Fossil Fuel Hoax

This is a reblog, on a very important post about where oil actually comes from. And it’s not from fossils hence not a fossil fuel. This is important because it is part of the Big Three Satanic Lies that destroy all rational, sane thought.

You see, they stack their lies one on top of another like a pancake or House of Cards, with the Big Three on the bottom: (1) Globe Spinning Ball Earth, (2) Darwinian Evolution, ala random mutation and speciation with no driving or intelligent factor (and subsequent humans from apes nonsense), and the third is (3) the Satanic Lie of Germ Theory and the pseudo-science we call Virology)

But Globe Earth allows for random evolution to make some semblance of sense, and random evolution allows for a dumb idea like giant reptiles to fit somewhere in the brain, even though the dinosaur body could never stand that weight and bone/muscle density to gravity ratio. Everywhere reptiles have thrived on being small, light-boned and quick. But Darwinists say, “See? Species can undergo radical changes over time,” which is needed to swallow the idea of ‘transitional species,’ which have never been found.

But lots of giant lizards everywhere that went extinct in the ancient past allows for some type of way to wrap our heads around the idea that all the world’s oil supply comes from dead rotting dinosaur corpses along with other dead decayed matter, hence the term fossil fuel.

You see the amount of mind-numbing, soul-sucking propaganda we were forced to absorb as youths and carry into adulthood, without becoming a total zombie to intelligent, open-minded rational thought and a sense of spirit and wonder! For everywhere the gifts of this Plane (and oil is apparently greatly abundant, like the life blood of Gaia, if you will), are built for developing man, it’s not man randomly appearing in a hostile terrain on a spinning rock through cold and lifeless space. We are front and central, Earth has been made “fixed, immutable,” says our bibles.

And finally with the idea incepted into the mass consciousness of oil as a limited resource, they can charge a pretty penny for the stuff and initiate their oil wars and cartels, and also prop up other scams like global warming and Climate Change (CC=33).

Here is Christian Flat Earth Ministry’s post and disclosure video links:

Fossil Fuel Hoax In our study of the flat earth it’s good to know about oil. Oil, we are told is limited and that it comes from dinosaurs and vegetation. Well, this is another lie that has been told us. Here are two videos for your consideration. Science of Abiotic Oil

Fossil Fuel Hoax — Christian Flat Earth Ministry

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3 Responses to Fossil Fuel Hoax

  1. Katie Horrocks says:

    Thank you for the repost. This is of interest to me as I brought the lie! lol

  2. EDIT:

    Interesting! “How the Universe Works” on the science channel may not come out and say “Abiogenic petroleum theory,” but I’ve seen episodes that support the science. I recently watched one that mentioned how comets, asteroids, and pieces of exploded planets bring a lot of “alien” matter to the earth. There’s so much we don’t know about this planet, let alone the universe – and it appears only the smartest people simply say, “I don’t know.” This is why as a veteran journalist, I feel comfortable with attribution; if I don’t have primary sources – I’ll simply say, “according to…” 😀 Thank you for sharing. Now I’m going to catch up on more episodes of “How the Universe works.”

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