A Dialogue Between Sophia and Christ in Thom Yorke’s Album ‘ANIMA’

“I read that the gnostics believe when we are born we are forced to forget where we have come from in order to deal with the trauma of arriving in this life.” – Thom Yorke

“It’s like we were watching a movie, and then suddenly we’re acting in it.” – Xanopticon


Man falling into Mom’s world

This post will analyze the lyrics behind Thom Yorke’s (of Radiohead) solo album Anima. This album is coded and loaded with deep esoteric wisdom, which can be gleaned with some help from my discussions with Z on how the Gnostic Sophia myth plays out in all things. Z is an ‘insider’ so to speak.

He told me that Thom Yorke’s lyrics, like most popular music, was ghost written by children in the MK Ultra projects being ‘mused.’ This means that the dark forces find gifted children who can connect to the Source Field and channel/generate this material, and then the material is extracted by weaponized psychics working for the dark side. Z was used in this way as a child. He claims to have written almost all of Nirvana’s lyrics. He  also co-authored the Secret Space Program fictional narrative being bandied about by Archontic half-truthers like Aug Tellez, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and basically anyone interviewed by Project Camelot or Gaia TV. 

This phenomenon of musing children to write lyrics, movie ideas, etc. is what Donald Marshall was pretending to single-handedly be for practically the entire pop music industry and Hollywood.

Without further ado…

Song: Dawn Chorus (track #4)

The whole album is a conversation between the son, the Christ principle or Christ body and the Cosmic Mother. Yorke’s soprano voice is thus a good spout-piece or conduit for both these masculine and feminine principles, anima and animus.

Verse 1 of this song is Christ talking to the Mother, or what can also be described as the Father talking to her through one of the children of Christ. Through someone who has really gripped the Father principle, is saying to the Mother, to Sophia:

“Back up the cul-de-sac

Come on, do your worst

You quit your job again

             And your train of thought”           

Her ‘job’ being to release, to let go of the material and the karma, in order to bridge masculine and feminine in the divine union of the Twin Souls. In the Gnostic bent of this, (and Z’s take) is that the process is completed by Father and Mother Sophia hesitated by her hall of mirrors, the illusiory material world that she helped create.  The female soul always seems to be the weaker one in need of saving by the man. Or in traditional religious orthodoxy, Eve is blamed for the Fall. But really on the highest interpretation of this its traditionally the failings of the woman in the pair of opposites to return to the Biune Spirit because she represents matter, and the male spirit, another diad.

“If you could do it all again

A little fairy dust

A thousand tiny birds singing

If you must, you must

Please let me know

When you’ve had enough

Of the white light

Of the dawn chorus

If you could do it all again”

The Christ principle (who saves her) is taunting her about how we have to keep repeating these cycles, or reflections of self from her broken mirror, so she can play out her narcissism this way, through these bodies, the ‘dawn chorus’ of vessels controlled by the One, by the Mother.

Second verse, Sophia’s reply:

“If you could do it all again

Yeah, without a second thought

I don’t like leaving

The door shut

I think I missed something

But I’m not sure what

In the middle of the vortex

The wind picked up

Shook up the soot

From the chimney pot

Into spiral patterns

Of you, my love”

‘Her love’ being the Father. But by thinking that she ‘keeps missing something,’ and going back, resetting her Matrix, she is doing the one thing that will keep her from seeing him again, her bridegroom.

Song: I Am a Very Rude Person (track #5)

The beat picks up a bit on the very next track, we lose the whimsy love story and turn to a more dark bluesy pattern. This is the Mother speaking to Christ in one of her Samaelic/Satanic/Transhumanist moods. Wanting to escape the process started by the Father, the Cosmic Moment.  Stretch separation to the breaking point.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.27.11 PM


“Won’t bother me

You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me

You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me

You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me”

(Mom is downplaying the importance of the Christ anomaly, and of the soul.)

[Verse 1]

“I have to find my way in the dark

(You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me)

I have to take a knife to your art

(You don’t mean a thing, but it won’t bother me)

I have to find some way to escape

I have to walk but I wanna stay”

This desire for escape is the Demiurge seeking oblivion, a way out. (Or else a way to stay, to linger in the material world, like the fallen angels.) This is the fall, this is the root of the darkness we are up against. The parasites in power don’t want to steal your energy to use it for something, they just want to eat it for oblivion. Think about how a parasite like a leech works. They steal energy from the host until the host dies, but once their host is dead they run out of a food source and die as well. THAT’S WHAT OBLIVION MEANS. That is what the ‘Illuminati’ REALLY are, stripped of all veneer and science fiction. Leeches seeking death of the host and then death of themselves. The mistake that 99% of conspiracy theorists make is trying to find a logical reason for the game moves the so-called ‘power elite’ make on the game-board. This has them scratching their heads and debating and spinning their wheels ad infinitum. 

[Verse 2]

“I have to hope this spell’s going to break

I have to destroy to create

I have to be rude to your face

I’m breaking up your turntables

Now I’m gonna watch your party die”

Satan coming to break up the party. Party foul.

So you can see how in many of these inspired albums we have this love story between the child-become Father (activated human) and the Mother. A love story which inevitably turns sour because she goes into one of her moods, switching into her dark alters, the principalities of Samael, Lilith and Azazel, etc.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 1.36.36 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-26 at 1.36.49 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-26 at 1.36.58 PM

We’re led through predictive programming not to trust her, even though she is also the Goddess of wisdom. It’s just that it comes with the Archonic, buzzing technoid insect-like demonism as a package deal. It’s the Lucifer who wanted to be first and do it better, its the Anti-Christ forces wanting to rule in Hell rather than serve in Heaven. That’s what we came here to eat, to digest inside her, thus liberating her and humanity once and for all. But we are digesting that part within ourselves as well.

Some say we are reaching an apex point or culmination, for good or bad, on a solar, cosmic scale, where humanity as a collective can either ascend to higher states or be absorbed by the sleep of oblivion back into Source, where their Divine Ego that is coeternal to Source and never incarnated here, can wait a new Solar Cycle.

Song: Twist (track #3)


“It’s like weed
A boy on a bike who is running away
An empty car in the woods, the motor left running
It’s like weed”

These lines are talking about what the alt media is calling “NPC’s” or Non-player characters – ‘an empty car with the motor left running…’ – bodies without souls, being played by the demonic AI take-over. They grow ‘like weeds:’ The ‘boy on the bike running away’ are the children of the Father, the ones with souls, getting lost in the shuffle, absorbing the habits of the NPC’s, drowning in their frequency.

Song: The Axe (track #7)

Voice – the Christ principle, upset with Mom

[Verse 1]

“Goddamned machinery

Why don’t you speak to me?

One day I am gonna take an axe to you

The pitter patter

What does it matter?

And where’s that love

You promised me?

I’m pierced by long nails

By coloured windmills

Your soft sustaining envelope”

The ‘machinery’ of the Mother, her machinations, she won’t speak to him, Sophia is avoiding him, letting the AI run things. ‘Where’s that love you promised?’ he asks. And, ‘I’m pierced by long nails,’ you are crucifying me here, Mom. I am suffering in your world, the material world of her Matrix, her envelope.


“I thought we had a deal

I thought we had a deal

I thought we had a deal…”

He is saying, ‘remember our love letters back and forth in track four ‘Dawn Chorus’ what happened to that part of you? What happened to our deal?’

Now we have Sophia’s reply:

[Verse 2]

“You bastards speak to me

Have you no pity?

Give me a goddamned good reason

Not to jack it all in

You wooden soldiers

I’m daring you to turn yourselves on”

‘To jack it all in’ meaning to plug the children of the Father fully into the AI matrix, (the desire to remain in the physical dream and separated from Source)

‘I’m daring you to turn yourselves on’ she is taunting us, daring us, to become activated humans. She is speaking to the people who have not awakened to the truth within themselves, too infested with the archons. She is calling us out for falling for her traps.

Song: Impossible Knots (track #8)

Voice: Lamenting Sophia

[Verse 1]

“I’m heading in the wrong direction

I can’t make the big connection

And in my line of business

There is no room for mess

[Verse 2]

I’m tied up in impossible knots”

The ‘knots’ are her MPD alters, her fixation for all her characters/clones/biobots/NPC’s) which are part of herself, they are her looking through double mirrors, infinite reflections, all tied up.

“I’ll take anything you got

I’ll take anything you got…”

A concession. She will take any of the activated, awakened humans we can muster up, as evidence that it is safe for her to dissolve, to complete the Cosmic moment. In true cosmic time, all that has actually happened is that the Father, one half of the Original State of Being, has dissolved into individuated souled humans. But its not enough.

As Elena Unger writes, “Time began nine months before the birth of Christ and ended in the same moment, but…it made, “so to speak, a great deal of noise in all directions.” 

Everything that has occurred after, all these Matrix cycles we’ve been playing out, are in dream-time, and it will fold in on itself when the Singularity hits, what is called in Kabbalah ‘the crossing of the 150th gate,’ the Omega Point.


“I’ll be ready

I’ll be ready

I’ll be ready

I’ll be ready…”

She is reassuring us that when the final gate hits she will be ready to dissolve, to finish the process and restore the Holy Matrimony. Hope to God! This is the most optimistic part of the album. But again, we can’t become complacent and trust her, she is not whole, not until all the archons are digested (which won’t fully happen by the projected date; doesn’t mean its hopeless, it just means it will be that much harder to win, in that vital threshold moment between the cycles, in the abode of souls.) William Burroughs describes archontic attack as “black insect flak stabbing at his vitality centers.” This is what we must prepare for.

Final track: Runwayaway

“We are forever
We are forever
That’s when you don’t
That’s when you know
This is when you know who your real friends are
Who your real friends are…”

Immortality is gained by the marriage of the twin souls that have purged their karma in the post-death astral realms. In order to withstand these realms you need to “know who your friends are” which are the memories of good deeds, service to other, etc. which will help you navigate your path through your bad deeds and demonic thoughts and attachments.

Obadiah 1:4 (WEB) Though you mount on high as the eagle, and though your nest is set among the stars, I will bring you down from there, says Yahweh.”  – SophiYAH.

The Divine Ego must incarnate into flesh, the Most High will bring us down from their, the nest among the stars, to experience duality and separation. But these are only illusiory concepts as they only exist in the Son and not the Father. Or in aeon Sophia but not her consort, the Christos, etc.

“The wings are clipped
The bird half-cut
Gone is the one who made her home among the stars
A fall from grace
Becomes her art
Digging down
No looking up
When the riches and rewards are not enough
And all God’s children could give a fuck…” -Twelve Foot Ninja

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8 Responses to A Dialogue Between Sophia and Christ in Thom Yorke’s Album ‘ANIMA’

  1. george says:

    One of the worst tragedies of this species is that your average blue pilled man is nothing more but a quaking mess of chemicals going off in a mammal’s brain. An automatic goo, no more than a male praying mantis, his whole purpose – being a consolidated package of energy to be sucked off for the “greater good”. All of this covered by laws, lies and illusions of individual dignity and laughable carrot of a warm-titted female savior somewhere at the end of the stick..wake up to the lie

  2. Key Lamp says:

    Can you please explain/elaborate on the thingy about the “half truthers” you mentioned? That has piqued my curiosity.
    Also, about mining kids for song lyrics/stories/whatever. I haven’t heard of this before. But it bloody triggered a memory of mine. I used to love singing songs and stuff when i was younger, particularly while sitting on my swing set. I remember being kinda freaked out and indignant when lighthouse family released their song “high” because I swear that was something I used to sing… *shakes fist at the sky* mother fucker face in the clouds watching me

    • Half-truthers AKA gatekeepers – usually are paid by the intelligence agencies to put out some truth (to entice researchers like myself) and then cover those truths in lies. These lies serve to mislead or send one down dead-end roads, or to keep one in false/limited paradigms. They are usually the first channels to pop up on youtube, burying authentic researchers/whistleblowers farther down your search feed.
      I’m not saying that everything I write is gospel truth, but the difference between me and them is that I am not trying to deceive, I am just in the process of unraveling the truth. These others I mentioned are paid to deceive, and lie 6 times before breakfast, without batting an eye. They are often sociopaths, or perhaps stuck in a compromised, blackmail type situation, or perhaps not even ‘human’ in the sense that you or I would conceive of it.
      Interesting about your song. Most children being mused are put under amnesia spells to forget that they were ever used in that way. But sometimes the programming wears off and the memories come back, like with Z. It’s funny, later on in the show ‘Locke and Key,’ we discover that uncle Duncan had his childhood memories removed via magic, and when the kids try to inform him of this, he develops severe migraines and literally can’t handle the truth.

      • Key Lamp says:

        I have always had a shoddy memory, i remember what i remember whenever I am reminded of stuff. You know, stuff triggers memories. I remember writing a comment somewhere explaining some childhood memories where I confuse realities. Convinced something happened when it didn’t, or something. Memories are easily manipulated because we are constantly influenced by our immediate surroundings and current headspace at the time. Sometimes we’re mistaken, other times misinformed. Intention is important, as is context. It’s difficult to discern where the deception originates, because again, context and that stuff. Individual personal experiences.

      • That’s been also my experience, mostly the past 10 years. We are multi-dimensional!

      • Key Lamp says:

        We are indeed. Always have been, but it’s taken so long for people to see.
        What has been your experience?

  3. Wow. I loved this post! I’ve decoded so many songs. Once your awakened it comes naturally.
    I’ve been derailed by ghost shell imposters in my past holding me hostage from my purpose, stealing essence…attempts to leave me in the trauma I’ve carried and do remember in my soul from all part cycles. Breaking free to be part of this final cycle in the unveiling is amazing 💗

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