Santos Bonacci on Jesuits, Black Nobility Bloodlines and Flat Earth

Prepare for new insights on the controllers of this world, as well as flat earth cosmology.

Interviewed by Mig Mag: “I heard that the Jesuits control the Vatican, or is it the other way round?”

Santos Bonacci: The Jesuits are the military arm of the Vatican, they are the men in black at the top of the pecking order, more powerful than the knights of Malta and the knights of Columbus. the Jesuits are at the top and who controls them are the papal bloodlines, these are the Italian black nobility families, the venetian black nobility, such as the Farnese, Orcini, Medici,  Pallavicini, Aldobrandini, and the list goes on.


The original Rothschild family is the Orcini. Orcini became the Rothschild’s, Rosenberg’s, the Rocini, the Guelfs, the Windsor’s, the changing of names was to disguise the corporate structure.  The Orcini family AKA the Maxima family, originated from Egypt they are pharaonic, they have a very strong German branch, and that’s the Rosenberg’s, the Hapsburgs, they are the Guelfs, and of course queen Elizabeth is from the Guelfs, they were warring against the Ghibellines, which come from the Columna family. These two families were fighting for 100 years in Rome to be popes and have power. Eventually one of the popes caused them to intermarry and stop the bloodshed, and so these became the Ghibellines and the Guelfs – or the Orcini and the Columna. The Orcini went eastward, to India, China with the opium wars, and the Columna family went westward, so they are Columbus from Geneva who set sail, and they own pretty much all of North America. They become the Collins family, which is the most powerful family in North America, bar none.  And they are the Columbus family as well, they run the knights of Columbus, the district of Columbia, British Columbia, Columbia pictures and all the Collins holdings, big plantation holders in North America. Together with the Farnese family who control the Pentagon. The pentagon is in the shape of the Farnese palace in Rome which is a pentagon.


These families are the conquistador families, the Collins or Columbus family in north America are the most powerful, but they hold power with the Farnese’s which are also the Castro’s. So Fidel Castro, pretty much runs the pentagon and all the military Jesuit structure of North America. He also has a lot of power in South America as well. He is a Jesuit of course and the Farnese’s founded the Jesuits with the Borgia family, who are more powerful in South America. Together with the Pallavicini, they are also powerful in the bank of England own that, control a lot of North America as well through the English British empire and also run Islam, but together with the Borgia family they carved up the Americas.

Mig Mag:“There isn’t enough information on this out there. You hear them pointing at the Jews, and to the Rockefellers, and Rothschild, and George Soros, but these are just politicians and puppets.”

Santos: The Jewish connection is Jesuit, they are interrelated, inextricably connected. Because they are black, they are Saturnian, the Jews are Saturnian, and the Vatican is aligned with Jupiter, but it’s now taken over by the Jesuits which are Saturnian. So Jupiter and Saturn, its very important to understand this component of control in the world. Now there is no such thing as a racial Jew. See the elites, they don’t subscribe to the religions that they have created for the general masses, the goy.

“But truthers often talk about the Jews in a general way being in control.”

Santos: Yeah they have been fed that information to feed them away from the true power structure. Ok so, I can tell you the names of all the families that control all the religions of the world. Islam is controlled by the Pallavicini, it’s in the name: Allah, Palla, “Vicini” means vicinity, So it all means “close to allah.” They are Persian in origin and control everything about Islam, there is not a thing that does not go past the Pope, which is Sergio Pallavicini, and his son. They pretty much run Islam, and the Aldebrandini family as well. So they pretend to be Muslims but they don’t care about Christianity, Islam, Judaism, at all, whatsoever.

Yeah we need better insights than what is put out by these alternative media half-truthers, or false prophets.  Christianity is run more by say the Orcini’s they run the Rosicrucians, rose is red, “Rothschild” means red shield and the Roman soldiers carried red shields…anything that has red in it in history goes back to this Roman pontifical family called Orcini, the Maxima family. They run Christianity and all its corporate structure. When you go deep you realize that the elite families control and use Judaism, Christianity, Islam and even the Hindu system, because the Jesuits were never kicked out of India. They have a strong Jewish connection, and they use the Jews because the Jewish people are very intelligent and good at implementing the orders of the military Jesuits and the control structure of imperial Rome. But the true Jews know that Rome is the fourth captivity. Egypt was first, then Babylon, then Persia and now its Rome. And when you look at all the 13 Italian imperial black nobility families which control all corporate structure in the world, you will find that they come from these ancient empires, they are Egyptian, Persian, Babylonian and Greek. There is a lot of Greek blood and also some British blood, Constantine, the Breakspiers, the Percy’s, these are all catholic families, the power structure in Great Britain, it’s not the Rothschild’s, it’s the Percy’s. The Rothschild’s put themselves there when the Cecil’s and Percy’s and Palvicini’s give them orders; they soil their nappies. Because these families have always owned the gold and power and the money, since time immemorial, at least 3000 years, and these families are demonic, there DNA is different to ours, and they come from the 7 subterranean planets, this is another truth you won’t get anywhere else because of all the half-truthing going on. Under our flat disc earth stationary plane, there are 7 more planes, and they have the name “Italy” in them. The first plane is called Attalla. And in Italian, “Italia”comes from Atlantis which is Attall- Ante. The word “Attalla” derives from the sunken Atlantis which is really referring to the sunken 7 discs, which are in Bhagavad gita, they are the 7 subterranean heavenly planets. Because there are 7 superior heavenly planets, the ones we know and can see with our eyes: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter Saturn, in that order. They are the 7 heavenly planets above us, but below us, in the Hebrew system which is Sheol, and in the Greek system it is Ades, we call it Hades, there are 7 more subterranean disc planes.

Bhagavad Gita tells you that the controllers of this world come from under the earth. Many people who have escaped mind control will tell you that the controllers, the so called “aliens” with their flying machines and advanced technology are coming from what they call the hollow earth, or under the earth, and they come up from either the north pole or the south pole, what we call the poles anyway. And they are way more advanced than us because they destroyed our technology a few hundred years ago, in order to start it again, feed us the technology and use it to control us.

The 7 subterranean realms are Atalla, Vitalla, Talatalla, Sutalla, Mahatalla, I forget one of them and the last one is Putalla. And “puta” is the Spanish word for prostitute. In the Bhagavad gita, “putal” is another way of saying atalia, Italy, see Italy is the Atlantis that the Atlanteans use and rule the world through, through the Roman empire. So these bloodlines were seeded by these extra-terrestrials which are not from outer space, they are from our solar system, the same cosmic egg, it’s a cosmic egg universe that we live in and there are many of them, many millions of them. As for the people who haves discovered the truth of the stationary flat earth and are Christians who believe that this is the only one, God is limited he can make only one place to live, well they are deluded, because the scriptures hint at many cosmos and many dimensions and worlds. This is just one of them. Yes it was created and we have a creator and its divine, and we are not hurdling through space with a big bang and evolution and all that nonsense. But it’s not the only one. Bhagavad Gita even tells you that there are millions of these cosmic egg universes and we are just in one of them. And they are all structured the same way, and in the bible it refers to the cosmos as like a big tree, it’s the Yggdrasil of the Nordics, it’s the central pillar of the torus field of our cosmos.

hqdefault (6)Torus Tree_A_02DPdXlNBVoAYCb_yHeart-field9ba0d2acfb38d3123c4f411a1bfb9fb4

And it’s at the north pole. Its Mount Meru, or Mount Zion, it’s a mountain or tree or axis, whatever, but it’s there, and it’s the central them of all the scriptures, you see it’s where the Garden of Eden was, the tree of knowledge, the tree of good and evil etc.

Paradise is the earth, it’s the paradise plane, and when humans controlled it, and the true monarchies and human bloodlines, there was peace and balance on earth.  There was a golden age, a silver age, everything was perfect. But when the subterraneans came up, they destroyed that and infiltrated the beautiful Christian and Hindu and Jewish and Muslim traditions which are all the same teachings, they are no different, Krishna is Christ, they are the same philosophy using different words. They coopted these churches and taught an inverted Luciferian brand of this. They’ve been doing it forever. They dwell in the subterranean region of the cosmos because they have been cast down there. Some say they fell from heaven well yeah but it’s the same thing. It’s their choice to stay there because there is a lot of luxury down there, but there is also lot of suffering. But they love the luxury, the lust, the gluttony, and all of the goings on. They are the ones who taught humans to eat animals. To have a nonhuman diet. They taught humans agriculture and all of these bad pseudoscience’s. They are the ones who funded Copernicus with his new revolution called the revolution of the spinning earth, before that it was unheard they had the Ptolemaic system: the stationary geo-centric flat earth.


Even the names of these Jesuit clowns, from Copernicus to Einstein all their names tell you that the Jesuits set them up and are making a mockery of you. “Nicholas Coper-NIC-us.” Wells that’s Nick. Saint Nick is the devil. So he is a Jesuit, he’s a demon he was funded by the Farnese family, he dedicated his book to Pope Paul, a Farnese, who started the Jesuits with the Borgia family and started the funding of the Conquistador takeover of the Americas. And they are the ones who are the globalists and teach this demonic filth of the moving earth. Because they know they can confound people with this and make them stupid. And look around…

“Galileo Galilee” means to rotate and to turn. Because galilee, see when Jesus is on the circuit of galilee, it’s the sun on the circuit of the ecliptic, turning and revolving. So it’s the circuit of the zodiac, it means to turn. And Gal- means demon, like gargoyle. So he was a demon-who-turns, if he was even a real person because this is all fabricated history. Then you’ve got Isaac newton. Well “Isaac” means sacrifice. I-sacrifice. the angel stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac. “Newton” means new theory. So his name means a-new-theory-which-sacrifices-the-truth. See it’s all a joke, it’s not real history. OK? These are the games they play. “Einstein:” means one rock. One stone, well what’s that stone? It’s the third rock removed from the sun, which is a bullshit Jesuit teaching which doesn’t exist. So you got to look at the names of these goons the names are mocking you in your face.

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17 Responses to Santos Bonacci on Jesuits, Black Nobility Bloodlines and Flat Earth

  1. Manny says:


  2. Leo Freeman says:

    But seriously, – “flat Earth” ? All of the stuff about the Black Nobility and Jesuits is very credible, but it’s a pity to associate it with this FE nonsense.

  3. FlipSideTrippin says:

    Are you seriously pushing Eric dubey….of all fucking people… ffs. Matt Boyland is better…he rambles a lot but knows wtf hes talking about.

    • What’s wrong with Eric Dubay? He has put together a lot of concise proofs for flat earth, and did so before many others appeared on the scene to more-or-less repeat what he had already said…

      • FlipSideTrippin says:

        He controlled opposition. I don’t want you to believe me.

      • Yeah he probably is, given his quick rise to fame at a young age, coming out with such a complete set of hidden knowledge. He even admits his uncle is a freemason. And yet, he has exposed some of the biggest lies:
        1) globe earth
        2) darwinian evolution
        3) dinosaurs
        4) gas chambers in the concentration camps

        So I ask you, where is the fakery or misdirection in his material, if he is controlled?

      • NegroNorte says:

        He comes from the small town that is a hub for the CIA and denies it. I found the proof or evidence a long time ago. And anyone paying close attention can ascertain a few other things about Erica Dubay besides the fact she is a shill – lot’s of misinfo in that 200 proofs video. Slow it down and see if some of them just do not even make any sense

        Way to step up there FlipSideTrippin. I appreciate you.

  4. Sign Passion Today says:

    1543 De Revolution is Orbium Conelestium. By Nicklaus Copernicus

    Idea from Roman Empire. Heliocentric model. 1200 time era.

  5. Jon says:

    “Yeah he probably is, given his quick rise to fame at a young age, coming out with such a complete set of hidden knowledge. He even admits his uncle is a freemason. And yet, he has exposed some of the biggest lies:
    1) globe earth
    2) darwinian evolution
    3) dinosaurs
    4) gas chambers in the concentration camps”

    Even within disinfo agents, there are truths. I just go with my instincts. I take what I feel is correct and leave the other stuff. What you mentioned above, I believe those to be lies and that’s what I concentrate on.

    My uncle was also a freemason. There are 400,000 freemasons in the UK so anyone living here is bound to know someone who is or was. My name results in a 56 gematria and so is Society of Jesus (jesuits). I use the Gematrinator and feel there are truths contained within it but some numbers are just coincidences just as shills speak truths on occasion.

    I simply ask myself “How does what I am reading/hearing sit with me? How does it resonate within?” That’s all I can do. I might be right about something, I might be wrong however that’s all I can go on and largely it’s been the right course of action for me up until now. I found this site so something I’m doing must be working.

  6. ROSIE says:

    Remember, satan always, always, mixes sugar with lies…Some truths to suck us in just like he did with Eve and that will NEVER CHANGE…

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