. That’s why Lord Saturn is the grim reaper/soul harvester – if you want to escape this density your soul has got to go through him, through Cronus, time, tempo, 3D illusion.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 3.11.21 PMScreen Shot 2019-09-20 at 3.11.04 PM

And how does Neo escape the Matrix? By following the white rabbit. By going down the rabbit-hole, the holy hole of the Sun, radiant white light. For the sun is also a portal for souls. Like Jesus said, “For none go to the father but through me,” the son/sun.

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5 Responses to LORD – The Doorway to the ‘L & R’

  1. Key Lamp says:

    I am proud of you. You are bringing them home. Don’t forget to leave your shoes at the portal


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