Disembodied Humans From a Parallel Earth (Part 2)

In this post we will explore media such as film and TV for hidden disclosure about Sol Mason’s testimony as he explores on his Youtube channel.

I suggest starting with PART ONE here.

Sol Mason: “From humanities perspective, what we’re up against has always existed. They existed before this existence. This world has been up against a population of souls from another earth that did not make it. This other earth existed in a future farther than this earth has gotten to. I say it in that way, because the disembodied spirits of the earth that was destroyed, that earth is not the future of this earth and had its own existence. And therefore received its own judgement.”

Parallel Earths

Popular sci-fi TV shows ‘The OA’ and ‘Fringe’ center around the concept of a parallel Earth, similar, but different.

You can think of your soul as being a shard of an oversoul, and there are other parallel ‘universes’ or planes of existence that house these other shards or versions of yourself.

In those shows, a bridge is artificially induced, between them, causing issues. 

In The OA it’s the issue of getting across the membrane; requires death, or at least a Near Death Experience, (drowning) thus implying that death can be a transit from one timeline to another.

But hopping is also possible if you have the right movements with the right intent, to carry out a precise ritual, it’s the keys and codes of plane hopping.


The “movements” requires 5, and must be done with order and precision.

In Fringe we get very close to the truth, if that is what Sol Mason speaks.  The brilliant scientist Walter grieving for his dead son opens a portal into a parallel where his son is still alive, makes a breach, stealing the other version of his son from the other version of himself.



The breach at Reiden Lake

This breach broke a fundamental law of the universe and began a process of decay in both worlds, just like the breach of the Philadelphia Experiment did with these parasitic disembodied spirits.

Once they get in they spread themselves out across all points in history. Here is where it gets hard to conceive, as a being in time. Being outside of time themselves they coerce man like pawns on a chessboard to follow a trajectory that would all lead up to the Philadelphia experiment, which was their entry point in the first place. That’s the time loop. That’s what we perceive of as the “A.I.” effect, or what some are calling the ‘Overlay,’ but behind the AI are these dying race of humans from a parallel.

The ‘Others.’

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 6.30.21 PM

Remember the Others from J.J. Abrams other hit show Lost? On a seemingly deserted tropical island there is this hidden town and the townspeople all hold a sinister secret that has to do with time travel and other black projects. The people plane-wrecked on the island refer to them as “the others.”

Sol Mason: “So what these disembodied spirits do is possess human vessels. And their task is to populate this earth with their population. But because of the choices they made in their existence they evolved into what one could call a reptile. Intelligent but too instinctual. They over-developed the reptilian cortex in the circuitry. And made that intelligent instead of…something else.” 

The whole reptilian narrative could be a giant metaphor for the fact that these “Others” over-developed the reptilian part of the brain. They’re all psychopaths, basically. Just like the Observers in Fringe (technically advanced humans from a degraded future).

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 6.32.17 PM 

Similar bald, pale, vampiric beings in the movie Dark City. Their whole deal was resetting the same day, only changing the parameters slightly each time to study humans.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 6.32.48 PM

Notice the clock as time imagery

In the TV show Dark, the villain has a time machine that allows him to live inside a time loop, resetting itself every 99 years (33×3). He gets the townspeople to take part in it through coercion. 


This is their “ark” or arch of time. Their loop and pending reset. Their endgame, not ours. Their attempt to avoid judgement. Because we’re up against beings that were already judged and found wanting.

Some say 2012 was the breaking of the loop, and that the future is now wide open for us to seize. Others are not so sure. Guess we’ll have to find out.

Montauk Chair

Sol Mason: “So in creating these secret projects, like Stargate and Phoenix, there was a chair involved, called the Montauk chair. What it did was read the genetic code of the individual sitting in it. So what does that mean? If you have a device that can read a beings full genetic code you can see that being’s entire lifetime and memories, and what its here to do. That’s how fate works, purpose, destiny. What you perceive as DNA is…everything’s hardcoded. So in these projects they figured out how to explore the minds of people, and in doing so they were exploring potential futures…”

‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ takes place near Montauk in upstate New York. A movie about a tech that induces amnesia, a veil of forgetfulness, and for a price you can get it done, to forget a lost love or your dead dog. Why re-live the trauma when you can have it neurologically removed?

When Jim Carrey’s character is having the procedure done, his mind defends those memories targeted for deletion by hiding in his past, in this case his memories from childhood:

In Lord Of The Rings, the elf queen Galadriel asks Frodo, “will you look into the mirror?”

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 8.58.25 PM

What will I see?” Frodo asks.

“Things that were, things that are, and some things…that have not yet come to pass….”

The Adjustment Bureau

Sol Mason talks about how they watch until they see something they need to change. Prevent someone from becoming a potential threat to their control system. In the Adjustment Bureau, Matt Damon’s character is ‘prevented’ from falling in love with Emily Blunt’s character, by a group of ‘angels’ so-called. 

As fate would have it they fall in love anyway, which makes him not pursue his political career, which was in the Plans, he broke what was written in the Books, and that’s why the ‘angels’ were trying to ‘adjust’ him.


“You just saw behind a curtain you weren’t even supposed to know existed,” the ‘dark angel’ informs Matt Damon, witness to the scene above.

Stranger Things

In season 3 episode 2 we finally catch a glimpse into the motives of these ‘Others,’ these demons from the ‘upside-down:’

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.14.11 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.12.43 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.17.58 PM

The Other, taking the same form as the victim, says that they want him (the walk-in), “to build what he sees.” That is, carry out their agenda, their Overlay.

They want to get the A.I. hive/net fully wrapped through and through the human organism, a kind of RFID chip nightmare, remotely programmable slaves. The show ‘Black Mirror’ discloses just about every horrid potential that we will have to maneuver as this kind of tech becomes available.

So you see, all the zombie movies, all the body snatching alien flics, all the post-apocalyptic stuff, it’s all talking in a sideways, hinted fashion, about this breach, and its effects across time.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.26.54 PM

What I’ve learned is that there is nothing wrong with this Matrix system as it was originally intended. Matrix is mother Earth. But there is this Overlay, this false timeline that is just outside this one, and intersected at 1943, and the Archons are just humans from that dying timeline who became decrepit.

Sol Mason: “When God destroys something, well God is intelligence, so he destroyed their physical world, but kept their spiritual existence intact, because that is what is being used to give this planet a fighting chance. So the judgement of whether this world ends or doesn’t end is a daily process of deciding and making movements. “

Aug talks about how if there is no Adversary, then an intelligent species grows fat and lazy and degenerates. That is why God is allowing these Other Souls to harass and torment us (up to a point). It’s Archon-as-teacher, we learn by example, in this case what NOT to do. They are here to DEMONstrate.

Devolving and Time Dilation

Sol Mason: “The Adversary has all this advanced knowledge because they went through something like 15,000 years of existence in their physical state.”

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 8.09.38 PM.png

Just look at Gollum, he was a hobbit once but the ring of power made him live unnaturally long and he devolved into more of an orc, retreating into the caves.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.39.40 PM

I’ve already covered this theme in the movie Pandorum, Other Life, and Black Mirror where being stuck in a vast expanse of time without the death/rebirth process can lead to de-evolution into sub-human “beasts.” I wager that this is where all the flesh eating and blood drinking originated from. Walk-ins (or drones, using Donald Marshall’s narrative) need this ‘sustenance’ in order to act human, appear normal and civilized, otherwise they revert back to beast/demon/zombie and start attacking people. That’s why high level drones like actors or pop stars always have their handlers around.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.48.04 PM.png

Time dilation comes up again in the movie “Lazarus Effect” where a team of scientists are testing out a machine that has the potential to revive the recently deceased. In a freak lab accident one of the female scientists is killed, and so they decide to hook her up to the prototypic machine.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.47.28 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.44.01 PM.png

She comes back alright, but it’s not really her anymore, or not just her. There is a demon there now. How did the demon form, or ‘walk in?’

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.42.47 PM

Rest assured that the black eyes in horror movies is an insider reference

She says that she was in Hell, for thousands of years, and in that one second flash of the revival machine, her mind was subjected to a time-dilated thousand years of reliving her most traumatic memory from childhood, of endless torment and suffering, fire and brimstone. Of course anyone would come out of that a demon.

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.43.24 PM

This is a somewhat fanciful way of talking about what the adversary went through in their experiments with immortality tech, and simulator tech. It’s all a warning for us, of what can go wrong if this kind of technology floods the market. Look at what the internet did. That was the tip of the iceberg of what they can do.

The adversary went through all this hell so that we don’t have to. That is why the Most High has allowed them here. Watch ‘Inception,’ (or read this post HERE) to see what it is like for a mind trapped in a sim for hundreds if not thousands of years, to suddenly snap out of it into the “real world,” and try to reintegrate.

In the initial experiments many came back with minds like scrambled eggs.

Read Aug Tellez’ blog, it’s all there, and use Sol Mason’s videos as a marker for what is potential disinfo or controlled opposition in Aug’s info. We have to wake up collectively to what ‘the Others’ are trying to tell us, in their veiled, symbolic, picture-puzzle way through film.

“In human tongue we’re apocalypse
For we bring with us obliteration
Through spectacles tuned to infinity
You will see our coming for a thousand years
You will know us then for what we truly are
The realization of every fear” – Meshuggah Lyrics
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11 Responses to Disembodied Humans From a Parallel Earth (Part 2)

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  2. portent says:

    “The “movements” requires 5, and must be done with order and precision” reminded me of the 5 CERN dancers in Symmetry vid looking like they are doing the same thing.

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  4. Why you trust a programmer from the CIA, and another programmer from the NSA, who are both part of a bizarre spectacle? Sol is controlled opposition, as a response to Aug Tellez as controlled opposition going awry. I guess the information is interesting, but how do you discern from what is clearly false, or embedded with programming scripts?

    • I guess I go with my gut. It has gotten me this far. I read people. Could Sol also be controlled opposition? Possible. But noone has heard of him, so this seems unlikely. Aug Tellez has the same voice patterns as Sol, have you noticed? This is what is making me take him seriously. On what grounds do you claim that he is NSA? I’m all ears; just trying to get to the bottom of this.

      • Here we are decoding The Usual Suspects.

      • If you read this and the responses it might be more useful: https://illuminatiscarface.blog/2019/07/12/controlled-opposition-avoid-the-fuck-out-of-aug-tellez/

        Me and Aug have a little back and forth. He blocked me right after. They know I’ve caught them doing the dirty.

        In regards to Sol Mason, he admits to being a programmer, he admits to being CIA, and he has the last name Mason: which is saying he’s a Freemason, as we all know that’s a front for Luciferianism. Here’s my post about him on my Facebook, public profile.

        They are both programmers. I know this as I’m an MK ULTRA slave deprogramming, and I know how to read the lingo, and I know who I was programmed to follow, both those dudes.

        Sol is a contingency plan, just because he’s unpopular doesn’t mean he isn’t a plant. At one point in time Aug was an incomprehensible weirdo that no one followed, now look at him. They groom them early as presenters. You need to learn programming language in order to know if you’re being duped, or being used for an agenda.


        Intelligence agencies are not looking out for the benifit of mankind or they would teach people, what I am teaching people.
        You’re also correct in thinking they’re stealing peoples lives experience, and using their puppets to espouse it to the public. The real people, especially if you’re a good person are experiencing the “targeted individual” phenomenom. I aint got no time to be a public speaker, because I spend my time trying to survive. As are most people who were really in the projects and who got busy.

        Other than that I like your blog, you’re interesting.

  5. He blocked me on twitter when I exposed Dark Journalist Daniel Lizst. The “usual” clue ‘so to speak’ <— I can't say anything without decoding it with no SMH anymore even. And loading a safe on a truck then going offline a week? https://twitter.com/aug_tellez/status/1161360268909146112
    FIN like Huck Finn painting that fence.
    TY for the link ❤
    I asked to be deprogrammed at 17 – Imagination Limits Our Future post
    but my mother said no – Do You Know This Face post
    because we are all EXTRA SMALL post
    Even my children MOUTHS OF BABES post
    In the Nag Hammadi souls are called "the small" because they are made material, and we are that emission ❤

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