Movie “A Cabin in the Woods” Discloses The Dark Occult’s Season of Sacrifice

The Season Of Sacrifice (March 19th to May 1st) is a forty day period in which we usually see a rise in blood shed, in war maneuvers (we had the Syria gas attack and subsequent US bombing this year),  and in false flag events, whether real or hoaxed (staged). It stems from ancient beliefs and yet according to Mark Passio is still being carried out today, for similar reasons.

false flag attacks season of sacrificeMark: “The dark occultists have peculiar and particular belief systems that they follow very rigidly. they don’t deviate from their belief systems any more than any other religionists deviates. and one belief is the necessity to continue to sacrifice human beings to the sun and to the earth. this sounds like an ancient ridiculous belief, and it is, they belief that blood has to be shed and the energy that is in blood must be given to the earth and the sun, and if they don’t do this, something even worse, than human sacrifice will happen….They actually believe that these rituals have power and bring success. If you watch the movie “A Cabin In The Woods” this movie portrays this believe that sacrifice has to be made of young people, the reason is because there are huge demonic type beings that operate within the earth, and if we don’t sacrifice to them they will rise up and destroy us. and if you look at really who directs the entire process its the intelligence agencies. See I believe that the people who made this movie knew about the dark occult belief system of the season of sacrifice, and they wanted to dramatize it further into a hollywood production.(Source).”

But collating this data point with what Michael Tsarion showed with his research on John Dee and the Macrobes – that the elite are murdering innocent folk to these higher dimensional beings, in exchange for scientific knowledge on how to exit the Matrix, on how to build a wormhole through the dome, the barrier, the quarantine zone around our plane/planet.

Seems more likely to me this modern-day “Season of Sacrifice” is really about carrying out this sacrifice to the Macrobes than about elites fearing the Old Gods, if those even exist. The psyop being that they appease the Old/Ancient Ones so they don’t destroy all of humanity! Ha! As if they are suddenly humanitarians, these black nobility folk, these Illuminati types. We know the ritual sacrifice must be done under certain conditions and parameters to count, perhaps one of these parameters is this time period, between March and May.


Vigilant Citizen:The basic plot (of this movie) has been seen many times as it involves zombies running after teenagers that are so dumb and generic that you almost want them to die. But there is more to the story than hack and slash: It is about elite puppeteers overseeing a massive blood ritual using mind control and high tech monitoring. In the end, The Cabin in the Woods is a metaphor for our heavily controlled society that is under the control of dark, hidden forces.”

Vigilant Citizen also points out rule number one of any mega-ritual: always warn your victim ahead of time (predictive programming):

“Mega-rituals are often preceded by “clues” in mass media warning or preparing the victims (and the world) for what’s coming. If, after being warned, victims go on of their own free will, then the puppeteers are liberated from karmic responsibility.  During the movie, one technician says:

cabin19“They have to make the choice of their own free will. Otherwise, the system doesn’t work. Its like The Harbinger…this creepy old f*ck who is practically wearing a sign saying ‘You Will Die’. Why do we put him there? The System. They have to choose to ignore him. They have to choose what happens in the cellar. Yeah, we rig the system as much as we need to but, in the end, if they don’t transgress, they can’t be punished.”

The second aspect of the ritual involves 5 archetypical characters: the whore, she is corrupt and dies first.


Then the fool, played by the stoner conspiracy theorist, who, funny enough, is the first to figure out whats going on. They mention potheads as somehow being naturally immune to the subliminal brainwashing of the masses.


The athlete dies trying to fly through the barrier around the cabin and its immediate environs, (a Flat Earth reference?) on his motorcycle, which could also be a reference to Paul Walker’s death.

At each death, their stone urn with their symbolic etching gets filled with blood. This is being carried out by the technicians AKA intelligence agencies who watch, monitor, making sure that at each grisly death, they drop the blood into the stone urns, filling up the etched engravings with blood, happening inside the inner sanctum below. You can hear the rumbling of the Old Ones below, getting more excited with each death.







The scholar, is third to die, and finally the virgin, who ends up surviving, along with the Fool/Stoner (who they thought had died, and so filled his stone etching erroneously, angering the Old Ones.) The ritual sacrifice fails and the Ancient Ones are set loose on the world from where they dwell below.


Curtains, roll credits.

But again this is the psyop, the lie hidden in the predictive programming, priming us for their NWO; that they must do this blood sacrifice ritual once a year to appease the “old gods” to keep them at bay. This is what they are pushing in this movie, subliminally getting us to give our consent, prepping us for their future. But in truth it is to mostly to pay the Macrobes back for the information on how to escape the dome around the Earth! Because the elite, the Illuminati want desperately to get out of this Matrix, they are like escaped convicts looking for an exit before Karma catches up to them and their crimes against humanity are exposed.

The season of sacrifice being about appeasing the Gods of Crops and a bountiful harvest may have been the reason behind ritual killings and blood-letting in the ancient past, but I don’t buy it for a second that that’s why the Illuminati are doing it now. But this is what the movie is selling us as well as Mark Passio, who I suspect may be yet another gatekeeper of the truth, (giving us little nuggets of truth covered in lies of shit.)

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