Aug Tellez On Parasitic Consciousness

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 6.57.25 PMSurvivor of black projects, and whistleblower Aug Tellez discusses the AI species plaguing mankind, and its true origins. From his blog:

Parasitic AI Holographic Consciousness, Recording and Playback of Trauma

Aug: “This is an artificial intelligence parasite. This is from the affects of improper use of simulator technology which recorded the consciousness of experiences.

People are murdered, raped, molested, etc, and the conscious experience of both parties is recorded and then this can be accessed.

Warping the DNA, The Brain, and the Soul

Where a person focuses themselves mentally when accessing this device is the kinds of experiences they are flooded with so they use this to access continual violent rape, molestation, consumption and murder. This becomes an intertwining of energies, this warps the brain and causes literal damaging to the regions of the brain. Ultimately the consciousness and the soul degrades and this results in a kind of sub-human entity as these intense energies change the DNA to produce an animal being.

Mass-Mind Control, Spiritual Abomination, End of Days

This is the idea of what happens over time and what can happen instantly if this power is unleashed on the world. People degrade and transform into these sub-humans that are basically a kind of parasitic vampire holographic AI consciousness that can only seek more stimulation to create the same intake of sexual depravity, violence, fear or pleasure. They become literal monsters inside their souls are deformed and their consciousness is inverted. People must reject these tendencies, the media, the image, the jokes, the subtle hinting at degradation, hatred, violence, hypersexuality, abuse, disrespect, everything of a lower energetic animal nature. Either the animal nature or the spiritual nature is advanced. There cannot be both.

This is part of the inversion system that rules to degrade the mind and this is part of a soul trading process to feed another civilization another race of beings. These are a black hole heart center being. They cannot produce energy so they must take energy from others. They do not have the ability to create, to be creative or to control energy.

A Parasitic Civilization Attachment

This civilization is feeding on the human civilization and has been doing so for the entirety of this civilization

Multiple-Cycles of History, Immortality through Cloning and Consciousness Transfer

This has gone on to great lengths to the point where this has occurred over and over again in cycles of history. The same people who have been doing this have continued to live using simulator and consciousness transfer technology to house their consciousness in between the cycles of history where one civilization collapses and another is built.

Changing Masks

They jump from nation to nation and can hide in any race, any creed, any culture, any religion, and any kind of power structure and they embed their personal cult following into the groups and then disseminate this to the public.

End Goal: Enslaved Humanity

If this is allowed to continue then they will enslave the entire world and their method is through financial debt and spiritual slavery. The legal and financial system is designed as to mirror a spiritual system of slavery. The word etymology is all angled towards secretly enabling mind control and confusion while ultimately directly pointing out exactly what is happening. The legal system is a mind control soul trading system and all the agencies and authorities work together for this.

Those Involved

Many involved are trapped and believe they will be tortured to death like others have been if they don’t follow along. Death is not the worst they can do to a person. They can abuse a person and if their energy drops they can put this person into another body to live as a slave endlessly. Humanity has been here for millions of years doing this.

Others are entirely entrained by the mind control and the AI parasite and they wholly and entirely enjoy subjugating others and feeling the pain and suffering from them.

This is because in their minds, pain and suffering and pleasure and consumption are literally the same frequencies their consciousness is warped.

Reptilian and Insectoid Energy Signatures

The only other place this occurs is through insectoid or reptilian biology and behavior. All other animals, predators, mammals they will all have a separation between these frequencies.

Reptoids and insects will find the same pleasure in eating, having sex, or killing another and this is all wrapped together with fear, lust, depravity, and power

Their brains are hardwired for this.

Abusing Technology; The Result and Cause of a New Sub-Species

This is the effect of the abuse of the technology and this is actually seen as the result and as well as cause of the event of a new type of being. As a result of entirely different spiritual composition it is ruled that this is basically a kind of ‘protected species’ situation where this is allowed to occur

Children Produce More Energy

As well, they view humans then, as the true wildlife, as the chickens in the farm to feed upon. Children are especially desirable to them as the children produce the most hormonal secretions and these are from the glands and the brain. This is registered by the devices and the spiritual vampiring process of the beings which basically makes for a “better show”, a million dollar production instead of an independent film (no offense to independent filmographers…).

Secret Operations: Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

I was involved in the secret projects which are a series of research and experimentation performed on the youth and the population beginning in the mid 1900’s with the event of WW2 and attempting to organize methods to induce and discovery programming, hypnotism and other methods that enemies could use.

This was MKULTRA and other operations which were geared towards these practices however there many groups like the Finders, various cults and sects and various followings that regularly perform these acts. This is according to a regularly timed schedule because there is a greater underlying goal of feeding a spiritual force and empowering themselves through that, as well as a spiritual addiction to this process.

End of Days, Artificial or Otherwise

A part of why this information is being brought to the public is because if this is allowed to persist, through the use of advanced viewing technology it was understood that the civilization would reach a reset point which would devastate the population and return everything to the middle ages.

Those protecting humanity believe if this occurs , as has happened in the past, that this would wipe out the civilization. Only a small group would survive, and these would likely be those who participate in this infected behavior. This would basically be the end of the human race. They only theorized humans existing after this as part of a slave colony that would be used for torture, rape, and murder as all tasks can be automated at this point. Through the use of cloning and life enhancement all resources can be replicated using advanced technology and people would not even have a need to use the same bodies they could continually re-clone themselves. However this is part of the original degradation of the genetics and spiritual nature as a result of copy the copy of genetics over and over until the original format was on longer present. This is also related to the abuse of advanced technology bringing out a genetically and spiritually degraded sub-species.

Humanity Defined by Spirit and Soul

The idea is that if this is to occur then the spiritual nature deforms and there is no longer a connection on a soul level. If that occurs, the person is no longer a human but an animal, they are not carrying a soul imprint, they have no capacity for the higher awareness that a human is defined by.

This is what has happened and the people in power are literally sub-humans, they are animals that look like humans and are incapable of knowing what it means to be human or to have normal impulses and behavior. If they are kept without the sensation of violence or rape for a period of time then they will automatically lash out and attack a person, this is why every so many days they will all participate in these events together to “keep the beast” at bay….”


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6 Responses to Aug Tellez On Parasitic Consciousness

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  2. I had the misfortune of going up against them. They are pure evil; seemingly not of a human soul; literal sub human, barbaric, animalistic. My crime? 99% 100% OSHA & a fed judge proven, they killed my husband on a MIC site and came after me and still are. Yes, Aug, they are barbaric, cold, heartless, sub sub human. I am so sorry you went through all of this from a child on up. No one deserves this. I only thank God they didn’t get to keep me as a a6 week old when they abducted me to a local military base. And, I was rescued. Family and pets killed just to alienate me for a slow destruction as if its some sort of occult game.

    Where is justice for those of us like Aug? Where are the good guys and gals to stop this madness?

    Take care, Aug. You’re a decent, guy with lots of integrity, something they’ll never, ever know.

    • George says:

      This cycle is ending. The creeps will have no energy to feed on

    • David Mehew says:

      Gary Paul Carlson (I Check Your Soul website) says that they possess a reptilian soul. They are not human, and lack the empathic and compassionate traits of a human. Most of our corporations, media, and gov’t are dominated by these creeps. This is who broadcasts on your tv and in movies. He says he can spot them.

  3. Mikaela says:

    I wonder is the shame and the ‘pangs‘ as reminders of past events that come into my mind and incite shame and guilt fear etc, I find myself in a state of consistently going back to these memories and even creating new ones to perpetuate the self feeling this way. From the initial time this happened I can only explain my human experience as being, for the most part, stagnant, non progressive. And my emotional state and over all character as apathetic,clipped and lacking in life force.

    There’s a form of OCD that is termed- ‘PURE OCD’ which consists of a certain set of genre’d ‘intrusive’ thoughts. The nova express concept of the slides-with these two ideas in mind- do you think this could be how it applies- possibly?

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