The Clown, The Joker, The Dismembered God

Through the Vultures Mouth

Mut (Maut, Mwt) was the mother goddess of Thebes. The ancient Egyptians considered the vulture to be a protecting and nurturing mother, and so their word for mother was also the word for a vulture, “Mwt”. Mut was either depicted as a woman, sometimes with wings, or a vulture, usually wearing the crowns of royalty – she was often shown wearing the double crown of Egypt or the vulture headdress of the New Kingdom queens. Occasionally, she was depicted as a male, in part because she was “Mut, Who Giveth Birth, But Was Herself Not Born of Any”, and in part due to the superstitious belief that there were in fact no male griffon vultures (the male is almost identical in appearance to the female).(source).”

Of course Mut would be sexless in the final analysis as the Godhead is beyond sex before it divides and populates a material world.

The occult symbolism is all about the God falling through Daath, that bottleneck, the throat, and coming out the other end dispersed into millions and millions of sparks, souls. The vulture’s mouth (Mut, Maat, Mother) consuming the blood of the dead animal – the blood typifying the God spirit, was thus a zootype for Daath, or death, coming into incarnation in the material world, a dimming or lessening of the God’s powers that now lie semi-dormant in all individuals. Pushed out of the empyrean, and into seeming “chaos.”

A little push – off the cliff of the Fool, down the rabbit hole, down into the abyss, through the extra-dimensional portal of Daath.

Kuhn writes of the divine sparks, the souls of God: Buried within the heart of each fragment, then, is the hidden lord of divine life, and from no one is he absent. He dwells there to be the guide, the guardian, the comforter and informing intelligence of the organism. He is the holy spirit, the flame, the ray, the lamp unto our feet. Says St. Paul (I Cor. 4:7): “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts . . . but we have this treasure in earthen vessels.” The ancients oft termed this presence the daemon or guardian angel….”

“..each deity is lord of a host, who are fragmented children of his own body.”

Thus every host or group of souls has its attendant lord, or overseeing Deity, who is also suffering the incarnation as we are, this is Jesus being crucified on the cross.

Compared to the unity the deity experienced prior to the fall, this certainly seems like chaos. But there is a hidden order, because we are all part of a host, connected by invisible astral strings, if you will.

Osiris suffered dis-memberment. He is the Father, the oak tree, of which all human souls are the acorns, capable of reproducing the Father. 

The son is Christ Jesus, who ALSO dis-membered himself, according to Steiner, at the Mystery of Golgotha, to then fuse with Father’s souls to be a much needed guiding light back to the Father. 

Kuhn writes, “Each unit of division, when incubated in the lower realm, begins to renew its father’s life. It must arise and return unto the father’s estate. The son must restore the parent who has died in him to his former greatness, with something added. He must raise that which has fallen and redeem that which has been lost. No one shall see the father save him to whom the son revealeth him. This was the typical function of Horus in relation to Osiris in Egypt, as it was that of Jesus to God his Father in the Gospels.” 

And too this is the apparent function of the Joker in Hollywood. He is their version of the savior, the Messiah, opposed by the bat, the bloodsucker who sleeps upside-down, the Anti-Christ.

The Fool is le Mat, (French for “the mad one”), dancing on the brink of the abyss, ready to get “pushed” off the cliff. The dog, the animal nature, is egging him on. Speaking of eggs, Card (0) shaped like the egg, has no value. And Joker burns the money (value).

 The word fool is derived from follis, a a bag of wind, the negative space which is nevertheless the pneuma, Ruach, or Life Breath of God. It is the Divine Ego or the inner most I AM that cannot be cut, the atomos, the uncuttable. When the a-tom is cut you get Tom, the twin. 

Tom backwards is Mot or Mut, the Egyptian vulture Goddess Maut. This connects to le mat, the Fool, in french. Grant explains:

As Crowley observes: ‘If one assumes that the Tarot is of Egyptian origin, one may suppose that Mat (this card being the key card of the whole pack) really stands for Maut, the vulture goddess, who is an earlier and more sublime modification of the idea of Nuith than Isis.’ It is here maintained, however, that Maut is not only ‘an earlier .. . modification of the idea of Nuith’ etc., but the Primal Negative that assumes apparent continuity or duration in the phenomenal universe; that it is indeed the noumenal void that is the substratum of Reality. In other words, it is the emptiness that characterises the fool, or ‘silly one’, the mat or mad one, the ‘holy’ one that is ‘one in eight’, as previously explained. And this one in eight is Daath or Maath — the Mouth of the Abyss, the hole in space that opens on to the other side of the Tree.  Thus, ideas such as The Fool, the vacuous, the mouth, the holy, are all embodied in the image of Maut.”

Also backwards or upside-down is the Joker, hanging like the Hanged Man, card 12:

Card 12 – James holmes as joker supposedly killed 12 at the theater premier of A Dark Knight Rises, the sequel to the film above.

This establishes the connection that The Fool is the Joker is the Clown is the Hanged Man.

We go upside down in the mirror universe. That is, God is now seeing through prismatic lenses in the soul life of every human being, and its quite disorienting. Its a psychedelic trip. The bat is interchangeable with the vulture here because the bat sleeps upside down, satiated after a blood meal.

(Speaking of 12), you will also see apes prominently with this symbolism, because the ape can mimic our movements, which is where we get the word jape. The madman, le mat, the fool is the one who japes, who mimics, who clowns around.

This world is a poor reflection or “mockery” of the spirit world.

According to Kenneth Grant, Daath was known to Egyptian initiates in the ancient cults as the Ape of Thoth, also the Dog of Set. The jackal, vulture and hyena were all desert creatures and thus totems of Set.

Grant writes, “The zoomorphic symbol of the mirror universe, as of the astral universe, is the ape. This animal is identified by Massey as the Kehkeh, an Egyptian word meaning not only ‘ape’, but a ‘crazy man’, ‘a fool’. Kehkeh is another form of Gehgeh or Geh, the ‘insane woman’, the witch, the archetype of the Hek-Hek or Hecate, the Hexe or Hag-type of transformation as the Hekt that changes from the tadpole into the frog.  

In the Harris Papyrus there is an allusion to a transfor mation in which the lion-god assumes the form of an ape: ‘Thou didst take the form of a monkey (Kafi) and afterwards of a crazy man (kehkeh)’. The crazy man or mad monkey is also The Fool of the Tarot called the ‘ape of seven cubits’ who dwells in the ‘shrine of seven cubits’ from which he progresses to a ‘shrine of eight cubits’. He is the symbol of the culmination of the seven inferior elementaries in the eighth, thus explaining the madness experienced by the Adept as the seven ‘souls’ or stages of his initiation which culminates in the Ordeal of the Abyss.”

The word for monkey in Hebrew is Koph or Qoph, which is also the hebrew letter by the same name, which qabalitically points the the back of the head, the backbrain (animal brain) of man.

So as you can see all these symbols interpenetrate and form a vast web that pops up in culture, movies, etc. Some of it may be planned but alot of it probably comes from its own accord, the information field after a certain point gaining a kind of sentience, and also from influence of higher and lower Beings. 

These beings, whether higher or lower, make their contact, according to Grant, at the portal of Daath. Behind which lies chaos, and the ordeals of the abyss that every mystery school initiate faces after a certain degree.

Through the abyss marked by the bottleneck of Daath, into the mirror Universe, typified by the AI Black Mirror that runs modern culture by the twins or clones (clowns):

I finally decided to watch the new Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix. There is a scene where he is outside the hospital having a smoke, and tries to go back in through the EXIT ONLY door and crashes. Several other scenes in the film have him going the opposite way as the EXIT sign is pointing.

The Fool, the Joker, the real sacrifice, is going back up the tree, through the EXIT hole, through the portal, a tight squeeze. The Christ impulse lifts man up to return back up the Tree, which is why Joker crashes into the exit door, he is on the straight and narrow path, going against the current. If you haven’t gotten it by now, the Fool or Joker is Christ.

This scene is not unlike the CNN report of a “crisis at the southern border.”

Its all a big anus joke to them. Satan sounds like “Say ten” which is 5+5. Marylin Manson has a song called Say10.

If we don’t get trigger-baited by the (vul)ture’s (vul)garity, what is really being said is that the god, in his dismemberment at the start of a new Solar Cycle gets eaten by the mouth of Maut and shat out the Daathian anus portal, through the rabbit hole, exploding into the fragmented host of souls, each fragment reflecting the whole, as a shattered mirror. The mirror universe is distorted, its the glass seen through darkly, and thus the reflection is of a dark brother (Set) and a light brother, Horus. Set is the seat, he cleaves his mother in two, creating dark and light. Satan is God’s anus. Even the word ‘shit‘ comes from Set.

Set is the god in the phenomenal world, which is why Satan rules here. Horus is the god of Heaven, the noumenal world, the pneuma or Life Breath. He is what we are cultivating. He is a prelude to the Christ. And at no time is the material realm independently operant without the spiritual worlds. Steiner stresses this point.

Set animal totems include the bat, vulture and hyena. Hyenas are like dogs and thus Kuhn writes, “He (Deity) must experience a diminution of his intellectual genius analogous to what a human would suffer if it was to be incorporated in the brain of a dog. And Daniel does say this very thing! “An animal’s mind shall be given unto him.” 

He is the fool Orion dancing on the brink of the abyss, followed by dog, the canid, or Sirius.

The jackal Anubis guides man, with his keen sense of smell, through incarnational night.

As animals that eat carrion, the jackals, hyenas and vultures are like the Nuit, Kali or Shiva principle of The Destroyer, the third phase of the trinity. Hyenas function in this regard as well, these animals dwell in the Desert of Set, or the Qlipothic realms in back of the Qabalistic Tree. The “other side.” It’s all about the dark mother and her son Set here.

“Hello from the other side,” Adele sings.

This is their point of contact to demons, and the AI god they’ve got running our lives. These are not mere “literary devices.”

In the show Stranger Things the demons come from the ‘Upside-down.’

The Other Side, the “recremental deeps” is also pointed to thematically by a turning or rotating. Nolan is known for flipping upside down or rotating camera angles. Some credit made to this article Christopher Nolan and the Turn:

The Turn – Nolan also did Inception – with the turning, rotating hallways and cityscapes.

The Turn features in Dark Knight Rises as well, with batman and joker when they finally meet:

Followed by the 180 degree turn camera angle:

Now the Joker’s world is right-side up. Then you see the dichotomy they put forth in batman vs. the joker, as it is: flipped, with the villain as the good guy, not just any good guy but the Father himself, the path of the Fool, behind all the masked vennear, lies our innermost Guardian angel.

That’s why they want to keep everyone masked.

This is why Batman fakes his own sacrificial death at the end of A Dark Knight:

Showing you that he is a fake, an Anti-Christ


Batman’s supposed sacrifice

Grant continues, “The Hanged Man is depicted upside down, a posture typical of the reversal associated with viparita karani .  The ‘water’ peculiar to this path is the blood that flows from the mouth of that goddess whose symbol is the vulture, a bird that was reputed to feed upon this formative fluid. The vampire bat is another zootype of the blood-sucker who was ‘hanged’. It hangs upside down in its ‘yogic’ sleep of satiation, gorged upon the vital fluid of its victims.”

Peter was apparently crucified upside down:

Meanwhile the Joker is depicted right side up, and crucified, glorified, he is depicting the true path of Christ that they don’t want you thinking about. But it has to come through in their art, because this AI god and the Christ force are battling it out and we are witness:

Joker lifted up, crucified

More here:


Things always come up after a post, and I read in Occult Science by Rudolf Steiner, ” a lovely legend is related of Christ Jesus. It tells how He is walking with a few other persons, and they pass by a dead dog. The others turn away from the revolting sight. Christ Jesus (approaches the dog) and speaks admiringly of the beautiful teeth of the animal. One can train oneself to meet the world with the disposition of soul that this legend displays.”

This to me speaks of the vulture symbolism. The Christ is the Fool is the mad one, le mat, Maut. Her decompositional work may be ugly but it holds the framework for the good and the beautiful.

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3 Responses to The Clown, The Joker, The Dismembered God

  1. Keep up the good work! The patterns are everywhere for us to learn from.

    Side note:


    Vulture shares common elements with vulva, which ties in well.

    Vulva “womb”

    Also, “vulgar” which originally meant “common people,” and went on more broadly to mean “lacking refinement.”

    • Yes, very good. Also (vol)ume, which is empty space, like (vul)va, and like the vacuous fool, the air which en(vel)opes us. Vaca – spanish for cow, and we already established the connection between cows and air through the ox in (ox)ygen.

  2. Eric says:

    Same for christmas = Noel in french was a pagan holly day the birth day of the sun (son), Nimrod (Moloch baal Saturn) birth date…. also the birth date of nimrod son Tammuz , the fruit of Nimrod with his own mother Semiramis who got nimrod son Tammuz (the reincarnation of nimrod) on dec 25 too And at the death of Nimrod a Coniferous tree grow up on is remain….so people go see this tree at is birth date to give him gift and sacrifise as a celebration of him . As you could find Santa was a nick name of nimrod Santa = Satan , santa claus = satan claws Noel (christmas) meen No-el No-hell No= negation el= God (elohim)… noel = no god …. marry christmas = joyeux noel in french = happy they have no god and no hell but a Santa claus = Satan claws to celebrate Nimrod (moloch baal saturn and is tree on dec 25… we all know Jesus is not born on dec 25 and it not write in the bible as Jesus birth day , this birth date was created by constentin to fool christian in a pagan holly day ….

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